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The following Denver Women’s Chorus performances are ASL interpreted: January 20 - 2:00 pm, 7:30 pm

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The Denver Gay MenÕ s Chorus and Denver WomenÕ s Chorus are all part of the Rocky Mountain Arts Association, a non-profit arts organization with the mission of building community through music. Learn more about these choruses and RMAA at RMArts.org!


Michael Sattler - Executive Manager Don McMaster – Office Manager Nancy Crist – Bookkeeper

Board of Directors EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Sally Taylor Sally Taylor Insurance Group RMAA Board Chair Kelli Theis PioneerSolutions RMAA Board Vice-Chair Wade Frisbie Frisbie Financial RMAA Board Treasurer Jerry Cunningham OUTFRONT Magazine RMAA Board Secretary James Knapp Artistic and Managing Director DGMC

DIRECTORS Cindy Koch Always Best Care Senior Services Michael Rodel Retired, formerly Kaiser Permanente Scott M. Elliott Keller Williams Realty DTC LLC Rev. Christopher Gilmore Sixth Avenue United Church of Christ

CHORUS LEADERSHIP BOARD REPRESENTATIVES Everett Schneider Bedrock Landscaping Materials President, Denver Gay Men’s Chorus Ann Afton Families First President, Denver Women’s Chorus Scotte Hoerle TIAA RMAA Marketing Committee Chair

James A. Henderson Attorney At Law


James Knapp - Artistic and Managing Director Sam Eschliman - Assistant Artistic Director & Director of Off Kilter! Ricki Vorrath-Moyer - Principal Accompanist Ken Leist - Choreographer

Mark Zwilling Artistic Director DWC

Mark Zwilling - Artistic Director Alison Dozier - Assistant Artistic Director & Director of Take Note! Beth DeBoer - Principal Accompanist Sarah E. Blizzard - Take Note! Pianist


Ralph L. and Florence R. Burgess Trust, Louden Family Foundation, AmazonSmile Foundation, Saponas Foundation, CenturyLink Foundation, ExxonMobil Foundation, Charles Schwab Foundation, Community First Foundation


January, 2018 To the members of the Academy and the Hollywood Foreign Press: It is my distinct pleasure to introduce the Denver Women’s Chorus and welcome you to Lights! Camera! Action!, our first concert offering of the 2017-2018 season. This weekend we explore a wide range of music performed by women for the silver screen. We also highlight women’s contributions to the film industry throughout the program under the heading Women to Watch. Some of the music you will be very familiar to you and some will be fresh and new. We have had a great experience putting this show together and are certain you will be entertained and inspired by what you see and hear at this concert! The DWC is an active and integral part of metropolitan Denver and Front Range communities. In our 2016-2017 season, we entertained 3,241 patrons at subscription concerts and outreach performances by the large chorus and by Take Note!, our a cappella ensemble. This weekend we celebrate with the hundreds of thousands of feminists of all genders in Colorado and throughout our nation who are participating in more than 250 marches, rallies and actions planned to mark the one-year anniversary of the record-breaking 2017 Women’s March. Now, more than ever, we are called to be mindful of the dignity and strength of women and the need for gender equality in our society. Your presence at our concert helps to support our ongoing commitment to explore music by and for women, and to nurture the chorus’ efforts to commission new choral music by female composers and lyricists. We are honored to sing for you! If you are a singer, I hope you will consider being a part of the Denver Women’s Chorus in the future. Every season there are pleasant surprises as we explore many different types of music. And, you are guaranteed to find a welcoming group of talented women who love to sing and who are committed to our mission of “building community through music.” Later this spring, DWC will be collaborating with the Denver Children’s Choir and SOAR Youth & Adult Choir to explore the music from and about childhood. This concert is certain to appeal to audiences of all ages and to be a moving experience that offers hope for our future through the power of music. Thank you for being with us this weekend! Now, sit back and enjoy the show. As Bette Davis says in All About Eve, “Fasten your seatbelts...it’s going to be a bumpy night.” Lights! Camera! Action! has some interesting twists and turns. Come journey with us! Mark Zwilling Artistic Director For the Denver Women’s Chorus 4

Mark Zwilling, Artistic Director

Artistic Staff for DWC

Mark’s educational and professional background is extensive, and he has served as artistic director for the women’s chorus for 16 years. Mark also served as artistic director for Out Loud: the Colorado Springs Men’s Chorus for 5 years. Currently, he is the Director of Music and The Arts at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Highlands Ranch. St. Andrew has more than 450 active music participants in a graded music program. Mark is an active performer and maintains a private studio in organ, voice and piano.

Alison Dozier, Assistant Artistic Director Alison Dozier is the Assistant Artistic Director of the Denver Women’s Chorus and the Director of Take Note! the small ensemble of the Denver Women’s Chorus. Alison has been with the chorus for the past 8 years in a variety of roles. As a member of Take Note! she has collaborated on original arrangements and choralography. Alison has loved to sing since childhood and comes from a musical family. Alison is a professional counselor in Denver working with children and families.

Beth DeBoer, Principal Accompanist Beth De Boer is proud to accompany the Denver Women’s Chorus. She has accompanied several ensembles in the Denver area, including the Cherry Creek Chorale and several adult and youth theatre productions. She is the staff accompanist at Castle View High School where the choral program includes six choirs, and is the organist for a local church. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, motorcycling, and making music!

Tofer Breüer, Certified Sign Language Instructor Tofer Breüer is the only Deaf music interpreter in the US and is the proprietor of “The Kilted Interpreter.” He studied at Gallaudet University and is a certified paralegal. Tofer is grateful to be performing with DWC and Take Note!, as he feels music can be a universal bridge between hearing and Deaf education.


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DWC Chorus Council Ann Afton, President Karen Avilés, Vice President Cheryl Hamilton, Secretary Karen Avilés, Treasurer Kelly Grutsch Megan Hawthorne Rachel Richards Production Team Ashley Teatum Production Manager Karen Aviles Gwen Balk Kyanite RainbowPeace Kassidy Pressley, lighting Carolyn Burtner GwenEllyn Nordquist Liz Tredennick Bri Waites Mark Zwilling Cate Cearley, Sound Engineer Christine Childs, Stage Manager Matthew Taggart, Lighting Designer Elizabeth Ramos Torres, AV Intern





Music Advisory Council Connie North, Chair Carolyn Burtner Michelle Busse Alison Dozier Arielle Finegold Stephanie Jauregui Kyanite RainbowPeace Sarah Lehan GwenEllyn Nordquist Julie Roebuck Cece Thomas Mark Zwilling Set Design Mark Zwilling ASL Interpreter Tofer Breüer Choralography Bri Waites Alison Dozier Musicians Cynthia Norman - Cello Jeff Elliott - Drums

Special thanks to


Marketing Concept & Graphic Design Scotte Hoerle Marketing Committee Scotte Hoerle, Chair Steven Capaldi Jerry Cunningham Cheryl Hamilton TJ Kizuka V Rose McDougall Michael Sattler Sally Taylor Special thanks to Central Presbyterian Church Wil Smith Joe Martell Dan Boyd Media Services, Inc. Integrity Print Group OUTFRONT Magazine PepsiCo MillerCoors Barefoot Wines A special thank you to RMAA’s Fifth Section Volunteers, who signed up to help RMAA in various capacities for our productions! Thank you!

Soprano 1 Angie Durlin + Bri Waites *+ Cathy Noland Christina Gammon Connie North * Emily Sellers Evonne Elliott Gwen Balk Janice Tilden Jessi Knoedler Laura Reed Lizzy Campbell Lyndsey Lane Megan Hawthorn Meredith Vogt Sarah TL Waugh + Virginia Perunko Soprano 2 Abigail Lindeman Annie Eckler Carolyn Burtner Carolyn Dieckmann Cassie Jensen + Cecelia Thomas Chesca Smotherman Gwen Rush Ivy Moe + Jennifer Archuleta Julie Robuck* Karen Aase Katie Gaertner Kelly Signer + Kim McClune Kyanite RainbowPeace Madeleine Wagner Michelle Busse Pamela Coen Pat Condon Rachel Richards + Rebecca Louden * Sonja Moffitt Stephanie Jauregui Sue Knight V Rose McDougall

* = musical section leaders ** = section coordinators

Alto 1 Alison Dozier + Ann Afton Ann Henderson Arielle Finegold + Ashley Teatum + Beth Pearson Breanna Romero-Klein + Brooke Robinson Cheryl Hamilton Clarsa McElhaney Hilary Hellums Janice Bowen Jen Purcell Jenny Przekwas Kalima Knapp * Karen Tran + Karis Meskimen Kendra Halligan Layle McFatridge Leigh Gonzales + Lizzie Miller Mary Palmer Merrie Robinson Monica Pressley * Sena Johnson Shari Lemon Susan Whittlesey Tonya Smith Yvonne Goutman + Alto 2 Alyson Daly + Angie Miller + Ariel DeFazio Beth Wienski Cheri Hall Jada Petersen Jennifer Molde Jessica Kruse Jude Gassaway Karen AvilĂŠs Kelly Grutsch Kristie Price Leah Romero-Klein Lee Hamre* Marcia Hoy Petra Bennett* Yvonne Cherena-Pacheco

Karen AvilĂŠs Ariel DeFazio Alison Dozier, Director Arielle Finegold Cheri Hall Lee Hamre Lyndsey Lane Shari Lemon V Rose McDougall Beth Pearson Monica Pressley Emily Sellers Sarah TL Waugh

DWC Chorus Angels Sisters in Song Never Forgotten

Rosie Bennington Kathleen Barney Mary Centa Susie Deaver Uma Devidatta Janet Dreifus Hsaio-ti Falcone JoAnn Grant Shirley Guenthner Mary Jean Kindschuh (MaJe) Deb Makarski Skip Neal Ann Quarterman Linda Rodriguez Karen Slatt Candace Weinrich Denardi

You may notice that the DWC has stuffed animals at all of our concerts. These represent our chorus angels who we have lost over the years. Each animal has been chosen specifically to represent the personality of the member and remind us that they may be gone but are not forgotten.

+ = Dancers 7

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Celebrating Women’s Music From The Movies JAI HO Music by A.R. Rahman Lyrics Gulzar and Tanvi Shah Arr. Mark Brymer Performed in the 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire by Mahalakshmi Iyer, Vijay Prakash, and Sukhvinder Singh, over the dance sequence at the end of the film. Women to Watch: Loveleen Tandar, co-director in India; Tanvi Shah, first Indian woman to win a Grammy EVERGREEN Music by Barbra Striesand Lyrics Paul Williams Arr. Mark Hayes Composed and performed in the 1976 remake of A Star is Born. Barbra Streisand was the first woman to win an Oscar for Best Original Song. Woman to Watch: Joan Didion, screenplay I NEED TO WAKE UP Music and lyrics by Melissa Etheridge Arr. Mark Brymer Guitars: Lee Hamre & Cheri Hall Composed and performed by Melissa Etheridge for the 2006 Al Gore lecture circuit documentary An Inconvenient Truth. This was the first instance of a documentary film winning an Oscar for Best Original Song. Women to Watch: Laurie Lennard (as Laurie David), producer; Lesley Chilcott, coproducer, line producer A TRIBUTE TO JUDY GARLAND arr. John Leavitt The Trolley Song Music and lyrics by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane On the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe Music Harry Warren Lyrics Johnny Mercer “The Trolley Song” is sung by Judy in the 1944 film Meet Me in St. Louis, when her boynext-door love interest boards the trolley she is riding. It was nominated for Best Original Song but did not win. “On the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe” is sung by Judy and the chorus in the 1946 film The Harvey Girls (inspired by entrepreneur Fred Harvey’s western restaurant chain of the 1870’s). It won Best Original Song for that year.


Women to Watch: Kay Van Riper (1907-1948), dialogue and scriptwriter; Eleanore Griffin (1904-1995), original story co-writer and screenplay co-writer.

MISS CELIE’S BLUES Music & lyrics by Quincy Jones, Rod Temperton & Lionel Richie Arr. J David Moore Soloist: Monica Pressley Featuring Sarah E. Blizzard on piano and Shari Lemon on trumpet Nominated for Best Original Song from the powerful film The Color Purple. Although Margaret Avery played Shug who sings to Celie in the film, singer Táta Vega recorded the vocals. Stephen Spielberg reflected that his greatest mistake in directing this film was his lack of courage portraying the lesbian relationship between Celie and Shug. Women to Watch: Alice Walker, writer. This was also Whoopi Goldberg’s debut acting role. SKYFALL Music and lyrics by Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth Arr. Paul Langford Soloist: Ashley Teatum Performed by Adele for the soundtrack of the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall. It won Best Original Song. The “James Bond theme,” which is used in some way in all the movies, is here quoted in the accompaniment after the first chorus, under the words “skyfall is where we start.” Woman to Watch: Barbara Broccoli, producer LISTEN Music and lyrics by Henry Kreiger, Anne Preven, Scott Cutler, and Beyoncé Knowles Arr. Mark Brymer Soloist: Yvonne Goutman Beyoncé sings this as the character Deena Jones in the 2006 movie Dreamgirls, as an expression of independence from her controlling husband. It was nominated for Best Original Song. Women to Watch: Patricia Whitcher, executive producer; Leeann Stonebreaker, associate producer I’M IN LOVE WITH A MONSTER Music and lyrics by Harmony Samuels , Carmen Reece, Sara Mancuso, Edgar Etienne, and Ericka Coulter Arr. Mac Huff Soloists: V Rose McDougall & Meredith Vogt Performed on the soundtrack of the 2015 animated comedy-fantasy film Hotel Transylvania 2 by the all-female group Fifth Harmony. Woman to Watch: Michelle Murdocca, producer


CUPS (WHEN I’M GONE) Music & lyrics by A.P. Carter, Luisa Gerstein & Heloise Tunstall-Behrens Arr. Deke Sharon Performed by Take Note! Performed by Anna Kendrick in the film Pitch Perfect, about the sometimes ridiculous struggles of an all-female collegiate a cappella group. Women to Watch: Kay Cannon, screenwriter; Elizabeth Banks, producer; Ester Dean, actor and singer TRAVELIN’ THRU Music & lyrics by Dolly Parton Arr. Greg Gilpin Soloist: Arielle Finegold Guitar: Lee Hamre Performed by Take Note! Dolly Parton was asked to compose this song for the film Transamerica about a transgender woman’s cross country road trip. Many felt the lead role should have been given to a trans actor, while others appreciated the decision to cast a female rather than a male actor as lead. With all its flaws, the film was an unexpected success and increased awareness of the experiences of transgender people. We look forward to seeing transgender actors playing transgender roles, telling trans stories themselves. Transgender Women to Watch: Laverne Cox, Jamie Clayton, Harmony Santana, Amiyah Scott, Mya Taylor, Kitana Rodriguez, Michelle Hendley TIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU Music & lyrics by Lady Gaga & Diane E. Warren Arr. Nick Bombicino Soloists: V Rose McDougall & Lyndsey Lane Performed by Take Note! Lady Gaga performed this song for the documentary film The Hunting Ground about the epidemic of college campus sexual assault. Take Note! would like to dedicate this song to all survivors of sexual assault and to activist Tarana Burke who started the #MeToo movement. Woman to Watch: Amy Ziering, producer HOLD ON Music & Lyrics by Phillips, Ballard & Wilson Arr. Jonathan Sparks Soloists: Ariel DeFazio & Shari Lemon Performed by Take Note! This pop song from 1990 experienced renewed popularity when it was featured in the comedy smash hit Bridesmaids. The movie included a finale performance by original artists Wilson Phllips. Women to Watch: Kristin Wiig, writer, actor and co-producer; Annie Mumalo, writer and co-producer 10

HAIL HOLY QUEEN Traditional hymn adapted by Roger Emerson Arr. Marc Shaiman Organist: Sarah E. Blizzard Soloist: Jan Tilden From Sister Act, 1992. Whoopi Goldberg, hiding out in a convent as part of a witness protection program, takes over the choir and she and the nuns rock out with this version of the hymn, much to the dismay of the Reverend Mother. Woman to Watch: Cindy Gilmore, assistant producer. OUT HERE ON MY OWN Music by Michael Gore Lyrics Lesley Gore Arr. Mac Huff Soloist: Lizzy Campbell Performed by Irene Cara in the 1980 film Fame, when it was nominated for Best Original Song, and by Naturi Naughton in the 2009 remake. Lesley Gore later recorded it herself on her 2005 album Ever Since. Women to Watch: Beth DePatie, executive producer I’VE HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE Music and lyrics by Frank Previte, John DeNicola, and Donald Markowitz Arr. Mac Huff Soloists Shari Lemon & Abby Lindeman Performed by Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley over the final dance scene of 1987’s Dirty Dancing, it won Best Original Song for that year. Women to Watch: Eleanor Bergstein, writer and co-producer; Linda Gottleib, producer.

AUDITION! The Denver Women’s Chorus always works on a variety of challenging, exciting and beautiful music and is accepting singers for the spring of 2018. The simple audition process happen around the time of DWC rehearsals and is easy and painless. Come experience a rehearsal, learn about the Chorus and sign up for an audition!! There will be an opportunity to sign up for an audition, which will be held on another date. The Denver Women’s Chorus first rehearsal for the spring concert “When I Grow Up” will be Sunday, February 18 from 6-9 pm. This is an open house and is open to all. 11

Join RMAA’s Guardian Circle! The Guardian Circle is Rocky Mountain Arts Association’s monthly defined-giving program for family and friends of the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus and the Denver Women’s Chorus. When enrolling in this program at the Bronze ($10-49), Silver ($50-99) or Gold ($100+) levels, individuals are afforded the opportunity to support one or both choruses and to embrace the Association’s mission of “Building Community Through Music.” Guardian Circle members can designate monthly, tax-deductible contributions at any level to support many activities, including: to purchase new music and to defray the costs of securing performing rights; to assist individual singers with their annual chorus membership dues; to enhance production capabilities at our subscription concerts; to underwrite outreach efforts to unserved and underserved audiences in our community; and to support the Association’s administrative functions. Depending on the contribution level, each new or continuing Guardian Circle member receives a variety of benefits, such as: recognition in the printed program at every subscription concert; a specially designed Guardian Circle pin; complimentary tickets; invitations to exclusive donor recognition events; access to concert previews, preferential seating at performances; and invitations to exclusive VIP areas at all subscription concerts. Please consider this opportunity to join RMAA’s Guardian Circle and to wrap your arms around the 220-singing members of these two fine choruses. For more information about the specific benefits at each donor level, or to enroll as a new member now, please visit our support page at rmarts.org; email us at info@rmarts.org; or call our office at 303-325-3959. List of current Guardian Circle members

GOLD $100 - $199

Hayes Burton* Mick Davey* Kevin Ford Brian LeMaire* One World Resource, LLC Michael Sattler*

SILVER $50 - $99

Ann Afton* Jennifer Archuleta Tom Baldonado Erik Balsley Matthew D.R. Bradford* Allen Browning Michelle Busse Christopher Call Steven Capaldi Joseph Contardo Sean Cortes Maurice Cyr* Kevin Doherty Christina Gammon Matthew Gray* Kelly Grutsch 12

Joel Halligan Cheryl Hamilton* Bill Heath* Scotte Hoerle* Michael Kadovitz* TJ Kizuka James Knapp and Jesse Field* Cindy Koch* John Krotchko* Rebecca Louden* Jason Lusk JT McGowan* Don McMaster* Andrea Mitchell* Lou Moran and Douglas Van Dine* Nolan Oltjenbruns* Luis Quiroz Craig Roberts Michael Rodel* Bill Rush Everett Schneider* Lukas Seelye Shawn Snow Ryan Sparks Herb Toplan* Lady Vaccarella Bradley Waters Stephen Wertz

BRONZE $10 - $49

Mary Birdsall Larry and Rebecca Bourgeois* Leslie Comstock Casey Davis Robert Gladu* Gail Hageman Pat Lounders Dr. Rev. Harvey & Judy Martz Lynn Nimmo Kelli Theis* Tari Vomaske James Williard *In addition to their Guardian Circle donations, these donors have given additional in-kind or one-time donations



Ellie Caulkins Opera House March 16 & 17, 2018 3 shows only! 13

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The Denver Women’s Chorus (DWC) was founded in 1984 with the goal of building community through music. We are a community chorus of women with equal interests in the excellence of our music and performances, as well as in the communities in which we live. DWC believes that music should challenge and inspire us towards individual growth and dynamic engagement in enriching the entire community; the chorus, our audience, and beyond. Though our origins lie in the lesbian community, we strive to be an inclusive chorus. We are open to everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. All DWC concert music is signed in ASL. Recent concerts included a performance with Cris Williamson and a tribute to the women of country music.

Take Note! is a (mostly) a cappella ensemble composed of select members of the Denver Women’s Chorus. Formed by pioneering singers in DWC, Take Note! took the stage for the first time on April 27, 1985. More than 30 years later, Take Note! continues to delight and inspire DWC audiences and at community events in the Denver area with their unique sound. 17

A Special Thank You to Our Donors (from 1/1/16-12/31/17) $35,000+

Amy Nelson David Hunter Orlando Donation Support Infinitus, Inc. Angel Padilla Jim Jackson Charles Patterson Melissa Keller Jenny Przekwas Shawn Keller $10,000-$34,999 Sixth Avenue United Church of Christ Caitlyn Kinser Louden Family Foundation James E. and Janet Soller Garrett Klapproth Tynan’s Volkswagen Lindsey Lane $5,000-$9,999 Vectra Bank Judy L. Lazerson Colorado Creative Industries Jon Vigne Mark Lindemulder First Congregational Church Richard Zansitis and Suzanne Bill and Kay MacEnulty OutFront Mitchell Michael McArdle and Jeremy Dittus Kareen McCollough and Cheryl $2,500-$4,999 Hamilton $100-499 Apple Computers Christopher H. Merrell Brian and Audrey Aberle Beta West Janie Miller Gerald Albrent James Berggren Elizabeth S. Mills and John Barwett Robert Allen Janice Bowen Joe Moenich Dustin Atnip Castle Lion Properties Charlotte Nelson Ellen Bandsma Barbara Easterly Frank Nibouar Robert Berger Matt Horn Joyce Nielsen Michael Berniger Meng Luo Valentin and Sabrina Nikolov Jim Bonk Kathleen O’Brien Michael Breed $1,000-$2,499 Mark Ohnmacht James Burtard Michael D. & Alma F. Bergmann Kyle Osborn Yvonne Cherena-Pacheco BoyzTown Frank Parker Annabel Clark Ralph L. and Florence R. Burgess PepsiCo Gareth and Janie Cook Trust Juanita Peters Michael Cook CO LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce Robert D. Cook Robin Pongracz Community Shares of Colorado Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Portman, Jr. Linzee Coolidge DaVita Billy Rediess Jennifer and Robert Cota Fairmount Cemetery Scott Schell Nancy Crist Jamie Henderson Sally Scholer Peter Di Leo and Lee Voght Ron Koch Chris Settefrati Sabrina Denault Pete McGill (in memory of Sly Reza) Denver Children’s Choir Clifton Smith Mile Hi Church Lynn Snyder-Goetz Carlan Dodson Dan Remus and Jef Strauss Karl Sowa and Tom Rieber Matthew Dunfee Scott Seale Shaun Snowden Terrance Dunphy Skyline Chapter Sweet Adelines James Stegman Randy Eastmond International Thomas Stephens and Todd Enders Dan Eberhart United Health Group James Taylor Kevin Eksterowicz Jill Wayne Michael Theis Tim Elsner Glenn Wood Jacalyn Thomas ExxonMobil Foundation Dan Tighe Kathleen Field $500-$999 Liz Tredennick First United Methodist Church Karen Avilés Lonnie Vandegrift Amy Fisher Justin Ball and Eric Deffenbaugh William Wall David Ford Michael Biere Laura Jeanne Wearing Franziska Frey Charles Schwab Foundation David Wehmeyer L. Wade Frisbie Community First Foundation Beth Wienski Miles Freyer Jerry Cunningham Mary Ann and Roger Wisehart GALA Choruses, Inc. Denver Health Frederick Witzleben GE Foundation Christopher Gilmore Carol Wolf Janice Genova Carl Griffin Mark Zwilling Andy Gerber Kyle Hansen Elizabeth Gladu Dr. and Mrs. Lee Lehmkuhl $1-$99 Art Glover David Maney AmazonSmile Foundation Christopher Grabowsky Doug Miller Allstate-The Giving Campaign Austin Hamre Frend John Miner and Jeffrey Ascent Counseling, Inc. Lee Hamre Lawhead Colorado Gives Day Incentive Fund Eric Horan Ronald and Rhonda Mizeur Marcia Allen Alan Hubbard Scientific and Cultural Facilities District


Marshall Allen Jami Alley Amy Anderson Gwen Balk Julie Banda Paula Barnak Randy and Cathy Barrett David Bartholomew David Basler Nicole Beer Patricia Berger Willard Bishop Jerry Blackstock Andy Blanza Marcy Bonnett Greg Boyarko Barbra Brand Daniela Bright Rebecca Bright Nancy Briley Brenda Bronson Lisa Brotz Tyler Buckner Allison Burke Jim Burtard Mike Bustos George Calivas Joe Campa Eve Campbell Justin Chapman Roy Colclazier Margaret Coleman Trust Terry Collings Pat Condon Vicki Cowart Larry Crabbe Janet Crawford Jennie Creasey Roberta Cross Michael Curth Ray Alan Daugherty James Davis Elizabeth Davis Mary Dawkins Pat Dazed E Kate Deal James Dean Alexander DeFazio Sheila and Victor DeFazio Gina Demasellis Anthony Descosmo Andrea Dietz Lori Donovan Christy Dowling Scott Dunham Gayla Dunning Katharine Duvivier Christina Earle Alexandra Espinoza William and Deborah Fanshawe Julie Fendrich Arielle Finegold Amy Fisher

Rhonda Flemming Joseph Foltmer John Foery Kenneth Fordyce Ann Foster Nancy Friday Timothy Fuller Linda Galloway Lauren Garrison Justin Gitlin Leigh Gonzales Elizabeth Gottlieb Jennifer Gould Luke Gould Susan Grebel Adrian Green Stan Griffith Nancy Grimes Jeff Haas Kendra Halligan Jim Hanson April Harker Jane G. Harris Angela Hazeman John Heaton IV Cindy Hearing Hillary Hellums Robert and Nancy Hemming Mark Heneghan Rebecca Herlinger Lance Hernandez Andrew Hicks Amy Hill Alan Hirsch Sandy Ho Scotte Hoerle Colleen Holland Christine Hopkinson Dan Houck Coleen Hubbard Judith Ingelido Kristine Jackson Ishaan Jalan Stephanie Jauregui Joyce Jay Julia Johns David Johnson Doug Johnson Katie Johnson Merilou Johnson Anjali Jones Robert Kahn Paul Kamber Nina Kaufman Brian Keller Carol Keslinke Melissa Kipp Steven Kirkwood Kristin Krathwohl Jennifer Lafalce Suzanne Larue Kimberly Lambeth Madelon Leavitt

Clint Ledbetter Kevin Legrand Sarah Lehan Shari Lemon Hilary Lenz Dawn Levin Abigail Lindeman Logan MacDonald Paul Maldonado Janet Mann Robert Marshall Carl Martello Kristine Martinez Karen Martyn Gary Mather J. Ramon McCarus Thomas McClure Margaret McCrea Nancy McMahon Sal Medina Jason Medrano Kathryn Meredith Marion Merewether Jill Merriam Heidi Metroz Michele Mick Mile High United Way Angela Miller Cecilia Miller Chris Miller Ray Miller Diane Minka Katie Minor Victoria Minovich Edith Mitchell Jon Moore Perry and Sue Moss Tim Mullen Scott Murphy Paul Naegele Harmony Nekvasil Cynthia Nelson Marilyn Newell Cynthia Newman Shawn Nibbe Alexander Nikolic Rennetta Nikolic Cathy Noland Melissa Olson Rosie Orblum Steve and Cathy Ormiston Elizabeth Orr John Palazzo Donna Palmer Mary Palmer Alan Parizo Sarah Parmley Christopher Pedrick Dorothy Peters Melanie Phares Barbara Piester Jefferson Pinson Robert Pressley Michael Price

Kay Pruett Lorii Rabinowitz Hannah Racinowski Jill Rampacek Benjamin Reed Kristi Reed Jeff Reinhard Louise Richey Carol Robbins Kimberly Rogers Dawn Ryan Thomas Satter Lyndsey Schneider Lisa Schwab Judith Shafer Beverly Shick Brad Shoptaw Margaret Siegel Alma Silva Kenny Smith Christina Sperlak Mary Spoeneman Ben Stevens Carol Stoffer Jeff Stoner Richard Stratton Lynn Strickling Lisa Sullivan Anne Suro Gai Swanson Ken Switzer Violetta Taing Kathleen Tanner Wayne Taylor Tony Torres Lucy Tran Michael and Linda Trantov Rick Trevino Denise Trujillo Fran Trujillo Daniel Valdez Rich Valdez Charles Vandenberg Dhivahari Vivek Meredith Vogt Eric Walek Mary Beth Wallingford Danita Ware George E. Ware Joyce Warren Judith Weaver Kevin Wellington Cindy Wellis Lisa Welschinger Paul Wertz Rhoda Whitney Ruth Widerski Karen Wilkinson Matthew B Winkel Frances Winston Phillip Wong Aaron Wood Regina Woontner Gregory and Carolyn Young


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DWC Lights! Camera! Action! Celebrating Women's Music from the Movies Concert Program Jan 2018  

Concert Program for DWC's January 2018 Show, Lights! Camera! Action! Celebrating Women's Music from the Movies!

DWC Lights! Camera! Action! Celebrating Women's Music from the Movies Concert Program Jan 2018  

Concert Program for DWC's January 2018 Show, Lights! Camera! Action! Celebrating Women's Music from the Movies!

Profile for rmaa