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OLYMPIANS The Official Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Makati OLYMPIA

RCMO expresses support to Rotary Foundation

VOL 01 NO 16 • DECEMBER 2010

The President’s Corner Our dear Rotary Family of Olympia, December is here again. It never fails to bring the spirit of the season. When we look back into the yesteryears, December brings childhood memories of family and friends celebrating together the birth of Christ, our Lord. Most of us never outgrow this feeling. I know I do not. For us Rotarians, December brings a kaleidoscope of pictures too. We think of activities to bring cheers to our beneficiaries. We look forward to our own celebrations of friendship and camaraderie. We make it fun because it is a season of joy. This is truly so because December is the month of the Family of Rotary.

The newly formed Rotary Club of Makati Olympia (RCMO) expressed its strong support and full commitment to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) in the testimonial dinner held on November 23 at the New World Hotel in Ayala Center, Makati City. Joining other clubs in District 3830, RCMO graced the said occasion to inspire its members to contribute more to the Foundation. RCMO members who attended the event were Charter President Rose Acoba, Past President Ting Almendral, Past President Amor Isip, President Nominee Renny Harman, Director Juju Abdulcadir and soon to be member Sabine Haak.

The triumphant “The Voice of Olympia,” which recently won the District Chorale Competition for RCMO, gave a rousing performance during the testimonial dinner. The RCMOsponsored quartet included Wilmer Ruadilla, Rex Cesar, Roxanne Tangcalagan and Charry Balboa. Each Rotaractor sang two songs before capping it with a chorale song “Try it on my Own”. District 3830 hosts a testimonial dinner annually to honor the generous donors and benefactors to the Rotary Foundation. It is one of the highlights of the month-long TRF Celebration in November. Guest of honor this year is Past Rotary International President and TRF Trustee Dong

Isn’t this very Filipino? We are a family oriented nation, thus the celebration of the Family of Rotary in December is not at all new to us. In fact, because of the expanse of what our Rotary family has become, our celebration is doubly meaningful for it goes beyond borders.. Celebrations are, however, reminders of our responsibilities to our fellow family cont’d on p.2

Korn Lee, who was accompanied by Lady Young Ja. The dinner also included DG Ed Alvarez and Lady Mariz, PRID Paing Hechanova, PDG Guiller Tumangan who is the head of the District TRF Committee, PCRG Chair James Lee, and past District Governors from D3830 and other districts.

TRF DINNER, November 23, 2010, New World Hotel

The President’s Corner

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members. We love them, we treat them well and we take care of each other. As I write this, I am reminded of what our sister club from Namyang Korea said during their recent visit last October. John, their club secretary said that despite the language barrier, they have this very strong affinity with us for they see and communicate with us even more often than their own families in Korea. How touching! My fellow Olympians, such is how deep the friendship and love are amongst us. These transcend to Gov Ed and DGSR Sue, our matched clubs, the youth, our benefactors and beneficiaries, our RCCs, communities, sponsoring clubs, our honorary members, RCSNM and everyone who is journeying with us. You are our family and without you, we will not be. RCMO loves you! In this great season of love and joy, we remember you with much appreciation. May Jesus whose birth we celebrate, bring you peace and happiness always! Season’s greetings, everyone!

District 3830 celebrated Interact Week with I-Series Rotary District 3830 celebrated the Interact Week with a number of activities aimed at fostering camaraderie among its Interact clubs’ members and youth leaders, providing an avenue for the public to become aware of their activities and leadership qualities. The District Interact Week was held from November 7 to 14. The I-series included the launching activity at the Signal Village National High School in Taguig where all the week-long activities were unveiled. Among the activities were the I-Exhibit, an electronic exhibit of the best

projects of the Interact clubs; the I-Seminar done in Tutuban Mall where topics like Youth in Action, Youth Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Values Enhancement were discussed; I-Plant which asked Interactors to plant trees to save the environment; and the InterRocks which served as the fellowship of all Interactors of the district as the culminating activity of the week’s celebration. This year’s celebration was led by District Interact Representative Miguel Bermido, a multi-awarded Interact Past

President and the concurrent President of Interact Club of Umakians de Olympia, one of the 10 sponsored Interact clubs of RCMO. Being the sponsoring club of the home club of DIR Miguel, RCMO was in full support of the activities and encouraged all its 10 sponsored Interact clubs to support the I-series aside from its own club-initiated activities. The District Committee on the Service to New Generations headed by DCC Chito Chavez and District Interact Chair Yasin Badr endorsed the weeklong activity for the Interactors.  Citius, Altius, Fortius: Faster, Higher, Stronger! 


Make Foundation giving a club tradition By Susie O. Ma The Rotarian -- December 2010 It takes the financial contributions of Rotary club members for The Rotary Foundation to fulfill its mission: to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. How do some Rotary clubs maintain their high rates of Foundation support? One key is to establish a tradition of member giving – and capitalize on it when the opportunity arises. The Rotary Club of Alexandria, La., USA, presented 61 members with Paul Harris Fellow recognition in June, taking advantage of a $100,000 donation to the Foundation from honorary member Norman Martin. Martin, who was already a Paul Harris Fellow, accumulated 100,000 recognition points from his contribution, which supported Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge. The points can be transferred, so after obtaining Martin’s approval, club leaders offered members up to 500 points each toward Paul Harris Fellow Recognition, which requires a $1,000 contribution (or 1,000 points). The club already had 89 Paul Harris Fellows out of 195 members. Everyone in the club is a Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member, donating at least $100 a year to the Annual Programs Fund. Many already had a balance of several hundred dollars to apply toward Paul Harris Fellow Recognition, says club secretary Edwin Caplan, which made it possible to build on Martin’s donation. “We played it up as a once-in-alifetime opportunity to become a Paul Harris Fellow, basically for half price,” Caplan says. “People readily signed up. It was not a tough sell.” Caplan advises clubs that want to increase Foundation giving to encourage all members to become Sustaining Members and to renew contributions automatically every year. Although members always have the opportunity to opt out, he says, no one in the Alexandria club has ever withdrawn support after becoming a Sustaining Member.

Arch C. Klumph, father of The Rotary Foundation Rotary Images

The Rotary Club of Hillsdale Sunrise, N.C., is part of a district with a long tradition of Foundation giving. District 7690 has 11 “Triple Crown Clubs,” a term the district uses for clubs in which everyone is a Paul Harris Fellow, a Sustaining Member, and a Benefactor (a member who has designated $1,000 or more to the Permanent Fund in his or her estate plan). The Hillsdale Sunrise club was chartered in February with 23 members who held all three distinctions, making it the first club to achieve the Triple Crown status at charter. “What made it happen is the precedent of this district in stressing contributions to the Foundation,” says 2009-10 District Governor Mike Conrad. “Look at what those dollars are doing. That’s how we energize the Rotarians in our district to accomplish these goals.”


Future Vision Plan Overview In anticipation of The Rotary Foundation’s 100-year anniversary in 2017, the Trustees set out to develop a plan to move the Foundation toward its second century of service. The Foundation has made only slight modifications to its programs since its inception and the Trustees sought input from a wide variety of stakeholders through interviews, surveys, focus groups, and input sessions in developing the Future Vision Plan. The plan updates the Foundation’s mission and creates a more effective and efficient way to help Rotarians develop diverse projects with greater impact and sustainable outcomes. “Being everything to everyone has left the Foundation struggling to realize its mission. The new structure allows us to build on our strengths and realize more sustainable outcomes.” – Robert S. Scott, 2007-08

Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world

understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. The Foundation's new mission, along with its new motto – Doing Good in the World – were approved by the Foundation Trustees and the RI Board and endorsed by the Council on Legislation. The Future Vision Plan is designed to • Simplify Foundation programs and processes consistent with the mission • Focus Rotarian service efforts where they will have the greatest impact by addressing priority world needs that are relevant to Rotarians • Offer program options to help achieve both global and local goals • Increase the sense of ownership at the district and club levels by transferring more decisions to the districts • Gain greater understanding of The Rotary Foundation’s work and enhance Rotary’s public image

ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK Name: Jay Bataclan Classification: Social Entrepreneurship Birthday: September 29 Company’s Name: Jax Link and Trade Asia, 231 Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City Spouse: Lalaine Birthday: March 18 Wedding Anniversary: January 8 Position Held: President Elect

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Korn Lee, who was accompanied by Lady Young Ja. The dinner also included DG Ed Alvarez and Lady Mariz, PRID Paing Hechanova, PDG Guiller Tum...