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Spring 2014 Media File Marshall D. Siegel Advertising Adviser


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About the Chronicle The Chronicle is the official student-produced newspaper of Richland College. The Chronicle is distributed free at over 20 campus locations. We normally publish weekly during the fall and spring semesters.In all, there are approximately 30 issues per year. See the enclosed current publishing schedule for exact dates. As a community college, Richland’s student population changes every semester with a new crop of freshman offering a new market to advertisers. When our readers open the Chronicle, they open a world full of news - campus and national - plus feature stories, sports, advertising, and much more. Opinions are those of individual students and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of other students, editors, advisers or the college faculty, staff or administration. The Chronicle is a three-time ACP Pacemaker winner and five-time finalist. The Pacemaker is the college equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize. As one of the nation’s most recognized college newspapers, the award-winning Chronicle has been serving Richland College since the college opened in 1972. As Richland’s only student newspaper, readers depend on the Chronicle for information about job openings, concerts and theater events, places to shop and dine, and more. Advertisers from Fortune 500 companies, local retailers and restaurants consistently have found the Chronicle to be a reliable and costeffective way of reaching the thousands of members of the Richland community, who come from over 100 countries and speak more than 70 languages.

Richland College is the largest junior college in Dallas County 31,321 Total Potential Readers 1,655 Faculty & Staff 5.28%

3,938 eStudents 12.57%

6,508 Non-Credit Students 20.79%

19,220 Credit Students 61.36%

Richland Credit Students by Age Age 51+: 5.3% Age 46-50: 2.3% Age 41-45: 3.3% Age 36-40: 5.3% Age 31-35: 8.6%

Age 16-20: 24.8%

Age 26-30: 14.7% Age 21-25: 35.7%

Richland Credit Students by Ethnicity White 35.8% 20.8% African American Hispanic 20.5% Asian/Pacific Islander 16.1% Other 6.8%



Mission Statement The essential purpose of the Richland Chronicle is to inform, engage, inspire and entertain a diverse readership -- including alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents and other friends of Richland College -by presenting an intimate, timely and honest portrait of the College -- its people, its programs, its history, its challenges, its resources and its mission. In the originality of its conception, in the excellence of its writing and visual presentation and in its commitment to accuracy, healthy discourse and editorial balance, the newspaper endeavors to reflect the values and the quality of the institution itself. By maintaining the respect and interest of its readers, the newspaper aspires ultimately to inform the students of the College and strengthen their commitment to its welfare. Editorial Policies The staff of the Richland Chronicle is committed to maintaining the high standard of integrity that has always been characteristic of Richland College and of the newspaper that represents it. While the ultimate purpose of the newspaper is to engage and strengthen its readers’ association with the College, the institution recognizes that it can do so effectively only by earning and retaining the respect and faith of its readers. In this context, these editorial standards are set forth to give readers and contributors a clear idea of what they can and should expect from the paper. Editorial Content The student editors of the Richland Chronicle are ultimately responsible for all decisions concerning the content of the newspaper. In selecting content, the editors work in consultation with the staff and with other members of the College community with several factors in mind, including: * a commitment to offer readers a mix of newsworthy, engaging and thought-provoking articles about the College and its people; a respect and concern for the institution’s history, mission and values; * a commitment to providing balanced and timely coverage of issues; * a concern for maintaining the institution’s commitment to open discourse; * a commitment to diversity of interest, opinion and representation; and * a concern for readability and attractiveness of presentation. The editors welcome suggestions concerning content but can make no assurances regarding the use of suggested or provided material. Although no single issue of the newspaper can fully reflect the diversity of the College and its community, the editors will make every effort to represent, over the course of time, the great diversity of interest, opinion and background inherent in the magazine’s readership. Statements and opinions expressed in the magazine are those of the bylined contributors or of the editorial staff, and do not necessarily represent the official position of the College. In covering controversial topics, the newspaper will make every effort to provide balanced coverage and a representative mix of opinions, although its starting point will be a respect for the institution and its values. All articles are subject to editing by the Richland Chronicle


staff and the final decision on changes to the article belongs to the editors. Words that are generally agreed to be obscene should not be included gratuitously in Richland Chronicle articles, letters or notes, and will be edited out if their omission does not damage the integrity of the text. Such words will be published only when they are an integral part of a quotation, title or other cited passage that adds essential meaning or context to an article. It is not the policy of the Richland Chronicle to replace characters with asterisks or to otherwise disguise objectionable words. Photographs that purport to depict an actual event should not be manipulated in any way other than cropping and correction for color, sharpness, brightness and contrast. Photographs used as illustrations of features are subject to greater manipulation, but should be labeled “Photo illustration” if they involve substantial alterations to the image that may not be obvious to the reader. Letters The purpose of the letters column is to provide a forum for members of the extended College community -- primarily alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, donors and friends with a strong connection to the College -- who wish to engage in free and civil discourse on issues relating to the newspaper and the College. It is not a forum for lobbying on unrelated issues, self-promotion or personal attacks. The Richland Chronicle endeavors to print all letters to the editor from correspondents with a clear tie to the institution involving meaningful responses to previous issues of the newspaper or thoughts about issues of importance to the College. When space does not permit the publication of all letters, the editors will choose which letters to publish based upon inherent interest to the readership and representation of diverse opinions. The newspaper will not publish anonymous letters or letters that, in the opinion of the editor, are defamatory, level serious allegations against identifiable individuals or groups, or purport to speak for others who are not a party to the correspondence. The newspaper also will not publish letters dealing with the particulars of a disciplinary action or hearing or the circumstances leading up to it. When a letter raises significant questions about a previously published article or about some aspect of the institution, an appropriate respondent may be invited to reply in the same issue. When a topic inspires an exchange of opinions, the editors may cut off debate after a reasonable period of time, usually no more than three issues after the publication of the article or letter from which the debate originated. With rare exceptions, letters should be no more than 400 words in length. All letters received by the newspaper are subject to being edited for brevity and clarity. Corrections Through fact-checking and proofing, the editorial staff of the Richland Chronicle endeavors to avoid publishing erroneous information. However, when an error in the Richland Chronicle is discovered, the editor will decide whether it is of sufficient importance as to require a published correction. Courtesy of Pomona College







January 7

January 9

January 14

College Opens 1/2/14

January 14

January 16

January 21

MLK Day 1/20/14 Classes Begins 1/21/14

January 21

January 23

January 28

January 28

January 30

February 4

February 4

February 6

February 11

Service Days 2/6 - 7/14

February 11

February 13

February 18

Valentines Day 2/14/14

February 18

February 20

February 25

February 25

February 27

March 4 Spring Break 3/10 - 14/14

March 18

March 20

March 25

April 1

April 3

April 8

April 15

April 16

April 22

April 22

April 24

April 29

April 29

May 1

May 6

Graduation 5/8/14

May 6

May 8

May 13

Semester Ends 5/15/14

TIPA Convention 4/10 -12/14 Good Friday 4/18/14 Easter 4/20/14

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(Horizontal or Vertical) Payment: Payment must be received by 12 noon on the specified Order Deadline day. Credit card payments are preferred. VISA, Master Card, AMEX or Discover are acceptable. However, payment by personal check or cash are also acceptable. Checks must be made out to the Richland Chronicle and include signer’s name, physical address, driver’s license number of the signer, date of birth of signer, home or business telephone number, and a student or employee ID#, if applicable. We cannot accept temporary checks or checks that are not imprinted. Cash payments must be for the exact amount. Credit card payments require direct contact by phone with Jobickson Modi, Richland College accounts receivable, at 972-238-6272 prior to material deadlline. Email:

Number of black and white insertions ordered in a contract year*

If you order a 1x black and white ad and then decide to run 6x, we will apply the earned discount from the first insertion to your next 5x insertions. * A contract year runs for one year, from the time the first ad runs. Example: Your first ad runs Dec. 4, 2013. Your contract year will expire Dec. 3, 2014. Preprinted inserts accepted and quoted on a case-by-case basis

Color charges

apply to any size display ad that uses more than black discounts do not apply to color charges

1 color (spot color plus black) = $150 2 color (2 spot colors plus black) = $250 Full color (CMYK process color) = $500

The Richland Chronicle

Richland College 12800Abrams Rd; Rm E020A Dallas, TX 75243-2199

Making Payment for Advertising The Chronicle accepts Cash, Checks and Credit Cards for advertising payment, subject to the rules listed below. Ads must be paid for prior to running.

Credit Cards

Richland College accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express. Jobi Modi, Coordinator of Business Services Accounts Receivable is the only person from Richland College’s Business Office currently authorized to accept credit card payments. If you or your client would like to pay by credit card:

1. We will send a copy of your e-order/reservation which should include size, color, issue and cost, to Jobi Modi. It should also indicate that you wish to pay by credit card.

2. You must contact Jobi directly by phone to give him your credit card information Jobi Modi Richland College Voice: 972-238-6272

3. If you have trouble reaching Jobi by telephone, send him an email indicating why you are calling. Jobi will call back.


Richland College accepts checks from anyone except students and parents of Richland Collegiate High School. Checks must be payable to The Richland College Chronicle. Richland College will not accept temporary checks or checks that are not imprinted. All checks must include the following information: Name Address Home or Business telephone number Driver’s license number of the person signing the check Date of birth of the person signing the check Student or employee ID if applicable


Cash must be for the exact amount and taken directly to Jobi Modi. Jobi’s office is located in the Business Office in Thunderduck Hall.

972-238-6068 WEB ADS BANNER AD - 468 pixels wide X 60 pixels tall BUY THIS SPACE ONLINE FOR $800 FOR 30 DAYS


ONLINE DISPLAY AD 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels tall 160 pixels wide x 600 pixels tall

BUY THIS SPACE ONLINE FOR $800 FOR 30 DAYS Online Advertising Online advertising is available for a flat rate of $800 for a 30-day run in these sizes: Banner ad: 641 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall Right-hand ad: 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall Limited to 50kb file size Online ads run on the Chronicle web site: Online ads run for 30 days from the agreed-upon start date. We cannot guarantee specific position of a particular ad; other than that Banner ads run across the web page, above and below story and photo content. Online display ads run on the right side of the web page, next to story and photo content, above or below links and polls.

Ten Reasons to Advertise on a Newspaper Web Site 1. Frequency. The online newspaper Web site user spends almost twice as many hours online than the general user. One-third of online newspaper visitors return to the site several times per day. 2. Credibility. The credibility of the newspaper brand extends to the advertiser. Fifty-nine percent of Web users agree online advertising is more believable from a trusted Web site. Newspaper Web sites are the dominant local media site in most markets. 3. Targeted. If you want to focus on a particular backyard, advertising in an online newspaper is more personal and more relevant because it is local. Newspapers also publish many niche sites (e.g., youth, women, movie fans, Hispanics) that virtually any demographic advertisers could possibly hope to reach. Newspapers know more than ever about their Web audience because of online registration programs and audience segmentation software. 4. Purchasing power. Seventy-nine percent of newspaper Web site users purchase online compared with 49 percent of general users. Thirty-nine percent of online newspaper users have incomes higher than $75,000; 65 percent own their homes. 63 percent of online newspaper users prefer to find out about new products through the Internet. 5. Retailers prefer newspaper web sites. Fifty-five percent of retailers report that newspaper sites are efficient in assisting them in meeting marketing needs compared with other sites. 6. Content. Excluding e-mail, the most popular online activities and content categories are national and local news, sports, financial information and entertainment news/things to do. Sixty-two percent of general Internet users visit online newspapers for local news, compared with 39 percent for the local TV station Web site and 23 percent for the local radio station site. Not even Yahoo! or AOL’s Digital City can top online newspapers as a local news source. 7. High profile. reports that among top executives (CEO, CIO, CFO or owner/partner), Internet advertising ranked above all other media when measured for: “Where I prefer to find out about new products,” “Where I prefer to receive information about companies,” and “Where modern, up-to-date brands advertise.” Forty-three percent of online newspaper users are aged 18 to 35. 8. Reinforcement. Sixty-five percent of online newspaper users also read the print newspaper in the past seven days, and repetition increases awareness. The Interactive Advertising Bureau found that, by increasing the number of online banners from one to two per week, branding results on three key metrics increased 42 percent. 9. Quality. Seventy-five percent of advertisers generally said newspaper Web site advertising was as good or better than other Internet sites. 10. Mix. Recent studies have shown the power of online, when included in a mix with traditional media, to elaborate the brand message. Newspaper print and online products combined have the highest penetration and most desirable audience of any other local medium. Sources: “Power Users,” 2002, MORI Research




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Free KIOSK ads, with tear-off phone numbers, posted in the student lounge and dining area.

To be eligible you must buy at least six display ads within one contract year using 1/4 page or larger. Run 6 X 1/4 page ads in the Chronicle and we will attach tear-off phone numbers and post your ad for four weeks on our KIOSKS.




Ads to be created and/or requiring typesetting and art layout time must Orders: A signed insertion order and full payment is due before 12 be received 10 working days prior to the published material deadline. noon on the specified Order Deadline day. Late insertion orders will not be accepted! The Chronicle reserves the right to accept, reject, or edit any copy or any advertisement not in keeping with the standards of its publication Payment: Payment must be received by 12 noon on the specified for any reason. Order Deadline day. Credit card payments are preferred. VISA, Master Card, AMEX or Discover are acceptable. However, payment Advertiser and/or agency agree that advertisements simulating the by personal check or cash are also acceptable. Checks must be made Chronicle’s editorial matter in appearance or style and which are out to Richland College Chronicle and include name, physical adnot immediately identifiable as advertisements are not acceptable dress, driver’s license number of the signee, date of birth of signee to the Chronicle and further agree that the Chronicle has the unre- and home or business telephone number, and the student or emstricted right to require that any such advertising matter be labeled ployee ID#, if applicable. We cannot accept temporary checks or “advertisement(s).” checks that are not imprinted. Cash payments must be for the exact amount. Credit card payments require direct contact by phone with Advertisers and/or advertising agencies agree to indemnify, defend and Jobi Mobi. Richland College accounts receivable, at 972-238-6272. hold harmless the Chronicle from any actions or claims based on or arising out of anything contained in such advertising or any unauthorized Materials: Camera-ready artwork is due before 12 noon on the use of any person’s name or photograph, or any sketch, map, words, specified Material Deadline day. We must receive all art prior to this labels, trademarks, or copyrighted material or libelous statements, in deadline to ensure quality reproduction. If you do not supply mateconnection with advertising purchased according to the terms of the rial, we can design your ad if you provide logos, artwork or photos, Chronicle’s rate card. In case of agency disclaimer, advertiser must sign and the necessary lead time to produce the ads. the original contract. File formats: Ads may be received electronically as a PDF in GraySigned contracts in effect at the time of a rate increase are not subject to scale (black and white) or CMYK (color) format, with at least 200 that rate change until such time as the contract expires; at which time dpi. COLOR NOTE: We cannot guarantee that colors will reprocontract renewal will be made at the Chronicle’s prevailing rate card. duce in print exactly as they appear on a proof or on a computer screen. A 10% surcharge will be assessed ads that we have to reThe Chronicle will not be bound by conditions of any nature appearing format. We cannot guarantee that any two-color or four-colr ad will on order blanks or copy instructions submitted by or on behalf of the turn out exactly as ordered; color is “pressman’s choice.” This does advertiser when such conditions confluct with any provision contained not relieve the advertiser or agency from payment. Non-adherence within its rate card or with the newspaper policies. to the preferred format (200 dpi, CMYK or Grayscale JPEG or TIFF) may also necessitate production fees. RLC is not responsible In consideration of the Chronicle’s acceptance of such advertisments for making corrections to supplied files. Customer-supplied digital for publication, the agency and the advertiser will indemnify and save data, supplied media and ad proofs will be retained for up to three harmless the Richland Chronicle against all loss, liability, damage, and months following publication date and then destroyed unless otherexpense of any nature arising out of the copying, printing, or publish- wise requested in writing. ing of its advertisement, including without limitation attorney’s fees resulting from claims or suits for libel, violation of rights of privacy, Submission: Send material via e-mail to plagiarism, and copyright and trademark infringement. Prohibited: Ads promoting the sale of alcohol or drugs, sexuallyAll advertisements must be clearly identifiable as such with a trade- related businesses or illegal activities are not permitted. All ads are mark or signature of the advertiser, or the word “Advertisement” shall subject to final approval of the Richland Chronicle editor-in-chief. be placed with copy on any advertisement, which, in the publisher’s opinion, resembles editorial copy. Frequency Discounts: All advertisers earn frequency discounts based on the number of ads placed within a ony-year period from Failure to make insertion orders correspond in price or otherwise with the date of the first insertion. the rate schedule is regarded only as a clerical error and publication is made and charged upon the terms of the schedule in force without Issues stay on newsstands for one week, but issue pass-along takes further notice. place for a longer period. Advertising agencies agree to pay the charges for advertising published We do not guarantee specific page placement. at its discretion. Upon agency’s written request, publisher may bill advertiser direct, provided agency guarantees payment. We do not pay commission




Recent awards include:

The Chronicle is a three-time winner of the Pacemaker, the college equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize, given annually by Associated College Press (ACP) and the Newspaper Association of America Foundation (NAAF). The Chronicle was named a Pacemaker finalist in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006 and 2007, and won the Pacemaker in 2000, 2001 and 2007.

ACP Pacemaker Finalist 2007, 2006, 2003, 2001, 2000

ACP and the NAAF have co-sponsored the Newspaper Pacemaker competition since 1971. ACP began the awards in 1927.

ACP Online Pacemaker Finalist 2008, 2007

Newspaper Pacemakers are judged in three categories: four-year dailies, four-year non-dailies and twoyear papers. Pacemakers are selected by the staff of a professional newspaper in the host city of the ACP National College Media Convention. In 2007, Washington Post editors chose the winners.

ACP Newspaper of the Year, 2nd Place – 2003

Judges select Pacemakers based on the following: coverage and content, quality of writing and reporting, leadership on the opinion page, evidence of in-depth reporting, design, photography, art and graphics.

ACP Pacemaker Winner 2007, 2001, 2000

1st Place - TIPA* Sweepstakes 2005 3rd Place - TIPA* Online 2006, 2005 *TIPA is Texas Intercollegiate Press Association

Over 100 individual student awards since 2000





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Spring 2014 Media Guide  
Spring 2014 Media Guide