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OAK CREEK ESTATES SWIM & TENNIS 2010 POOL RULES Pool Hours and Dates of Operation are posted at the pool. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK HOURS: You must be at least 18 years old in order to use the pool during these hours. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. A lifeguard is not on duty during these hours, however, all rules are in effect. Please keep the gate closed at all times. Please turn off all lights and lock all deadbolts when last to leave at 10 PM. LIFEGUARDED HOURS: All members regardless of age may use the pool during these hours. Children must be at least 11 years old and able to swim across the pool in order to be at the pool unsupervised. General Rules: • During lifeguarded hours, the lifeguard has full authority to enforce our rules. • Please leave all squirt guns at home. • Responsible use of alcohol/radios/food is required • Please keep pool area clean. • Smoking outside the fenced pool area is appreciated. • No pets inside the fenced pool area. • Adult members have priority use of pool furniture. • Only swimwear may be worn in the pool. No jeans or cutoffs! • Admission to the pool may be refused to anyone with an infectious disease, open sores or rashes. • NO GLASS ALLOWED. A recycling bin is available for cans and plastic bottles. Pop tops are collected on the kitchen counter for charity donation. • No tennis balls in the pool. • No running on the pool deck. • No eating within 10 feet of the pool. Kitchen Rules: • Please keep the kitchen, including refrigerator, clean. • Use of kitchen is a privilege. Neglect of the kitchen will result in the kitchen being locked and unavailable to all members. Pool Tags and Keys: • Pool tags must be in the member’s possession when using the pool. If not, you will be asked to retrieve it. • One (1) key is issued per membership after receipt of dues. Keys are for adults only during SAYOR hours. DO NOT GIVE ANY CHILD UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YOUR KEY, AS THEY DO NOT NEED A KEY TO ACCESS THE POOL DURING LIFEGUARDED HOURS. Children: • Non-toilet trained children must wear swim diapers with rubber pants over them. • Any child wearing a flotation device needs constant parental supervision. Baby Pool: • THE BABY POOL IS NOT LIFEGUARDED. • The baby pool is for the use of children 5 years and under. Babysitters: • A babysitter must be 18 yrs. or older to act as a guardian at the pool. • If a babysitter is not being responsible for their children, they will be warned. If it is ignored, they will be asked to leave and the member will be notified.

Guests: * Oak Creek Estates residents are not eligible to be guests. * There is no charge for guests. * Maximum of 10 visits per guest per year. * Children members ages 11-17, at the pool without an adult, are limited to TWO (2) guests. Lifeguards: No socializing with the lifeguards while they are on guard duty. Lifeguard stand is off limits to everyone except lifeguards. Lifeguards will maintain discipline during lifeguarded hours. Disrespect toward the lifeguard will not be tolerated. MISCONDUCT/DISCIPLINARY ACTION: No individual on the premises is exempt from disciplinary action. Misconduct falls into the following 2 categories with corresponding disciplinary action. The Board of Directors will deal with issues that are more serious with membership in jeopardy of being revoked. SERIOUS MISCONDUCT Fighting, vulgar language, theft, etc.

ACTION 1st offense – 1 week off premises 2nd offense – 2 weeks off premises 3rd offense – 1 month off premises 1st offense - reprimand 2nd offense – 1 hour out of water 3rd offense – rest of day off premises

SIMPLE MISCONDUCT Public display of affection offensive To others; running; roughhousing; General rule violation, boisterous Conduct, etc. Adult Swim: 45 minutes after the hours is adult swim/lifeguard break during life guarded hours. Persons 18 and older may use the pool during this time. Parents may take children under 3 years into the pool and stay with them. Children MUST stay behind the bricks during adult swim. No feet in the water or sitting on steps entering the pool. Children may play on the playground or out in the grass. NOT ON THE POOL DECK. Tennis courts are for playing tennis only; not for use as a playground. Diving/DEEP END: Diving is permitted in the deep end of the pool ONLY! Do not hang on the rope separating deep and shallow end of pool. Diving Board: NO WATER WINGS, SWIM RINGS OR FACEMASKS ALLOWED WHILE USING THE DIVING BOARD. GOGGLES ARE PERMITTED. Diving board must be mounted from the back, one person on the diving board at a time; only one bounce on the board; dive off the front of the board, not to the side. Wait until previous swimmer has moved to the ladder before going off the board. Only one person on the ladder at a time in the diving area; move out of the way immediately after diving. No swimming in the diving area unless the lifeguard has closed the diving board and opened the deep end to swimming. Do not hang off the board; no handstands or cartwheels off the board. Pool Basketball: No slam dunking, hanging on the rim or standing on the base of the basketball system. Use only a pool basketball. Please be considerate of small children while playing basketball.

2010 Pool Rules  

2010 Pool Rules