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Winter 2011


What’s New? I’m excited to share with you all that I have just been named as Because Justice Matters new Tenderloin Women’s Ministry and Outreach Coordinator! With this new job title comes plenty of new responsibilities as well! I am now in charge of coordinating, scheduling, and creating all the different outreach ministries that BJM is a part of in the Tenderloin neighborhood. These include our events like our Monday manicure ministry, our quarterly themed outreach events, and our hygiene kit street outreach. I also hope to be creating a bible study group soon as another way to reach out to the women that are living in our neighborhood. In addition to these new responsibilities, I am also still


overseeing case management of our women for our department. All of this definitely is much to be excited about, but my schedule continues to get busier and busier. In addition to the new jobs I now have at work, I have also been taking online classes and working towards my degree in Human Services. With so much going on, it can sometimes be hard to find time to rest and unwind. Pray that I would

be able to practice good time management and learn to take time for myself when I need it.

Our location in the Tenderloin, where our ministry is located

RACHEL’SNEWS Winter 2011

A Movement on Broadway Poking holes in the darkness

In the past couple of months the Lord -Dr. Melissa Farley has been doing some really exciting things through our monthly outreach to the women that are working in the strip clubs in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Today there are more women employed in the sex industry, than at any other time in history, and it is estimated that between 66-90% of those women experienced sexual abuse as a child. The girls at the clubs in San Francisco know us as “the pink bag ladies,” because once a month we go down to Broadway St. and hand out little pink bags filled with make up to the women that are working in the clubs that night. We give out the bags not only as a way to bless the women, but as an opportunity to speak to them and build relationship with them. In the last year the Lord has given us so much favor with the bouncers and managers of the clubs, and we are now allowed to go into the clubs and actually go back to the dressing rooms where we can talk and pray for the girls that are working. Last month one of the women shared with me that after I prayed for her, she went home and had a dream that she believed was from the Lord telling her to leave the abusive relationship that she was in with her boyfriend. I also got to pray healing over two different bouncers, one of which had been hit by a taxi cab and had a hurt leg. The next time we saw him he told me that he woke up the next morning completely healed from his injury! I have been so encouraged by the ways that God is continuing to poke holes in the darkness and create hope for the women that are working in San Francisco’s strip clubs. We ultimately would love to see them leave the industry, but it can be a slow process that takes a lot of patience. You can help us by continuing to pray that the Holy Spirit would speak more and more through us and to these women.

Broadway Broadway is located in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. It is home to 9 of the cities largest strip clubs. Often times these clubs are a front for prostitution


“ There are more women employed by the sex industry now, than at any other time in history.”

RACHEL’SNEWS Winter 2011

“In any given year, 70% of the male tourists that come through Thailand are there for sex tourism.”

Reaching Women Trapped in Thailand’s Brothels This coming January Because Justice Matters will be going as a team to serve in the cities of Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand! While we are there we will be working alongside several different ministries that are reaching out to the men and women that are working in Thailand’s sex industry. Many know that Thailand is famous for its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and its bustling night life, but what many are unaware of is that Thailand is the sex tourism capitol of the world. In any given year it is estimated that about 70% of male tourists that come through Thailand are there for sex tourism. The most widely used definition of sex tourism described it as “consisting of people from economically developed nations traveling to underdeveloped countries specifically to purchase the sexual services of local men, women, and children.” In response to the 2.8 million Thai men, women, and children that have turned to prostitution as a way to make ends meet, organizations such as Rahab Ministries, Nightlife, and Dton Naam, have started up with hopes to bring the loving power of Christ into these dark areas, and ultimately see lives


transformed. Prostitution and trafficking is not an issue that is unfamiliar to San Francisco, and many of the women that we work with through BJM have been trafficked into prostitution and are either working on the streets or in massage parlors around the city. Through our trip to Thailand we hope to not only serve the ministries that we will be working with, but we also are going as learners eager to see how we can bring what Christ is doing in Thailand back to the streets of the Tenderloin in San Francisco. I already have some money raised for the trip, but I am still in need of about $800.00 more. If you are interested in wanting to make a donation you can send a note with my name on it and checks or cash to: Youth With A Mission 357 Ellis St San Francisco, CA 94102 Thank you all for your prayer and support as we make this exiting journey to Thailand!

FASHIONMONTHLY November 22, 2011

Keep in Touch! Be a Part of the Story 2011 Highlights •Painted the nails of over 550 women at our Monday nail Ministry

•Ministered to 395 women, children, and families through our day long outreach events. •Handed out 1,175 bags of makeup and prayer to women working in San Francisco’s strip clubs

•Prayer Points

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Facebook: becausejusticematters

Please pray as we raise support for Thailand. Ask as the Lord leads you if you should support either with your prayers or finances. Pray that the welcoming of new staff members and interns this spring would be a chance for new arms of BJM to flourish. Please pray for the upcoming Christmas outreaches that we will be doing with our Tenderloin Women, and with the ladies working on Broadway. We are expectant for God to move in big ways!


Financial Giving Please make checks payable to YWAM San Francisco with a note: ‘Rachel Cline’ and send to: 357 Ellis St. San Francisco, CA 94102

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