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Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

01. 07.- 31. 12.2011

The logo symbolises dynamism, positive energy and of course solidarity. It presents Poland as a modern and young-spirited country which initiates the positive changes in Europe.

The Presidency logo was created by Jerzy Janiszewski, designer of the worldfamous “Solidarity� logo which became the historic symbol of Poland's transition to freedom and democracy in this part of the world.

184 days

European integration as a source of growth Internal market

E-Commerce European Patent Reduction of roaming fees SME access to funds Intellectual capital

EU Budget 2014-2020

Trade negotiations

Commencement of negotiations on the EU budget concerning the Europe 2020 strategy

Completion of negotiations with Ukraine, India, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia

The role of cohesion policy and the CAP

Opening of negotiations with Moldova and Georgia

Investments in infrastructure and human capital

Progress in Doha Development Round negotiations

Europe benefiting from openness European Union expansion

Neighbourhood Policy

Signing the Accession Treaty with Croatia

Development of the Eastern Partnership (Eastern Partnership summit in Warsaw)

Continuation of accession negotiations with Turkey Progress in negotiations with Iceland Support for the European aspirations of the Western Balkans

Support for democracy movements in North Africa New strategy for the EU's relations with the Arab world

European security Energy security

Analysis of the EU's external energy policy Development of recommendations to strengthen common EU energy policy

Common Foreign and Security Policy

Strengthening of the EU's capabilities to plan and implement crisis management operations Strengthening of EU operational capabilities Development of NATO-EU cooperation

Food security

Discussion on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy Effective use of EU funds Maintenance of market orientation

1,200 trained experts Over 30,000 delegates attending meetings in Poland 80 liaison officers from amongst almost 3,000 candidates PLN 430 million - total Presidency budget 2010-2012 Over PLN 10 million in savings thanks to support from private sector partners 50 ministerial meetings in 5 Polish cities More than 300 expert meetings and 200 events under the auspices of the Presidency Around 1,500 meetings in Brussels and Luxembourg

The most important meetings during the Presidency will take place in five Polish cities. These are: Sopot - July Wroclaw - September Krakow - October Poznan - November Warszawa - December Expert meetings and events are being organised under the auspices of the Presidency in many other towns and cities throughout Poland

1/07 8/07 2-3/09 17-18/09 29-30/09 8-11/09 3-4/10 5-7/10 14-15/11 28-29/11 1-2/12

Official inauguration of the Presidency (Warsaw) Joint meeting between the Polish cabinet and the European Commission (Warsaw) Informal meeting of EU-27 foreign ministers (Sopot) European Congress of Women (Warsaw) Eastern Partnership Summit (Warsaw) European Cultural Congress (Wroclaw) Single Market Forum (Cracow) European Tourism Forum (Cracow) 5th EU Equality Summit (Poznan) Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (Poznan) High-level conference for the EU's southern neighbours (Warsaw)


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