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ulie, a graduate psychology major, chose Texas A&M University-Commerce because of her interest in the university’s psychology program. Julie’s chief interest involves teaching children about developmental disabilities and increasing their sensitivity toward disabled children.

“A&M-Commerce has a wonderful program and it’s making great advances,” Julie said. As a graduate assistant for Dr. Kashunda Williams and Dr. Jennifer Schroeder, Julie has enjoyed opportunities to participate in various research projects pertaining to her career goals. In addition to her academic endeavors, Julie is also a student leader in Psi Chi, and represents A&M-Commerce for the national organization. For Julie, faculty members like Drs. Williams and Schroeder make the A&M-Commerce program effective by providing both a solid academic foundation as well as guidance for their students. “My professors do everything they can to help us as we progress through the program,” Julie said.

LEARN MORE about Julie and how Texas A&M UniversityCommerce can change your future by visiting:


WWW.TAMU-COMMERCE.EDU 903.886.5000 or 888.868.2682 A Member of The Texas A&M University System

Print keeps community strong


per, and that someone is going to pick it up. The newspaper’s impact on a community is irreplaceable. Our reporters work hard to bring relevant, exciting and new information to our readers. Tying the Richland community together, we make sure that what you read affects you and those around you, spreading ideas and evoking emotion that really hits home. It’s easy to refresh the front page of Yahoo, or any online news source to get the latest information. We can’t refresh the newsstands every time something happens, but we can guarantee that what fills the stands is relevant to you. Countless times we hear of a breaking news story, but the second it doesn’t relate to us we change the channel. Sounds selfish, but we all do it. There’s some way to make almost every news story local and some way to funImage credit Julio Nieto nel it down where Richland Chronicle Editor-in-Chief Laura Garsea works on the it affects where newspaper in Adobe InDesign before sending it to print. it really counts

Richland College Music Recital Series All performances are Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. in Fannin Performance Hall, unless noted otherwise and are free to the general public.

Spring 2012 RECITAL SCHEDULE: Jan. 17 • Richland College Voice Faculty

Mar. 20 • Richland Percussion Group & Steel Bands

Jan. 24 • Richland College Jazz Faculty

Mar. 27 • Richland Guitar Ensemble

Jan. 31 • Dr. Alex McDonald - Piano Feb. 7 • Richland College Instrumental Faculty Feb. 14 • Paul Bonneau Jazz Quartet Feb. 21 • Music Career Panel (F-170) Feb. 28 • Cuttings from “Once Upon This Island” Mar. 6 • UNT Jazz Singers

– our campus. That’s something you can’t easily find on the Internet. Speaking of the Internet, why haven’t all publications just moved online? Wouldn’t it be easier to just present all the news online? We need to be progressive, right? Well, sort of. Our paper does reach all the tangles of the web. The Chronicle hosts its own website where information printed in the paper is also available for online reading. Here, it’s easy to comment on stories, answer polls and give feedback. Something that a solely print publication couldn’t do. The average American will check Google News before ever reaching for a printed paper. In a way it makes sense; there’s instant gratification with the most up-to-date information. However, there are key aspects that these Internet-only stories are missing. When randomly selecting a news story online, chances are that there is going to be bias in the story. Yes, no human being is without bias, therefore it takes time and effort to remove all bias from a news story before it is published. That said, quickly written web-based stories contain large amounts of bias that will often sway the reader to a writer’s opinion without the reader even being aware of it. Credibility? It’s out the window. To get a news story done quickly, the sources are whatever the writer can find. Un-

less you know exactly where your news is coming from, there’s no telling what is “fact.” With a printed story, there is time for us to carefully read each article before publication and make sure that what is being distributed isn’t a bunch of gibberish. Having a printed publication gives us the time to delve deep into a story and research it from a perspective that no one else has. A local paper, like the Chronicle, helps keep the community a close-knit one. It’s something you don’t have to search for. You can always know that by picking up an issue. No matter the date, the information inside will be relevant to you. At any point in the day, you can read it and know that someone took the time to make sure that what’s inside really matters. While the paper has a large responsibility to keep its readers informed and entertained, the readers have a responsibility to keep the paper afloat. We challenge you to find one article a week that really matters to you. Whether positively or negatively, we challenge you to find a topic we publish that evokes an emotion. Give us feedback; come talk to us. Help our publication matter to you. Without involved readers, we can only guess what you want us to cover. We consider any and every idea that comes through our door, whether it be our physical door (E020) or the virtual one,




Apr. 3 • Richland Wind Symphony & Chamber Ensembles Apr. 10 • Richland Choral Ensembles Apr. 17 • Richland Jazz Ensembles Apr. 24 • Richland String Orchestra & Chamber Ensembles May 1 • Honors Vocal Recital May 3 • Honors Instrumental Recital (Thursday)

For more information about this series, contact Dr. Michael Crawford, Associate Dean of Performing Arts, 972-238-6284.

Richland College Bookstore 12800 Abrams Road *Savings based on total North American textbook rental savings vs new book price. Individual store savings vary by location. See store for details. 612JBTS12 • January 17, 2012

Rumor has it that the newspaper print industry is dying. Sorry rumors, but our publication isn’t going anywhere. People say that newspapers are easily being replaced by the Internet, and there is no longer a need for a printed paper. But if newspapers really were that unnecessary with all the new and advanced technology, isn’t it reasonable to think they would all have been eliminated by now? The answer is in your hands. The fact that you’re reading this published article is proof that there is still a demand for a printed pa-


TEXASDENTON WOMAN’S UNIVERSITY n DALLAS n HOUSTON Take your education to the next level by completing your bachelor’s degree at Texas Woman’s University TWU’s BACHELOR OF GENERAL STUDIES is ideal for transfer students who want to complete a four-year degree. Most classes can be taken 100 percent online. Students can choose up to three concentrations including: n n n n

criminal justice business government English

n n n n

computer science dance studies sociology math

n n n n

history art women’s studies music

n n n n n n n

fashion design teacher education child development family studies pre-med pre-PT nutrition

TWU also offers degree programs in: nursing kinesiology dental hygiene communication sciences n health studies n business • January 17, 2012

n n n n


n n n n n n n

biology pre-law pre-OT chemistry social work English art

TWU is a RESPECTED UNIVERSITY open to women and men and offers the most AFFORDABLE public university tuition in the DFW Metroplex. TWU also awards $9 million in scholarships annually, Image credit Dacota Taylor including many just for transfer students. For a complete list of degree programs or more information contact us at

940-898-3188 1-866-809-6130


that WORKS


Images courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

Staff Writer

The second film in director Guy Ritchie’s popular “Sherlock Holmes” series, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” takes everything from the previous film and kicks it up to 11. From the set design, score and total atmosphere created in the opening scenes, you can immediately tell that you’re about to view something special. Taking place a year after the events in the first movie, “A Game of Shadows” catches up with Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and his love interest Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams). Within the first couple of minutes of the film the plot is established and madness begins, courtesy of the shadowy figure of the first film, Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris).

Holmes and Adler aren’t the only ones know who’s bad, who’s good and what exactly affected by this adversary as he quickly is going on. targets the infamous Dr. Sure, I think we can Watson (Jude Law) along all agree that the first with his bride. The two get movie was great, but targeted just hours after even without it this is their wedding ceremony the definitive “Sherlock with Holmes just around Holmes” movie. You can the corner to help save tell quickly that they finethe day and in return ask tuned everything coming for Watson’s aid against out of the first with this Moriarty. sequel. The costume and With all of that said, it set design seem perfect for may sound a bit confusing the day and age they wish if one hasn’t had the to portray here. It’s hard to chance to view the first in believe, but nothing really the series, but surprisingly Rachel McAdams plays Holmes’ love appears out of place in that’s a non-issue with interest, Irene Adler. this universe. Surrounding this sequel. “A Game of the perfect atmosphere Shadows” works extremely well as a stand- they’ve created a classic score by the master alone movie and from the get-go lets you Hans Zimmer that will have you dancing out

Game Preview MARY CHANNELL Gaming Editor

“Soul Calibur V” kicks off 17 years after the events of “Soul Calibur IV” with new characters and returning foes matching up against an infamous brawl between good and evil. The story of Patroklo unravels as his family’s destiny connects with the Soul swords.

The game’s features include multiple fighting styles such as being able to choose from a roster of diverse characters who have their own unique weapons, visual flare and enhanced cleavage. New characters are introduced, such as Ezio Auditore da Firenze from the “Assassin’s Creed” series and many others. “Soul Calibur V” will be released Jan. 31 and will be available on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Images courtesy,

of the theater. Downey’s version of Holmes is perfect in the sequel. It feels much less forced than before. Whatever made his portrayal seem slightly uncomfortable originally is fixed, and he even tuned up the accent a little bit. So no more Dick Van Dyke jokes! He shows here what makes him a bankable star in Hollywood. For the past few days, I’ve been trying to decide what is wrong with this movie, but I can’t find a single thing. Opposed to the first, the entire film just feels like an intelligent thrill ride. There’s an action beat almost every few minutes that doesn’t get tiring and keeps you on the edge of your seat. There’s nothing wrong with what was accomplished in the first movie. It just seems like every tiny little thing was ironed out into a perfectly nice package called “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.” • January 17, 2012




Break allows for much needed structural repairs REBECCA BANKS Staff Writer

The Richland campus got a bit of a makeover while students were away for winter break. Several buildings undergoing changes were original structures on campus, which opened in 1972. Wichita Hall is one of the buildings experiencing changes. The first-floor restrooms have been completely renovated with new ceiling and floor tiles, lighting and walls. The lake bridge near Pecos Hall that now houses the pipes delivering heated and chilled water throughout the campus is still temporarily closed to pedestrians. “Within the year, another bridge will be built as a utility bridge for the pipes and reopen the bridge for students to use,� said Eddie Hueston, Richland director of facilities management. Hueston also said that the bridge was closed due to a leak from a pipe that ran under the lake. It was moved to the bridge for repairs. As for the hole in front of Jittery Joe’s, the pipes that run underground needed mainte-

nance to deliver heat and air conditioning to both sides of the campus. Students will also notice changes to the parking areas. The lots on campus were completely repainted with directional arrows and lanes. For students taking evening classes this semester, there are streetlights that will light the way upon arrival and departure. Hueston said that the majority of the work was completed during the break so there would be limited distractions for the spring semester.

ON THE COVER Uncle Thunderduck wants you to come visit student media!

COVER AND FONTS Cover Page Design/Illustration Julio Nieto Photo credits: Election File Renovations Julio Nieto Thunderduck Courtesy Richland College Certain fonts are provided by the following: -

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STUDENT MEDIA ADVISERS Esther Cho Erica Edwards Jack Fletcher David Goodloe

Images credit Julio Nieto

The restrooms in Wichita Hall have been completely renovated.


Laura Garsea TBA Dacota Taylor Adrien Merliss TBA TBA Carla Davis TBA Julio Nieto TBA Joyce Jackson TBA Tannia Garcia Mary Channell


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The bridge near Pecos Hall is temporarily unavailable due to pipe repairs.

Tim Jones Steve Noviello James Ragland Larry Ratliff Marshall Siegel

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Political coverage 2012 Editor-in-chief

As the political season starts to sizzle, many college students will be getting ready to vote for the first time. The experience of voting can initially be overwhelming and can deter students from wanting to vote. However, it isn’t as complicated as it seems. Political vocabulary is a language all its own, and especially for new voters the terms can be overwhelming. It’s important to understand the terminology to better get a feel for the election process. A couple of important terms to know include: Delegate: A person chosen to represent a certain party or organization. Primary: An election where voters nominate candidates for the presidential election. The Texas primary election is set for April 3. If you aren’t already registered to vote, it is important to do so as soon as possible. The deadline to be registered to vote in the April primary is March 5. Registering to vote is much easier than one may expect. To be eligible you need to be 18 years old by election day (Nov. 6), a United States citi-

zen, not a convicted felon and have a valid driver’s license or identification card. Pick up a simple application can be picked up from a voter’s registrar’s office. For Dallas County, the address is 2377 North Stemmons Frwy., Suite 820, Dallas 75207. As the semester progresses, applications will also be available on campus as well as at local libraries. To find out all the registration details, visit:

Image courtesy AP Photo/Chris Carlson

Become familiar with the faces to the right. These are the Republican candidates to keep an eye on. Every week, starting next week, the Chronicle will explore each candidate in more detail to give you a more educated voting experience.

Drumming Up Support


Image courtesy AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Rick Perry

Jon Huntsman

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry is the governor of Texas and runs with the slogan “Together, we can get America working again.”

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, former Utah governor, has a mission to revive the economy and create jobs.

Image courtesy AP Photo/Chris Carlson

Image courtesy AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Newt Gingrich

Rick Santorum

Republican presidential candidate former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has a mission to “Offer real solutions and experience to save America.”

Republican presidential candidate, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum claims to have “The courage to fight for America.”

Looking For Steel Band Players Members Wanted C.C. Island House is Seeking Talented Steel Band Members and Drummers. All Interested Candidates Please Contact Trini Phone: 214-622-7819 Email: Or mail resume to: 2205 Foreman St. Dallas, TX. 75210

Image courtesy AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Image courtesy AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Ron Paul

Mitt Romney

Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul campaigns with hopes to “Restore America now.”

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is campaigning to “Fight for the America we love.” • January 17, 2012




Richland College Campus Map Richland College is located at 12800 Abrams Road in Dallas, with entrances on Abrams Road and Walnut Street. Free parking is available on campus. All classrooms and offices are designated by the first letter or letters of the building name, followed by the room number.

Check out DART bus & rail routes and our new Alternative Ride Share system at

Upcoming Events Tuesday, Jan. 17: 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. The Music Department will present the Richland College Voice Faculty today. Friday, Jan. 20: 7:30 to 10 a.m. Student Lounge Students, faculty and staff are invited to a breakfast honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Please bring canned food items to the free event. The Office of Student Life is sponsoring an MLK Canned Food Drive from Jan. 20-31 in El Paso Hall, Room E-040.

Monday, Jan. 23: 6:30 p.m. Performance Hall Students can sign up for auditions to “Once on This Island.” Sign up on the callboard near the Arena Theatre in Fannin Hall. Wednesday, Jan. 25: 6 to 8 p.m. El Paso Hall Richland College will be hosting a Spring Transfer Fair. Representatives from over 30 universities will be in attendance. Thursday, Jan. 26: Noon to 1 p.m. Brazos Gallery Dwayne Carter Art Exhibition through Jan. 27. Closing Reception Jan. 26. • January 17, 2012


A Alamito: ACCESS Adjunct Faculty Center; Administration; Distance Learning; Emergency Response Office B Bonham: Classrooms; College Communications and Marketing; Graphics; Language Lab; Media; School of Engineering, Business and Technology; Web Office C Crockett: Brazos Gallery; Classrooms; Dual Credit; Educational Transitions; Emeritus Office; Richland Collegiate High School (RCHS); Rising Star Program; School of Learning Enrichment and Academic Development; Trio/Soar Programs D Del Rio: Computer Labs E El Paso: Cafeteria; Career Center; Classrooms; Counseling Center; Office of Student Life; Richland Chronicle; Student I.D. Room; Student Lounge; Transfer Advising; Veterans Affairs; Working Wonders F Fannin: Arena Theatre; Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts; Performance Hall G Guadalupe: Dance Studio; Fitness Center; Gymnasiums; Swimming Pool H Hondo: Employee Services; Gardens; Thunderwater Organizational Learning Institute K Kiowa: Classrooms L Lavaca: Lago Vista Gallery; Library; School of World Languages, Cultures and Communications M Medina: Classrooms; Test Center; The Learning Center N Neches: Classrooms; Office of Planning and Research for Institutional Effectiveness P Pecos: College Police; Facilities Services; Information Technology Support Center R LeCroy Center: Telecommunications SH Sabine Hall: Bookstore; Coffee Shop; Conference Rooms; School of Mathematics, Science and Health Professions; Science Labs T Thunderduck: Admissions; Advising; Cashier Windows; Classrooms; Computer Training Institute; Continuing Education; Disability Services; Financial Aid; Health Center; Multicultural Center; Multimedia Labs; Phtotography; Registration; Skills Training Center U Uvalde: Classrooms V Verde: Classrooms WH Wichita Hall: American English and Culture Institute (AECI); Classrooms; Engineering Labs; ESOL Lab; Health Professions; Print Shop; Y Yegua: Classrooms



Vol. XXXV, Issue 1, January 17, 2012

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