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'Métier HR' State of the Art Cloud Based HR Automation Suite Built Using C# & MSSQL Developed and tested over the last 3 years Currently Deployed on Microsoft Azure Cloud platform

Metier Software Solutions P Limited First Floor, Koti’s Court, Raj Bhawan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad – 500 082 Tel: (91) 40 – 6602 5513 / 14 / 15 Website: Email:

USP: Aids the industry, adopt best HR practices and ensure compliance to the defined standard practices with features for data mining and improvements to the business operations model as a whole.

a. Self service model, wherein the executive is prompted to complete the task on hand by the system without intervention from concerned department, b. System tracks attendance and computes leave balances dynamically based upon the sanctioned leaves, c. Instant payroll processing at the month end, prompting the executives of LOP's from 7 days in advance for suitable action. d. Voucher creation and approval online for employee expense reimbursement, e. Interview ratings based on skills required for the position in question, f. Automatic initiation of confirmation / review cycles, g. All year round performance appraisal with an opportunity for the executive keeping update the management on the issues / bottlenecks that he encounters to take timely intervention, h. Periodic 360 degree assessment of skill levels of executives, i. System identified training needs for action for training manager to keep organizational readiness at the best possible levels, j. Computation of ROI of training spends through post training data collection regarding effect on executive's performance, k. Pro-active participation of HR in Organizational development through facilitating strategic HR operations and to synchronize employee skills and performance to be in tune with business goals, l. Automate your resume collection through an online engine which keeps in touch with the applicant for regular updates to the resume, m. Online process documentation for internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's).

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Background and Relevant information: We are a Hyderabad based company into development of web applications to take business processes online, enabling executives to access and process business requirements from where ever they are.

Competency Frameworks have emerged as a business requirement. Métier HR facilitates HR focus on organizational objectives and talent management by automating regular administrative tasks and targeting the competency gaps, succession planning, employee grievance, etc in an employee self service model.

HR Manager's dashboard in Metier HR - Cloud based HR Process Automation Suite gives and instant idea of Organizational Readiness regarding skills and competencies required for present and planned succesion plans across the organization, in addition of other metrics.

Today's businesses are constantly seeking the right tools and strategies to IDENTIFY, MANAGE and DEVELOP TALENT to maintain their edge over competition and HR is continuously being urged to drive Organization Growth with newer ideas and initiatives. Métier HR facilitates modeling the organization based on competencies and addresses all the phases of the competency based management. Métier HR software has powerful modules, tightly integrated so that common and / or shared information is automatically updated at one place. The system can be deployed as an integrated solution or as stand alone modules, facilitating the user to automate the HR processes in a phased manner.

Métier HR is built on N-Tier architecture where logic and processing is distributed among logical and physical "tiers“, which are conceptually separate, and can be physically located on different servers and even in different geographical locations which brings several benefits, especially in the key areas of security, stability, performance, scalability and maintainability, making our solution appropriate for organizations of any size.

Modules in Metier HR  HR Portal  Human Resource Information System (HRIS)  Recruitment  HR Process - Leaves, Attendance, Transfers, Reimbursements, Seperation, etc  Competency Assessment & Succession Planning (CASP)  Training Scheduling & Tracking  Allowances & Expense Reimbursement  Personnel Appraisal  Reminders  Employee Help Desk & Knowledge Base

Salient Advantages  Up-to-date MIS Reports about the Human Pool driving the Organization  Completely web enabled with multi-browser compatibility  Multi-tier Security  Workflow Automation & Management  Information about each employee’s performance & job history  Instant access to attendance and leave records  Employee access to their information  Help desk to resolve employee’s grievances  Meeting all major requirements  Built in Best Practices  Customizable according to end user requirements

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Currently Deployed on Microsoft Azure Cloud platform Metier Software Solutions P Limited Developed and tested over the last 3 years Built Us...