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Arugun bunany wuy wuy yawgiidyi yarrawaliya Nyaagiyadyi nganggulaanu nyabanga Yuuda nganggula nginagandyi? One little dolphin Swimming in the river Looking for his brother Where could he be?

Yabu! Yulwaarri bunany wuy wuy Arhaadyi dambaangga Ngarrangiyay nyun.gayu darhang adyiigu nyugaa Wadyiiwa iibanyway Ah! Two little dolphins Jumping by the rocks. Think they’ve found their mother No longer lost!

Adyiga yarrdumul dyanggal wuy wuy Dyarridyi ngawraya Babagu nyayagi adyinda yarrana-yurrumay Now there’s three happy dolphins Rolling in the sun. Father’s joined in too now To get them all to come.

Yulwarri yulwarri ngaarridyi wuy wuy Yaandyi aagalgu Urraadidyi wadyarradyi Nginaaga dyanggala Four playful dolphins Heading out to sea. Splashing and diving Happy as can be.

Ilaa yanu guuyu Warawa dabayanga Giili ga yarrdumul wuy wuy Urraadidyi aagala Here’s another friend Coming from the cave. Now there are five dolphins Surfing through the waves.

Ya umaaga wuy wuy Yarranay nyaa nyaa Umaaga yuural ilaa ngaanyu nguunu dyaygu Wow! Many more dolphins Come, look and see. There is plenty of food here For all of us to eat.

Yagwi Yaygirr  

A Yaygirr counting story. Yaygirr is the language of the Yaegl people.

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