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Undergraduate Research Assistantship Request Spring 2012 Professor Name: Dr. Bruce Ellis and Dr. Melissa Barnett Project Title and Description: Family Factors and Children’s Growth and Development Project: This is a dynamic collaborative research project which addresses several research questions spanning the realm of child and adolescent development. Among others, one goal of the study is to measure important environmental influences on child development and assess their relation to later developmental outcomes. Another aim is to distinguish the various types of aid and social support that parents receive and how these interactions influence parenting practices and child well-being. Other interests that this project touches on include the development of social competencies and maturational processes. Description of RA duties: Students will be matched and trained for jobs based on their strengths and abilities. Duties may include interviewing participants (children and parents), scheduling interviews, preparing interview packets, entering and checking participant data, as well as various clerical work involved in the research process (i.e., making copies, organization, etc.). # Hours/Week: Most students enroll in 3 credit hours, the equivalent of 9 hours per week of work, on average, though schedules may vary. Start/End Dates: Spring Semester 2012 (January 11 – May 10, 2012). RAs who are interested in the research and who show reliability and enthusiasm for the project will have the option of continuing research in the lab on an ongoing basis, taking on additional research opportunities (e.g., data analyses, conference presentations). Schedule: Schedules can be flexible to suit your needs. Ideally, though, it is best for you to determine a “set schedule” that you will work on a weekly basis (with the option to change or modify availability throughout the semester). Type of course: FSHD 492 (e.g. A, B, C grades); FSHD 299; FSHD 399; FSHD 499 FSHD 492 Student characteristics: Bilingual (Spanish) students are needed for this project. You should be reliable, prompt, dedicated, and possess strong communication skills. How to Apply: Please send cover letter and resume to Ashley Jordan,


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