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Family Studies and Human Development Ambassadors Application for Membership Name:____________________________ Permanent Address:__________________________________________ UA Email:_________________________Phone Number:_____________ Expected Graduation Date:________________________ Are you planning to study abroad? Yes / No

If yes, When?______

What previous leadership skills do you have that will contribute to the FSHD Ambassadors’ success?

What do you hope to accomplish as an Ambassador? What is a specific population you would enjoy working with? (i.e. Community outreach, UA events, working with specific population groups)

FSHD Ambassadors meet on Wednesdays from 12-2pm starting Fall 2011. Are you able to commit to this scheduled meeting time? How many additional hours are you able to commit each week?

Please attach a resume and a copy of your weekly schedule/availability *Please include all weekly commitments (work, school, clubs) Applications are due on Friday, February 18 th 2011 in McPRK 203