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Top 10 Reasons to Grow Organic Organic foods are all the rage these days, and for good reason. The list of benefits to growing organic is long. Below we have given the top 10 reasons to grow your own organic garden. 1. Growing your own organic fruits and vegetables eliminates the dangers of ingesting chemicals that may be on store bought items. Many commercial vegetable and fruit farms use chemical pesticides and fertilizers on their plants. These chemicals can be a health concern to humans and to the Earth. 2. You are also helping the environment by recycling and reducing pollution. Chemicals used to fertilize and rid plants of pests are absorbed into the Earth and our water system. By using only organic methods of feeding plants and working hand-in-hand with nature, you eliminate chemicals from the process, creating a safer environment for generations to come. 3. Organic foods taste better! Since you plant organic foods in well-balanced soils, the results are healthy plants packed full of the vitamins and minerals necessary for good health and full of flavor. 4. Organic gardens work in harmony with nature. By respecting the balance of the ecosystem, organic gardeners encourage wildlife to help naturally weed out bad bugs and plants. 5. You are protecting the soil. By growing an organic garden, you are preserving and revitalizing the soil that could otherwise be depleted of its nutrients. 6. Many organic gardens contain heirloom varieties of plants that would otherwise become non-existent. This loss of many species of fruits and vegetables has become a huge environmental concern. Organic gardeners often strive to preserve the diversity of their plants.

7. Growing your own fruits and veggies saves on your wallet! Purchasing certified organic foods can be costly. By growing these foods yourself, you not only know exactly what you and your family are eating, you can do so for just pennies on the dollar. 8. Vegetable gardens make you healthier. Not only are you eating what you grow, working in a garden has been proven to relieve stress while getting you outside to breathe fresh air and absorb the sun. 9. Gardens can make you friends. If you have ever had friends or neighbors bring you over a couple of extra tomatoes from their garden, you know people love to share fresh veggies and fruits. Your organic garden may just make you the most popular person on the block. 10. You might learn to cook! Once you start harvesting your produce, you will have to find something to do with it. Now would be a great time to find new recipes to use your vegetables in and treat your family to some new tasty treats. As you can see from the short list above, there are many reasons organic gardening is important. One of the biggest reasons people choose to grow their own gardens however, is because it is fun! We get to reap the rewards of our hard work all while knowing we are doing our little part to make ourselves healthier and to help save our land.

Top 10 Reasons To Grow Organic  

1. Growing your own organic fruits and vegetables eliminates the dangers of ingesting chemicals that may be on store bought items. Many comm...

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