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Rotorua Lakes High School “Mauria te pono - Keep steadfastly to the truth”



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Dear Parents / Caregivers & Whanau Another busy week at Lakes High but some really positive outcomes along the way. We had a fantastic open night for Year 8 students and their caregivers, which was well attended and from feedback, very well received. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff for the time they put into to making this a success. We have had numerous successes on the sporting front which has been put out on Facebook. If you are not following our Facebook account you need to sign up!! We have had some positive feedback regarding messages going out on Facebook and we will continue this deliberate approach to raising the profile of our school. I have also been engaged in conversations with all our feeder schools about supporting the development of pathways for students in our community and to give them the best outcomes possible. My thanks to the staff of Mokoia Intermediate, Owhata Primary and Lynmore Primary schools for their support in this venture. As I will carry on saying, please make the time to contact me if you have feedback. I am more than happy to work with you to continue to develop this great school.

Nga mihi

Jon Ward Principal 1

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