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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts —— DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC UTILITIES


Electric Distribution Companies


Karen Robinson, Hearing Officer


Electric Distribution Company Service Quality Reports: Additional Filing Requirements


January 26, 2011


Barry Perlmutter, Director, Electric Power Division Ghebre Daniel, Assistant Director, Electric Power Division Joan Foster Evans, Senior Counsel, Legal Division Mark D. Marini, Secretary Sandra Callahan Merrick, Assistant Attorney General


By Email Only

______________________________________________________________________________ On July 20, 2010, the Department of Public Utilities (“Department”) issued a Hearing Officer memorandum identifying additional filing requirements for electric distribution company annual service quality (“SQ”) reports. To allow the Department to further expedite its review of your future SQ reports, kindly include with your future initial filings raw data and calculations in the form of active Excel spreadsheets using the attached templates. Please begin using these templates with your SQ filings due March 1, 2011. Contact Karen Robinson, Hearing Officer, if you have any questions at or (617) 305-3503.

Hearing Officer Memo to accompany SQ Order