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Suffolk Dental The Official Publication of the Suffolk County Dental Society

Volume 42 Â? Number 1 SPRING 2013

The Past, Present and Future Leaders Of Organized Dentistry

Top row, from left: Anthony Prudenti, Ali Mehrabian, Dymtro Zhurakovsky, Alex Sadak, Greg Shank,Neha Patel, Lauren Jain, Jenn Lonnen, Christie Serigano; Middle row, from left: Tina An, Sunna Huh, Simone Reisman, Rabia Yilan, Agnes Seong, Emily Kim, Alexandra Richter, Najma Rafik, ADA Trustee Steven Gounardes; Bottom row, from left: SCDS Immediate Past President Guenter Jonke, ADA Past President and current NYSDA Executive Director Mark Feldman, ADA Immediate Past President William Calnon, ADA President Robert Faiella, NYSDA President Deborah Weisfuse, SCDS President Nick Vittoria

Upcoming Events Greater Long Island Dental Meeting Tuesday, April 16th and Wednesday, April 17th Hilton Hotel, Melville (see page 10 for details)

Save The Date Annual Golf Outing Wednesday, June 12th Great Rock Golf Club Wading River Details to follow

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Jeffrey A. Sherman, DDS

April Monday 8th Exec. Council/Board of Directors (7 pm) Tues. 16th - Wed.17th GLIDM, Hilton Hotel, Melville



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Paul Markowitz, DMD

Executive Director & Managing Editor

Debbie Wasserman Executive Assistant

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Officers of the Society, 2013 Nick Vittoria, DMD, President Christopher Salierno, DDS, President-Elect Scott Firestone, DDS, Vice President John Guariglia, DDS, Secretary Ivan Vazquez, DDS, Treasurer

Friday 7th Wed 12th

General Membership Meeting (6-10 pm) Exec. Council/Board of Directors (7 pm) Seminar Series #2 (7 am to 1 pm)*Breakfast meeting - Dr. Howard Glazer Memorial Day NYSDA House of Delegates Meeting - NYC (Next year’s dates are 5/30 to 6/1/14) Friday AM Seminar Golf Outing

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sit here on this bright, cold Sunday morning reflecting on last evening’s installation dinner. I would be remiss if I did not start off by thanking Dr. Paul Markowitz and Debbie Wasserman for organizing everything and having it run so smoothly. It was a terrific evening with Dr. Paul Leary running a tight ship and keeping everything moving in an orderly fashion; Cantor Marcey Wagner giving a beautiful invocation; Dr. Tony Maresca receiving the Dr. Robert Raskin Meritorious Service Award; and having Dr. Bob Faiella, President of the America Dental Association, as installing officer. It was a great honor having him take time out of his busy schedule to be there with us. I would like to thank all of the other dignitaries that attended the SCDS Installation. Absent from our sight, but not from our hearts: Dr. Rick Andolina and his wife Molly, who are going through a rough time with their daughter Jill, battling leukemia. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

how to be an effective president. I hope that I can lead my board officers Chris Salierno, Scott Firestone, John Guariglia, and Ivan Vazquez in a similar manner that will keep SCDS in the forefront of NYSDA. I am grateful that my family was able to share this moment with me. My parents immigrated from Italy in 1950s; my dad, a bricklayer, who I wish could have been here to see the installation, and my mom, a seamstress, who still sews and makes her own homemade pasta and sauce, worked very hard to give my brother and I a great life; the American dream. I was happy my brother Joe and my sister-in-law Patti could make it. I am blessed to have three great children, Courtney, who went to ASU and now lives in Arizona; Carly, a senior at Smithtown East HS who will attend Farmingdale for nursing, and soccer and my son Cole, a sophomore, also at Smithtown East where he is on the varsity football and wrestling teams. It was at his wrestling tournament the day of the installation that I decided not to read my speech but to go off the cuff. Last, but not least, my better half Noreen, who puts up with my absent-mindedness and the many hours I am away from her. We’ve been together six years now and she keeps me on level ground when things seem to go awry. Like many of us, I sometimes fail to show or say how much she means to me, so Noreen, I thank God and the Snyders for bringing you to me.

Dr. Ray Williams, Dean of Stony Brook Dental School, whose generosity along with Procter & Gamble allowed us to invite 20 dental students, all ASDA members, to attend the festivities. It’s the commitment by the dental school and SCDS that we nurture these students who will become the leaders in the dental profession and help our PROFESSION to flourish in the years to come. In today’s sermon at Mass, the priest compared the squirrel & acorn with parents & infants. The squirrel will gather the acorns and plant some in the ground, where the acorn may grow into a mighty oak tree. Similarly, we must guide and educate students about organized dentistry and continue the process of forming leaders to continue our great profession. I am honored to be the President of the Suffolk County Dental Society to follow in the footsteps of many great friends and leaders. It is because of them that I decided to become more involved. Since becoming an elected officer and attending many functions on the state and national level, I have come to realize that SCDS is respected and revered. Here in Suffolk, we have a unique circumstance; two chairpersons on ADA councils: Chris Salierno our President-Elect, as Chair of New Dentists Comittee; and Kevin Henner, as Chair of the Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs. Dr. Henner is also currently running for the 2nd District (New York State) Trustee position to the ADA in June at the HOD of NYSDA.

I want to thank and apologize to my business partner John Saccone, who I’ve been friends with since 1981 when we met at Tufts Dental School, and my staff for the time away from the office and all those last minute schedule changes that are inevitable. In conclusion, like I promised at the installation dinner, I will try to keep the SCDS afloat and on course … to continue the works of my predecessors, and be available and receptive to all. Thank you for allowing me this honor.

I would like to thank my previous board officers: Lenny Goldstein, John Lagner, Maria Maranga and especially, Guenter Jonke. They showed dignity and personality in

Yours truly, Dr. Nick


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paul r. leary, dmd

Who’s Minding the Store?


ello and welcome to Spring, 2013. Our winter is drawing to a close and following devastation by Sandy, this past Fall; and Nemo (they are naming winter storms now!) Long Island has become a hotbed of speculation as political and economic topics swirl throughout the media. Was LIPA severely inadequate in handling the electrical corrections during the Tropical storm, hurricane? Was Brookhaven Highway Superintendent derelict in his duties during the 30+inch storm in February? Was Governor Cuomo’s handling of Sandy adequate? How did it compare to Governor Christie from NJ? In all these events there is a common theme that surfaces: during natural disasters, is there any system or government authority that can handle the severest of conditions and please everyone involved? Is it the responsibility of every citizen to become part of the fix rather than join the growing group of dissenters and enflame more of the problem? From a professional standpoint, does your position in your community carry an equal responsibility to represent your profession and present to your patient base the same level of protection and recovery that we demand of those officials we elect around us?

in their career to support the public we all vow to protect! Peer Review, Ethics, and Council on Substance Abuse are examples of membership nets to help those of us that have encountered personal or practice issues. I encourage each person reading this to consider any issue based on all the facts before condemning the individual. Beware of the tendency espoused by our media to search for the headline and pass judgment on cursory details. As a member of your respective communities: wear your stature proudly, demonstrate leadership with reason, and continue to uphold the high esteem our fellow dentists have helped us earn over the years and continue to do so not because of obligation but because your profession is worth it!


The natural disaster we fight many days in our practices brought on by physiologic pathology, abuse, or neglect, requires the same organized approach to relief and recovery. The responsibility we accept in the daily treatment of patients is immense. The delivery of that care in most instances is at the highest of levels and is regularly proved in many surveys. The public holds our profession in most respects, as very honorable and trustworthy. It becomes a standard most choose to follow and one the public depends on. How are we doing in maintaining this trust?

The Greater Long Island Dental Meeting Tuesday, April 16, 2013 Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at the Newly Renovated Hilton Hotel, Melville 3 Free CE Credit in the Exhibition Hall 3 Tuesday evening Cocktail Reception and Exhibitor Raffles 3 $1,000 Raffle Prize

Trust: 1. Assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something; and 2. A dependence on something future or contingent: Hope!

3 Photography Contest 3 Happy Hour on Wednesday

Quite a responsibility isn’t it! We often think of our practice as a business, an opportunity to deliver care to the community, a place to develop relationships with people who will eventually consider us a part of the system of care that supports their family. Inherent with that are responsibilities that involve your stature in your community and your involvement in organizations outside of your practice. When a dentist among us falls, for any reason, we all fall a little. We professionals are not exempt from human frailties so often expounded in the media. Substance abuse, fraud, DWI, mark some people who are dentists. Dentists maintain active organizations to combat these problems and offer many safety nets to help those involved to handle the difficulty and continue on

3 Table Clinics Tuesday, April 16, 2013 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Young Dentist Seminar and Cocktail Reception $50. Young Dentist x $125. Dentists/all others Table Clinics on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 12:00 Noon to 2:00 pm x FREE CE Credit For further information or to register on line –

Questions? Call Fran McHugh at (631) 244-0722 5

Thank You to our Valued Sponsors, Supporters and Volunteers We would also like to thank the following sponsors whose generous support helped us promote our Give Kids a Smile program

We would like to thank the following sponsors whose generous support helped make the Installation Dinner possible

Diamond Level

Suffolk County National Bank Rotary Club of Riverhead Mattituck Lions Club (Philip Centonze, DMD) Larry Schwartz, DDS Jimmy Kilimitzoglou, DDS

Henry Schein, Inc.

Platinum Level

Briarcliffe College Fuoco Group (Barry Krostich, CPA) Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Co. Nobel Biocare Procter & Gamble Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine TD Bank- C. Ireland, S. Gersch Terrace Dental Associates

The following SCDS members volunteered their time to help the needy children of Suffolk County for GKAS Mark Adelberg Michelle Chandnani Mark Cherches Grace Cholakian Christina Clement John Damaskos Steven Feigelson Scott Firestone Scott Goldstein Maria Grammenos Patricia Hanlon Eugene Iovino Jared Kay Frank Kestler Jimmy Kilimitzolglou Kerry Lane Maria Maranga Virgina Mitchell Gonzalo Pardo Chris Proto John Rose Chris Salierno Howard Schneider Jeff Seiver Duane Shank Dawn Sosnick Sophie Taylor Nick Vittoria

Gold Level

Fumuso, Kelly, DeVerna, Snyder, Swart & Farrell, LLP

Silver Level

D & S Supply Dentsply International- GAC Division Endorsed Administrators, Inc. - The HILB Group EDP Dental Plan Stony Brook Foundation Straumann

Bronze Level

BSB Associates- Tony Bellissimo Diversified Dental Sales and Services Jonathan Greenberg, DMD MyDent International Stuart Sinclair, CPA

Friends of the Society

Andrew Bernard, DDS & Craig Levine, DDS C. Tech Collections, Inc. Dental Auxiliary Training Center (Lisa Lyle) E & E Custom Upholstery, Inc. Handpiece Crazy, Inc. Mazza Dental Equipment Co., Inc. RPC Advertising Co., Inc. (Irene V. Cruz) Vincent Daley Agency


2013 Installation Dinner-Dance

From left: Drs. Nick Vittoria, Ivan Vazquez, Bob Faiella, John Guariglia, Scott Firestone and Chris Salierno pose for a formal photo after being installed at the Gala Installation Dinner-Dance

e Dr. Jonke receiving his Past President’s Plaque

Drs. Faiella and Seiver sharing a laughf

Dr. Jimmy K (left) with Stony Brook students, Ali Mehrabian and Dmytro Zhurakovsky

Dr. Hugh Finch and his wife Wren, enjoying themselves


More Installation Festivities e Raskin Award Winner Dr. Tony Maresca and his wife Louise

Dr. Robert Raskin Meritorious Service Award for 2013f

Dr. Nick Vittoria with his family celebrating his installation as President

From left: Drs. Guenter Jonke, Paul Leary, Larry Schwartz, Steve Snyder and Nick Vittoria 8


From the Desk of Paul Markowitz, DMD


am pleased to announce that we have officially moved into our new headquarters. We are located in a beautiful building at 150 Motor Parkway in Hauppauge. Our new space is smaller than what we have occupied in the past, but will suit our needs very well and save us money at the same time. This location is just east of the Sheraton Hotel where we have been holding our General Membership meetings and Seminar Series for many years. The building has a media center in the lower level which seats 90 people and we plan on having our Board meetings, Friday morning seminars and possibly some of our Seminar Series in that conference room. The cost of having these programs in our own building will also save us money and make it very convenient for us. However, we will continue to utilize the Sheraton Hotel for our General Membership meetings. Please stop by and visit if you are in the area and I will happily give you a tour of the building and show off our new office. You are always welcome!

He was extremely attentive to all issues that arose and made sure that everything was addressed in a fair and equitable manner. He tried to attend as many functions as possible to represent the members of this Society and make sure that nothing escaped his attention. It was a pleasure spending a tremendous amount of time with Dr. Jonke throughout the year to make sure that all our members were well served and all the Society’s events and functions ran smoothly. I am looking forward to working with Dr. Nick Vittoria as your new President. Dr. Vittoria is a general dentist with a practice in Islip Terrace and has recently started working in the Admissions Department and teaching in the Restorative Department in the School of Dental Medicine at Stony Brook. He has been very involved in organized dentistry for many years. He has been the Chairperson of our Governmental Affairs Committee and our Ethics Committee and has served on both NYSDA Councils. He has also been the Chairperson of our Constitution and Bylaws Committee. Dr. Vittoria has served as our representative to both the ADA and NYSDA House of Delegates. He brings tremendous background and enthusiasm to his position as President and I know that he will continue to guide us as we move forward.

We had our annual Installation Dinner in January and were fortunate to have Dr. Bob Faiella, the ADA President, install our new officers: President Dr. Nick Vittoria, President-elect Dr. Chris Salierno, Vice President Dr. Scott Firestone, Secretary Dr. John Guariglia and Treasurer Dr. Ivan Vazquez. We had numerous representatives from the American Dental Association and the New York State Dental Association on hand including ADA Trustee Dr. Steven Gounardes, NYSDA President Dr. Deborah Weisfuse, NYSDA Vice President Dr. Joel Friedman, NYSDA Immediate Past President Dr. Chad Gehani, as well as various trustees, presidents and representatives from neighboring components (and not so neighboring components - thank you Dr. Vorrasi). To make the evening especially noteworthy, we had three Presidents of the ADA in attendance. In addition to the already mentioned Dr. Faiella, Dr. Bill Calnon, ADA Immediate Past President and Dr. Mark Feldman, ADA Past President and current NYSDA Executive Director, came and supported our newly installed officers. The night was very enjoyable and everyone appeared to have a good time.

For those of you who may have missed it, the February 4th issue of the ADA News had a very special centerfold for those of us in Suffolk County. On page 18, our own Drs. Henner and Salierno were featured, with photographs, in an article about a new ethics hotline that they developed for the ADA members across the country. This hotline is available to all current ADA members to assist them if they find themselves in an ethical dilemma and need help resolving the issue. Featured on the facing page of the ADA News, there is an article and photograph announcing that the students from the Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine won the 2012 Student Ethics Video Contest. The students that were involved in making this video are all active ASDA members and are frequent participants in many of the SCDS events throughout the year. We should all be very proud of these

I would like to personally thank Dr. Guenter Jonke, the SCDS Immediate Past President. Dr. Jonke worked tirelessly on your behalf last year and always with a smile.

Continued on page 10 f 9

Executive Director’s Message continued from page 9


students and I am sure that these young men and women will continue to maintain our profession’s high standards as we move forward into the future. To view their video, please go to

CALL US TODAY AT (631) 439-0444!

You should soon be seeing information from the ADA about a new program to help increase membership in your tripartite organization. For each non-member dentist that you recruit you will receive a $100 American Express gift card (up to $500). Our organization is only as strong as our membership base. Unfortunately, over the past few years our membership has been dropping. Many older dentists are retiring and less new dentists are joining. Here in Suffolk County, our percentage of members is above the national average of approximately 70%. However, we are experiencing this same trend overall. Our Membership Committee works extremely hard to keep our numbers strong, but more help will certainly be welcome. If you know of any of your colleagues who are not members, please encourage them to join. If they have any questions or concerns, please have them contact me to discuss their issues. Our governments, nationally, statewide and locally are all looking to increase regulations and fees to select groups (such as dentists) to offset their deficit budgets. The larger that our membership is, the more power we have to fight those regulations. Help us to help you by encouraging these non-members to join.

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All of our committees have been meeting to set a course for our Society this coming year. Dr. Steven Snyder is the chairperson of our new Strategic Planning Committee. This committee is looking into how we can make our Society more responsive to our members and add value to their membership. If you have any specific issues that you feel should be addressed by this committee, please contact me and I will pass it on to them for their review. All ideas are welcome and will help them with their proposals to our Board of Directors for their final approval.



Where does a dentist

Please keep your eyes and ears open throughout this year for all our events and seminars. I encourage each of you to participate and take advantage of all the activities that we sponsor. I will continue to send out emails to inform you of these different events as they occur, in addition to this Bulletin, as well as updates that are listed on our website, Our Society works hard to help you fulfill your CE requirements with quality speakers, and offers numerous social events to help you network with your fellow colleagues. However, we need you to attend these activities to make them worthwhile.

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Center all ways within box Box does not print

a good dentist?

I am always available to each of you throughout the year to help in any way that I can. I am always open to new ideas and suggestions on how to make your Society more responsive to your needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, or any of our officers or committee chairpersons for whatever issues you may encounter.

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COURSE # SS13-03

7 m.c.e. credits

DENTURE OR ANYTHING BUT THE DENTURE: SOLUTIONS FOR THE COMPLETELY EDENTULOUS MANDIBLE Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Speaker: Dr. M. Nader Sharifi Adding implants for patients struggling with a bad denture simply results in a bad overdenture. Here we will circumvent that problem and review the necessary steps in making complete dentures and overdentures successful. Each restorative dentist will be able to apply complete denture principles of impression making, recording centric and vertical dimension of occlusion and occlusal design to their denture and overdenture cases. Dr. Nader Sharifi continues to receive acclaim for the more than 300 lectures has presented on restorative dentistry and patient care from esteemed study groups, dental societies, and associations nationwide. Dr. Sharifi has authored numerous articles and recently provided the chapter on removable prosthodontics for the textbook, Essential Dental Handbook.

COURSE # SS13-04

7 m.c.e. credits

ADVANCED ENDODONTIC CONCEPTS Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 Speaker: Dr. Fred Barnett This 1-day advanced endodontic course will cover all aspects of contemporary endodontics from the access to the apical foramen. Special emphasis will be placed on contemporary access preparation principles, using ultrasonic devices to uncover hidden canals, achieving and maintaining proper working length, troubleshooting and trusting apex locators and safe and efficient root canal instrumentation with new NiTi rotary files. Dr. Fred Barnett is currently the Chairman and Program Director of the IB Bender Postdoctoral Program in Endodontics at Albert Einstein Med Ctr in Philadelphia. Dr. Barnett has written numerous scientific and clinical papers and has lectured nationally and internationally. He serves on the Editorial Board of Dental Traumatology Journal and is Associate Editor of the Journal of Endodontics.


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What’s Been Happening ‌

Thank you Dr. Frank Kestler for serving our country for six months in Afghanistan. We are glad to have you back safe and sound!

Visiting with US Congressman Tim Bishop: from left; Executive Director Dr. Paul Markowitz, EDPAC Board Member Dr. Maria Maranga, Congressman Bishop, President Dr. Guenter Jonke and SCDS EDPAC Chairperson Dr. Kerry Lane


Give Kids A Smile - February 1, 2013 Atlantis Aquarium - Riverhead e Pre-dent undergraduate students from SUNY/Stony Brook serve as our welcoming committee to the Aquarium

d Everyone hard at work helping the children of Riverhead

e Drs. Seiver and Kilimitzoglou give instructions and words of advice to the volunteer dental students from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine and the Farmingdale School of Dental Hygiene

All hands on deck with a very cooperative patient f

We thank our volunteers for their valued support – Hope to see you at our next community “give-back” event


Volunteering in Jerusalem Mark Cherches, DDS


he afternoon silence was broken with a long wailing call to pray at the mosque. The chanting of worshippers was heard echoing from the Western Wall. All of these auditory sensations were intermingled with the smell of burnt incense and Middle Eastern food. I forgot to mention the three inches of snow that fell on Jerusalem that brought the city to a halt. This in part was the introduction to my dental mission in Israel.

essential part of the treatment. An interesting side to the preventive aspect of treatment is that MI paste has milk products and conflicts with the dietary laws of a segment of the population. There was great satisfaction in successfully treating some patients who spoke Hebrew and little or no English. A smile, a stroke of the cheek and a caring attitude can help overcome trepidation. By now you know that my experience with Rosetta Stone learning Hebrew was somewhat limited. I basically utilized the show, tell, do approach and with the help of Hebrew speaking assistants, and I was able to perform all necessary procedures.

I had the opportunity of volunteering at the Trudi Berger Dental Clinic in Jerusalem. The mission of the clinic is to treat indigent, non-sectarian, pediatric patients. This is a project funded by private donations and some federally subsidized. Pediatric patients are screened and treated in the clinic by pediatric attending, residents from Hadassah Hospital and volunteer dentists. The caries index of these patients is high partly due to lack of adequate home care and diet with high sugar content. A number of pulpotomies, pulp capping and pulpectomies are performed by the residents utilizing MTA and ZnOE with local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. Preventive care including sealants is an

Giving back to the community whether it involves a mission, an outreach program, or GKA shows that we truly care. This will help elevate the status of our profession.

Dental Fill-Ins half page ad here Must reduce original ad to 92% to fit page Box is for position only Ad already has box around it


Membership Report Maria Maranga, DDS

How Am I Doing?


t was with great sadness last week that I starting writing this article. Truth be known, I have been thinking about him since early December. Maybe I’m the jinx and maybe I’m not but the death of Ed Koch this week came at an unusual time.

In his January 13th ADA Update report, Bob Faiella said some great things about the value proposition of membership. I quickly emailed him about the ideas I had from December and how we at our local component were going to implement them. It was then that we both remembered laughing at the famous Ed Koch saying, “How Am I doing”. I told him that just that past week I had held an informal (but emergency) conference call with select members at my state’s level of membership. Both volunteers and staff were excited to help out.

On April 17, 1984, my mother had his book MAYOR sent over to his office for an autograph as a surprise gift to me. She put it in my Easter basket that year and I was incredibly happy! When she had made the initial call over to his secretary whom she knew, several workers on his staff were surprised that a future dental student and not a poly sci/law student wanted his book. She explained that he was my favorite mayor and that I had met him early on with my then Brooklyn assemblyman now our state senator, Charles Schumer. And it read,

We will plan a small “re-introduction evening” with members who have joined since last year. NYSDA staff is already compiling a small survey for these members to fill out at the end of the evening. This event will be spear headed by our newest member of our membership committee, our Immediate Past President, Guenter Jonke. Its purpose is to reacquaint ourselves with these members and find out if we have “hit the target” or “missed the mark” this year in our county. Basically it will be a win/win with the information gotten from the event. Either we will get back great news OR we will get back honest concerns that our members have. Again, a la Ed Koch, instead of How Am I Doing, we will call it, How Are WE Doing?

“To Maria, Best wishes on your entering Dental School. Enjoy the book!” Ed Koch In early December, I was at the ADA for the Diversity Institute. Several times over the next few days I had the pleasure of chatting with several trustees, including our former 2010 ADA Membership Chair Terry Buckenheimer, now a trustee from Florida, our then President-Elect, Bob Faiella our now Immediate Past President Bill Calnon and our Executive Director, Kathy O’Loughlin. Time and time again we always ended up talking about membership.

We can’t wait till the end to find out what went wrong with our members. If you know of a member who fits this bill, please pass along this invite as the date has not been set. Membership is a day to day evolving project in itself that we all must take seriously for our own future success, well-being and autonomy. Therefore, like Ed Koch, (who by the way was the first politician to write his memoirs while still in office), we must ask his question NOW and frequently, How Am I Doing? You did just fine Ed, now rest in peace.

During one of the discussions, I said to Bob Faiella that we need to catch the members who are thinking about becoming non-members before they convert to that very ugly status. I told him that in our county we go the distance in making them feel special on their “opening night” into our society. We then get busy and before long, unless they’re attending our C.E. classes, we may not see them for a short while. We need to come up with a plan, a la Ed Koch.



The Suffolk Center for Speech & Myofunctional Therapy

welcome the following new members elected in FORWe SALE: November February/March 2013: E Northport, home 2012 and and dental office on 150’ x 150’ lot.

Jason Beru, DDS Main road location. Off street parking. Call (631) 765-2090 Univ of Buffalo 2009; SUNY SB 2013 or (631) 368-0103 Orthodontist

SEEKINGEric PEDIATRIC DENTIST IN HAMPTON BAYS: Christensen, DDS Great opportunity to build in a community needing a (Transfer from Ninth) pediatricSUNY dentist. Tell me what you need to get started. Buffalo 2001 45 Montauk Call Dr. Sheren (631)Hwy 728-8400

Pick up Suffolk Center for Speech from Winter issue page 14

Westhampton, NY 11977

General Dentist OFFICE COVERAGE AVAILABLE: Richard J.BoStabile, DDS, PC and Associates Ha, DDS will cover your office. NeedSBtime SUNY SB 2004; SUNY 2007off for vacations, dental meetings469 or Hawkins injury? Ave You name it, we will accommodate Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 you. (631) 988-9812 or

Ad already has box – This box for position only


6 Locations Across Suffolk & Nassau Counties Participating with most major insurance companies

FOR SALE: Jesse Hofer, DMD Riverhead long 1M+ gross operatory practice. Univ of established Pittsburgh 2009; SUNY SB62012 80% PPO and private and 20% HMO. Practice located 21 Balin Ave in a freeCentereach, standing NY building 11720 that may be for sale. Office Periodontist has digital x-rays. Asking 715K. Call Dr. Nemeroff (212) 223-2844 or www. for more Farra Isaacson, DDS info NYU 2000

(631) 689-6858

182 W Montauk Hwy., Bldg B, Suite E DENTALHampton SUITE FOR Bays,RENT: NY 11946 Professional building General Dentistin western Suffolk, plumbed. Dentist

For more information, please visit: 808155c_suffolkcounty.qxd:suffolk county newsletter

moving. Communities have many dentists. No endodontists Jason Longo, DDS or periodontists. Call (631) 332-0759 SUNY Buffalo 2011 646 Commack Rd


FOR SALE IN QUOGUE: Commack, NY 11725 P/T PPO General and FFSDentist practice on track for over 200K. Practice is open only 2 days per week and is located on main road Richard Nesi, DDS in a free standing bldg. Has 2 ops and 400 active NYU 1966 patients. 67 Owners net about 75% of gross collections. Hampton Rd Asking 125K. Call Nemeroff at (212) 223-2844 Southampton, NYDr. 11968 or for more info. General Dentist

CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY Inc. 3280 Sunrise Hwy Ste 59 Wantagh, NY 11793 We are a high quality group practice with five locations in Suffolk Pick upCounty. E&E

SPECIALIZING IN upholstery We are presently

Anthea Resnick, DMD Interested in placing a classified ad? Univ. of Penn 2005; Tufts 2007 612 Walt Whitman Rd ad rates Classified Melville, NY 11747 ADA Member Classified ad rate: up to 30 words - $75 Orthodontist Each additional 30 words - $35.

DENTAL FURNITURE ALL looking to expand From Winter issuein

Eastern Suffolk. Page 25 WORK COMPLETED AROUND (East of William Floyd Parkway)

OFFICE HOURS Box for position only

Non-ADA Members – up to 30 words - $125 Fatina Shtivelman, DDS Each additional 30 words - $50.


Univ. of Buffalo 2009; SUNY SB 2013 Pediatric Dentistry To place a classified ad, call 631-232-1400; you can fax the text

3 Practices – with dentists DENTIST’S CHAIRS looking to associate OFFICE FURNITURE and/or retire;

with a Mark Visa orTenenbaum, M/C number to 631-232-1402; or mail with check to DMD Suffolk County Dental Society (Transfer from Second) 150 Motor Parkway, Suite 105 Univ. of Penn, Hauppauge, NY2005; 11788Maimonides 2010

WAITING ROOMS ETC... 3 Dentists – and staff

1990 Deer Park Ave Deer Park, NY 11729 Orthodontist

Society KeithThe Vibert, DDS has

looking to associate.

a new “home!”

Call(516) (631) 928-9898 354-5650

150 Motor Parkway, Suite 105, Hauppauge, NY 11788. (Transfer from NCDS) SUNY SB 2010Stop by and visit! 5962 Rte 25A Wading River, NY 11792 General Dentist



Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine’s Outreach to the Appalachians Jonathan Friedman D’14


n the wake of the devastation of Super Storm Sandy, Drs. Laurence Wynn and Scott Firestone led a group of seven fourth year dental students on a mission of mercy to Byrdstown, Tennessee, to provide free dental care to the rural inhabitants of the Appalachians. The students participating included Robert Bacigalupo, Jessica Fierman, Jonathan Friedman, Miriam Gale, Madeline Hoeg, Leonid Nashtatik, Rita Nguyen, and Alysson Won. The team also had the invaluable aid of professional dental assistants Sarah Buchweitz and Rita O’Dwyer. This mission of mercy was one of Remote Area Medical’s Rural American expeditions. Remote Area Medical or RAM, is one of the many philanthropic efforts of Stan Brock. Brock is most popularly known as the co-host of the television program Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and the star of Stan Brock’s Expedition Danger. In North America, RAM provides dental, vision, and women’s health services free of charge to the residents of the southeast Appalachian Mountains. RAM’s volunteers and participants consist of local volunteers, physicians, dentists, and healthcare students. As the team from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine arrived on Friday afternoon, they pitched in right away to help assemble the dental units and triage tables in preparation for the following day. Around the same time, patients began waiting in line to assure that healthcare providers would see them the next morning. Hundreds of patients gathered overnight before the clinic would begin early Saturday morning. Because of Tennessee’s "Open Borders To Doctors" law that allows physicians and dentists from other states to volunteer their services, many patients come from bordering states for care. To assure that the careproviders would be well rested for the long weekend, volunteers from the local community provided impeccable accommodations for all of the volunteering dentists and students at nearby luxury vacation cottages.

At the end of the first day a local church group provided all of the participating care-providers with a delicious potluck dinner that was rich with Southern style dishes. Even though everyone was exhausted at the end of the day they still had enough energy for a spirited game of Hearts with Dr. Wynn and Dr. Firestone before the night ended. The second day of the RAM event began just as the first, with patient care beginning at 6 am and running at a swift pace. That afternoon, the Stony Brook team completed patient care and bid goodbye to the event organizers and other participating volunteers to make their flight back to New York. But before leaving Tennessee, there was no way that anyone would miss out on visiting historic Nashville for some sightseeing and boot shopping. Some from the group even visited the famed Ryman Auditorium and the luck of meeting with rock and roll legend Little Richard.

Before sunrise on Saturday morning, the Stony Brook team was joined by dental and hygiene students from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry, Middle Tennessee State University, and even Buffalo, New York. Private practitioners from Tennessee and surrounding states also came to lend a hand. At 6:00 am, the patients began coming in for treatment and the flow of patients did not abate till evening. Each paired group of students and their supervising instructors saw as many as ten patients before noon. Drs. Wynn and Firestone worked very closely with each and every one of the students, and they took every opportunity to make sure that the students got the most out of their clinical experience. The bulk of the care provided was emergency extractions, but operative restorations and dental cleanings were also offered.

The Stony Brook instructors and students that participated should be commended for their commitment to outreach, especially since most did not even have power and heat restored to their homes before embarking on this mission of mercy. Regardless, the outreach trip was exceptionally fulfilling because at every step of the way the community members and attendees expressed their gratitude for our visit and participation in the mission.

SCDS Job Bank

Looking for a job? Seeking an associate? The SCDS office operates a “Job Bank” in which we link members seeking employment with job openings. We also keep information on practices for sale and members seeking to buy dental practices. This service is FREE to SCDS members! Call SCDS for more information: (631) 232-1400


Stuart A. Sinclair

TAX TIPS FOR DENTISTS by Stuart A. Sinclair, CPA

Certified Public Accountant

As per the IRS, the start of this year’s filing season will be delayed to Jan. 30th.

Taxes/Accounting Your Office or Mine

Congress is to blame, since it did not finalize the income tax rules for 2012 filing season until January 1, 2013. IRS postponed the opening so it could reprogram its computers.

Business/Personal Specialty - Dentists Personable CPA References

However, many filers will have to wait until late Feb. to file, at the earliest. This will affect taxpayers who use several popular forms. Among them are – Form 4562 for depreciation; Form 5695 for residential energy credits; Form 8582 to report passive losses; Form 8839 for the adoption credit; and, many forms used for business credits, such as Form 5884 for the work opportunity tax credit.

1120 Old Country Road Plainview, New York 11803

(516) 935-2086 Fax: (516) 935-1787 email: website:

From Kiplinger Tax Letter, January 2013

Zimbardi Financial Group Daryl J. Zimbardi, RFC, Vice President

Over 41 Years of providing Financial Services and Employee Benefits Services to Individuals and Business Owners

3 401K Plans 3 Pension Plans 3 Group Health Insurance 3 Disability Insurance

3 Long Term Care Insurance 3 Life Insurance 3 Aflac Benefit Plans

Services and investment advisory services offered through ING Financial Partners. 223 Main Street x Port Washington, NY 11050

516-767-2600 x Zimbardi Financial Group is not a subsidiary, nor controlled by ING Financial Partners. 20


“Taking You from Residency to Retirement™â€?

FOR SALE: Dental Practice for sale, Huntington Village. Working 2-½ days a week. Low gross. Sweetheart leasehold available or will transfer to your office. Terms you can’t turn down! Please call (631) 807-4272


SEEKING: Dentist in Huntington Village seeks colleague with established following to share beautiful, modern, 4-5 chair office in desirable location with off-street parking. Practices will remain independent, sharing common expenses on equitable basis. Hire our staff or bring your own. Office available 7 days per week. Possible merger, equity position or practice acquisition to be determined. Great opportunity for retiring dentist, satellite office or relocation. Possibilities too numerous to list. E-mail for more information or to set up an appointment. Let’s practice smarter, not harder!

'U(ULF66WXGOH\ Eric S. Studley & Associates, Inc. :HVW-HULFKR7XUQSLNH +XQWLQJWRQ6WDWLRQ1< 2IILFH-- )D[--

LOOKING FOR: Dental Associate/Partner experienced in all phases including exts, endo, perio, min. 5 yrs. exp., bilingual preferred. Invisalign, ortho a plus. Possible buy in buy out. Well established, growing practice, 6 ops. Digital pan and x-ray, computerized. Great location, great staff in med ctr. Also seeking orthodontist 1 day/week or Saturdays. E-mail M_I_Patel@


SEEKING PERIODONTIST: Periodontist needed to take over existing perio practice within a general practice 1-2 days/week. Call Roseann (631) 924-7997 SEEKING: General Dentist in desirable professional park location in Port Jefferson Station seeks dentist/specialist with established following to share state of the art, 4 chair office. Office is available 7 days per week. Flexible, for right deal. Possibilities include merger, equity position, and practice acquisition. E-mail or call for more information. or (631)864-7307 FOR SALE: Starter General/Specialist practice in Patchogue with 3 ops. $50,000. Call (516) 448-4652 or (516) 769-6017

Pick up Arpino Debt Collection ad from Winter issue page 12

SEEKING ASSOCIATE/PARTNER: Long-established, modern, Western Suffolk general dental practice. Excellent opportunity for a motivated individual possessing clinical and communication skills in all phases of general dentistry to join our team-oriented family. Experience counts! Send resume - Classified ad rates ADA Member Classified ad rate: up to 30 words - $75 Each additional 30 words - $35 Non-ADA Members â&#x20AC;&#x201C; up to 30 words - $125 Each additional 30 words - $50. To place a classified ad, call 631-232-1400; you can fax the text with a Visa or M/C number to 631-232-1402; or mail with check to Suffolk County Dental Society 150 Motor Parkway, Suite 105, Hauppauge, NY 11788 21

Your Patients Received Your Services … Let Us Collect Your Past Due Receivables 9 C.Tech has been in business for nearly 20 years in Suffolk County.

Pick up ACE Dental Employment ad From existing Winter issue page 25

9 Over 300 Dentists currently utilize C.Tech’s expert collection services.

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9 C.Tech’s performance track record is outstanding compared to its competition 9 Team concept ensures a staff knowledgeable in Dental terminology

BriggetteMais-Dawson BriggetteMais-Dawson 461 461 Ann Ann Street, Street, Babylon, Babylon, NY NY 11702 11702 Phone/Fax Phone/Fax (631) (631) 482-8054 482-8054 email: email: website: website: facebook: facebook: acedentalagency acedentalagency

Let C.Tech’s professional, courteous and experienced staff work for you!

C.Tech Collections, Inc.

5505 Nesconset Highway, Ste. 200, Mt. Sinai, NY 11766


DENTAL EQUIPMENT CO., INC. Sales and Service of Dental Equipment Since 1973 Repairs on Handpieces  Office Design and Installations NEVER UNDERSOLD


New Have Dummy Will Travel Quarter page ad New adHappen sent via In email Medical Emergencies The Strangest Places Box for position only CPR/AED ł Advanced Life Support Box does not printł Custom Classes

PO Box 710, East Setauket, NY 11733 Showroom: 931 Rte. 25A, Miller Place, NY

Tel: (631) 751-7644  Fax: (631) 751-4015

AEDs, Pads, Batteries, Maintenance Contracts Emergency Drug Kits ł Portable Oxygen Assemblies

Advertise in this publication To place an ad in the Suffolk Dental Bulletin, contact SCDS at 631-232-1400 for a current Rate Sheet/Insertion Order.

In-Your-Office Rates Starting at $50 Per Person Serving Dental Professionals For Over 25 Years

All ad copy accompanied by payment must be received by the first of the month preceding the month of publication. Ads may be submitted as a pdf file or Word document to SCDS, 150 Motor Parkway, Suite 105, Hauppauge, NY 11788; or by email in PDF format to

Have Dummy Will Travel, Inc. 257 Harrison Avenue Miller Place, NY 11764 (631)-849-4978

The Editors reserve the right to accept or reject any copy, and as a matter of policy adhere to the advertising policies of the American Dental Association.

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Suffolk County Dental Society

Dr. Patrick A. Wheatley passed away on December 3, 2012 Suffolk Dental Bulletin at the age of 85. Dr. Wheatley graduated NYU in 1954 and practiced general dentistry in Islip until retirement Quarter Page - Vertical (3-5/8 his x 4-3/4) in 1991. Soon thereafter, he and his wife moved to Bridgehampton where they lived until moving to Delmar to be closer to his daughter and grandchildren. He is survived by his wife, Regine, two children and grandchildren. [66 Paxwood Rd, Delmar, NY 12054].


We know how important it is to have confidence in your financial professional. To learn more, contact: That’s why we work to earn your trust by delivering custom insurance solutions that Scott Laffie can be adapted to fit your changing needs. Insurance Professional And with access CONFIDENCE to MassMutual’s range headline 6800 Jericho Turnpike of quality insurance products, services Suitead 202W Mass Mutual quarter page here and tools structured around their long Syosset, New York 11797 term business can be issue Pickphilosophy, up fromyouWinter page 516-364-739627 sure the decision you make is a good one. MassMutual. We’ll help you get there®.

Implant Placement & Sinus Augmentation in the comfort and convenience of your office.


CIS Quarter page ad here This ad sent via email New ad has box around it

MassMutual Financial Group refers to Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), its affiliated companies and sales representatives. Insurance products are issued by MassMutual, Springfield, MA 01111, and its subsidiaries, C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company, Enfield, CT 06082. CRN201212-143123

This box for position only

GENTLE DENTAL We are a high quality group practice with five locations in Suffolk County.


We are presently looking to expand in Eastern Suffolk. (East of William Floyd Parkway)


3 Practices – with dentists looking to associate and/or retire;

The Society has a new “home!” 150 Motor Parkway Suite 105 Hauppauge, NY 11788

3 Dentists – and staff looking to associate.

Stop by and visit!

Call (631) 928-9898 23


thomas j. bonomo, dds

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Rough Out There


ometimes, life isn't fair. When I was very young, I decided to root for the Brooklyn Dodgers in baseball despite the fact that I did not live in Brooklyn. Then they moved the team to some awful place in California. As someone who had never been west of Hackettstown, New Jersey, it could have been the end of the earth. They were gone forever. Things change in life no matter how much we want them to stay the same. Sometimes things change for the better. For instance, when we split from Nassau and became our own Component Dental Society, both Counties prospered. Now I think the dental world is going crazy. Some years ago dentists in the northern European countries banned the use of silver amalgam because it contains mercury even though there is no evidence that amalgam fillings are harmful. I realize that Denmark, Sweden and Finland are extremely cold countries. Any type of metal in my mouth would send shivers to my jaw to my toes since they have freezing temperatures for nine months of the year. Incidentally, I have never met anyone from Norway or travelled there so I have no first-hand knowledge of the veracity of any of the above statements.

So now that silver amalgam is out what can we use to fill teeth? There are always "tooth colored" fillings , dental inlays and onlays and gold. But hold on a minute, friend, there is a new study that children who receive dental fillings made from the "controversial" plastic chemical bisphenol A could undergo small but long-term changes in their behavior. These children had a slightly more emotional problems five years later than those who had their teeth filled with silver amalgam. Obviously, this study was not carried out in Sweden etc. I don't know who sponsored this study. Come to your own conclusion. Do you know how your worst child patient would act if he or she had exhibited an even worse behavior. You would be climbing the wall trying to get away. This leaves dental porcelain (very expensive) or gold (super expensive). Well, there was an article in the New York Times which stated that sugarfree gum reduces cavities. These gums contain xylitol. However, researchers admit that there is no proof that it is


the xylitol that prevents cavities. They also admit that it may be the act of chewing that increases salivary flow that keeps teeth cavity free. The only domestic animal as far as I know that chews constantly is the cow. This leads me to the conclusion that cows have no cavities, nor ever had the experience of ice cold teeth. But, then again, I am not a farmer, nor have I ever looked down a cow's mouth. Never look a gift cow in the mouth, I always say. So, what is left? We can always fill teeth with chewing gum laced with xylitol, titanium, mahogany or cubiczirconium. Life can be not only unfair, but can be cruel. Four years after the Dodgers escaped, I became a New York Mets fan. As we speak they are at spring training. I can assure you that the day after spring training ends, the Mets will be mathematically unable to win the pennant. Wait till next year.

Affordable Solutions for Dental Implant Prosthetics

Nu-Life Long Island 221 Hempstead Turnpike West Hempstead, New York 11552

516-489-5200 | Fax: 516-481-9791 | All of our work is done by our own talented staff of expert technicians in our modern well- equipped laboratory. We do not outsource. We are charter of members of the Ethical Dental Laboratory Alliance of America Nu-Life Long Island is privately owned and not affiliated with any other laboratories with similar names.

Official publication of the

Suffolk County Dental Society

150 Motor Parkway x Suite 105 x Hauppauge, NY 11788 (631) 232-1400  Fax (631) 232-1402 email:

Suffolk County Dental Society 2013 Officers of the Society: President: President-Elect: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer:

Nick Vittoria, DMD Christopher Salierno, DDS Scott Firestone, DDS John Guariglia, DDS Ivan Vazquez, DDS

Editors: Thomas Bonomo, DDS Paul Leary, DMD ADA Delegates: 1st: John Lagner, DMD (2013, 2014) 2nd: Steven Snyder, DDS (2013) 3rd: Kevin Henner, DMD (2013 - 2016) Alternate ADA Delegates: 1st: Chris Salierno, DDS 2nd: Paul Leary, DMD 3rd: Maria Maranga, DDS NYSDA Trustee: Steven I Snyder, DDS (1/2013 - 5/2013) Paul Leary, DMD (5/2013 - 5/2016) NYSDA Delegates: Kerry Lane, DDS (2013 - 2015) Maria Maranga, DDS (2013 - 2015) John Guariglia, DDS (2013, 2014) Anthony Maresca, DDS (2013, 2014) Kevin Henner, DMD (2013) John Lagner, DMD (2013) Steven Snyder, DMD (2013 - 2016) Jeffrey Seiver, DDS (2013 - 2016) Nick Vittoria, DMD (2013) Alternate NYSDA Delegates: 1st: Christopher Salierno, DDS 2nd: Guenter Jonke, DMD 3rd: Alan Mazer, DMD 4th: Scott Firestone, DDS 5th: Ivan Vazquez, DDS 6th: Thomas Bonomo, DDS Committee Chairpersons Chemical Dependency: Children’s Dental Health: Dental Benefits Programs: Dent.Hlth, Hlth.Pln. & Hosp.D: Dental Practice: EDPAC representative: Education: Ethics: Governmental Affairs: Membership & Comm: New Dentists: Peer Review & Quality Assurance: Professional Liability:

Peter Pruden, DDS Howard Schneider,DDS Jimmy Kilimitzoglou, DDS John Rose, DDS John Guariglia, DDS Leonard Goldstein, DDS Larissa Figari, DDS Kerry Lane, DDS Paul Leary, DMD Guenter Jonke, DMD Scott Firestone, DDS Maria Maranga, DDS Joe DiBernardo, DDS Jeffrey Seiver, DDS Kevin Henner, DMD

Past Presidents 2012 - Guenter Jonke, DMD 2011 - Maria Maranga, DDS 2010 - John Lagner, DMD 2009 - Leonard Goldstein, DDS 2008 - Jeffrey Seiver, DDS 2007 - Kevin Henner, DMD 2006 - Paul Leary,DMD 2005 - Kerry Lane, DDS 2004 - Steven Snyder, DDS 2003 - Ian Glaser, DDS 2002 - Anthony Maresca, DDS 2001 - Stephen Goldstein, DDS 2000 - Jeffrey Sherman, DDS 1999 - Paul Markowitz, DMD 1998 - Tracy Stewart- Flamenbaum, DDS 1997 - Eugene Antenucci, DDS 1996 - Alan Mazer, DMD 1995 - Alan Farber, DDS 1994 - Steven Roberts, DDS 1993 - Howard Miller, DMD 1992 - Thomas Bonomo, DDS 1991 - Howard Rodin, DDS 1990 - Jay Orlikoff, DDS / Thomas Bonomo, DDS 1989 - John Primavera, DDS 1988 - Allen Peyser, DDS 1987 - Stephen Gold, DDS 1986 - Jack Hanover, DDS 1985 - William Katz, DDS 1984 - Richard Tesser, DMD 1983 - Robert Benton, DDS 1982 - Edward Anker, DDS 1981 - George Glick, DDS Board of Directors Lawrence Absatz, DMD Alan Berman, DDS Gordon Diehl, DMD Zackary Faber, DDS Larissa Figari, DDS Christopher First, DMD Joseph Graskemper, DDS Michael Gulotta, DDS Sachin Jamdar, DDS Keri Logan, DMD Virginia Mitchell, DDS William Pace, DDS Sharon Pollick, DMD John Rose, DDS Meena Shah, DDS Craig Smith, DMD Marvin Stern, DDS Claudia Mahon-Vazquez,DDS

David Amram, DMD Joseph DiBernardo, DDS Martin Dominger, DDS Steven Feigelson, DDS Hugh Finch, DDS Scott Goldstein, DDS Jonathan Greenberg, DMD Edward Isaac, DDS Jimmy Kilimitzoglou, DDS Evelyn Martin, DDS Radha Munk, DDS David Paquette, DMD John Rathbauer, DMD Howard Schneider, DDS Lloyd Simonsen, DDS Dawn Sosnick, DDS Joseph Thaler, DDS Tim Yin, DDS

Executive Director: Paul Markowitz, DMD Executive Assistant: Debbie Wasserman Executive Director Emerita: Jane Meslin

Test for Graphic Connections  

PDF Suffolk dental

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