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MARCH/April 2010

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09 charitable elegance Benefit for Make-A-Wish & Children’s Hospital


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Lingerie as it was meant to wear

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All business with the Furious Brothers

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Beauty products for a new decade

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T.H. Taylor shoots Mother Nature


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On the cover: Photography and make up by T.H. Taylor. Clothing: museum quality monocle headpiece by Vaunt Designs. $425 Model: Danielle March/April 2010


upfront letter

masthead Editor in chief Brandon brown Design Director bryon eser ART/Photography director t. h. taylor managing editor Whitney hoag ASSISTANT EDITOR MATT EHRMANN GRAPHIC DESIGN Danny Mancuso

Editor’s letter With love in the air last month and green beer this month, times are good in the Brew City. This marks the sixth issue of 4PM Magazine. Happy Birthday 4PM! This all started one-year ago with a dream to do things differently – to spice it up a bit. Everyone dreams, but few decide to act on that dream. We did! For those that remember the first issue, Yikes – it was a little rough around the edges! But hey, we have grown leaps-and-bounds in a short time, adjusting along the way to bring you a better magazine, and we plan to keep on charging. It’s only appropriate that this is our “Movers & Shakers” issue – people doing big things in Milwaukee, for Milwaukee. We consider ourselves movers and shakers, always looking for the next big craze. So keep up Milwaukee, because it’s a new year and we are going places. I want to thank every person that believed in us from the beginning. Without your support, we couldn’t have made this dream a reality.

BRAND BROKERS rafal krolik Jarred Penkalski Geri Snyder

Brandon Brown Love it… Live it… But most of all Read it!

dot com editor Lawrence canada tom story

Let me know your thoughts. What do you want to see, read, etc…

WRITERS Tara Cribb Carissa Deschler Angela Damiani Marly Fink Sarah Safina Michelle williamson Andrea Harris stylists Tara Cribb michelle williamson PHOTOGRAPHERS Jake Gundrum will lincoln seville media T.H. Taylor The furious brothers Illustration chad EDWARDS MODELS Gina, Danielle, Victoria Ruthy, Sarah, Kelly AND Neda


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All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced or transmitted wholly or partly without prior permission in writing from 4 Play Magazine (4PM). All material and information, which appears on the 4PM Magazine, is presented for informational purposes only. 4PM Magazine presents all data as is, without any warranty or any kind, express or implied, and is not liable for its accuracy, for mistakes, errors, or omissions of any kind, nor for any loss or damage caused by a user’s reliance on information obtained in the information. 4PM takes no responsibility as to the accuracy of statements in any of our articles or advertising. We utilise independent writers, commissioned writers and reader responses to present us with ideas and informational material. 4PM does not assume liability for products or services advertised herein.

04 March/April 2010

Oops! Our Bad! In our December/January issue, Jason Gorman of Dream Dance Steakhouse was incorrectly referred to as Jeff Gorman. 4PM regrets this error and those responsible were made to clean the office toilets with a toothbrush. Their own toothbrush.

upfront Interruption


RHINOCEROS SUCCESS Have you ever wondered what the secret to success is? Well we have dug deep through the pages of life to bring you the one thing that will help you flourish – become a Rhinoceros. That’s right, a 6000 pound, tough skinned, two-horned animal found in the jungle. With all that size, we can really learn a lot from these big ass animals. I bet that’s something you’ve never tried before, which explains why success hasn’t knocked on your door yet. Success is something we all crave in life whether it’s spiritual, social, work, financial, family or physical. Look no further, because 4PM has all the answers and we’re going to devise a plan for you as your newfound Rhinoceros self. With help from author Scott Alexander, here are 5 steps to success as a rhino.

Steve Jobs has put on his Carl Denham hat, traveled to Skull Island and captured something magical and mystical. It’s a beast, both in scope and size, and on January 27th, he chained it up and put it on show for the entire world to see.

1. First order of your day as a rhino is to charge – you must have some goals that will add purpose to your life as a rhinoceros. 2. Charge massively and you will have massive success – when you take on a challenge, you give it all you got, never letting the possibility of failure cross your mind. 3. You’ve got two-inch-thick skin and can take anything – the more successful you become, the bigger the punches are that will be thrown your way. 4. As a rhinoceros, you are always alert – your whole being is always on the lookout for any opportunity that might come your way. 5. Take a quick shower, brush your horns, put on your rhino clothes and get ready to… CHARGE!!!


the ipad touch

You know the drill people flame the latest Apple device until the day it hits the streets. Then, boom, everyone has one. The iPad is the latest invention in a long line to traverse this beaten path. So take out your magnifying glass and let’s see what’s up. Upon first inspection it seems not only are there some pieces of the puzzle missing, but some were never included in the box in the first place. Put your ear to the nearest Internet connection and you’ll hear all the blogs and talking heads picking apart its flaws and oversights. The non-support of Flash based media and lack of USB ports have many enthusiasts up in arms, but those complaints are nothing new as the iPhone doesn’t support those things either. Yet for a device that’s supposed to invalidate all other portable forms of media, it’s a curious strategy. Additionally, the iPad is a little mentally slow. Can you walk and talk at the same time? I sure hope so. The iPad can’t. Say you wanna rock out a bit while you make use of its highly touted iBook features? Well that just ain’t gonna happen, son, ‘cause the iPad is a fickle bitch and won’t multitask. But hey, it ain’t all bad, the iPad is a two-sided sword. Apple’s renowned and innovative App Store is mostly supported and the list of apps unique to the iPad is growing every week. The screen can be summed up in one word…’purty’. And starting at 500 dollars the price is pretty easy on the checkbook, depending on how much storage space you feel the need for. All Apple products have a shockingly polarizing effect on the public. It remains to be seen if carrying the iPad around in public is going to make you look sophisticated or just want to fit in. Is it a fashion statement or just a clumsy beast? March/April 2010


living Direction

charitable elegance Milwaukee pulls it together for “An Evening of Elegance.” By Clarissa Deschler

Photography Courtesy of Make-A-Wish Foundation

Imagine seven of Milwaukee’s best restaurants preparing their signature dish for you, the Milwaukee Youth Orchestra playing in the background, while Milwaukee’s best bakeries are filling your table with desserts and the room smells of Milwaukee’s best florists. Of course, all of this comes after the wine tasting. Experience the best of Milwaukee on one elegant evening—and its all for charity. It’s “An Evening of Elegance,” and soon to be what Milwaukee really needs. Elegance Salon owner, Tammy Flynn, is the woman behind the event feeling inspired after spending days and days at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin after her 13-year-old son, Marcus, was born with encephalopathy and global cognitive delay. Flynn fell in love with the staff and wanted to give back. After some research on charity events, Flynn discovered that most large events came with a high ticket of $50 to $250 and that charities never saw more than half of that money. Not what Flynn was looking for. She approached Children’s Hospital and proposed an event which would come together exclusively with donations from Milwaukee businesses. The entire ticket price would be donated to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Make-A-Wish Foundation of Wisconsin. The staff told her, “If anyone could do that, it’s you Tammy.” The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Wauwatosa was the perfect location for such an event. With Children’s Hospital in the background, the event will be held on April 24, 2010. Donations for the event seem to be endless. The Crowne Plaza will provide a getaway to High Peaks Resort in New York for a lucky raffle winner while seven of Milwaukee’s best restaurants are catering the event: The Peachtree Restaurant, Tutto, Carnevor, Umami Moto, The Grove, Charro, Innovations, and Crawdaddy’s. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board and Third Coast Wine Werks will be donating cheese and wine for the event. The list of Milwaukee businesses who have donated for the event goes on and on: Simma’s Bakery, Philoptochos Ladies Society, 88 Keys Piano Martini Lounge, Hotel Metro, Claim Jumper, Sweet Somethings LLC, Canfora Bakery and Le Cakery. This evening of elegance and tour of Milwaukee could not have come together without every little bit from each of these businesses. For the evening, entertainment will be provided by Music on the Move Plus and the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra.  Alfa Flowers will provide the décor and all graphic design promoting the event will be created by Uncommon Affair, Inc.  Such an event could not go undocumented, and Mike Krukowski Photography will be donating their services as well. The night will also include a raffle with prizes donated by Flanner’s Home Entertainment, Uptown Motors, Trista & Co. Interiors, Marcus Theatres, JC Healthier Supplements, Robertson Ryan and Associates, Inc., Midwest Express Airlines, Tobin Jewelers and Diamond Setting-Goldsmith Designs & Repairs. In order to get the word out, Presswork Printing, MetroParent Magazine, FastSigns, 4PM Magazine and Ideal have donated the advertising, signage, promotional booths and printing. Also, Logos and Awards will supply parting gifts. Main supporters of the cause and donators to the event include: Attorney Julie O’Halloran, Donald Paynter, Financial Consultant, Author Jeanette Hurt, The Princeton Club, The Stephens Benning Team of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Amy Shields, PartyLite Consultant and Absolute Ozone Solutions, Inc.. All of the above companies and businesses deserve more than just applause. Every generous donation has allowed this event to happen completely for the charity of the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Make-A-Wish Foundation of Wisconsin. Flynn explains, “This event is my heart and Milwaukee needs something positive as a community, as we all come together.” This won’t be the last time Milwaukee pulls together for charity; “An Evening of Elegance” will be a yearly event.

If you missed out this year on donating, or if your business would like to become involved and help pull Milwaukee together please contact Ms. Flynn at (262) 785-0880 or email her at For more information about the event in general, visit March/April 2010


living Scene

Members Only MyBarCard is doing their part to help you save in these tough times By Angela Damiani

Photography Seville Media

Aaron Gersonde, Albert Taylor and Hemad Fadaifar

MyBarCard slid onto the Milwaukee nightlife scene a little over a year ago. The membership program allows cardholders to access exclusive drinks specials, free cover, discounted professional sports tickets and many other incentives throughout the city. Formed by three friends that noticed Milwaukee’s nightlife dwindling with changing tastes and the economy waning, MyBarCard encourages members to explore the many different arenas of entertainment the city has to offer. Beyond stimulating the local economy, the three founders aspire to revamp the way Milwaukeeans enjoy their city and look forward to future expansions throughout the state and nation. I recently explored this embodiment of entrepreneurship with Hemad Fadaifar, the head of public relations and marketing as well as Albert Taylor, the head of events and promotions, two of the three founders of MyBarCard.

10 March/April 2010

4PM: How do you become a member of MyBarCard? MyBarCard: It’s very simple. Go to our website www.enjoymybarcard. com and purchase the card. Right now we’re offering one-month, fourmonth or twelve-month subscriptions for membership. Once you’ve purchased the membership online, you’ll receive a card and activation sticker in the mail with a brochure describing the different exclusive deals you have access to. And then you’re good to go. You print your name on the back of the card and you go save money. 4PM: How did you create the idea for this product? MBC: Albert and Aaron have a background in club promotions and I worked as a bartender. The idea grew from working in the industry. We noticed that the people in the service industry get hooked up because they know the bartender or doorman. But there are only a

living Scene

small percentage of the people that know someone else in the industry - so what about the rest of us? We thought, let’s create something for the regular person to make him or her feel exclusive, and MyBarCard is that bartender you know throughout the city. 4PM: How does the card work when a member tries to use it at a specified venue? MBC: Our slogan is, “It pays to flash me.” You flash the card along with your identification to the bartender or server. The sticker on the front of the card lists the level of membership you have purchased and your printed name on the back of the card guarantees it’s yours, and not your roommate’s or a friend’s. You can use the card as many times as you want in a night. 4PM: How receptive have local venues been to participating in the program? MBC: The first four or five months it was an uphill battle. We were happy to accept any deal from anybody at the beginning. Luckily, we’ve gain a following, so we charge the venues who wish to participate. Nowadays we receive calls from venues and individuals from all over the state and nation who want to become members. We’re not there yet, but we’d love to expand eventually. Currently we have over 60 venues and organizations involved throughout Milwaukee. The venues designate any special they want to cater to their patrons and demographic. We encourage the establishment to be as creative as possible and at the same time keep it as simple as possible. 4PM: I imagine that this product is doing quite well in our current economic state? MBC: It came at a perfect time. Right after our launch party, we got a phone call from Fox6 News. They featured us as reviving the economy. Basically conventional wisdom would say people tend to drink more during hard times, but the opposite happened. People viewed drinking as an unneeded expense, so MyBarCard encouraged them to go out again. That interview was really a big deal for us especially because we had only been in business for 16 days. 4PM: Do you consider yourselves entrepreneurs? MBC: We would most definitely consider ourselves entrepreneurs. All of our fathers were entrepreneurs. Whether you know it or not, they engrain that lifestyle in you. We’ve never believed in the corporate ladder. There are nights when we’re in the office 14 hours writing a proposal, not being able to see family for days or hang out with friends; we sacrificed a lot in the last year. 4PM: Did you ever imagine MyBarCard would be your ticket to success? MBC: No, absolutely not. That’s what is so beautiful about it. If you were to ask me three years ago what I’d be doing when I was 24, I would never have guessed this. That’s what’s so exciting, that you never know tomorrow, literally tomorrow, what is going to happen. It’s been an unbelievable journey. 4PM: Were you scared to jump off the conventional wagon and venture out onto your own? MBC: Yes! But we pushed each other. It’s very scary, because people

don’t like uncertainty, when you don’t know what’s going to happen. When you can go into an office with a chair waiting for you, you sit down and you work knowing someone is going to pay you, that’s a comforting feeling. But there’s no rush like waking up and knowing that people are relying on you and you have to go out and do things for yourself. 4PM: What advice would you give other entrepreneurs? Or other kids that want to take that jump, but are scared with the economy and the societal push to simply comply with the standard 9 to 5 option? MBC: Surround yourself with people that support you, no matter what. And don’t take advice from someone who doesn’t have what you want. And don’t be scared as a young entrepreneur. We’re young enough now to make mistakes; this is the time to do it. You can’t make mistakes when you’re in your forties and fifties, when the downfall would be much more detrimental. Be prepared for hard work. It’s not by any means easy. It’s a lot like childbirth; you can listen to a woman describe it to you, but you won’t actually ever know how it feels until you go through it yourself. 4PM: On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you to get up every morning and do what it is you do? MBC: I don’t want to sound cliché, but I’m a ten. I wouldn’t wake up at 8 am every day, if I didn’t like what I do. I’m doing what I want to

“There’s no rush like waking up and knowing people are relying on you, knowing that you have to go out and do things for yourself.” do, I’m doing it the way I want it to be done, and it’s very empowering. The one thing in this journey is that there are so many highs and lows. Having your support around you keeps you grounded, your head in the sky and your feet on the ground. 4PM: Do you have a final message for our readers? MBC: Check out the website, just give it a try. We’re a company for the people. We want to be the voice of the nightlife and entertainment. We’re not some company that’s out of arm’s reach, we’re right here, talk to us, give us feedback, let us know what venues you want, what specials you want and we’ll go get them for you. We’re trying to bring that umpf back to the nightlife. Use us, leverage us, and we’ll get you what you want.

March/April 2010


living Scene

DJ Gem & DJ Broadway Streetz


DJ Broadway Streetz and DJ Gem collaborate forming the Chicago based duo ‘RadioAktives,’ fusing the high-energy of dance and house music with the edge of hip hop. By Andrea Harris

Photography by Will Lincoln

What happens when you bring together Harlem native DJ Broadway Streetz, hip hop prodigy, and mix that with the talents of electrohouse artist Jem? Easy, the RadioAktives. The two have recently teamed up to create a sound that is high energy and undeniably inventive. Prior to coming together, both have had success as solo artists both in Milwaukee and around the country—and soon to come Europe— with their RadioAktive Euro tour promoting their newest album, RadioAktivity.  This summer the two hope to become better known in Milwaukee by getting their music out to the masses. You should plan to catch their sets at Summerfest as well as at other festivals and events around the area.  They’re also looking to collaborate with some of Milwaukee’s radio stations in hopes of spreading the music they are both so passionate about.  As lucky as we are, we got the chance to talk to DJ Broadway Streetz himself. 4PM: What genre(s) would you say best fits your style of music/ RadioAktive’s style of music?  RadioAktive: The best ways to describe our music would probably be dance, electro, pop and hip hop mixed into one big, hot sound. 4PM: What made you decide making music is what you wanted to do, and why? RA: I’ve always been around music. In the early 70’s my mother was a DJ. She would always have people over and just simply play music that I took a huge liking to. I always loved the melodies and singing. I saw at a young age how music sets the mood and tone. I knew music 12 March/April 2010

was what I would do since the first grade. Living in Harlem, New York City at the birth of hip hop has certainly molded me into the entertainer that I am today. You can see its influences in my dress, style, fashion and frankly the way I live. 4PM: What other artists do you compare yourself to, and why? RA: That’s really a difficult question because I think myself and Jem are creating or maybe re-creating a new lane. I do think what we are doing has been attempted but never pushed to color outside of the

“We are the radioaktives… Our mission is to make you dance.” lines. I think most people would identify us with LMFAO but mixed with the smoothness of LL Cool J. We definitely mix the two worlds and try to create magic. 4PM: What is the concept behind your group RadioAktive? How does it differ from your solo work? RA: Well the RadioAktives are a combination of two different worlds. Jem is definitely a Master in the house-electro music area and I am totally hip hop oriented. Our work had been highly suggested by DJ White Shadow “Paul Blair” who thought that if you mixed the two different styles you would come up with something great. My solo work is something completely different. I am totally hip hop’s grandson.  4PM: How do you and Jem manage to fuse hip hop and techno/house, how do you make it work? 

living Scene RA: Our chemistry has to be Godly, because when Jem puts the beat on I immediately know the direction the song will take. If you see us record we don’t speak much and somehow it’s done fairly quickly. When we listen to the music we see no margins, so as much as something may sound electro, I can add my twist on it so you can see it many different ways. 4PM: Who do you look up to as an artist? RA: I look up to my brother Gravity. He’s probably the most creative person I know. As a kid he always told me to think outside of the box and there isn’t anything too stupid to do. The world is my canvas to spread my paint upon. I also look up to Kanye West for the ways he expresses himself through his music.   4PM: What type of crowd do you most enjoy playing for? RA: I enjoy playing for hip hop crowds...and I mean real hip hop, but Jem introduced me to pop and electro and the energy is truly a different monster that is like a narcotic to me.  4PM: What can we expect to find on your upcoming album? RA: You’ll find a new type of production over smooth verses. I think you’ll find the same energy that you would get with dance but you will also get some real sexy verses in between.  4PM: Where do you hope your career/RadioAktive’s career will be in 5 years?  RA: I want to open doors for other artists that drink from our fountain and also create some great music. I want my DJing to also be respected worldwide. I do foresee an executive status in 5 years.  4PM: Who do you hope to target with your music?  RA: I plan to target everyone because we have selected music that touches almost every angle. I have no limitations on who listens to our music. I think people will take their own individual likings to certain songs on our album. We have something for everyone.  4PM: What is the most exciting moment you’ve had as an artist thus far? RA: The creative process of making music. Most people will say this show or that show. I love coming up with it in the studio, jumping on the couches when we believe we have struck gold.  4PM: What is your main goal in creating music? RA: My main goal is to give it out to the people. I was very fortunate to be blessed with so much good music in my lifetime; I’m just repaying my debt to the culture and giving you my spin on it.  4PM: Where have you all played thus far? RA: I have done events for Nike, Macy’s, Ann Klien, Forever 21 and I also have toured with Jim Jones, Tha Dogg Pound, Ice Cube just to name a few. The list goes on.  4PM: How long have you been making music? RA: I’ve been spinning music since I was 6. We made this album in 30 I guess 30 days I’ve been making music.  4PM: What can we expect from you next? RA: The RadioAktive Euro Tour!! 4PM: Where can we expect to find RadioAktive in Milwaukee? RA: I think you’ll be seeing us perform at many venues and festivals that Milwaukee hosts in the summer. I think we may also be doing some other events in collaborations with the radio stations as well. 4PM: What do you feel RadioAktive has to offer Milwaukee? RA: We offer more of the quality music and sounds we have been giving this city since we’ve been coming here, which is high energy music!

New to the block The Velvet Hour The VelvethouR, new to the trendy Milwaukee Street scene, brings the culinary excitement of fine dining to their extensive list of original cocktails. The cozy yet spacious atmosphere combines traditional elegance with modern design to create an upscale and comfortable ambiance.  Brought to life by the same owners as Soho 7, the VelvethouR brings the idea of upscale accessibility to its Mason Street location. What you can expect from their customized cocktail menu is drinks unprecedented to the Milwaukee bar scene.  Mathias, award winning mixologist and the brains behind the VelvethouR’s original drink list, draws inspiration from every cocktail era to date—ranging from Speakeasies of the 1920’s to new wave molecular mixology.  The result being an infusion of flavors you won’t likely find anywhere else in the city.  For example, “The 8-0-8”, made with Kettle corn infused gin mixed with a handmade grenadine and fresh sour, provides an unfamiliar yet mouth-watering drinking – and culinary – experience.  Or if that’s not quite your style, the “Sex and the City martini”, inspired by Samantha Jones herself, provides a unique twist on the traditional Cosmo.  However, if you’re just along for the ride the full bar accommodates those who are more comfortable with sticking to what they know. The aesthetically pleasing ambiance paired with unique, hand-crafted cocktails along with a full bar creates an experience for customers that is upscale yet unpretentious. The VelvethouR  hopes to draw in drinkers of all ages and experience levels as they all have something to gain—the opportunity to enjoy themselves just as much as their cocktails.

324 E. Mason St.

March/April 2010


Bad Romance Photography and Make Up by T.H. Taylor

14 March/April 2010

Long white stretch tank top from Lela.

March/April 2010


White lace cowl neck halter with pearly necklace and white Jersey boy shorts by Judi Rath available at Lela Boutique.

Men’s white tank top and white Jockey underwear.

16 March/April 2010

Creame vintage slip from Caroline’s Vintage of Milwaukee.

March/April 2010


White v-neck t-shirt and white lace boy shorts from Goodwill Milwaukee.

18 March/April 2010

Silk cream slip from Caroline’s.

March/April 2010


living eats & Libations

It’s a date Take that special someone to one of these hot spots in town. By Michelle Williamson


Photography Seville Media


Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge

Crazy Water

1716 N. Arlington Place 414.755.0099

1579 S. 9th Street 414.383.2620

839 S. 2nd Street 414.645-2606

Given the décor of wine bottles stacked upon the wood wall shelving, it’s not hard to guess the specialty of Brady Street hot spot Balzac. But not only is there an extensive list of wines from around the world, there’s also an impressive food menu with a focus on plates meant to be shared. Interesting items include the grilled cheese and trout sandwich and duck confit nachos. Eclectic seems to be the name of the game here, with the chairs charmingly mismatched and random old portraits and illustrations hung together closely on the walls. The comfortable atmosphere and upbeat music nurtures a varied crowd, especially during the popular “Elegantly Wasted” happy hour (half off select wine bottles and glass pours) from 3 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Touted as Milwaukee’s oldest cocktail lounge, Bryant’s has an extensive roster of over 450 possible specialty drinks, yet there’s not a physical menu to be found. Instead, the knowledgeable bartenders can tailor a concoction based on your preferences of alcohol, mixers and strength. From tipsy ice cream blends to classic Depression Era cocktails to tropical getaways in a glass, they can do it all and in their formal vests and ties, they do it in style. Experimenting with the drink options is enthusiastically encouraged and swapping sips with your date provides an instant icebreaker. But if you’re really looking to heat things up, ordering a flaming drink (like the Candle Light: vodka, raspberry puree and peach) may be the first step in the right direction.

Tucked away in Walker’s Point, Crazy Water has been serving up some of the best dishes in the city since 2002. Housed in a former German tavern, the restaurant, with its warm, tea lit glow and close quarters setup, has a quaint European feel, while owner and head chef Peggy Magister describes the menu as “new American fusion, a mix of ethnicities with a modern twist.” Classy without being uptight, it’s a great date destination for those with an affinity for fine food and its preparation; an endearing trait of the eatery is that the chefs man the stoves in a tiny kitchen folded into the front window. First daters, be warned: Crazy Water sets the bar high (especially if you’re lucky enough to snag the coveted pillow-lined couples booth at the end of the bar), so plan your second date accordingly.

20 March/April 2010

living eats & Libations

Rosebud Cinema Drafthouse 6823 W. North Avenue 414.607.9446 While a movie date may be the oldest trick in the little black book, not all cinema experiences are created equal. Rather than the textbook stadium seating of most theaters, the single-screened Rosebud in Wauwatosa does away with seats (and therefore, the awkward armrest obstruction) altogether. Instead, the audience can kick back on the cushy loveseats and snuggle up under a blanket brought from home. And while concessions offer more than the standard bucket of popcorn fare (toasted cheese ravioli, anyone?), it’s the beverage selection that will have Milwaukeeans feeling in their element. Whether your pick is a microbrew, a cocktail or even a glass of wine, the Rosebud surely has a way to soften even the toughest critic’s reviews.


Two 718 E. Burleigh Street Some folks may abide by the saying “the more, the merrier,” but at Two, a couple is just perfect. Love is in the air (or at least, in the drinks) at this intimate lounge huddled next to ArtBar in Riverwest. The menu features classic cocktails and spiked hot beverages, but nothing says date night like two straws in the same glass. Their cocktails for two include names like Love Potion #9 (a fish bowl of rum and passion fruit juice) and the Get A Room Margarita (because nothing makes for true love quite like 100 proof). And while you and your squeeze might not actually be able to get a room at Two, you can have the next best thing: your own cozy little kissing booth, complete with floor-length red velvet drapes that can be drawn to provide as much privacy as you can handle.


Crazy Water

March/April 2010


Living Eats & Libations

Sarah Michaels at Suite

Careful with those chopsticks Sake Tumi partnered with Suite Nightclub to bring you the best kind of sushi, naked. By Whitney Hoag

22 March/April 2010

Photography Seville Media

Naked sushi. Sounds interesting, right? No, it’s not the latest fad in the raw food movement. Well, not exactly. While it does include raw fish, the key component of this adventurous dining experience is the “platter” that it’s served on. It’s like an experience sent down from the food gods for all of us mortals to experience. A gorgeous woman lies motionless on a table, naked (practically) with just the naughty bits covered with flowers or leaves, while the rest of her body is artfully decorated with delicious sushi. And don’t think this is just something for men to engage in, women are just as intrigued by this risky dinner. It’s a meal that’s good for both mind and body. While this isn’t the kind of dining experience you can engage in every night, luckily Sake Tumi provides us with sushi delicious enough that we can forgive them for serving our meals on more traditional platters. February marked Sake Tumi’s five year anniversary of bringing authentic Japanese and Korean cuisine to Milwaukee, and they dedicate half of their menu to their divine sushi created by sushi bar leader chef Al-J Flores. Not only do they feature award-winning sushi, the local hotspot’s menu also features Korean Barbeque and Asian Fusion dishes. With their contemporary atmosphere and ever-evolving menu, it might not be spicy tuna from the thigh of Aphrodite, but it’s still a delicious and exotic dining experience. Visit them for lunch or dinner at 714 N. Milwaukee St. For hours of operation and a full menu description, visit their website at

Trip DESTINATION Special Advertisement

Spring Broke? Try these Suggestions. Cancun: Spring break and Cancun go together like booze and bad decisions; they’re synonymous. It’s a 24-hour beach party everywhere you look and enough sun to vanquish your pale pallor. Seek solace at one of the hotels or resorts in the Hotel Zone or try an all inclusive vacation at the Sun Palace. Transport via Air from Milwaukee includes hotel, food, drinks and all taxes and fees, starting around $1560. On your deathbed, do you really want to look back on your life with regret because you never went to Cancun for spring break? Ocho Rios Jamaica: Let’s talk romance. It’s spring break and you’re out to have a memorable experience with your significant other. Food and entertainment for two are centered at Breezes Runaway Bay. Need specifics? Scuba diving, zip lining, golf, all in a lush environment under the warm sun. It starts at around $1479 but come on, one is fun, two is a party. Try Couples Tower for some romancing, at $2018 per person. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico: The beach is white sand, the water is turquoise, and the entertainment may overload your senses. Swim with dolphins, go scuba diving, or explore ancient Mayan ruins. Mind blown yet? If all that doesn’t light your fire, ferry over to Cozumel or set yourself up at the RIU Palace Mexico: a deluxe all inclusive resort with exchange privileges to 4 other resorts within walking distance. Wipe your face, you’re drooling. Prices begin around $1474 per person.

24 March/April 2010

Negril, Jamaica: Is relaxation your thing? Seven Miles Beach beckons to the laid back sun seeker types with open arms. Club Hotel RUI Negril is sporting 420 deluxe guestrooms on a white sand beach within a soothing palm grove. Throw a stone and you’ll hit the booming nightlife of Negril, just in case you get the itch to get your party on. An excellent place for some maxin’, by yourself or with the fam, starting at $1595 per person. Oahu, Hawaii: You do realize you don’t need to leave the country to have an epic spring break, right? Waikiki Beach flies under the American flag and is one of the most famous beaches on the planet. History buff? Visit Pearl Harbor. Nature buff? Check out stellar views of the Pacific Ocean and Diamond Head Volcanic Crater. Need exotic activities to bolster your exotic vacation? Swing down to Outrigger reef, the newly remodeled hotel right on the beach. One week, including Air from Milwaukee and daily breakfast, starts at around $1532 per person.

Kelly Rueckl - KR Carnivale Travel Services LLC. (414) 276-3388 or (800) 747-5387





March/April 2010


“A true bad girl doesn’t give a shit about what people think about them or the consequences.”

14 Feb/March 2010

conversations q&a

BRING IT! Milwaukee local tells us it’s good to be a Bad Girl By The Furious Brothers

Photography T.H. Taylor

Who the hell is Sarah Michaels? Really, you have to ask? Come on, if you don’t know her from the numerous personal appearances at a variety of local nightclubs and similar establishments, then you surely must have seen this steel-eyed, curvaceous stunner bawdily gracing the pages of Playboy Magazine. No? Well, let us help you out and tell you where you’ve most likely seen her. Sarah Michaels is a rare beauty who was given the opportunity to participate as a regular cast member on the second season (we think the best season) of Oxygen’s delightfully raunchy, nationally syndicated show “Bad Girls Club…” Standing at a mere 5’3”, this petite spitfire of a woman displayed the unabashed personality of a pissed off 7’ teamster by drinking, cursing, smoking, partying, fighting and “fraternizing” in front of a million dedicated viewers every week— and looking good while she did it. It’s pretty obvious that she’s sporting a bit more brass below than the average Jane or Joe; needless to say, we at 4PM were thrilled at the chance to chat with her and she was excited to give us a little insight on what it takes to really be a “Bad Girl.” 4PM: Do people recognize you now? Sarah Michaels: Sometimes they do. Many times when I don’t want to be recognized, like if I’m out on a date or something, but I do find that people in public tend to be really cool for the most part and rarely nasty to my face. What I did find shocking though was just how rude people were to me on the Bad Girls website. Wow! I just kept asking the other cast members “Where do these people find the time to devote to being this rude?” It’s amazing how serious and personal people take their TV. 4PM: A bad girl huh? Should we be scared to ask how you got on the show? SM: I was actually told about the audition by my boss’s wife. What’s funny is I had never heard of the show. Thank goodness for my old buddy Google! Anyway, I went to the audition with a girlfriend, got drunk as hell and had a blast. Of course they gave me, the drunk girl, a call back and not my friend. Part of the call back was submitting a video so I had a friend follow me around for a couple days recording me being myself (LOL), and at the end of the video I pleaded with them to pick me because my dad found out I was going to be in Playboy and gave me the boot. I need a place to live! I think that sealed the deal for me. 4PM: We don’t care how you slice it—you’re a celebrity! How has the fame affected a small-town Midwestern woman like you? SM: Okay first of all, I don’t consider myself to have a celebrity status. This opportunity has opened a few more doors for me that probably never would have if it hadn’t been for the Bad Girls Club. I did my second shoot for Playboy and just finished work on a brand new reality

show called “Love Games.” One more thing… People from high school that were totally mean to me are kissing my ass now! One girl who was a total bitch to me sent me a message on Facebook congratulating me on all my success. I answered, “Karma is a bitch.” Damn that felt good. 4PM: How do your parents feel about the show? SM: They are actually very supportive. They would watch it every Tuesday and call me laughing. They didn’t take it too seriously which is how they need to be to be a parent (especially my parents). 4PM: Did you make a ton of money from the show? SM: Not a ton, but enough. We got paid minimally to do the show but I’ve made money on things above and beyond because of my participation on the show. It made me more cash than I would have otherwise. That’s how I look at it! 4PM: What if we (4PM) decided to have our own reality show. Any advice on how we could make it successful? Would you be in it? SM: Sorry I can’t do it because of the new reality show “Love Games” premiering in March on Oxygen. If you want to make your show successful you need to first make sure that the people you are going to cast are absolutely insane. Stick them in a confined area together and make them wear a mic all the time (we were fined every time we were caught without our mic on). Most importantly, throw in a huge amount of booze. Instant success! 4PM: Is it true you met Carrot Top? SM: Yup! And he’s really scary in person. A nice guy but tons of makeup, huge roided muscles and even bigger hair! 4PM: You must have met a few folks that really inspired you or that you admired. Any cool stories about that? SM: I met a guy named Chris Judd. If you don’t know him, he’s Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband and former backup dancer on her tour. Chris is incredibly nice and very down to Earth, but what really sold me on him was how he treated me while instructing us (Bad Girls) on a dance routine we were learning. He made me fell really special and I have to admit it was the first time on the show I was star struck. He’s a really great guy! 4PM: Any final advice to reality show hopefuls? SM: I’d advise anyone that gets the opportunity to have their 15 minutes of fame to go for it. If you’re young and have time to invest in this lifestyle, by all means do it because it can be one hell of a segue into acting or performing on a larger scale. Keep in mind that there will be haters, odd ball stressors and you will need to be dedicated, but it’s an absolute blast and totally worth it. I have no regrets! Besides, even if you fall flat on your ass and come back home with your tail between your legs, who cares because you’re young, you gave it a shot, and people expect you to fall flat on your ass anyway, right? March/April 2010


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Fire breathing hydra of the 6am hour By Matt Ehrmann

Photography T.H. Taylor

Wes McCain’s got a funky new hat on at the studio today , but the listeners wouldn’t know it, unless they tuned into the show and heard Rahny and Alley laughing about it constantly over the course of the morning. “We’re the most real people on the dial. For better or worse, there’s no bits, there’s no schtick,” declares Rahny Taylor. “We don’t believe in talking like radio people and we don’t consider ourselves radio people.” The Wes, Rahny and Alley morning show on Milwaukee’s 103.7 Kiss FM is a free-form take on the radio morning show format, following a sparse trail that could go off in a million directions on any given morning. There are few bullet points to be hit and the conversation is lit off the spark of three personalities mingling. These three very different people morph together, Power Rangers style, to create a beast that shouldn’t be able to walk at all, yet somehow runs cheetah fast. Make sense?

“We’re in that comfortable stage, the one where you’ve been with someone for so long you can fart in front of them.” The formation of the unholy trinity of Wes, Rahny and Alley is a winding tale of so and so worked together here and knew so and so and then moved to where they met up with la la la and so on. The real significance is that they click to the point that they don’t need a script to keep the ship afloat. “We’re in that comfortable stage, the one where you’ve been with someone for so long you can fart in front of them,” laughs Wes. You get three unique takes on the

28 March/April 2010

latest news and pop culture events with the latest top 40 grooves thrown in to break things up. The program takes the word ‘contemporary’ and makes it sound not so damn uptight. It’s more like a conversation you’d hear coming from the corner of a local watering hole, and the airwaves of the Brew City are the perfect pot to brew their camaraderie. And with more interest in keeping the banter Milwaukee oriented as opposed to worrying about syndication, listeners personally relate to every word. Wes is the instigator, Alley the party girl, and Rahny is the guy who takes your keys so you don’t drive home trashed. “I’m on one side, Wes is on the other, and Rahny is the conservative one,” theorizes Alley. “Wes is the ball; we bounce things off him.” It’s the truth; when the interview starts, Wes’ voice is shot, but magically it’s reinstated itself a few minutes later as Wes though he just can’t tolerate not being able to chat. “It’s like that whether or not the mic is on or off,” Rahny laughs. Of course, this may now and then lead to the occasional line being crossed (and perhaps why they have a content meeting after every single show) but that’s what keeps the appeal tangible. Nothing is off limits. These guys are your drinking buddies and, personally and professionally, they’re all in, totally exposed. They’re Alley Milwaukee’s mini-celebs. “People feel like they’re family with you. It’s something that you have to get used to, so many people considering you a friend.” The kind of relationship with their audience presents the appeal entirely; it feels as if three of your party buddies somehow get broadcasted every morning. The bottom line is and always will be entertainment. But how long can an all consuming ball of frenetic energy last before it burns itself out? Where does it all end? Rahny “Rehab, most likely,” laughs Wes.

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FAMILIES Two Man Show By Matt Ehrmann

Photography T.H. Taylor

It’s Wednesday. ‘Are You Smarter than a Stripper?’ has just aired, and like every week, the Milwaukee area is reminded they are not smarter than a stripper. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it, and that’s why Brian Kramp and Jon Adler persevere where many others in their position have turned to dust. They’ve successfully traversed the 102.1 FM morning show graveyard littered with the corpses of other, at the time nationally syndicated and successful, radio programs such as Mancow and the Bob and Tom Show. The reason is elbow grease. No producer, no call takers, no net (except a seven second delay). Kramp and Adler run the two man show that, in just three and change years, has become synonymous with mornings in Milwaukee. Every morning it’s Kramp and Adler vs. the greater Milwaukee area. Nah, it’s more of a tag team — Kramp and Adler and Milwaukee. Since the show started (St. Patrick’s Day 2006, according to Adler, clearly a little amused) the show has taken a defined shape and listeners know by heart the segments they’re going to hear on a given day. “People tell me all the time that if they hear ‘Missed Connections’ (a segment where they read from the…um… emotionally stunted local postings on Craigslist) and they’re not on the way to work, they’re going to be late for work,” laughs Kramp. The show features a grab bag of segments known and revered to the point that if you namedrop one to a MKE resident they’re probably in the know about it. “In a segment like ‘Facebook Bully’, we read posts from Facebook friends and just talk shit!” says Adler. “We have no affiliations; we don’t have to be nice to anyone. We don’t call anyone out per se, we just provide commentary and make it relatable to our listener,” adds Kramp. “We don’t like to just

introduce a guest or the next bit. There is a lot of prep involved in our lead-ins and we don’t like to let anyone know exactly what’s coming,” Kramp enthuses. “There’s an angle for everything, even the most basic ideas.” To prove his point, he plays a clip of a remixed version of Justin Timberlake’s uh…gem, ‘SexyBack’, with redubbed words heralding the return of beloved MKE news anchor Mike Gousha. Much laughter, much ado, and completely Milwaukee-centric. Trying to peg which DJ plays what is impossible; they’re their own foils and their own straight men. Sounds like fairy tale stuff, right? Two guys who



“We have no affiliations; we don’t have to be nice to anyone.” went to college together get their own show on a station just completing the latest in a long line of format changes. But it wasn’t a happy accident; the station had dumped all syndicated programs in an effort to be focused on the local scene, and Kramp and Adler make a conscious effort to focus on the younger Milwaukee-dwelling target audience with each show. Every Friday they have an up and coming local band on the show to plug their music and gigs. They have celebrity guests to interview, of course, but usually don’t cater to the obvious angles. ”We had Leroy Butler on and didn’t talk about football once. We talked about his cooking. We barely talked to Daryl Strawberry about baseball,” snickers Kramp. They take new spins on usual morning show institutions. With 102.1’s slogan “Independent. Alternative. Radio.” being trumpeted during every commercial break, it’s clear who’s carrying the banner. March/April 2010


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Steve Mai And Scott Baitinger

Jim Sorenson

Mazen Muna

With 2010 expected to be a big year for people starting their own business, entrepreneurs are popping up everywhere. It’s not as easy as it seems and takes certain individuals to become a success. These people have what it takes to make it big and

Mary Jenk

Tom Story

saw an opportunity to build something. Some are visionaries, some work behind the scenes, but all have one thing in common – passion. 4PM hand-picked a list of what we feel are some “Movers & Shakers” here in Milwaukee who are creating buzz.

Written by: 4PM Staffers Photography by: T.H. Taylor

Sini Skodras

Darren Cole

Kyle Blades

Margaret Martin

BJ Gaddour

March/April 2010


Conversations all access

Kyle Blades, 26 Founder, Rebel Realizing social media was about to become the mainstay people use to communicate, Kyle Blades launched Rebel in 2008. “This is not your daddy’s marketing company” – Rebel connects companies to people, people to people. Sounds easy? Think again. Blades doesn’t solely focus on pushing information out. He draws people in by building a community. Rebel runs programs for businesses using all the key sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, and video sites like YouTube to create awareness and drive traffic. Something every business should capitalize on, Rebel teaches owners how to maneuver around these sites and forums, building a brand to increase their bottom line. Rebel is setting the tone for the 21st Century and Blades has some advice – “If my dumbass can start a company, anyone can!”

Scott Baitinger, 36 Co-Founder, Streetza Milwaukee-area native Scott Baitinger, former creative director and educator turned entrepreneur, seems to have found the formula for success when it comes to Streetza, his innovative new restaurant. The daring new concept? A 3,000 square-foot gourmet pizza kitchen on wheels. First hitting the streets of Milwaukee in April of 2009 and catering to the downtown area, the Streetza’s pizza has snatched up awards like “Best Eats from the Streets” from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel readers pick and “Best Street Food in Milwaukee” from, to name a few. So far the Streetza mobile kitchen has had success dishing out their pizza during the busy downtown lunch hours. Soon to come, Streetza has plans to be one of the various vendors in Water Street’s first food court, designed to supply to the late night Water Street bar crowd, in the parking lot at the street’s north end. With several other developments already in the works, Streetza is on a roll so keep your eyes and taste buds open.

Sini Skodras, 30 Founder, Ultimate Sun With Milwaukee’s sun-deprived winters, it’s no surprise that tanning salons are a popular means of getting a little “back from the beach” glow. But no matter how many salons she visited, Sini Skodras always left unimpressed. “Whether it was the customer service, the lack of knowledge about the product or the cleanliness

32 March/April 2010

of the environment, I always felt dissatisfied,” says the 30-yearold River Hills native, “but there was nowhere else to go in the area until I decided to take matters into my own hands.” She quit her job as a fashion merchandiser and opened Ultimate Sun in 2006. In addition to its top of the line tanning beds, Skodras says that Ultimate Sun is the only Midwestern salon that features the new Mystic Tan spray booth and Infinity Sun custom airbrushing, the official airbrush system used for the Grammy, Emmy and Academy Awards. Skodras’s dedication to providing Milwaukee with a quality tanning salon has paid off; Looking Fit magazine named Ultimate Sun “one of the most innovative and dynamic salons in the nation” in 2008 and 2009.

Tom Story, 31 Founder, Venataur Tom Story, 31 year old founder of Venataur Web Design, has built his success around absolute client satisfaction. Venataur’s philosophy in web-design is built upon easy to use systems that ensure even the least tech-savvy client will be able to update and maintain the webpage. Using simplistic methods, Venataur’s design team is able to work as time-efficiently as possible to please the client while keeping their rates competitive. Story, always a social butterfly, believes in dealing with technology the old-fashioned way, by consulting with clients face to face and making sure their needs are met – and that includes a return on their investment. With goals like this, Venataur’s services seem to be selling themselves. Story’s need-to-please mentality with his business continues to bring him new clients. At this rate it’s obvious that Tom has only begun to write his story.

BJ Gaddour, 27 Co-Founder, BJ Gaddour took what many people hate to love, fitness, to a sixfigure business in only six months. Impressive by any standards, Gaddour has always led a life of overachieving. Overweight as a child, health became the focus in his life which sparked creating the website – featuring the world’s first music interval training soundtracks. Along with the site, he created Get Sexy Boot Camps that have sprung up internationally helping people to enjoy getting back into shape. Keeping with current trends, BJ built the iWorkout Muse app that was featured in the “What’s Hot” section of the Apple iTunes store. With all these happenings, Gaddour has his sights set on “spreading the gospel of intervals.”

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Darren Cole, 24 Founder, Alphabang Productions Only 24, Darren Cole is living his dream. Forming the company Alphabang Productions in high school, Cole crafts music videos for artists and musicians to provide his clients with meaningful representation. It’s all about perfecting the art of video and at such a young age, he has not disappointed. He’s worked behind the camera on shoots with the hottest celebs in the game including Diddy, Chester French, The Game, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Chrisette Michele, John legend, and Rick Ross. Shooting on a local level, Cole interviewed and filmed artists at Summerfest and created music videos for DJ Shortround, Fres and KingHellBastard. “Collaborating with artists and the chance to work with such talented people all the time,” is what keeps this entrepreneur passionate.

Mazen Muna, 30 Founder, The Dogg Haus / Metro Car Wash & Detailing Centre Most people look at a simple thing like a hot dog and see a tasty, bun-cradled treat. But Mazen Muna saw something else—a business opportunity. The 30-year-old Milwaukee native opened The Dogg Haus, which specializes in Chicago-style franks, on Brady Street in 2005. He quickly discovered that if you grill it they will come. Feeding the city’s colossal hunger for his authentic dogs, three more locations have since popped up on the city’s radar: downtown on Wisconsin Avenue and near the campuses of Marquette and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (where Muna graduated with a degree in Marketing and Finance). In September 2009 he expanded his business sights, opening Metro Car Wash & Detailing Centre, and is continuing to grow The Dogg Haus’s success. So what’s it like having such a full plate? “The biggest headache in the world,” says Muna, “but at the end of the day, you smile from ear to ear knowing that the headache came from within, not from someone else.”

Mary Jenk, 42 Founder, Cream City Yoga Eastsider, and now entrepreneur, Mary Jenk uses her skills to teach others the art form of yoga. Jenk, born and raised in Hartland WI, set off for the city the day she graduated high school. Her appreciation for cultural diversity and the arts led her to this bold decision at the ripe age of 18. After living in various cities, Jenk came back to Milwaukee, the place she calls home to pursue her passion, yoga

Just recently her dreams came true when she opened the doors to her very own yoga studio, Cream City Yoga. However, unlike most yoga studios out there, Cream City Yoga partners with the Milwaukee Yoga movement, a non-profit who’s mission is to provide yoga curriculum to Milwaukee Public School students, as well as incarcerated individuals across Wisconsin. Jenk is a firm believer that health and wellness are crucial to happiness and for that reason is passionate about introducing the practice of yoga to those who may lack access to curriculum that promotes healthy living.

Jim Sorenson, 40-something Founder, Horny Goat Brewery Jim Sorenson’s love for consulting, developing brands, and Milwaukee’s lifeline, beer, cultivated into launching his own brewery – Horny Goat. With a company name sure to grab all the attention and a little naughty, Horny Goat is more than just a beer. Plans to be an entertainment complex, the Horny Hideaway recently opened its doors in late 2009 on the Southside with more than three acres of outdoor excitement. Volleyball courts, fire pits and docking capability for twenty plus boats, the Hideaway is sure to be the new hot spot this summer. Creating a brand new beer in a town that’s full of huge players takes some serious guts, especially in a down market. But Sorenson never backs down from a challenge and thinks Milwaukee is up and coming. Where most businesses are slowing operations down, Sorenson keeps pressing on building the sexy brand Horny Goat.

Margaret Martin, 29 Founder, Hot Pop With a family history of entrepreneurs, Margaret Martin knew something was missing in Milwaukee and opened Hot Pop in May 2008. A harmonious mix of clothing designer toys, accessories, creative housewares and art books, this shop brings flare to the 3rd Ward. Not only has Hot Pop hit the scene with a bang, the store itself captures a vibe unseen in this area. Art shows take place in the gallery at the back of store featuring local and nationally recognized artist. With her hand in the art scene, Martin plans to dive further with creating art workshops, screen-printing and possibly opening another store in the future. This talented woman has no regrets in life and faces the challenges in business head on – “Milwaukee has a ton of hidden opportunities, so many people fail to see them.”

March/April 2010


risky\\\ business

photography by: the furious brothers styling by: melissa at stephanie horne make up by n&t all clothes available at stephanie horne

\\\kay celine sheer ikat/zebra ruffle top $112

\\\theory blazzer $269\\\theory straight leg pant $169 \\\chain-link necklace $29 March/April 2010



\\\finely white ruffled button-down $132\\\trina turk vest $189\\\plan b leggins with zippers $59 March/April 2010

\\\susana monaco turtleneck dress $169\\\ silver raina belt $192


6 Easy Tips on how to Feng Shui Your Bedroom 1. Have

ROOM remixed The beginners guide to a better home By Tara Cribb

Brief History Feng shui dates back to the West Han dynasty and is as old as the culture itself. It is a collective of complex theories of how to balance the energies, or “chi,” of an environment to ensure the health and tranquility of its inhibitors. This compatibility with nature is accomplished with the arrangement of furniture and décor within the home or office. Many interior designers refer to this basic system of aesthetics to ensure the harmony of a room. I’ve had the pleasure to speak with Pam Kai Tollesfon, feng shui consultant and teacher of Milwaukee and Chicago. Here are a few ideas of how feng shui can be significant to our everyday lives plus a few easy tips for beginner feng shui users. Why do you think it’s important to incorporate feng shui into your life? With our everyday stress, it’s important that our home environment provides us with a sense of ease and support. Feng shui helps us through our daily obstacles by balancing the energy within a room. For a beginner feng shui user, what are a couple of easy tips to improve your bedroom? First, put yourself in a commanding position (which is by the entry door of the room). You must feel in charge of your space in order to begin this process. Second, colors have such a strong representation of a bedroom. Try using colors like peach blossom for luck or orange for passion. Finally, try to keep your television or any electromagnetic devices at least a foot away from your bed. Are there any specific elements with feng shui that you highly recommend? The Bagua is one of the most basic fundamental tools within feng shui, not to mention a great template for your house. It is a map or chart of a room containing these eight areas in your life: career, travel/helping others, children/creativity, relationships/love, fame/reputation, wealth/prosperity, family/health, and knowledge/spirituality. Each section of that room is supposed to demonstrate what you hope to achieve within those areas. For instance, placing a bowl of loose change in the wealth section will help you visualize money on a daily basis. To learn more about feng shui design, please go to Pam Kai Tollesfon, feng shui consultant and teacher of Milwaukee and Chicago 38 March/April 2010

at least several levels of lighting in your bedroom. Having various mediums of lighting not only adds to the ambiance, but it is the strongest manifestation of energy in a room. Your body responds to the elements in your environment, and you can be consumed or nourished by the energy. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended to become aware of the quality of light in your home. Try incorporating a dimmer switch, decorative lamps or candles. 2. Lose the TV or exercise equipment. By having these electromagnetic devices present in the bedroom, it disturbs the “shui” energy and distracts you from a restful slumber. To replace this, try adding a piece of furniture like an armoire, ottoman or bookshelf. 3. Position your bed correctly. Your bed is supposed to symbolize the center of energy in your bedroom. Make sure you can see the doorway from your bed without being directly aligned with it. According to feng shui, this will enable you with a sense of security yet relaxation while you sleep. Keep in mind that you should not use the bottom of your bed for storage. 4. Make sure to use soothing colors to obtain a feng shui balance. The best Feng Shui colors for the bedroom are considered to be “skin colors.” These can vary from a light white to a chocolate brown. Cool colors like lavender, olive, and light blue have also been considered to bring restful and tranquil energy. According to feng shui, every color has a symbolic purpose; therefore, it’s important to carefully choose the colors in your room. 5. Keep it clutter-free. A cluttered room is never good, and according to feng shui, it blocks your chi and hinders you from being productive. Keep in mind not to pile books and miscellaneous items in your drawers or on top of your dressers. By opening windows, you are circulating the energy flow and maintaining a healthy “chi.” 6. Use mirrors carefully. According to Feng Shui, mirrors can be the reason for your troubled sleep. It is thought that mirrors repel energy, therefore it amplifies an unsettled conscience. It is best to avoid placing your mirror near your bed. You shouldn’t be able to see your reflection in the mirror while lying in bed.

style Sex

Spring love Get ready for a whole new meaning of “spring cleaning” By Tara Cribb

Illustration by Chad Edwards

We are born to believe that life’s happiness all boils down to one simple equation. An equation that many of us continue to search for our entire lives. The perfect apartment, the perfect job, the perfect pair of shoes, and finally; the perfect mate. Springtime has become the milestone for the single dweller; waiting to come out from hibernation and start searching. This game of love, that we are all so eager to play, has given the phrase “spring cleaning” a whole new meaning. Surprisingly, I found that cleaning out my wardrobe shared commonalities with my current relationship status. As I clutched onto my black Mary-Jane heels I wondered; even though they were always there for me, I just couldn’t give my heart to them. I knew that it was time to let them go. This season is the time to start fresh; clean out your closet as well with your dating slate. For some, it is a time to revamp the romance in your relationship. For more than others, it’s a time for the singles to put away that little black book of numbers and meet someone new. There are a multitude of things you can do to clean your slate. For instance, redecorating or reorganizing your bedroom has always been a great way to start fresh. I have always thought that if you want to be in your bed, then others will too. I believe that the quote from Field of Dreams, “if you build it, he will come,” has a whole new meaning to me now. Try getting some use out of that gym membership that you purchased for your New Year’s resolution. I can’t stress enough how beneficial the gym has been for my thighs and eye candy. It is a great place to release tension while increasing your endorphins. Pampering yourself is the classic way to a feel good attitude. Therefore, try a new haircut and or spiff up your wardrobe. Just because you may have neglected your love life this past winter, does not mean you can neglect your closet! 40 March/April 2010

Kara Luening, noted Sex Therapist of Milwaukee, tells us how to enrich your love life by getting back to the basics of spirituality and nature. She understands that we all endure everyday pressure in our daily lives therefore, it’s important to not bring that into the bed. Distractions only interrupt our well-deserved orgasms. Luening suggests becoming more in tune with your sexuality by practicing contra and self-mediation. Also, remember to pay attention to the season and what it symbolizes. For example, spring represents renewal, growth, and vitality. Then ask yourself, “how can I relate this to my life?”

Easy Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life Engage in Foreplay. It is always important to have good communication in the bedroom. Although always talking may do more harm than good. This time, less talking and more action Experiment with each other. Whether it’s role playing, new toys, positions, or games. Trying new things is a great way to spice up your intimacy. Although, don’t forget your “please” and “thank yous” Talk about your fantasies One of the biggest sexual frustrations in relationships is because their desires are not being fulfilled. Don’t be afraid to talk about it or else it may not happen! Give each other credit for your orgasm. Everyone likes being rewarding for doing a good job. It will not only motivate your partner to do it again, but it will boost his/her confidence. Take it outside of the bedroom. Sex wasn’t just meant to be done in the bedroom. That’s why God invented kitchen tables and airplanes.

A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous. Live Beautifully

Mention this ad and save 20% Join us the last Thursday of every month for Divas Night Out! Cosmos • Sushi • Makeovers • Massages • Shopping Milwaukee’s only affordable womens clothing boutique Luci Boutique 532 N. Water Street 414.226.0014


a mile in these shoes By Michelle Williamson

All photography by Seville Media

April showers may bring May flowers, but, more importantly, the spring season also gives us a parade of new shoes. Every fashionable gal dreams of owning her very own pair of designer shoes. Although, being trendy may come with a hefty price. Therefore, we are going to show where you can find runway looks at affordable prices, right here in the heart of Milwaukee. Here are a few of our fresh picks.

To go with the black and white tribal prints of Givenchy’s collection, Riccardo Tisci presented some daringly tall black leather wedge booties. This ankle-high peeptoed “Zybia” style from Aldo provides a pretty spot-on rendition of the shoes that strutted down the runway in Paris.

Design legend Karl Lagerfeld grounded Chanel’s countryside-inspired spring collection with clunky platform clogs of various heel heights. Aldo’s “Mignogna” version goes a little more streamlined with its wearable wedge, but keeps the farm vibe with natural color leather and antique gold stud detailing.

Prior to his tragic February suicide, Alexander McQueen upped the ante with his sculptural python “Armadillo” shoes, which clock in at an intense 12 inches. Lady Gaga immediately donned a version for her “Bad Romance” video, but don’t expect to see many replications. Instead, take inspiration from the snakeskin print and out-of-the-ordinary shape, like this carved pair from Icora, available at Journeys.

42 March/April 2010

Ready to wear

Feminine Elegance Meets Tomboy Chic By Tara Cribb

Springtime; the flowers are budding, snow is melting, and you can finally say goodbye to those ski masks. As many of you already know, spring marks the milestone for new and refreshing fashion trends. This season’s runway collections have hit two opposite ends of the fashion spectrum; feminine elegance and tomboy chic. This is your chance to be versatile with your wardrobe. TOMBOY CHIC Sportswear has finally made its way out of the gym and onto the runway this spring season. This inspirational trend is meant to look effortless, svelte and enticing. Designers found inspiration behind the classic American all-star by using cropped tops, plaid fabrics, and blazers. There are many ways to add this sporty look to your wardrobe and there are many ways for this to go wrong. Therefore, Juicy Couture velour tracksuits and neon lycras will not cut it this season. Here are a few ideas that can help you style this look: • Wear your hair loose and messy; try a side braid • Incorporate knee-high socks within your look • Cut off tees and bodysuits are a great layering pieces for this collection • You can add femininity by adding accessories like belt or layering bracelets- but only if it works with the outfit! • Sex it up with sport-inspired high-heels FEMININE ELEGANCE A blend of diaphanous fabrics used in a multitude of variations is what you will notice this spring. You will see layering tight sheer pieces; soft draping of satins, crepes, and chiffons. The feminine silhouette has been reworked into this style by incorporating corsets, highwaist trousers, and bare luminous fabrics. Designers are turning this season into a timeless and romantic fashion ground. Here are a few ideas that can help you style this look: • Going sheer and bare is the bold move this runway season, make sure that you appropriately layer with a solid piece • You can add simplistic yet elegant accessories; like a vintage belt or classic wristwatch • Sweep your hair up in a messy top knot or wear it long and relaxed • Invest in a great pair of neutral tone high-heels this spring • Don’t be afraid to layer different colors and fabrics- think outside of the box


tomboy chic

feminine elegance

Y & Kei cape blouse vintage crystal bangles

Malene Birger blazer Pendleton dress Peter Som belt Malene Birger purse

Rachel Roy slim crop pant Andy & Depp silk top with petals Malene Birger bangles

Malene Birger blazer Pendleton mini skirt Malene Birger blouse

Malene Birger stockings

All clothes and accessories available at: FALCON 315 N. Broadway Street

March/April 2010


“4:01PM” ONE



AT DECIBEL 03.12.10








1. TIme teller p watch: Simplicity is the name of the game in wrist wear, and the Time Teller keeps it smooth and sleek. But that only goes so far. So take that base concept and add enough colors to rival your last acid trip (17, to be exact) and you’re on to something. If you can read a hand clock, you’re golden! $55

2. Parking Tickets: If you live in Milwaukee, chances are you can’t gaze in any direction without seeing someone ram their car into a parking spot too damn small for their car. This book of 20 make believe parking tickets is perfect for taking those jerks down a peg or two. Imagine their face when they see the ticket on their windshield, then read “the way you pulled in makes me wish your dad had pulled out.” It’s the next best thing to a citizen’s arrest. $7 3. FiveFIngers shoeS: These shoes, with stretchy synthetic tops and thin rubber soles, “offer the sensation of going barefoot with the protection and security of a sole.”...Um, now we’re all hot and bothered. Good for stimulating the muscles in the feet and lower legs and…uh… whew. Getting hot in here. $80 4. Adidas x Sennheiser Sport Headphones: Spring is coming and that means it’s time to pour yourself into some spandex and get your ass back in shape. And since without music, jogging is torture, you’ll want to pick up these babies. They’re engineered to be water (i.e. sweat) resistant. But the real draw is the unique “EarFin” system that holds the earbuds in place. They’ll stay secure in your ear no matter how intense your workout gets. $55

5. Kodak playsport: In the future, huge civilizations will exist underwater. Good thing Kodak’s got us covered with its new camera. Able to shoot HD movies and photos underwater (and above water too, if that’s your thing), this thing might not be super useful to us land dwellers at the moment, but give it time and it’ll be the hot new thing among all the trendy mermaids. Look for it in April. $150

March/April 2010





Revolutionary Beauty Products for a New Decade By Sarah Safina



With the complex combination of cutting edge technology and age defying oils and acids found in our fruits and vegetables, companies are finding that by using the power of nature and the intelligence of technology your products really can have a brain. Arming your cabinets with smart products could help you leave this decade looking the same as when you began, or as close as possible. These technologies are able to read what your skin and hair need and nature’s glory does the rest. From caring for those two things you stand on, to making your friends wonder if you had work done, find out why these five products are ones you shouldn’t live without.

1. Just because they are closest to the ground doesn’t mean you can forget about them. If you want to be in foot heaven, you don’t have to have cat pads to try Aveda Foot Relief Cream (Erik of Norway Downtown, $19). It softens, invigorates and uses active herbs and fruit acids to give you the smoothest feet while also relaxing your whole body.


2. A ge-defying

products for your hair? Yes, it’s true, and why shouldn’t it be with the new Kérastase Age Premium line. From in home care to salon treatments, you don’t want to make it through another week without the Masque Substantif (Erik of Norway Downtown, $60). It hydrates and rebalances your scalp to strengthen and protect your locks.

3. T he newest addition to the line? The Tone Perfecting Creme (Blush Beauty, $95). It’s like sit-ups for your face, without all of the work.

5 46 March/April 2010

4. N  o.12

Cement Powder (Yan, A Hair Salon, $36 $57 for both) to any of your styling products. It’s a cost effective way to add va-va-voom! Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Your skin may be dry or it may be oily, but you may not stop moisturizing your skin. The best way to do it is with Laura Mercier’s Flawless Face skin care line. With skin reading ingredients, this line mimics your childhood skin dynamics.

5. W  e all die for soft skin, and to have non-prune like skin we must protect it! Yes, that means sun block even in the winter. Harmful rays don’t rest, so you shouldn’t either. Try super fabulous Coola TOTALBODY Suncare (Blush Beauty, $32). It features a vitamin/ antioxidant-rich multifunctional SPF formula that delivers deep-penetrating moisturizing agents to your entire body.

Looking fabulous and helping your skin and hair age at a slower rate isn’t just for women; men are loving a good eye cream and facial scrub too! Don’t get caught up in the packaging ladies and gents, most lines are unisex. I have been known to fall in love with a man’s mint shampoo and have seen my guy using my antiwrinkle serum. There are so many fabulous products in the world of beauty, but beware. While some products claim that studies show clinically proven results, keep in mind those companies pay for the studies. Results are driven by the best combinations of cutting edge ingredients, so be knowledgeable. Know your ingredients and don’t put just anything on your hair, face or body. Just like a fabulous outfit, it all evens out.

Blush Beauty 249 N. Water Street

green Scene

Photography and make up by T.H. Taylor Assisted by Melissa Glenn Styling and hair by Amy at Wardrobe by Vaunt Designs

March/April 2010


Circlecut dress; latex. $275

48 March/April 2010

Quasimoto top; cotton/poly blend. $300 Drape skirt; cotton/poly blend. Not for sale March/April 2010


Quiksilver dress; cotton/poly blend. $350

50 March/April 2010

Symmetrical chintz dress, modified vintage. Not for sale. Burstbloom pin, pleated poly organza. $70 March/April 2010


entourage Night sights

Chili COokoff HARLEY MUSEUM 01.31.10 Photos by: seville media

52 March/April 2010

entourage Night sights

Newd Fashion Show

Decibel 01.08.10 Photos by: seville media

March/April 2010


entourage Night sights

4PM owns the night

Buddha lounge 12.31.09 Photos by: seville media

entourage Night sights


631 N. Milwaukee Street Photos by: seville media

entourage Night sights

These are my confessions Buddah lounge 02.14.10 Photos by: seville media

56 March/April 2010

entourage Night sights

Hope for haiti Zims 01.21.10 Photos by: Jake Gundrum

March/April 2010


entourage Night sights

Fire on water

519 n. water street Photos by: seville media

entourage Night sights

80s & 90s FlashabAck Kenadees 02.05.10 Photos by: seville media

March/April 2010


entourage Night sights

4PM Release Party Tutto/Notte 12.05.09 Photos by: Jake gundrum

The Bomb Shelter

1517 South 2nd Street Photos by: seville media

60 March/April 2010

entourage Night sights

Naked sushi SUITE 01.29.10 Photos by: seville media

March/April 2010



Calendar of Events MARCH 1 John

Mayer, Michael Franti & Spearhead at The Bradley Center. US tour for Mayer’s 4 studio record “Battle Studies”.

3 The English Beat & Fishbone at Turner Hall. Both groups bring unique sounds to the table. The English Beat has had much success on the UK charts and, for those not familiar, sounds very similar to The Clash.

1 1 Black Eyed Peas at Bradley Center. BEP will be performing their new album “The E.N.D.” featuring club favorites “I Got a Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow”

12 Flogging Molly at The Rave. The 6th annual count down

to St. Patrick’s Day, Green 17 Tour, with special guests The Architects and Kevin Turner.

0 Lasersweat! Disco. Lazers. Fog. Vinyl. Hit the Red Room 2

every third Saturday of the month for a unique dance party thrown by Straka Kahn and Steven Hawley and be prepared to sweat.

22 Temper Trap & The Kissaway Trail at Turner Hall. Temper

Trap is a rock band from Melbourne, Australia and is touring for their ’09 release “Conditions.” They’re noted for their atmospheric sound, featuring grand guitars set to pulsating rhythms.  

3 Vampire Weekend at the Riverside Theatre. Vampire Weekend’s 2

second album, “Contra” was released in mid-January with hits, “Horchata” and “Cousins.”

Kevin Smith at the Pabst Theatre. The director of Clerks and Dogma, will be taking center stage. Tickets will be $30-$60.  MAM After Dark. Featuring exclusive exhibits, Milwaukee’s hottest DJ’s, cash bar and a photo booth. 5PM-12pm at the Milwaukee Art Museum. 

1 3 Kramp and Adler’s Comedy Festival at Turner Hall.

Featuring; Nick Kroll, Nick Thune and Wyatt Cenac,Comedy Central’s correspondents of the “Daily Show”.

1 4 RJD2 and Harry Chichester at The Rave. RJD2’s newest effort “The Colossus” is the producer’s 4th solo album. 

Yo Gabba Gabba Live featuring Biz Markie and The Aquabats at The Riverside Theatre. Nick Jr’s underground Sesame Street meets hip hop variety show live at 2pm and 5pm.

19 Norah Jones at The Riverside Theatre. Jones, known for her vocal and pianist talent, has taken a different approach the last few years by playing guitar. Her newest effort, “The Fall” has a different sound from her most famous work but will still appeal to her fans.

2 0 P.O.S., Dessa & Grieves at Turner Hall. P.O.S. and Dessa are

two of Minneapolis’ hottest MC’s of Doomtree. Greives, from Seattle, is upcoming and this will be a MUST see show!

62 March/April 2010

25 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony at The Rave. For the first time in

15 years the original 5 members of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have come together with their new release, “Uni5: The New World.”

Tegan & Sara at Riverside Theatre. Tegan & Sara are a Canadian Indie Rock/Indie pop  duo consisting of identical twins. They’ve released six studio albums since 1999, most recently “Sainthood” in 2009.

29 The Cave Singers at Mad Planet. Catch the Seattle based

folk trio touring for their ’09 sophomore album “Welcome Joy.”

APRIL 2 Bassnectar at Turner Hall. Bassnectar’s live show typically consists of three major elements: sound, visuals, and a sense of unity. The music is performed by Lorin Ashton with the sound being managed by a separate part of the project. 3 Passion Pit at The Riverside Theatre. The American electronic group named after the slang Passion Pit is derived from traditional variety-speak used in the Hollywood industry publication. The trade used the slang to refer to drive-in theatres, because of their privacy and romantic allure for teenagers. 

5 Andrew Bogut presents Victoria

Bushfire Appeal Charity Night Fundraiser at Potawatomie Bingo Casino. $60 per person. Bid on items such as a Lebron James jersey or Kobe Bryant’s shoes. Also, hang with players, coaches and front office staff of the Milwaukee Bucks. RVSP by email at Iradean@

15 AC/DC at the Bradley Center. AC/DC finally rescheduled an October show that was cancelled. These guys might be old, but they still rock!

1 6 MAM After Dark at Milwaukee

Art Museum. Featuring exclusive exhibits, Milwaukee’s hottest DJ’s, cash bar and a photo booth. 5 - 12pm.  Gallery Night presented by East Town & the Historic Third Ward Associations For two days, April, 16 and 17, the 22 year old Gallery Night and Day has grown into a two day premier art event in Milwaukee. 

17 Henry Rollins at Turner Hall. Rollins the former punk rocker has showcased his acting talents on several shows and movies. His stand comedy/ spoken word is intense and stomach aching humor.

Mosaical Visions

Lasersweat! Disco. Lazers. Fog. Vinyl. Hit the Red Room every third Saturday of the month for a unique dance party thrown by Straka Kahn and Steven Hawley and be prepared to sweat. 9 NOFX at The Riverside Theatre. 2

NOFX have been rockin’ for 25 years and shows no sign of giving up. This show will be classic and is a MUST see if you love Punk.

30 “Art Chicago” exhibit at The Tory

Folligard Gallery. Highly acclaimed International art fair held at the merchandise mart downtown Chicago on display until May 3, 2010.

custom mosaics • backsplashes • walls company logos • bar tops and more Residential and commercial • One of a kind art pieces Shelly bird (414) 617•4459 • www. visions

4pm rants & raves

I can’t get no satisfaction! Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Maintain the Status Quo. By Matt Ehrmann • Illustration by Chad Edwards

What’ve you been up to lately? Me? I’ve got something icky to confess that I can’t seem to shower away. Ever seen that one movie, The Banger Sisters? I saw the name appear on local access TV a few Sundays ago and totally misjudged the situation. Who wouldn’t? Banger? Come on. But that day I must have been extra bored and a touch self loathing because I sat through the entire thing even after I discovered the closest thing to any “banging” would come in the form of dried up actresses in their autumn years running around in leather. Not saucy. But roll with me here. At the end there’s “the big moment” where everything gets tied up in a nice little package and we see what all that STRUGGLE was for. Some girl gives a speech to her wide-eyed high school graduating class about how they need to step up and be true to themselves in the real world, follow their dreams, and that kind of stuff. “Achieve your goals!” she exclaims, the speech packed with enough ethos to curdle a man’s soul. Cue the usual out of touch Hollywood buzz diction, fire off a standing ovation, shoehorn in a wide angle shot of her proud parents, cut. But if you remove all the fluff, a devastating theme smirks back at you from the abyss. High school graduation is the point where you can really start moving in strides towards what it is you want to do with your life. It lines up nicely with the point where people start telling you what you should want to do. Actually, scratch that, back it up. People have been telling you what the definition of success is for as long as you’ve had a sense of self. Perception isn’t everything, preconception is. Everyone knows what the American Dream is: a (plasma) TV in every room, 1.7 kids, a two car garage, and so forth. That all seems pretty... me. What ever happened to real aspirations? Is that the purpose of your existence? Is success measured in televisions? Is that what you’re setting out to do? And, if so, is it because that’s what you really want for yourself in life, or is it because that’s what you’ve been raised to think success really is? I know a lot of people who occupy 64 March/April 2010

jobs they don’t hate or love, just jobs they “can live with” and I gotta tell you, that don’t impress me much, baby. That’s not shooting for the stars; that’s playing marbles. When you were a kid you weren’t thinking about any of that, the world was yours! You wanted to be a rock star or an astronaut. But then you graduated high school, got your Bachelors in Communications, settled down in a suburb apartment in a small town with your significant other and took a job in sales, cold calling local businesses because you’ve got bills to pay and mouths to feed. The real world, whatever that is, is beating you in the face with the hammer of responsibilities. You’re in deep already, better not rock the boat at this point, right? Just have some kids, take out a mortgage on a starter house and eventually, die within 20 miles of where you grew up. What? Is that the meaning of life? People get satisfied too easily. Why be satisfied? You might as well be dead. I mean, if the status quo is your dream, hey, go nuts, but you aren’t exactly contributing to the culture. I feel like everyone needs a reason to be alive, to offer something to contribute in the grand scheme of things, otherwise they’re just living based on animal instinct. That is, surviving just for the sake of survival. Animals roll like that. They won’t paint you a Picasso, they can’t solve an equation, they eat and sleep and breed and that’s it. People (should) be evolved enough to aspire to more than just mere existence. At what point are you a human being, and at what point are you a fish in a bowl? You settled down, had a few kids and work a desk job? That’s supposed to impress me, that you managed to procreate and that you work a job you need no special skills for? Don’t just play the cards you’ve been dealt; throw the deck away. What are you doing to make your dream? This isn’t a public service announcement: no one’s gonna save you because no one’s listening. Work hard, and make it happen. Don’t settle, ever. Even if you fail, at least you tried. I don’t know what the meaning of life is, but I’m pretty sure it starts somewhere around there. So…what’ve you been up to lately?

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