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Lady Lumley’s Sixth Form Prospectus

Welcome from the Headteacher At Lady Lumley’s we aim to inspire a love of learning and maximise life chances. We believe this so strongly that we made it our school motto. Inspiring a love of learning means we make the school a great place to study and a great place to learn. Lady Lumley’s prides itself on being a learner-centred environment. We know and care for each and every one of our students, and we know how much support, challenge and encouragement each individual student needs. Our students leave the school with good academic qualifications and a wealth of experience; prepared for their future life and ready to make a positive contribution to society. Choosing the right Sixth Form is a crucial decision and this prospectus will give you an initial impression of the school. I hope that you will be able to visit the school in order to experience the vibrant, friendly and purposeful atmosphere that we are so proud of at Lady Lumley’s. Richard Bramley Headteacher

Joining Lady Lumley’s Sixth Form We have the same entrance requirement for every one of our courses and you can join Lady Lumley’s Sixth Form if you have the equivalent of 5 or more GCSE passes at C or above. An application form can be found at the back of this prospectus alongside more information on the wide range of courses available.

Lady Lumley’s – a High Performing School Following consistently high examination results, Lady Lumley’s was awarded the status of a High Performing Specialist School in 2008. This means the school is now a specialist school in sports, science and modern foreign languages. Since 2007, the A Level value-added of all 11-18 schools in North Yorkshire has been measured using a system called ALPS. Lady Lumley’s has shown continuous improvement each year and is the top performing school for A Levels in the Ryedale Area. We are also one of only 14 secondary schools in North Yorkshire to become an Enhanced Mainstream School, building on the expertise of our staff to improve the teaching and learning of students in schools throughout the Ryedale area. The extra funding associated with specialist status has allowed the school to develop excellent facilities across the whole site. Every mainstream classroom has a networked computer, projector and interactive whiteboard. The Sixth Form facilities are extensive, the library is outstanding, we have a new classroom block for modern foreign languages and new buildings for drama, theatre studies and learning support. The sports facilities are impressive. We have a gymnasium, sports hall, fitness suite, extensive playing fields, a national standard climbing wall, kayaks, canoes and mountain bikes as well as tennis courts and an allweather pitch, both flood-lit. Our specialism in sport allows the school to further develop sporting talent and provides excellent opportunities for students to take part in a wide range of sporting activities as participants, student leaders and young ambassadors. The science aspect of our specialisms has been enhanced by first-class facilities following a rolling refurbishment programme and by a dynamic mix of new and experienced staff. Our language specialism links in to our growing international dimension and allows an increasing number of exchanges, overseas visits and exposure to other cultures and lifestyles. Students at Lady Lumley’s already visit France, Germany and the Canary Islands and we have active links with schools in Morocco, Tanzania and two cities, Taiyuan and Shenyang, in China. Language teaching is further enhanced by our use of native speaking, foreign language assistants working alongside student to share the language and culture of their homelands.

Facilities for the Sixth Form Facilities for the Sixth Form at Lady Lumley’s are excellent. We have a large Sixth Form common room with catering at break and lunch, a dedicated ICT suite for Sixth Form, private study areas and the most amazing library with a large sixth-form-only area. All this space is for a reason: we expect you to work hard whilst in the Sixth Form at Lady Lumley’s and a number of your non-contact periods will be timetabled as study periods. Current students find study periods really useful and so will you. Study periods encourage you to manage your time efficiently, allow you to work in teams with your fellow students, seek help if you need it and extend your understanding of your subjects in a resource rich environment.

The Sixth Form Vision We want a school that: • is truly student-centred • has the highest expectations of its students • places learning and teaching at its heart • celebrates the unique talents of all its students • has an atmosphere of mutual support • looks to the future without forgetting to enjoy the experiences of today We are a school which believes: • taking risks is essential to improve teaching and learning • that assessment should be formative with supportive feedback to allow students to progress • that students learn best when they feel safe, happy and content • that students should understand and take responsibility for their own learning • hard-work and effort make a significant contribution to success and • success breeds success Lady Lumley’s Sixth Form is a vibrant community which has a well-established record of excellent examination results enabling students to progress to University and successful careers. We work hard to support our students in achieving their goals and we expect our students to work hard in return.

Choosing a Course As a new Sixth Form student, you have more options and a greater degree of flexibility than ever before. Making the right choice is crucial for your enjoyment and success during your Sixth Form studies and also crucial for your future options when you leave school. Staff at Lady Lumley’s have years of experience and expertise in teaching A Level courses and can help you make the right choices and select the right combination of subjects. There are a wide number of courses available post-16 at Lady Lumley’s at Advanced Level, from the traditional subjects in maths, science, art, humanities and English through to more recent additions like government and politics, equine studies and travel and tourism.

Details of all these courses can be found in this prospectus. If you follow the A Level route you will usually choose four subjects to study at AS Level in Year 12. Each subject will be taught by experienced specialist teachers in well resourced rooms for four hours per week. We also support you through AS General Studies in Year 12 and AS Citizenship across Years12 and 13. When you reach Year 13, you will normally continue with three of your subjects through to A2 Level. We always respond to the needs of individual students and some Sixth Formers may pick up a new AS course in Year 13 or even carry on with four subjects to A2 Level.

Beyond the Academic... Our students’ academic achievements are only part of the picture. At Lady Lumley’s Sixth Form you are encouraged to develop a confident and outward-looking approach to life through a wide range of extra-curricular activities. There are many opportunities for you to develop your interests alongside your academic studies and the quality of experience in sport, music and drama is impressive. In these and many other areas such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and community service, you will have the opportunity to further develop your talents and demonstrate your leadership and organisational skills. As well as the in-house extra-curricular activities, Lady Lumley’s School has taken teams of students on World Challenge expeditions to Ecuador and Morocco and is currently planning trips to Tanzania (2011) and Iceland (2012).

Pastoral Care On entering the Sixth Form at Lady Lumley’s, you will be assigned to a Sixth Form tutor group with fellow students from Year 12 and Year 13. There are two sessions a day when personal and academic matters can be discussed individually with your Form Tutor. There is also a halftermly scheduled meeting with your tutor to discuss your academic progress based on reports made by each of your subject teachers. In addition, the Learning Coordinator and Student Services staff are always available to discuss any matters of concern with you. At Lady Lumley’s we pride ourselves on the caring atmosphere within our Sixth Form and we emphasise that interpersonal and intrapersonal skills are as important as academic qualifications.

The Sixth Form Committees A great advantage of joining a school-based Sixth Form is that you get the opportunity to take on posts of responsibility within the school. Every Sixth Former is asked to undertake the equivalent of one service period a week where they can help the learning of younger students, support the school in other ways or even volunteer within the wider community. These activities are excellent for personal development and they also look impressive on curriculum vitaes and UCAS application forms! You will also have the opportunity to join one or more of a number of Sixth Form committees. Students are elected to some committees, nominated to others or simply volunteer to help. The committees co-ordinate student activities both inside and outside Lady Lumley’s. Not only do they provide a voice for student views, they are also the focus for arranging a wide range of social activities. Fund-raising for charities is seen as one important aspect and the success of events such as the Shoebox Appeal and Comic Relief is due in large part to the energy of the Sixth Form students.

Personal Development Programme We want our students to leave the Sixth Form with the best possible life chances and so we offer an extensive Personal Development Programme which includes careers and destinations advice as well as the opportunity to attend work experience at the end of Year 12. There are regular careers lessons with access to our well-resourced multi-media Careers Library, enabling students to explore a wide range of courses in Higher Education or routes to employment. We have a very experienced team of Sixth Form tutors, and our UCAS procedures for entry to university are excellent. We keep a careful eye on each individual student’s progress through their courses, with advice and support being given wherever necessary.

The Application Process We hope that everything you have read in this prospectus leads you to want to join us in the exciting journey of Post-16 education. If you would like to apply for a place at Lady Lumley’s School, please follow the application process outlined below: • In the Autumn Term there is an open evening for all prospective students. At that meeting we outline the courses we offer and answer any questions you might have about our Sixth Form. • Please complete the application form included in this prospectus and return this form to Lady Lumley’s School by February half term. Your application form will then be processed. • All details for joining our school, including dates for enrolment and induction will be sent to you subsequently. For any further details or to clarify any points please contact James Ambrose, Head of Sixth Form. Telephone: 01751 472846 Fax: 01751 477259 Email:

Lady Lumley’s School Swainsea Lane, Pickering, North Yorkshire, YO18 8NG Tel: 01751 472846 or 01751 473103 Fax: 01751 477259 Email:

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