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Patients have been shown to have better outcomes with holistic care. In the hospital setting, patients recieve this care as all departments are intimately linked together. However, in the outpatient setting, different departments are fragmented. In order to combat this fragmentation, one of the visions for this project was to create an environment where medical, allied health, outpatient nursing, radiology and pathology services can be interlinked.

To provide services to many patients, this project aims to have plenty of parking spaces including diasbled and drop-off parking solutions.



In modern times, due to increasing demand for land, there has been a decrease in open space. This site aims to boast a significant percentage of its site to open space for a more natural feel

A contemporary design to showcase the progress of medicine into the 21st century.

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN To reduce the site’s carbon footprint, sustianable materials - including wood, recycled aluminum are to be used in the design of the building

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Only 25% of the site is taken up by the building’s footprint. This allows for the site to have a less congested feel and allow enough space for ample carparking. - allowing for better traffic flow around the site.

4 Features

PARKING Parking is plentiful at the site, with all day parking, disability parking and 15 minute short term parking for better patient flow. At the parking entrance, there is a live display of the number of long-term parking spaces available.

Features 5 Visually unique building with a clear entrance to guide patients into the clinic without confusion

STRUCTURE 4 main floors including ground floor Ground Floor - reserved for GP and specalist clinics - these are expected to have the highest turnover in patients 1st Floor - pathology and radiology services 2nd Floor - allied health services 3rd Floor - investigations labs

ENTRANCE The entrance is wheechair friendly - with ramps leading to the door of the building. it has been designed with visibility in mind - as a result it is well lit (day or night) and has a prominent facade, making it visible from the road.

6 Features

BACKUP POWER In case of power failure, the building is equipped with several fuel cell generators. These generators use hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity and have a significantly reduced environmental impact than traditional diesel generators

COURTYARD A private courtyard is available for patients, families and staff. It is located adjacent to the kitchen allowing people to enjoy their meal in a secluded outdoor environment.

Features 7

MATERIALS In order to create visual interest, the building’s modern facade features mutliple synergistic colours and materials. Treated wood, brick, render and stone are some of the materials featured in the building’s design.

Sustainability Sustainability is built into the building to help reduce the carbon footprint and reduce running costs.

RAINWATER COLLECTION Rainwater is collected from the roof and stored in underground water tanks. This water is then used as grey water for toilets and plants

RECYCLED MATERIALS Using recycled materials such as recycled aluminium helps reduce the energy used in the building’s construction as well as reduces overall waste products

SOLAR PANELS Solar panels help offset the electricity usage of the building during the day. Excess energy is stored in underground batteries, whcih is utlised during sun-poor times such as overcast weather and at night

DOUBLE GLAZED WINDOWS All windows are double glazed which helps control the internal temperature of the building and reducing heating and cooling costs.

LED LIGHTING LED are very efficient light sources which power both inside and outside of the building. Some lights are connected with sensors to further reduce excess energy use.

SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS Wood and other sustainable materials have been incoporated into the building’s design to help reduce the overall carbon footprint of the building.

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Cygnus Clinic  

Modern medical clinic with a focus on holistic medical care.

Cygnus Clinic  

Modern medical clinic with a focus on holistic medical care.