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Issue No. 4 MARCH 2011

OSCK Staff

Introduction Welcome to our fourth issue of OSCK MAGAZINE. This issue has many fun features for you. We’ve been working overtime to give you our largest issue yet! Along with our usual assortment of SMALLVILLE episode reviews, news, and spoilers, this issue celebrates love; we’ve examined the greatest love stories of SMALLVILLE and Oliver/Dinah from the comics. Keep up on what your favorite former stars from SMALLVILLE are up to in our news section. Also featured in this issue large sections focusing on the second season of Laura Vandervoort’s “V” and Sam Witwer’s new SyFy series “Being Human.” We continue to bring you news from former SMALLVILLE stars. Our spotlight interview is with Serinda Swan (Zantanna) and we talked to her about her new A&E action series “Breakout Kings.” Also you will find extensive “Being Human” coverage with full transcript notes from two press conference calls that we were invited onto in which we got to chat with Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath, and series producers Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke. We have reviewed the new “DC Universe Online” game, the latest news on ‘Dark Knight Rises,” the new Superman film, and Wonder Woman. Also included in another original fanfic by Holli and a fan interview with Rachel Moir. Sit back and enjoy our March issue! Thank you for reading!

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Smallville News & Reviews Smallville Spoilers Special Feature: Season 6 Guide/Reviews Jimmy Olsen Profiled Goodbye, Chloe Sullivan - Essay Special Feature: Celebrating the greatest love stories of Smallville 32-33 Oliver and Dinah - For Better or for Worse 34-37 Smallville - Cast Member News & Photos 38-41 Exclusive Interview: Serinda Swan for “Breakout Kings” 42-43 V Season 2 Spoiler & Event Photos 44-45 “Being Human” News/Reviews 46-50 Conference Call Interview Transcripts: Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath, Jeremy Carver, and Anna Fricke 51-55 Conference Call Interview Transcripts: Sam Witwer 56-63 Superman/DC Comics News/Reviews 64-65 Lois & Clark the New Adventures of Superman - Season 3 Guide/Episode Review 66-67 Fanfic - The Green, the Gold, and the Hero 68 Fan Interview: Rachel Moir 69 Credits


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Catch SMALLVILLE’S Pilot on The CW In preparation for the final batch of episodes leading up to the series finale, The CW is going to reair the episode that started SMALLVILLE on its historic 10 year journey. They will be airing the Pilot episode on April 8th (8/7c.) If you already own the DVDs you might wonder what the point is of tuning in. Season 1 has yet to be released on Blu-Ray due apparently to issues


SMALLVILLE has been nominated for two Saturn Awards: Best Network Television Series and Best Television Actress: Erica Durance! Best Network Series Fringe (Fox) Lost (ABC) Smallville (CW) Supernatural (CW)

that Warner Brothers is having converting the FX to Blu-Ray standards. The entire series has been converted to full HD and is available for viewing through syndication in it’s full 1080i glory on HDNet, a premium cable/satellite channel. Most people don’t have HDNet and this will be the first time that you’ll be able to see the original episode in it’s full glory. Perhaps this will also be a preview for the series coming on BluRay once it’s complete. V (ABC) The Vampire Diaries (CW) Best Actress in Television Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) (AMC) Erica Durance (Smallville) (CW) Elizabeth Mitchell (V) (ABC) Anna Paquin (True Blood) (HBO) Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer) (TNT) Anna Torv (Fringe) (Fox) The 37th Annual Saturn Awards will be held in June in Los Angeles.


By Holli Boetcher

the episode.

After a fantastic cliffhanger in ICARUS, we get film homages in three of four episodes. Get ready for the Matrix, Mr. & Mrs. Smith & Date Night and the Hangover. Blondie is introduced as the woman with no existence who has cleaned her digital identity from the world yet she’s controlling the Suicide Squad through blackmail. She leaves still without an identity, but going for a dual one in Star City as a reporter by day and a hero recruiter for the entire DC universe the rest of the time. She’s nothing and she’s everything. Still the Mary Sue crutch for the writers and her fans.

BEACON: Writers Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson. Directed by Michael Rohl.

But let’s talk about our hero, Clark Kent. We got Flying!!!, Clark being an inspiration of hope to the world, Glasses!!!, and a declaration of his undying love for Lois now and forever. He grew in leaps and bounds during these episodes. His and Lois’ storyline were the most significant of all despite the blondes pandering. However, there were times when Smallville ‘dumbed downed’ Clark’s super abilities. COLLATERAL: Writer Jordan Hawley Director: Morgan Beggs Black Canary returns and is as bad ass in an cyber world as she is in the ‘real’ world. Great tribute to the comics’ character. She really leaped off the page and onto our screens. Now if she’d just kick Ollie’s ass to become his real comics persona. Her soulmate. Clark Kent has been captured and is in a cyber world. His first act is to go home to Lois. He THINKS he’s lost his powers. He goes to meet Black Canary who also THINKS she’s lost her powers and then he visits Ollie in the psych ward who has had a vision of blondie. Lois in the cyber world is trying to figure out where they are being held in the real world. Clark joins her at the DP and then gets a txt from blondie who is on the roof. Why wouldn’t she want to save her cousin, too? Typical blondie. She wants Clark to trust her because this world isn’t real, but he can’t. And he shouldn’t. Besides Lois is downstairs along with Canary. Wouldn’t it make more sense to save them all? There’s an offscreensville convo between the cousins and Lois then tries to convince Clark the world they THINK they’re in isn’t real. There’s a great convo onscreen where Clark can’t trust blondie but he trusts Lois implicitly. She has to get him on par so they can break out of cyberville. There is a discussion of trust and secrets. “Everything you see and hear in this world is telling you, you shouldn’t trust her. But I can tell that your heart is saying the opposite. And if I know one thing, is that Clark Kent’s heart is usually right.” Lois Lane knows Clark’s true secret. He thinks with his heart first. That’s what blondie and the government scientists don’t get. It’s not his brain but his heart that activates his abilities. Lois doesn’t ask for his trust. She wants him to trust himself. On the Daily Planet roof, blondie’s highjacked avatar spouts Clark is the most reluctant to accept his abnormal abilities. He can have no doubts in order to escape this world (and to later fight Darkseid). This mental exercise is all for his benefit storywise since he has to cast aside his perceptions and think with his heart. While multiple avatars try to sabotage our hero, Lois steps up to the plate. “Don’t listen to it, Clark. Just trust yourself. You did it for me when you told me your secret. You trusted yourself and you were right. The only way to see the truth is to close your eyes and ears and take a leap of faith. I believe in YOU!” We are rewarded with a confident Clark Kent taking Lois Lane into his arms and he flies off the DP roof into the night sky and then through the portal to the real world. He flies with his heart. FLYING!!! FANTASTIC!!! The VRA has been locked up for their rogue crimes in the virtual world. Lois asks blondie to be her Maid of Honor but gets no reply. Later in the loft Clark is reading Carter’s journal as Lois makes wedding plans. Lois tells him Carter would be proud. “I’ve been thinking about what you said. That I should shut my eyes and my ears to the outside world and figure out what’s true. You made me believe . . and you got me to fly. Even if it was just in cyberspace.” She tells him it was amazing soaring over Metropolis. “Well who knows? Maybe one day we’ll get to fly in the real world.” Lois tells him, “I’ve always believed you could do the impossible . . . and one day you will.” She has a conference call with Perry White, gives him a familiar slug, and bounds down the steps. Lois will always be Lois. Clark has a mysterious smile as their love them ends

AULionel meets up with Tess and Alexander to wreak havoc. Martha Kent returns! Clark doesn’t show up for almost six minutes of screen time. So wrong. He superspeeds home to Lois walking in the house with his Holy Red Jacket on and yelling for his woman. She enters through the front door after meeting with voters to rescind the Vigilante Registration Act. Clark is a little down on hope because the vote is tomorrow. Lois wants him to see what his mother has to say about that as she turns on the tv. “A lot of people believe in heroes, they just need something to give them the courage to come out and fight.” Martha appears from her car in downtown Metropolis as she walks to the podium. “Or someone,” says Clark. Martha gives an inspiring speech. “My father always said, ‘Life only asks of you what you can handle.’ Sometimes we can’t do it on our own. . . None of us were born to hate. We’re taught to. That’s why we need heroes. To remind us that we are all meant to fight for truth and justice. To take a stand against fear and hate.” Things they will need to fight Darkseid. As Lois tells him there is still hope, gunshots are fired and Clark blurs to Metropolis. Some time later, as in minutes not seconds, Martha has already been treated in the ER when Clark arrives. Did he stop for coffee and a hot pretzel? Diminishing his powers makes him appear uncaring. It’s important that this story should be character driven not plot driven. Visiting his mother with the door wide open, they discuss his secret. Martha wore a bulletproof best so she’s okay. Clark doesn’t want her sacrificing herself for him. “Clark, if you don’t let me do this, there will never be a day when you can come out of hiding. People need someone to believe in.” He vows to find the person who did this. Clark Kent investigating the crime scene in his journalist clothes. “The police didn’t find any bullets because they’re made out of meteor rock. They turn to dust on impact.” The real target was Clark when he came to his mother’s rescue. Lois has mastered baking blueberry muffins for Martha’s visit. She also hands her a list of the usual suspects for the shooting. “Lois, don’t worry. I’ve been impressed with you for years.” Martha gives her a heart shaped locket that her mother-in-law gave her on her wedding day. “You are a perfect fit for Clark. You inspire him.” Lois is worried Clark is losing hope and she’s trying every way she can journalistically to counteract that. Martha suggests Perry White’s old style of fighting for causes. Later Lois finds a box of Perry’s hippie war protests artifacts and commandeers blondie to do some hacking for her. Clark on a nearby rooftop from the shooting finds a clue. An S that has been crossed out. “I’ve only seen this one other place on the wall of Alexander’s cell. He’s the shooter.” Clark later finds out from Oliver and Tess that Lionel is tutoring Alexander in the ways of Luthor. Tess wants him to use the mirrorbox. He refuses and goes to the Fortress to talk to Jor-El. While Martha threatens AULionel at the Luthor mansion, she gets knocked out for her trouble by Alexander. Who then turns on his father and sets the place on fire. Clark finds Tess in his loft hunting for the Phantom Zone crystal when they are interrupted by Alexander who has green K bullets in his gun. He informs them the Luthor mansion is burning with Martha in it. Sick Boy twists Clark’s goodness around to hate him for making Lex look like a monster. “You’re not him,” says Clark struggling on the floor. Clark argues that he’s had something that Lex never had. Tess’s love. Tess talks about Clark being a beacon for her. Tess still loves Alexander and manages to take his gun and pitch so Clark can rescue his mother. Burning Luthor mansion. Clark runs into the building sans HRJ. He saves his mother and gets her safely outside. With some hesitation, he goes back in to save Lionel, tossing him at his mother’s feet. “This isn’t over,” says Clark as the mansion explodes. He and Martha speed away. Great


Superman moment. At the Daily Planet Clark is not happy about the prospect of being an outlaw if the VRA is not rescinded. Lois shows him what she’s been up to. He reads the laptop. “A Beacon of Hope Shedding Light on the Truth.” There are videos from people professing how the Blur and his acts of truth and justice have given them hope. Videos were submitted by real Smallville fans. “I can’t believe they’d risk coming out to defend me.” Clark is being openly backed by hundreds of thousands. Lois tells him, “You’re an American hero, Clark.” Another great Superman moment. At the Kent farm, Clark nervously awaits the voting results. The Vigilante Registration Act has been repealed! Clark bear hugs Lois, “Thank you.” She says Perry and Martha were her inspiration. Martha and Clark go into the kitchen for a talk. “Well, when I saw those people willing to defend me. I was inspired. It got me to thinking in order for the Blur to be a true beacon of hope . . maybe people need to see my face, too. I’ve been to the future. And I saw the hero that I will become save the city. But I also saw me, I mean, Clark Kent disguised behind glasses and a bad haircut.” When he worries about making Clark Kent a disguise, his mother informs him. “What’s real is your strength and integrity and At the Daily Planet Clark is not happy about the prospect of being an outlaw if the VRA is not rescinded. Lois shows him what she’s been up to. He reads the laptop. “A Beacon of Hope Shedding Light on the Truth.” There are videos from people professing how the Blur and his acts of truth and justice have given them hope. Videos were submitted by real Smallville fans. “I can’t believe they’d risk coming out to defend me.” Clark is being openly backed by hundreds of thousands. Lois tells him, “You’re an American hero, Clark.” Another great Superman moment. At the Kent farm, Clark nervously awaits the voting results. The Vigilante Registration Act has been repealed! Clark bear hugs Lois, “Thank you.” She says Perry and Martha were her inspiration. Martha and Clark go into the kitchen for a talk. “Well, when I saw those people willing to defend me. I was inspired. It got me to thinking in order for the Blur to be a true beacon of hope . . maybe people need to see my face, too. I’ve been to the future. And I saw the hero that I will become save the city. But I also saw me, I mean, Clark Kent disguised behind glasses and a bad haircut.” When he worries about making Clark Kent a disguise, his mother informs him. “What’s real is your strength and integrity and and compassion. As long as you remain honest to those things, it doesn’t matter what you wear or what name you go by . . because you’ll always be my son.” Clark wants to step into the light and become that hero. “Clark, You ARE the Light.” They smile and hug. “Oh gosh, your Dad would be so proud.” Superman moment! Clark reopens the Watchtower looking very much like the Superman we know and love. Meanwhile, Tess is in the loft awaiting Alexander with a cyanide shot. He’s losing his memories. She goes to stab him and finds out he’s invulnerable. MASQUERADE: Writer Bryan Q. Miller. Director Tim Scanlan Lois is at the DP planning the sitting arrangements in the church while talking to Clark on the phone. She’s worried how military and superheroes are going to mix and her side of the church is a little lop sided. Clark just has ‘tiny little Martha.’ Lois says she’s ready to jump off a building. “You know I’d catch you.” Lois asks where he’s at. He’s in London atop Big Ben and he’s being video cast’d globally. He hightails back to the Planet. Lois shows him how much trouble he’s in. “Lois, the important thing is I made the save and I didn’t get caught. At least not really.” Lois shows him a story he wrote that has the word HEROES above his picture. “The whole world is starting to wonder who the Blur is. And you are so close to the story you might find yourself might wind up smack dab in the middle of it. I think it’s high time we got you a new disguise.” Lois and Clark in the loft. He’s wearing a hoodie with the HRJ and large sunglasses. “Drink it in, handsome. Let it roll around in your mouth for a minute and tell me how you feel.” Notice she didn’t say think. Clark doesn’t want to wear a mask or stop saving people and Lois discusses he needs to protect his identity somehow. “What is going to happen if people start thinking that shirt and tie Clark has what it takes to save the day? Sooner or later someone is going to put two and two together.” Oliver has gone from two identities to none. “And I will stand by you no matter what, okay? But is that really the life you want for yourself?”

Clark tries to dodge answering by saying he has to go to work. “No! You do not get to whoosh your way out of this one.” He stares at her as if wondering how she knows him better then he does. “Why don’t I just save you the trouble and just superspeed off all on my own, okay?” With big hands, she makes a semi circle. “Whoosh!” Lois plants the seed. Clark goes to a serial murder scene as journalist. The cop recognizes him and allows him to view the bodies. He has a fan in the coroner’s shutterbug, Burt. Eventually Burt falls into a hole and Clark saves him very superly in public. Giving a lame excuse of adrenaline and faking pulled muscles, Clark begins to realize Lois might just have a point where he needs to fine tune a secret identity. At the morgue, Clark asks starts questioning the man doing the autopsies. It is DeSaad who Clark has not met before. He looks at a skull x-ray and there is no Omega symbol. Clark stares at the body as his pupils dilate changing from green to blue. He notices some dots in the skin. Microvision! DeSaad explains that he had a leaky pen while examining the body. At the Daily Planet, Lois sends her ardent assistant, Jeff, on a wedding mission. He bumps into Clark who deflects him. “Mr. Kent, I’m sorry.” Lois has heard what happened at the crime scene and is not one to say I told you so. When Clark said the coroner could not make a connection between the bodies, Lois shows him Burt’s photograph. Clark realizes the bodies all had the same markings and he only saw dots of them. “That’s only a fraction of a centimeter. How would you be able to see that?” He says, “Microvision.” Lois is puzzled. “Micro . .vision?” Clark gulps. “Well, it’s my power. I can call it anything I want.” YAY another superpower! At the Watchtower, Clark calls Lois to tell her it’s another dead end. Oliver arrives, sees the symbol and gives Clark a file on DeSaad. Ragey Ollie wants to go after him. “You’re upset and in no condition to go up against the Darkness,” says Clark telling Ollie to stay put. Which he doesn’t. Blondie has been kidnapped and hung up with chains. She meets her seven deadly sins. Her demon is hubris. Clark zips in and saves her. He confronts DeSaad. He is a prophet of Darkseid and he tells Clark, “When I last laid eyes upon you, you wore your sin openly. You’re much more self assured now. More love in your heart than when you faced Godfrey. Stronger than when you faced Granny as well. Sadly, incorruptible.” The Unholy Trinity is preparing for something amazing. They are burning Omega symbols into innocent people. “You act as though the marks weren’t there to begin with. But I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.” Clark is tossed by the darkness but it does not embrace him. Ollie arrives and starts beating up DeSaad. Clark breaks free to save Oliver telling him he has saved Chloe. At the Daily Planet, Clark has given his murder story to Lois. He realizes he has not been protecting his identity. “Unfortunately, I’ve lived my entire life up unto this point without needing one (disguise). That’s why I’ve been so reluctant. This is the face of the man my parents raised. This is the face of the man that you love. I don’t want to deny who I am when I’m out there doing what I was born to do. And I know this is going to sound weird, but it’s not what I’m called that should define who I am. It’s who I am that should define what I’m called.” He pulls glasses from a case. “The Blur is not the disguise, Lois. Clark Kent will be the mask. The world needs to believe that Clark Kent is way too normal to ever be . . Super.” Together they hash it out. “I’ll be ready hiding in plain sight. Yes, Ms. Lane. I am.” He’s wearing the GLASSES!!! They go through the door and Jeff bumps into Clark. This time Clark takes the blame. “Y’know, Jeff, um, it’s my fault,” he says while pushing up his glasses. “I’ll try to be more careful next time.” He gets a well deserved peck on the cheek from Lois. “Good job, Mr. Kent.” Later we find out Oliver has been branded with the Omega symbol but are supposed to forget that fact in the next episode. FORTUNE: Writer Anne Coffell Saunders Director Christopher Petry Homage to the Hangover. Hilarity ensues. One thing I’ve found disturbing through this arc is Clark seems to not want to have public display of affections now he and Lois are engaged. Remember last season when they made out in the elevator? In this episode, we were supposed to believe the premise that he and blondie got married after drinking magical champagne from Zatanna.


Clark Kent never forgets who his soulmate is . . .EVER! So there’s no way he’d even fake marry blondie. The blondes take over the stag and doe party and might have gotten hitched or might not have. But the show was smart enough not to let us see the ‘wedding.’ This episode was rife with plotholes and incongruity. Clark was super and preferred the company of a lemur eating chips to blondie who he locked in a closet. Lois did not fare as well. She lost her engagement ring and ended up with Ollie on the railroad tracks with no phone. Both Clark and Lois were regressed somewhat with Clark thinking that Lois was having second thoughts and bolting while Lois thought Clark would never tolerate the messiness of her life since he was “walking perfection.” These two have known each other for seven years. Lois knows Clark better than he does so why do these story plots even come into play. It’s blondie’s last episode. All hail the goddess blonde! The blocking of the party at the Kent farm showed that Clark didn’t want to get PDA with Lois but he could hug blondie and allow her to remain beside him before the toast. Emil, Tess, and Ollie are in attendance also. Emil is recording the event. Clark awakens in his room with a S symbol burned on the ceiling and a chip munch lemur on his stomach. Clark is wearing a wedding band. He finds blondie in the closet wearing a wedding gown. She thinks they’ve done it all. Marriage and the horizontal bop. Clark looks sickened and not just from a hangover. He receives a phone call and they go to Metropolis to find the limo. Clark realizes he has a txt message from Lois. “I just need more time.” Thus starts his hungover head spinning with bolting Lois scenarios. They find a marriage certificate in Emil’s pants and it’s blondie’s half. Clark goes to find Emil and runs into the side of a building causing collateral damage. At the Ace of Clubs he finds Emil and Tess doing Elvis and Ann Margaret on stage. Cops come in and take Emil away for stealing an armored truck in a blink of an eye. Clark must have stole the truck. Meanwhile Lois wakes up beside Oliver who has his arm around her. These two have been in bed together before but neither come to the “oh we must have done a bad bad thang together” thing. Lois realizes her engagement ring is gone. As Clark soaks up the yellow sun at Watchtower, Tess finds the missing armored truck. Clark just has to use his hungover superhearing. He has the remote in his pocket. So he zips off to the farm and the truck is in the barn with all the money. Alarms blaring as Clark switches them off. Oops. Clark went klepto instead of krypto when he was drunk. Ollie and Lois hoof it while they underline that Clark will take care of blondie. Whatevs. While Lois bemoans her missing ring the symbol of her and Clark’s love and future together, Oliver offers to fool Clark with a ring just like it that he will purchase as soon as he gets his money back. Lois puts the kibosh on that. She will not lie to Clark. They have to find her ring! She finds a casino chip in her bra and they decide to go there to see what happened. At the Watchtower, Tess listen to Clark’s disgust with himself. “I can’t believe on my first drunken night out, I lose Lois. I commit a felony and I land my friend in jail. So reckless.” Kinder, gentler Tess says that it’s very human. See he’s not perfect. They find out it was fake cops that took Emil. Emil is getting beat up in his Elvis suit in the backroom of the Fortune casino. He scientifically tries to show them their logic is flawed. Just because he was there doesn’t mean he took the truck, but he can’t tell them who did. He’s a good friend to Clark and his secret. We see a street cam of the party with Emil screaming with laughter after the truck vanishes. Amos Fortune the owner of the casino is wearing Lois’ engagement ring as a pinky ring and is screaming, “You took my lucky lemur!” Ollie and Lois arrive at the casino to find out Lois did indeed bet her engagement ring. The three time Fort Dix blackjack champ knows she’d never do that unless it was a sure thing. She was scammed. Her and Ollie are locked up for their trouble. They escape by dancing as showgirls. Lois tries to retrieve her ring during a fight while Oliver lets blondie shoot up the place with her borrowed six guns. Lois Lane crawling on the floor instead of kicking ass. Really? Clark had come into the casino with blondie but wasn’t allowed to see Lois in her showgirl outfit. He saves Emil without hearing the fight in the main room.

Emil and Tess share some tender moments at the Watchtower. I’d really like to see more of this couple. It’s good for both their characters. Lois bursts through the doors with the rest of the gang. She has the evidence camera. Emil and Tess try to retrieve it. Ollie suggests champagne. Ugh. Clark and Lois share some moments. Lois asks forgiveness for betting the ring. “Lois, there’s nothing to forgive. The ring’s not important. You are.” He confesses when he woke up without her by his side he thought she bolted. He tells her he will understand if she’s not 100% sure. “I’m going to want to marry you in five days or in five years.” Could they be having the wedding 5 episodes from now? It was the perfect thing to say. The video is ready. Clark sits on the arm of the couch with Lois by his side, giving him a reassuring back rub. This was the best part of the entire episode. Would love to see more of these scenes on the DVD. At the Kent house, Lois is wielding a fire extinguisher. “Clark!” Clark has his back to the camera. “Sorry, you said you were cold.” Drunk Kryptonian missed the fireplace and hit the wall. Couch Clark and Lois put their hands over their mouths to giggle. “Hey, uh, . . “ We see Drunk Clark stare deeply into the camera while Crowned Lois watches him in the background. This is a great shot as the video scene plays between Clark and Lois on the couch. Reminded me of comic book drawings. “Lois! If you’re watching this twenty years from now, just know that YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!” Clark on film walks off camera while saying, “Um, I’m really feeling this,” while Lois on film has her hand over her mouth. She’s heard it all. Inside the limo, they are all wearing what they had on at the house. Clark is pouring a drink while Tess holds the glass and stares at Emil with the camera. They all want him to drink. Clark especially. “Drink it! Drink it!” Bride-to-be Lois is sitting atop the limo roof with two drinks in her hand and does a cheer. Clark and Groom Ollie are inside a men’s room while Clark examines a wedding band on his finger. Ollie tells Clark he’s not thinking it through. “How much did this cost you?” “Nothing,” says drunk Clark. “That’s a woman’s ring! Alright. These are twenty dollar rings out of a vending machine. She deserves better than that, right?” Hiccups Ollie. Then he turns on the camera (Emil). “How about a little privacy there, Blair Witch? Now.” Clark is trying to get the ring off. “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing,” says Ollie. Clark snorts and laughs. Beside the limo, Groom Ollie runs in with his hand between his face and blondie’s view. It’s that whole can’t see the bride before the ceremony routine. He grabs Lois. “I need your help.” Lois says okay and acts like it’s a secret as they run off from the bride and a laughing Tess. Clark walks in with the stolen Luthercorp sign. Clark goes to leave the couch, but she won’t allow him to go. Walking Perfect is human, too. Clark on screen points heroically. “Mon-key.” The lemur is eating in the front seat of the truck. Blondie lets out this gleeful cry of Monkeeeeey as she runs for the truck. There’s the fake robbery being committed and drunk Clark is on the job! “Watch this!” he says to the camera as he zips around knocking out the bad guys and taking the truck away. Blondie says ‘Ta da!” Walking Perfect gets an ovation from the couch. On screen, Clark walks over to Emil with the lemur on his shoulder. “Check it out! Check it out!” Emil is laughing hysterically. “I’d like to introduce you to somebody . . .” Emil asks what his name is. “This is, uh, the Doctor . . .Lemur.” The surprise reveal was Emil and Tess as they make a mad grab for the camera. On camera, Emil is wearing boxer shorts and sock garters in Tess’ office at the DP. He’s pouring champagne into a glass. “You can’t handle what I’ve got,” as he goes into some Elvis moves. Tess cheers him on as he tosses the glass. Yeaaaa!!! “C’mere Baby Doll.” He grabs the camera from her. “Let’s see what you got . . . Ohhhh. Oh don’t be coy, Honey. C’monnnn.” Tess is only wearing a sexy slip and modeling for him. Tess on screen grabs the camera and puts it somewhere to film her and Emil lying together and kissing. Watchtower Emil says something about the power button as he climbs over the back of the couch to help Tess turn it off. Clark still has his eyes covered as Lois rubs his back. “This is great stuff. Real proud of ya,” says Ollie. Tess and Emil are still trying to find the power button --- onscreen and off. Clark and Lois did not have the last scene again. Miss those days. Hopefully the show will get back on track and give us the magic (not Zee’s kind) and surprises we experienced in the first half of the season.





SEASON 10 EPISODE TITLES And Special Guest Stars 10x17 “Kent” Airdate: April 15th, 2011 Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc Guest Star: John Schneider 10x18 -“Booster” Airdate: April 22, 211 Written by: Geoff Johns Directed by: Tom Welling Guest Stars: Eric Martsolf 10x19 “Dominion” Airdate: April 29th, 2011 Guest Star: Callum Blue 10x20 “Prophecy” Airdate: May 6th, 2011 Guest Star: Laura Vandervoort 10x21 -10x22 “Finale” Airdate: 5/13/2011 Pt 1 Written by: Al Septian & Turi Meyers Directed by: Kevin Fair/ Greg Beeman Guest Stars: Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack

ROSENBAUM RETURNS Michael Rosenbaum will reprise his role as Lex Luthor in the series finale of SMALLVILLE on Friday, May 13 (8:00-10:00 p.m. ET.) “I’m delighted to return for the series finale,” says Rosenbaum. “I’m simply doing it for all of the fans out there who made SMALLVILLE the great success it is. I appreciate all of their passion, their relentlessness and even their threats. Ha ha. I can’t wait to hug the old crew back in Vancouver one last time and see all of my old friends once again. Oh, and for Lex to become the badass he’s destined to be.”


Executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders added, “It feels like the stars are aligning, literally. We couldn’t be more excited about having Michael back. And as far as the way he returns, there’ll be no doubt about how Lex becomes the great rival in Clark Kent’s life. He is the villain of the story.” Rosenbaum exited at the end of season seven after Lex confronted Clark (Tom Welling) in the Fortress of Solitude. Years of secrets came to a head as Clark’s former friend finally discovered the truth about Clark’s alien heritage. The rivalry between the two culminated into a final showdown and crumbled, literally, under an icy avalanche as the Fortress fell. Lex’s body was never found. Now, Lex has risen from the ashes to fulfill his place in destiny as Clark Kent’s greatest nemesis.

“Paying homage to 10 seasons is no small task, and wrapping up each character and story arc has been extremely important to everyone involved in the show,” said executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly The CW will present the series finale of SMALLVILLE as an epic two-hour Souders. “We’re excited to be able to make the final moments of SMALLtelevision event on Friday, May 13 (8:00VILLE a television event, as the character 10:00 p.m. ET.) we’ve grown up with makes his legendary The story of a young Clark Kent (Tom transformation.” Welling) and his journey to become the Please note SUPERNATURAL will be preMan of Steel has captivated audiences empted on May 13 but will return with a for a decade. This final season, Clark attwo-hour season finale on Friday, May 20 tempts to find a balance between sav(8:00-10:00 p.m. ET.) ing the world, which becomes even more SMALLVILLE was developed for teledifficult as the Vigilante Registration Act vision by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar separates a nation, and spending time (“Shanghai Noon,” “The Mummy: Tomb with his new fiancée Lois Lane (Erica Duof the Dragon Emperor”), based on the rance). Whether it’s donning glasses as DC Comics characters. Kelly Souders & a disguise, changing in a phone booth Brian Peterson serve as executive proor learning how to fly, this season has ducers, along with James Marshall, Mike put Clark closer to his destiny than ever Tollin, Brian Robbins, Joe Davola and Tom before. Taking on Darkseid and battling Welling. The series is produced by Tollin/ the darkest of his demons, this two-hour Robbins Productions, Millar/Gough Ink event will send Clark soaring towards his birthright to secure his place and Warner Bros. Television. SUPERMAN was created by Jerry Siegel and in history as the world’s greatest protector. Joe Shuster.




TVLine reported that Allison Mack snuck onto the SMALLVILLE set to film one final scene for the series. Her return is clouded in secrecy. I can only assume a taffeta dress will be involved.

Earlier in the season when Laura Vandervoort returned for this season’s episode “Supergirl,” she tried to sneak off with her costume’s jacket believing that her time as Clark Kent’s cousin was over. She was asked to leave it behind...just in case.

KEVIN FAIR & GREG BEEMAN TO DIRECT FINALE Beeman announced on his blog that he would Greg be directing the finale. He said, “A few weeks ago, completely out of the blue, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson called me and asked if I was available to direct the series finale of SMALLVILLE. I was and... After doing a couple of backflips... I gladly said yes!” I really want to tip my hat to them. As, I’m sure all you SMALLVILLE fans agree, this season 10 has been really exciting. Every SMALLVILLE fan I know says that the series is coming to a great conclusion and all of the characters and arcs are moving into position perfectly. Kelly and Brian have certainly steered the ship masterfully.”

Good thing she left her wardrobe in tact and on set, with filming complete on “V,” the stars aligned and Laura’s Kara Zor-El will be flying back into SMALLVILLE one final time before the season is over and is slated to appear in “Prophecy.”

Casting for “Booster”

Soap veteran Eric Martsolf has been cast to play Booster Gold in the upcoming episode “Booster.”

Eric previously worked with Justin Hartley on Passions as his brother, Ethan Crane. Eric’s character was also romantically linked with Lindsey Hartley’s Theresa LopezFitzgerald. Recently Eric has been a regular cast member on “Days of Our Lives.”

Kevin Fair, a long time SMALLVILLE director will be in charge of the first hour and Beeman will helm the second hour. Most recently Beeman directed last season’s finale “Salvation.”

From the set DC head Geoff Johns tweeted “Need to say thank you to Tom Welling for directing the hell out of BOOSTER!! And, damn, Eric Martsolf is perfect. “ Also cast for the episode were Jaren Brandt Bartlett as Jaime Reyes/ Blue Beetle, and Sebastian Spence as Ted Kord. According to TV Guide: “We meet Ted Kord as a captain of industry who has lost a valuable weapon... the scarab,” executive producer Brian Peterson tells “He’ll cross paths with Booster Gold, Jaime Reyes, and, of course, Clark.”


As if Clark didn’t have enough problems with battling Darkseid’s minions & influence, an enemy from the not so far past is about to turn Clark’s life upside down. Callum Blue will be returning for one of the final five episodes, reprising his role as Zod. How did he escape from the alternate dimension? Will Darkseid be behind his return? Only time will tell, all that we know for sure is whatever happens, things are going to get ugly for Clark..




he original Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett, first appeared in Fox Comics’ Mystery Men Comics #1 (August 1939).

At first, Dan was a rookie police officer who had no superhuman abilities. He used special equipment and a bulletproof costume, but he did gain superhuman strength temporarily by ingesting a mysterious vitamin called 2-X. In his revised origin, Dan was an archaeologist who found a magical Egyptian artifact, resembling a scarab, which gave him super powers that he used to fight crime with. The second Blue Beetle was Ted Kord, a former student of Dan Garrett, a geniuslevel inventor and a gifted athlete. Dan was killed in battle and so he passed on the responsibility of being Blue Beetle

to Ted, but was unable to pass on the mystical scarab. Ted funded his adventures as Blue Beetle through his company, Kord Industries. He joined the Justice League and met his best friend, Booster Gold. Ted was shot in the head by Maxwell Lord when he found a database at Checkmate headquarters containing information on every metahuman on Earth. The third and recent Blue Beetle is Jaime Reyes, a teenager who lives in El Paso, Texas. The scarab landed in a vacant lot in El Paso where Jaime found it and just thought it was a huge bug. Booster Gold came to retrieve the scarab, but it fused to Jaime’s spine while he was asleep, making him the new Blue Beetle. He is now a member of the Teen Titans. Jaime has a girlfriend, the young sorceress Traci 13. Jaime’s large and loving family is a major source of strength and guidance for him.



Hydro Hints at Things to Come By Kate Blake

not Oliver when Ollie walks down the alley. Clark swooshes out stage right and we see him with a big grin on his face- dazed by the unexpected kiss.

Written by Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders Directed by Tom Welling

Hydro episode 10 in season 6 was a demarcation point in Smallville and its storytelling. There are three arcs running through the episode. The titular storyline refers to the freak of the week in the form of Tori Spelling who guest stars as meteor infected gossip reporter Linda Lake. Linda’s power is the ability to turn into water – one she uses to gather intel for her column and when needed to stop anyone who gets in the way. She uses her ability to overhear Chloe and Lana discuss Lana’s dilemma over accepting Lex’s proposal. Lana tells Chloe she has not given Lex an answer yet because she is confused about her feelings for Clark. When this news hits the papers on the front page nobody is happy about it.

Chloe and Lana take out Linda Lake but not before Linda through her spying on Clark and Chloe finds out that Clark is an alien. Chloe manages to smash Linda’s computer before she can publish anything saving Clark’s secret but not before Lana realizes that Chloe is definitely helping Clark hide something from her. This is important because it sets Lana down a path which continues through the season’s end when she sets out to learn Clark’s secret for herself. Clark goes to visit Chloe and Lois and learns that Lois was mighty impressed with the Green Arrow’s kissing prowess along with his chucking bad guys like they are nothing. Clark grins big time and does a cute eyebrow wiggle. His bruised ego enjoys the boost and Lois is pretty much all smiles reliving her rescue. Back at the farm Clark tells Lana that he hopes she will be happy with Lex and does not share his secret with her – again. He tells her he knows about the baby. Lana goes home to Lex and tells him she loves both Lex and Clark but she is ready to put the past in the past and say yes to Lex.

Clark goes to see Lana and find out if she still wants to be with him- when Lex greets him instead. Lex tells Clark that he knows Lana will say yes- since she is carrying his child after all. In the hero storyline Lois and Jimmy are on Green Arrow patrol. Lois comes to the conclusion that Oliver is Green Arrow and comes to Clark wanting his opinion on whether or not she should confront him about it. Clark and Ollie collude together to keep Lois in the dark by turning Lois’ staged photo op against her. Things don’t go completely as planned though. Lois and Jimmy end up actually getting into a dangerous situation and when Clark shows up in Green Arrow gear to save the day Jimmy sets his shutter to shoot and catches Lois on film giving “Green Arrow” a big smooch. She figures out soon enough that it is

Hydro Episode Recap

By Christine Brown

Linda Lake (Tori Spelling) splashed onto the Daily Planet scene as head of the new Gossip Colum. Mistaking Chloe for an assistant, Linda mocked the cub reporter that she can see Gotham from her office while “Sullivan” remained below sea level. Linda scathingly reminded Chloe that her stories make the front page every week. While Linda justified her latest expose’ on the phone to editor Ron Troupe telling him that she’s got her finger on the artery of Metropolis, her latest victim confronted her that she has ruined his life, Linda felt no remorse and mocks his pain. He growled that he wouldn’t let her hurt anyone else. Linda beelined to a water fountain and vanished. We see a suspicious puddle of water on top of the fountain’s ledge. As the outed jock made his way towards it’s edge, he’s suddenly grabbed and thrown into the shallow pond. The water, on it’s own, drowned the accused athlete. Over at the Planet, Lana told Chloe that Lex proposed but she’s having doubts. Lana confessed that she still had strong feelings for Clark. Unfortunately, they were not alone during their private conversation, someone else had been listening. The next day Jimmy wanted to sell his exclusive pictures of Green Arrow. To his surprise, he found out that the person he’s selling them to is none other than Lois Lane; who is determined to unmask the masked hero. Meanwhile, inside the talon Chloe opened the gossip colum and is horrified to see her entire private conversation with Lana on the front page. Clark stopped by and Chloe reluctantly informed him that Lex has proposed to Lana. She also told him that Lana hasn‘t agreed and that he might be the deciding factor. Clark saw his chance to correct things with Lana and took off to speak to her at the Luthor mansion. When Clark arrived at the Mansion he’s stopped by Lex who throws it in his face that Lana will say yes to

Important things in this episode- Jimmy and Lois work together undercover for the first time, Chloe and Lana renew their friendship and come to a peace between them about Clark, Clark tries to push his feelings for Lana aside, Lex and Lana are officially engaged, Lois tells Clark that she could care less if the man she loves is from Mars, Clark got to don a costume while fighting crime, Linda Lake got away and will use Clark’s identity against him in season eight’s “Infamous,” and we got the first Clark and Lois kiss on Smallville and it was hot and exciting for both of them and the audience!

his proposal now that she’s carrying his child. Clark leaves devastated. At the Daily Planet Chloe and Jimmy smell a rat and decide that the athletes drowning wasn’t an accident but murder. While upstairs Linda Lake received a surprise visitor and was confronted by Lex who asked her to investigate Clark and Lana. Using Jimmy’s photos as evidence, Lois realized that Ollie might be the Green Arrow, needing to be sure she waited for Clark in his loft. She let Clark in on her theory and asked for his help in proving that Oliver was the Merry Archer. Clark went to Lois’s apartment to check out her evidence. Chloe arrived and Clark confronted her about keeping Lana’s pregnancy a secret. Tearyeyed, she wailed at him that she’s tired of being in the middle of keeping everyone’s secrets. She threw back at him how hard it is to constantly keep his otherworldly heritage a secret. Linda Lake has the power to turn herself into water and from Chloe’s bathroom, she heard every word. Lana confronted Chloe about letting the cat out of the bag and they both realized that Linda Lake’s intel tactics had a familiar “freak” odor to them. They both decided to check her out. Meanwhile, Clark and Lois met in the barn loft to decide how they can confirm if Ollie is the GA. Lois confesses that she’s in love with Oliver. Lois had second thoughts, but Clark knows that she’s a pit bull on a pant leg won’t rest till she knows for sure. Lois invited Clark over to Ollie’s for drinks and a movie. Lois provided an excuse of forgetting ice and ran off to get more. Unbeknownst to our feisty reporter the thugs are real. Clark in the Green Arrow costume came to the rescue, throwing the fiends around like paper dolls. Lois seized her opportunity and plants a kiss him. An amused Ollie comes around the corner shattering the moment and as Jimmy snapped the shots of a lifetime, until Clark super speeds off around the corner. Stunned at the intensity of his feelings from Lois’ kiss, we end the crazy caper (beautifully done btw by Welling) on

the image of Clark’s amazed face. At the Planet, Chloe confronted Linda Lake about her tactics while Lana covertly listened via webcam. Linda taunted Chloe about her biggest scoop that she’s about to splash on the next day’s paper about a certain someone with questionable origins. Chloe, desperate to protect Clark’s secret, smashed the computer before Lana can find out and Linda attacked Chloe. After a small chase that led them outside Lana accidentally hits Linda with her Jeep, however, our freak changed to liquid on impact and escaped. Jimmy showed Chloe his shots of Green Arrow kissing Lois. From Jimmy’s description of the events, Chloe figured out that Clark posed as Green Arrow. At the Talon the next day, Lois let Clark in on the fact that she thought the kiss was just as mind blowing for her as it was for him. Lana confronts Chloe about covering for Clark. After getting only lies from Chloe, she headed to the farm hoping that she can learn Clark’s big secrete once and for all. Unfortunately, Clark knew she’s been keeping the fact that she was pregnant from him. He wished her all the best with Lex. Seeing that things are really over between her and Clark, Lana returned to the mansion and agrees to his proposal. The couple embraced their future together. This is one of the few episodes with Lana I can stand. Although I’m still scratching my head at what Clark did to her that was so devastating that she’s now jaded. I think they mutually broke it off because they knew that it wasn’t going to work because of Lana’s incessant need to know everything and Clark’s reluctance to tell her because he was afraid it would change her as well as put her in danger. The Clois was just phenomenal. Clark & Lois working together is a thing of beauty, Their love/ hate relationship is at it’s best here and the kiss just lets us all know that THIS is THE couple. Kudos to Welling for showing us Clark’s reaction to the kiss because that shot alone let us all know that Clark felt more for his feisty friend then he’s let on.







With the Krytponian Raya, Clark escapes from the Phantom Zone, but there are devastating consequences. Zod’s phantom takes over Lex’s body. Clark gives his father’s regard to Zod.

Terrence Stamp, Pascale Hutton



Clark wears himself out while trying to repair the damage done by Zod on ‘Dark Thursday.’ As a result, he discovers that he has a new superpower. Lois begins her journalism career. An old friend of Lex’s, Oliver Queen, comes to Smallville.

Lochlyn Munro



Lex holds a costume party to raise funds to help repair the damage done on ‘Dark Thursday.’ Clark and Chloe go after an escaped Zoner who is killing human males in order to procreate. Lana wonders if she can really trust Lex.

Amber McDonald

The sixth season of Small-



Clark meets the Green Arrow. At a party for Martha’s U.S. Senate bid, a master thief steels a priceless necklace off Martha Kent’s neck. Lois names the thief ‘Green Arrow’ and seeks to make his current escapades front page news.

ville finds Clark trapped in the



Oliver Queen & Lex Luthor face their past mistakes when they go back to their 10-year Lucas Grabeel reunion. Oliver asks for Clark’s help when his former schoolmates start mysteriously dying.



Raya, Clark’s ally from the Phantom Zone, finds Clark at the Kent farm. Together, they team Pascale up to defeat Baern, a Zoner. Raya is killed during the battle, and Clark uses the mysterious Hutton, Bow House of El crystal to put Baern back in the Phantom Zone. Wow



Oliver Queen’s research lab has created a drug that can heal a wound almost instantly. After being shot by a mugger, Oliver uses the drug and finds that it has devastating effects. Lana learns that she is pregnant. (Or is she?)

Carrie Genzel



As an abused patient of Project 33.1, Bronson wants revenge on Lex Luthor. Clark meets Martian Manhunter for the first time. Clark fights the escaped Zoner Aldar. Lex kills Bronson. Lex proposes to Lana.

Dave Batista

Season 6 Summary By Jack Heacock

Phantom Zone. He escapes but several criminals escape as well and Clark begins tracking them down. Jimmy Olsen, Oliver Queen and  Martian Manhunter are introduced while Cyborg, Aquaman, and


Impulse return. 

The Kent’s neighbor, Jed McNally, is using migrants as slave labor on his farm. When they try to escape, McNally kills them by using his metahuman burrowing power. After Clark Subterranean defeats McNally, Lex takes him to one of his 33.1 facilities. Jimmy is jealous of Chloe and Clark’s relationship; however, Chloe insists that she and Clark are just friends.


Tori Spelling



Aquaman, Cyborg, Impulse, and Green Arrow come together to form the Justice League. With Clark’s help, they take down the local 33.1 facility. Lois is upset that Oliver is always running off and leaving her behind.

Alan Ritchson, Lee Thompson Young, Kyle Galner



The Martian Manhunter saves Clark from a mind-control Zoner known only as Dr. Hudson. The Zoner enters Clark’s mind and tries to convince him that his alien superpowers and origin are an elaborate fantasy. Clark realizes that his feelings for Lana are still very strong.

Phil Morris



Jimmy Olsen thinks that Lois and Clark would make a great couple, so for Valentine’s Day, he sets them up on a blind date. Lois becomes infected with red kryptonite which she passes on to Clark though a very passionate kiss. After a fight between Lex and Clark, Lana becomes suspicious that Clark has superpowers.

Simone Bailly



Clark and Jimmy team up to find Lana’s stalker. Jimmy grows more jealous of Chloe and Fred Clark’s relationship, and thus, breaks up with Chloe. Lana is surprised when she learns that Henderson her stalker is one of her own security men.

Lionel becomes the oracle

with Lana progresses. Lana discovers she is pregnant and marries Lex but their relationship crumbles when she learns the truth about her pregnancy and uncovers Clark’s secret. She decides to flee Smallville


Even though Tobias Rice is blind, he still has the ability to ‘see’ other meteor freaks. Lex is using Tobias to locate and capture Smallville’s meteor freaks. Chloe is devastated to learn that she is a meteor freak, but Clark promises to keep her safe and to keep her from harming others.

Greyston Holt


We see Lana and Lex’s wedding day from three different points of view – Clark’s, Lex’s and Lana’s. However, it is the actions of that Magnificent Bastard, Lionel Luthor that force Lana to marry Lex. Lana learns about Clark’s secret when she witnesses him use his powers. When Dr. Langston tries to blackmail Lex, Lex murders him.

Sarah-Jane Redmond



Combat In an attempt to ease his anger over Lana’s betrayal, Clark uses unusual force to bring several criminals to justice. While investigating a secret fight club, Lois is captured and forced to participate. Clark takes down another Zoner named Titan. Lana is devastated when she looses the baby.

Glenn Jacobs (Kane) Ashley Massaro



Chloe’s mother, Moira Sullivan, has the ability to control meteor freaks. Lex forces Moira to use her powers by threatening Chloe’s life. Lana finds out that her pregnancy was a sham when a doctor reveals that there are synthetic hormones in her bloodstream.

Lynda Carter



Jodi Keenan kidnaps Lex in order to find her missing husband, Wes Keenan. She believes that Lex is experimenting on Wes in one of his 33.1 facilities. While trying to save Lex, Clark and Lex are trapped in Kryptonite infected tunnels and must rely on each other to survive.

Emily Holmes , Tahmoh Penikett


While investigating a shooting, Jimmy gets conked over the head. While unconscious, he dreams of a 1940’s Smallville. Present day Lana reveals to Chloe that Lionel is using her to spy on Lex. Lionel discovers that Lex and Senator Ed Burke are working together on a mysterious project called “Ares.”

Alan C. Peterson


After witnessing the murder of Senator Burke, Lois becomes the assassin’s next target. She finds that the assassin is her childhood friend Wes Keenan who LuthorCorp is trying to turn into a super soldier. Lionel suggests that Martha take Burke’s place in the Senate.

Tahmoh Penikett, Alan C. Peterson


The Martian Manhunter is wounded while tracking down the last phantom that escaped the Zone. It appears that Lana is killed in a car explosion. Chloe discovers her metahuman power. The Phantom (Bizzaro) steals some of Clark’s DNA to make itself look human. The Phantom now looks exactly like Clark Kent.

Phil Morris


with seemingly deadly consequences. Lex’s Level 33.1 proj-


ect advances but when he exploits one of Lois’ old friends, she vows to take Lex down.  Lois and Clark foreshadow their future when they share their first kiss; Chloe begins a relationship with Jimmy. Chloe also discovers that she has a


latent meteor power. Martha Kent is appointed to a vacant


US Senate seat and leaves for Washington, DC.

Tyler Posey

Lois begins to suspect that her boyfriend, Oliver Queen, is the Green Arrow. Linda Lake, a Daily Planet gossip columnist exposes a very private conversation in which Lana says that she still has feelings for Clark. Lex tells Clark that Lana is pregnant. Lois and Clark kiss for the first time.


of Jor-El and Lex’s relationship

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By Jack Heacok


he first mention of a character we are led to believe is Jimmy Olsen on Smallville occurred indirectly in Season 4, Episode 77, titled, “Unsafe”. In that episode, while discussing the status of Lana’s maidenhood, Chloe tells Lana that she lost her virginity over the summer to “a bowtie-kind of guy” while interning at the Daily Planet. At that moment, Gough and Millar cast the die that ruined the beloved character of Jimmy Olsen on Smallville. Chloe’s description is consistent with the bowtie-wearing Jimmy Olsen, played in previous television series The Adventures of Superman by Jack Larson and later in Superman I – IV by Marc McClure. Both actors wore bow-ties. The character of Jimmy Olsen was first introduced in the radio series, The Adventures of Superman in 1940. The character has always been portrayed as a teen working at the Daily Planet as a copy boy and then cub photographer/reporter. He is always a close friend and awestruck admirer of Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane. From 1954 to 1974, Jimmy Olsen had his own comic book titled, “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen”.

In the comics, Jimmy Olsen is Superman’s pal and a friend of Clark Kent’s. He respects and admires Clark Kent. In previous live-action versions of the character, Jimmy Olsen is the first member of the Daily Planet that truly tries to make Clark feel welcome. Because of those early interactions, Jimmy earns Clark’s friendship and it grows as Clark emerges to become a well-respected member of the Daily Planet reporting stable. In Smallville, Jimmy is jealous of Clark and his relationship with Chloe. Gough and Millar’s affinity for love triangles is undeniable only in this case, Jimmy believes that he’s involved in one when he isn’t. His feelings for Chloe grow progressively stronger as the seasons go by. Because of her close ties to Clark, Jimmy does not believe they are ‘just friends’. In most instances, he regards Clark as an adversary for the affections of Chloe; not understanding why the two characters are seemingly joined at the hip. Throughout the three seasons of Jimmy Olsen, Aaron Ashmore convincingly plays a Jimmy who gradually learns that Chloe’s affection for him is real. At the mid-point of his final season, Jimmy marries Chloe but it is a marriage short-lived. Chloe’s interest in ‘helping’ a paramedic that is the human camouflage for the DC villain Doomsday overshadows their relationship. Before the second half of the season is finished, Chloe and Jimmy Olsen are divorced. In the most shocking turn of event in the series history, Jimmy Olsen is killed by a dying Davis Bloome; the murderous human persona of Doomsday. The final insult to fans was the retcon that followed: Jimmy was not THE Jimmy Olsen but the older brother of THE Jimmy Olsen. That conclusion was the vilest exit of a character in the history of this series. Of all the ways that they could have removed him, this was the most disturbing and insulting to fans.


n 2006, Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar introduced their own version of Jimmy Olsen, casting Aaron Ashmore for the role of Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen. He arrived in Smallville for the Season 6 premiere episode, “Zod”. He was first seen in the Daily Planet as Metropolis was crumbling from the fallout of “Black Thursday” and Chloe was attempting to decipher Kryptonian symbols beneath a desk in the newsroom. The two characters had a familiar chemistry on screen. Chloe, afraid she was facing the threat of a looter in the Daily Planet, fired a pistol to frighten the unseen threat. From behind the debris of the bullpen appears Ashmore.


elly Souders and Brian Peterson claimed that DC Comics had demanded Smallville’s Jimmy Olsen be eliminated because of the inconsistency in age “Jimmy?” Chloe asks, surprised at his appearance. with the comic book version. I am not sure that I believe that. Kelly and Brian’s affinity for Chloe and demonstrated “This isn’t because I never called you, is it?” he asks and concern for mollifying her fanbase may be the more acit became clear in that scene that Jimmy Olsen was indeed curate reason. Chloe’s fans filled forums with the opinion the “bow-tie kind of guy” to whom Chloe had lost her vir- that Jimmy was not cool or hot enough to be Chloe’s love ginity two seasons earlier. interest. In my opinion, that carried more weight in their decision than appeasing DC Comics. The fatal mistake that Gough and Millar made with introducing Jimmy Olsen was either due to lack of foresight, lack of familiarity with the source material, or overreacting to the clamor of Chloe fans mixed in with a bit of hubris over their own series. In hindsight, it could have been a combination of all three. In the comics, Jimmy Olsen is a teenaged copy boy that is about eight to ten years younger than Clark or Lois. To appropriately play the role of Jimmy Olsen, the actor had to be a boy that was that many years younger than the current age of Clark or Lois. However, on Smallville, that was not the case. Responding to the hue and cry of Chloe fans, Gough and Millar introduced Jimmy Olsen as a mythology-based character serving as a love-interest for Chloe Sullivan. Rather than bringing in a non-mythos character to fill that role, they chose the character of Jimmy Olsen. But this Jimmy’s age was within a year or two of Clark’s age. That set the stage for what ultimately became an absolute atrocity to happen three years later; a heinous low-point in the series.

Aaron Ashmore played the role of Jimmy to perfection; balancing a sometimes youthful ignorance and exuberance with a serious depth of character we had not previously been privy to. Ashmore was outstanding as the sweet-natured Jimmy Olsen but also convincing as the desperate, estranged husband who struggled to keep his marriage intact and giving warnings that no one believed; most notably his wife. Dismissed and feeling betrayed, he eventually told Chloe off; thus ending their marriage. In the end, Aaron Ashmore was this generation’s Jimmy Olsen and he was unfairly stolen from the vast majority of Smallville fans that appreciated the character and the actor that portrayed him. I love what Souders and Peterson have done with the final two seasons of Smallville but I will never forgive them for the callous and insulting way they jettisoned Jimmy Olsen from this series. He is a far more important character than Chloe Sullivan in Superman mythology and the character (and actor that portrayed him) deserved far better treatment than what was received at their hands.


By Sazia Bashar


hloe Sullivan was introduced in the very first episode of Smallville. After ten years, she has now said goodbye to her family, friends, and Smallville.

Chloe had a big influence on many characters throughout her arc in the series. She was a best friend to Lana Lang and Pete Ross, a wife to Jimmy Olsen, and an enemy to the Luthors. She was also Clark’s closest friend and helped him throughout the years with his quest to become a great hero. She lent an ear to him whenever he had troubles with his powers or personal life. Thanks to her mad computer skills and working partnership with Clark she joined the Justice League as “Watchtower.” Chloe was also Lois Lane’s cousin, though both act more like sisters. Chloe’s excitement for senior year in high school started off with her cousin having to attend Smallville High. Chloe’s knack for journalism rubbed off on Lois which Chloe could have not been more happier about. They have always been there for each other and their closeness was especially shown when Lois asked Chloe to be her maid of honor. Chloe’s role as Watchtower lead to her relationship with Oliver Queen. Though it started off with “no string attached”, the two eventually fell in love while working close to one another. Though she has done many good deeds to help her friends and family, Chloe is perhaps one of the most controversial characters on Smallville. Over the years her identity, morals, and role have been questioned by many fans. In the beginning, Chloe was known as editor/reporter of Smallville High’s school newspaper The Torch and Clark’s best friend. Chloe’s role as a reporter and her closeness to Clark (both as a friend and also investigating together) led to the Chlois Theory. This theory, made by fans, stated that Chloe Sullivan was in fact Lois Lane. It was even said that if Chloe’s first and last name were rearranged, then it would spell out Lois Lane. The theory started to makes fans even more anxious when Chloe started an internship at the Daily Planet. Of course, that was not the case when Chloe announced in the episode Delete that she has a cousin named Lois Lane. Still to this day though, the theory is believed to be true by many fans. Chloe often seemed envious of her leggy, streetwise cousin. After Lois had started a job at The Inquisitor, Chloe would mock Lois’ work behind her back. Many fans did not get why Chloe would act this way when she was the one who encouraged her cousin to pursue journalism. A big part of Chloe’s life was her unrequited feelings towards Clark that she had since the eighth grade. Clark’s love for Lana Lang left Chloe heartbroken many times which caused rifts between her friendship with both friends during high school. Chloe even started working for Lionel Luthor (to investigate Clark) at one point because she was upset over Clark and Lana’s relationship. Her friendship with Lana was tested many times when Lana started to suspect that Chloe knew about Clark’s secrets. Though all three had been able to maintain their friendship in the end. Chloe’s feelings for Clark were brought up many times by other people including Jimmy Olsen, Lois, and even Clark himself

after she claimed not to have feelings for him anymore. Keeping Clark’s secret put her relationship with many people on a shaky ground because she always put Clark first. This led to many fights between Jimmy and Chloe when they were a couple and they even broke up at one point because of the secret that she was protecting. Chloe also became friends with Davis Bloome (Doomsday) so that she could protect Clark from him, but a dream may have shown that Chloe has actually developed feelings for Davis and vice versa. She even used a taser on her husband to protect Davis’ secret. Again when Chloe was protecting another secret, Jimmy decided to give Chloe a divorce because she felt that he was being paranoid about Davis being a murderer. Though later Davis felt betrayed when he overheard Chloe still loved her ex-husband which lead him to kill Jimmy. Chloe’s intentions were often morally clouded. Chloe had invested in kryptonite weapons by embezzling Oliver’s money. She had not informed either Oliver and Clark until they both found out in their own ways. Taking her duties as Watchtower to the extreme, she secretly video taped the Kent farm, and also tapped into phone conversations between Clark as the Blur and Lois. Though it had helped Clark to get out of a situations, was it necessary for Chloe to go this far to protect Clark? Chloe had an odd way of protecting friends, family, and even enemies. Chloe chloroformed Lois so she wouldn’t find out that she was working with Tess Mercer. She basically put Oliver through a “death game” so that he would go back to being Green Arrow. Again, was it necessary to be so extreme? Was there any doubt that our team grew wary of her intentions and allegiances? Even though her actions have raised questions, Chloe went through a lot in life. Her mother was taken away and she also had mental issue which scared Chloe because she thought that affliction may be genetic. Chloe developed a meteor power where she would take away others pains and it would bounce back to her. She was fired from the Daily Planet, lost her husband, etc. Her role as Watchtower had led her to step further away from the real world. But there were fun times too. Chloe and Lois singing “I Love Rock and Roll” on karaoke night, Chloe’s reaction at Clark’s sneeze, bowling with Lana, being possessed by a witch and Dawn Stiles (maybe not fun for Chloe, but was fun for the fans), zooming away in a car with Lois after being caught at a scene, Chloe’s laughs at Jimmy’s jokes, her wordy sentences, and many other memories. And of course, who can forget ‘the Chloe cut’ (her choppy hairstyle). In the end, Chloe decided to leave for Star City and to become a reporter for the Star City Register. She said goodbye to Clark, but decided to sneak away without informing anyone else of her departure. Oliver though caught up to her before she left and told her that it didn’t feel right for his wife to leave him behind. In a big surprise reveal, Chloe learned that they had gotten married during the crazy night of Lois & Clark’s bachelor/ bachelorette party. So, Chloe and Oliver happily left together for Star City. Though some fans have mixed reactions for her departure, one thing can probably be agreed upon. Chloe Sullivan will never be forgotten.



For our February issue, we are celebrating the greatest love stories of the Superman/ Smallville universes. We will profile the most romantic couples and pairings from all Superman incarnations. Sit back and feel the Love. “Clark, a heart beats only so many times in a life. Your father used his more than anyone I know.” -Martha Kent “And then you meet someone who’s so good that she might be the one person who could learn to love you. I would wait forever for that.”- Lex to Lana “You have a deep connection to him, I felt it! He would never have been able to pull away from me if he wasn’t drawn by his attraction to you. You may not know it yet, but believe me there’s a bond.”- Maxima to Lois (talking about Clark and Lois) “Ever since my parents died... I’ve jumped around from city to city, from continent to continent. And in all those years, not once have I regretted leaving anyone. But then I met you.” - Oliver to Lois “I can’t live in a world where you don’t love me.” -Clark to AU Lois “I need you. But the world needs you more and as long I’m in your life, I’m holding you back. I love you, Clark Kent. More than you will ever know.”-Lana to Clark “You better be careful Oliver, or I might start to think you’re falling for me.”- Chloe to Oliver “I figured even if we didn’t end up together, I could be happy just knowing that you’re in the world.”- Jimmy to Chloe “I want you to know me completely with no secrets. Because you’re the one. You always will be.”- Clark to Lois The vison for SMALLVILLE was to create a grounded, realistic retelling of a superhero struggling to find balance between his abnormal abilities and his quest to fit in with humanity. Nothing is more human than the quest to find and understand love. For all that Kryptonians have extraordinary abilities, they, like humans are capable of finding and appreciating love. SMALLVILLE followed Clark Kent’s journey in coming to terms with his own differences and learning how to read and understand people. For this special section of our issue we are focusing on some of the most important relationships from SMALLVILLE and recapping some of the greatest moments that shaped the characters on this series through the power of love and friendship. Sit back, enjoy, and experience the super power of love.


By Sazia Bashar


he original story of the city girl meeting the country boy, Jonathan Kent met Martha Clark at Metropolis University and it was love at first sight. Even though she was the note taker for the class, Martha asked Jonathan for some notes to get his attention. They began dating after that. Martha’s father did not approve when Jonathan asked him for permission to marry his daughter. He did not like the fact that Jonathan was a farmer, but both got married anyway and decided to live on the Kent Farm together. Even though Martha was incapable of conceiving a baby, their love for one another never dispersed. That changed of course when they found a little boy whose spaceship crashed in a cornfield. The couple decided to adopt the little boy and named him Clark. Protecting Clark’s secret has been a main concern for the couple. They never wanted anyone to harm their son in anyway or even a bigger fear, someone taking him away. Whenever Clark gained a new ability, Martha and Jonathan were always by his side and helped him to control those abilities. They raised him with strong values, making sure he knew right from wrong. Clark felt many times that he was a burden to his parents. He felt they couldn’t live a normal life because of him, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. They love their son unconditionally. The three were a team. Martha and Jonathan had many fights over the Luthors. Jonathan has held a resentment towards Lionel Luthor ever since he asked for help with Clark’s adoption. Lionel agreed to do so, but only if Jonathan would convince the Ross family to sell their cream corn factory. But Jonathan couldn’t keep the Luthors away from his family especially when Clark and Lex became best friends and Martha started working for Lionel at one point. But with the Luthors’ curiosity about Clark’s secret, the Kents eventually tried to cut ties with them. They were very passionate with each other. Whether it was kisses or going away on a romantic getaway. They had many dates even as a married couple like having picnics and romantic dinners. When they were near each other, their happiness shone their eyes.

The couple went through many hardships like any couple. They almost lost their farm many times, had financial problems, Martha had a miscarriage, Jonathan had heart problems, and many other tragic experiences. But nonetheless, they always pulled through.

Jonathan decided to run for State Senate in the place of his old friend Jack Jennings. Martha tried to convince him against it because she was concerned about the effect it would have with his heart problems. And how it would effect Clark’s secret. Disregarding his wife’s concerns Jonathan started campaigning. Martha and Jonathan argued about his persistence to continue to run even after many threat calls and being tied upside down in the barn. But Martha went along when he declared his love for her and Clark in his Senate speech. She became much more supportive after that. Martha knew there was not enough funds to aid the campaign, so she decided to ask Lionel for money. Jonathan eventually found out which caused a dispute between the couple. He appreciated Martha’s support, but decided to pay back Lionel by selling him part of the farm. Jonathan ended up winning the election in the end and Martha and Clark were ecstatic. After the announcement, Jonathan received a call from Lionel. Both ended up in a fight after Lionel admitted he knew Clark’s secret. This lead him to have a heart attack and he died in Clark and Martha’s arms. After his death, Martha decided to take over Jonathan’s seat as state senator and to continue on the goals her husband had achieved. Martha has to start facing problems by herself whether it was Clark under red kryptonite, facing Jor-El, etc. She started to miss Jonathan being by her side. Martha was eventually promoted so she had to move to Washington. It was a big step because not only was she leaving Clark, but she was closing the door on the life she had with Jonathan. Martha had tried to move on with Perry White, but she couldn’t because of her love for Jonathan. She even continued to wear her wedding ring after his death. Jonathan and Martha Kent are perhaps the most idealistic couple on Smallville.


By Kate Blake

allows Jor-El to reprogram him.

n Smallville we meet Lana Lang before we meet Clark Kent. She is a little girl in a pink princess costume playing in her aunt Nell’s flower shop when the Kents walk in to buy flowers. When the meteor storm hits – we see her crying as her parent’s meet their untimely end on the streets of Smallville. Fast forward to the first day of high school. Clark is a gangly youth trying to find his place and we learn he has been admiring Lana from afar for years. He falls at her feet in the pilot episode dropping his school books including Nietzsche which prompts Lana to ask the iconic questions “Which are you Clark? Man or Superman?”

Season 4 opens with everything changed. The distance between Clark and Lana is a continent apart. She has a new boyfriend- Jason Teague and is living in Paris. Clark is back but not himself entirely- Kal-El has come to Smallville and the first person he meets is Lois Lane. This sets the tone for the new season. Clark comes back to himself soon enough and Lana lands in Smallville but their past seems to be moving into the past. Clark and Lois become friends, Lana is wrapped up in a mystery and Jason keeps her busy. Clark becomes quite the small town hero when he joins the football team. His life seems to be moving in a good direction when Alicia shows up again fresh from the freak house with her homicidal ways behind her. Alicia and Clark have a spark between them – and she has issues. When the two run off to get married in Vegas everyone in Clark’s life is shocked. When Alicia dies part of his innocence is left behind. Lana and Jason and their relationship pulls apart when she realizes he is hiding things from her. Lana is never sure what Clark’s secret is but she trusts in his goodness. When she gives him the bloody stone it is because of her innate trust in Clark.


The early years of Smallville have Lana and Clark building a friendship and performing a mating dance that is always tempered with guilt, secrets and angst. Once Clark learns that the meteor shower which delivered him to Earth was responsible for the death of Lana’s parents- he is racked with guilt. He sees Lana as this perfect paragon of womanhood in his youth. She is the beautiful small town girl everyone wants, a damsel in distress that Clark has to rescue on a regular basis. His hovering irritates Lana who never quite understands what Clark’s issues are. She wants to stand on her own two feet but his heightened sense of responsibility requires him to make sure she is safe. It is no wonder he is confused when she pulls away asking for space and then comes back on her own whenever it looks like Clark is moving on. Season 1 had Lana dating football hero Whitney. When he leaves to go off to war after graduating, Clark promises him to watch over Lana for him. Clark sticks to his guns and his friendship with Whitney – even asking Chloe to the spring formal working on moving on. It is Lana who is dissatisfied with a long distance relationship between herself and Whitney. Clark and Chloe are close friends, Pete learns Clark’s secret and the Scooby crew is busy hunting down meteor freaks all over Smallville while Clark and Lex become best of buds. Clark opens up to Lex on a regular basis about his feelings for Lana and Lex is always there to encourage their relationship. Lex keeps close tabs on Lana becoming her business partner in the Talon coffee shop and her mentor. Lana keeps an eye on Clark and the two of them build what seems to be a real friendship, especially after she moves in with Chloe when Aunt Nell marries and moves away. Mid-year season 2 Whitney dies in action and Clark is released from his promise. As the season closes, Clark and Lana get closer with their courtship culminating in the famous picnic under the oak tree. Like all good soaps- the young lovers’ path cannot be true and simple. Clark’s growing knowledge of his own past and his roots leads to his decision to destroy his spaceship which has a terrible consequence- his mother and father are in an accident and she loses the baby she has been carrying. Clark is shaken with guilt- certain everything terrible is his fault. In his mind he has ruined everything so he puts on his Red-K ring, hops on his father’s motorcycle and gets ready to run away. He asks Lana to come with him and she turns away- she is afraid. He drives off leaving her behind. Season 3 opens with Clark living the high life in Metropolis, hyped up on Red-K he is blatantly displaying his powers and one a one man crime spree. Chloe finds him and tries to get through and fails. She tells Lana where Clark is and when Lana comes to see Clark initially he is thrilled to see her. When she calls his parents he lashes out at her in anger and pushes her away feeling betrayed. When he is back in town and back to himself he decides that he cannot keep hurting Lana and pulls away from her. Lana is confused and hurt. She spends the season trying to keep away from Clark and fighting her feelings for him. Clark dates and thinks maybe he has meet a kindred soul in Alicia – but being a meteor freak is never easy and when she tries to kill Lana the luster wears off their shiny new relationship and lands her in Bell Reve. By the end of the season Lana and Clark both make important decisions. She leaves to spend some time in school in Paris while Clark embraces his heritage and

Season 5 opens with Clark finding the fortress and aliens coming to earth! He sends them to the Phantom Zone but Lana has seen them and is obsessed with finding out the truth. Jor-El punishes Clark by stripping his powers and along with them go all of Clark’s fears and guilt over his relationship with Lana. They get together at last and seem to be happy- until of course Clark gets his powers back and does not know how to tell Lana his secret. In Reckoning things come to a head when Clark realizes he has to go big or back off. He takes Lana to the fortress, spills his secret and proposes all in one swift act. Things seem to be wonderful until she runs off to console Lex on the eve of the election instead of staying with her fiancé and his family to celebrate Jonathan’s win over Lex. Lana ends up dead and Clark makes the biggest mistake of his life. He acts rashly and uses his one time do over to save her life by setting back time. Round two he doesn’t propose and Lana pulls away sick of his issues and games. She ends up with Lex but this time Clark saves her from getting killed. What he doesn’t know is that in her place someone else has to die. Clark loses his father- the loss that continues to haunt him. Clark and Lana pull apart and she goes to Lex who consoles her and seems to mend her heart. Clark starts to move on as well until mid-season 6 when Millar and Gough decided that they needed more Clark and Lana drama and decided they should live together in season 7. Things are different- Lana has learned Clark’s secret. She now knows his big secret and feels small because of it. She is not very good at allowing Clark to be Clark. He does not know how to be himself and a superhero while with Lana and his development stalls. These two talk a lot but never really get to the heart of things. She leaves at the end of season 7 and Clark begins to move forward. He gets a job at the Daily Planet and becomes Lois Lane’s partner. They get closer until Lana returns. Lois is off in Star City tending to Jimmy who was severely injured by Doomsday, Chloe is missing and Lana moves in. We learn Lana has gone to extremes to make herself into a hero with powers so she can be equal to Clark. Unfortunately her powers come at a tremendous cost- fueled by Kryptonite she becomes toxic literally to Clark and has to leave. He falls to his knees and tells her he loves her in their last moments together. It is painful but it is over. No take backs. No more see sawing. This final season Clark has told Lois that Lana was not the one for him. He idolized Lana and the qualities he thought she should have and never really saw her. Lana loved Clark but once she learned how big his life was she allowed her fears of not being enough to poison things forever between them. The tug and the pull of Clark and Lana made for years of drawn out drama. Love it or hate it- there is an element to their very unbalanced relationship that always rings true. You know the captain of the football team and the cheerleader will never end up together in the end and the alien from another planet is destined for more than the girl next door.


By Erika Blake


ana Lang’s journey on SMALLVILLE began with tragedy, her parents were killed during the meteor shower that brought Clark Kent to Earth. That singular event left the young Smallvillian with a huge hole in her heart and a whole mess of abandonment issues. In essence both Clark and Lana were united in their pain after being left parentless thanks to Krypton being destroyed. In Clark’s case, he was discovered by the wonderful, nurturing Kents who showered him with love. Lana was raised by her Aunt Nell, who didn’t fulfill the young girl’s emotional needs on her own. This was apparent in the fact that she allowed her young charge to wear a piece of the meteorite around her neck that was responsible for killing her parents. Rather than teaching the child to move on, she allowed Lana’s pain to linger even to the point where she’d visit her parents gravestones and spend hours talking to their remains. At one point in the series, Lana even took drugs that brought her to the brink of death, just so that she could see her parents in the afterlife. Nell fell in love and planned to move to Metropolis with her fiance’ and offered to bring Lana along. The young high schooler refused, sought emancipation, and stayed behind without anyone to watch over her or provide her any real parental guidance. In her mind, Lana had put her parents on a pedestal that came crashing down when she learned that her mother had an affair with Henry Small, one of the members of the town’s founding family. Lana learned that he was in fact her father. When his current wife refused to allow Lana into their lives, she was abandoned all over again. Because Lana never grew up without a real life example on what a healthy relationship looked like, her own pursuit of love became one filled with struggle, heartache, and confusion. While a freshman at Smallville High, Lana’s first

real boyfriend was Whitney Fordman, the son of a local merchant, captain of the football team, and high school senior. Lana came into the new school as the belle of the ball, somehow earned the spot of head cheerleader, and was elected homecoming queen. Her picture perfect life seemed to be the envy of everyone. However, as time wore on she grew tired of the fairy tale existence, dropped out of the cheer squad, and dumped her boyfriend after he couldn’t go to college because his father had died and instead enrolled in the service. After sending Whitney a breakup video she started to pursue Clark Kent but found herself puzzled and hurt because he constantly hid things from her, this happened at a very inopportune time for her as she was also dancing around a flirtation with a boy, Adam Knight who seemed nice and wonderful until she discovered that he was spying on her and then tried to kill her. Lana sought out guidance from a much older male who was always happy to lend her a sympathetic ear; her landlord Lex Luthor. Lex, who also found himself on the same end of confusing lies from Clark, became her perfect confident. Lex appeared to be harmless to her, a friend who had no romantic interests or designs on her so she found comfort in their friendship. Before her senior year, Lana decided to take charge of her life and left Smallville to join a special program in France for art. While there she met a handsome American named Jason Teague. They had a great fling, but she ditched him to return home when strange things started happening to her body. Jason followed her to Smallville and took a job as the Smallville High’s football coach. They hid their romance, because otherwise, Jason would lose his job. Lana even considered giving up her virginity to the handsome man but was turned down when he realized that perhaps his mother set up their relationship. Once again, in the end, Lana’s choices of males led her down the wrong path as Jason became increasingly obsessed with his mother and then ultimately got pancaked by a meteor.

Finally in on Clark’s secret, when she returned to Smallville, she and he pursued an open relationship. Unfortunately, her time with Lex had changed Lana. No longer was she the naive trusting girl who Clark fell in love with. She spied on people, and took vengeance against those who did her wrong. Her moral codes were in stark contrast with Clarks. The ultimate sign that she and Clark had no business being together was when Jor-El put his son on ice and Bizarro took Clark’s place at Lana’s side. The new Clark agreed with her morally gray views on life and all conflict disappeared between them. When Clark returned, he was horrified to learn that Lana kissed, slept with, and lived with a monster and all of the time failed to notice that he was a doppleganger. In the end, Lana made the decision to wear a Kryptonite powered skin suit that made her poison to be around Clark, thereby ending their toxic relationship once and for all. Lana spent years being the target for meteor freaks and now she would be powerful enough to defend herself against any attack. Lana found the strength to find a life of her own and did so in a way that would make it impossible for her to ever return to Clark. Lana spent most of her time attempting to find her identity through the men she dated, she did this because she had no clear vision on who she wanted to become on her own. All that she really wanted was to live a normal, happy life. Because she was so quick to try to grow up and find love, Lana didn’t learn to love herself first. She misdirected her own confusion over her own personal issues by blaming other people for her unhappiness. Clark, who lied to her for her protection became the biggest target of her tirades and lectures.

Even when she learned the truth about Clark, Lana was never fully comfortable with the idea that he wasn’t human and her idea of “normal” even though they were very similiar on many levels. Lana and Clark After high school ended Lana finally decided to dwelled on mistakes and loved to wallow date Clark Kent, even though she knew that he in their own misery. Emotional darkness constantly hid behind lies. The two made love clouded their relationship. By never - and then Clark stopped touching her entirely moving past mistakes they continually hurt after he had a near-death experience. Lana each other. In the end, Lana never found could never get Clark to give into her requests any satisfaction being with Clark because for sex and she became increasingly frustrated. neither could ever figure out how to fully She also received no support from him when trust and believe in each other. she informed him that she discovered that aliens lived amongst humanity and that they In the comics, Lana and Clark’s relationship were evil. Clark broke up with her in the most was never consummated. Clark took off humiliating way, he invited her to his barn and became Superman and left Lana so that she could see him making out with a behind. She tried to forget him and blond bimbo. Clark’s lies led her right into the married his best friend, Pete Ross. Together arms of the only man who had ever offered her they had a son who she named, Clark. any real emotional support - Lex Luthor. Lana They divorced and Lana attempted to achieved double victory with pursuing Lex, she break Lois and Clark up. Lana is seen as was with a man who she fully believed would a homewrecker and she and Clark are no never keep secrets from her and get back at longer on speaking terms. Clark by dating his enemy. In many ways it was a poor choice on Lex showed her bits and pieces of his secret Millar/Gough’s part to write Pete out in projects, easing her into believing that he season three. They should’ve kept the trusted her entirely. He gave her access to canon character on the series so that Lana funds that she used for charity purposes. Then and he could have ended up together. without her knowing, he paid doctors to make Rather than constantly shove Clark and Lana believe that she was pregnant with his Lana together, it would’ve been far more child. Knowing that Lex could provide for her interesting to have seen the two develop a and baby she agreed to marry the billionaire. true, mature friendship. Had they allowed On her wedding day, Lana showed her true Lana to go on her own journey of self Luthor roots and set up Clark in order to learn discovery, her character wouldn’t have had his secret once and for all. When she learned to have left in such a ridiculous fashion what Lex did to her, she faked her own death and overall be seen as a weak damsel in to escape from Lex’s clutches. distress.



Obsession Turns to Love By Kate Blake


licia Baker entered Clark’s life in dramatic way. While on a field trip to Luthor Corp headquarters with their economics class during season 3 the two end up in an elevator that fails. Clark reaches through the panel and stops the elevator exposing his powers to his classmate who has a surprise of her own. She grabs him and they are teleported to the lobby while the elevator crashes to the basement. They are both surprised. She is intrigued and fascinated by his powers and they bond. Alicia is played effortlessly by the charming Sarah Carter. Blond and pretty, quiet and smart - most people think Alicia is stuck up. At school the next day she gets Clark to ask her out for a date and they have a good time. When Clark hesitates about kissing her on her porch she surprises him again by showing up in his bedroom- in his bed to kiss him goodnight. The steamy kiss is interrupted by Jonathan peeking his head in and catching them in the act. She disappears but listens in as Clark tells his parents he likes this girl and likes being with someone like him - with abilities.

Clark & Alicia

One problem. Alicia is not like him. She is a meteor freak and as well all know they have a tendency toward psychosis and sweet Alicia is no exception. The next day at school Pete is patting Clark on the back and scolding him for holding out on him- telling him way to go stud for getting caught with Alicia in his bedroom. Clark initially likes the ego boost but is then dismayed when it is apparent Alicia’s affection is not healthy. She is obsessed with him. Clark tries sharing his worries with his friend Lex and Lex wants to know what Clark’s secret is that after only one date the woman wants to be with him forever. Alicia tries to kill Lana to remove all barriers between herself and Clark and ends up in Bell Reve for her trouble. Fast forward a year. Alicia is home from the funny farm sporting a fresh lead bracelet to keep her powers under control and like every good twelve stepper she comes to apologize to Clark. ( She never makes it to Lana’s). They talk and Clark is lonely. Alicia has kept his secret all this time and says she never wanted to hurt him. They go on a date and Clark finds out Alicia’s doctor from the hospital is stalking her. She shows up at his loft with a gift- a necklace made with Red K and when he is under the influence the aggressive and horny Clark emerges. When she asks

By Kate Blake


ason Teague was my impetus for watching Smallville- I admit to being a major Jensen Ackles fans having watched him from the beginning of his career on Days of Our Lives as the earnest Eric Brady. We meet Jason in the opening episode of season 4 Crusade. Jason is dating Lana in Paris and takes her to a church to make a rubbing of a woman whose image is on a tomb inside a church. He leaves her to her artwork and when he does- Lana is taken over by a big whoosh of yellow light. The next morning Jason is pounding on her door and she is naked in her bed with a fresh back tattoo and no memory of getting it. This prompts her to decide she needs to go home to Smallville where things are less weird. Jason follows her and shows up with flowers and a promise to make things work between them. He gets a job at Smallville high as the football coach and when Clark comes in to try out for the team Jason is faced with Lana’s past right away. He isn’t too worried initially and the two guys become friends. Jason supports Clark on the team and conducts an illicit relationship with Lana. A coach dating a student is not good- though they are both over 18 unlike the student teacher thing on Life Unexpected this year which had a 16 year old fraternizing with her 25 year old teacher. Back to Smallville –

him to slow down because she is a virgin- he tells her he is too and asks her to marry himtonight! She wants to run away so this is perfect. He removes her lead bracelet and next thing we know they are in Vegas at the altar. They then head to a red velvet hotel room. Things are heating up and right before they take the matrimonial plunge to seal the deal- Alicia pulls the necklace away to find out if Clark’s feelings are real. He reels- she has drugged him! Alicia comes to see Clark at his barn the next day. He has been chastised by his parents and though the words sting he wants to be loved and Alicia understands him. She goes to leavetelling him she has to go – her doctor wants her back in Bell Reve. The doctor then shows up at the barn and shoots at Clark to get Alicia- Alicia steps in front of the bullet protecting Clark’s secret over her own life. She lives- and Clark decides to try to make things work with them.


inal chapter- Clark and Alicia head to the Talon for a night of small town fun and everyone stares. Lois says what they are thinking “First he marries her- then he dates her.” Jason and Lana shoot daggers at Clark and Alicia. With all of the folks who have taken shots at Lana over the years it is a wonder she can keep track of them all. Someone in town has taken notice though. Meteor freaks are being killed in mysterious ways and Alicia is set up to look like she is after Lana again. Alicia thinks that if she and Clark come out and tell people what they can do it will be ok. Clark balks. Chloe is deep in freak hunting mode when Alicia decides that the girl who spends her life throwing stones needs to see what she is missing right under her nose and sets up a scenario where Chloe sees Clark stop a hurtling car like a beach ball. Lois sniffs around and discovers the real culprit while Chloe deals with what she has seen- but Lois and Clark are too late- Alicia is killed and Clark is heartbroken. It is during this final episode with Alicia that Chloe asks Lois an important question about confronting a person about a secret. Lois tells Chloe that if that person’s secret is not hurting anyone then you need to keep your mouth shut and let them tell you – if they choose to- in their good time. Clark’s relationship with Alicia was a way for him to experience romance with a person with abilities who he did not have to hide himself from. In the end it was being free with her that he loved more than anything. This was a freedom he never had with Lana and the contrast was huge.

we learn quickly that Jason and his family have a history with the Luthors. Jason’s mother comes to town and Genevieve is a woman to be reckoned with. Played by Jane Seymour she takes on Lex and Lionel in her own way. We learn that the two families along with the Queens and Dr. Virgil Swann were part of a secret society and they were looking for a prophesized traveler from the stars. Jason and his mother are close- very close and she does not seem to approve of Lana though she pushed Jason to meet her in the first place. Through dreams and some magic sorcery Lana is taken over by the spirit of one of her ancestors who was a witch. This is important because she bewitches Clark who learns magic affects him, and we learn more about the stones prophesy. Lana and Jason’s relationship is fraught with secrets and lies and betrayal. Lex tells the school about their relationship and gets Jason fired. Things go downhill from there. Jason and his mother plot against the Luthors and try to wrest the power of the stones away and Jason pulls away from Lana. He rejects her sexual advances and things are never the same with them. When he sees her dancing with Clark at her prom that is it- he turns to the woman he really loves- his mother. His final scene on the show when he comes to the Kent farmhouse during the meteor shower are that he can’t find his mother.


By Sazia Bashar

Lois & Oliver


#1 Homecoming

The Daily Planet roof top was the setting for one of the most romantic hot, sexiest, BEST EVER kisses. Present Clark was thrust into the future & met up with none other than the feisty Lois Lane who in a matter of minutes stripped him down to his blue tee & pushed glasses on his shocked face. He saw a glimpse of who’s he’s to become & his future self ordered him to race up to the roof. Little does our Superhero know that his future was literally in his hands. Lois showed her gratitude for saving her by planting a kiss on his shocked but very turned on Clark. Breathless, Lois gushed, “You drive me crazy.”


liver met Lois when he stopped by the Kent Farm to meet with Senator Martha Kent about possibly financially supporting her campaign. Lois mistook him for a messenger boy for Queen Industries. After Lois learned from Martha that she had sent off Oliver Queen, Lois was embarrassed and later apologized to him. Oliver convinced Lois to go to Lex Luthor’s charity ball with him and both had a great time by the end of the night. Oliver tried to give Lois a goodnight kiss, but she stopped him. She told him that he would have to earn it by hitting a can off of a dumpster with his arrow. He missed, but after Lois went inside he had a pleased look on his face. The pop tab from the can was dangling from the arrow. They started to date which eventually developed into a serious relationship. After Green Arrow stole a diamond necklace from Martha, Lois tried to track him down unaware that Oliver was Green Arrow. Oliver decided not to tell Lois because he feared that she would not be able to understand his double-life. Because of this, Oliver would vanish from their dates which caused Lois to be uncertain about their relationship. With the disappearing acts, Lois began to suspect that Oliver was Green Arrow. She asked for Clark’s help, but instead Clark helped Oliver to throw Lois off by dressing up as Green Arrow himself. Lois got tired of all their dates being interrupted. Sensing that he was about to lose her, Oliver promised her a romantic getaway. It did not end up working out when Oliver had to leave because of his duty to the Justice League. Lois told him she would not wait for him, and he confessed that he would not come back to Metropolis. He told her he knew he would regret losing her and with that, Lois kissed him goodbye and left in tears.

#2 Salvation-

Clark Kent was resigned to leaving, our Superhero in disguise can’t leave without one last kiss from his beloved. Spinning Lois around pulling her flush against him in the dark as the Blur. He planted a doozy of a kiss on her lips. He poured all of his love into that final kiss. His eyes swept over her face one last time before he super sped away. Little does he know Lois Lane has figured out that her hero & Clark Kent are one in the same. Clark is in shock did he just hear Lois right? The front porch swing? Oh hell yeah & faster then you can say, “Oh yes Clark,” he’s on her in a flash pressing her up against the door kissing her like there is no tomorrow. Faces flushed, noses smashed against one another . Off with Clark’s shirt! The heat was cranked to maximum - too bad the General & Lucy’s arrival snuffed out that flame.

#3 Ambush

Oliver returned to Metropolis about a year later which shocked Lois. She went to confront Oliver with a slap for leaving her. She was unable to resist him though when he set up a romantic dinner for the both of them in his loft and kissed him. Black Canary appeared and used her sonic scream which resulted in Oliver passing out and leaving his Green Arrow gear exposed for Lois to see. Now that everything was out in the open, Oliver asked Lois for another chance. She couldn’t take him back because #4 Crossfireshe didn’t want to share him with the world. She later confided Clark Kent knows what he wanted & what he to Clark that she didn’t want to be left behind because of Oliver’s wanted was Lois Lane. Gazing at her from across destiny. Oliver eventually became a permanent resident of Metropolis later. When he got poisoned, Lois started to question if breaking up with him was the right choice. After Clark convinced her it was, Lois was able to let go of her left over feelings. Lois started to develop feelings for Clark, but it came to a halt when Clark’s ex-girlfriend, Lana Lang, came back into his life. Oliver tried to comfort Lois, but she felt it was awkward to talk about her feelings about another man to her ex. Oliver suggested they become friends since they have clearly moved on from each other. After Jimmy Olsen’s death, Oliver went through a downward spiral. He started to remember what was worthwhile in his life-Lois. He began to slowly fall in love with her again. Oliver decided to tell Lois that he was still in love with her much to her surprise. Lois explained to Oliver that she still loved him, but as a friend. Oliver understood that her feelings for Clark were too deep for him to challenge. Lois worried Oliver would get depressed again but he assured her he wouldn’t and that they could still be good friends. Clark and Lois started a relationship while Oliver started to see Chloe. Now, both have a really close friendship.

the room he worked up the courage to tell her how he feelt when in typical Lois Lane fashion she goes off on a rant. Trying to get a word in edge wise proved to be impossible so Clark did the only thing that he could, he kissed her. The golden light of the Daily Planet bullpen bathing our couple in its warm light giving us one hell of a first “official” kiss.

#5 Persuasion-

Lois was under the influence of Clark’s persuasion power, as she voiced her fears that she’s didn’t know how to make a home. Clark adamantly tells her she “is home” and a relieved Lois rushed into his arms proving once again love conquers all.



By Erika Blake “According to the legend, a man came from the stars and fell in love with the mother of our people. Out of that forbidden affair, the Kawatche people were born” - Joseph/Skinwalkers.

Smallville sparked controversy when Lois Lane was introduced into the mythos while Clark was still in high school at the beginning of season four. From a storytelling perspective this crazy mix-up of the established mythos was a genius move. Whether you look at the original SUPERMAN films or LOIS AND CLARK, Clark has always met Lois when he goes to work at The Daily Planet, falls madly in love with her at first sight, and she in turn thinks that he’s a dork. Smallville broke that cycle and gave us a unique twist on the mythos. Clark did NOT in fact fall head over heels in love with Lois upon first seeing her, instead the two began their relationship as rather antagonistic towards each other. To everyone around them they fought and bickered, yet there was always an undercurrent of attraction that existed that paved the way for them eventually becoming the greatest couple in comics history. The first meeting of our couple was in the season four premiere of CRUSADE, Kal-El falls from the sky and appears naked at lost driver, Lois Lane’s feet. This meeting mirrors the Kawatche legend of Naman who was delivered to the mother of the tribe. In the terms of Smallville, destiny was born. Clark and Lois’s bickering often sparked confusion between friends. Surprisingly Lana was the first person to truly identify the root of it, claiming in GONE that Clark had moved on. Even Clark’s protestations of Lois being “Bossy, stuck-up, and rude” didn’t convince Lana that there wasn’t something deeper afoot, “The best ones always start that way.” Clark buried his attraction for Lois in sarcasm. All of the while when he thought no one was watching he would stare at her butt and chest. Lois noticed and often responded with eye rolls. His ogling only further reminded her that he was just a guy. She never thought of him as being anything special, which of course is what Clark always told everyone that he wanted. Lois didn’t treat him any differently, in fact throughout their early misadventures together, Clark was often left at her mercy to rescue him because he was incapacitated by the effects of Kryptonite. Lois not seeing him as anything other than ordinary drove him completely bonkers. From the outset we saw that Lois and Clark shared an instant connection in being able to solve cases together. Usually they would approach a case from different angles and eventually end up together to solve it. One such example was season five’s EXPOSED. Lois and Chloe were following up on the murder of a girl which lead them to a nightclub to seek out evidence. Clark went investigating the actions of a family friend who was suspected of the crime. Ultimately, their combined evidence trails led to discovering the man behind the murder. Season four showcased their relationship from being antagonistic strangers to friends. Clark invited Lois to stay at his house and gave up his bedroom for her to sleep in while she stayed there. This fact seems a bit odd considering that when Lana came to live with him at the beginning of season 7, he sent her up to the attic to room with Kara and kept his bedroom to himself. Clark oftentimes complained about Lois’s being on the farm, he told Chloe in KRYPTO, “She’s taken over my bedroom, uses all of the hot water, changed the message on our answering machine...” however, he didn’t mind the extra bustle that she added to the household. Lois found Clark to be odd and immature. Although she was drawn by his eternal optimism and sweetness, it’s apparent that she felt that he was shiftless in his life and very weird (who can blame her? If you first met a person who got struck by lightning and was hanging out naked in a cornfield, it’s doubtful that you’d score a high opinion of the person.) All of Clark’s high school

friends found him to be a cool guy, but Lois felt he was a geek reveling in his farm boy ways. Lois herself was closed off. She put up a wall around her life which protected her from reliving the loneliness that she experienced growing up in a broken military family. The Kent’s were in many ways an ideal family that she had always longed for. Although she and Clark fought, she often found herself revealing personal and painful things to Clark, such as her struggles with trying to raise her sister Lucy when she was still only a child herself. Lois and Clark also briefly worked together on The Torch. When Lois contemplated what she wanted to do with her life in COMMENCEMENT, Clark suggested that maybe she should think of going into journalism. By season five their relationship had progressed to being close friends. Clark found himself constantly chasing after Lois and questioning her illchoices in boyfriends. AC had to prove himself to being a good guy and yet in FADE, he had to convince Lois that her new beau Graham was a killer. Lois always seemed lost in her search for love in AQUA she asked, “I’ve known a lot of guys who want to own the world, but not very many who want to save it. When am I ever going to meet someone like that again?” Clark replied, “Lois I promise, someday, you’ll meet someone even more special.” Lois’s helping his father with his Senate campaign helped to cement her as an honorary member of the family - although clearly their relationship was not brother/sisterly. In RECKONING even though Lana should’ve been the full center of his attention, Clark found himself paying close attention to Lois’s whereabouts and in the end saved her life before she got electrocuted. Considering that Jor-El had informed him that a “loved one” would be sacrificed on that night, it was clear that Clark was truly puzzled over why Lois’s life had been endangered. By season six, Clark struggled with his growing attraction to Lois, particularly once she hooked up with wealthy, handsome Oliver Queen. Oliver, an outsider to Clark’s normal romance drama saw right through his attitude, “Don’t worry Clark if I lived with such a beautiful woman under my roof I’d mask my feelings with sarcasm too.” Lois told Oliver that Clark was her best friend. So much so that when she and Oliver broke up the friends turned to each other to fulfill holes left in their sucky love lives. While Clark was on RedK in CRIMSON and Lois was under the influence of a spell, the two of them gave into their attraction. Clark, who was tired of Lois never seeing him as anything other than a dorky farm boy super jumped her over Metropolis. Although the actions of their one crazy night didn’t immediately result in an immediate shift in their relationship, it established several key factors that would lead to them eventually becoming a couple. Clark at this point in the series was still terrified of anyone knowing anything about his abilities and powers. He had never intentionally showed off his abilities to anyone, much less super jumping which was an ability that he rarely found the inner strength to tap into. We also learned that upon learning that Clark could do all of these mysterious things, Lois was not in the slightest bit put off by them, quite the opposite in fact. Seeing a more confident Clark turned the usually sassy budding reporter into a puddle of goo. Season seven didn’t have a lot of Lois and Clark interacting together, however there were a few major turning points in their relationship. In BIZARRO, when the phantom acquired Clark’s memories and goosed Lois, he sneered to Clark that he knew “all of his twisted, dirty thoughts.” Apparently some of them involved wanting desperately to grab Lois’s butt that he had spent years admiring from afar. Clark was also a shoulder to cry on after the wounds of her broken relationship with Oliver got reopened in SIREN. In an alternate universe, Clark got to see that Lois found him to be attractive upon meeting him for the first time as an adult. And at the end of the season, Lois Lane was the person who decided that Clark needed a purpose in life and handed him an application for a job at The Daily Planet.


By Jack Heacock

spunky Lois Lane. From the beginning of their association, Lois and Clark have had a relationship that was different The extraordinary relationship between Clark Kent and from any relationships the two are shown to have with any Lois Lane has previously been as a case of ‘love at first sight’ other character. They snipe at one another good-naturedly. for Clark Kent. In previous incarnations of the story, the They care about one another on a level that neither feel fresh-faced farm boy arrives in Metropolis and is instantly comfortable openly admitting to the other: that they are smitten by Lois Lane. In Modern Age versions, Lois devel- more than just good friends. ops romantic feelings for Clark and after learning his secret, ultimately marries him. Lois takes Clark under her wing and begins teaching him the fundamentals of reporting, complete with an ad hoc By introducing Lois Lane far earlier in his life than any laundry list of rules that Clark dutifully writes down and other previous story had introduced her, Smallville was faced titles, Lois Lane’s Rules of Reporting. The more canonical their with a different dilemma and a unique opportunity. The relationship becomes, the more fans respond. They begin dilemma was how could Clark Kent investigating stories and are inevinot be immediately recognized as tably thrown together in situations Superman by the series’ Lois Lane? that fuel a new-found respect and The unique opportunity that was growing attraction to one another. presented was to finally give muchThis growing attraction bubbles to needed depth to and a plausible the surface in the episode, “Comexplanation for Clark being so smitmitted” where under duress, Lois ten by Lois. In other words, Smalladmits being in love with Clark. ville had the chance to finally show The awkward admission is later rewhy Clark Kent was so irreversibly canted in a wonderfully-acted elin love with Lois Lane. evator scene and when she does, Clark appears to be somewhat disAs Season 7 of Smallville drew to a appointed by it. The relationship close, the series was truly at a crosscrests in a near-kiss in the Episode, roads. One road led to a likely final “Bride”. season of the series about a young Clark Kent becoming Superman. Season 9 of Smallville turned up The other road was longer by three the intensity of the romantic relaseasons and envisioned a pathway tionship between Lois and Clark. to interpret the story of Clark Kent With Swimmer and Slavkin gone becoming Superman in an entirely from the production team, Kelly new and exciting way. Souders and Brian Peterson crafted a season of wonderfully-progresCreators Al Gough and Miles Milsive steps between the iconic coular left the series in the hands of ple. In fact, Season 9 of Smallville producers Todd Slavkin, Darren was perhaps the finest season of Swimmer, Kelly Souders and Brian the series; showing visible forward Peterson. Michael Rosenbaum, progress in Clark becoming the John Glover, Annette O’Toole, and World’s Greatest Superhero. In that Kristen Kreuk had also left the cast. season, a single phrase uttered by The production team made decithe DC hero, Dr. Fate, unravels the sions that took an entirely unexpected path in re-envision- basis of the canonical attraction Clark has for Lois when he ing the story. That path entailed moving the setting to cryptically says, “She is the key.” Metropolis and telling a new twist in the enduring and iconic romance between Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Souders and Peterson used the relationship between the two as the pathway to Clark’s destiny. That relationship was The popular Allison Mack’s contract was also up for renew- perfectly portrayed in stand-out episodes such as “Savior”, al and negotiations had not secured her return for the eighth “Rabid”, “Crossfire”, “Idol”, “Pandora”, “Charade”, and “Salvaseason. Eventually, she negotiated leading lady status in tion”. It is during Season 9 when Clark realizes that Lois is the two-year contract extension but frankly, the character more than a woman he is attracted to; he realizes that she of Chloe Sullivan was never created to serve that capacity. is the woman he needs at his side to become the hero he Given DC Comics mythology, trying to end the series closely intends to become. Season 9 showed that Lois Lane will aligned to the source material with a non-mythos original always be Clark Kent’s link to humanity while embracing character as a lead would surely create problems; especially his Kryptonian heritage. It is Lois Lane that enables him to if the eighth season was its last. accept being an alien without fear of isolation or rejection. By embracing his Kryptonian heritage, Clark Kent stands Putting Clark Kent directly in Lois Lane’s orbit at the Daily ready to become the hero the world needs without having Planet necessitated developing the iconic relationship be- to abandon all that he loves about living life as a human. tween the most prominent couple in DC mythology. The “You’re the one I’ve always needed,” Clark tells Lois before canonical relationship between Lois and Clark was going to leaving to face what he believes will be eternal exile in anunfold on Smallville and in its unique way, answer the age- other dimension. old questions: why Clark Kent was so completely smitten with Lois Lane and why Lois Lane never recognized Clark Season 10 finally elevated the wildly-popular Erica Duas Superman. rance to leading lady of this series; a cast position long overdue. In its final season, Smallville took the final leap: The latter question was easily explained: Smallville’s super- Lois Lane learns Clark Kent’s secret, the two confess their powered hero named ‘The Red-Blue Blur’ remained un- love for one another, Clark confesses his secret to Lois, and seen and communicated with Lois via telephone. At first, the two get engaged to be married. Among the subplots exposing the identity of Metropolis’ hidden guardian was in the final season is how Lois helps Clark develop a daily Lois’ self-assigned mission and as such, paralleled previous identity to maintain Clark Kent separate from his public versions of Lois Lane’s interest in The Man of Steel’s secret superhero persona. Her love gives him the confidence to identity. conceal the real Clark Kent beneath glasses and a humble, mild-mannered exterior so that he can ultimately step into The former question; why Clark Kent was so smitten with the public spotlight as The Man of Steel. Lois Lane, was more complex but unfolded over three seasons as an amazingly-crafted tale of love, understanding, Pathway to Destiny trust, respect and fulfillment. In Season 8, we find Clark Kent having faced off with his nemesis, Lex Luthor in the previous season finale and now taking a job at the Daily Planet, sitting opposite of the

In Smallville, Clark Kent has always been shown as a reluctant hero. He is not reluctant to help or save lives; Continued on page 26.


he is afraid to embrace his differences. He fears that every other being on the planet will view him as different; an alien that never could be seen as anything other than different. The sum of his fears was brilliantly summed up in the Season 10 episode, “Isis”, when Clark finally confesses his secret to Lois. In what I believe was the finest and most moving scene ever written, acted and filmed in the series, Clark overcomes his greatest fear and tells Lois: “All my life I’ve been afraid, Lois; afraid of people knowing the truth about me. Afraid of them rejecting me and even if they didn’t; still losing them. I’ve been afraid of everything I can’t control. But when I was faced with the thought of losing you forever it made me realize that there was something I would regret more than anything else. And that’s not telling you the truth about me…because that’s the only way we could share a life together. I know the odds are stacked against us and we’d be risking everything but if you’re ready to take that leap, there’s no one else that I’d want to take that leap with.” He then proceeds to tell Lois that he is ‘The Blur’. Lois’ reaction surprised even Clark. She ran, leaping onto him and into his arms, knocking him backward into boxes of shredded paper, kissing him and then adding, “What took you so long?” The realization that she has known his secret, has continued to love and trust him even though he kept his secret from her, and continued to treat him as the Clark

she fell in love with before she knew the secret rewarded his courage to make that confession. In that penultimate moment, Clark Kent banished the fear that had lingered in him over the nine seasons of Smallville. He knew he could embrace his special heritage without fear of being alone or viewed as something strange and alien. In that moment, Lois Lane’s reaction freed Clark Kent and allowed him to look to a future that included a normal human relationship while serving the role of humanity’s protector. Unlike others before her, Lois Lane sees the man beneath the suit. She understands that a man is the sum of his beliefs, his heart, and his actions; not his heritage. Lois Lane did not change to become something she was not, unlike Lana Lang. She did not react by putting him on a pedestal or believe he needed her advice on how to become a hero or how to lead his life the way Chloe had. Lois reacted by simply showing him her love for who he is: a man that possesses exceptional powers and abilities, but a man nonetheless. Erica Durance’s portrayal of the iconic Lois Lane character has been pitch-perfect in the final three seasons of Smallville. The story provided a well-conceived and realistic explanation for what all the other incarnations of the Superman story failed to explain: why Clark Kent and Superman will love Lois Lane for eternity and hold her above all others in his life.

In the Beginning - Clark & Lois


By Jack Heacock The Adventures of Superman - The Relationship Between Clark Kent and Lois Lane George Reeves and Noel Neill portrayed the iconic couple, Clark Kent and Lois Lane in the 1950’s television series, The Adventures of Superman. This essay will serve as a glimpse of their relationship, contrasting it to what we know from later versions of this iconic couple. To call Clark and Lois ‘a couple’ in The Adventures of Superman is a misnomer, given the contemporary meaning of the term ‘couple’. Their relationship was largely defined by the Silver Age view of Superman and Clark Kent, wherein Superman was ‘a strange visitor from another planet’ and was ‘disguised as Clark Kent; mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper”. There was effectively no emphasis on Superman’s earthly upbringing in this original TV series. The view of Superman first, hidden under the everyday disguise of Clark Kent is contrary to the Modern Age version of Superman. Hence, the relationship between Clark Kent and Lois Lane was largely defined by the relationship between Lois Lane and Superman.

would always attempt to explain his absence with some corny excuse or justification which almost always met with more disdain from Lois. Lois’ main interest in Clark was rooted in the fact that he was her link to Superman. Clark Kent represented himself as a being a friend of Superman’s and claimed to know how to contact the superhero. Being this conduit to Superman made Clark Kent indispensable to Lois Lane. Without this angle, it would have been less conceivable that Lois would have tolerated Clark’s presence. In the 1950’s series, Lois was never truly disrespectful towards Clark but she never gave the slightest impression that she regarded him as anything other than a friend and a highly-regarded reporter; she never showed Clark any outward affection. They investigated stories together, spent time at the Daily Planet together, and even shared lunches from time-to-time. But in all those instances, no hint of affection from Lois was ever directed toward Clark.

Lois’ affections (what mild exhibitions were shown on television in those days) were reserved solely for Superman. Superman was the central character of the series, not Clark Kent. The wide-eyed enthusiasm she exhibited In the 1950’s, Lois was visibly attracted to Superman. Noel Neill portrayed towards Superman; the admiring stares, awestruck words and occasional the erstwhile Lois to perfection for those times. She was an aggressive over- touches clearly demonstrated her affections for Superman. But in return, achiever who often found herself in peril because of her aggressive style of Superman only demonstrated brotherly affection for Lois. He was kind investigative reporting. Of course, she was seldom alone. More often than and thoughtful, outwardly friendly and never had an impolite word for not, she had Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larsen) tagging along as well. Inevitably, her. Superman was always there to protect and keep her safe, but he never Superman would rescue the two by the end of the episode, winning the pursued Lois Lane romantically nor led her on. adoring gaze of Lois Lane. Perhaps the prevailing attitudes of the time came in to play with their Clark Kent was a purely platonic friend and co-worker of Lois. Although relationship in the 1950’s. The idea of a romantic relationship between an there were scenes in episodes that would give the impression that Clark alien and a human might have been too provocative or repugnant in a time would have liked a relationship that was more than platonic, Lois Lane’s when aliens were generally portrayed as vile and threatening to humans. opinion of Clark would not ever support the suggestion that these two Whatever the reason, the relationship between Clark Kent and Lois Lane could be romantically involved. Lois liked Clark as a co-worker but often in The Adventures of Superman were far different from the relationships we made unflattering remarks about his absence in the face of danger. Clark have witnessed between these two characters since Superman II.


Chloe & Oliver By Sazia Bashar Chloe first met Oliver when he became friends with Clark. She also knew of Oliver when Lois was dating him. Both had relied on each other for help (such as Oliver letting Chloe hide her mother in his place in Metropolis) and eventually Chloe started working with Oliver and the rest of the team in their missions. Through their working relationship, they became friends, but at one point their relationship began to dissolve when they disagreed on each other’s choices of how to be a hero. She was also taken back when she found out Oliver had killed Lex Luthor. A breaking point came when Oliver lost his trust in Chloe when he found out she was hiding Davis Bloome (Doomsday) in her basement. Oliver didn’t agree with Chloe and Clark’s plans for Davis and his actions indirectly resulted in Jimmy’s death. After Jimmy Olsen’s funeral, Oliver disappeared along with the rest of the Justice League team. Oliver quit his superhero persona. When Chloe found out where Oliver was, she decided to spy on him with a camera to track down his movements. She devised a plan to bring him back to his senses and become Green Arrow again. She pushed him over the edge with many life and death situations. Oliver later thanked Chloe for saving

his life. One night at the Watchtower, Chloe found Oliver doing some target practice. They talked about their lack of social lives and Oliver decided to show Chloe how to shoot an arrow.

Oliver started to think more seriously about his relationship with Chloe. Chloe and Oliver talked about past relationships and felt that they had both moved on. They decided to make a big step by moving on with each other. While on a mission, Oliver was communicating with Chloe via web-cam and was captured by an unknown source. Oliver confessed his love for Chloe and vice versa right before her communication with him got cut off. With Oliver missing, Chloe became desperate and decided to wear Dr. Fate’s helmet to discover his whereabouts. She then traded herself for Oliver’s freedom. Throughout the time Chloe was gone, Oliver mourned for the woman he loved.

Both felt something when they touched and then had their first kiss. A relationship began between the two though it was strictly no strings attached. A trust issue came up again when Chloe embezzled Oliver’s money to invest in kryptonite weapons, but she defended her actions. Both decided to go to a bed and breakfast and coincidentally, Clark and Lois were at the same place. After talking with Clark,

By Erika Blake


new man arrived in Metropolis season six and with his appearance, Chloe Sullivan finally found a new place to devote her affections to other than her BFF who regarded her as nothing more than a back pocket girl. The man was Jimmy Olsen. We had hints that perhaps Chloe and the famed Daily Planet photographer had met up during her brief time working at the Planet in season three when she confessed to Lana in “Unsafe” that she lost her virginity to a fellow employee named Jimmy. Their first meeting, under the stress of Dark Thursday shenanigans was adorable and sparks immediately flew between the two as opportunity arose to allow them to rekindle their fling. Jimmy and Chloe became joined at the hip both at work and off of the clock. Unofficially, Jimmy and Chloe worked as partners at The Daily Planet. Together they worked to track down cases. Oftentimes, Chloe would take Jimmy’s insights to Clark so that he could unravel the mysteries.

when the mad man realized that their love was solid. While taking a walk with Lois one evening, Jimmy and Lois got mugged. The intrepid photographer caught a photo of Lois being caught mid-fall by Metropolis’s mystery hero “the red and blue blur.” Showing that he’s not just heart and goof, Jimmy put two and two together and realized that Clark was in fact The Red/Blue Blur. Chloe and Oliver immediately jumped to Clark’s aid to cover up his true identity. As Clark put it to a reluctant Oliver, “People have died from knowing my secret.” Oliver posing as Clark sped Jimmy off of his correct path and he wasn’t any wiser of the ruse. Unfortunately, Chloe and Jimmy’s bliss only lasted for a short period of time when Chloe’s head got turned by the do-gooder with a dark side, Davis Bloome. The handsome paramedic became obsessed with her and his alter ego, Doomsday crashed Jimmy & Chloe’s wedding and took her away and left Jimmy near death. After recovering from his injuries, Jimmy learned that his wife’s affections were split and she was devoting more time to Davis. Intent to find out what the paramedic was up to, Jimmy discovered that Davis was a murderer. His discoveries were buried when both Chloe & Davis covered up the truth of Davis’s actions.

Upon meeting Chloe’s BFF, Jimmy became intimidated by Clark’s size, strength, and overall charming good guy personality. He constantly worried that he was in a love triangle for Chloe’s affections. Chloe’s constantly covering up Clark’s secret didn’t help ease his worries any. Chloe often dropped everything that she was doing to assist Clark, which only left Jimmy feeling more and more uncertain about his status in the heart of his beloved “Bright eyes.” Clark realized after a round of RedK that he had keep Chloe on a line as a “back-up” plan girl and finally let her go so that she could pursue happiness with Jimmy. Relieved to learn that Clark was friend only, Jimmy found himself in the middle of another Kent romantic riddle, when Clark’s cousin Kara came to town and started showering him with attention and begging for his assistance with research. Although drawn to Clark’s beautiful cousin, his heart never veered far from Chloe and he proposed marriage while Chloe was being dragged off by the Department of Domestic Security after hacking into one too many nationally secure websites.

Chloe returned after a long while and after some mishaps, the two continue on with their relationship. Chloe, Oliver, Tess, Emil, Lois, and Clark celebrated Clark and Lois’ bachelor/ bachelorette parties with champagne which was spiked with magic by Zatanna. No one remembered what had happened the previous night. During their investigations of what happened, Chloe was horrified to discover that perhaps she and Clark had gotten married. After discovering that didn’t happen, Chloe decided to leave for Star City to become a reporter. Oliver wouldn’t let Chloe go because he felt like it would be odd not to take her husband with her. Much to Chloe’s surprise and delight, he reveals that THEY had got married during the night they didn’t remember and left for Star City together.

Unable to handle being second banana to yet again another man in Chloe’s life, Jimmy announced that he was filing for divorce.

to pain pills.

Their breakup sent Jimmy on a downward spiral where he became addicted

When events came to a head and Clark found himself on the opposite end of his team’s decisions on how to handle Davis Bloome, Jimmy found our hero , who had been betrayed by Oliver and shot with a Kryptonite laced arrow. Once Jimmy removed the arrow, Clark confessed to his friend that he had been right along and that he was The Red/Blue Blur.

Once his suspicions were 100% confirmed, Jimmy forgave Chloe for all of the times that she had to cover for Clark. He took her to his “wedding gift” When she returned to Smallville, Chloe accepted Jimmy’s proposal. The which was a lovely tower in one of Metropolis’s older skyscrapers. The room two were celebrating their pending nuptials when they were both kid- was round, he said that he liked it because he could look all over Metropolis napped by a mad man who tested their true feelings under duress. Through and always be able to find his beloved. Sadly, he never got to experience fear of shock therapy and failing a lie detector, Chloe said that she loved the joy of rekindling his love with Chloe, because Davis Bloom, who was Jimmy completely. The lie detector did not go off. The couple were released. also there, murdered Jimmy. Jimmy died in Chloe’s arms.


By Louise Duarte

of the Amazons.


ome Smallville fans might think it’s a little weird for me to write about a romantic relationship between Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance aka Green Arrow and Black Canary in Smallville, since they don’t have a relationship in the show. Sure, the producers throw some bones for the canon fans but that’s all since Oliver is still involved with Chloe Sullivan. But since it’s February and this month we celebrate Valentine’s Day, I decided to write about them in other media as well, like in the comics and animation for this month’s issue of OSCK Magazine.


After that, they got more adventures in their own comics, “Green Arrow & Black Canary”, and Justice Leaguers keep popping up from time-to-time to help them. But lately, they were again having some trouble communicating because of Oliver’s hot temper. He decided to take out Merlyn and become more violent, ignoring Dinah’s warnings. After Green Arrow killed the villain Prometheus and Star City is destroyed, Dinah left him and re-joined the Birds of Prey. The title of the comic became, “Green Arrow” once more. Let’s see for how long they will stay apart now. .


lthough Green Arrow and Black Canary’s relationship is not as old as Superman and Lois’, it is equally important. They started dating early in the 70’s and had some ups and downs since then; mostly because Oliver had some commitment issues and cheated on Dinah. Also, at the

team and even helped free some workers who were enslaved in a factory. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Lois was the only Justice Leaguer’s wife to get invited to Oliver and Dinah’s wedding. She was at the bachelorette party; having fun with the other heroines and even fought against some villains when the wedding was crashed at Batman’s cave.



n 2004, the animated Justice League series created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm got unlimited new heroes to join forces with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter. Two of those heroes are Green Arrow and Black Canary. Superman’s cousin, Supergirl, also joins the animated Justice League series.

Green Arrow is voiced by Kin Shriner (General Hospital) and Black Canary is voiced by Morena Love, lust, romance, friendship and of course, Baccarin (Firefly/V) and the animation version was a lot of angst, are certainly the key words of this probably my favorite version of the couple so far, couple. Some of the panels of the early 70’s ad- even though they didn’t interact as much as they ventures are very erotic. In the 90’s, although it did in the comics. is more PG-13 than R-rated, we can still notice some of the 70’s influence, especially in the In the episode “Initiation”, Green Arrow is invited Kevin Smith run; my favorite version of all. After Oliver came back from the dead during the 2000’s, Dinah is still very much crushed about everything; especially all the lies, even though they are still together as members of the Justice League. Dinah is also working with Oracle, Huntress and Zinda as the Birds of Prey. Oliver and Dinah don’t have much time to be together, as a result of Dinah’s decision.

Almost a year later, Dinah and Oliver began reuniting but they never got back together for good. Oliver is waiting for the right time to propose to her. He is practicing celibacy for eight months, trying to be a better man.

to join the Justice League. He accepted only after taking a look at Black Canary. In “ Fearful Symmetime when they were happy living together in try”, the hero admits to Question and Supergirl Seattle, Dinah was kidnapped, tortured and lost that he had some dreams about Canary, although her ability to have children. That was one of the they didn’t have any interaction until “The Cat and reasons they split up for some time before Black He also helped Dinah to fake the death of her the Canary”. In that episode, Canary asks him to Canary joined Oracle’s group: Birds of Prey. She adopted daughter Sin; giving the girl a better life help an old mentor, Black Cat who is in trouble even had a little adventure with the ace reporter after being trained to be the next Lady Shiva, with a villain named Roulette. Black Cat is fighting Lois Lane in the Birds of Prey issue called “Show- an assassin. That was when he popped up the for her in a cage and Black Canary sees this could case” from 1996. question. Dinah said yes and a few months later end badly for him. She even suggested fighting appeared the comic, “Black Canary Wedding Plan- against him so he couldn’t hurt anyone, but Green In the story called “Birds of a Feather”, Lois and ner”, followed by, “Green Arrow and Black Canary Arrow tricked her and fought against Black Cat. Dinah were in a ‘men hiatus’ so to speak. Lois had Wedding Special”, published in November 2007. Green Arrow almost died during the fight, or at just learned that Clark and Superman were the Unfortunately their wedding was not as happy as least that’s what he wanted Black Cat to think. The same person and needed some time to figure out Lois and Clark’s. Oliver Queen is kidnapped and episode ended up with the two heroes going to what to do. Dinah was still mourning the loss of replaced by EveryMan who tried to kill Dinah in share a coffee and Ollie saying that Dinah would Oliver. He had died recently (as many DC Comics their honeymoon. Instead, she killed the fake pay for it. heroes always do) and the Canary was still trying Oliver. Upon discovering Oliver location, she, Mia to adjust. Lois and Canary fought together as a and Connor rescued him from Themyscira, Island In “Double Date” Huntress and The Question


joined them in the episode that included Huntress for the first time. It’s almost like a ‘Birds of Prey’ animated episode except for the lack of Oracle/Batgirl. Huntress had just been kicked out from the Justice League for not following orders and asks Question to help her to find Steve Mandragora; the crime boss who murdered her parents when she was a child. Question agreed without knowing that Green Arrow and Black Canary were under orders from Martian Manhunter to assist the FBI with protecting the assassin. When they arrived, Green Arrow and Black Canary were expecting them and were not in the mood for their lies. Question decided to fight against them joining Huntress. Afterwards, Team Arrow followed the couple to see where Huntress would go to get her revenge. Huntress eventually decided not to kill Mandragora because he was trying to protect his own child. At this point, we can assume Oliver and Dinah are a couple since they share a kiss and Oliver called her “Pretty Bird”, his nickname to her in the comics. After Justice League was canceled, the next cartoon with so many super heroes we got closer to Justice League was the last season of The Batman. In that series, we first saw Green Arrow in the episode called “Vertigo”. Then, in the episode, “Mayem of the Music Meister” from the first season of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, we got a musical episode with Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) voicing the musical-villain Music Meister. In this episode, Green Arrow is voiced by James Arnold Taylor and Black Canary is voiced by Grey DeLisle. The cartoon had a touch of the 60”s Batman series with the cheesiness and funny plots mostly because this cartoon was meant for a younger audience than the one from the Justice League. In “Mayhem of the Music Meister” a new villain arrived in Gotham City and he had the ability to make you sing through hypnosis. The producers couldn’t have cast a more perfect choice than Neil Patrick Harris. During the episode we notice that Black Canary has a little crush on Batman, who is clueless as always. But Canary is clueless of how Green Arrow feels about her. And of course, the Music Meister is also in Love with the Canary. So, we got a ’love square’ with Black Canary, Green Arrow, Batman and Music Meister. Yes, love triangles are so 2006. In a recent episode of the show called “The Mask of Match Malone”, Green Arrow was mentioned in a song that was sung by Black Canary, Huntress and Catwoman. And Canary seemed a bit defensive when Catwoman teased her about him. Since I didn’t watch all the episodes, I assume they got together after “Mayhem of the Music Meister” I still hope that one day DC Comics will launch a Birds of Prey or Green Arrow/Black Canary animation show. I would die happy if they did.



n Television, so far we got one version of Green Arrow and three versions of Black Canary.

On Birds of Prey, the WB show from 2002, we got two Black Canaries. The first called Dinah Lance played by Rachel Skarsten and the second called Carolyn Lance played by Lori Loughlin. Carolyn Lance was actually the mother of the first Black Canary. Unfortunately, we never had Green Arrow guest star in the show, which would have been very interesting. But on Smallville during the 6th season in 2006, Justin Hartley (Passions) joined the cast as Lois Lane’s love interest and new hero in town. Also in same season, Clark and Oliver started the Justice League with the heroes from the previous JLA episodes. Oliver decided to leave Metropolis and Lois because he wanted to make a difference in the world, leaving Lois heartbroken. In the Season seven episode titled “Siren”, a new hero is in Metropolis: Black Canary played by Alaina Huffman (Stargate Universe). She started on the wrong side of justice though, working for Lex Luthor to take out Green Arrow and his friends. Clark and Oliver made her see the error of her ways and once Dinah decided to change, Oliver invited her to join the group. “Siren” is the episode that the couple has had the most interaction so far. In season 8, Oliver became part of regular cast and Dinah appeared a few times in the episodes, “Odyssey”, “Doomsday”, “Icarus” and “Collateral”. In each appearance, Dinah and Oliver have minimal interaction. In season 9, Oliver mentions some platonic emails he exchanged with Dinah but that’s the only foreshadowing of their future relationship. Unfortunately no more anvils have dropped during Season 10 and Ollie is with Chloe. But Chloe is leaving the show so the producers might decide to hint at some Oliver/Dinah canon. At least I hope for them to hook up, even if they don’t end up together. After all, Lois and Clark’s wedding is getting closer and we still have three months before the show ends for good.


Sarah Carter Fights Aliens in “Falling Skies”


Alan Ritchson Cruises “90210” According to TVLine - Alan will be guest starring in episode 18 of “90210.” He’ll be making the moves on the series regular Teddy. Teddy is the tennis pro who will come out to Ritchson’s character when the two former prep school pals bump into each other on spring break. 90210 airs Mondays at 8/7C on The CW.

mallville alum, Sarah Carter (Alicia Baker) has landed a role in TNT’s new sci-fi epic “Falling Skies.” Created by Steven Speilberg, the series follows humanity as they band together to fight an invading force of non-friendly aliens. The series stars Noah Wiley (ER) and Moon Bloodgood (Terminator Salvation.) Sarah Carter plays a resistance fighter named Margaret. “Falling Skies” will premiere this June on TNT.

Phil Morris stars in “Love that Girl” Phil Morris (J’onn J’onzz) stars in a new comedy series coming to TV One. It’s described as: TATYANA ALI stars as Tyana Jones, a recent young divorcee returning to Southern California in search of new independence, a new career and a brand new chapter in her book of this next phase of life. After settling into her new condo, located in the hip NoHo district of Los Angeles, Tyana gets a surprise visit from her Michael Rosenbaum’s “Ghild” brother Latrell Jones (Alphonso McAuley), an aspiring standup comedian, who insists he’s just there to stay “one night”, Michael Rosenbaum has a new short even though his bags suggest a much longer stay. Tyana’s film that he wrote and co-produced tough-loving father, Delroy Jones (Phil Morris) is happy to called “Ghild.” have his daughter closer to home and ecstatic when he discovers his “Baby Girl” is planning to finally follow in his The trailer shows that Michael plays professional footsteps with a career in Real Estate until he a “child” who’s growing too fast. It learns of her plans to work for his competition. Tyana’s new has an overall fantasy element. move reconnects her with old friends, especially her best friend Nefertiti (Kendyl Joi) who is happily single and ready Learn about the film on Facebook: to help her friend get her groove back. There are many other characters in Tyana’s world and they all know that she is GHILDmovie and watch the smart, sexy, fun- loving and far from perfect… That’s why they all LOVE THAT GIRL! trailer online: http://www.vimeo. com/18904518 Learn more about the show at:

Aaron Ashmore Joins “Warehouse 13”


Alan Ritchson’s college football comedy that airs on Spike TV has been renewed for a third Ashmore will play Steve Jinks, season. a young ATF Alan plays agent with an the team’s ability to tell when somebody captain is lying. Jinks is Thad Castle. recruited by Mrs. Michael Rosenbaum Frederic (CCH joins “Breaking In” According to Entertainment Weekly Former Smallville actor Aaron Ashmore is joining Syfy’s summertime hit as a series regular.

Brian Austin Green Forms a “Wedding Band” Brian has joined the cast of a new TBS pilot “Wedding Band” that is a one hour comedy that focuses on a group of guys who create a wedding band. The series created by Tollin Productions (Smallville) is produced by South Park producers Josh Lobis & Darin Moisette. The pilot also stars Harold Perrineau (Lost,) Peter Cambor (NCI Los Angeles) and Derek Miller (Secret Girlfriend.) “Wedding Band” is in development stage.

Pounder) to be Pete’s (Eddie McClintock) new Warehouse 13 partner as they search for

Rosenbaum has gotten himself a new part time gig on Fox’s new comedy “Breaking mysterious artifacts. In” starring As fans know, last year’s second season finale had Myka Christian Slater, Bering (Joanne Kelly) quitting her job at the Warehouse Odette Yustman, after being betrayed by HG Wells (Jaime Murray). As for and Bret Harrison. whether Kelly will appear on the show again … well, The series focuses on a firm who finds holes in that’s a good question. We’ll have to wait and see on companies security systems. that one.

Season 3 of Warehouse 13 will have 13 new episodes this summer. Last season the series averaged 3.4 million viewers, making it Syfy’s most-watched show.

Rosenbaum plays Yustman’s shady boyfriend and is scheduled to be in at least 6 episodes. Catch the Series Premiere of BREAKING IN on Fox on WED 4/6 at 9:30/8:30c!

James Marsters Gets Married

James Marsters (Brainiac) married long time girlfriend Patricia Rahman in a secret wedding on January 14th, 2011.

Patricia is a student of fashion design. Congrats to the happy couple!


Acclaimed Digital Series RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING Crash Lands on SPACECAST.COM, March 7

wolf companion, Fenrir, flee their dying land of Eleysia in search of freedom as they are hunted by assassins of The Sect, a terrifying religious entity. As she tries to piece together her mysterious past, Riese takes on a life and death journey with the balance and the fate of the world – Series narrated by SANCTUARY’s Amanda Tapping and features Canadian sci-fi stalwarts Christine Chatelain, Ryan lying in the palm of her hands. Robbins and Patrick Gilmore – Narrated by genre icon Amanda Tapping (SANCTUARY), RIESE – Television broadcast premiere April features a cavalcade of Canadian 9 at 9 p.m. ET on SPACE – talent from the world of popular speculative drama, including Ryan Toronto, ON (Jan. 31, 2011) – Robbins (CAPRICA), Patrick Gilmore Beginning Monday, March 7, (STARGATE UNIVERSE), Alessandro hosts the awardJuliani (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), winning digital series RIESE: Sharon Taylor (STARGATE UNIVERSE) KINGDOM FALLING. Featuring a bevy and Ben Cotton (HARPER’S ISLAND). of Canadian sci-fi talent, new miniThe 10-part web series and 2-hour episodes of the 10-part series are set telecast features other sci-fi mainstays to stream on every including Allison Mack (SMALLVILLE) Monday and Friday through to Friday, and Emilie Ullerup (SANCTUARY). April 8. Also on the site, fans can log on throughout March for exclusive RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING is the web interviews with the cast of the first live action sci-fi web series to show. For those who want to see it all feature the genre steampunk - a again, RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING airs sub-genre of science fiction and in its entirety following the season fantasy that features anachronistic finale of MERLIN on Saturday, April 9 technology and design elements, at 9 p.m. ET, exclusively on SPACE. often from Victorian-era Britain. The series won the Streamy Award for Starring Canadian Christine Chatelain (SANCTUARY), Best Cinematography in a Web Series with a further three RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING is a fantasy-adventure nominations for Best Sound Design, Best Foreign Series steampunk web series that chronicles the life of a and Art Direction. Shot in Vancouver, RIESE was created mysterious wanderer named Riese. A life-on-the-run by Ryan Copple and Kaleena Kiff, and produced by Galen from a world with a dim future, Riese and her trusted Fletcher and Nicholas Humphries.

UNDERSTANDING TV PRESS CYCLES By Erika Blake Just in time for this issue, the winter TCAs were held in Los Angeles. For casual fans terms like “TCA’s,” “Upfronts,” etc are very confusing. Here’s a rundown of some of the more common events and cycles that television networks go through each year. Pilot Season: What is a pilot? A pilot is a test episode that a network will order to be produced in order to see if the story idea for a series is compelling enough to order as a series to run on their network. The network will fund the pilot to be produced and then will review it upon completion and decide if they want to order more episodes. Generally initial pilot season will get started in the Fall while the new TV season is in full swing. The network will assign Executive producers to the pilot, the script will get written, it’ll receive a cast, and then usually it is shot in early winter the following year. Most studios make final decisions before the Upfronts in May as to which pilots they will select. Sometimes pilots get tweaked with parts recast. Pilots oftentimes don’t get picked up and failed ones are rarely ever seen by the general public. The Television Critics Association Tour (TCAS:) The TCA’s are held twice a year in Los Angeles; one round occurs in the winter, the other in the summer. The TCAs are a series of panels that are assigned to each network (broadcast & cable) in order to present their current television schedule to the press. Each network decides which television series to showcase. In the Summer, the TCAs are a time to present the latest and newest series to the press that will be premiering in the Fall. For the winter month, any and all new series that are premiering in winter are presented. Each network will decide what series to present at the TCAs. If a series has been on the air for a long time and is doing well ratings-wise, generally they don’t get invited. Usually the networks will use the time to help generate buzz for series that might need a little extra help, series that are receiving overhauls, or ones that are mega-hits. The Winter TCAS are a time when studios might announce early renewals and/or showcase footage from shows that they will be airing next Fall in order to generate early buzz.

The Upfronts: The Upfronts are traditionally held in New York. The Upfronts are presented in May. This is when the networks announce their Fall line-ups. Series that are on the bubble for renewal oftentimes learn their fates on that day. Each network has a panel and showcases their programs to advertisers at the Upfronts in order to peak their interests in wanting to purchase airtime during their new shows. Usually paid networks like HBO, Showtime, don’t attend the Upfronts since their channels are supported by paid subscriptions. Comic Con: Once upon a time San Diego Comic Con was a small gathering of comic book collectors who got together to swap comics. Star Wars became the first film to ever have any sort of film presence at the event back in 1977. Hollywood soon turned its eyes to the event and began sending panels to the event to generate interest for new sci-fi TV & films. The event, held every July, truly is no longer a comic-centric event but has become the largest popculture event in the United States. TV networks often don’t bother sending panels for their sci-fi/action series to the Summer TCAs because instead, they send them to Comic Con. Comic Con is a paid event that anyone who’s got the monetary resources to get to San Diego and can pay for tickets can attend. The press and people who are professionals in the industry also can attend for free. San Diego Comic Con has become a mecca for sci-fi & fantasy fans. The four day event is held at the San Diego Convention Center including surrounding hotels. Each year now film studios often present exclusive first footage for up coming films, brand new video games are previewed, and oftentimes pilots for new TV series are presented. There’s an annual costume ball. The event has something for everyone. Attendees can either spend their days sitting through dozens of panels, seeking autographs, buying collectibles, or hanging out with fellow fans. Comic Con has two sister cons that take place at other times in the year. The first in New York Comic Con. NYCC is generally seen as the Comic convention, although studios are starting to take advantage of it’s time in November to send early panels for their Winter TV series. The other larger show is WonderCon which is held in San Francisco in the winter. Studios take advantage of this convention to present panels for films that will be released before San Diego Comic Con and television networks will send their new winter sci-fi TV shows to the event.


1) Alaina Huffman Matt Lanter’s Holiday Toy Drive 2) Michael Rosenbaum & Carrie Fisher - HBO Presents The Premiere Of “Wishful Drinking” 3) Serinda Swan ‘Breakout Kings’ panel at the A&E Network portion of the 2011 Winter TCA press tour 4) Jane Seymour Hallmark Channel Winter TCA’s 2011. 5) Alan Ritchson “Family Guy: It’s A Trap!” DVD Launch Party 6) Phil Morris - TV One Winter 2011 TCA Panel. 7) Laura Vandervoort - Audi and J. Mendel Celebrate the Kick Off of Golden Globe(s)® Week 2011 8)Sam Witwer - NBC Universal Press Tour AllStar Party 9) Sarah Carter attends Oh Canada Gift Suite at Peninsula Hotel 10) Sam Witwer - NBC/ Universal/SyFy Winter 2011 TCAs. 11) Laura Vandervoort - Disney/ABC Winter 2011 TCAs. 12) Brian Austin Green (and Megan Fox) at 37th Annual Golden Globe Awards Show


1) Kristin Kreuk Portraits - 2011 Sundance Film Festival for world premiere of “Vampire” 2) Laura Vandervoort arrives The Weinstein Company And Relativity Media’s 2011 Golden Globes After Party. 3) Kyle Gallner attends “7 Fresh Faces in Film” at 2011 Sundance Film Festival. 4) Kristin Kreuk attends LA Dogworks 2nd Annual ‘A Night of Emotion’ in Los Angeles 5) Allison Mack attends Second Stage Theatre’s All Star Bowling Classic Fundraiser in NYC.


KRISTIN KREUK JOINS 17TH PRECINCT Kristin Kreuk has joined the NBC Ron Moore Supernatural Pilot “17th Precinct.” Kristin guest stars as wife to BSG Alum, Jamie Bamber’s lead character. Set in the fictional town of Excelsior,

where magic and supernatural elements rule over science, 17th Precinct revolves around the lawmen at the local cop shop. In addition to Bamber, the cast features two other Battlestar Galactica regulars: James Callis (playing a homicide detective) and Tricia Helfer (as Morgana the necromancer aka the magical equivalent of a coroner).

“THE LYING GAME” COMING TO ABC FAMILY Helen Slater is set to star in a new series that will air on ABC Family called “The Lying Game”. As reported in Issue #3, the story focuses on a

young foster girl who discovers

that she has an identical twin sister. Her sister had been adopted by a wealthy family and is now missing. Slater will be playing her sister’s adoptive mother. The series will air on ABC Family Channel and has a premiere date of Monday, August 15 at 9pm.



By Erika Blake Serinda Swan (Zatanna) has joined the cast of A&E’s new series “Breakout Kings.” The series focuses on a group of US Marshals who utilize an unorthodox group of experts comprised of ex-cons to assist them with tracking down prison escapees. The series was created by Matt Olmstead & Nick Santora who previously created “Prison Break.” The show stars Laz Alonzo (Avatar,) Domenick Lombardozzi (The Wire) as the Marshals. The specialists are played by Jimmi Simpson (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”), Malcolm Goodwin (“American Gangster”) and Serinda Swan (“Smallville”); Brooke Nevin. The series was originally pitched to Fox who passed on it and was quickly snatched up by A&E. Unlike “Prison Break” the series will be more episodic and humorous and not rely as heavily on mythology and large story arcs. It premiered March 6th on A&E.

in the premiere episode. She explained, “My character gets introduced in the second episode. They had already shot the pilot when I was cast, so instead of reshooting the pilot, which everyone did such an amazing job on, they found a way to make a seamless transition.” The blue eyed actress plays convict Erica Reed. Serinda describes her, “Erica Reed is one of the boys. She was raised by her father, who was a bounty hunter, and he taught her everything he knew. By the time she was fifteen so was probably a better tracker than most triple her age. Which came in handy when she decided to start hunting down the men responsible for her fathers murder. It wasn’t until she had her daughter at twenty-one that she decided to lay low for a bit. She is completely private (about) her daughter and being the mother that she never had. ”

Erica Reed initially an Serinda Swan does not appear unwelcome new member of

the team, as we’ll get to learn in her series first appearance in the second episode airing on Sunday March 13th. The female con is placed on the elite group without receiving approval from it’s founder Ray Zancanelli. In an upcoming episode Erica finds herself emotionally pulled in two directions when the father of her child refuses to bring her around on visitation day. The female convict finds herself further distracted thanks to the fact that they’re pursuing a pedophile who appears to be tracking down his former victims. Without much provocation, Erica bolts after the offender when she spies him and singlemindedly pursues their prey, breaking all protocol to keep in touch with her group, leaving her team to wonder if she’s gone AWOL. When a convict becomes a member of the Breakout Kings squad they get moved to a medium security facility. For every convict that they capture they get a month shaved off of their prison sentences. If a team member attempts to run and are caught, their sentences will be doubled. “It’s a wonderful, complex character. I enjoy going to work everyday because it’s such a different role than I’m used to playing. I do get the strong female types a lot but this time I get to do it in cargo boots and a leather jacket,” Serinda said, when thinking on her favorite aspects of playing Erica Reed. The team consists mainly of male misfits, each brings a little something different to the team. The runaway

standout loudmouth is Lloyd (Simpson) a former psychiatrist and childhood prodigy with a gambling problem and mother issues. Lloyd analyses the motives of the convicts and provides profiles for the team to assist them with trying to track the convicts. Sean (Goodwin) was a former narcotics trafficker and knows the ins and outs on how cons utilize the underground support systems to hide their transactions and find their wares. Their team leader Ray (Lombardozzi) was a former cop who got caught trying to skim a small amount of money from a large bust so that he could buy his daughter a car. Back at the control center Julianne (Brook Nevin) their mousey and highly nervous mission coordinator assists the team with keeping them up to date on the latest developments. Plus she follows up on any leads that the team requires in order to assist in their hunt. When asked what are the challenges of playing only one of two female characters on the series, Serinda responded, “I don’t. The cast is amazing. From the first day I walked on set they were completely welcoming. I grew up being one of the guys so this is completely normal for me... I actually, probably swear more than any of them.” Serinda fell in love with the project because of, “The diversity of the characters. It’s a procedural show, but the character development is amazing and a joy for an actor to play.... Plus I get to kick ass


and shoot guns.” The series creators took advantage of the unique storytelling format of the series to bring one of their beloved characters back to the screen, T-Bag, played by the amazing actor Robert Knepper (recently seen on “Heroes” and “Stargate Universe.”) Tight-lipped on spoilers about the particular episode, Serinda said, “I can’t give you much ( I know where’s the fun in that ) but I can tell you it was one of my favorite episodes to shoot. Working with Robert was amazing and his ability to bring that character to life is inspiring.” Every week the series creators promise wild and crazy action sequences that will lure viewers into wanting to see what happens the next week. The team travels all over the US tracking down the convicts which leads to a nice diverse look to the series. Serinda simply describes the series as, “A group of misfit cons and us marshals team up to catch fugitives... It’s like a dramady (drama/comedy.)” With “Smallville” coming to its ten year end Serinda reflects upon her time of being on the series. “Smallville” was the first series that she starred in that gave her any real exposure as an actress. When she learned the character that she was hired to play, Zatanna, she did “Tons of research, playing a DC Comic character is no joke. I read comic books, searched websites, and even talked to fans. It was really

important to me to do her justice (pun intended.)” Reflecting back on the two episodes that she appeared in, Serinda explains the difficulties in portraying the crafty magician. “The most challenging was speaking backwards. I think the scene where she tries to seduce Clark was the hardest because trying to make “wolf eht htiw og” sound sexy was hilarious. The best thing about Zatanna is her costume, I mean when am I going to be able to wear a magician costume of that nature again?” Serinda was the first actress to bring the DC character of Zatanna to life on live film. She is proud of her contribution and being a part of the DC legacy and its fans. “It’s wonderful, it still surprises me. I love the fans and their passion for these characters. Whenever I’m recognized it always make me very thankful to be apart of the DC comic family.” Definitely one of the “hardest” parts of being on Smallville was having to work with Justin Hartley and Tom Welling. “It was a blast, not only are they great actors, but they’re not too hard on the eyes either. That whole cast is wonderful to work with though, I always look forward to going back. This season Serinda didn’t return as Zatanna on Smallville, but she did appear on it’s Friday night partner “Supernatural” in it’s sixth episode “You Can’t Handle the Truth.” “Supernatural was actually my first speaking role on television about 4 hrs

ago, I was a hospital receptionist, so coming back to that show as a guest star was this wonderful full circle for me. Working with Jensen and Jared is always fun, they actually remembered me (or at least they were very polite and said they did) I had a lot of good laughs on that set.” Serinda’s been busy juggling acting projects. Recently she had a guest star part in the Disney film “Tron Legacy” and next Serinda will be appearing in two films called “Jinn” and “Blood is Blood.” Until they arrive in a theater near you, be sure to catch her as Erica Reed in “Breakout Kings” Sunday nights at 10/9C on A&E.


Season 2 Spoilers, News & Reviews

RATINGS 2x01 Red Rain 6.57/2.1

2x02 Serpent’s Tooth 5.77

2x03 Laid Bare 5.7/2.0

2x04 Unholy Alliance 5/2

2x05 Concordia 5.4/1.8

2x06 Siege 5.3/1.8

2x07 Birth Pangs 5/1.9 2x08 Uneasy Lies the Head 4.7/1.7 2x09 Devil in a Blue 4.94/1.7



Being Human follows the lives of three, otherworldly roommates: a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf, all desperately trying to live as human beings. They help each other navigate through complex double lives while struggling to hide their dark secrets from the world. Synopsis: Aidan is an old soul. He left behind a wife and child to fight in the Revolutionary War, where he was blessed - or cursed - with immortality as a vampire. Now, over 200 years later, he is struggling to break his addiction to human blood and to cut ties with his vampire “family” despite a powerful mentor, Bishop, who doesn’t want to let him go. But even as he tangles with Bishop and his own killer instincts, Aidan’s two roommates are looking to him for guidance in their quest for humanity. Josh was a brother, son, fiancé and promising medical student whose bright future was hijacked in a single violent instant. Forced to abandon his family, he established a lonely existence on the fringes of society, escaping to the woods each full moon for his excruciating transformation into a werewolf. Then he met Aidan, whose friendship allowed the funny,neurotic, loyal Josh to reemerge -- and with it, the prospect of a normal life. Sally had a wonderfully normal life, with a house and a fiancé and a future, cut tragically short by her untimely death. Now a literal ghost of her former self, she is trapped in her empty house and its painful memories when Aidan and Josh move in to begin their experiment in being human. Sally quickly realizes that these two just may be the solution to her loneliness, and the mysteries surrounding her life and death. As Aidan, Josh and Sally learn that there are fates worse than death, they also realize that there’s more to life, and the afterlife, than most “normal” people could ever imagine.


By Erika Blake


f you thought that Clark Kent had identity problems, wait until you meet the trio from SyFy’s new breakout hit series “Being Human.” Based on the currently running BBC series with the same name, Human centers around three supernatural roommates who are trying to hide their monster sides and blend in with regular society. The series opens with hospital coworkers Josh (Sam Huntington) and Aidan (Sam Witwer) deciding to find a house to live in. Aidan is a nearly 200+ year old vampire who was turned by his maker Bishop (Mark Pelligrino) during the Revolutionary War. Josh is a two year old werewolf who was turned one night when he was jumped by a were while on a camping trip with a buddy. His buddy was killed, and Josh has to live with his affliction for the rest of his life. When the two men find a nice older home in Boston to rent, they discover that they are not alone. Residing in the house is Sally (Meaghan Rath,) a recently deceased girl who has not been able to cross over and lingers in the house as a ghost. At first Josh was terrified of the ghost and felt put upon that now they had to deal with someone else’s supernatural problems. Sally doesn’t help her case much by wrecking havoc with the house’s plumbing and blowing up light bulbs. Aidan, who’s spent his entire life around death connects with the young ghost and constantly attempts to uncover ways to assist her with her final journey to the other side. He introduced her to another ghost, Tony, who taught her how to leave the house, and how to project herself to whatever location she wanted to visit. He also showed her how ghosts move on. Sally, however, is not ready to move on. With Aidan there to help her, Sally remembered why she was stuck in the house, her former fiancé Danny accused her of cheating on him after she accidentally dropped her engagement ring down the drain. He shoved her and pushed her down the stairs. He covered up his act in her death by stating that she fell. Now he’s moving in on her best friend Bridgette and Sally is powerless to prevent her former BFF from suffering her same fate. Sally begins haunting Bridgette to attempt to warn her about Danny’s dark side. Unfortunately, Bridgette believes Danny and demanded that Sally leave them alone. With no avenue for closure, Sally remains lost and has no idea how to move on. Josh was on his way to living the high life before that fateful summer night. He had been enrolled in MIT and was pursuing a doctor’s degree. He was also engaged. After realizing what happens to him once a month, he bolted from his family and severed all communication with them. One night while working as an orderly at the hospital he picked up a familiar scent and realized that his sister Emily was there. Her girlfriend had broken her arm. Their reunion was awkward. Former best friends, Emily couldn’t understand why her brother up and left his family and everything behind. When Emily trapped herself in a room with him right before he’s about to turn, Josh’s worst fears are about to become realized, fortunately, Aidan just manages to save the day. As much as Josh would love to reconnect with

his family, he knows that in the end, he would hurt them and turns his back on them forever. Aidan has family problems of his own. His maker, Bishop, has decided that he’s tired of their kind having to live in the shadows. Although vampires have evolved such that they can walk in sunlight, their true identity remains a secret to the world. Bishop wants his nest to start turning people of influence and shore up their numbers. Once they have turned enough people, he wants to announce their presence to the world.

capable of.

Aidan desperately wants nothing more than to hide his true identity and shy away from the monster inside. After centuries of killing people, he has turned his back on his own kind. Unfortunately, that never seems to go well for him. Once night when he went home with a coworker, Rebecca, in the throes of passion, he accidentally killed her and was forced to ask Bishop and his lackey Marcus to assist with the cleanup. Unbeknownst to him Bishop’s idea of taking care of Aidan’s problem involved turning Rebecca into a vampire. The two are now forever joined and Aidan is unable to ever escape from the guilt of killing her since she’s around as an undead reminder of what he’s

The series is filmed in Montreal that doubles as Boston. After years of seeing Vancouver for every other sci-fi series, it’s refreshing seeing new landscape. The characters somewhat resemble their British counterparts and the story begins rather like the UK version of the series, yet as it progresses, the characters and stories are spinning off on their own. Josh is the heart of the trio. He’s adorably neurotic and wears his heart on his sleeve. Sally is the embodiment of loneliness. Aidan and Josh were the first people to see and interact with her because most humans are not open to the supernatural. Out of the three characters we get to see her grow in strength the most. Aidan has boatloads of issues that he desperately tries to keep hidden from his roommates. His nest doesn’t understand why he would want to shack up with an “animal.” He constantly fights his bloodlust and turning away from his nature. The series has a wonderful dark edge to it making it more of a lighter partner with “True Blood” rather than then “Vampire Diaries.” The characters are all approachable and likeable. Sam Witwer’s natural pale complexion makes him the perfect vampire. The show is peppered with delightful dark humor and is punctured by eye itching gross out moments and jaw dropping revelations. If you’re looking for a Supernatural good time, Being Human delivers. ~*~*~*~ Being Human airs Mondays at 8PM on SyFy. Twitter: You can follow Meaghan Rath @ meaghanrath and Sam Huntington @SammyHuntington


Multipleverses was invited on a conference call with “Being Human” producers Jeremy Carver, Anna Fricke and stars Sam Huntington (Superman Returns,) and Meaghan Rath (I Me Wed.) Here are the transcripts from the call. ~*~*~*~*~ Question: Anna and Jeremy, if you could talk a bit about the process of bringing the show to America and the similarities and differences between this version and the BBC version? Jeremy Carver: Sure, this is Jeremy. In terms of the process, the process is a fairly generic one in a sense of (you’ve got) shows (in) a wonderful premise that was thought it could have a second or a new life in a different market. And Anna and I, when presented with this opportunity, saw it, as fans of the original show, as a tremendous honor to be asked to take over this role as well as a tremendous challenge. And one of the things we strove to do from the very beginning was to basically use elements of the original series while reimaging a series all of our own. And I think that starts with many of the new characters and storylines that we created and it is carried to a wonderful degree, might be the wrong word, with the absolutely incredible and distinct cast that we’ve had the pleasure of working with along with all the other film makers. So, I think you’re going to see a show that gives a very nice nod to the original version which for fans of the original I think they’ll be confronted, in particular, with several situations, characters, moments that they may think they recognize from the original which are then spun out in very, very different ways in our version. Question: With all of the choices people have in the genre with vampire shows and werewolf projects, how would you like them to know this show is different from the other shows that are out there? Anna Fricke: This is Anna speaking. I think that the (at the heart) and, I’m the first to say, I’m a huge fan of all of those shows. I pretty much follow all of them and this show definitely has the elements of genre that you love but I think that what sets this particular version apart, and what we’re proud of, is that really at (a part) it is a character-based relationship show. You don’t have to be a fan of any sort of vampire movie or show or any kind of genre show in particular to still watch this show because, at the end of the day, it’s about their relationships and what’s happening with each other on a very human level.

Like when we talk about these characters we talk about they all want what all of us want which is to sort of be normal, to embrace humanity and they, like all of us, are fighting the monster within only they are fighting real monsters. Question: This questions actually kind of connected with what you were just saying but obviously at the beginning of the show, like the storyline is very similar. I know you said that you’re going to change things up but do you plan still to keep kind of an overall season-wide kind of same story (arc) or are you completely going to be like a different show going in a completely different way eventually? Jeremy: This is Jeremy. I think without revealing too much I think I alluded to it in the previous question. You’re going to come across some similar moments, characters and situations that you have seen in the British version. And some of them are going to be treated in the same way and many, if not most of them, are going to be treated in a different way. I can tell you from the writers room perspective is we took a look at this show that we were given the chance to re-imagine and we did a lot of what if scenarios, like, what if this character actually did this? Or what if he took this moment and you spun it into something like this? And I think that’s where you’re really going to get a pretty fresh blend of familiar and unfamiliar. So, our mantra was also sort of start from the same place as you said because, you know, the show has a wonderful premise. So I don’t know why you would necessarily screw around with that too much. It’s got such a wonderful premise and sort of base to it that we pretty much just try to use that as a launching pad. And so, I mean, hopefully that answers your question without - it’s tough because you don’t want to get too spoiler but... Question: How did all of you get involved in working on the show? Sam Huntington: I’ll go first, this is Sam. It’s a very traditional audition process coming in meeting the casting people and the executive producers including Jeremy and Anna and our other exec and the director of the first few episodes, Adam Kane. And then you progress along and you eventually end up testing for all the fine people at Syfy and then just kind of get the gig. It was unique because I think I can speak for all of us

when I say that we were all so in love with the project that it was lucky that we all got to kind of work together. So, anyway...Like that. Anna: And this is Anna. And Jeremy and I came into it - we actually were not partners before this project. I mean, we’re married so we’re partners in life... Jeremy: (In a business)... Anna: ...but we actually had separate careers before this and... Jeremy: Happy careers...

marriage before and...No, when Syfy acquired this format they were sort of looking for someone who could do the genre and who could do the characters and who could do the humor and the relationships and our agent actually suggested us as a team. Sam: That’s so cool. I never knew that. Anna: Yes. He said, what about these two working together? So it was sort of the first time we had come together to work on a project so that’s sort of how we came into it.

Jeremy: Thriving, happy, no (threat), (no home accomplished) careers. Yes.

Meaghan Rath: Oh, this is Meaghan. Well, I wasn’t going to say anything because my process was the same as Sam’s. I actually auditioned first in Montreal, that’s where I’m from.

Anna: We had a happy

Anna: We saw you on tape. We

Anna: Happy...


did, that’s how magical you are.

has proven to be wonderful as a backdrop.

Jeremy: That’s true.

Sam: It’s amazing. Yes.

Meaghan: Yes, so I went in with a casting director in Montreal and auditioned a couple of times there and then I met with Adam Kane, our Executive Producer and Director, and then I was flown to LA to screen test and...

Jeremy: It’s got just enough locations and the exterior feel to double for Boston and choosing one more thing to add like Anna was just saying in terms of choosing Boston, I mean, it also tied in really nicely to our character back stories particularly of Aiden and Bishop.

Jeremy: Jetsetter. Meaghan: I’m a jetsetter. And I met with the guys and we all read together and fell in love and lived happily ever after. Question: And I have one more question for your guys. Just in general, how easy or challenging it’s been to have Montreal pose as Boston and why Boston? Anna: I can - I mean I think it has been somewhat of a challenge because we can’t...I mean, the show it’s not the town. We’re not going to ever really be able to have like huge aerial shots of Boston. And I think we chose Boston for a few reasons. I think we sort of said in the beginning when we were discussing it that you hadn’t really seen New England in this kind of show. You know if you look at Twilight you see the Pacific Northwest and Vampire Diaries and True Love you see sort of southern gothic. And we really wanted to take actually something that we really liked from the British show which was to have sort of an urban working class neighborhood feel. And I’m also - I’m from New England and actually so is Sam Huntington. Sam:


Bishop turned Aiden during the Revolutionary War and Bishop himself came over as a settler originally from Europe to basically make his way in the new world as a vampire, you know, seeking sort of new territories to hunt and to prosper in which goes some to his back story in this season. So, Boston has proven very well to sort of tie into sort of tying our vampires coming over to the founding of America. And also it occurs to me that our vampires are very much a New England breed of vampires in that they are not - you’re not going to see our vampires wearing leather dusters and leather chaps. You know what I mean? With like dagger tattoos across their forehead, although...He begged for a dagger. Sam:

Oh, yes.

Jeremy: But so I would say our vampires are very much of the New England modest variety if that makes sense. If you’re familiar with the sort of New England mindset which is a sort of more hard scrabble, modest mindset that is very much the sort of way our vampires assimilate into society to sort of fall into this mindset which I think is kind of cool to our show.

Anna: I’m from Hancock, Maine and he is from Hancock, New Hampshire.

Sam: Yes, it is cool. I never actually thought about that but that’s cool.

Sam: Something we found out very early on.

Question: To Jeremy and Anna, of all the actors that auditioned for the parts, what was it about Sam and Meaghan that made them stand out?

Jeremy: Headline. Sam: Bonded us, yes, exactly. Right. Oh my God. Anna: And my dad lives in Boston. I went to high school in Boston. So Boston just sort of had a good feel for us. We obviously are very limited in terms of what we can show of Boston. Jeremy: But Montreal, that said,

Anna: Oh, awkward. Jeremy: (They’re sitting) right here. Let me - Meaghan just started listening by the way. She’s been signed of this whole time. Sam: Yes, Meaghan just put (her mark on the way).

(her mark on the way).

looking for in the Sally character.

Jeremy: She just perked up. She just took her glasses off, you didn’t see it.

I mean, I have to say no one ever really came close so that was like...

Anna: You know, especially because this show obviously already exists I think it was - like that first day of casting I remember we were so...It was so hard for us to figure out...You know you have these original actors in your mind, which you don’t want to have. You just want to find like what is our version and what is our voice and we don’t want to be thinking about looking for that person.

Sam: All the other girls who auditioned for this role are crying.

And, you know, these were hard roles to cast because you cannot just think of it as individual characters. You have to think about these people as a trio and how are they going to relate to each other? And that’s something that we’ve spoken about already is the fantastic chemistry with these guys. And, I have to say, and I’m not just saying that because they’re sitting here, like Sam and Meaghan really from the get-go, and again, Meaghan we didn’t even get to see in person because it was on tape from Montreal really sort of stood out of like, yes, that is the spark and the life that we’re

Anna: I know, now I feel...Now I feel bad but it’s true. Jeremy: Casting is such a subjective thing, right. Anna: It’s brutal. It’s brutal. Jeremy: So for an actor it’s got to be an utterly brutal process. Anna: It’s awful. Jeremy: But likewise for people in our position it can be an equally brutal process because even when you see what walked in the door on a piece of tape you don’t know what you’re getting until you truly see what you’re getting and, then like Anna was saying, until you actually put them next to the other people they’re going to be acting with. Anna: Yes, sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you see it. Jeremy: Yes, there’s this group...


Anna: Then you’re like, oh, there’s the guy. Jeremy: This group is - the chemistry of this group is so vitally important and so when these three got together it was so instant and so kinetic that it paid off in every way. But I just want to back up to say that our directive was to look everywhere. Anna: Yes. Jeremy: And this show is being shot in Canada so we had casting directors in Canada, in the United States. We looked all over Canada... Anna: We did a New York casting session, we looked all over Canada. Jeremy: Los Angeles, New York...And when I say we saw hundreds and hundreds of actors and the cast that we have now it was undeniable from the first moment that we saw these three. It was undeniable and it was - so it was in that regard, it’s very, very easy. I mean, I’ll speak to these three people. They made it very, very easy. Anna: I’ll say about Sam Huntington, this is awkward because he’s sitting across from me but... Meaghan:Just glaring at him... Sam:

Oh, no...

Anna: This is Anna. But, I mean, looking for Josh, finding the character of Josh, was always going to be one of the most difficult things because we really feel like Josh, because he is sort of - he is the most human. He is sort of the heart of the show. He sort of has the most to loose. We really needed someone to have that vulnerable and heartbreaking quality but who was also funny, you know. And Sam really brought that to the floor. He was really - you feel for him in that room immediately.

Jeremy: You wrote down make him take his shirt off... Anna: No, no, no... Sam:

Poor Anna...Oh man.

Anna: I wrote down that guy’s a killer. So we see - look, vampires...And we joked about when we started this casting process like are there any hot vampires left to cast? I feel like they’ve all been cast and we got a lot of, no offense to anyone who auditioned, we got a lot of sort of bruiting, pretty, sexy people who didn’t have any depth to them.

So that is something that will be a story point throughout the season of what she can do and where she can go. And the way we always talked about Sally as a character is her abilities and her ability to sort of transcend her current ghost form is very tied to emotion. So as she sort of comes more to terms with things she will be able to be more physically capable.

And Sam really brought in, I believed that he had a haunted past as a vengeful killer but I also believed that he was vulnerable underneath that.

Jeremy: And also to speak maybe to the heart of your question, which I don’t think we’re spoiling anything here, is that Sally is not strictly confined to the house for the duration of the show for reasons that Anna just spoke to. This is Jeremy.

Meaghan: Like a scorned underwear model. Jeremy: Yes, look... Sam: Or Zoolander...(My names) Zoolander. Jeremy: We’re teasing Sam Witwer but the fact of the matter is with him, and all three of the roommates, you would flounder and die on day one if all you brought to this were appearances. I mean, the paces that these stories put these three people through, it was the theme from the scenes we had them read to the scenes we had them read together were all very deliberate because we knew where they were going when they didn’t necessarily know. And we had to know that they could do what was coming, what was in store, because we knew what was in store. I mean... Anna: And all three of them have to be heartbreaking and funny. Like they all go through the ringer in this business. Jeremy: Yes.

And Sam Witwer, I remember when he walked in...

Anna: So, you know, you have to be able to see all sides.

Jeremy: We were like oh my God.

Jeremy: So I think we’ve rehabilitated our assault on Sam Witwer.

Anna: I remember when he walked in and, you know, you have your paper with everyone’s name on it and you’re making notes... Jeremy: And then you see his abs through his shirt... Anna: No, no, no... Jeremy: She was like, I’m sorry, your names Sam (Wooer)... Anna: No, I wrote down... Jeremy: With woo... Anna: No, I wrote a note to Jeremy like that guy...

Anna: I’ll speak to that first. This is Anna speaking and Sally - that is part of her journey throughout the whole season is how does she come to terms with who she is and what she is and how does that relate to her physical capabilities?

Sam: I think so, I think so. That guy can take it. He’s too talented. He’s too talented. Question: And then I have a quick question about Sally and it’s - I mean, Anna, Jeremy and Meaghan, pretty much all of you, since Josh and Aiden have an entire world to explore and interact with and Sally’s pretty much stuck in the house, do you ever find it hard given Sally’s confined surroundings and limited interactions to kind of develop the character or provider her with (an illusion) of her story?

Meaghan: I think for an actor also the fact that she is confined to the house for the first bit it really helps with the frustration of the character. So it sort of adds to her physical limitations of what she can do when she can’t really add to the performance. Question: Sam and Meaghan, can you talk about how you identify with the supernatural aspect of your characters in human ways? Meaghan: That’s an interesting question. Okay. Well, I think that for me, this is Meaghan by the way, I think that the whole being invisible aspect of Sally really helped with

this feeling, the emotions, of what she’s going through. What I like about her so much is who she was in her life and she was someone so passionate and involved and someone who really wanted to make a difference and she’s still that same person in her death but everything is stripped away from her. She has this longing to be involved and help people and now people can’t even see her and she can’t even touch anyone. So I think the whole supernatural aspect of that really helps to get into her mindset. Sam: Yes, I think what Meaghan said is exactly right. It’s like the supernatural element of each of the characters is kind of what forms who they are as, for what it’s worth, people. You know I mean, for Josh, he is defined kind of by who he has become and it affects every part of his life. He’s kind of ostracized everyone who is special to him and now he’s become this kind of introvert and he’s careful and he’s hypersensitive to his surroundings. And, so, you know it affects how you play it. It’s - you kind of put yourself in the shoes of the character and what they’ve gone through. And I think that’s kind of what’s cool about the show is that it’s what makes it more human. You know, you really kind of try and literally put yourself in these people’s shoes and it makes it actually kind of easy. Question: And Jeremy and Anna, can you talk about, from a writing standpoint, how is the


conflict different for vampires and werewolves than it is for humans? Jeremy: How is the conflict different for vampires and werewolves than it is for humans? Well, I’ll speak in a broader sense. For most vampires there is no conflict at all; they’re a vampire and humans are humans and that’s just the way the world works. And I think where a conflict for a vampire like Aiden comes into play is he wants to be something less than what he really is or, in (average), something more, we’re saying human. But there - from the vampire point of view a human is less than a vampire, right? So Aiden is flipping that around and saying, well, I think being human is more than being a vampire and so thus comes his conflict; this guy who is trying to constantly fight what is, essentially, instinct. And he’s got to fight that every moment of every day and we play with that very much in addiction metaphor which we carried throughout the season. For a werewolf I think you’re seeing a character of Josh who relates to being a werewolf maybe how other werewolves we may or may not meet might relate to it. And it’s very much tied into who Josh was when he was a normal human being which is rather insecure, rather uncomfortable with himself and his place in the world. And to add to the fact that on the 30th day of every month he

suddenly becomes something other worldly is a tremendous, tremendous burden for him to bear. Now, if we were to just talk about strictly humans I think why the show is so relatable and these characters in particular is that I think there are fairly few humans, particularly in their early to mid 20’s, who don’t have some aspect of themselves that they don’t consider to

They want the same things but when they get out of control the consequences are worse. So when a vampire goes on a date and becomes really passionate with a woman and looses control she could die. When a werewolf sort of gives into his lustier side or his angry side... Jeremy: ...people could die. Anna: People could die. So it’s just sort of... Jeremy: That’s two dead women for those...

be monstrous in some way and are constantly struggling to overcome this, choosing rather to share or to hide this monstrosity with friends, lovers, etc. And so in that regard, I don’t think that struggles between a werewolf with a conscious, I’m sorry a vampire with a conscious, a werewolf and your typical 20 something human being are really as far apart as we might think. Anna: I would also say that, this is Anna speaking, it sort of goes back to the voiceover in the first episode, the consequences for these monsters is much worse.

Anna: There are highs. I think that their highs are higher and their lows are lower and that’s sort of the difference between the monsters and the humans. Question: I just want to ask you both, you have some really challenging roles here I mean a werewolf and a ghost. Can you talk about some of the challenges of playing your character? Meaghan: Yes, well, this is Meaghan. For me I mean I agree. It is a really, really challenging role first because Sally just seems like a real person. She’s going through so much in this (amount) of the entire season. I

mean, she starts off one way and ends somewhere completely different. And as an actor it’s something so exciting to be able to do and it’s really - it’s been amazing to explore all those different sides of myself. And then there’s the physical limitations of it. The fact that Sally can’t touch anything, touch anybody, which is also challenging because for me, especially when I get really into something and I get passionate and I get to talking, I’m a physical person, like I’ll touch somebody and the fact that I can’t do that you really have to rely on the emotion and the words that we’ve been given. And that’s what’s been really exciting for me actually. Sam: I will reiterate, this is Sam, I’ve been looking for a role like this my entire career because it’s so challenging, because it was so three-dimensional and so interesting. And so, yes, it’s been really hard and it was really hard and the hours were really tough but luckily we were working with each other and we love each other so much and we got each other through it. It was - we had an unbelievable crew and unbelievable creative people behind us. So as challenging as it’s been, it’s been the love of my life for my career. I’ve just been - I have kind of a love affair with this show. So, you know, my wife and son, they’re okay but the show, you know, for my career and as an actor this has just been tremendous.


Question: Sam, Were you concerned about taking on a role that’s going to require you to, you know, not have cloths on often? Sam: You just shut off, right? I mean...I would imagine it’s a lot like being a prostitute. No, I - well, I don’t have to imagine that hard. It was a rough early 20’s for me but, no, honestly literally I think it’s like the first paragraph of the first episode of the first of the first script is Josh stands naked in the woods.

Sam: Maybe I did it and...Yes, yes, yes. Maybe you weren’t there that day. It was just Jeremy that day. I always thought it was great because it was at your house but...

But, no, yes and I actually

So I pretty much knew going into, even the audition process, that this was something that was going - that this could be a reality for me. And, to be honest, it was terrifying, but in all seriousness kind of liberating and it got really easy after a while. You know, needless to say there’s certain tricks that you can employ to hide your good parts or, mediocre parts in my case, but you just kind of get used to it. And the other thing that actually came into play was the fact that I was so comfortable with everyone on set, it was across the board that it wasn’t really - you know, it was like standing naked in front of your buddies. You know, it wasn’t - it got really, really normal. It got really normal oddly. So, yes, at first there were a lot of nerves but those actually got squelched very, very quickly. Anna: Did you think we were going to make you strip in the audition? Sam: You did. Do you remember the third one that was... Anna: Oh, right. Maybe I fainted.

- I think it actually also adds a lot to the vulnerability of the character so I think I was always actually kind of happy when that was - when nudity was the case because it helped me, it really helped me be more vulnerable. So that’s a huge part of it and an important part.

Anna: I didn’t know that. Meaghan: Yes, I am. As a matter of fact, the first house I ever lived in was haunted and so I’ve sort of been, and my parents are kind of into that too, so I’ve sort of been bred on that my entire life. But as far as research goes I really was experiencing everything for the first time with Sally. I mean, Sally doesn’t - she died six months ago at the beginning and she doesn’t know what’s going on. And so it’s appropriate that I too am now finding my way and figuring out what I am. So I was just sort of going through it as she was.

Question: Sam and Meaghan, this is a fairly major gig for you guys as actors and once you found out you got the part I wanted to know what kind of research you did into the roles as both a ghost and the werewolf?

Sam: That’s funny. That’s very similar to the Josh character in that, yes, it’s very new to him too. He turned into a werewolf two years ago, or got turned into a werewolf two years ago, and so he’s going through a little bit more. He’s, you know, obviously he hasn’t come a long way in those two years he’s just kind of been biding his time until he really doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

Meaghan: Okay, well, I’ll start. This is Meaghan. Well, I’m a big believer in ghosts myself...

So he - as far as the research, yes, I looked a little bit into werewolf lore and ultimately

I think what we’re doing is really original and so I kind of was looking at Josh as a character more than the genre aspect of him. So yes, I mean, a lot of it was the wonderful material that we were given and just kind of working that and forming that into what I thought that the character was and luckily it was not hard because I’ve always felt very close to it. So yes, I mean, I hope that answers your question a little bit. It was easy and yet wonderful. Question: Sam. Your character is different than what’s usually portrayed on shows, a lot of current shows, there’s a typical werewolf. I wanted to know what direction do you plan on taking Josh that will keep him unique? Sam: That will keep him unique, I think it’s built into the character, you know? I mean, like you just said, it’s the atypical. It’s not the typical werewolf, you know. And that’s what attracted me to the role and something that I carry through the season. The wonderful writing has definitely been, you know, my guide. But, yes, I mean his humor has a lot to do with it. His kind of hatred for who he is has a lot to do with it and I think that’s what opening can be interesting for people to see too. So as far - I try to carry a lot of that humor and a lot of that almost innocence of Josh throughout. ~*~*~*~*~*~ Being Human airs on SyFy, Mondays at 9/8C.


Multipleverses was invited on a conference call with Sam Witwer about his role “Aidan” on SyFy’s “Being Human.” Here are the highlights from call. Question: In what ways are you most like and least like your character of Aidan? Sam: Well, I’m a little bit more of a goofball than Aidan is I think. He’s a little bit more cool and collected and I supposed that comes from him being a little bit older than I am. He’s 250-something years old, so I’ll give him that. We look a lot alike. I’ll give him that as well. We virtually look exactly alike, me and Aidan. We’re about the same height. He’s a little bit faster of a runner than I am, but I also play video games better than he does. So, there’s a lot of similarities, a lot of differences. No, but really I think what I related to in this character was the fact that he was a man of conscience and I loved that. I really loved that at the core of this guy who’s been really a terrible person for the past 200 years there was a conscience at the center of all that, and I liked how the script dealt with those issues.

seen the other vampires. I don’t know what they’re doing. I haven’t seen any of the shows. I haven’t seen any of the Twilight Series. In fact, someone said, “Hey, so you guys sparkle?” And I’m like, “What?” “Do you sparkle?” I’m like, “What do you mean, do we break into dance numbers and use jazz hands? What do you mean?” And they’re like, “No, like the vampires in Twilight.” And I’m like, “I don’t know what that is.” So, really if - I don’t if I have an original take in it. I heard from a few people that I kind of do, but I’m just kind of crossing my fingers and doing my own kind of unpolluted take on the vampire thing. Because really the last real exposure I’ve had to it is Béla Lugosi from back in the day, and that’s a movie I’ve seen a lot of. Question: How does Aidan walk around in the daylight?

Question: How do you feel Aidan stacks up against the other vampires on TV and in film right now?

Sam: Well, it’s uncomfortable, but it doesn’t necessarily harm him. The way that we play it out is, and I think I actually - I talked to Sally about this in, I think, Episode 3, but I - the vampire is just like every living thing on this planet have evolved that early on they may have been Nosferatu or one of those early on visions of the horrible pharaoh vampire, and as they’ve gone on they’ve adapted.

Sam: Oh, you’re going to be very disappointed in me, sir. I have not

And so yes, they can actually walk around, but they

don’t necessarily like it, which is why you see our vampires wear sunglasses a lot in the daytime. It isn’t that we’re trying to look like we’re in the Matrix, it’s - we actually need them. Question: Going back to the kind of character that Aidan is, I love that he’s such a good guy, and (well) what’s happening - everything with Josh and Ray, I just wanted to know where you see their friendship. If it’s coming out of - just unscathed, and how is it that he’s so easy going with werewolves because he brings Ray to Josh at the hospital. So, it says a lot about Aidan’s character that he’s just such an outstanding kind of guy. So... Sam: Yes, you’re going to see - later in the season you’re going to see context for how vampires truly feel about werewolves. You’re going to see a lot more of that. It’s one of the things we sometimes don’t necessarily explain a lot of things. And I actually like that about the show that there are very specific rules about how all of this stuff works and we all talked about it on the set, but then we don’t necessarily go out of our way to have an exposition paragraph, you know? In movies, you’ll see two guys and they’re like, “We’ve been best friends for ten years and you’re telling me that,” you’re just like, “Why would you say that? You don’t have to - we know. You’ve been best friends for ten years. Get on with it,” you know? And we don’t actually have a lot of those moments where we explain what everyone knows. And therefore, the audience has some room to interpret, which I think is wonderful, but as for Ray and Josh, and does our relationship get frayed by the Ray thing, it does a little bit. And in fact, it gets frayed by a lot of things throughout the season. It’s because Ray is telling Josh some truths actually about the nature of vampires, and while Aidan is an outstanding guy, he is in fact one of these people that fit into the category that Ray is describing and he still has a lot of these traits. I mean, if you watch closely there are certain moments where you can see Aidan - like for example, in the beginning of, I guess it’s Episode 4, there’s a moment where Aidan is in the bookstore and he sees a - the woman who’s ringing people up and there’s a moment where he’s working out how he’s going to do this. How he’s going to lure her, how he’s going to this, how he’s going to that, and how he’s going to dispose of the body and all of that. He’s working it out like a chess game. And it - only at the last minute does he go, “Whoa, whoa,

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that’s not - no, I’m - that’s - no, that’s not what I’m - I’m trying to do the opposite.” But, he’s being doing these things for 200 years and the very nature of our vampires are to be deceptive, not necessarily to each other, but to everyone else to hide what they are, to hide what they’re feeling, to hide everything. And so, Aidan lies a lot to his roommates, all the time in fact. Throughout our entire season he is constantly lying to just about everyone, and you only see what’s really going on with that character when he’s alone or when he’s with certain company. And what I love about that is that it really reinforces the metaphor that we make no secret that we’re actually discussing. No secret about the fact that we are discussing addition, we are discussion a man who is battling drug addiction and trying to stay clean. And bringing Josh’s friendship with Josh is a friendship of desperation. He has no one who could support him except this guy. And so they move in so that they can kind of watchdog each other, but the fact of the matter is he still doesn’t share with Josh half of what’s going on. And I think that people could definitely relate to that. Something that’s going on in their life that they feel like they can really turn - they can’t turn to anyone for it, and they keep that secret and they hate themselves for it. And I really love - the entire - our whole mythology for vampires is all based around that metaphor, everything that we’ve done. In fact, even the casting of vampires has been about that. There’s a scene in a later episode where there’s a big gathering of vampires; giant. And we looked around, me and Mark Pellegrino, and we’re just applauding their casting choices because it wasn’t a bunch of dudes and women in like black leather pants and long trench coats. It was a woman who a mother, and then a guy who looked like a school teacher, and a kid who looked like just an average college student. It was just people. It was just normal people and the point being that any one of these people could have a problem with addiction and hide it from the people that they’re closest with. I thought that was fascinating. Question: The whole thing with Rebecca to me was really reminiscent sort of like of a Sid and Nancy-type kind of relationship where they’re failing and struggling .. they’re blood addicts, I was wondering, in preparing for the role for Aidan did you look a lot at - into like that addiction and like how did you prepare for playing that kind of a thing?


Sam: That’s exactly - that’s all we talked about. Me and Sarah Allen that’s all we ever discussed was drug parallels and addiction and all that, and that was what the producers wanted. So, everyone is on the same page about this metaphor. We even blocked the scenes and shot them in such a way that they were suggestive of other things. I’ll just kind of leave it at that.

for a month straight before Aidan can have any influence. So, Bishop isn’t working on her hardcore, and of course he’s working on her because he knows that this could be a lure to bring Aidan back into the fold. So...

But, because there’s definitely all kinds of stuff going on there, including a very strong sexual element, the tragedy of what happens in that episode and what happens in the episodes following that episode is that she’s sincere in her intention to beat this and so is Aidan. But, they both have the same problem, and therefore maybe they’re not the best people to support each other because if one goes down the other one’s going down with them. And the other problem that Rebecca has is that she is also surrounded by - because one of the things that people maybe didn’t necessarily synapse with is that the first episode takes place over a month. Our Episode 1 is one month. When we catch up with Rebecca she was turned almost immediately after she died, right? And then, for a month she was forced into this really messed up culture and society where if you look at it from a genre point of view she was forced to murder a lot of people and she was forced to take part in a lot of really messed up things, so she’s out of her mind by the time that we catch up with her in Episode 2.

Sam: That is a very, very interesting question. First of all, you’re hitting the nail on the head when it comes to how new things are to him, because I’m trying to play him and you’ll see a lot more of this as the season goes on, I’m trying to play him like this is all ridiculously new to him. That this is going clean with something that has occurred to him in the past and he’s tried on a few occasions, but this is the first time that he’s really made a go of it and had any real success.

But, from a metaphor point, she was thrown into this drug thing and has been heavily involved in it

Question: Aidan is trying to come clean after being an addict for so long, but is he doomed to fail? Or is it going to be a redemption story?

And because he’s been a drug case for 200 years he doesn’t have the tools that you and I have to deal with humanity on humanities own terms. So, he’s been relying on the substance abuse to get him through. So now we have what is in very strange ways - I mean on one hand he’s a very wise old character who’s accrued a lot of wisdom, and on the other hand he’s a kid who has not developed - he’s not developed normally. And his emotional state is extremely volatile and he tries and which is why he tries to keep cool so much. He tries to maintain this very low key veneer to try to contain all the stuff that’s going on inside, and you’ll get to see more and more of that as the season goes on, in terms of backsliding and is he

destined to fail? In terms of ultimately is he destined to fail? That is a question that we will answer by the end of the entire series. But in terms of the season, yes, we do see some failures and we do see some moments where, yes, he starts backsliding and it’s some pretty ugly stuff. In fact, there’s one scene in particular, and I wish I could tell you about it because I’m very excited about it. (But, I remember) producers and the director being very excited with what were shooting while at the same time saying, “God, I hope we can get some of this through censors because it’s really not pleasant,” you know? The metaphor was hitting a little bit too true and I was going a little nuts, and they were saying, “Hey, you’ve got to be careful.” But, one of the things that I played with with Aidan is that I felt it’d be interesting if in the first two episodes the only real joy you see this guy experience is when he goes back to the blood den. That’s the only time that we really see him experience true joy is when he’s back in the fold messing up. Every other time he’s kind of grim and quiet and this and that, but when you see him go back to the blood den and take that first drink he’s actually laughing for real and he’s actually really feeling wonderful for the first time in a long, long time. So... scary, scary stuff. Question: Aidan is a dark guy and we’re - you know, he’s lying to his roommates and his friendship with Josh is strained, you know, upcoming episode is all about some pretty big

reveals for Sally and Josh do you think that, you know, your characters are going to become more bonded because of this or more torn apart because of the revelations? Sam: You see both. You see both, absolutely. They rely on each other more while at the same time certain revelations and I think I’m not spoiling too much by saying that there are moments where Josh and Sally pickup on the fact that Aidan is not being honest with them, and that doesn’t do much for their relationship. I think one of the themes of the first season though is how these three people resolve their relationships with each other, in terms of working together or apart, because as you see we are quite a bit apart in these early episodes. We are kind of wandering off on our own and exploring these problems and in most cases, in fact maybe in all cases, failing miserably. And I think one of themes is, are these people going to learn to start working together on this or are they just going to continue to flounder out in there - out in the wilderness by themselves? Question: On Smallville you played a human and a beast, and now (you’re cast) in the same on Being Human. Have you taken anything from the role of Davis Bloome and applied it to Aidan on Being Human? Sam: That’s a very good question. Davis didn’t necessarily have Aidan’s sense of humor, and you see definitely more of Aidan’s sense of humor as the series goes on. But, they are in a very similar position, Davis, I think, kind of slid out of control faster. But, I suppose the


the answer would have to be yes that I had some experience playing the - I suppose I’ve played a lot of characters that have kind of a duality.

handles most of that, so really any humor I bring to it is just bonus humor, because that guy is a master, and so is Meaghan Rath for that matter.

The - Darth Vader’s apprentice, the Starkiller character in The Force Unleashed games had the same problem that he - his nature was to be a very good person, but his nurture was very different. Having been raised by Darth Vader he was trained to be this assassin and he had to find his way out of that. And Davis was a very conscientious person, but when he blacked out became Doomsday, and that’s no good. Aidan was a man of conscience who was turned into a terrible sociopath for 200 years.

But, it’s just great to be on a series that has some levity to it, especially with as dark as we get. I mean, really as the series goes on the sad stuff gets sadder, the funny stuff gets funnier, and the dark stuff gets darker. It’s just more and more it’s just the dynamic range of the series astounds me.

So, I don’t know why they keep hiring me for these things, but clearly I must have troubles and problems that I’m not looking at or something, and that they see. I don’t know. Question: You’re about to film the show is there anything that you personally do as an actor, physically, emotionally, intellectually to prepare when you’re about to go on camera? Sam: Oh, yes. There’s all kinds of little tricks, I suppose, you learn as an actor. I mean, it really - I don’t know that I use any kind of specific techniques that has been - that have been specifically taught. I think a lot of actors kind of learn their own way through things and come up with an acting technique that is theirs and theirs alone. I mean, I couldn’t even really describe it. But, definitely for some of the more difficult scenes, you have to bring yourself to an emotionally and, often times, physically very difficult unpleasant place, so those aren’t the most fun scenes to shoot. However, Being Human has such a wonderful comedic element that it kind of keeps you going. And in fact, it’s one of the things that I love so much about this series is I was known - when I was going to Juilliard, way back when, my classmates - I was like the comedian of the class, and that’s like all I did. It’s all it was interested in doing was making people laugh, and then suddenly everyone was just like, “Oh, you’re just going to do a bunch of comedy. It’s going to be great.” And then years later, all I ever did is drama and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past ten years is drama, drama, drama. And so it’s so wonderful to be on a series now where there are opportunities for humor and there’s opportunities to lighten up and smile and do all kinds of fun stuff. And the greatest thing is that Sam Huntington is the guy who really

Question: I like the way that even though Aidan’s got his own issues, he’s kind of mentoring his younger roommates, with getting them assimilated with their new lives. I was wondering if you could talk to us a bit about his relationship with both Josh and Sally? Sam: Yes, we’ll you’re dead on. He’s kind of the anchor in a weird way, which is funny because he’s also in many ways the most out of control. He tries to keep that away from them. With Josh, yes, he is kind of an older brother. He’s constantly trying to calm that guy down and it’s not like that their personalities are inherently compatible. In fact, as much as I love Sam Huntington, I think I played Aidan most of the time just that he’s starting to learn to find humor and pleasure in the way Josh is. Whereas, I think for probably the years beforehand it was severely annoying to him and irritating and really hard to deal with. And actually, we do have, I believe coming up, provided it doesn’t get cut from the episode, some flashbacks where we see them early on in their relationship, and it’s not necessarily exactly the same thing. But yes, it is definitely an older brother, younger brother thing and Aidan is trying to impart pieces of wisdom and knowledge. But, we have to remember that everything that Aidan knows about werewolves is colored from the fact that he’s probably killed a few in his time, and he hasn’t necessarily had a warm relationship with them. Sally is interesting because I kind of - the way I conceive it is not just younger sister, but kind of a daughter in a weird way, because after all Aidan is an old, old man. I mean, he comes off as a young man by design. We - that me and Mark Pellegrino discussed a lot that these characters should blend into whatever time period that they’re in. And if he appears to be 25 in 2011, then he’s a twenty-first century 20-something, but in the 50’s, he should come off as a 50’s 20-something.

But in any case, there

is somewhere between an older brother and a father thing with Sally. And for that reason, I found it interesting that Aidan reveals a little bit more to her than he does to Josh. He’ll actually give her pieces. He’ll never give her a full picture, but he’ll give her pieces of what’s actually happening with him, and actually every now and then discuss certain things and share certain things that he - we just don’t see him share with Josh. And I find that really very, very interesting. But, he’d like to help both of them, but at the same time he realizes he himself needs maybe more help than either one of them. Anyway... Question: How difficult is it when you’re working with Meaghan to remember that, because she’s a ghost, not to touch her? Sam: Very difficult. It’s very tough. I think for the most part we stayed with that, but sometimes you completely forget and they had very strict - they had all kinds of things. They had people - they had like the DP, for example, watching over me to make sure that I don’t stand in direct sunlight because that would be uncomfortable for me. They had people watching the whole Sally, touching thing. They were very, very serious about this. And then you got us goofballs on the set sitting next to each other maybe sitting just too close and, you know, brushing up against each other and ruining brilliant takes; that type of thing.

Question: For me, one of the best parts of the show Being Human is the dynamic between Aidan and Bishop. We’re seeing the plot lines keeping pretty parallel in spirit to the original series, will this relationship break course and go somewhere different? Sam: I don’t know, because I haven’t seen the original series. So I have no idea. What I do know is that that relationship is one of my favorite things in our series. And we get to see them in different time periods and learn that they’re perspective and their opinions have been very, very different at times in history. We - even though there’s so much animosity between these two and things get really ugly, I think you get a sense that these two guys love each other and have been through a lot together. There’s 200 years of a relationship there and a very intense friendship, and Mark and I talked about that a lot. Mark talked about a lot of interesting things. He kind of looked at Aidan as a wayward son. I looked at Mark as my ex-drug buddy who I can’t hang out with anymore. There was a lot of stuff. He said something very interesting also that Aidan - because Aidan is really disrespectful to Bishop and what we will learn as the series goes on is that that’s even more serious than we’re thinking. You there’s a code of honor with these vampires and Bishop being Aidan’s maker, Aidan is really pushing it, really, really pushing it. And we may not realize that at first, but he’s really just asking for it and Bishop


kind of gives him a wide berth; kind of just lets him do it. And there are other vampires that question Bishop’s wisdom on that. And one of the things that Mark Pellegrino said to me, which I thought was fascinating, he said, “I feel that even though Aidan is weakened, and he’s not drinking live blood so he’s not as fast, not as strong, not on his game, he’s completely off balance, and one would think he’s less of a threat.” But, I think Bishop looks at him as even more of a threat, and then so why Bishop gives him a wide berth, but at the same time keeps tabs on him constantly because if Aidan ever decided, this is - as Pellegrino says, “If Aidan ever decided to go against Bishop that would be a major liability to him.” That Bishop really feels like what he’s trying to accomplish would work so much better if Bishop - if Aidan was on his side. However, if Aidan does turn on him and actually tries to undo what’s happening that is a major, major threat that Aidan, even at his weakest, is ridiculously dangerous. And that’s one of the things that I also enjoy about the Aidan character, which we have not quite seen yet, but we will in the season, Aidan was a lunatic. Aidan was out of his mind. He - Aidan was sociopathic, psychopathic, he was beyond what we - you’d consider sane. And we get to see moments of that breakthrough where our nice Aidan does something that you just don’t see coming, and it’s really, really kind of hard to

watch. And that’s one of the things that we really like to play with on the series. Question: The werewolf and the vampire feud that wasn’t really featured prominently in the original series, but is here. How will this colorization of the two sides help the show and how will it affect Aidan’s relationship with Josh? Sam: Well, I don’t know how to answer that without spoiling a whole bunch of really cool stuff. Really, it’s - it underlines how desperate Aidan is, in terms of seeking someone that he can ally with. I mean for one thing, we do play that Vampires have no interest in feeding on werewolves. That’s just something that isn’t done and you can’t do it and it’s not good for you. So Josh, he is really one of Aidan’s only available friends. He’s not a vampire. He meets a werewolf and he’s like, “Well, I’m in no danger of killing this guy, so this has got to be - okay, this is my friend, I guess. It’s not that I like this guy, it’s that this guy is in no danger of being killed by me; therefore, he can be a friend.” Same thing with Sally; she’s in no danger. Therefore, he can be around her and be at ease. But everyone else, every other human being on the planet, Aidan is in danger of victimizing and he - and so he can’t ever be truly at ease.

But in terms of that

rivalry, what will we see? Well, I guess we’re going to see later on in the season drive a major wedge between Aidan and Josh. And you’re going to think it’s right away and it’s not, it gets worse. Again, the assumption that I’ve had about Aidan is that he’s killed quite a few werewolves in his time. So you know? Question: Can you talk about what it’s like going into the flashback scenes with Bishop? How you approach that differently from the present? Sam: It was just important to both me and Mark that they felt like different versions of characters you were familiar with. And the good news is that these flashbacks don’t take place until you’ve really spent some time with the characters a little bit. But, man, I would be spoiling some really great surprises if I told you exactly what happens in those flashbacks and how important they are, and also where these characters were in their development. But I will say this, that Aidan was not a very cool guy always. He was definitely a little bit out of control and was feared by many. We get to see pieces of that. We don’t get to see a lot of it, but we get to see some pieces of Aidan at his worst, which I think is just wonderful. That was really fun to play. But, after all this guy only for the past two years has he had any success in staying clean and living in a way that’s compatible

with his conscience. Question: Was it hard for you and Mark to sort of check yourselves in those scenes, as opposed to the present time scenes in the way you interacted with each other, or was it not really that big of a deal? Sam: Not really. The key with me and Mark is that me and him are buddies. So, it was not the first few times we shot together, it was not difficult to fall into whatever that relationship was, because the relationship does change over the years. But, no matter what the relationship was, the fact that me and Mark are close made it very easy to fall into whatever that new dynamic was that we were playing. Whatever the dynamic is different, it was foreign to us, but at the heart of every dynamic between Bishop and Aidan is an incredibly strong friendship and love and respect for each other. And I suppose that respect erodes with Aidan and possibly with Bishop as they get older, but the love doesn’t go anywhere, and it’s still there. And so, for that reason I think me and Mark understood how to play those scenes because we just like hanging out with each other, so that’s always kind of there. Question: It seems like almost like Rebecca’s kind of an enabler with him with the blood stuff, and does he maybe see Josh and Sally as maybe more of a support group to keep him straight? Sam: Sally and Josh are


definitely a support group. He hopes to be a support - to form a support group with Rebecca and hopes that he can sort of drag her out of it, but the problem is he is not safe himself. Then the thing that we’ve discussed, me and Adam Kane, about the Rebecca character is that Adam put it really, really well. He said, “Rebecca is bad for Aidan because she’s so potentially good for him, because he cannot control himself with her.” I mean, we discussed at length - it’s a quick scene in the beginning. The first episode, the first scene we see Aidan is he’s finishing up a date Rebecca and it’s very quick, but me and Adam Kane and me and Adam and Sarah Allen all had very, very detailed discussions over how did that date go and what exactly is the significance to this when it comes to these two characters? And we figured, okay, well they’ve worked together, they know each other, they’re friend, but now they’re actually going on a date. And Aidan, as we learn throughout the season, is absolutely capable of being superficially charming and as a tool to maneuver someone into a position where he can victimize them. That’s something he is capable of doing and it’s something that he even does when he’s not thinking about it. He’s so used to - for the past 200 years this has been the order of the day, so he’s - he sometimes even maneuvers people into vulnerable positions without even thinking about it, and then is horrified when he sees, “Oh my God, I nearly killed that guy. Oh, that’s bad.” But with Rebecca,

the interesting thing that we keyed in on is that in that first scene Aidan is sharing this whole thing about Prometheus and not being allowed to die and that living thing taking its last breath, and that being gorgeous.

to get to him which is very sad for her because she has feelings for him and sad for him because he has feelings for her.

But, what he’d like more than anything is just to pull her out and have as close to It’s a very, very person a normal life with her as they thing for Aidan and the Aidan possibly could have. But, as we that we know from this season see even in - or even early on is not someone who shares in Episode 4, that’s easier said personal information. He may act than done, and much easier to like he is and he may say certain conceive of than to execute. things, but it’s not real. It’s always - there’s always a tactic behind it. Question: I’ve noticed in some of It’s all a rouse. But in that case, he the other characters that we see was saying something that was like Ray and then other ghosts, actually extremely important to they seem to have like a really kind him and meaningful to him, and of dark side so that we don’t really he was sharing this with this girl see so much of like in Josh and on their first date. Sally so is there kind of that idea that they’re also trying to resist So, we’re like, “All right, their darker impulses? well this tells us all we need to know,” I mean this is for Aidan Sam: That definitely comes up, potentially the real deal; this girl. absolutely. I would not want to And this really could have turned spoil how that comes up, but into something, but then it I’ll say this for Josh and I won’t goes horribly wrong and he kills say anything about Sally just her. And he kills her - he loses yet. We’re going to leave that, control because she had such but that goes in interesting a profound effect on him. And places. And Josh, this is a guy so now it’s a month later and who’s pretty angry about what’s she reappears, and for a month happened to him because this is she’s been with the bad guys not something that he asked for and they’ve been filling her head and he had a normal life and it full of bad stuff and she’s killed was going pretty well, and it was people, and all kinds of terrible all taken away from him. stuff. And for example, we see Bishop is correct when a little bit of that in Episode 3 he says, “We wanted to know when he’s talking to a kid that’s we wanted to see what was so kind of like who he was before special and blah, blah, blah, I he was turned into this. He was mean because he realizes, “Okay, saying, “Yes, I’m going to be your if Aidan lost his mind for this girl, resident at the hospital. Isn’t then yes, she’s a tool for bringing that great?” And Josh is like, “Yes. Aidan back. We can use her to That was supposed to me,” and get Aidan back.” And we see then immediately afterward he several tactics throughout the strangles a tiger. This is a guy season where they use her to try who is definitely dealing with

some stuff and we see him deal with it even more so. Josh has got some anger issues to work out. Question: I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about Aidan’s tattoos, Celine, and if we’re going to meet her, if we would be able to meet her? Sam: The tattoos of Celine. That’s extremely significant and ties in in many ways to elements that we’re already aware of and characters that we’re already aware of, but we do not know that just yet. What can I say without spoiling it? Extremely significant. For a vampire to tattoo a person’s name on his chest, you’ve got to take that person pretty seriously. Question: you said that Josh and Sally are in no way in danger from Aidan, so it makes it possible for them to be friends, . Could you speak further to that? Sam: Well, I didn’t intend it to mean that they were in no way in danger for Aidan because actually just knowing the guy is pretty dangerous. There’s a lot of things that can go wrong in there. What I meant to say is that they are not in direct danger. He is not going to grab Sally and, you know, drain her lifeless. He can’t. He’s not going to do the same thing to Josh. It’s just possible. So, in the direct way they’re safe, but there’s a lot of bad things that can happen through knowing a vampire. ~*~*~*~*~*~ Catch Sam on “Being Human” Mondays at 9/8C on SyFy.


Rest In Peace


Susannah York

n January 15th, 2011 Susannah York passed away at the age of 72 from cancer.

To Superman fans, she portrayed Lara El, mother to Christopher THE CAPED CRUSADER RETURNS AS Reeve’s WARNER HOME VIDEO RELEASES BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Clark Kent in SEASON 1 PART 2 ON DVD MARCH Superman: 15, 2011! The Movie. The caped crusader continues to conquer the world’s villains with the release of Batman: She appeared The Brave and the Bold Season 1 Part also in the 2 from Warner Home Video (WHV), Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment. Battheatrical man and his fellow DC Comics Super Hero friends band together on this 2-disc set of the release of final 13 episodes from the first season of the top-rated Cartoon Network show among boys Superman 6-11 and men 18-49. Batman: The Brave II and and the Bold Season 1 Part 2 is available for the first time on DVD March 15, 2011 for Superman IV. $19.97. Her part in Justice is served as Batman swings into an Superman II was filmed when producers exciting new era, teaming with a powerful group of DC Comics Super Heroes in this refused to pay Marlon Brando $1 million thrilling series. Through the show’s final 13 dollars to reprise his role as Jor-El for animated adventures in this two-disc collection, Batman allies with Aquaman, Plastic the film. In the recent Donner cut of the Man, Blue Beetle, Red Tornado, Green Arrow, Wildcat, Deadman, Bronze Tiger, and Atom film, Brando’s footage was restored and to fight their enemies. The superhero squad replaced York’s performance in the film. takes on an array of evildoers ranging from mad scientists to intergalactic crooks and from power-hungry dictators to uncontrollable teenagers. And Batman encounters a new villain, the Music Meister, who is able to exert powerful mind control through song. Starring the voice of actor Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) as the Music Meister, the all-musical episode was nominated for an Emmy® Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score). In this cutting-edge and often funny series bringing back old-school comic book styling to crime-fighting, Batman faces any peril— including other heroes stealing the show—in his relentless pursuit of justice.

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The English actress won widespread critical acclaim for a supporting part against Jane Fonda in They Shoot Horses Don’t they (1969) - her part earned

her both BAFTA and Academy Award nominations. She also won a Best Actress award at the 1972 Cannes Film Festival for the film Image. She earned notoriety in 1969 for portraying a young lesbian in the film The Killing of Sister George. The film was banned in several countries and was branded with an X rating for the explicit lesbian love scenes. The role allowed York to not be typecast as a simple English Rose. Annette O’Toole tweeted: “Susannah York was one of those women who represented female perfection to me. I am so sorry to hear that we have lost her.” She is survived by her son and daughter.

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BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY software © 2010 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Developed by Rocksteady Studios Ltd. DC LOGO, BATMAN and all characters, their distinctive likenesses, and related elements are trademarks of DC Comics © 2010. All Rights Reserved. WB GAMES LOGO, WB SHIELD: ™ & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s10)


By Holli Boetcher It appears Superman will be coming back to Action Comics in #900. Looking forward to that. It’s been a long dry spell like two plus years. Superman Comics

her she can’t even print the story. She walks away with Manuel while the workers thank him. When Supes tries to call Lois she doesn’t answer. He leaves a voice mail telling her he just not sure about anything anymore. The Superman Squad appear out of nowhere. Okay, I get it. Supes is being mind controlled. Does this have to drag on for a better part of a year? I thought this was about getting to the grass roots of America and it’s problems. Not that I liked that either. Superman is supposed to be inspiring, isn’t that the whole point?

The December issue #706 Written by G. Willow Wilson and artist Amilcar Pinnar I liked this heartwarming and true -to-thecharacters story. There was a Clark Kent journalist mention. Perry misses him. Old school Perry meets new media Gen Y. A blog has evidence that Lois Lane is ‘in bed’ with Superman or at least paying him for her and Clark’s exclusives. After Perry gets one of his new kids on the block to go mole on the blog, he has a visit from Superman who defends Lois’ integrity. Perry will worry about Lois and Superman will worry about Perry and the Daily Planet since it’s been losing money and subscriptions.

The February issue # 708. Plot by Straczyinski. Script by Chris Roberson Guest Starring Wonder Woman. The last time someone was mind controlling Superman, Wondy tore their head off for the whole world to see. We couldn’t get that lucky this time. The Superman Squad from the future shows Supes their Fortress of Solidarity digs. They have all met to meet him. Most are descendants of him in one way or another or were inspired by him. They believe in the American Way. That all beings are endowed with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They are the guardians of time. Any moment in time and space can be reached by them. They brought him to the future to let him know he has to make a decision. Is the world better off with a Superman or not? If he decides no, then they will cease to exist. They warn him of someone who is interfering with his mind and the essence of who he is.

Sandeep the NKOTB finds out the blog is going to expose their evidence and Perry calls a meet between him and the blogger. Jack Hoffman shows up in Perry White’s office. There is respect here if not for the old school newspaper but for the legend that is Perry White. Financial evidence reveals eventually that it is Perry putting his own money into the Planet’s coiffures to support the internship program. The photo of Superman and Lois kissing was a manipulation using photo software. Smallville fans are very familiar with photoshopping antics. In the end, Perry White offers the blogger a job since he was man enough to face him and because he needs someone at the paper who understands the new media. Now can we get back to Clark and Lois at the DP and Superman doing his thing? The January issue #707 Plot by Straczyinski. Script by Chris Roberson This walkabout thing just boggles my mind. Argh! Superman saves a police officer’s life during a bank robbery, stops a train from running over a little girl and keeps a helicopter from crashing into a skyscraper full of people. And we get this dialogue coming out of his mouth. “But what good am I really doing? What do I stand for?” Uhh, who is this guy? Lots of people would be dead if not for him. Lois thinks he stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. It’s good to see that last phrase included. It has not always been. Thank you for that. Then we get more mopey Supes. “I don’t know, Lois. Maybe those are just words.” They’re only words if you don’t put action behind them. Lois wonders why he’s not using his JLA communicator, or his superhearing or superventriloquism. No, he’d rather walk the streets for every one to hear his mopey words so he can reconnect with the average guy using their cellphones. She then suggests he visit Ma and Conner at the farm since he’s so close and he says no. Before Supes can tell her what he’s worried about he takes off and there’s a simultaneous BOOM on Lois’ end. In the last issue, Lois mentioned she had an environmental story. Supes arrives to find a plant in flames. He thinks quickly, saving the workers, putting out the fire, and grabbing some steel from a passing truck to repair the damage. Manuel, who is Lois’ in to the story, berates the workers regarding EPA violations. Supers arrives to listen to their grievances. He is surprised to see Lois there. Manuel used to work at the plant and tells Superman of all it’s violations. The workers tell him it’s the only job around and it has been for generations. Moral ambiguity rears it’s ugly head in the form of the mysterious woman who seems to be controlling Clark. Lois is furious especially when Supes tells

He is plopped down in Lincoln, Nebraska because he’s to inspire a woman. It’s storming and there’s been a traffic accident on a bridge. Yep, he saves a school bus full of children but not before wondering if Superman should be doing traffic control. Man, his head is a mess. Wondy watches his heroic acts. (This is the JMS Wondy who’s on a vengeance mission.) Supes sees he has dual dangers, a flood about to overtake a city and a huge tornado on its way. He doesn’t recognize her but is smart enough to enlist the flying woman’s help. He asks her to take care of the flood victims while he goes takes care of the tornado. The last person to save is the mysterious mind control woman and she bitch slaps Wondy for interfering in her master plan. Still can’t get a name for this chick. She gave Supes an impossible choice. To save the few over the many, yes or no? Because of Wondy’s intervention they tussle until mystery woman scoffs at Wondy doing battle instead of saving people. So mystery woman escapes while Wondy and Supes clean up the crisis. Wondy is amazed at all the people Supes has saved. He’s taught her the true meaning of being a hero. Too bad he doesn’t see it. She warns him of the woman in black. He realizes he has seen her in the park and in a dream. Could she be the outside influence he was warned about? Duh! Later while Supes calms the masses regarding the flood, woman in black threatens. “Your descend is only beginning.” This mind control story has the cooking time of a crock pot. Hopefully it won’t end all watery and tasteless. But hey, we’ve all got a year or two to waste, right? Superman 80 pages Giant Superman is in the story of infinite Jimmy Olsens. Really? Jor-El gets a story. Perry White and Wildcat get a story. Bizzaro gets a story. Supergirl


gets a story. Lois shares her story with Lana and talks to Supes on the phone for two pages. Superboy gets a story. Fin. Superman Batman #79 written by Chris Roberson and art by Jesus Merino Futuristic Superman and Batman from DC One Million Series appear. Supes was mentioned in Superman #709. Lots of battles. Epoch, Lord of Time who resembles Lex fights Supes and Bats (Robin is a robot) who have visited the 5th Dimension in the Fortress and then escapes to do business with the 20th century World’s Finest plus one. #80 written by Chris Roberson and Jesus Merino Epoch battles the 20th century Superman, Batman and Robin. Supes is bad ass even with red sun radiation trying to wipe him out. Ahh, the good old days. Epoch is jonsing for world domination and brings in an Omega Barrier that not one photon can penetrate. Meanwhile back in the 853rd century, Bats and Supes are caught in a time loop in the Fortress. Apparently Epoch has placed all the heroes into time loops. Jimmy is a reporter for WGBS as Perry and Lois watch and hope for Superman to do something. Alfred is worried in the Batcave. Using the uncertainty principle, Superman and Batman devise a way out of the Omega Barrier. Supes uses his heat vision to accelerate the process and it releases them from the cube. Supes takes the Chronos Cube and damages Epoch’s anti-hourglass. I’m in love. Stupid villain uses his damaged evil ignoring warning from hero not to. Epoch re-emerges in the Fortress with a freed Batman and Supes who used interdimensional travel to get out of their time loop. Liked it better than #79. I’m a sucker for Lois and Alfred. #81 First of four parts. Sorcerer’s King. Written by Chris Bunn. Meet Shadowpact, they are sort of Justice League for the supernatural elements of the DC Universe. Uh, Clarkie and magic don’t mix. Y’know if I wasn’t doing this review I would just skip to the Superman bits. Blue Demon (Daniel Cassidy), Ragman (Rory Regan) and Warlock’s Daughter (Laura Fell) are awaiting the Phantom Stranger’s predicted event of Biblical proportions. They are fighting a boatload of demons when they find a mysterious warrior just outside Metropolis. The warrior has entered through a portal and knows Shadowpact but is mortally wounded by the demons who retreat with a warning that they will all be dead within the week. The warrior turns out to be Superman, who is dead. Let me compliment CrissCross and Mark Derring for their fine dead

Superman. With that embattled armor, he is sweet! Too bad Smallville never got Welling in armor. Talk about tv to talk about! Meanwhile back in a steampunk looking sewer system, a Batman and Nina discuss their Clark going through the portal against their advice. They also speak of covens and warlocks. The research is killing me on this one. I just wanted to read a Supes and Bats story. Our world Supes is flying around thinking about how he doesn’t like magic much. Phantom Stranger arrives and they go to the Oblivion Bar, Headquarters of Shadowpact. It’s a tavern for the supernatural set. Gee, will we see Dean and Sam there? It’s in another dimension but accessible by many points around the world. Clark enters and sees his own corpse on the bar. Phantom Stranger speaks of doom and this is just the beginning. Dead Superman carried a blue sword. Steampunk Bats arrives with vampirish Nina by his side. He takes our Supers away but not without a fight and the possible destruction of the Phantom Stranger. The Shadowpact bemoan the fact this was too big for them and yet this is what they are to do. In Gotham City, Commissioner Gordon signals for our Batman who arrives and meets Detective Chimp (Bobo T. Chimpanzee). He actually wears a Sherlock Holmes outfit but he smokes a cigar, not a pipe. He’s been trying to find Phantom Stranger and since Bats wouldn’t answer his IM, they had to use the Bat Signal. The Chimp offers Bats a beer which he refuses. Someone has kidnapped the Boy Scout which could bring about the Apocalypse. Bats knows magic is one of the forces that could destroy Superman. Chimp tells him the prime suspect is . . . Batman. Steampunk Bats releases Supes from his bindings. He calls him Clark and tells him he hasn’t been Superman in a long time. Which makes sense if it’s a magical world. “This isn’t some parallel world . . . this is your reality. Your future.” While dragons fly the skies and the Daily Planet is engulfed in a green glow, Steampunk Bats needed a Supes for some reason. It’s a lot of work learning new characters and worlds – and Superman has not been back to his normal place in the world for over two years. I miss that so much. Maybe this world has a Lois in it somewhere that will help him. That’s probably too much to ask though, but we’ll see. It’s all about destroying the light, right?


New Superman Movie News By Alisa Lea Gossage Wait! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s . . . Henry Cavill in a Superman suit! Unless you’ve been housed up with the Martian Manhunter on the other side of Mars, you know that English actor Henry Cavill has been slotted to play Clark Kent/Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel (or whatever it will be called.) Question is, will Cavill make the role ‘his.’ Christopher Reeve is still considered by many to be THE Man of Steel – a fact that poor Brandon Routh could not quite overcome. Then, there is the controversy concerning the fact that Cavill is an English actor playing an American icon. Love it or hate it, one must now know how the Brits felt when Kevin Costner played Robin Hood. Speaking of Mr. Costner . . . Rumors abound that Costner may be playing Jonathan Kent. As far as I know, no one has denied the rumor, thus something must be in play. Contracts and negotiations are tricky things in Hollywood; and the secrecy of the ‘Hollywood society’ must be honored until everyone has signed on the dotted line. I personally think that Costner would be better used as Perry White. Playing Pa Kent would fit Costner’s stereotypical Field of Dreams role, but remember, he also played a great Elliot Ness in The Untouchables. Costner would be fabulous as the ‘once-ace-reporter-turned-demandingboss/editor.’ He would play a suave Perry – a man who knows how the newspaper business works and knows a good news story when he hears one. Costner’s Perry would not scream, shout, and gesture wildly as the stereotypical Perry, but he would be demanding and tough. He would expect the best from his reporters and give tough love and advice to Lois, Clark, and all the other young reporters scrambling around him. They’d fear him, but they would respect and look up to him. And for some reason, I can now hear Kevin’s voice when Perry yells, “Kent!” (It would be the ONLY time Costner’s Perry would shout.) In other MOS casting news, Diane Lane is officially going to play Martha Kent. It is a bit hard to see Diane Lane as a ‘Ma,’ for the 46-year-old actress is still a bit young, and she still looks hot. They may leave her that way ala Annette O’Toole or they may grey her up a bit. I do like that they are choosing younger actors for the roles of Ma and Pa Kent. It proves that Smallville has had its own impact on Superman lore. After all, John Snyder and Annette O’Toole proved that Ma and Pa Kent do not have to be ancient to be good parents. They just need to be wise.

DIANE LANE IS MARTHA KENT Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures announced today that Oscar®-nominated actress Diane Lane will play Martha Kent, the only mother Clark Kent has ever known, in the new Superman movie to be directed by Zack Snyder. Snyder stated, “This was a very important piece of casting for me because Martha Kent is the woman whose values helped shape the man we know as Superman. We are thrilled to have Diane in the role because she can convey the wisdom and the wonder of a woman whose son has powers beyond her imagination.” Lane will star with Henry Cavill, who was recently announced as the new Clark Kent/Superman. Lane earned an Academy Award® nomination for her performance

As for Lois Lane and potential villains, there is no official news. However, there have been speculations that have caused some to say, “Oh, I can see that person in that role.” Then, there have been rumors that have made some of us say, “Oh, please, God, NO!” Case in point . . . Lindsay Lohan rumored to be in the running for Lois Lane. Are the MOS producers kidding, or are they just trying to catch a ride on Lohan’s publicity train? Is Lois Lane going to perpetually be a jailbird who takes drugs and steals $2500 necklaces? Is that how Lois and Superman meet? When he is taking her to jail? And when would Lindsay find time out of the courtroom to actually . . . you know . . . act? The logistics of this whole scenario make this impossible. I mean, who would actually WANT to work with Lindsay Lohan at this point. The other OMG moment occurred when Twitter exploded with the news that Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame was going to play Lois Lane. The news was so troubling that some of us in the geek world started searching for that noose we bought back in 1987 after watching Superman IV for the first time. (Hey, I love Chris Reeve as much as you do, but Superman IV was horrible, and you know it.) But as Damian Holbrook recently said on a SHoE podcast, “Don’t cut yourself, honey,” Kristen’s people were very quick to still the fears of Superman fans everywhere. Kristen Stewart will not be Lois Lane. Whew! Others rumored and speculated on for the Lois Lane role include Jessica Biel, Christina Hendricks, Rachel McAdams, Michelle Monaghan, Bridget Reagan, and there are many more great actresses who could play Lois. As for villains, it has been rumored that Viggo Mortensen of Lord of the Rings fame is a ‘person of interest’ for the role of Zod. Okay, everyone said it with me, “Kneel before . . . Viggggoooooo.” Hmmm, I’m not too sure about this one. Have to wait and see. Casting aside, Snyder has reportedly said that his goal for the Superman reboot is to bring the old school Superman into 20th century thinking. While us ‘older geeks’ still love the retro ways (and suit) of the past, apparently Snyder is going to bring Sups ‘up-to-date.’ Whatever THAT means. I guess we will have to wait and see. So, question is, ten . . . twenty years from now, will people remember MOS as an iconic masterpiece in the Superman lore, or will it be remembered as a . . . dud? I don’t envy Zack Snyder those sleepless nights he must be having. Man of Steel hits theaters is December 2012.

in the 2002 drama “Unfaithful.” She most recently starred in the family hit “Secretariat.” She next stars in the HBO feature “Cinema Verite,” opposite Tim Robbins and James Gandolfini. Lane’s long list of film credits also includes “Nights in Rodanthe,” “Hollywoodland,” “Must Love Dogs,” “Under the Tuscan Sun,” “Perfect Storm,” “My Dog Skip,” “Chaplin,” “The Cotton Club” and “A Little Romance,” to name only a portion. Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder are the producers of the film. The screenplay is being written by David S. Goyer based on a story by Goyer and Nolan. Thomas Tull and Lloyd Phillips are serving as executive producers. Slated for release in December 2012, the new Superman movie will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.


By Erika Blake After years of trying to get DC Comic’s leading lady on screen, “Wonder Woman” is finally on it’s way to returning to television.

as a thirty-something veteran of the army who now works in the Justice Department. Serving as Diana’s confidants are a pair of ladies named Myndi and Etta. Best friend Myndi Mayer is

Her “Friday Night Light’s” co-star and Marvel fan, Scott Porter said, ”Adrianne Palicki is a huge comic fan, her brother Eric writes cool online books. She played Kara on Smallville for one episode and is a huge Supergirl fan...I have gotten Adrianne Palicki to read more than just Supergirl. She’s been digging Invincible... in fact I think she still has my 1st Hardcover Collection of it. I gotta get that back.”

This re-imagination of the classic comic series is helmed by Emmy award winning producer/creator David E. Kelley, who is known for writing smart, sassy female leads on such series as “Ally McBeal,” “The Practice,” and most recently “Harry’s Law.” NBC ordered a pilot of Kelley’s workup after his series “Harry’s Law” became a breakout hit for them this winter.

When she got the role of proto-Kara on SMALLVILLE, she mused, “I think the character of “Kara” on “Smallville” (2001) was a little different from the one in the comic because her motive is different. She’s not evil by any means, whatsoever, but she does come to Clark for a specific reason. She doesn’t really have a sense of right or wrong; the morality isn’t there.” She connected to her character with the help of Greg Beeman. “Greg Beeman used an analogy that kind of helped me through the process, which is that Kara’s an angel who comes to Jesus, who is Clark, and is telling him what he’s going to be, with Jor-El being God. So throughout the entire thing she’s the messenger, sent to help Clark see what he needs to see, because he doesn’t know the full extent of his powers yet.”

The series pilot is a reinvention of the iconic DC Comics title in which Wonder Woman – a/k/a Diana Prince – is a vigilante crime fighter in Los Angeles but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life. Early reports on leaks on the pilot script have been receiving mixed reviews. TV Guide revealed some information about the casting sides: In addition to Wonder Woman’s mousy alias, Diana Prince, she will have a third, more powerful persona named Diana Themyscira, the confidant C.E.O. of Themyscira Industries. But it appears this Diana has placed her company in the hands of trusted confidant Henry Demeter, a 40-something man who runs Themyscira’s day-to-day operations. While this fella has been a father figure to Diana, he could be a future contender for her heart. Also vying for Diana’s affections is Ed Indelicato, a blue-collar tough guy slightly younger than Henry who has close ties to the police department. But it appears this stoic hunk is too devoted to his job to show Diana much attention beyond professional devotion. And fear not Wonder Woman loyalists. Added in the mix is Diana’s longtime boyfriend from the DC Comics. Steve Trevor, played as a military major by Lyle Waggoner back in the ‘70s, is being re-conceptualized

two finale “Covenant” as the proto-Kara. Through her appearance on SMALLVILLE she became a fan of Supergirl comics. She even has a Supergirl tattoo on her back.

a sexy 30-something press secretary who dresses to the nines. She’s the one who encourages Diana to get out there and meet men. Etta, also in her 30s, is Diana Themyscira’s sunny personal assistant who is always supporting her boss. On February 17th it was announced that actress Adrianne Palicki has been cast in the lead role. The 5’11” actress appeared in the SMALLVILLE season

Warner Bros. Consumer Products And M•A•C Cosmetics Partner To Create Larger-Than-Life Collection Inspired By DC Comics’ Wonder Woman (January 27, 2011 – Burbank, CA) – More beautiful than Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Mercury and stronger than Hercules, it’s Wonder Woman! This spring, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Wonder Woman – DC Comics’ most iconic heroine of all time – team up with cult makeup brand M•A•C Cosmetics to create a larger-than-life product collection. M•A•C Wonder Woman products have the power to transform and amp-up the gorgeous glamazon in all women. Wonder Woman is the ultimate symbol of female independence and freedom and M∙A∙C, a brand that loves to empower its fans, created an eye-popping, larger-than-life makeup collection, utilizing the bright, bold designs synonymous with Wonder Woman, while reflecting her strength in both shades and over-the-top packaging. “Wonder Woman is one of the most enduring female characters in all of popular culture and the perfect choice for this collaboration,” said Karen McTier, Executive Vice President, Domestic Licensing and Worldwide Marketing, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with M•A•C, a cosmetics institution that is known for empowering women through their own iconic brand.” “People are fascinated by the power of transformation,” said James Gager, Senior Vice President and Creative Director of M•A•C Cosmetics. “That’s something Wonder Woman has always embodied — and so has M•A•C. Wonder Woman uses the power of makeup to eliminate dullness and make women beautiful, which is the role our makeup artists play in

British Actress/model Elizabeth Hurley (“Bedazzled”) has been cast to play Veronica Cale, an evil scientist and businesswoman with a secret, nefarious plan. After the pilot is shot, we’ll likely have to wait until the NBC/Universal Upfronts in May to learn if they will order it as a full series. Rounding out the latest casting announcements: Carey Elwes who will play Henry Detmer, the acting CEO of Themyscira Industries who is deeply devoted to Diana. He runs the day to day operations of the company and acts like an Uncle to Diana although he could be a possible love interest down the line. Also cast Pedro Pascal and Tracie Thomas.

real life. And part of cosmetics is fantasy. We love showing people that you can have great fun with makeup.” Featuring super-sized packaging like never before seen, criminallyoutdated color and un-dimensional skin finishes are no match for M•A•C Wonder Woman’s Olympian feats. The collection will include bigger and better-than-ever Mineralize Skinfinish, that banishes chalky powders to a land far away, ultra-versatile Eye Shadow quads and Pigments to create powerful day-to-night looks, plus Lipsticks and oversized Lipglass that always speak the truth. Jumbo Powder Blush packs a punch to perk up dull complexions and intense, colorsaturated Opulash lends comic bookworthy colored pop to attentionstarved peepers. Adding Penultimate Eye Liner and Nail Lacquer to the mix, women everywhere go from mildmannered undercover operators to goddesses with supernatural abilities to charm, seduce and save the day. The collection will land at all M∙A∙C locations in North America on February 10, 2011, and internationally in March 2011. For more information, please visit “Wonder Woman is a strong, intelligent and gorgeous woman and we’re proud to join with M•A•C in sharing her status as a role model for girls and women everywhere,” said Jim Lee, Co-Publisher, DC Comics. Since her debut in 1941, Wonder Woman has continued to thrive, starring in one of the longest-running comics series in the world. She has launched two live-action TV series and joined with other DC Comics heroes in several animated series, all of which continue to air worldwide. A beacon of freedom and justice, Wonder Woman is the most recognized and admired female super hero ever created. She has served as the role model for generations of girls and women.


DC Universe Online Review “The Next Legend is You”

By Alisa Lea Gossage

For the casual gamer, the DC Universe Online multi-player experience has much to offer. The graphics are awesome. There are quests, battles, PVPs, and specialeffects galore. You get to meet and fight with (and against) a smorgasbord of legendary DC comic book characters – Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, The Joker, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, etc. DCUO’s story-line begins with Lex Luthor and other DC bad boys defeating the Superheroes. But as Lex roars in victory, he looks up to see Brainiac’s ships hovering over the landscape. Lex knows he cannot defeat Braniac. He thus travels back in time to warn the Superheroes that Braniac, in their future, will take over Earth. In order to help the Superheroes defeat Braniac, Lex has released thousands of bug-like androids called exo-bytes that infect Earth’s population. Exo-bytes hold the powers of future dead superheroes. The exo-bytes pass on these powers to individuals in the populace. Using their new found powers, players can choose to help the Superheroes, or fight against them. As players create their characters, power choices include flight, super speed, or acrobatic abilities. Weapon choices include knives, guns, archery artillery, etc. Heroes can choose to have magical, elemental, mental, or super physical abilities. (Later, as a player levels up, they obtain more powerful and deadly weapons and armament.) After a player’s character is retro-fitted, he/she is whisked away to the tutorial where Oracle (or Calculator if one is a villain) helps the character escape Brainiac’s ship. This helps the player learn which combos work best to defeat the enemy. Note: if using the PC version, it is easier to use a game controller instead of using the keyboard/mouse combos. If using keyboard/mouse acrobatics, prepare yourself for possible hand cramps. The visuals inside of Brainiac’s ship, Watchtower, and the Hall of Doom are quite detailed and bit overwhelming, but the truly stunning visuals are the individual city skylines. Metropolis’ skyline and waterfront are realistic and beautiful while Gotham has a contemporary but dark aura. The artists and graphic designers outdid themselves to make this virtual world look amazing. The game is fun and has plenty of activities to keep the player entertained. But there are a few bugs. First, the targeting system is a bit iffy. If the character moves around too much, the targeting system will often shift off the desired enemy and focus on a nearby dumpster or car or whatever. Standing still seems to solve this problem, but that makes the character an easy target for the opposing team. Also, not all of the hotkeys work. And sometimes the game crashes for no reason.

Find out details about the game at:

In defense of DCUO, these bugs can be fixed. And after a crash, you can log back on and resume the game from where you left off. You don’t have to start a whole quest over again. Also, DC geeks might have an issue with deviations in the depiction of certain DC characters. For instance, Superman seems to be angry for most of the game. Instead of being the calm leader that we all know and love, he tends to be aggressive and impulsive. At one point, Superman uses his heat vision to flat-out kill Black Atom. And he doesn’t look one bit sorry that he did so. Lex Luthor becoming Earth’s savior is not an idea that I relish either; but it’s only the beginning of the story. And as we all know, Lex always has a plan that benefits him – and him alone. And since I have not finished the storyline, I do not know if Lex continues to be the hero. Bugs and storyline issues aside, the DCUO’s cost is well worth your entertainment dollars. DC Universe Online is released by Warner Bros. and Sony Online Entertainment and is available from Game Stop, Target, Wal-Mart, and from other various retail chains. The cost varies from $41.90 to $99.99 depending on what add-ons you choose. There is a monthly fee of $14.99. DC Universe Online is rated T (for Teen) for mild blood, mild language, violence and mild suggestive themes. For more information about DCUO, go to


“Dark Knight Rises” Casts Two New Villains


wo villains have been cast for the last of Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN films, “DARK KNIGHT RISES.” The villains are Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Bane.

Oscar nominee, Anne Hathaway has been cast as Catwoman and INCEPTION star Thomas Hardy will be Bane. Anne Hathaway follows in a long line of talented women who’ve portrayed Batman’s leather clad, whip weilding arch nemesis. Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, and Lee Meriwether all played the role in the ‘60’s BATMAN tv series. Maggie Baird portrayed Selina in flashbacks in the short lived TV series “Birds of Prey.” On film the role was played by Michelle Pfieffer in “Batman Begins” and by Halle Berry in the critically panned film “Catwoman.” Anne’s previous action work was in the reboot of ‘60’s TV series “Get Smart.” Tom Hardy, best known for his recent work in Nolan’s “Inception” will be mostly originating the role. The only time we’ve seen Bane was as a henchman for Poison Ivy in “Batman and Robin.” Bane is a physically and mentally challenging advesary for Batman. A former convict, Bane seeks out Batman to destroy him after learning about his triumphs during time spent behind bars. This will be the first time that we see a female antagonist in Nolan’s films. All previous villains have been males.

YOUNG JUSTICE LEAGUE CARTOONS By Alisa Lea Gossage CAST Superman/Superboy/Speedy - Nolan North. Batman - Bruce Greenwood (known for his role as Captain Pike in Star Trek). Robin - Jesse McCartney. Aqualad - Khary Payton. Kid Flash - Jason Spisak. Miss Martian - Danica McKeller of The Wonder Years. Artemis and the JLA computer - Stephanie Lemelin

Watchtower, a satellite that orbits the earth. The JLA members do not believe that the young sidekicks are ready for Watchtower. The let down is too much for Speedy, who walks away in disgust, Robin and the others stay, but they feel very discouraged. In order to prove themselves, the remaining young guns go on their own mission. They do quite well – minus a few missteps. During their mission, they discover Superboy, a genetically engineered clone of Superman. By the end of the first episode, Superboy is made a part of the team.


oung Justice is a new television series that airs every Friday at 7pm ET/PT on the Cartoon Network. The original hour long episode first ran on Nov. 26, 2010 and was later broken up into two parts that re-aired on Jan. 7 and Jan. 14, 2011. Created by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, each episode is 30 minutes of DC action set in the Earth-16 universe. The series follows the adventures of a young group of super heroes. Featured characters are Robin (Dick Grayson), Superboy (Conner Kent), Kid Flash (Wally West), Aqualad (Kaldur’ Ahm), Miss Martian (Megan), and the mysterious Artemis Crock. The story begins with Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Flash, and their sidekicks doing battle against various frosty villains. After victory is attained against the bad guys, each sidekick remarks that they are excited because, ‘today is the day’ they are going to be allowed into the hallowed Hall of Justice. The sidekicks are disappointed, however, when they discover that the Hall of Justice a front for tourists. The real JLA headquarters is


ecognizing that they were successful as a team, the young heroes declare that they are going to fight evil with or without the help of the JLA. Batman, ever the analytical one, decides to allow the young heroes to form their own covert team. But they will fight on “League terms.” The Young Justice team will be headquartered at Mount Justice, an old HQ of the JLA. Batman assigns missions to the young team, while Red Tornado and Black Canary train the new heroes. At the end of the first episode, Miss Martian, Martian Manhunter’s niece, joins the team. With electrifying artwork and convincing story lines, Young Justice is already making DC history. Not only are the action sequences exciting, but the relationships amongst the

group are entirely believable. Kid Flash has a crush on Miss Martian; Miss Marian only has eyes for Superboy; Robin competes with KF for Miss Martian’s attention (though he probably does so just to tease his friend), while Artemis’ spunky attitude irritates KF in a very SmallvilleLois-and-Clark kind of way. Kid Flash may be smitten with Megan, but it is Artemis who makes him think on his feet. It’s not too hard to see KF and Artemis getting together one day.


oncerning relationships, the adult JLA plays a big role. Though they remain mostly in the background, their presence is strongly felt. Superboy, though he tries to hide it, wants Superman’s approval. Meanwhile, Superman is very troubled by the fact that his DNA was stolen and cloned. He’s not sure how to feel, or what to do about Superboy. Batman, knowing what Superboy is going through, reminds Superman that a boy needs his father. After all, if there was ever a job for Superman, it would be to guide and mentor Superboy.

Though the relationships are important, they do not overshadow the series main storyline. The main focus of the series is the development and training of the young team. During their missions the team fights a plethora of well-known DC villains – Mr. Freeze, Icicle, Bane, Kobra, Brick, Blockbuster, Mister Twister, Sportsmaster, and Amazo. Each mission brings new lessons in team work. Meanwhile, in the background there is a mysterious group called “The Light.” At the end of most every episode, the defeated villain can be seen talking to “The Light” on several flat computer screens. Who they are, and what their diabolical plan is still a mystery. But that’s what keeps bringing the viewer back. Young Justice is great for family viewing. It is entertaining for kids and adults. Not a moment is wasted; every scene has a purpose in furthering the storyline and providing entertainment to the viewer. Five stars out of five from this reviewer.


Episode #



Orig. Airdate

Lois finally answers to Clark’s marriage proposal, but it may not be

Have a Lot exactly what he expected. Bill Church announces his intentions 3x01 We to Talk About to become a respectable citizen, but his new wife and son have


different plans..

Lois & Clark Season 3 Summary By Jack Heacock Season three was its

Trying to ease the tension between Lois and Clark, Perry gives them some time off and the reporters end up victims of a trap to 9/24/1995 capture Superman. After being abducted by aliens, Lois puts her life at risk while she’s under mind control. Concerned about the safety of the woman he Contact 10/1/1995 loves, Clark decides to end the relationship to protect her. When Irish An old friend of Lois arrives in Metropolis and he seems ready to win her heart. While Clark suspects the involvement of her friend Eyes Are 10/15/1995 with mysterious crimes, Lois thinks her partner is jealous. Killing After several disappearances of couples, Perry sends Clark and Lois Just Say Noah posing as husband and wife to Larry Smiley Institute to investigate 10/22/1995 the case and maybe solve their relationship problems. Don’t Tug on In order to be together, Lois and Clark decide to forget about the Superman’s wedding plans, but Lois is kidnapped by a couple who want to 11/05/1995 capture Superman. Cape

most successful season.


an odd incident, Lois gets the powers of the Man of Steel and 11/12/1995 Ultrawoman After becomes Ultrawoman, the new defender of Metropolis.

anticipated wedding. The


Chip Off the Old Clark


Super Mann


Virtually Destroyed


3x02 3x03 3x04 3x05 3x06

Ordinary People

Superman has a love child? Lois Lane now engaged to Clark Kent does not seem to like the news. A Nazi organization is acting in Metropolis. This is a work for Lane and Kent! Trying to figure out the password to get the fortune of Lex Luthor, his illegitimate son holds the Planet’s best reporters in a bizarre virtual world.


Home Is Where the Hurt Is

Superman has been infected by a deadly alien virus and desperate to save his life, Lois asks for her father’s help.



Never on Sunday

A mysterious magician is in town, but his visit has a hidden evil purpose. Meanwhile Clark and Lois have to deal with her mother’s involvement in the wedding arrangements.



The Dad Who Came in from the Cold

After years apart Jimmy’s father reappears, but his appearance will be much more than a simple parental visit.



Tempus Anyone?

Tempus is back and this time he takes Lois to a parallel universe where Lois Lane has been missing for years, Clark Kent and Lana Lang are engaged and there isn’t a hero known as Superman.


Finally the big day has arrived. Lois is a neurotic bride and the destroyer of marriages is on the loose.


3x15 3x16 3x17 3x18 3x19 3x20 3x21

I Now Pronounce You... Double Jeopardy

After a failed wedding night and the strange behavior of his new wife, Clark discovers the shocking truth behind his marriage.

The clone and Clark join in search of Lex Luthor as the villain plots using supernatural means to keep Lois by his side forever. rescued from the clutches of Lex, Lois is now suffering from Forget Me Once amnesia. Desperate to help her, Clark search for treatment at a Not clinic but there people are not all they seem to be. Superman must deal with Bad Brain Johnson’s younger brother while Clark tries to stop Lois from leaving the country with Dr. Oedipus Deter, who is trying to win her heart since she still suffers from Wrecks amnesia. The couple of reporters go to a high school reunion and while they It’s a Small the disappearances of former classmates’ partners, World After All investigate something strange begins to affect Clark. Through a Survivors of the planet Krypton arrive to Earth searching for Kal-El Glass, Darkly so he can unite them and lead their new civilization..


11/26/1995 12/10/1995

In the premiere episode, after proposing to her, Lois revealed that she had discovered Clark’s secret identity. Only later does Lois finally accept his proposal. The entire season is focused on the longwedding was delayed to coincide with the characters’ marriage in the comics, which led to many storylines designed to delay the TV series wedding. ABC hoodwinked fans by announcing that the wedding would take place Valentine’s Day weekend, only to air a bogus wedding in which Clark un-

2/18/1996 2/26/1996 3/10/1996 3/24/1996 4/28/1996 5/05/1996

wittingly marries a frogeating clone of Lois. The season ends with Lois & Clark still engaged but the wedding threatened when Clark finds he is betrothed by decree to Zara, a Kryptonian living on New Krypton, and he is destined to be its leader; pitting Clark’s human existence against his heri-


Big Girls Don’t Fly

Clark has no other choice but help the kryptonians so he must leave behind his friends, his family and the love of his life.




“I Now Pronounce You” Episode Review By Jacfk Heacock Episode 3-15 (#58) – “I Now Pronounce You…” aired February 11, 1996. Note: This episode was dedicated to the memory of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, who died on January 28, 1996. Cast: Dean Cain – Clark Kent/Superman Teri Hatcher – Lois Lane Lane Smith – Perry White Justin Whalen – Jimmy Olsen K Callan – Martha Kent Eddie Jones – Jonathan Kent Beverly Garland – Ella Lane Harve Parnell – Sam Lane Dr. Mamba – Tony Curtis Reverend Bob – Brad Garrett

This episode begins four days before Lois and Clark’s wedding and Lois has a premonition that something terrible will happen to upset their wedding. Clark reassures her that nothing bad will happen yet their plans begin to deteriorate around them. The weather prevents Lucy from arriving to serve as Maiden of Honor. The hotel where Lois and Clark’s parents were booked is filled and no rooms are available in Metropolis due to the weather canceling flights and two ongoing conventions. Lois’ (divorced) parents must stay with her, creating turmoil and disruption. Ella Lane is demanding and controlling, adding more stress to an already stressful environment. To escape the nerve-wracking situation, Lois and Clark proceed to the Daily Planet where Lois begs Perry White for a story to keep them occupied. He assigns them a story of rare exotic frogs being stolen from a local exotic pet store. Their investigation leads them to Dr. Mamba, a genetic scientist that has discovered the rare frogs have the ability to create clones. Behind Mamba’s work is Lex Luthor’s plan to clone the President in order to get a Presidential pardon and leave prison. By cloning the President’s head of the Secret Service detail, Mamba captures the President and clones him. The clone signs a pardon for Lex. Lois discovers Mamba’s plan and is about to be killed when Superman flies in, catches the bullet fired at Lois by Dr. Mamba, and saves the day. Superman orders the real Secret Service detail to arrest the cloned President, Mamba and the cloned Secret Service Agent in Charge. However, Lex Luthor is released before the plot was uncovered and has gone into hiding. The episode ends with what seems to be a dignified and traditional wedding ceremony. Lois arrives late to the church and is pulled away to sign the wedding license as Perry steps in for Reverend Bob to officiate the service.

leave as husband and wife. On their wedding night however, we learn that Lois was kidnapped at the church when she left to sign the marriage license and a frog-eating clone was substituted before the ceremony began. The episode ends with Lois preparing to consummate their marriage, snacking on a frog just before heading to bed. The episode had many good moments, particularly the scene in which Lois and Clark end up having pizza together because their rehearsal dinner was canceled after the restaurant had been forcibly closed down. They exchange toasts, commenting about their lives apart and their future together. The scene was absolute perfection. The episode was well-done all the way up to the very end. The ending of this episode, however, was the beginning of the end for the series. The long-anticipated wedding was put off to coincide with the characters’ marriage in the comics, which led to many storylines in this season simply designed to delay and interrupt the wedding. Another controversy erupted when ABC announced that the wedding would actually take place Valentine’s Day weekend, even sending out heart-shaped “wedding invitations” to ABC News staff, only to present viewers with a bogus wedding in which Clark unwittingly married a clone of Lois, developed by a mad scientist whose creations were required to ingest frogs periodically. The wedding edition of Superman comics was scheduled and prepared for release during what would have been the end of the third season of Lois & Clark. However, the producers of the Lois & Clark television series asked the DC Comics team to postpone the wedding edition. They were planning to marry Lois and Clark in their fourth season and it would help them if the comic book wedding coincided with their television program. The DC Comics team agreed to postpone their wedding issue. Cross-promotion between the two mediums was a good idea but poorlycoordinated and executed. The fake wedding gave the series a black eye; angering comic book fans and viewers who felt duped. Furthermore, there was some degree of outrage among comic enthusiasts at the notion that Clark would not recognize the real Lois and marry a clone. A dignified traditional wedding of these two iconic characters was wasted and fans of the series began tuning out on Sundays; feeling betrayed by the shenanigans.

The actual wedding occurred the following (and final) season of Lois & Clark. The true wedding was bizarre and farcical by comparison. In the end, it was the hubris of the showrunners that led to the tragic and abrupt end to Jimmy Olsen serves as Clark’s best man and maid of honor this tremendously popular series. Hopefully the Smallville producers will finally give viewers an onscreen wedding duties fall to an annoying cousin of Lois’ since Lucy was these two pop culture giants deserve. delayed. The ceremony is performed and Lois and Clark


By Holli Boetcher

said the pickpocket as his eyes sparkled with zeal.

“Lane!” shouted Dan Turpin as Lois finished keying her article about the Mayor’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade speech. She 30’d it on her PDA and looked up at the detective sporting a shiny green derby. “Whatcha workin’ on?”

“What are you talking about?”

Lois couldn’t contain her smirk. “Same ole, same ole,” she said with a shrug as she headed beyond the crowd who were anticipating the celebration. “Mayor dedicated the day to the Irish and to all the first defenders of this great city.”

“So he’s been listening to G. Gordon Liddy . . . what does . . “

“Yea, yea,” he said as he walked along side her. “Aren’t you going to watch the parade?” Lois clenched her jar. Turpin was too wily. He had radar for crime and no doubt would go far in the police department. “I’m heading towards the finish line. Meeting Clark for some Guinness at O’Malley’s.” “Oh,” he said somewhat curtly. “Clark busy covering Intergang again? Stay out of trouble, Lois. Even Superman is busy today.” She nodded and reminded herself not to grumble under her breath. He veered off to cross the street barely missing a fife and drum band. Lois lifted her face to the sky. Sometimes she could see Clark’s red and blue comet trail flashing across the sky. Not so now. Turpin was right. With a quarter of Metropolis’ citizenry lining the downtown streets and drinking in the bars, there was bound to be trouble. Plus a good portion of the police and fire departments were in the parade. On St. Patrick’s Day, it seemed everyone was Irish . . except maybe the man who singularly kept Metropolis safe. Watching the six deep lining the parade path, Lois found her contact, Johnny Hempfling the Prince of the Pickpockets. She stood silently beside him pretending to enjoy the parade. He was good but not good enough. She was used to fast hands. Her knowing stare made him startle. She raised her eyebrows indicating he should put the wallet back into its owner’s pocket. When he tried to look innocent, she backhanded his arm and he quickly nudged the mark and replaced the booty unawares. “You’re bad for business, Lane,” he snarled as they turned onto the barely passable sidewalk and walked into an alleyway for privacy. “Okay, Fagin, I’m waiting,” she said impatiently. Clark was on patrol who knew when she’d see him today or even if she would see him tonight. “You called me, remember?” “You know how to contact, Superman, right?” he said leaning into her personal space. “What’s he got to do with it?” “He’s the only person that could take care of this. It’s HUGE!”

“It seems Bruno Mannheim has gotten himself a pot of gold,” said Johnny admiring his manicure.

“Not just any pot of gold. It’s worth a king’s ransom . . . literally.” “Enough with the blarney and spit it out,” said Lois trying to suppress the knowing knot in her gut. This was not going to be a job for Superman. He shook his head. “Not until I see my Uncle Benny.” Lois pulled a folded hundred dollar bill from her pocket but kept it out of his reach. “Spill.” “A shipment arrived from the old country and apparently King Brian Boru was making sure ancient artifacts were being well taken care of. The King of the Leprechauns is very particular about his things. Unfortunately, he got caught in the process. Word is, Bruno’s men have him captured and the pot of gold is worth more than all the pharaohs’ riches in Egypt.” Lois frowned at him. “Darby O’Gill and the Little People. Really? If you needed a handout, you could have just said . . .” “No Irish in ya, huh?” he said crossing his arms and looking down on her. Lois took offense. “My great-grandmother was from County Kerry . . . “ “Then a daughter of Eire should know her history. If Mannheim has King Boru and his gold, there’s going to be hell to pay. Big magic that is. Mannheim could rule the city . . . or the world. Now if I were you, I’d be calling your flying caped friend and letting him in on it.” “You’re not me,” she said as thoughts of Clark and magic mixing made the knot even tighter. Sometimes the superhero needed saving. “Where’s this going down?” “Pier 17, the Emerald Warehouse,” he said snatching up the money. “I wouldn’t go alone if I were you. It could get nasty.” He recanted his attitude while watching her expression. “Yea, I know. . . Nice doing business with ya, Lane.” He walked out onto the street and disappeared into the crowd. Lois went in the other direction hoping to get past the parade route perimeter. If she could catch a cab, then she’d see for herself what was going on. No one could know Superman’s vulnerabilities. Clark could not get near any magic. She had to save him and the city no matter what.


Superman hovered over Metropolis scanning for trouble. There Lois signaled the waitress for another beer as he sat beside her. was no celebrating for him. Seventy five percent of the popula- “Talked to Turpin and he said you’ve been busy.” His knowing tion were not at the parade and he had always volunteered to grin behind the glasses put a thrill in her blood. watch over them during the festivities. Besides, anything and everything green was worn on this day, including green kryptonite. “If we could be alone somewhere, I’d tell you about the King of the Leprechauns and his magic pot of gold.” She watched him Two years ago the Health Department had declared all meteor analysis the statement to its full extent. rock dangerous but people still held onto their green St. Patrick’s Day pins and memorabilia. “I missed you,” he said soft and low. Clark let out a sigh. Already today he had put out six fires, caught five thieves, and saved two cats from trees. Down below everyone seemed to be having a good time. He saw Detective Dan Turpin heading for the docks. Closing his eyes, Clark concentrated on the one heartbeat that meant the most. Lois was moving towards the port warehouses. Coincidence? Probably not. Better to keep an ear out. In the meantime, he heard a cry for help on the other side of town, without a second’s delay, he soared towards the emergency.

“Missed you, too,” she said as she rubbed his arm. Even for him, he looked tired. A Guinness was set in front of him. “Have a drink. You know it doesn’t bother you,” she whispered. He nodded as he took a sip. Someone was playing McNamara’s Band on the piano. People were singing and clapping. When Clark began talking to a guy from advertising, Lois heard a sharp intake of breath. Before she could turn towards him, he began to slump over. Kryptonite.

“Kent never could hold his liquor,” said Steve Lombard, sports Lois found the Emerald Warehouse and saw two thugs stand- reporter, as he tried to chat up the barmaid. ing over a huge cast iron pot with glistening gold conLois stared daggers at tents. Sneaking amongst him as she grabbed Clark the crates, she heard a small and put an arm around her voice yelling at his captors. shoulders. “Honey, maybe She wasn’t up on Irish mywe should go home.” Clark thology, but reuniting the shook his head and she King with his gold could go wasn’t certain if it was from either way for the world. It the pain or he really was just depended on who had saying no. possession of the leprechaun. She managed to get him out of kryptonite range Without them noticing, and made it to the front Lois maneuvered her way door. People were drunk so towards the speaking crate. Clark’s behavior didn’t seem She rolled her eyes before unusual. When they were whispering. “Your majesty. out on the street, Clark took I’ve come to help.” a deep breath and regained his composure. “And who might you be?” “Can we go home now?” “Lois Lane,” she said as said Lois as she started to she watched the thugs and hail a cab. found a nearby tool to jam into the crate to release the king. “Once I get this open, “No,” said Clark still reeling you have to promise to take from the green K. She furyour gold and go wherever rowed her brow at him and it is you’re from.” he put up a hand to stop her from saying anything. “I’ve The king was silent for a got a surprise for you.” moment. “Are you saying you don’t want me gold?” She gave him the once over. It had been a while “Have no use for it,” she since he had surprised her. said, as one nail loosened on the lid. “Okay,” she said as a cab stopped by the curb. “Surely there’s something you want for your trouble.”

“Old Metropolitan, please,” said Clark as he held the door open for Lois. Within minutes they were entering the luxurious hotel. “Peace on Earth? Just for an hour or two. I’d like some alone Clark waved at the registrar on duty as they entered the elevator. time with my husband.” “I meant it when I said I’ve missed you. Thought we needed a break from the routine.” The elevator dinged and they walked “Newlyweds, are ya?” inside. “Not exactly. Just miss him.” The last nail came free as Lois got “What routine? Life with you is . . .” His kiss stopped her words. her first sight of the king. Definitely Old Country Old School. Her body relaxed against his. Soon the doors opened at the She put a finger to her lips as the king stood on a nearby crate. penthouse. They both considered their situation in silence. “Clark?” she said seeing a huge bouquet of shamrocks and a “We need a distraction,” said the king. Lois gave him a know- bottle of champagne. ing look. He must have had experience with these situations. A noise at the entrance alerted Lois to a shiny green derby bob- “Oliver lost a bet. I told him you could take care of yourself . . bing in the shadows. Turpin. If they timed it right, they had a . and me too for that matter,” he grinned as he hugged her. “It real chance. struck me today we needed some alone time,” he whispered seductively in her ear. “So I called the hotel and suddenly there Lois nodded towards the gold as she watched Turpin make were no more emergencies.” a move towards the thugs. Was he crazy? Immediately she stepped into action. The king headed for the gold as Lois went Her grin was a silent ‘thank you’ to the King of the Leprechauns. to tackle one of the thugs. With a burst of noise and a lot of Magic had done right by them. movement, the two thugs were subdued and the king and gold had vanished. “That’s a different smile. What are you . . .” “Next time, Lane, call for backup,” grinned Turpin. “I’ll take care She wrapped her arms around his waist. “Happy St. Patrick’s of these guys and Manneheim, too.” Day, Clark.” Lois sipped her Guinness at O’Malley’s amused by her story His Kent smile always lit up a room. “Yea, this is the first one I of Manneheim’s arrest for stealing the Irish artifacts. As she could enjoy. Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, y’know.” His watched the crowd of mostly Daily Planet workers celebrate twinkling mischievous eyes gave her a wink as he handed her a the ‘Wearing of the Green’, someone tall walked in the door. Her four leaf clover from his pocket. “Found this for you.” heart picked up its pace. Music filled the air. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling played as Lois “Sorry, I’m late, honey,” said Clark giving her a kiss on the cheek. kissed him. “My hero.”


Superheroes Convention in Spain Canceled For SMALLVILLE’S European fans who were planning on attending Infinity’s Superheroes Con in Seville Spain, the convention has been canceled due to low ticket sales. Erica Durance, Justin Hartley, Michael Rosenbaum, and Cassidy Freeman had been all booked to attend. If you purchased tickets to the event, they are offering full refunds. You can find out details on their website: http://www.

Fan Interview Focus: Rachel Moir By Christine Brown What was the purpose of the Lois Lane Twitter campaign? The primary goal was to get people talking about Lois as character and about how much they’d like to see her headlining her own comic book. Some of us were chatting one day and I mournfully repeated the Lois fan’s refrain, “Lois needs to get her own series,” and half in jest, Mary said we should start a campaign. At that point we wondered, “well, why not?” Social media gave use the tools to get the word out. We’d never get a series if the powers that be didn’t know that we wanted it. And we wanted it very badly. So we came up with a hashtag – #loislaneseries – and a date to attempt trending, and it grew from there. Did you achieve your goal? Yes, definitely, though not quite the way we anticipated. We didn’t get our hashtag to trend, but much better than that, we got people talking about Lois Lane as a character and the possibility of a Lois Lane comic series. We had a number of people in the comic book industry mention the idea, and all of them were very positive about it, which was fantastic. And it wasn’t just people mass-tweeting Lois related things in a premeditative attempt to get it to trend; we had a good number of participants who just noticed the tag and chimed in, because they loved Lois. By the end of the event, it was much more massive conversation than spam. Your campaign caught the eye of some comic book writers can you name a few? And what did they say? Off the top of my head, Gail Simone, Sterling Gates, Greg Rucka, Jamal Igle, David Gallaher, Phil Jimenez and Chris Samnee each got in on the action. I know there were a few more but I can’t quite recall who. The general consensus among the creators on twitter was that Lois was a fantastic character that they’d love to write and/or draw in her own series. Eventually Ron Perazza, the DC VP of Online, tweeted about it from the DC_Nation twitter account, saying that they’d let DCU editorial know that we were interested in a Lois series. Newsarama also wrote an article about the twitter event, increasing the exposure even more. In fact, they even went to the editor-in-chief of DC Comics, Bob Harras, and asked him about it. A few months later, Superman associate editor Wil Moss made a reference to the campaign when the content of Superman 80 Page Giant 2011 was announce on the DCU Source. So we know that our message got to the right ears. Do you think the average comic book reader would read a comic based on Lois Lane adventures? Why? I think so, yes. Beyond simply her widespread fame as an icon of pop culture, she’s a very entertaining and versatile character. She’s quick with a funny quip, smart, strong and as able to drop kick a perp as most superheroes. Her position as an investigative reporter in a world where mob bosses, aliens and magic co-exist means that she could easily have adventures in numerous genres. Her penchant for getting in and out of trouble – with or without her husband’s help – provides plenty of opportunity for exciting stories and hijinks. She’s also very well connected in the DC Universe. In a book of her own, those connections could lead to team-ups with many other beloved characters, many which don’t get the spotlight very often. Plus she’s a very insightful character; not only does she have a different perspective than most DC heroes, because she’s not actually a superhero herself, she’s also extremely gifted when it comes to cutting to the heart of the matter and understanding

other characters and situations. What it comes down to is this: high quality comic books are appealing, particularly when they star well-beloved characters, and Lois is a beloved character who could easily carry quality story after quality story. If a Lois Lane series was well done, I have no doubt that the audience would enjoy and support it. She has pop cultural repute that very few characters in literature can boast of, which really helps her chances, I think. How long have you been a Lois Lane fan? Is she the only heroine from the comics that you like? I’ve liked Lois for a long time – when I was a little kid I had a strange antipathy for Superman but I watched Superman the Animated series anyway, in part because of Dana Delany’s fabulous Lois – but in terms of being an active fan, it’s been about 7 years. The moment Erica Durance’s Lois appeared on Smallville, my vague childhood affection for the character turned to real love. I started to seek out all her other incarnations, and with each portrayal, my love grew. At that time, the Bruce Timm Justice League cartoon had just convinced me to get back into comics, so I dove into her history in the source material and began to really understand just how wonderful and amazing her creation and later development of a character is. She really was the first kickass women in comics, and that has more value than I can properly express. No, Lois isn’t the only comics heroine I like. She’s just the one I love best. I love quite a few comics ladies! It would take far too long to list them all. My two favorite comics in print right now are both lady-centric. Bryan Q. Miller’s Batgirl is just straight up fun every month. I laugh out loud at least 3 times per issue. And I adore the Birds of Prey, particularly Huntress. I’ve never been a big Wonder Woman fan until recently, but I think that’s because until now I haven’t read any really good Wonder Woman comics; I just finished a few TPBs of Gail Simone’s run and I’m starting to really like Diana. There are so many wonderful female characters in the DC Universe that deserve the spotlight. Beyond just a Lois series, I’d love to see more female characters spotlighted in their own books generally. What makes Lois Lane such a good role model? It’s hard to know where to begin answering this question, because there’s just so much you could say. She’s an inspiring trailblazer, one of the first depictions of a career woman in a popular culture. She doesn’t take any BS from anyone. She’s tough but caring. She doesn’t give up without a fight and is terribly courageous. She’s ambitious, but ultimately she cares more about truth and justice and morality than her own personal gain…or her own personal safety. She makes mistakes but she takes responsibility for and learns from them. She has her insecurities but loves and respects herself. She’s insightful. She’s successful because she works hard, and well respected because she’s earned it. The list just goes on and on. Sure, she has a few traits that maybe you shouldn’t emulate ­– it’s probably a bad idea to try and emulate her reckless disregard for her own safety in the pursuit of a story, for example, and she can be a bit more rude than is ideal – but at her heart Lois is a strong, successful, self-respecting woman who has an unwavering moral code and faith in Superman, and by associate, hope. She’s not perfect, of course, and that just makes her more wonderful. EDITOR’S NOTE: DC Comics has referred to the Lois Lane Twitter campaign several times on the DCU blog. This Spring DC Comics is launching a series of 3 mini-series comics called “Flashpoint” - Lois Lane has received in her own trilogy. Support Lois in the comics and pick up the trilogy at your local comic book shop.



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