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Family Studies and Human Development Ambassadors Application for Membership Name:____________________________

Class:Fr So Jr Sr

Permanent Address:__________________________________________ UA Email:_________________________Phone Number:_____________ Expected Graduation Date:________________________ Are you planning to study abroad? Yes / No

If yes, When?______

What previous leadership skills do you have that will contribute to the FSHD Ambassadors’ success?

What do you hope to accomplish as an Ambassador? (i.e. Community outreach, UA events, working with specific population groups)

FSHD Ambassadors meet on Wednesdays from 12-2pm. Are you able to commit to this scheduled meeting time? How many additional hours are you able to commit each week?

Please attach a resume and a copy of your weekly schedule/availability *Please include all weekly commitments (work, school, clubs)

Applications are due on Friday , February 12 th 2010 in McPRK 203