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Moving in checklist: Introduce  yourself to your neighbours Position  stereos/TVs away from adjacent walls Contact  B&NES Council to let them know you are a student and complete your online registration form at University (see page 5) Check  whether your property is accredited through B&NES Accreditation Scheme, if not give your Landlord information about the scheme (see page 6) Find  out who your local Councillor is and how to contact them (see page 14)

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Find  out when and where your local PACT meeting is held (see page 14) Find  out when your rubbish and recycling collection day is and display the information somewhere visible in your house (see page 7) Make  sure you have the correct rubbish and recycling containers (see page 7) Register  for all of your bills and don’t forget to get content insurance for your belongings Complete  your inventory (take photographs of the condition of the property and show these to the Landlord at the time of signing the inventory)



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Being a Good Neighbour

BEING A GOOD NEIGHBOUR Our aim is to help create strong neighbourhoods where people are happy to live and our message to everyone is, enjoy your home, but don’t prevent others from enjoying theirs.

MAKING THE RIGHT IMPRESSION Bath is a fairly small city so when you become part of your institution it also means you become part of your local community. Therefore, it is important to establish good relationships with your neighbours as a starting point. Don’t be shy; introduce yourself to your neighbours. This will help establish and build a positive relationship.

Your neighbours are a source of useful information about your local area, including important information such as when the recycling and rubbish is collected and where to shop and eat out. They may also be able to help to keep an eye on your house during weekends and holidays.

Being a Good Neighbour Neigbour

Being a Good Neighbour

NEIGHBOURS It is understandable that there will occasionally be noise coming from yours and your neighbour’s properties. However, it is also important to understand the need for peace and quiet too. Please treat others around you as you would like to be treated and consider that your neighbours may have young children or there may be elderly people living in your street. Also, most people will have to get up for work early in the morning and so do not want to be kept awake by loud noise during the night. Please be aware that your actions can impact on those around you, it is important to respect the need for others to be able to enjoy their homes and gardens.

If a student’s actions in the local community bring their institution into disrepute they can face disciplinary action which can include being fined or even affect their chances of graduating – so act upon any complaints you receive and try to sort them out with your neighbours as early as possible.

For any student related complaints or for general council information please contact:

Council Connect 01225 39 40 41



Being a Good Neighbour

CONSIDER YOUR NOISE LEVELS Nuisance caused by noise is often the biggest cause of complaints. To help reduce the effect of noise, please remember to: Ask  your neighbours to let you know if noise levels from your house disturb them. If you receive any complaints take responsibility and act upon them before the complaints are taken further by your institution. Position  stereos, TVs, computers etc away from adjacent walls and be extra considerate if your neighbours have young children or if they are elderly. When  coming home late, keep voices down and be careful not to slam car doors or front doors. Remember, your neighbours may have sleeping patterns different to you. Try  to keep noise to a minimum after 10pm.

Being a Good Neighbour

Being a Good Neighbour

HAVING A PARTY? You may wish to have the occasional party or gathering, please be aware that if yours or your guests actions impact negatively on those around you (for example if neighbours are disturbed by noise) then this may generate complaints to the Council, your Landlord/Letting Agent and/or your University. Please also note that you should check your tenancy agreement as contracts do differ and some state that you are not allowed to have parties in your property or that you need to get permission from your Landlord/Letting Agent first.

Be considerate and ensure that you‌. Let  your neighbours know about your party giving plenty of notice (please remember that making your neighbours aware before you have a party, does not mean that it is OK to make excessive noise until an unreasonable time). Let  your neighbours know when your party will start and expect to finish and stick to that time. Keep  the music down and make sure you keep regular checks on noise levels, especially the bass. Ask  your guests to leave quietly and clear up any debris. Remember you are responsible for your guests so please make sure they respect your neighbours too. Please be responsive to requests to turn the music down - if an Environmental Health Officer calls round do not ignore them as they have extensive powers and you could end up with a heavy fine and/or have equipment seized.



Council Services

COUNCIL TAX As a full-time student living in a student household, you are not liable to pay Council Tax. However, you must be able to prove that you are a full-time student. Please see the below information on how to do this at your University. If you are a full-time student occupying a property with non-students, please contact the Council on the number below. You must inform the Council if you leave the property or if you or any of your student house mates cease to be a student. Should you have any queries, please contact the Council on (01225) 477777 and select option 1 or e-mail University of Bath students: When you register your details online at (ensuring you use your Bath address) there is an option where the University can help you prove you are a full-time student. If you agree for your details to be passed to the Council, please ensure you leave the tick in the box on the bottom of the registration form. This is beneficial to you and the Council as it saves the Council having to contact you and it saves you having to provide a certificate. Bath Spa University students: Use the Student Portal to register your details online, (ensuring you use your Bath address). If you agree for your details to be passed to the Council, please ensure you leave the tick in the box.

Once you have registered you still need to apply to be exempt by accessing this weblink changeofaddress/studentsmovingin. aspx

This is beneficial to you and the Council as it saves the Council having to contact you and it saves you having to provide a certificate.

Being a Good Neighbour

Council Services

RESIDENTS’ PARKING If you have a car, please contact the Council about whether you are eligible for a parking permit. The allocations for parking permits within Bath’s residential areas are very limited. You should also contact your Landlord to find out whether there is an allocated parking space or permit for the premises. For more information on parking zones in the city visit: or contact: 01225 477133 However, please note the following: University of Bath students: University parking permits are only issued in exceptional circumstances thus students are encouraged to use public transport to and from the campus. Bath Spa University students: Please note that if you live in Unite accommodation you will have been made aware that you are not permitted to bring a car, you will have also agreed to the terms and conditions as set out in your tenancy agreement with Unite when you signed your agreement and took up occupancy. Students who live in University owned and managed accommodation are not allowed to park on site or to have a car park permit unless they have a disability. Students and staff are encouraged to use public transport, car sharing and cycling.


Housing Accreditation Larger shared student houses with 3 or more floors and 5 or more people need a licence from the Council. A licence will have conditions attached ensuring your landlord and your house meet certain standards. Landlords who do not have a licence could be prosecuted by the Council and you could claim your rent back. The Council are investigating whether to bring in licensing for smaller shared houses in Oldfield, Widcombe and Westmoreland. If introduced this could ensure all multiple occupancy homes are safer and better managed. Speak to your Students Union for details and on how to have your say. Please contact The Housing Standards and Improvement Team to check if your house needs a licence on 01225 396444.


Council Services

How to recycle and put out your rubbish When you are living in private accommodation, please make sure that you keep your home and garden free from waste; otherwise it becomes an eyesore and can cause health problems. Please check your collection day by going to the Council website’s homepage and enter your postcode/street name.

Weekly green box recycling collection You can recycle all the items below in your green recycling box: Paper  (Magazines, newspapers, yellow pages, catalogues, white paper, envelopes, directories, greeting cards) Food  and drinks cans and aerosols Household  plastic packaging (solid plastic bottles, pots, tubs & trays) Glass  bottles and jars (no other types of glass like

wine glasses) Foil  Clothes  and shoes Batteries  Car  batteries Used  engine oil and filters Spectacles  Mobile  phones Ink  and tone cartridges

Please  clean items such as glass, cans, plastic packaging and foil. It is fine to leave the labels on. Please  put batteries in a plastic bag at the top of your box. Please  put clothes and shoes (paired) in a plastic bag to keep dry. Please  separate the different kinds of materials in your box to help us sort safely. Please  squash plastic packaging to save space on our vehicles.

Being a Good Neighbour

Council Services

Weekly rubbish collection Use  black sacks, tied carrier bags or dustbins. Please  don’t overfill your bags and try to use strong ones so we can lift them without splitting. Wrap  anything sharp, like broken glass, in plenty of newspaper first. Please  don’t use wheeled bins. Remember the Council has the power to issue fines where rubbish is repeatedly left out at the wrong time or place.

Weekly food waste recycling collection You can recycle all your cooked and uncooked food waste every week using your kitchen caddy and larger outside food waste bin. Please line your caddy with a suitable compostable liner (bag - available at most supermarkets) or use newspaper.

Empty your caddy into your food waste bin before it gets too full, and rinse these bins regularly to keep them clean. Put your food waste bin out for collection and remember to lock the lid by pulling the handle forward, so it is secure from animals and birds. View our video showing how to use this collection

Weekly blue bag cardboard collection You  can recycle any kind of cardboard including cereal boxes, egg boxes, toilet roll tubes, brown paper and food and drink cartons (Tetra Paks). No  Plastic, sticky tape and polystyrene please. Please cut and flatten your card so it fits into your blue bag (no bigger than 45cm square). We can’t collect it if it is bigger and not flattened.



Council Services

Putting your rubbish and recycling out for collection We  collect your rubbish and recycling on the same day of the week but by different vehicles. We  collect as normal on all bank holidays except over Christmas and New Year – check the Council website for updates. Please put your rubbish and recycling out by 7am on the correct day in front of your property, so that it is visible and accessible for the crews, but without causing obstruction. Make sure you bring in your containers as soon as you can after emptying.

Reduce, reuse and recycle! How to get rid of your large, unwanted items:

Take your unwanted furniture and electrical items to your local Recycling Centre (see our website for details). Donate or find items for free on

Or the Council can provide a chargeable collection service. The charities SOFA Project and the Genesis Furniture Project may collect good quality items from you for free at their discretion, for reuse.

What can I do with my garden waste? Compost  at home. Take  it to your local Recycling Centre. Use  our chargeable fortnightly garden waste collection (see our website for details).

Find out more

To order free recycling containers find out your collection day or for more information about any of these services please contact Council Connect: 01225 39 40 41 SMS 07797806545

Being a Good Neighbour

Student Safety



Keeping you safe

Advice from Avon Fire & Rescue Service. More than half of fires attended by Avon Fire & Rescue Service start in the kitchen when cooking is left unattended or when the occupant has fallen asleep after cooking when under the influence of alcohol. There are steps you can take to keep yourself safe: Never  leave cooking unattended. Don’t  cook if you have been drinking alcohol. Make  sure you have working smoke alarms as they can alert you to a fire and can provide extra minutes to escape, especially at night. For  more safety advice visit the student safety pages at www.avonfire. or find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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If  you don’t have a smoke alarm, ask your Landlord or Letting Agent to fit one and remember it’s up to you to check it is working. Never remove the batteries unless to replace them with new ones. If  you live near water, plan a safe route home and drink tap water between alcoholic drinks to stay alert.

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University of Bath students - Over the next 3 years the University of Bath Security Department will be working in partnership with SelectaMark, a property marking company and the local Police to encourage students to mark their property with ‘SelectaDNA’ and other similar products prior to coming to the University; the ‘SelectaDNA’ product registers the property to the owner and allows the University and Police to readily identify lost or stolen recovered property and return it to the rightful owner. For more details go to study/applicants/gettingstarted/safety/ If you are a Bath Spa student please register the details of your property at


Student Safety


Students keeping Students Safe

Although doorstep crime is low in Bath it has been proved that Bath is on occasion targeted by individuals and groups who attempt to gain access to a property by impersonating bonafide organisations such as the Water/Electricity/Gas boards.


Checks of the person’s ID must be made and if in any doubt the parent organisation should be called to confirm the reasons for the visit and if allowed access, once inside the property visitors should never be left alone.

Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention initiatives ever. If you would like to find out if there is a Neighbourhood Watch or would like to set one up please contact Bath Police Station on (01225) 842480.

The patterns and habits of students are quite predictable, therefore it makes sense to be extra vigilant when it comes to crime prevention at student properties.

To find out who your local area Police Constable/ Beat Manager is and to report incidents of crime online visit:

Don’t  forget to close your window or assume that your housemate will do it. Always  remember to check that the front door is closed/locked etc. Look  out for anyone you do not recognise and be prepared to ask them who they are and why they are visiting. If  you see something suspicious or, out of the ordinary, report it. For non-emergencies telephone 101 and for an emergency telephone 999


Being a Good Neighbour

Don’t make i

A Night t


Student Safety

PERSONAL SAFETY Efforts to make Bath a safer place at night have won the city national acclaim with the Purple Flag Award. Bath was one of the 6 pathfinder cities to gain the award originally (one of the first in the South West), and is now one of the 16 cities in the UK that has the accreditation. However, please remember that ‘low crime does not mean no crime’ so please ensure that you take note of the helpful safety advice and information below: Students can be quite vulnerable, especially in their first year at University. This could be due to not knowing many people, or having little knowledge of the area in which you live. It can also be due to drinking excess alcohol on a night out , therefore, it is important that you take this simple advice when going out at night: Stick  together and look out for each other….. don’t walk home alone and carry a personal alarm. Don’t  walk along dark roads, by canals or rivers and use well lit routes. If  you go to an ATM, check if anyone is watching and be discreet about your PIN.

to Regret

If  a friend has had too much to drink, ensure they get home safely and receive any medical attention as appropriate. Lie them in the recovery position to prevent choking. If  you are going to drink …do it sensibly…drink water between alcoholic drinks.


NIGHT MARSHALS Taxi Marshals are funded by B&NES Council and are based at the two main taxi ranks in the city centre (Orange Grove on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and Kingsmead Square on Fridays and Saturdays,11pm – 3am). They assist members of the public with getting taxis and ensuring people queue. They will react to any anti-social behaviour if necessary. Night Marshals operate in the main pub/club areas to help monitor movement of revellers in the city centre.

Did you know that drinking alcohol in a public place in Bath is not allowed and can be enforced by the Police

 Plan your route home before you go out.


Student Safety


TRAVELLING AROUND Feeling Safe around by All visitors BYtoBICYCLE Bath of an evening are entitled to do bicycle so in Ifayou’re controlled peaceful environment. There are just getting started and don’t know

several initiatives placeortocycling help achieve anything aboutinbikes Better Bythis. Bike is a If you’re just getting comprehensive cycling website for Bath and North started and don’t East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South know anything about Gloucestershire. It has information on choosing a bike, bikes or cycling Taxi Marshals are funded by simple Bath &bike North East clothes and accessories, maintenance, bike Better By Bike is Somerset Council and are based two main taxi security, route planning, how toatbethe a better bike rider If you are the victim a comprehensive in the centre. These are Orange Grove (by lotscity more. of any form of racial, ranksand cycling website the Abbey) on a Thursday Friday and Saturday night homophobic or for Bath and related North and Kingsmead Square on a Friday and Saturday For information about cycle parking for your disability East Somerset, betweeninstitution 2300-0300hrs. pleaseThe seeMarshals the belowensure web links: harassment, or indeed nightrelevant Bristol, North public wanting taxi’s home University of the Bath: any harassment of any that members Somerset andwindows, South can do so in a controlled manner by making sure kind (broken Gloucestershire. that people queue in an orderly fashion and they Bath Spa University: offensive graffiti, or (taxi marshals) will react to any signs of anti-social verbal, physical or It has information and will call on the assistance of the Police sustainable-transport/ emotional abuse) or behaviour on choosing a and other emergency services if required. you know of someone bike,is, clothes who pleaseand contact Street Marshals operate in the main pub/club area of accessories, the city and help control the movement of (sometimes the Police forsimple nonbike maintenance, emergencies telephonelarge) groups of revellers around the city centre. in B&NES can nowand get one-to-one Cycle bike and security, TheyAdults monitor this movement can pre-empt likely 101 for anroute Training sessions for just £5 per session. planning, how to be emergency telephone trouble spots and like the Taxi marshals can call on a better bike rider the Police if required. 999 or Students’ and lots more. www. Union Advice and Representation Centre on (01225) 386906 There have been a number of cycle incidents on for University of Bath Hill about half wayofdown onhomophobic the bend at If youWidcombe are the victim of any form racial, students or Student Macauley Buildings, where cyclists travelling Support Services for or disability related harassment, or indeed any at speed down theofhill have, The road offensive surface on harassment any kindlost (broken Bath Spa University the bend has been renewed and extra signs graffiti, or verbal, physical or emotional abuse) erected or students on 01225 warning of the bend. However, cyclists should you know of someone who is, please contact thetake 875641. great care on this hill and avoid excessive Police on 0845 456 7000 or Students’ Union speed, Advice especially on the approach to this bend. Cyclists and Representation Centre on (01225) 386906 should also aware that the is more difficult to for University of be Bath students or bend Student Support negotiate when the road surface is wet, and moderate Services for Bath Spa University students on 01225 their speed accordingly. 875641.

Taxi/Street Marshals

Cycle Training

Widcombe Hill Harassment

Being a Good Neighbour

Living in the Community

PARTNERS AND COMMUNITIES TOGETHER (PACTs) PACT meetings are public meetings; open to everyone living or spending time in a neighbourhood across Bath and North East Somerset. They are designed to be regular meetings where members of the public raise local community safety issues and vote on which issues should be prioritised. A panel of key partners and stakeholders will then be tasked to action these and report on their progress at the next meeting. To find out about your local PACT visit:

COUNCILLORS Local Councillors are elected by the community to decide how the Council should carry out its various activities. They represent public interest as well as individuals living within the ward in which he or she has been elected to serve a term of office. They have regular contact with the general public through council meetings, telephone calls or surgeries. For more information or to contact your local Councillor visit: uk/councilanddemocracy


VOLUNTEERING Student volunteering is a good way to get involved in your local community. It is an opportunity to contribute your time and skills to the area in which you live and it is also a good way of learning new skills and getting to know your neighbours.


Please contact the Co-ordinator at your Student Union for further information. University of Bath Students’ Union Volunteering Link: http://www.bathstudent. com/volunteer/ Bath Spa University Students’ Union - Just V Email: Link: http://www.bathspasu. The SCP will also be introducing a new ‘Student Community Fund’ this year, which will enable students to instigate and lead a project which will meet a need in the local community and promote positive relations between students and long-term residents.


Living in the Community

GOOD NEIGHBOUR AWARD The Chairman of Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Community & Business Awards 2012/2013 has linked up with the Student Community Partnership again this year for the category of ‘Student Neighbour of the Year’. The presentation of these Awards will be an opportunity to recognise the work carried out within the community by volunteers across Bath and North East Somerset some of the unsung heroes from local organisations, communities and Universities. This is an ideal opportunity for students to be recognised for the positive contributions that they make to their local community.

Maybe you regularly help your neighbour with their shopping? Or help them with their gardening? There are also additional categories for volunteering awards and all nominees will receive a certificate in recognition of their work in the community and the winners will also receive an Award. These will be presented at an evening Awards Ceremony in the Guildhall in November 2012.

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“ no-one more deserving ”

“ someone bursting with energy ”

“ a real asset to ANY community ”

Being a Good Neighbour

“ they are an incredible team ”

“ a fantastic role model to so many ”

Living in the Community


MAKING YOUR ACCOMMODATION ENERGY EFFICIENT With fuel bills on the rise it is important to try and make your home as energy efficient as possible. This can be difficult in shared accommodation and in rented houses or flats, but there are some basic steps we can all take to limit the amount of energy we use and waste. When you are looking at properties, make sure the one you choose is on the Council's Property Accreditation Scheme which will mean it reaches basic levels of energy efficiency. Always ask to see the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which the Landlord is legally obliged to have. An EPC provides an energy rating A-G for the property, like you get on electrical equipment; the better the energy rating, the lower your bills will be. You can save around £300 a year by being more careful with electricity and heating in the home. To help achieve this, you can borrow an electricity monitor for free from the Council's Library Service to find out how much you are using, and discover ways to reduce it. You may be paying higher bills than you need to. Use an impartial website comparison service such as USwitch or GoCompare to check your electricity/gas prices and see if you could get a better deal by switching supplier.

Speak to your Landlord – Your Landlord can claim the Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance if they pay for energy efficiency improvements. If your boiler or appliances break down, ask for replacements to be A rated. As a tenant, you may be eligible for a grant for loft and cavity wall insulation. You will need written permission from your Landlord to have it fitted. For more detailed information, Freephone the Home Energy Advice Helpline 0800 082 2234. For local green news, join the Bath & North East Somerset Environmental Sustainability Network

Moving out checklist: Please  leave your property in good condition inside and out and as you found it. Not doing so could lead to a deduction from your deposit. Sort  and pack to take as much home as possible with you. Get  organised a few weeks before your move out date and use your weekly rubbish and recycling collections for anything that you will not be taking with you. Check  your contract to see if there are any additional requirements that your Landlord/Letting Agent requires you to action prior to vacating the property

Donate  or recycle any items that you are not taking to local charities or the Recycling Centre (see page 7.) Call  Council Connect for a bulky waste pick up (see page 9 and please be aware that there is a small cost involved.) Make  sure you let the Council and your other utility providers that you are moving out. Notify  others of your change of address.

Useful Contacts Student Community Partnership

Bath Spa University Students’ Union

University of Bath Students’ Union

(01225) 386906

Council Connect (01225) 39 40 41

Bath Citizens Advice Bureau 0844 848 7919

Avon & Somerset Police

Non - Emergency 101

Avon Fire & Rescue (0117) 9262061

in partnership with the This booklet has been produced sity, their Students’ ver University of Bath, Bath Spa Uni erset Council Som Unions and Bath & North East

Good Neighbour Handbook -  

Informations for Bath Students on being a good neighbour.