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OLYMPIANS The Official Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Makati OLYMPIA VOL 01 NO 03 • AUGUST 2010


On August 24, 2010, RCMO had a very special guest. It was the first time that Assistant Governor Chochit Tobias was visiting the Club. Everyone was expectant of what it would be. As a baby club, only a few members knew what and how the visit would be done. For one week, preparations were done for the big day. AG Chochit gave an overview of the visit and explained that he would be helping RCMO through the year by cascading and guiding it to fulfill the thrusts of DG Ed Alvarez and RI. He promised to visit the club often and to be there for the clubs for all of its concerns.

CP Rose Acoba presented the plans and programs of the club. At the end of the presentation, a dialogue with the officers and members ensued. DGSR Sue Sta Maria was also present. AG Chochit was very happy with the plans and programs presented. He specially commended Moving up, the Membership Development and Retention plan that the club will be doing. He encouraged everyone to continue the great work that they have started. He urged the members to have fun and develop and foster fellowship amongst each other for he said that this would be the key to the growth and development of the club RCMO looks forward to AG Chochit’s future visits.

Message of the RCMO President My Dear Fellow Olympians, A common reaction that one gets when a prospective member is invited to join Rotary is the initial hesitation to have anything to do with it because of the pre-conceived notion that it is an organization for the moneyed and financially endowed individuals. Truth to tell, I felt like this too. Many of you did or still do… I do not say that financial capability is not important but there are other considerations to being a Rotarian. When Rotary Club of Makati Olympia was envisioned, its founders thought that our ideal will be to have a Rotary Club which is accessible to everyone who has the passion to serve. Our vision was to have a club whose members have the heart who cares, a mind who understands and makes possible these desires of the heart and the body willing to execute what the heart feels and what the mind dictates. Service, after all, is not limited to only a few. It is universal for it is God’s divine gift to all. It is our purpose of being in this world. I guess even us in RCMO cannot quite understand how we were able to get 54 different individuals to agree to be charter members. I believe that many others wonder as we do. Simply said, we saw in each other that vision which our founders had. The challenge now is to keep our faith that no matter what difficulties we may face, we have already taken the first step. We may falter a little sometimes but there is no going back. Our responsibility to each other is see to it that as a family, we are one body with many parts, a team that Cont’d at page 2…



By: DIR Miguel Bermido

By: Dir. Ju Abdulcadir Pateros is the only municipality in Metro Manila. A marginalized locality compared to its booming urban neighbors, RCMO chose it as one of it’s the beneficiary community for its service projects. It coordinated with the Local Government Unit through Mayor Boyet Medina and Councilor Edgar Castillo on this initial project for the said municipality. To start this working partnership, CP Rose Acoba together Dir. Ju Abdulcadir, DIR Miguel Bermido and the Rotaractors and Interactors of its sponsored clubs paid them courtesy call and hosted the Flag Raising ceremony last August 23.

In partnership with the University of Makati's Supreme Student Council, Rotary Club of Makati Olympia and its sponsored Interact and Rotaract Clubs, held the ICT competition for Computer Science Students last August 19, 2010. There were 5 categories in the contest - Flash Animation, Quiz Bee, C++ Programming, Webpage Designing and PC Trouble Shooting. The top winners per category were: Allan Laurente, Mico Gamoso and Marc Angelo Tubeio for Flash Animation, Michael Lacanlale for the Quiz Bee, Arthur Belmonte, Jeck Mabasa, Rafael Nico Domingo for C++ Programming, Melven Enciso, Darwin Toledo and Elmer Paulino for Webpage Designing and Jerry Tom Seredio, Ivan Jason Alog and Marvin Ibadlit for PC Troubleshooting. They were awarded medals and certificates.

Thereafter, it launched the READ (Reading Awareness Drive) Project in two public schools - Pateros Elementary School and P. Manalo Elementary School. Books were donated and reading sessions were conducted. Also part of the project is to conduct tutorials for non-readers. This will be a year round project for the beneficiaries.

Message RCMO President

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cannot claim success through the effort of just one or a few. This is our Club. It is our supreme duty to see to it that we go the distance imbued with this conviction. Go, Olympia, Go! The Logo of RCMO describes the aspirations of the club. It is motivated to do service globally, thus the circle that contains the mountain of Olympus and the Rotary Logo signifies the world. The RI Logo is placed to the on top of the mountain to symbolize the hope that Rotary brings to the world. It is like the sun which lights the world. Mt Olympus is the home of the Olympians and the Parthenon is the most famous edifice to epitomize Greek Mythology. For RCMO, the Olympians symbolize the quest for excellence in service which is represented in the logo by the gold laurel leaves. There are 55 leaves joined together in the center to signify unity of the 54 charter members and the DGSR. Green color symbolizes abundance and a good harvest from the endeavors that it will do to serve humanity.

editorial team adviser Rose Acoba editor Joel D. Adriano

We’d like to hear from you. Write us your ideas and thoughts or contribute articles that you think is interesting and will be beneficial to our organization. Contact us at (0917)545-6171 and (0917)891-4695.

the olympians 3rd issue  

CP Rose Acoba presented the plans and programs of the club. At the end of the presentation, a dialogue with the officers and members ensued....

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