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Se en Churches Newsletter December 2011

Priest-in-Charge: Rev. Marion Harrison, Itteringham Rectory, The Street, Itteringham NR11 7AX. St Andrew, Blickling; St Andrew, Little Barningham; St Andrew, Wickmere; St Andrew, Saxthorpe with Corpusty; St Mary, Itteringham; SS Peter & Paul, Edgefield; SS Peter & Paul, Oulton and Irmingland.

Corpusty Bonfire 2011 Where was the perfect place to watch the Corpusty fireworks on a fine, dry November 5th? On your dad’s shoulders, of course. 1


December Reflection For most of us December is chaotic. Filled with trips to the shops trying to find the perfect present. We spend time cooking far too much food. We dust off the boxes of decoration stored away from last year. We find the perfect tree and hang our lights upon it. We make time to write all our cards and rush to catch the last post for delivery before Christmas. Each year the list of people we wish to remember seems to get a little longer and the time to prepare for the festive season a little shorter. In all this chaos it’s very easy to lose sight of what these preparation are meant for and to forget who it is we are getting ready to greet. The church year ends towards the end of November when we celebrate Christ the King. The new church year starts on the last Sunday in November with the four weeks leading up to Christmas and the birth of Jesus. The season known as Advent. It’s a time of preparation and waiting. A time to reflect on the past year with its highs and lows and what our faith has brought to our lives. It is also a time to think about how we will meet our God in the mystery and simplicity of the Christmas story. For me the glory of Christ’s birth is in all the things that didn’t happen: He was born not in a palace, but in a stable. He was born not of wealthy parents but of a poor young girl and her betrothed. He was not wrapped in Satan or silk but in strips of present’s cotton. He was not waited on by servants but was surrounded by the animals he created. He was not bowed to by the prestigious but was greeted with wonder by hill- side shepherds. He was not acknowledged by the powerful but honoured by the wise. He came to us as a gift, our gift for all time. He came for every one of us and he came with joy. And so, from all the ministry team, Michael, Gill, Geoffrey and myself, we wish everyone a joy filled Christmas and a very happy New Year. Revd. Marion Harrison

Rev. Marion Harrison 3


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BLICKLING So this is the time of year for Christmas present lists and New Year’s resolution thoughts; and luckily enough, I have already made my decisions. Have you? We recently went in search of some sunshine and ended up in an isolated area of the world - please read ‘nothing to do apart from fidget’. To make matters worse, our hotel had fans in the rooms as opposed to the hotel around the corner that had air conditioning (and better gin and tonics), and on the first morning we woke to the fact that we were in one of the most tidal areas of the world, with a swim necessitating at least a two mile wade through puddles and crabs. I begged to be transported back home! However, quite quickly, I began to like the tidal nature of living; every day was different and I had to adapt my swimming patterns to Mother Nature. Within a week, I was even able to spend an entire hour in a hammock or watching the hitherto hated crabs go in and out of their holes. So, by the end of the holiday, I was totally relaxed and my family rejoiced and told me to admit what a great holiday it was. My response was that it was fine, but are there not tides in Norfolk, and hadn’t my mother kindly bought my wife a hammock for her birthday! So, in short, for Christmas this year, my present would be a promise to enjoy relaxing in Norfolk in 2012. And our holiday also gave me an idea for a New Year’s resolution. Each night we were sent a note from the manager of the hotel. On one, she quoted Cousteau, ‘The happiness of the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it’. 2012 is to be the year of being happy to just be - so long as those European politicians get their act sorted out!! Have a lovely Christmas and New Year and thanks for putting up with my lack of parish news over the last twelve months. Sam Berwick: 07810 553321

Blickling Hall needs you Blickling Hall opens again to the public in February 2012 and more volunteers are needed to help. An interest in history and a few hours a week are all that is required. Volunteers learn new skills, meet new people and get real job satisfaction. Social events are organised, training is given and out of pocket expenses paid. Anyone interested is invited to come to the Hall at 10.30a.m on Saturday 14th January for an informal event. Volunteering opportunities will be explained and questions answered. Further information can be obtained from Carole Davidson or Brian Butcher at or brian.butcher@ Telephone 01263 738077. 5

December Groans I met the bloke who invented crosswords today. I can’t remember his name, it’s P something T something R. When a cowboy walks in to a German car showroom does he say “Audi, Volks!” I was reading a book today, The History of Superglue. I just couldn’t put it down. I phoned the Ramblers Club last week, but the person who answered just went on and on and on and on.

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EDGEFIELD Church News The P.C.C. is meeting at The Pightles at 7.30 p.m. on Friday, 9th December. We very much look forward to seeing everyone at the Carol Service at 4.00 p.m. on Sunday, 18th December, and we will have a glass of wine and a mince pie afterwards to make us feel even more Christmassy. Our Christmas Service is at 10.00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, 24th December. The Rev. Marion Harrison will be taking both services. Edgefield Village Hall Committee By now our Festive Evening will have taken place. Our heartfelt thanks go to all those who contributed with gifts for the raffle, tombola, cake, etc. A full report on the evening will appear next time, but once again thank you for attending, and in some cases offering help on the night. These events not only keep villagers in touch but also help to keep our hall in good repair. If anyone would like to consider being co-opted onto the committee, please speak to any member or telephone Dawn (01263 587379). Plans are taking shape for 2012, and more news of some ideas that have been suggested will appear in a later edition. The Committee and our church-wardens, Lorna and Angela, wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. Richard Peaver: 01263 587486,

Nature Notes Yuletide bursts with traditions that we ceremoniously take part in without question. Putting a sixpence in the Christmas pud, hanging sugar mice on the tree….having Turkey curry on Boxing Day! Another, kissing under the mistletoe, possibly originates from Norse mythology.The goddess Frigga’s son was killed by an arrowhead made of mistletoe.When the other gods restored him to life, she declared the plant should bring life not death into the world and kissed everyone who walked under it thereafter. Easily visible as a ball of greenery high up in some trees now that leaves have fallen, the mistletoe family has over 1,000 species, all of which are hemi-parasitic – they have leaves so are able to make some food for themselves but “steal” water and minerals from growing, not on the ground, but on the trunk and branches of a host tree.Their parasitic behaviour possibly slows the growth of the host but rarely harms them, instead providing an important food source for a broad variety of creatures. Some African tribes make an adhesive from the sticky berries, which they spread over tree branches.When birds land on the branches they get their feet stuck and fall prey to the tribal hunters! 7

Warring factions in Viking Scandinavia would lay down their arms calling a temporary truce if they met near mistletoe, and Celtic Druids would gather it in both the summer and winter solstices, believing it to bestow life and fertility as well as being a “cure-all.” It does indeed have some medicinal qualities – being used to treat circulatory and respiratory problems as well as providing an alternative cancer therapy. Mistletoe has always symbolised love, peace and goodwill; with that in mind, I wish you peace and goodwill over the coming festivities!

Sue Appleby

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December 11th and 18th Christmas at the Greedy Goose Festive food and crafts 18th Hall open with decorations 11am - 4pm

Hall open by appointment only through the winter months


ITTERINGHAM All the blessings of Christmas to everyone and a happy new year to follow. St. Mary’s Itteringham would like to thank Chris Atkins and Dennis Savage for carrying our repairs in the Church and helping with the flag. Advance notice of our annual quiz - 16th March ready for when you have got your second wind after the excitement of Christmas and its following ennui. Please book your tickets from Sandra Walker or the village shop, £8 including bangers and mash. There will be a reminder in January. Sackcloth and ashes time. I had a senior (very!) moment with a reference to last month’s question 5. Between first draft and second I converted Matthew 15 to 19. If you got the answer anyway, well done. The answers were: 1) WHIRLWIND 2) ISAIAH 3) DEMETRIUS 4) OMEGA 5) WOMAN 6) STEPHEN 7) MICAH 8) ISHMAEL 9) TIMOTHY 10) ELIJAH – WIDOWS MITE: In Luke chapter 21 – I checked! The service of Lessons and Carols this year is at Little Barningham at 6.00p.m. on 18th December. The congregation is invited to Laurel Farm for supper. Midnight service at Itteringham on 24th beginning at 11.30p.m. Does anyone remember the year we came out of midnight Mass to see the first flakes of snow of winter, tiny, sparkling and magical? June Clarke: 01263 587786

ThinkingWISP is here ThinkingWISP is a partnership of three Norfolk based organisations: Norfolk Rural Community Council, AF Affinity and InTouch Systems who have combined to provide communities in rural Norfolk with better broadband connections. As it’s a wireless system you do not need a BT landline so you may be able to save the cost of the line (on average £140 per year) if you choose to use a ThinkingWISP with Skype or other internet phone system (VOIP). There are service packages from 3mb/s up to 10mb/s with prices from £15.99 per month. And the service is not “up-to”, it will genuinely provide the speed stated. In fact, even the slowest (3mb/s) is generally sufficient for general internet browsing, games or watching TV online. ThinkingWISP is offering free installation for the first 200 customers, together with a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. For more details call 01603 558001or click on NOTE: The editors do not endorse this product, this press release is published solely as a public service. 9


9.30a.m. FS

11.00a.m. HC CW

11.00a.m. MP BCP

9.30a.m. HC CW




No Service



December 4th

Dec. 2011

9.30a.m. MP CW

9.30a.m. HC CW

11.00a.m. MP BCP

8.00a.m. HC BCP

11.00a.m. MP BCP

December 11th

9.30a.m. HC CW

6.00p.m. Joint Carol Service with Itteringham and Wickmere

8.00a.m. HC BCP 6.00pm Carol Service at Little Barningham

4.00p.m. Carol Service

No Service

December 18th

3.00p.m. Crib Service

11.30pm Midnight HC BCP

10pm “Midnight” HC

Christmas Eve

9.30a.m. HC CW

11.00a.m. HC BCP

Christmas Day

December Midweek Service at 9.00am on Wednesdays at Itteringham HC = Holy Communion, MP = Morning Prayer, EP = Evening Prayer, FS = Family Service CW = Common Worship, BCP = Book of Common Prayer

Benefice Services: December 2011

Group service at Wickmere

Group service at Wickmere

Group service at Wickmere

Group service at Wickmere

Group service at Wickmere

January 1st


10a.m. Toys & Tins

8.00a.m. HC BCP



11.00a.m. HC CW

9.30a.m. MP CW

11.00a.m. FS 6.00pm Carol Service at Little Barningham

10.00a.m. MS CW

9.30a.m. HC CW 5.30p.m. Service of Light

3.00p.m. Crib Service

9.30a..m. FS

10.30am GROUP SERVICE Christingle

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Are you creative with excellent listening skills and interested in dementia? You sound like the perfect Life Story Book Volunteer for North Norfolk. You will spend a couple of hours a week collection of photographs and memories of a person with dementia’s life.. The benefits for a person living with dementia are the satisfaction of producing the book and enjoying the completed album with others. It is also very helpful communication tool

Helen Dingle 01603 763517, Reg. Charity No. 296645


East Anglia’s largest independent kitchen and bathroom showroom MAG offers a friendly, professional service with free home surveys and quotations

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LITTLE BARNINGHAM Coffee? Or would you prefer tea? Thank you, Beryl Langrick, for the legacy you left to provide refreshment facilities at the back of the church. It is so unobtrusive some of those attending services have not even noticed it! A pity, as the oak woodwork is really beautiful (woodworker Andy Atkins), made to match the boxed pew. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to use it before Christmas. The Carol Service will be on the 18th at 6.00p.m. followed by supper for all back at Laurel Farm afterwards. As well as the combined 11.30p.m. midnight Holy Communion service at Itteringham there will be a 9.30 a.m. Communion Service at Little Barningham on Christmas Day. Village carols, mince pies and mulled wine for all on Tuesday 20th starting at 5.30p.m. in the (warm) Village Hall – no charge, come and join in, or just sit and tell us your favourites to sing. The Christmas lunch is on Sunday the 18th at 12 noon. Booking essential with Debbie (577430) – just £5.00 – and for those of us who went last year this was exceptional value for a superb meal. Hopefully we will all have slept it off before the Carol Service! The Hamper Raffle evening is on Friday 2nd at 7.00p.m.This is always a great social occasion, and, well, you might just have won one of the wonderful hampers Barbara puts together to raise money for the hall! Those living in Parva Close have had a difficult month. The new houses must be ready for occupancy not too far into the New Year, but the mains water and other facilities have meant digging up the triangle of grass and completely closing the Close even to pedestrians for hours at a time. It looks like a lovely, busy December for the village and Margaret Foot: 01263 577405 hopefully a Happy Christmas for all.

Art Exhibition in Itteringham All things Counter, Original, Spare, Strange’ (Gerard Manley Hopkins) is the theme of an art exhibition opening in Itteringham on December 3rd. An Open Submission event, it is the first Strangers Art Space exhibition in the gallery next to the village shop (formerly occupied by St. Judes). It will showcase many local artists and exhibits will be hung floor to ceiling, like the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Everything is for sale and purchases may be taken straightaway and new art hung in its place. Everybody is invited to the opening event, 5.30-8pm on Saturday 3 December. The shop will remain open and be offering mulled wine. Please see for more details.Throughout December and early January opening hours will be those of Itteringham shop. 13


OULTON Following the dark days of late November, thankfully, we now have the seasons of Advent and Christmas to enjoy. As festive lights are switched on all around we find ourselves bustling about with our preparations and maybe taking part in some of the events that help to get us all in the festive spirit. As usual The Benefice has much to offer so there’s no excuse for being a bah humbug! Carol Singing As usual our merry band of singers will be knocking on some of your doors and raising money for charity, hopefully not in temperatures of -13c this year. We extend a warm welcome to all so if it’s not happening in your village why not come along and join us for a jolly evening. Wednesday 21st December, meet outside the Old Post Office @ 6.30pm. Although there will be no service in Oulton church on Christmas Day, we are once again inviting everyone to join us at 3pm on Christmas Eve, to decorate the church, bless the crib and sing lots of carols. This is the ideal time to channel those over-excited children into something Sue Hall: 01263 734245 creative and refreshments will be available. Do come along.

We will remember them... As just one of many thousands of Remembrance Day services, at 11am on Sunday 13th November, the 60 strong congregation of St Andrew’s Church, Saxthorpe gathered round the two plaques of remembrance on the west wall as Niven Last read out the list of the fallen from the villages of Saxthorpe and Corpusty. Church Warden Merlin Waterson (seen here) then read lines from Laurence Binyon’s poem For the fallen “At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.”

Photo: Brian Monks



Event at Blickling begin this month with -Back Stage between 11th and 27th Blickling is looking forMarch volunteers. Hellebore Week from 12th to 18th March Please seeat the article page 5 plus special events the Hall. Please on contract National Trust moreissue details. offorthis

Pond House

STEPHEN DAVIES BSc MRICS Independent Chartered Surveyor and Estate Agent

ShireBed House Shirehall Plain & Breakfast Holt, NR25 6BG Tel: 01263 712785/711700 Saxthorpe Tel: 01263 585080 RESIDENTIAL SALES, VALUATIONS AND SURVEYS

     16

SAXTHORPE WITH CORPUSTY Ann Eglington would like to thank everyone who supported the bonfire this year. “It was a great evening, even the weather improved.We had a bumper crowd, spectacular firework display, and a record pail collection.We really appreciated the extra help this year, which helped the event run smoothly. Also we would like to thank the team of helpers who cleared the Green early on Sunday morning,” she said. The Mobile Library visits every 4 weeks on a Thursday at the following locations and times: Saxthorpe Old Post Office 10.40–11.00; Corpusty School 11.05–11.30; Little London Great Farm Cottages 11.35–11.50; Corpusty Adams Lane 11.55–12.05; Corpusty Council Houses No 3 12.10–12.20; Corpusty Council Houses No 16 12.25–12.35.Visit dates:15 Dec, 2011;12 Jan, 2012; 9 Feb, 2012; 8 March, 2012; 5 Apr, 2012. December 7th Corpusty and Saxthorpe Garden Society AGM and Christmas Social 7.30pm. December 8th Corpusty and Saxthorpe Village Hall Christmas Gathering, All are invited. Please bring mince pies and/or cakes. 6.30-8.30pm. December 12th LinC Christmas Lunch. December 13th North Norfolk Knitters 10.00am-12.00 noon December 15th Families Together is holding a Christmas Party, 3.30-5.30pm, to which all primary school children plus parent, grandparent or guardian are invited. It is sure to be fun with games, party food and much more. 20th December, Luncheon Club Christmas lunch. Phone Lynne Norrington on 587351. St Andrew’s Church welcomes everyone to a variety of services over the Christmas period,Toys and Tins 10.00am 4th December, and the Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve at 5.30pm. If you have an event to advertise in the January edition, please let me have the information before 9th December, as things seem to get a bit frantic after that date.Thank you and a Happy Christmas. Judith Banks: 01263 587319

Advent Weekends at Blickling Hall 3/4th, 10/11th, 17/18th December from 11am to 4.30pm Entrance to the Christmas Courtyard and craft marquee, shop, restaurant and book-shop is free. (Christmas trees and wreaths are for sale as well as garden gifts) National Trust Members have free entry to Hall and Gardens.There will be a decorated trail of trees and lights leading you to the Temple.There will also be music and entertainment. (Please see for further details) 17

WICKMERE WITH WOLTERTON On November 8th there was a long, lively and fun parish pastoral committee meeting at which the Rev Marion Harrison shared her many ideas for the parish. At Harvest festival on 20th November, twenty six parishioners were present to welcome her for her first service at Wickmere. The church was beautifully decorated by Jenny Slapp with spectacular floral and harvest displays. The many donations of harvest produce were taken by Helen McKenzie to the Benjamin Foundation in North Walsham. Thanks are also due to Helen and to Edward Goulty for the work of clearing ivy from the church and the planting of spring bulbs, and to Vic Shaw for clearing the churchyard of clutter. The switch on of the Regent Street Christmas lights will be on Saturday 17th December at 6pm. There will be carols around the tree and then mulled wine in the village hall. The church carol service will also take place in the village hall on December 28th starting at 6.30pm. There will be mulled wine, mince pies and a raffle with donations to the church. On Sunday 1st January there will be a Christingle service in the church at 10.30am. Wickmere Christmas cards are now on sale and can ordered through any member of the village hall committee. The Wickmere 2012 calendar is also available. All proceeds will go towards the completion of the village hall development which we are confident will Dominic Boddington Helen Goulty: 01263 570043 01263 577300 take place in the coming year.

NEWS: Archbishop approves of women bishops Women should be allowed to become bishops in the Church of England to ‘humanise’ the priesthood, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said (the Daily Telegraph and Reuters recently reported). He made his comments as reforms allowing women to become bishops come a step closer to passing into Church law. In ballots about the subject in the Church’s 44 individual dioceses only two have voted against: London and Chichester.This ensures the plan will be put before the Church’s national assembly, the General Synod, for final approval next July with the possibility of the first female bishops being ordained in 2014. Dr Williams said bishops should reflect the full “human community”.“In arguing for and working for the full inclusion of women in the ordained ministry of the church, what we’re after is not simply justice, though that’s not exactly insignificant, but we are after the humanising of the ordained ministry,” he said. 18

Village People Cath Thomas now of Aylsham but previously of Wickmere has spent the last year visiting places east: she has been to Vilnius,Tallinn and Riga. Next stop Prague. Derek Wintle of Little Barningham organised the recent casserole evening but was too ill to attend himself! Michael Gandy and Debbie Love stepped into the breech and helped make it brilliantly successful - raising over £400! It is good to be able to report that Derek is now well on the mend. David Green’s new house in Corpusty has a splendid and even newer front garden fence and gates. Belated congratulations to (Ara)bella Peaver who is back from having driven with two friends all the way from Edgefield to Mongolia in a very small car for charity. They raised over £2,000 for Water Aid and a Mongolian orphanage and left the car there to help! Congratulations too to Dawn Maydon (and, of course, Derek) of Itteringham on the safe and happy birth of Florence, their grand-daughter. Here’s a coincidence: at Church last Sunday Hazel Barnes found out her brother was taught in Itteringham by Richard Lynam’s best friend’s mother! And Itteringham seems to be the home of hard physical as well as mental work. Betty Covell has done a great job in cleaning the vestry curtains and Sandra Walker has been slaving over a hot stove making cakes, jams and chutney for an Advent Stall at the Community Hall. In Little Barningham, builders’ trenches were making it hard for Sue to get Molly to the school bus. Not one to be put off, Sue jokingly suggested the builders ought to pay a forfeit to Children in Need Day. Immediately one of them passed the hardhat round and gave her over £11 for the charity! And the workmen’s curse struck in Itteringham too! The whole road to the church was blocked by roadworks and made impassable which prevented Wickmere’s Helen McKenzie from learning more about the organ at St Mary’s Itteringham with Margaret Foot from Little Barningham. In Corpusty Leslie Pike was delighted when his cousin from North Walsham visited recently and cooked him a delicious lunch! 19

DIARY FOR DECEMBER Date Event Venue December 2nd Festive Evening (Father Christmas may attend) EdgefieldVillage Hall

Time 6.00p.m.


Itteringham Art Exhibition Opening

Art Space Gallery Itteringham Shop 5.30-8pm


Advent Group

The Rectory, Itteringham



National Trust Staff Service




C’pusty/S’thorpe Christmas Party

Corpusty Community Hall



Edgefield PCC Meeting

The Pightles, Edgefield



Corpusty School Christmas Service

Saxthorpe Church



Advent Group

The Rectory, Itteringham



Families Together

Corpusty Community Hall



Wickmere Illuminations switch on

Regent Street,Wickmere



Christmas Carol Service

Village Hall,Wickmere



Sam Berwick

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Mollie Fowell


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Pamela Daniels


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December Newsletter  
December Newsletter  

Newsletter of the Seven Churches Benefice, North Norfolk