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High School: Little Elm High School in Frisco, Texas Major: Marketing Why I chose A&M-Commerce: I chose A&M-Commerce because I have always heard great things about the track program and the university. I also love the small town, close-knit vibe you get from the community and professors.

MEET Demetrius Class of 2011

Best Professor So Far: Dr. Jennifer Flanagan for international business. She really encouraged me to reach my goals in class as well as outside of class. You could tell she loved her job, and still remembered what it’s like to be a student. Cool Stuff I Did at A&M-Commerce: My life has completely changed for the better since coming to A&M-Commerce! Pledging Kappa Alpha Psi has always been a dream of mine, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. Community service is one of the main things we aspire to help with in the fraternity. We’ve donated clothes for the women’s shelter, raised money for the Katrina and Haiti victims, and assisted the university with tasks around campus. I believe helping others in their time of need should be number one in anyone’s life. How A&M-Commerce Changed Me: I am blessed to attend a university as great as this one, and I take every opportunity that comes my way to better myself. I’m positive my leadership skills have changed in so many ways. As time for graduation comes around the corner I can see that I am more prepared to take on the battle of life.

LeArn More about Demetrius and how Texas A&M UniversityCommerce can change your future by visiting:


WWW.tAMu-CoMMerCe.eDu 903.886.5000 or 888.868.2682 A Member of The Texas A&M University System

Political fever rises


Copy Editor

After the Sept. 12 GOP debates in Tampa, Fl, it looked like former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry are running neck and neck in the lead for the Republican nomination. Both were on fire, spouting off on Social Security and Texas politics. At one point, the audience got a real laugh out of each of them criticizing what the other said about Social Security in their books. However, out of the eight candidates in the debate, my personal favorite was former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. He was sharp as a tack and I really liked what he said in an earlier debate about the press – that he’s sick of them trying to provoke Republicans into battling each other to make them look foolish. He also said that English should be the official language of the United States, with which I totally agree. In the last debate, as the candidates were still voicing their opinions about Social Security, John Huntsman blurted out that “We’re scaring the American people,” because seniors fear they will be cut off. But, Gingrich got a lot of great audience reaction when he said, “Obama scares the American people every single day.” I also agree with Gingrich on that one. Every time Obama speaks on TV, I wonder what he’s going to do to cause more fear among us. At the rate our country is deteriorating, I can’t wait until the 2012 presidential election – when the American

people bump him out of office. I truly be- are catching on to his distorted ideology. He lieve they will. seems to be trying to transform America into It baffles me that Obama even has a follow- a socialist nation. In the process he is driving ing. His poll numbers are plunging daily to an us into deeper debt and our nation is on the all-time low. Fourteen million Americans are road to possibly going broke. desperate to find a job to tide them over until Obama seems to think that the federal the economy improves. I’m not among those government should dictate every aspect of looking for a job, but I don’t see anything our lives. I don’t think most Americans agree. getting better with the current lack of leader- It’s evident from the results of the mid-term ship in the White House – at least not until elections that gave Republicans power over the presidential election when the American the House. We see our government explodpeople will determine the direction of our ing, trying to take over businesses – insurcountry. ance and banks. That I think any cannot work well for of the eight our country. It’s one of candidates the reasons why there’s in the most such an upheaval berecent GOP tween parties, as well as debates can confusion and disgust easily beat throughout the country Obama in at how our federal govthe upcomernment is functioning. ing election, For the first two years based on of Obama’s term, he what he’s had everything in his Image courtesy AP Photo/ Jae C. Hong favor with a Democratic done since he took of- Rick Perry and Ron Paul square off. Congress, yet he and his fice. What administration failed to has he really accomplished to help America? get our nation’s fiscal house in order – and Is our country better off since he was elect- there’s still concern over the budget issue. ed? This is a disgrace to our nation. In my opinion, all Obama has done is proI didn’t vote for Obama in 2008 because voke controversy with his policies and upset I thought he was shallow, deceptive and arthe entire nation with his vision of change rogant. His first outrageous policy, which and transition. He has never explained exact- critics call Obamacare, forcing everyone to ly what his vision is, but I think Americans get insurance or pay a penalty, should be

Drumming Up Support


Looking For Steel Band Players Members Wanted C.C. Island House is Seeking Talented Steel Band Members and Drummers. All Interested Candidates Please Contact Trini Phone: 214-622-7819 Email: Or mail resume to: 2205 Foreman St. Dallas, TX. 75210

repealed because it’s going to bankrupt our country. We’re already $14 trillion in debt and that figure won’t shrink anytime soon. All of the candidates in the Sept. 12 debate agreed that it should be repealed. It’s not just the health care issue that bothers me about Obama. It’s his attitude toward Congress and the American people. It reminds me of the movie, “Catch Me If You Can,” when the lead character continues to evade capture – challenging everyone to catch him. In Obama’s case, I think his presidential slogan should be “Stop Me If You Can” because he seems to be challenging Congress [and Americans] by doing whatever he wants and that includes having unlimited spending power. Political analysts and syndicated columnists discuss and criticize his policies, yet nobody seems to be able to call a halt to his arrogance. Where is the power of our Congress? I’m looking forward to the next Republican debate on Sept. 22 in Orlando, Fla. If you’re as disgusted as I am about how our country is functioning, you should hear what the Republican candidates have to offer to get our country back on track. I think they are all concerned with reducing the size of the federal government, repealing so-called Obamacare as it stands and upholding the Constitution. If we’re going to continue to be a democracy and enjoy a capitalistic society, then we need a president who can provide strong leadership and who cares about America.

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Going nuts for the weather

scarves soon.” Aimee Houghton, international business major, said. On that note, fashionistas listen up: acEditor-in-Chief cording to Elle magazine, a couple of the As Texans, we’re used to having every- hottest trends this fall are plaid and leather. thing bigger, but this summer’s temperature A cute plaid skirt and a form-fitting leather level was something most could have done jacket (or faux-leather) would be wise investments. without. Signs of fall are beginning to be spotted Last Tuesday Dallas/Fort Worth broke the 1980 heat record with 70 days of triple- including pumpkin patches, Halloween merdigits, according to the Associated Press. But chandise and the signs of fall foliage. With all the fall festivals coming up, like the obtaining this status wasn’t a breeze. Texas State Fair, hopes are Heat-related deaths, tremenhigh that this ideal weather dous drought and insanely high will stick around. electricity bills caused head“I’d rather be really cold aches and heartaches for aththan really hot. When you’re letes, farmers and people who cold you can always bundle tried to catch a break from the up to keep yourself warm, scorching sun. but you can only do so much Officially, the first day of fall when you’re hot. If this is this Friday and finally we’re Image credit Sean Dunbar weather could last forever, I receiving a well deserved break. The National Weather Service has predicted would be really happy,” Victor Odigie, comtemperature lows in the 60s and 70s for this puter science major, said. Inevitably when plummeting winter temweek and hopes are high that the dog days of peratures and extreme wind chills roll in, summer are over. “Being a lifeguard, going from working wishes for warmer temperatures will cross [in] 100 degrees to this weather is a fantas- our minds. But for now, let’s take advantage tic change. It’s nice that fall is finally com- of this stellar weather. All in favor of class outside? ing around. Plus, we get to wear coats and

LAURA GARSEA • September 20, 2011

Joyce Jackson



Adventure into ‘Late Night’ Rebecca Banks Staff Writer • September 20, 2011

Are you someone who enjoys creativity and different types of art? The “Late Night” at the Dallas Museum of Art offers several opportunities to indulge in its displayed artwork and exhibits after hours. The museum also offers music showcases, films, featured performances and various activities to create your own masterpiece. This month the museum held its “Late Night” on September 16. The main attraction showcased its new exhibit, Encountering Space, to display the creative atmosphere that surrounds space and underscores the theme for the night. “Students get to know different types of art in a casual atmosphere and interact with their friends in every aspect of the museum. You don’t have to know a lot about art because you will get to experience the different forms of art,” said Dr. Paul Bonneau. Bonneau is the Music-Visiting Scholar at


Richland College and has attended past evening events. He said he had a “wonderful time with a lot of people in a casual atmosphere and great art.” Numerous activities were available throughout the night from 6 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. Twitter Hunt, Poetry Open Mic, as well as a musical performance by the band “Shapes Stars Make” were featured. “La La La Human Steps’ Amelia” was the feature film and showed choreography of a dance company that created the illusion of limited space. Director Edouard Lock won several dance film awards for this movie because of the attention used to display the different point of view from the dancers to the audience. DiverseSoulz, a Dallas breakdance crew, collectively demonstrates their accurate choreography on the limited dance floor. Their strength and style uniquely represents an innovative approach to space and dance. Every third Friday of each month, the museum hosts this entertaining evening event that has everything for all ages. General admission is $10 but students can get in

for half price with their Richland IDs. The museum is located in the Downtown There is available parking in the museum Dallas Arts District with easy access to varigarage for $5. Parking is limited to first come ous transportation systems and entertainbut there are several parking lots around ment. The next event will be held October nearby that range from $5-10. 21. Information about the “Late Night” can DART is also a great source of transpor- be found at tation without the parking hassle. Another option is the McKinney Avenue Transit Trolley. It’s Dallas’ own vintage trolley that is free and makes a direct stop at the museum. “Late Nights have been great, the general ambiance when entering the museum attracts me. I enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by cultural people with the same interests as me. I also appreciate the variety of activities the museum offers to all its visitors, youngest to oldest,” said Claudia Lopez, a former Image courtesy Dallas Museum of Art Richland student who transDiverseSoulz perform in the Atrium during a ferred to the University of DMA Late Night Texas at Dallas.

Students audition for Free ‘Waving Goodbye’ foreign language films Megan Hayes and Michael Hampton auditioning for “Waving Goodbye” on Sept. 15

Cody samples and Aileen Donahue auditioning for “Waving Goodbye” on Sept. 15 Images credit Sean Dunbar

Image courtesy

‘Eat Drink Man Woman’ The World Language Lab will be showing free foreign films this semester. Students, faculty and staff are invited to foreign films that will entertain, educate and inspire conversation. This semester the foreign films will be all about food. The best foreign films concerning food have the power to tempt and tantalize with their sumptuous imagery. The films will rejoice in the most exquisite details and celebrate in the delight and enjoyment of food. They will transport an audience to the sights, sounds and flavors of far-off places. This semester’s movies will make you laugh, cry or even inspire you. But, if they do just one thing, they will make you hungry. Free popcorn will be served.

Thursday, Sept. 22: 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Del Rio Hall, Room D-174 In “Eat Drink Man Woman” (1994), the sensuous joy of food and its associated rituals are examined through the story of a father and his three grown daughters. The eleborate preparation of their Sunday dinners together acts as an expression of their unspoken thoughts and feelings. A retired master chef and widower is worried about the future of his three unmarried daughters who are skeptical about marriage. Yet, he himself surprises them with his secret love affair with a woman many years his junior.


‘Red State’ loaded with superb twists, turns SCOTT JACKSON Staff Writer

“God doesn’t love you, unless you fear him” “Red State” is the unlikely film from the mind of funny-man Kevin Smith, the director of “Clerks” and the creator of Jay and Silent Bob. Maybe now you’re confused seeing the image of a serious-looking woman holding this automatic weapon on the poster. Good, that’s exactly how Smith wants you to feel. He’s set out to make a completely different picture than what everyone is used to. Not only has he accomplished that, he’s actually made a good movie along the way. “Red State”is available on all Video On Demand services until the end of the month. Those itching to see this in a proper theater will have their chance on Sept. 25 in Oak Cliff in the historic Texas Theater, with a Kevin Smith is scheduled to be in attendance for a Q&A session after the screening. The film opens with three teenagers

browsing a craigslist-esque website looking to get laid over the weekend. It’s all too good to be true, though, and the boys get into a different situation than expected. Instead of the night of joyful sin, the boys are drugged and kidnapped by a character played by Oscar winner Melissa Leo. Hours later the group wakes up bound and gagged in “Red State’s” version of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. Up steps preacher

Image courtesy Lionsgate Home Vidoe

Abin Cooper (played by Michael Parks), who gives the most hateful and mesmerizing sermon you’ll ever hear. Halfway through, the cult even executes other kidnapped victims. One thing leads to another and ATF Special Agent Keenan (John Goodman) is sent to investigate a disturbance at the church. As if it hasn’t happened enough already, the film keeps on with more twists and turns than you can count upon one viewing. Bullets start flying and so does the camera. Over

and over you’re viewing quick camera cuts and seeing some pretty neat visual tricks for a cheap movie. The footage cuts from one place to the next without giving you any time to soak in what just happened. It sounds like I’m complaining, but with this kind of movie it sets a tone and makes everything more interesting. With only a limited amount of space, it’s hard to explain every reason why “Red State” is one of the best movies of the year. From the unknown actors to the established stars in this cast, you’re going to get sucked in with amazing performances for a full 90 minutes. Standing out, though, is the under-appreciated Michael Parks. Simply put, Parks’ portrayal of Abin Cooper will leave you in awe and I’ll even go so far as to say that this performance is by far the best I’ve seen all year. So, don’t try and get settled in when you watch “Red State.” You’ll be on the edge of your seat with an unsettling feeling from the beginning to end and love every minute of it.


Don’t you ever get sick and tired of playing the same type of games over and over and over again? Well, I do. And I’m pretty sure plenty of you feel the same way. “Never Dead” is the answer to your prayers. Some of you are probably thinking, “what the heck is this chick talking about?” In “Never Dead,” you play as a demon hunter named Bryce who is an immortal, which means you never die! The only thing that happens to you is that your limbs detach from you but you can use them as weapons and reattach them to yourself.

“Never Dead” is a third-person action game that takes place in a fantasy and horror-influenced universe. You battle between humans and strange-but-unique creatures in an extraordinarily detailed city environment. Of course, you will have weapons other than your arms and legs. You will use a butterfly designed sword, as well as guns. This beautiful world is in danger of possibly being devastated by a demonic plague. You are the only hope and it is up to you to save the world. Do you think you are up to the challenge? “Never Dead” is set to be released Sept. 30 and will be available on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Images courtesy,,

Image courtesy Equal Vision Records


We Came as Romans’ second studio album, “Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be,” released on Sept. 13 is a big step forward for the band. This album stays true to the band’s post-hardcore sounds, but departs from its normally positive lyrics. Kyle Pavone’s smooth vocals, contrasting David Stephens’ harsh screams, well represent the “dark to light” theme the band is aiming for with this album. This theme is also displayed on the album cover artwork. The album opens quickly with the heavy track, “Mis//Understanding.” There is a high energy present for the entirety of this track. This track also has some of the best mixtures of the two vocals. “Everything as Planned” contrasts the

first track somewhat with a more gradual build up in the beginning of the song. I enjoyed the sudden, quick stops laced throughout the song. The chorus does a great job of balancing this track, and fits very well with its screaming counterparts. The track, “The Way That We Have Been,” impressively uses many different musical elements to great success. Fast-paced drums help set a good tempo. I particularly like the periodic use of high pitched strings. Overall, this track serves the album well. The album is filled with many successful tracks. Although the more intense parts of this post-hardcore album could be intimidating to some, it all comes together to create a wide range of complementary sounds. I would definitely recommend buying this album. And keep an eye on We Came as Romans as they continue to evolve. • September 20, 2011

Game Preview:


Campus • September 20, 2011


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Chieu. Inducted as a member in the spring semester of 2010, Chieu joined Phi Theta Kappa for the experiences and scholarships. She said she has made a lot of friends and met many inspiring people along the way.

Richland College Music Recital Series All performances are Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. in Fannin Performance Hall, unless noted otherwise and are free to the general public.

Fall 2011 RECITAL SCHEDULE: Sept. 27 ◆ Dr. Michael Varner “Yoruba Music of Nigeria”

Nov. 8 ◆ Richland College Guitar Ensemble

Oct. 4 ◆ Iridium Brass Quintet (Arena theatre)

Nov. 15 ◆ Richland College Jazz Ensembles

Oct. 11 ◆ “Conquistadors & Composers” (Arena theatre)

Nov.22 ◆ Richland College String Orchestra & Chamber Ensembles

Oct. 18 ◆ Dr. Jerry Wallace Music Scholarship Recital

Nov. 29 ◆ Richland College Choral Ensembles

Oct. 25 ◆ Richland College Wind Symphony & Chamber Ensembles

Dec. 6 ◆ Vocal Honors Recital

Nov. 1

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◆ Richland College Percussion Group and Steel Bands

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Constitution Day: Remembering Sept. 17, 1787

The Office of Student Life provided information and a series of quizzes to test students’ knowledge about the Constitution Sept. 16 in the El Paso Lounge. Below: Amarat Ali (left) 21, a computer science major, takes a quiz on the Constitution. He’s taking a class in American history and his teacher requested that students take the quiz to see how they fare.

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Richland College’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Alpha Xi, held a bake sale Sept. 13 in El Paso Hall, raising over $200, donating 25 percent of the profit to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society among community college students, whose mission is to recognize and encourage academic achievement. Additionally, the society provides opportunities of individual growth and development through activities in the four hallmarks of scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship. Alpha Alpha Xi’s co-vice presidents of service, Dennis Q. Ly and Patricia Villacin, planned the fundraiser as one of the chapter’s monthly service projects, in order for members to have an active and involving role in service and volunteerism. One of the co-vice presidents of leadership. Nineteen-year-old Andee Chieu, business management major, was glad to be one of the many volunteers at the bake sale. As an officer, she believes it’s her duty to help out and be a part of any services the chapter has. “Personally, those who participate in the bake sale are not only helping our community but they’re role models to society,” said

benefits hospital


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Super-student Krystal Paul does it all Staff Writer

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Krystal Paul, 20, a biology major, has completed 50 credit hours and is attending her second year at Richland as a full-time student. Born and raised in Trinidad for 18 years, Paul grew up with her mother and brother. She said that growing up in Trinidad was the highlight of her life. She did a lot of volunteer projects, such as being a FIFA flag bearer and ball attendant for six years -- which she loved because she got to meet soccer players from around the world. “The culture is more relaxed than the one I am in today,” Paul said. “The trait I admire most about my mother is her unconditional love toward my brother and [me]. She would ensure that we had any and everything my brother and I needed or even wanted. She




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ly attended these schools, where they studied in the field of science. So they recommended their school as an option for me,” said Paul. Currently, Paul is employed part-time by the Richardson Independent School District. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, she tutors Advancement Via Individual Determination students at Richardson North Junior High School. “It is a pleasure teaching the AVID students. Their determination and passion for learning is beyond explanation,” said Paul. “I can honestly say that it is not easy being a student while having a job, but then I remember that there are people who have full-time jobs, or maybe even two.” During Paul’s free time, she likes to stay active. So regardless of the sport, she would try it. Paul also enjoys watching “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” because she tries to analyze the evidence given in the episode to see if she can determine who the criminal is before it is revealed.

Dedicated to drama


Andy Long has been looking for a full-time teaching position in drama for two years. When he saw that Richland had an opening, he applied and got the Visiting Scholar position. Long been working in professional theater for about 25 years in a variety of fields, including broadcast, voiceovers, improv and commercials. He has also directed plays at the Pocket Sandwich Theater and now works with the Dallas Children’s Theater. “I was touring the country performing comedy,” Long said. “I’ve directed and acted in professional theater.” Long said some of the jobs in the entertainment field have required him to leave the metroplex, Long said, but he’d but he would rather stay in this area because he has a family. He’s teaching three acting classes this semester, as well as a demo lab on Fridays and a theater practicum. “I feel like I have a lot to offer students, coming from the professional world,” Long said. “I have a tremendous amount of contacts. I’m using a lot of contacts to help the students gain access to outstanding professionals in the field that they can learn from.” “We want to grow the department and increase enrollment, increase full-time faculty positions and do all of this through really high quality productions that re-establish the reputation of Richland College Theater on a state-wide and national level,” Long said. The drama department has added new adjunct faculty: Mac Lower, a professional director; Ginger Goldman, a professional ac-

tress; Dennis Maganza, the former head of the acting program at Texas State University; Victoria Irvin, a Richland alumna; and Jennifer Owen, Richland’s former tech director who has just received her master’s degree and who is teaching introduction to theater this semester. Three adjunct faculty, Debi RuizEsparza, Kerry Cole and Wendy Welch, have returned this semester. Long said Richland is the only one of the seven Dallas County Community Colleges that has a full season schedule. The others only perform two plays per season. The Richland department is performing four plays this season, which covers both the fall and spring semesters. All are free and open to the public. One of the plays this fall, “Exit the Body” by Fred Carmichae, is a fast-paced comedy, Long said. It will run at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday, Oct. 12-15, in the Fannin Performance Hall. It’s the story of a mystery writer who rents a new England house that is the rendezvous point for some jewel thieves. The focal point of the set is the closet, where a body is found, later disappears and then is replaced by another body. The hunt is on for some jewels, and there are some hilarious entrances and exits. A contemporary drama, “Waving Goodbye” by Jamie Pachino, will run at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, Nov. 16-19, in the Arena Theatre in Fannin Hall. It’s the story of a 17-year-old photographer, Lily Blue, who loses her father in a mountain climbing accident and must now live with her mother, who once abandoned her. For more information about the drama department, contact Long at 972-238-6256. • September 20, 2011

Dennis Q. Ly

did everything possible to guarantee our hap- the impeccable coaching staff that not only piness.” help her on the field, but off as well. Paul also volunteered at marathons, charity “Not only does playing soccer give you the events and mentored young girls. Paul chose health benefits, but you now have a group to engage herself in these activities because it of people who become an extension of your gave her a feeling of accomfamily. They look out for plishment. Knowing that she you and help in times of helped someone, she said, need,” said Paul. made her feel like she was Paul hopes to earn a serving a purpose in society. doctorate in kinesiology This fall, Paul was acceptwith a minor in speech ed into the Science, Technolpathology. Her list of ogy, Engineering and Mathpossible universities to ematics program. She joined transfer to after Richland the STEM program because include Texas Woman’s it will assist her in fulfilling University, Texas Chrisher ultimate goal in life, protian University, Univerviding opportunities that will sity of Texas at Arlington expose her area of study. and Baylor University. Images credit Sean Dunbar One of Paul’s most signifi“I have chosen those cant times at Richland would schools because they have be playing on the soccer team for a second outstanding science programs and also beyear. She has gained useful knowledge from cause some of my family members previous-



Defeated, Cowboys have hope Staff Writer

Be angry. Get upset. Throw things at your television. Torture your Tony Romo voodoo doll and swear never to watch the Cowboys again! Leading the New York Jets 24-10 with 14 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys looked poised to escape Metlife Stadium with a shocking road victory to start the 2011 season. But Romo, the recognizable face of the Cowboys, simply blew it. He fumbled the ball at the 3-yard line. He threw an inexcusable interception. He wrapped the game in decorative cellophane and gifted it to the Jets. The Cowboys fell 27-24. Why, God? Why would you dangle such triumph in front of me, only to strip it away in week 1? Now, take a deep breath, control your heart rate and relax. The Cowboys have played a meager 6.25 percent of their schedule, and 15 games remain. The season is young. Though a blasphemous view in light of such a heart-wrenching loss, I remain optimistic. In fact, I think that the Cowboys looked (gulp)… great! Hear me out. Since the start of the 2009 season, the Jets are 25-14, including two trips to the AFC Conference Championship. In 2010, the Jets allowed the third-fewest yards per game (291.5), the sixth-fewest points per game (19.0) and limited teams to fewer than 24 points in an impressive 13 of 16 games.

Yet despite playing on the road in a hostile environment, the Cowboys’ offense looked dangerous. With wide receiver Dez Bryant healthy and the offensive line providing adequate protection, Romo torched the best cornerback tandem in the NFL in Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie. The offensive line, which consisted of three new starters, provided Romo time in the pocket to look downfield. They weren’t spectacular against the Jets’ pass rush but absolutely good enough to win. And the Cowboys’ defense, which ranked 31st in scoring last season, played exceptionally well. With their top three cornerbacks hobbled by injury, the team limited the Jets’ offense to 17 points. The defense also created two turnovers, sacked Jets’ quarterback Mark Sanchez four times and held last season’s most prolific rushing attack to a mere 45 yards. Second-year linebacker Sean Lee

Image courtesy AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams

In this Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011, file photo, New York Jets linebacker David Harris (52) chases Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) out of the pocket as running back Felix Jones (28) runs alongside during the second half of the Cowboys 27-24 loss to the Jets in an NFL football game in East Rutherford, N.J. Romo threw an interception and fumbled during the second half.

dominated the line of scrimmage, recording 12 tackles and returning an interception 37 yards to the Jets’ 1-yard line. Though at less than full strength, new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and the defense performed admirably. Yet those were the lingering question marks entering the 2011 season, right? Fans and experts were horrified by the inexperience of the offensive line and the lack of talent on defense. Those units were expected to struggle, but they did not. That’s reason for hope. It was Romo who let the fans down. Though he played phenomenally well through three quarters to put the Cowboys ahead, his critical mistakes down the stretch lost the game. Though his performance is unImage courtesy The Dallas Morning News even at times, Romo is a known commodity. For stretches in games, he is brilliant, but his tendency to make critical mistakes at key times is his flaw.

Image courtesy AP Photo/Bill Kostroun

This we know. Romo will bounce back. He will be a consistent force for this team throughout the season. And if Romo really is the biggest concern for this team in 2011, then the Cowboys might be pretty good after all.

Image courtesy AP Photo/Julio Cortez

New York Jets kicker Nick Folk (2) and Mark Brunell (8) celebrate Folk’s 50-yard field late in the fourth quarter of an NFL football game to defeat the Dallas Cowboys 27-24 Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011, in East Rutherford, N.J. Left is Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee (50). • September 20, 2011

adam crouch



Vol. XXXIV, Issue 6, September 20, 2011

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