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==== ==== Don’t Let Your WP Websites Hacked - Discover the by far easiest and most affordable way to secure ANY wordpress powered website! ==== ====

Blogging is one of the finest facilities provided by World Wide Web to all its users, an ultimate weapon where you can exercise your freedom of speech at the fullest. With changing times, there also have been many changes in the blogging and the blog platforms. Today most of the bloggers prefer WordPress as their blogging platform and like to update it with new content depending on their schedule. Despite of the traffic these blogs are generating one of the main concerns that each blogger has is about the security of their blogs and with WordPress, this worry always increases. As we all are aware of the security and hacking threats we all are facing and Internet is one such place there is no absolute security for any site or any blog. Following one of the famous saying, "If Tiger follows you in the woods, you don't have to run faster than the Tiger, but you have to be faster than the slowest runner in the group", likewise taking better precautions than other is always fruitful. With certain tips and tricks, you can increase the security of your WordPress blog making it hack proof and protecting it from other online threats. Here are some of the great tips that I have found out to be more interesting and easy to be followed. 1. First thing you can start with is to delete the Administrator account from your WordPress Blog or site and before doing it creating a new user ID having all the administrator rights is all the more important. The process is fairly simple and can be practiced by visiting the dashboard of your blog and by creating new user and entering all the relevant information. 2. Second trick is also very simple and can be practiced by a relative novice blogger wherein you have to upgrade the latest versions of WordPress in your blog. This is because every new version is created by eliminating the pitfalls of the previous version. Updating the plug-ins to latest versions is the same technique providing similar results. 3. One of the other simple techniques is to use tricky User ID and Passwords that are hard to be remembering for other users but simple for you, similar is the case with the passwords. Combine small and upper case letters while creating user account and use symbols and special characters in your passwords. Using names and numbers in passwords are more vulnerable to crack so just hold on to Shift key and enter a number that will special characters as your password and makes it difficult to crackdown. 4. Most of the times installing Plug-ins without checking their authenticity can harm your blog, so search about the plug-in first before initiating their installation. 5. With WordPress Exploit Scanner, you can check your blog for malicious links, codes and scripts. Most of the hackers usually paste some spam links and scripts in blogs, these links, codes

or scripts can harm your blog ranking as well responsible for corrupting the database of your blog. 6. Hiding the version of WordPress you are using on your blog is one of the best ways to keep the hackers away. Many hackers are interested to know the WordPress Version you are using depending on which they apply strategies for hacking your blogs.

At HostGuts every security measures have been taken care of and you can rely on the services provided by them for security of your blog, as they are proud providers of secure WordPress hosting. Your blog is your asset and you have to take maximum efforts to secure it so why not think of secure WordPress hosting.

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==== ==== Don’t Let Your WP Websites Hacked - Discover the by far easiest and most affordable way to secure ANY wordpress powered website! ==== ====

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Don’t Let Your WP Websites Hacked - Discover the By far Easiest And Most Affordable Way to Secure ANY WordPress Powered Website! See How:...