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What’s on your menu?

The restaurant and wine guide for the Tri-Counties. A publication serving Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties

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What’s on your menu? The Tri-Counties MENU GUIDE is a premiere restaurant and winery guide for Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties. The Tri-Counties MENU GUIDE is a publication that introduces hungry customers to your restaurant by offering them your menu. The Tri-Counties MENU GUIDE is distributes 80,000 copies to each county every six months to over 700 strategic locations throughout Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Pick-up points for the Tri-Counties MENU GUIDE include hotel, motels, wineries, chamber of commerce, corplorations, college campuses, shopping centers, military bases, all advertiser locations and other high traffic areas. The Tri-Counties MENU GUIDE is also offering the opportunity for a professionally written feature story highlighting the many dining or wining experiences at your business. Put your menu in front of 250,000 residents and tourists for each county.


Circulation Per County 80,000 copies of the pulication will be circulated at each county. If you were to receive just a 1% return of traffic to your establishment, that would be 800 new customers. FACT: New customers will almost always bring on extra 1-2 friends, family or business associates along with them, thus increasing your return even higher. If you spend just $920 for a half page ad with 80,000 circulation, that breaks down to just a little more than one penny per publication. A full page ad breaks down to less than two cents per publication.

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SPECIAL: Advertise in 2 counties and get the third country FREE!

AD DEADLINES & PUBLICATION DATES Spring/Summer Ad Deadline : Spring/Summer Publication Date:

April 10,2011 April 30,2011

Fall/Winter Ad Deadline: Fall/Winter Publication Date:

September 22, 2011 October 20, 2011



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