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Undergraduate Research Assistantship Request Professor Name: Dr. Melissa Barnett Project Title and Description: Young Children in Families: Family Networks among Mexican American Mothers of Toddlers. This research project involves conducting interviews with Mexican American mothers of toddlers about their background, parenting, family support networks, and children’s development. In addition, mothers, children and fathers, or other motheridentified coparents, will participate in a series of filmed interactions designed to capture the nature and quality of family interactions.

Description of RA duties: Research Assistants will participate in all aspects of the research process. Duties will include recruiting families, scheduling interviews, interviewing families off-campus, filming interactions, entering data and transcribing interviews. # Hours/Week (45 per unit): Hours can vary, but most RAs enroll for 3 units, which is the equivalent of 9 hours of RA work per week on average.

Start/End Dates: Fall Semester 2011 and possibly Spring 2012. Schedule: Hours are flexible, however, RAs must maintain a reliable schedule. Interviews with participants will sometimes take place on Saturdays. Type of course: FSHD 492 (e.g. A, B, C grades); FSHD 299; FSHD 399; FSHD 499 FSHD 492, 499 Student characteristics: Bilingual (Spanish) speaking is a plus, although it is not required. Students need to be dependable, hard-working and detail-oriented.