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Subject: Nicolle Cross (ripped from CV) Gender:  Female   Age:  19   Ethnicity:  Black  British/Caribbean   Social  Roles:  Psychology  Undergraduate,  customer  consultant  for  Carphone  warehouse  for  just  about  a  year.  I  am  a  Christian  and  I   attend  church  regularly.  I  am  very  family  orientated.           Personal  Profile:   I’m very determined and dedicated person who loves to be challenged. Punctuality is essential; I always put 100% into what I do and always perform to the best of my ability. I am very confident in everything I do, I see the positive side of things and solving problems quickly is what I do best. I am very organized and very independent and enjoy working with people. Hobbies and Interests Leadership: The experience I have gained from working with the children who have attended the play scheme has enabled me to acquire leadership skills. These include, giving instructions, Making sure all trips have been risk assessed and looking after children to the best of my ability. Creative: I am passionate about dance; I have been dancing since the age of 7. I believe it is another way to express thoughts feelings and expressions. General: From having a medical condition myself, I believe that everybody deserves the chance to have an insight into the world. I am very committed to my dreams and ambitions of working with children who have additional needs. The skills I have gained from my work experience include computer, community skills and the ability to be reliable.        

Mind Set     Before  doing  this  research  I  went  to  a  youth  meeting  near  by  where  I  live  and  I  took  away  a  good  point  they  stated  on  that  day.  They  said   “There  are  three  of  you”  not  understanding  that  statement  to  begin  with  left  me  pondering  for  ages  but  at  the  end  of  the  meeting  this   statement  was  clarified  and  they  meant  that  there  is  the  person  (you)  that  your  friends  and  family  know,  there  is  the  person  (you)  that   your  associates  know,  and  last  but  not  least  there  is  the  person  (you)  that  only  you  know.    I  took  this  into  consideration  when  doing  my   research  so  I  wasn’t  fed  lies  and  evaded  a  stern  front  that  Nicolle  Cross  may  put  up.     Method     During  my  ethnographic  research  I  came  to  realise  I  used  various  methods  that  included  videography,  written  documentation,  visual   representation  and  taking  mental  note  of  things  I  wish  I  caught  on  camera.  Firstly  I  asked  questions  that  I  already  knew  the  answer  to   just  so  I  could  see  if  I  got  the  correct  responses,  I  then  went  deeper  into  the  research  and  asked  questions  I  was  not  so  sure  on  which   resulted  in  many  different  reactions  and  facial  expressions.  By  asking  these  questions  I  was  able  to  see  how  she  views  herself  in   comparison  to  the  way  that  I  view  her,  this  was  interesting  as  I  came  across  a  few  findings  along  the  way.     Nicolle  being  my  girlfriend  for  4  years  I  already  knew  a  great  deal  about  her  and  during  the  period  of  this  brief  it  gave  me  a  lot  of  time  to   sit  and  analyse  behaviour,  habits  and  characteristics  that  as  humans  we  tend  to  take  for  granted.  Some  weeks  I  would  spend  only  a   couple  of  days  with  her  to  do  my  research  and  other  weeks  I  would  spend  nearly  every  day  with  her  to  do  more  intense  and  in  depth   research.  I  also  made  sure  I  saw  her  at  different  points  in  the  day  on  some  occasions  to  analyse  habits/behaviour  at  selected  times,  for   example  I  would  be  at  her  house  one  day  at  10am  and  another  day  I  would  interview  her  at  10pm.     Restrictions     Due  to  being  uncomfortable  about  audio  only  recordings  and  secret  recordings  she  insisted  that  she  would  not  part  take  in  the   brief/interviews  if  I  was  to  choose  them  two  methods  resulting  in  limitations  to  using  different  techniques  to  do  my  research.              

Observations   By  observing  Nicolle  more  than  I  normally  do  I  started  to  notice  many  habits  and  traits  I  didn’t  before,  more  than  just  habits  I  analysed   her  body  language,  facial  expressions  and  tone  of  voice  which  would  hopefully  indicate  anything  that  is  valuable  to  my  research.     Within  the  videos  I  realised  a  few  habits  and  also  jotted  some  down  by  hand  they  were  the  following:   .  Covering  her  face  when  she  is  shy   .  Laughing  when  embarrassed     .  Blinking  a  lot  under  pressure   .  Sucking  her  thumb  for  comfort   .  Dancing  to  any  music  that  is  playing  that  she  likes   .  Playing  with  her  hair  when  nervous   .  Fidgety  when  nervous   .  No  eye  contact  when  nervous/shy  or  embarrassed     .  Watches  a  lot  of  television     Also  in  my  observations  I  notified  her  body  language,  she  always  had  a  hot  water  bottle  with  her  and  at  all  times  would  cross  her  legs   when  seated  during  interviews.  I  saw  this  as  a  way  she  settles  nerves  or  something  uncomfortable  as  she  doesn’t  normally  sit  on  her  bed   crossing  her  legs,  it  was  evident  this  stance  was  protective  so  she  could  concentrate  and  not  go  shy  and  feel  embarrassed  in  front  of  the   camera  which  gave  the  footage  somewhat  a  mechanical  feel  rather  than  a  natural  feel  that  I  had  hoped  for.  She  sat  up  straight  as  always   as  she  has  good  posture  and  didn’t  slouch  at  all  which  is  a  good  sign  because  when  she  does  slouch  it  means  she  isn’t  bothered  or  is   tired.              

Personality Traits     .  Loving   .  Lazy   .  Giving   .  Bubbly   .  Impatient   .  Emotional   .  Caring   .  Vain   .  Clumsy  (VERY  clumsy)   .  Talkative   .  Family  orientated   .  Religious   .  Mature  (when  she  NEEDS  to  be)   .  Immature  (otherwise)   .  Workaholic     .  Distant  (at  times)   .  Self-­‐isolated  (at  times)   .  Mentally  strong  (when  not  emotional)        

Other Interest     .  Shopping   .  Dance   .  Drawing   .  Eating       Figurtion     *  “X”  =  Miss  N.Cross  (self-­‐report  version)         1)  metaphors   X  is  a  pair  of  babyliss  straighteners  (object)  

X  is    shopping  Centre  (place)  

X  is    Zazu  From  lion  king  (mythical  being  or  character)    

X is  Fashion  Show  (event)  

X  is  sweet  and  sour  prawn  balls  (food)  

X  is  a  kitten  (animal)  

X  is  Volkswagen  Beetle  (Car)  

X is  a  pair  of  Louboutin  high  heels  (item  of  clothing)  

X  is  Sex  on  the  beach  Cocktail  (drink)  

2)  action  similes   X  walks  like  she  is    forever  happy   X  eats  like  every  piece  of  food  must  be  savored  and  enjoyed   X  dances  like  she’s  the  only  person  at  the  party   X  talks  like  a  total  girl   X  draws  like  a  kid   X  sings  like  a  superstar..  when  in  the  shower  

X shops  like  she  has  a  million  pounds  to  spend  when  she  definitely  does  not.     X  laughs  like  a  witch   X  drives  like  a  pro     X  dresses  like  a  normal  girl  =]       Short  Written  Questionairre     What  is  you  favourite  colour?  –  Yellow   What  is  your  favourite  material?  –  Wool   What  do  you  prefer:  day  or  night  time?  –  Day   What  do  you  need  to  make  you  feel  comfortable?  –  Blanket,  cushion,  hot  water  bottle  &  wooly  socks   What  is  your  dream  pet?  A  puppy   On  a  scale  from  one  to  10  how  much  do  stairs  annoy  you?  (10  being  the  most)  –  10   Name  three  qualities  that  make  your  day.  –  Food,  music  &  friends   Are  you  lazy  when  it  comes  to  stuff  you  don’t  need  to  do?  –  Sometimes.     By  doing  this  simple  questionairre  I  was  able  to  see  how  truthful  and  how  blunt  she  would  answer  these  questions  enabling  me  to   prepare  better  questions  on  a  different  day  but  recorded  by  video  to  get  a  more  in  depth  response  to  the  questions  as  I  assume  she   would  be  too  lazy  to  write  in  depth  answers  down.  So  about  two  weeks  later  I  did  a  video  recording  of  me  asking  questions  and  getting   much  better  answers.     Interim  Assessment  Feedback     When  I  got  feedback  from  peers  at  University  in  the  interim  assessment  it  was  notified  that  I  had  not  done  enough  research  to  conclude   any  possible  ideas  yet  and  I  was  playing  it  safe  by  not  asking  more  complex  questions  in  my  interview.       This  encouraged  me  to  be  more  critical  when  doing  my  interview  to  buckle  down  and  process  one  idea  that  had  enough  research  backed   up  by  it.  

I also  didn't  want  to  create  everything  in  the  scene  to  be  perfect  for  Nicolle  making  it  her  dream  world  but  I  wanted  some  negatives  in   the  scene  to  relate  to  how  she  is  and  what  happens  in  real  life.     Quick  Analysis     After  the  second  interview  as  soon  as  I  reached  home  I  wrote  a  quick  statement  on  some  things  I  found  out.  Quite  often  being  around   Nicolle  I  have  realised  how  dependant  she  is  on  technology,  needing  the  latest  of  everything  even  if  its  not  a  necessity.  For  example   recently  she  resold  her  3  month  old  phone  (blackberry)  only  to  trade  it  in  for  the  new  Iphone  which  at  the  time  was  weeks  old.       She  uses  technology  a  lot  while  doing  every  day  activities  such  as  cooking  or  having  a  shower  wether  its  to  play  music  and  sing  along  or   to  contact  someone  when  doing  these  activities.   From  recent  visits  on  normal  days  and  days  of  research  I’ve  noticed  her  need  for  maximum  comfot  at  all  times  and  her  dependancy  on   transport  as  she  doesn’t  like  walking.  In  breaks  between  research       Environment  Ideas       Idea  1   A  mid  sized  built  up  city  with  a  large  shopping  centre     Idea  2   Futuristic  city  with  holograms  beaming  from  the  floor  of  different  things  I  found  out  in  my  research     Idea  3   A  holiday  resort  with  sun,  sand  and  sea     Final  Idea     A  snowy  resort  that  has  a  few  people  close  enough  by.    

All these  ideas  were  thought  about  at  different  points  of  the  project.  The  reason  for  going  in  detail  about  all  these  ideas  on  the  blog  is   because  after  most  interviews  I  would  assume  I  knew  what  should  be  in  the  environment  only  to  continue  research  at  a  later  date  to  find   out  that  the  scene  no  longer  fits  what  needs  to  be  portrayed.     Concept  Idea     After  gathering  enough  research  I  was  able  to  think  of  many  items  and  buildings  that  would  have  a  meaning  to  it  or  items  related  to   Nicolle  metaphorically.    This  way  I  feel  I  get  to  express  Nicolle  as  a  person  through  a  3D  environment.     Research  and  References     To  understand  what  ethnographic  research  was  I  searched  a  graphic  design  book  at  university  but  it  didn't  really  help  as  it  sounded  too   confusing.  This  resulted  in  me  using  the  web  to  explain  this  new  term  to  me.     Using  Google  search  engine  I  came  up  with  multiple  answers  to  my  questions  noting  that  ethnographic  research  is  a  scientific  study  of   some  ones  social  life,  habits  and  customs.  This  type  of  research  usually  requires  the  person  to  live  amongst  the  person  they  are   researching  but  for  the  person  I  was  researching  that  option  was  not  available.     Visual  ethnographic  research  was  often  done  in  the  forms  of  drawings/videos/audio  interviews  and  written  interviews.  Using  different   media  to  do  your  research  often  gets  a  different  response  from  another  media  depending  on  how  you  direct  the  situation.     I  also  did  some  extended  research  on  how  game/physics  engines  were  made  and  some  of  the  history  of  it  all.  This  helped  me  to  picture   the  possible  things  that  could  happen  in  my  scene  when  watching  different  videos  or  reading  other  comments  bearing  in  mind  that  3D   programs  are  new  to  me  and  would  take  quite  a  while  to  understand.                 Final  Environment     When  I  suggested  the  3  ideas  what  I  had  in  mind  I  was  told  off  camera  that  I  don't  fully  understand  especially  with  idea  3.  Idea  3  was   presumed  ages  ago  and  was  suited  to  her  habits  as  well  as  her  illness  as  she  has  sickle  cell  and  its  better  for  her  to  be  in  nice  relaxing  and   warm  conditions,  but  she  opened  up  to  me  and  said  "I  love  the  snow  more  than  anything,  I  just  can't  go  outside  when  it  does."  I  took  this   on  board  immediately  and  scrapped  all  of  my  ideas  and  started  from  the  ground  upwards.  Later  on  the  same  day  she  also  said  that  she   likes  the  snow  as  it  reminds  her  of  christmas  and  gets  her  in  the  christmas  spirit.       With  those  two  things  being  said  I  began  to  draw  a  few  sketches  here  and  there  of  what  I  wanted  the  landscape  to  be  like  but  I  was   certain  that  within  the  environment  it  would  have  to  be  snowing.  Due  to  Her  clumsiness  off  camera  I  decided  to  make  some  ditches  in   the  land  that  you  couldn't  get  out  of,  so  the  user  would  have  to  watch  where  they  are  going  if  they  don't  know  the  map  otherwise  they   will  be  stuck.     I  created  a  circuit  board  and  not  a  full  item  to  show  her  clumsiness,  looking  at  it  this  should  give  the  viewer/player  thoughts  as  to  why   its  there,  possibly  the  circuit  board  is  broken  away  from  something  caused  by  an  accident  by  Nicolle.     To  show  how  Nicolle  sometimes  pushes  people  away  and  keeps  them  at  a  set  distance  to  keep  control  of  her  emotions  I  created  a  metal   bridge  with  all  the  assets  on  one  side  of  the  bridge  and  only  her  house  on  the  other  side.  This  symbolizes  the  fact  that  even  when  she   pushes  people  away  its  not  too  far  away.  To  reinforce  this  I  created  the  first  person  controller  with  speedy  settings  and  less  gravity  to   show  when  she  pushes  you  away  its  not  far  and  crossing  that  bridge  isn't  much  of  a  task  physically  and  mentally  in  and  out  of  the  game.  

The reason  for  it  being  red  was  to  show  how  dangerous  it  can  be  to  push  people  away  all  the  time  as  peers  may  not  hold  that  gesture   lightly.     Within  the  interviews  it  was  evident  that  Nicolle  loves  her  own  name,  and  on  different  occasions  she  had  told  me  so.  This  fact  what  I   found  out  during  research  enabled  to  think  of  ways  to  express  this  in  game.  After  much  thought  I  created  a  house  with  that  had  her   initial  in  it  to  express  moments  of  vanity  within  a  humble  person.     Lastly  I  made  a  giant  bed  and  fridge  to  show  her  love  for  food  was  much  bigger  than  I  could  imagine.  The  giant  bed  in  size  shows  her   need  for  comfort  at  all  times,  and  her  extreme  laziness.     Essentially  I  feel  I  have  created  a  mental  state  of  Nicolle  in  my  3D  environment.  However  it  hasn't  got  loads  of  assets  as  I  didn't  want  to   congest  the  scene  with  too  many  contrasting  assets  at  one  time  and  I  feel  this  was  ideal  for  her.     Testing     The  game  runs  fluently  but  I  was  told  even  though  there  are  holes  in  the  floor  that  are  there  on  purpose  it  makes  it  difficult  to  play  the   game  as  the  user  has  to  restart  the  entire  game  just  to  get  out.  So  if  I  was  to  do  this  again  I  would  of  made  the  holes  more  shallow  so  the   character  could  jump  out  at  any  given  time.                        

Active Design Process  

(Missing the images drawn which were handed in on the first deadline as they werent photocopied, also the blog now has images and videos whi...

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