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Change Takes Courage Beautiful memories crowd the corners of my mind as I anticipate the changing of winter into the new freshness of spring. It reminds me of the fact that change is the basis of our lives. Just take a few minutes to sit and think about the changes that have occurred in your life since the beginning of 2012. Change pulls at my heartstrings as I feel the joy, freedom and happiness that it brings as well as the suffering, riddles and paradoxes of life. During the past six years, I enjoyed sharing thoughts and directions of Holy Cross Happenings with all of you as, together, we walked the dream and the journey of how our lives were woven into a beautiful tapestry of who we are and how we have touched one another’s lives. We prayed for you and you supported us in our mission with your prayers and your donations. The path that connected my life with yours has run straight through my heart, and I will continue to walk on it as I store more beautiful memories of all of you in the corners of my mind. It is now time for me to journey in a different direction because my term as the provincial of the USA Province of the Holy Cross Sisters is ending. I am called to focus on a new path where I can continue to share the mission of my beloved community in a new way. I do not know where this springtime season will lead me except to a fresh beginning – a place where God’s desire for me will become more evident as doors to my future open to beckon me to continue the journey of a lifetime that I began almost 60 years ago when I vowed to God to be poor, holy, and obedient. I am learning to manage transition in my life and have found that nothing is permanent except change. One thing I can assure you of as I am challenged by change in my life at this time is that I will always remember you in my prayers. Your great generosity to the Holy Cross Sisters will be tucked in my memory for the rest of my life. Springtime dawns in various ways in each of our lives. For me it is the welcome of a new season of change as I live into the future. May God bless and reward you for your relationship as you continue to journey with us by reading the Holy Cross Happenings and by keeping in contact with the Holy Cross Sisters and Associates who have made a difference in your lives. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those persons with whom we live and love and to whom we reach out in response to their needs, because The Need of the Time is the Will of God! Peace and Joy, S. Celine Goessl, SCSC Provincial – USA Province


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Change Takes Courage

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The First Holy Cross Sisters in the USA

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Stitched with Love

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Good Neighboring

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Combining Classroom & Community

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Cajun Fun

Pictured left to right below are Sister Kathy Wiesneski, Rachel Geisler and Sister Mary Anne Rose during the Annual Craft Fair in November at Bell Tower Residence Assisted Living in Merrill, WI.

S. Mary Anne

S. Kathy


Theo Johnson, pictured on the left, brings the baby Jesus to the crib scene in Holy Cross Chapel, Merrill, WI, Christmas Eve. On the right is Sister Santhmayor of India, holding Emmet Johnson. Theo and Emmet are sons of Matthew & Jenny Johnson, Merrill, WI.

Holy Cross Happenings is published in spring, summer, and fall for the friends of the Holy Cross Sisters, USA Province. Provincial: S. Celine Goessl Editor: Russ Mancl Editorial assistance: Lori Wiederhoeft 1400 O’ Day Street Merrill, WI 54452 Telephone: (715) 539-1460 E-mail: Web site: Published on recycled paper, using soy based inks, at Reindl Printing, Merrill, WI If you wish to be taken off the mailing list for future issues of Happenings or any other forms of communication, please contact us through the information provided above. Thank You!


The First Holy Cross Sisters in the USA By Mary Mangold, Holy Cross Sisters Archivist

Sister Lauda Werner, the leader of the first group of Holy Cross Sisters to come to Dickinson, North Dakota, on March 22, 1912 (pictured to the right), described their mission this way: It was on March 7, 1912, when a small group of six Sisters took leave of their very dear Motherhouse [in Ingenbohl, Switzerland], situated at the lovely Lake of Lucerne, in order to take up their vocational work in the distant USA. Their immediate cause for this decision was the missionary Bishop Vincent Wehrle [the bishop of the Diocese of Bismarck] who in his zeal for the good of all had begun to erect a hospital in Dickinson, North Dakota [St . Joseph’s Hospital, pictured on the front cover] and was looking for Sisters for the direction of the hospital. In vain he had inquired in 18 convents in America. . . . Being a Swiss . . .he decided to lay his petition before the Superiors at the Motherhouse in Ingenbohl. . . . [T] he pleading of (Bishop Wehrle) for his needy diocese could not be resisted. One also recognized Divine Providence for the future. . . . From the Dickinson Chronicle, 1912 – 1922

Sisters Lauda Werner - Richardis Trabold - Auxentia#2 Federle Philiberta Amman - Secundia Hackl - Clementina Brizzio

The long journey from Ingenbohl, Switzerland, that began on March 7 and culminated in the sisters’ arrival in Dickinson on March 22 was recorded in poignant detail by Sister Lauda. She described the sorrow they all felt in leaving their motherhouse and their original families, never to return. “In spite of the beautiful spring morning,” she later recorded in the Chronicle, “tears flowed freely . . .Only God understood the sacrifice of leaving.”

She also noted and recorded details of their journey from the motherhouse to the port city of Antwerp, where they arrived on March 8 to board the Lappland, set to sail the next morning. She described the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean#3 and their arrival in the “New World” on Monday, March 18, and the journey, by train, from New York to Chicago to St. Paul to Dickinson, where they finally arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon. “What a contrast,” she noted as she compared the blossoming spring they had left in Switzerland to the wintery landscapes through which they were now traveling in America. “There everything was in its spring beauty and here snow and ice like in Siberia.”

Upon their arrival in Dickinson, the sisters were greeted by the townspeople of Dickinson and a band playing music to welcome their arrival. From the train depot the pastor of the local parish and other community leaders escorted the sisters by car to St. Joseph’s Hospital where others of the community awaited them. The hospital was where the sisters themselves would live in separate quarters from the future patients. The Hospital was still empty and poor. There was no electricity, no bell, no elevator, etc.. The operating room was empty. Our rooms and those of the patients had the most necessary furnishings. The ladies, the Hospital Guild . . .saw to dishes, food, and linen. All over the house were white, or would-be white, cement floors that could hardly be cleaned. Our chapel was absolutely empty.


On March 31, the Holy Cross Sisters hosted an open-house for the community at the hospital, and on April 4, Holy Thursday, the first patient was admitted. On April 9, the first Mass [in the hospital chapel] was said at an altar placed on a platform made of old boards. (“Pews--we had none. We knelt on the floor.”) The following Sunday, April, 14, according to Sister Lauda’s chronicle, Our Lord came to the more than simple dwelling to be our constant guest. What a consolation and what strength for us poor Sisters who had to experience many more things, since after the hosanna followed the crucifix.

Among the many crosses that came after the “hosanna,” according to Sister Lauda, was [T]he elements . . . [that] proved to be unfriendly and our enemies. . . .Without mentioning the unusually rough climate and the almost daily winds that blow dust and sand into the house,

Trunk of S. Lauda

we experienced on July 10 such a terrible hail storm as has not happened in decades. Damage was great everywhere. In the hospital all the windows on the west side were blown to bits, the screens, shades, and curtains were torn. The large ventilator on the roof was carried into the meadow by the wind. . . . Never will I forget this peculiar phenomenon. It was 2:30 in the afternoon while we were in the chapel when all of a sudden it got dark. A glance out the window revealed an immense mountain of clouds in many gloomy, gray colors. The whole mass seemed to break itself away from the horizon and plunge into the deep with the speed of lightning. Sensing what might happen we ran to close the windows but in half a minute the tornado struck

Trunk of S. Richardis

with lightning, thunder, darkness, hail, and a terrible roar . . . Under the impact of this sudden devastation, Sister Richardis, still suffering from homesickness, came in all seriousness and said, “Sister Superior, this is enough now. Now we go and pack our trunk[s] and go home.” In spite of all the misery I had to laugh and said to her, “No, Sister, for this we really have no time. There are more important things to be done.” We really had no time. First the sick had to be brought to those rooms that were more protected . . .one patient was already struck on the head by a piece of glass. The water had to be dipped up and the damaged frames had to be removed, etc.

Bag used by the earlier sisters

Sister Lauda went on to describe other “crosses” she and her fellow-sisters encountered as they initiated their new apostolate in Dickinson, but she also described times of joy and success. Especially joyful was the arrival of five more sisters from Ingenbohl in October, and then a year later, in October 1913, a third group of four sisters. All understood their lifetime commitment, and for the next nine years, until 1921, when finally more sisters could come from Ingenbohl, these young and capable women managed and grew the first apostolate of their congregation in the United States. Today, in 2012, as we look at the few treasured photographs in our possession of those first Holy Cross Sisters who came to the United States in 1912 and 1913, and read their writings, we necessarily ponder their lives. What motivated them to give up everything dear and commit themselves totally to strangers in a new land? How could they continue to endure year after year after year, especially in the beginning when everything seemed so bleak? What would they say to us about today’s challenges? 5

Holy Cross Sisters at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Dickinson, ND, 1916

In studying their lives, it soon becomes apparent these first sisters were models of fortitude and courage, most often manifested in sheer endurance. They endured the pain of separation from their families and religious community in a geographic location totally different from the mountainous and verdant environments of their native Switzerland, Germany and Austria, countries where they were born and grew up and where their own original families and religious community continued to live. They endured language and cultural differences between themselves and the people with whom they worked and served. They endured the hardships and deprivations brought about by World War I, and the anti-German sentiment that spread across the United States toward those of German and Austrian heritage. They endured isolation during the war from their motherhouse in Ingenbohl and from their European families, whom they knew would be involved, directly or indirectly, in the raging battles of World War I. They endured personal sickness and the death of one of their youngest, 28 year-old Sister Reinolda, a trained nurse, from typhoid fever. They endured all the fears and hardships and sufferings associated with the influenza epidemic that went worldwide during the war and in the months beyond. But in spite of these and other hardships and difficulties, the small group of 14 Holy Cross Sisters managed not only #4 to survive but even to flourish in fundamental ways. Most importantly, the hospital was growing in its mission and capacity, and the sisters themselves were increasingly regarded both among the medical doctors of the community and the public at large as excellent health care providers. In some ways, the lives of these first Holy Cross Sisters in the USA are almost inscrutable, mainly because their choice of vocation and way of life deliberately deflected personal attention. At the same time, however, their vocation and way of life also defined who they were and how they lived. Each was a vowed religious woman, a member of a congregation dedicated to the will of God. Each lived in the faith that becoming ever more His instrument of mercy and compassion was her deepest source of strength. Doubtless, in the end, all these first Holy Cross Sisters would turn our attention to the words of their mother-founder, Mother Mary Theresa, who encouraged all her daughters to “Look to Him from whom all your strength proceeds.� Even as they set out from their motherhouse in Ingenbohl on that early March morning in 1912, and then continuing all the days thereafter as they carried out their apostolates as Holy Cross Sisters in the New World, we #5 can be sure that it is what Sister Lauda, Sister Richardis and all the rest of their community did. We can be sure because today we see the fruits of their love and commitment and labors. 6

Stitched With Love There’s an old saying, “When life throws you scraps, make a quilt.” For Sister Dolores Wagner, it’s a labor of love, allowing her self-expression to unfold as the perfect canvas. She spends countless hours cutting, piecing together and sewing her creations. For anyone knowing Sister Dolores and her love of genealogy and history, quilting seems to fit into the pattern of her life. Sister grew up in Marinette, Wisconsin, and joined the Holy Cross Sisters on February 26, 1948, celebrating her First Profession in 1951. Since retiring as a nursing instructor, she has found the opportunity to create quilts which have been given as gifts and which adorn many of the beds in the sisters’ housing on the Holy Cross Campus in Merrill, WI.

Good Neighboring The Good Neighboring Trip to Lake Providence, LA, to help those in need took place in late February. Making the trip this year was S. Kathy Wiesneski and Holy Cross Associates Mike & Linda Schmidt and Freida Swanson, all of Merrill, WI. Also making the trip were Emily Karpen, Almond, WI and Lori Foix, Inver Grove Heights, MN. The trip was made possible through individual donations, a FAME Grant through the Holy Cross Sisters, and a corporate donation from Greenheck Fan Corporation of Schofield, WI. For more information, contact S. Kathy at

S. Kathy



A Saint Among Us”


ou’re invited to Holy Cross Chapel, 1500 O’ Day Street, Merrill, WI, on May 5 at 2 p.m. to hear Marge Van Lierde, the niece of Blessed Zdenka Schelingova, tell the story of this courageous and faith-filled woman. She’ll take you back to 1916, to the Slovak village and the large family into which Blessed Zdenka was born one Christmas Eve, and explain how she came to make her decision to become a Sister of Mercy of the Holy Cross at the age of 15. The story chronicles her secondary education, her training as a nurse and the formation that brought her to make her final vows. Caught up in seeing the church persecuted by the Communists, she began her perilous journey in an effort to save a priest she was caring for at the hospital from possible death. The details of his daring escape are laid out, as well as the bitter aftermath for her. Examples of Sister Zdenka’s courage and strong faith during three years of brutal torture and imprisonment, the experiences she had and the people she met there are described. Her last days and the words she said at the end of her life close this chapter in the story.

Blessed Zdenka Schelingova

In 2003, Marge attended the Beatification of Sister Zdenka by Pope John Paul II in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. She speaks of her experiences and impressions of the solemnity and pageantry of the Beatification - a most sacred ceremony - the various celebrations surrounding the event, and the touching gathering and sharing of many Slovak cousins she knew about but never met. Today Marge lives in Northern Virginia and is active in Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish where she is a Lector and Eucharistic Minister. She also writes the weekly “Senior Moments” column for the church bulletin. Her presentation is made possible by a FAME Grant from the Holy Cross Sisters. There will be time for questions and a display of artifacts and prayer leaflets. Any large groups planning on attending are asked to call Russ at 715-539-1464, so adequate seating is provided.

Marge Van Lierde

“Nothing can frighten me, not even the wind that brings thick clouds; this is only for a moment. It rather increases my confidence, for I know that my beloved sun is hidden behind the clouds.” Blessed Zdenka


Monroe Swiss Singers

Coming to Merrill, WI


oin us June 10 for an Open House on the Holy Cross Campus in Merrill, WI. The Monroe Swiss Singers will provide the entertainment starting at 2 p.m. in Assisi Hall. From the gently rolling hillsides of south-central Wisconsin, which became home for significant populations of immigrant Swiss in the 1800s and 1900s, the Monroe Swiss Singers was founded in 1963 by nineteen Swiss immigrants, and currently numbers over 40 members from south-central Wisconsin and north-central Illinois. Many are descendents of immigrants to the area, with some native Swiss and German still part of the group. The choir is a sub-section organization of the Turner Hall of Monroe, which is its home and headquarters and the only remaining Turner Hall of Swiss origin left in the United States. The group has performed by invitation at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry; Daley Plaza in Chicago for the Swiss Consulate’s Swiss Week; Midwest Folklife Festivals at Folklore Village in Dodgeville, WI; the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI; twice with the von Trapp Children (grandchildren of the original von Trapp Family Singers); and at area annual events. A member of the North American Swiss Singing Alliance (NASSA), the group participates in NASSA’s triennial Swiss Singing Festival and Competition, the next of which will be held in Ontario, Canada, in June 2012. The Monroe Swiss Singers are under the direction of Deborah Krauss Smith. The Monroe Swiss Singers released its first CD recording in February 2010, has its own website at, and is on Facebook. 9

Visit us in Breese, Illinois and Dickinson, North Dakota If you’re in the area, we invite you to stop at one of our Open House Celebrations.

July 15, 2012 2-4 p.m. St. Joseph’s Hospital, Breese, IL August 12, 2012 2-4 p.m. Queen of Peace Parish, Dickinson, ND

Earth Mama Joyce Rouse, also known as Earth Mama, will be coming to Merrill, WI, September 20 for two presentations. The first will be geared towards students in grades 5-8 from area schools. The second presentation will be a concert held at 6:30 p.m. in Holy Cross Chapel at Bell Tower Residence. Earth Mama is an environmental entertainer and motivational speaker who uses song and humor to teach concepts such as ecospirituality, sustainable living, biodiversity and SRI (socially responsible investing). Her programs and CDs are highly inspirational, giving Cultural Creatives new information and new commitment to preserving our beloved earth. Earth Mama creates music in a variety of styles: Some are pop, some are bluesy, some are jazzy. She might even surprise you with a little bossa nova, tango, or world music rhythms. Her lyrics are diverse too, ranging from reverent to informative to downright funny! But here are some things you can count on in every Earth Mama song: 

Melodies you can hum or sing along with

Professional recordings made with top musicians in the finest studios

Lyrics that mean something, lyrics you can hear, lyrics you can listen to with your grandmother without being embarrassed.

These presentations are being made possible thanks to a FAME Grant from the Holy Cross Sisters. The evening performance is open to the public.



Sisters who lived and ministered in Breese, IL, take time from a meeting for a group shot displaying the Breese Journal, which they read to keep up-to-date on the news in that city. (Back row l-r.) S. Mary Anne, S. Mary Zita, S. Mary Thomas, S. Mary Anthony, S. Joelle, S. Dolores, S. Pam, S. Dorothy, S. Jeanne Marie, S. Kathy. (Front row l-r.) S. Pat, S. Mary Charles, S. Loretta, S. Helen, S. Anita.



The Annual Artisans Showcase was held Feb. 4th in Assisi Hall, Merrill, WI. This fundraiser for Bell Tower Residence drew a variety of artisans who displayed and sold their works of art to those attending. 1. Jack Ader carving a Santa plaque. 2. Ron Pankow with bird carvings. 3. Cathy & Debbie Neimeier with their basket weaving creations.



Thanks to Our Benefactors As the Centennial year of 2012 moves forward, one needs to take a look back at the year just completed. In the pages that follow you will find names of individuals, businesses and foundations, all who have supported, in one way or another, the ministries of the Holy Cross Sisters and Associates. Whether through prayer, financial support or volunteerism, you walk along side us each day. We take you with us when we enter the prisons and correctional facilities, hospitals and assisted living centers, classrooms, food pantries, soup kitchens, parishes and countless other ministries. Even through the tough economy you have stood by us and alongside us. I hope you feel an important partnership in our mission and your lives have changed in some way because of your support. We strive to continue that connection with you and help you reach out to others in ways you never thought possible. As we celebrate 100 years of ministry in the United States, we remember all the faithful supporters and friends throughout the many years. Without that support and encouragement, “The Dream and the Journey� would have been much more difficult.

Sincerely, Russ Mancl Director of Communications & Development Holy Cross Sisters USA Province

Bell Tower Residence Board of Directors: (Front row l-r) Karen Karow, Sister Celine Goessl, Chris McCarthy, Sister Peggy Jackelen, Administrator. (Back row l-r) Michael Nolan, Tom Kryshak, Kris McGarigle, Art Lersch. (not pictured) Rick Reindl, Mariann VenRooy and Val Mindak. 12

DONORS—January 1, 2011 –December 31, 2011 Jack & Helene Ader Rose Akey Alice Alberg Joseph & Elizabeth Amato Charles & Peg Ament Greg & Mary Ament Marv & Mary Anderson Robert & Donna Anderson Vern & Bonnie Anderson Rita Angell Carl & Nancy Annen Anonymous Robert & Nada Austin Barb Bakke Marcia Baranko Mr. & Mrs. James Bares Gerald & Leona Barrett Anna Rita Barron Warren & Ceil Bartelt Jon W. Barthels John & Mary Bartol Marilyn Barton Grace Batchelder Braden & Lisa Batkoff Bill Bauer Family & Friends of Barbara Bauman David Bauman David & Sandra Bauman & Family Lydia Bauman Mary Bauman Roger & Donna Baumgart Gene & Karleen Bebel Dave Becker Clarissa & Emed Benitez Don & Helen Berheim Mr. & Mrs. Tony Bertone Dr. Dennis Beshara Johanna & Maurus Birchler Richard & Evelyn Bjorklund James Blair Phyllis Blake Jim & Jerri Bloechl Doug & Mavis Bloom Nancy Blumenstein James & Harriet Boettcher William & Marian Boller Debbie & Richard Bonick Rita Bonnell Allen Bourgeois Matthew & Carol Brady

Roland & Marcia Brandstetter Courtney Brandt Andrew & Judy Braun David & Leona Braun S. Jeanne Marie Braun Marian Braun Robert & Gwen Braun Chris & Patricia Braunschweiger Joseph & Lisa Breaman Robert & Allie Brehm Jerome & Grace Brickner Kerry & Ronald Briggs Jay Ellen Brown Mr. & Mrs. Mark Brown Fr. Otto Buchler, OFM Jack & Judy Buchler Claudia & Eugene Buenting Louise Bugajski Harold & Ruth Butalla Maxine & Cliff Butler Joan Callahan Margaret Stepnock Cameranesi Ellen Canham Charles Carlson Lois & Jerry Carmody Richard & Pamela Carron Jane Carstensen Moira & Thomas Cary John Cassidy Jr. Amedeo & Marie Castiglione Kathleen Caylor Ed & Diane Chartier Lance Chilsen Alex Christensen & Friends Most Rev. Peter F. Christensen John & Marilyn Churchman Les, Terry, Jim & Cheryl Clemmer Rodger & Nancy Clemmer Katherine Colclasure Ann Coleman Donna & Les Collins Gordon & Judy Collins Eileen Coonen Bill & Judy Cormack Marty & Ginni Cormack Veronica Cornett George & Virginia Corrigan Joseph & Carol Costanzo Rose Mary Cournaya Ann Craig

Dorothy Crandall Cornelius Cronin Robert & Isabel Curley Virgean Dallman Dave & Janet Daniel John & Kay Daugherty Chester & Sylvia Davis Leland & Eva Davis Lindsey & Pam DeFever Jane Deau Theresa Deneen Henrietta Dettloff George & Jeannal Diagostine Ruth Dietrich John & Jean Dietz Deborah Dillon Ruth Dingess Rev. & Mrs. Don Dinsmore Scott & Linda Doerr William & Bernadette Dohr Annie Dombeck James & Mary Downing William Drake Althea Duersten Mary & Lawrence Duginski Thomas Dupille Denis Duppong Rosemary Eckardt Marie Eckerman Ursula Eckl Gerald & Emily Edmund Charles & Phyllis Ely Jeanette English Mike & Beth English William & Mary Lou Erfurth Arn & Rita Erickson Ned & Nancy Ertel Gary & Brenda Ertl Dr. Donald & Judy Evans Veronica Evenson Ed & Janelle Ewen Brian Falbo Paul & Wendy Falgoust Ray Bernard Falgoust Margaret Fauerbach Harlan & Phyllis Fausch Catherine & Edward Felten David & Carol Finanger Vernon & Donna Fischer Sheila & David Fitzell 13

Stephen & Pamela Fitzell John & Dixie Fixmer Rev. Robert Flannery Henry & Genevieve Fleck Drs. Max & Belen Floreza Kay Folsom Debbie Fournet Fr. Leonard Fraher John & Nancy Frazey Eugene & Judy Fregetto William Friedrich Barbara Velsor-Friedich Julie Ann Fries Pamela Fritz & Family Caroline Froehlich Dorothy Galyen James & Joan Gardner Alvin & Rosann Gebke Mark & Anne Geers Barb Gehlen Bob & Arlys Gehlen Chuck & Gloria Gehlen Gary & Roberta Gehlen Noreen Gehlen Richard & Shirley Gehlen Rita & Kenneth Gehrt Michael & Rachel Geisler Jerry & Cindy Geiss William Gennrich Dorothy Gibson Mary Lee Gibson Dr. Jeffrey Giese Gobel & Forster Families Jeff & Katie Goessl David & Clara Goetsch Jake & Alda Goldade Jacqueline & Sal Grasso Judith & Richard Green Paul & Marlene Grinde Robert & Judy Grisham Ralph & Betty Lee Grothjan Edward Gruett Joseph & Molly Guidry Joseph & Kathleen Gwidt Kathy & John Hadfield Ronald & Donna Hagen William & Catherine Hagstrom Dr. William & Frances Haidler Mary & Philip Haines Barb Hanson Mike & Beth Ann Hanson Joann Harper

Barbara Harrison Dr. Leo & Jean Harrison Steve Hartzheim Eric & Brenda Hasselberg James Hayes James & Anita Hayes Kathie Heimann Helen Heinl Harriet Henrich Holly Henrich Elaine Henry Christine Herrmann Betty Hetto Jim & Pat Hickey Nancy Hindes Calvin Hingle Mary & Jeffrey Hinueber Charles & Shirley Hodgdon Robert & Elizabeth Hodgson David & Jane Hoerner Thomas & Carole Hoge Sheldon Hogueisson Virginia Hommerding Nora Hornak Donna & Ernest Howard Leila Howland Helen Howlett Tom Hrdina Philip & Alice Huber S. Helen Huss Mr. & Mrs. John Huss Cecile Hymel Frank & Shirley Iczkowski Earl & Jean Jackelen David & Edna Jackson Jerome & Janet Jackson Elsie Jaeger Fred & Patricia Jahner Arleigh Jameson Demetria Jameson Jerome & Marie Janecek Betty Jauernig Robert & Ann Marie Jelinek Bonnie Jerow Thomas Jerow Mr. & Mrs. Roger Jesse Allen & Nancy Johnson Dick & Lorell Johnson Dorothy Johnson Kent & Sue Johnson Karen & Roque Kadrmas Linda & Ray Kalpinski

Phillip & Marge Kamke Phyllis Kanitz Karen Karow Emily Karpen James Kaulig Arlene Kelly Margaret Lee & Janet Lee Keturi Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kienitz Dave Kilgas Michael & Lila Kilgas Dale & Pat Kilwein Robert & Marilyn Kilwein Gordon King Harvey & Florence Klawinski Perry, Jodi, Landon & Reid Kleinschmidt Coleen & Donovan Klimpel Robert Klocksin Edward & Sue Klune Michael & Patricia Knab Margaret Knapkavage Jerry & Linda Knight Gene & Audrey Koch Sam & Marie Kocoshis Doug & Carol Koffarnus Elroy Kohnke Don & Elaine Koll Mary Kramer Shirley Krembs Dr. Tom Krembs Ron & Barbara Kroeger Clarence & Marge Kropp Kathleen Krueger Angeline Kryshak Tom & Nancy Kryshak Rev. & Mrs Dale G. Kuck Charmaine Kuczmarski Betty Lacey Tim & Barb Lacey Jean Lagerbloom Mary Lagerbloom Don & Jeree Lagoon Eugene & Mary LaMarche William & Mary Ann Lambrecht Tom Lampe Thom & Alida Landry S. Kathy Lange Ralph & Ruth Langhauser JD & Ladonna Langley Court & Patricia Larkin Dr. Richard & Celine Larson Wright & Jill Laufenberg Dr. Pierre Leimgruber 14

Peter Lettenberger Allen & Joan Liegel Bruce Liegel Maxine Lillis Lindy, Lee Ann & Kurt Lindquist Virginia Literski Cliff & Joyce Livingston Marilyn Loen Ron Loen Gloria Lohman John & Lucille Love Katherine Luebke Robert & Jodie Lukeman Bernadette Lutz Byrdine Lutzke Mary MacGillis Donald MacSwain John & Gloria Madole Diana Maki Alan & Marie Malm Russ & Carol Mancl Cindy, Steve, Alex & Frankie Manecke Mary & Theresa Mangold Yvonne Mann Dr. Jacob & Kathleen Martens Bernadette Martin Ken & Karen Matushak Dolores Mauer S. Joelle Mauer Ron & Ellen Maurer John & Camille Maurice Christine & Denis McCarthy Elaine McCarthy Patrick & Gretchen McCaskey Theresa McClarrinon Jo Ann McGrath Dr. Mark & Irene Mehlos Garry & Charlotte Melish Fr. Joseph Menker, OMI Jane Menting Eugene & Janet Meyer Bonnie Millenbah Diann Joyce Miller Ed & Betty Miller Jack & Janet Miller Jim & Sharon Miller Lud & Ann Miller Steve & Camille Miller Susan & Kenneth Mills Dr. Paul & Constance Misner Carol & Beverly Modine

Eugene & Patricia Montabon Mr. & Mrs. Francis Montabon Conrad & Mary Anne Montgomery James & Nancy Monti Thomas & DeAnn Moore The Mootz Family Patricia Morien Laurie Moritzen Marie Muehlbauer Dr. Gerhard & Ann Marie Muelheims Rosella Mulvanny Kathleen Hale-Mundt Mary Munns Richard & Cathy Munster Tom & Fran Munster Robert & Marilyn Mussallem Luellen & Martin Natzke Bill Neddersen Renee & Michael Nemeth F. Robert & Nancy Neuman Jeffrey T. & Mary Nick Ron & Kay Nicklaus Robert & Jean Niederkorn S. Dorothy Niemann John & Karen Niemann Mr. & Mrs. Gary Niemeyer Lance Nienow Joan G. Nisch Jim & Henrietta Nistler Judge & Mrs. Michael Nolan Dr. Donald & Charlotte Nowinski Ronald & Kathleen Nutter Christine Nykiel David & Gayle Oberg Gay & Sally Oberg Dean & Kathleen Ockmond Andrew & Doreen Oleszczuk Nancy Olexick Fred & Ann Olliges Bill & Jean O’ Loughlin Delores Olsen Karen Olson Dave & Chris Orlowski Ann Ossim Phyllis Osterbrink David & Christa Ott Rose Pachl Mary Rose Paine Rev. Casimir Paluck Virginia Paradise Richard Pehle James & Jane Pehlke

Sue Peters John & Ashley Peterson Monica Peterson Linda Semling Peterson Joyce Petzka Dahlia Pezzi Diane Pichelman Joseph & Lynette Piekarski Ralph & Miriam Pieper Charles & Kathleen Pierotti Jerry & Carol Plautz Joseph & Kathryn Poehling Matt Poehnelt Phyllis Ponder Randy & Kathy Pophal Kenneth & Mary Ellen Porwoll Lorraine Preboske Ronald & Phyllis Presl Georgia Price Magdalene Proko Jo Ann Prom Brian & Karen Prunty Jim & Ruth Rajek Alice Rass Dr. Erling & Ann Ravn Richard & Jean Ray Mr. & Mrs. Ira Rebella Ginny & Bob Recla Rick & Lynette Reindl Glorian Reinke Jim & Kaye Rell Cindy Renner Mary & Kathy Rennpferd Mr. & Mrs. George Reulet Jose & Stella Reyes James & Kay Richards Pauline Riedl Arnold & Diane Ritzinger Dr. & Mrs. Renato Rivera Nina Roach Dr. Robert & Adele Roane Raymond & Patti Robinson Harold & Elaine Rodrigue Sr. Patricia Rogalla Mr. & Mrs. John Romatoski Donald Rome Peggy & Peter Romfh Matthew & Kirstin Rose Joyce Rossi Joan Rostal Theresa Roy George & Nancy Russell 15

Mr. & Mrs. John Rydzewski S. Mary Charles Rydzewski Fr. Theodore J. Rynes, SJ Dorothy Sabo S. Mary Angela Sackmann Relatives of S. Mary Angela Sackmann Martha Saeger Pat Salutz Daniel & Carol Sambs Phillip Sanford Katherine Sauriol Tony & Carol Savoie Thomas & Mary Jo Sazama Gilbert & Josephine Scheeler Alfred & Sandra Schexnayder Carolyn Schexnayder Gerard Schexnayder Laura Schexnayder Herbert & Beverly Schielke Jacolyn Schlautman Errol & Barbara Schmelling Mike & Linda Schmidt Selma Schmidt Shirley Schmidt Marlene Schneider William & Carole Schoetz Patricia Schoone Patricia Schoonover Judge & Mrs. Patrick Schott S. Therese Schueller, OSM Gary & Arlene Schulze Phil & Becky Schumacher Regina & Kenneth Schumacher William & Judith Schwantes Capt. Raymond & Verna Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Brian Schwarz John & Helen Sczygelski Dennis & Carol Sebastian Constance Semling & Family Faye Semling Michael, Rick & Sharon Semling Patrick, Bob & Kathy Semling Stan Semmerling Patrick & Jane Severt Frances Shafel Phil & Phyllis Sheil Gregory Sherman Neil & Diane Shockey S. John Marie Simien Dolores Skeivik Lois Skillen Edith Skrobul

Brian & Roxanne Sladek George & Mary Sladek Dave & Karen Smith Elizabeth Smith Janet Smith Scott & Sandy Smith Stephany Smith Wayne & Rosemary Smith S. Mary Michael Smits Lou Ann Songy Steve Songy Joan Speers Kathy Spencer Rickie & Trudy Steib Annette Stewart Monica Stimers Irma Stine Marcella Storseth Ruth Strasman Joan & Jim Strassmaier Betty Strickler Ray & Virginia Stroh Maryann Stroinski John & Gretchen Stronczer Rita Strosina Gary & Sarah Stroyny Steve & Karen Suick Brian Sukow Gail & Laurie Sullivan Mary Summers Joseph & Kathleen Sveda Garth & Freida Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Swoboda Monica Talbot Nat Tank Judith & Gary Tapper Arthur & Audry Taylor D0ris Taylor John Teske Kay Tessmer Alcyone Thuot Josephine Timmermann Madelyn Timmermann Marie Timmermann John & Betty Tonne Harriet Torkelson Don Trantow Del Tyson James & Marjorie Upthagrove Kenneth & Mary Ann Van Der Geest Dennis & Claire Vandersnick Gary Van Vonderen

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Bell Tower Residence Fiscal Year 2011 Expenses $118,547


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Recently a daughter wrote to us: “Thank you for all the years of tender loving care given to my mother while she lived with you. Your listening ears, your kind words, your professional, expert care gave my mom and family such peace. Thank you so very much. I pray God continues to bless you all richly for all you do—and have done for us.” This expression of gratitude is also my sentiment when I think of the many people who believe in our ministry and have supported us during the past year, and over the years. As friends of Bell Tower and partners in our ministry you have helped us carry out our mission of promoting the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of each resident in a safe and caring community. We are very grateful for your generosity to Bell Tower Residence. Sister Peggy Jackelen, Administrator


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Holy Cross Sisters Development Revenues Fiscal Year 2011 $119,901

Holy Cross Sisters Development Expenses $119,901


By: Associate Co-Director Carol Mancl

Funeral services were held December 24 at Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Medford, WI, for Dorothy (Delonay) Hrdina, age 99, of Medford, WI. Dorothy Hrdina lived a long and full life and was an associate of the Holy Cross Sisters since 1996. Many would say that Dorothy was a workaholic, and by the age of six she stood on a chair so she could knead bread. After finishing 8th grade she worked in a cheese factory where she met her husband Raymond. They were united in marriage on July 10, 1929. He preceded her in death in 1983. The couple raised six children. Dorothy was well known for her baking, especially fresh loaves of bread which she baked every day. Then Kuchen, rolls, Kolaches, cookies, pies – some appearing daily! She also loved to quilt, and each of her children and many grandchildren received one of her handmade quilts. Many of Dorothy’s ministries were tied to Holy Rosary Church, where she worked at every dinner. According to Sister Dolores Hrdina, one of the surviving children, “She was always ready to help a needy neighbor.” She remembers one night when her mother stayed all night with a neighbor whose small twins had whooping cough and how distraught she was when the little boy died. The family farm was always a vacation destination for the many relatives during the summers, and so the baking and cooking was always welcome and necessary.

Dorothy with Sister Dolores

Dorothy would always brighten up when her grandchildren visited. She helped Phoebe and Garret celebrate their birthdays shortly before she went to heaven! S. Dolores says that “God couldn’t have given me a better Mom.” Dorothy is survived by: Daughters-Marcella (Emmanuel) Cutrone of Suwanee, GA; Marlene Schneider, Oak Park, WI; Dolores, a Sister of Mercy of the Holy Cross, Merrill, WI. Sons– Mark (Donna) Hrdina, Goodrich, WI; Holy Cross Associate Tom Hrdina, Township of Bern, WI. 13 grandchildren, 26 great grandchildren, 12 great-greatgrandchildren, and one great-great-great-granddaughter. Also surviving are sisters Beatrice Pittsley of Marshfield, WI, and Virginia Hommerding, Schofield, WI.

“But those who came before us will teach you. They will teach you from the wisdom of former generations." Job 8:10 We say good-bye to these alumnae of Our Lady of the Holy Cross High School Mrs. William (Geraldine Glover) Radtke, Dubuque, IA, Class of 1943, died 12-8-11 Mrs. Jack (Elaine Eckert) Holl, Loxahatchee, FL, Class of 1946, died 1-7-12 Mrs. Michael (Mary Ellen Oberli) Holly, St. Paul, MN, Class of 1956, died 1-21-12

Rest in Peace


Combining Classroom and Community


he third grade students in Sister Pam Hodgson’s class at St. Benedict the Moor School, New Orleans, LA, have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom. Through the Service Learning project they are learning all about nutrition and in turn giving that same nutrition in the form of canned goods to those in need. Students went to the supermarket to do a scavenger hunt to compare the nutritional value of different food items such as how much fat is in whole milk compared to 1%, or how much protein is in a can of tuna fish compared to cottage cheese. “The students collected 199 lbs. of canned goods for Second Harvest Food Bank. We took a field trip to Second Harvest, had a tour of the facility and also helped work,” said Sister Pam (pictured to the left with students).


God! Our Creator, Redeemer and Counselor, we humbly come before you as we reflect on our beginnings and mission as Holy Cross Sisters and Associates. We praise you for allowing our founders the unlimited vision of “the needs of the time” as your will for us, and we share the gospel in the works of mercy throughout the world. As our mission continues to be relevant in these changing times, allow us to grow in all your spiritual gifts. Allow us to grow especially in wisdom, fortitude and love, as we share the word, Christ, in the spirit of St. Francis.

Written by: Antoinette Rene Holy Cross Associate Opelousas, LA

Thank you for choosing us as your disciples of the needs presented to us today. Allow us to continue, like Fr. Theodosius and Blessed Mother Theresa, to share your word in the spirit of Francis. For this and all gifts in our lives, we say:

Amen! Alleluia! 22


he Annual Fat Tuesday Gumbo Supper in Assisi Hall at Bell Tower Residence in Merrill, WI, was a time for fun, food and entertainment. The gumbo was prepared by Sister John Marie Simien, who hails from Louisiana. Merrill High School Jazz Band provided the music for the evening. Proceeds raised will offset the debt at Bell Tower Residence. This assisted living facility is sponsored by the Holy Cross Sisters. For more information on assisted living visit or call 715-536-5575.

Cajun Fun

Pictured to the left are Sister Jeanne d’ Arc Kilwein and associate Mary Duginski during a recent discussion on “Care for All Creation” in Merrill, WI. On the right is Sister Dorothy Monikowski, SSJ-TOSF, facilitating a meeting of the Holy Cross Sisters.


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February 2 marked the 50th Anniversary of the day Sister John Marie Simien made her First Profession as a Sister of Mercy of the Holy Cross. She renewed her vows before sisters, associates and friends in Holy Cross Chapel, Merrill, WI.

Watch for stories on all our jubilarians in the next issue of Happenings. We will feature Sister Jeanne d’ Arc Kilwein (75th), Sister Rita Pearce (60th), Sister Linda Songy (50th), Sister John Marie Simien (50th) and associate Pat Zuelow (25th). We will also have information on how you can purchase our Centennial Booklet .


Holy Cross Happenings, Spring Issue 2012  
Holy Cross Happenings, Spring Issue 2012  

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