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Premiere Issue VOL. 01 NO. 01

September 20th, 2010

Season 10 spoilers and Full Season 9 Episode Guide!

John Schneider Returns to SMALLVILLE in LAZARUS!

Extensive coverage from the largest Pop culture event in the world.




Superman, An Outdated Hero?

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ComicCon 2010 Report

2  OSCK MAGAZINE Issue. 1 Sept 2010

OSCK Thanks Brian Petersen and Kelly Souders & the Entire 6 writing staff for an AMAZINGLY EPIC& Mythoscentric Season 9!

Issue 1 Aug. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  3

Issue No. 1 September 2010

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Introduction Welcome to OSCK’s first issue of OSCK Magazine. OSCK was created by an impassioned group of SMALLVILLE fans concerned about the show’s ethical stance in portraying Clark Kent. This group, The Red Jacket Defenders, believed that the character portrayed on SMALLVILLE during the end of season 6 and into season 7 bore little resemblance to the character defined for over 70 years in American popular culture. They believed that SMALLVILLE’s Clark Kent can be written to restore faith in the character and give hope, a staple of the SUPERMAN character, to future generations of SUPERMAN fans. In the fall of 2007 OSCK launched a campaign to tell the executives at DC Comics and Warner Brothers how we felt about the dis-respect being shown to the Superman legacy. In April the series underwent a change in management and creative direction and this fall the show has made a complete turn around. Operation Save Clark Kent is now officially being declared a success! Clark is working at the Daily Planet, he has finally put his Lana obsession behind him and is determined to help others. As a result some changes are being made here. Operation Save Clark Kent is now OSCK Superman Fans of Smallville. As we enter into the final season of SMALLVILLE we believe that our journey is not complete. For as the remarkable 10 year series comes to a close, SUPERMAN is once again coming to the big screen in the film MAN OF STEEL. Our goal is to see that the man who Warner Brothers has groomed to wear the cape, and the man who truly is Christopher Reeve’s heir deserves to helm the iconic role in Christopher Nolan’s new project. We firmly support Tom Welling as Clark Kent in MAN OF STEEL along with the fiesty Erica Durance as his Lois Lane. We have teamed with #TWisSuperman campaign manager, Christine and will be working together to provide to fans around the world information on how they can do their parts to make sure that we get the casting that we deserve on the big screen. Finally, our staff members attended 2010’s San Diego Comic Con and you will receive first hand accounts of what occurred there (goto our blog to view the panel in it’s entirety.) This magazine will contain all of the quality latest spoilers, news, and commentary that you expect from OSCK. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the magazine! Thank you for reading!

Erika Blake

Senior Editor OSCK Magazine

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4  OSCK MAGAZINE Issue. 1 Sept 2010


JULY 25 ,2010 SMALLVILLE PANEL by Holli Brown


ith Christine in first row center and me in second row center, we awaited Target Zero with ‘baited breath. After all the strategizing and theorizing, we had reached the Promise Land. I had the video camera ready and Chris, well there was Tom Welling’s name plate. She was in another world. Trust me, it was an awesome place to be. On all counts. Susan Kesser, WB press agent and celebrity handler, gave a rousing but sad speech about the greatness of Smallville coming to an end. She then introduced the Season 10 preview clip. Afterwards the panel’s moderator, Geoff Johns announced that he would be writing another episode (in his own panel he said a couple of episodes) which would guest star Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.

Cassidy Freeman was first out but sat in the next to the last chair. Then Kelly and Brian (with a chair in between) and Johns’ favorite Lois Lane, Erica Durance. The crowd shouted out 22 – meaning they wanted her in 22 episodes this last season. Then Justin Hartley took his seat. Everyone was revved for the Man of the Hour, Tom Welling who came out and whispered something to Johns, said thank you and took his seat between Kelly and Brian Cassidy had the first question from the moderator. Her character died in the finale. “Well, I’m sitting here at this panel so it looks good.” Brian announced they were having a little different twist on the villain. “We’re bringing in Darkseid. He’ll be in a little different form than you’re used to seeing. We had to switch it up a little. We hope you like it.” Justin had the next question. Ollie supposedly fell in love (my paraphrasing) and Johns asked him how that transformation took place. The actor began to talk about process stating Allison is a dream to work

with when Tom interrupted and said, “I also think the new suit looked fantastic.” Justin agreed. Johns thought it was great when GA kicked Hawkman’s ass. “Yea, I don’t remember it going that way, but yea. I can take a fall.” Lois Lane learned that Clark was the Blur and chose to keep that secret. “Yea, she can use it against him later.” Love Erica Durance, our Lois Lane! “It’s the opportunity to have a little power over Clark. Which is nice for Lois. And yet to protect him and to encourage him to be the hero that he is. Then she’ll get impatient and say ‘What’s up? Why didn’t you tell me?’” Mutual kudos society between Johns and Welling took place regarding Absolute Justice. One hour was directed by Tom and it was written by Johns. “Are you going to

direct again this year?” Tom looked at the other Executive Producers and smiled and said, “Yes!” They introduced Glen Winter, Smallville’s other amazing director who directed the first hour of the two hour event . The finale season (10) premiere is September 24th. While Welling passed out water, people lined up to ask questions. The preview clip had a scene with Lois and the traditional Superman suit in a box. When asked if he will be wearing the traditional suit, Tom said that he hadn’t seen the actual suit yet. Kelly went on to explain that the suit was the Superman Returns suit. Later she would tell us that they had their choice between it and the Reeve’s suit. They felt the SR suit fit Smallville better as far as storytelling. Brian said that we would see Tom in a little different change up from the black last year. Johns interrupted a question about the cast members’ favorite superhero to talk about returning cast members. Kelly said there was someone special they would love to bring back and that they’d like to bring him out ‘right now.’ Remember there was an empty chair at the end of the table next

to Cassidy. People were yelling Michael, but I screamed like a fangirl when John Schneider walked out on the stage.


couple of months before Comic Con, our Senior Editor Erika and Webmaster Kate went to Phoenix Con. They video’d John Schneider’s panel. Afterward they met with him. Apparently Kate got tongue tied meeting the still absolutely gorgeous man. But Erika managed to talk to him while he signed a photo she had brought for the occasion. She told him that Tom was a full Executive Producer now and asked if John would ever return to the show. He said it was the first he had heard of it and he was really proud of ‘his boy’ and that he would love to come back. So when John walked out onto that stage it was an amazing moment for all of us at OSCK/Superverses. Since that time we have video evidence it was Erika’s information and question that sparked John to have his agent call the Smallville folks. John came out and hugged Tom and put his head on top of ‘his son’s’. Cassidy and Kelly moved down so John could sit beside Tom. He quoted Mark Twain. “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” We had seen John in the preview clip for season 10 but it was so exciting to see him on the panel. Geoff asked him what it was like to be back. “It’s like I’ve been in a coma.” He wanted to know where Glen Winter was and they showed him. “And now I’m back with people I truly love. I love this guy,” he said pointing to Tom. Christine yelled out “We do, too!” And Tom chuckled. Schneider went on to say, “He’s done well.” He also said that he never expected to feel so emotional returning and working with Tom at the site of the Kent Farm. Justin’s answer to the superhero question was Aquaman. Erica said Wonder Woman. Brian’s ‘obvious’ answer was Superman. Tom agreed and so did John. Kelly ditto’d. “What boring answers,” replied Cassidy. “Erica totally stole my Wonder Woman. We

need to bring that back.” “What was your favorite line your character said?” Tougher to answer than you think. Tom asked Brian for a line. Geoff offered ‘Up, up and away,’ but none of these cast members have ever said the line. Brian suggested they were all on the preview reel we had just seen. Schneider said his fav was his most recent one he said to Clark. “You could be the greatest hero the world has ever seen.” A shout out to the writers of the premiere Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson for writing the line. All writers and crew members in attendance were asked to stand to get recognition. Rousing applause for the hard work of these people who create each and every episode of our beloved Smallville. The head honcho who saw the potential in Smallville, Peter Roth, President of Warner Brothers’ Television was also there and got his appreciation. “Without those people, we wouldn’t be here, and that’s just a fact,” said Welling. Kelly answered the question about a spin-off Justice show or movie. “That would be great.” No one else offered anything. Geoff finally remarked, “Never say never, I guess.” Since Johns is the head of DC Comics Media (film & television) it’s most likely (at least in part) his decision. When asked if Clark graduated college, Tom replied, “I guess you’ve just found the one person who hasn’t seen every episode. No, I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding.” He tried to explain that Clark had some issues on the farm and was trying to save the world. “Hopefully he can go on the internet and get his Bachelor’s.”


om got a workout with the questions since it is only the second time he has appeared at San Diego Comic Con. When asked what he would be doing after Smallville ends, “Hellcats.” He is also the Executive Producer of the CW show and it was created by his production company. It also films in Vancouver and the Smallville EP/director/star has been going back and forth between sets. Busy, busy man.


hen asked whether Lex Luthor would reappear on Smallville -- They would be thrilled to have ‘Rosey’ back (Michael Rosenbaum). “He threatened me he was going to be in the audience for this panel. So everyone take a look at the person next to them,” said Welling who seemed not to sure that his former costar wouldn’t show up. The door is wide open for him to return. One of the people who spent the previous night lined up for the Smallville panel shouted out, “Erica for 22!” Kelly was glad they brought that up. “Erica how many episodes are you going to be in this season?” “22.” Pandemonium broke loose. Smallville Clark will finally have his Lois Lane in every episode. It’s been a long wait. Justin will be in 17 or so episodes. AND he will be directing! “What is in your bucket list to have on the show before it ends?” Kelly stated that the bucket was very full. The crew has been scurrying to keep up because it has everything and the kitchen sink in it for this season. The writers have a three year old list of things on the wall that they keep adding to that they want on the show before it ends. Brian said they hit a lot of them in the 200th episode (Season 10, episode 4). Geoff Johns piped up and asked the burning question. “Will he fly?” You go, Geoff! Brian turned to Tom and off mike Tom said ‘I have no idea.’ Brian smiled and said, “Well, we all know how the comics turn out.” Someone near me shouted out, “Will we SEE him fly?” And Brian just grinned at the more pointed question. “What rules come to mind on what not to do before this season’s finale?” Welling had the answer. “It’s been a long Smallville tradition that you’re not supposed to whisper on camera.” Everyone seemed to look at him blankly. Then he whispered into the mike. “You’re not supposed to whisper your lines.” Laughter ensued. (Then how did Lana get away with whispering half her lines???) Kelly explained that both Smallville and Superman have many iconic moments and they want to pay homage to those this season. “Hand picked images will all culminate in the finale.” Tom went to add something to that regarding the importance of this season when someone took Kelly’s nameplate away from John Schneider and put it in front of her. (Like we didn’t know the difference) When Tom tried to continue, someone offered John a Sharpie to write with to help clarify the situation. Schneider proceeded to place his driver’s license in front of his water glass. John confessed it was his “superhero haircut.” And Geoff with his quick wit stated, “It’s also your address.” Which totally cracked up the entire panel as Schneider immediately placed the card into his wallet. “So I guess I’ll be seeing you all for dinner.” “For the entire cast, if you could be another character on Smallville, who would you be and why?” Cassidy wanted to be the Green Arrow in order to wear the

Issue 1 Aug. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  5

awesome costume. “And I think the crossbow is pretty awesome, too.” Schneider stated he couldn’t imagine playing anyone other than Jonathan Kent, but he wanted to be more like him in real life. “I think Jonathan Kent is the best written character I have ever had the absolute honor to be associated with.” Deep in thought, Welling leaned into the mike. “Uh, I wouldn’t change my character.” Justin immediately quipped, “I’d be Lois.” He then turned to Brian and said, “Now you’ll do it, right?” Someone yelled out, “That’s a whole new show!” Justin nodded. “Whole new show. Different timeslot.” Kelly added, “There’s your spinoff.”


omeone asked if they would be introducing Connor Kent, Kon-El. (My paraphrasing again. This could be problematic since he was a clone of Lex and Clark. Talk about different shows!) There was some booing but Kelly smiled and said they would throw it in the bucket. “Maybe.” A fan asked about the Kawatche caves and the symbol of Clark’s true love. Basically they were asking about the bracelet that belonged to Clark’s soulmate. Brian answered, “I don’t think we need a symbol or a bracelet to show who Clark’s true love is.” I find that answer interesting. On one hand it’s great that they are going to make the ties between these two iconic characters so strong that they don’t need Smallville mythos to interfere. BUT Brian and Kelly are the authors of Season 2’s Skinwalker where this all took place. When the busy Tom Welling was asked if he would do a commentary on the Season 10 DVDs, he said he would if he had time after shooting ends. I want to get this next Tom question and answer verbatim. “For a generation you are the definitive Superman, I was wondering if you ever auditioned or have been approached for a Superman film.?” Thinking Tom. “That’s not really an easy answer. Um.” He then said something to Schneider and proceeded. “The answer is ‘yes’ to one of those questions. And ‘no’ to the other two.” Ending with a squint. John asked him something and Tom shrugged indicating ‘I don’t know’ and then grinned. John seemed unsure what that was all about. So a pretty straight forward question, but the answer was definitely evasive. So there must be restrictions on the answer?

The next question was for anyone but Tom. That got a laugh from everyone. He had already answered the question previously. “I just want to know what’s next for everyone else.” Justin with his usual wit said, “Hellcats.” He then said he wasn’t sure. Erica spoke about being safe and enjoying being on a long running show but she was opened to the next chapter. “Maybe I’ll do Wonder Woman.” Some guy from the back screamed “Do it!” so loud that even the panel heard him without a mike. Usually when something like that is said at the Con panel,, things happen on the show. This is no exception. Since Smallville is unable to bring on Diane Prince/Wonder Woman, they will have Lois/Erica being involved with Isis, the Egyptian version of Wondy in season 10. John Schneider did a pilot for Spike TV called “The Back Nine” playing the antithesis of Jonathan Kent, a drunk, disastrously pathetic pro golfer named Ronnie Barnes. Tom jumped in to question his ‘dear ole dad.’ “Going back to what you said early about what you said about wanting to be more like Jonathan Kent. How does Mr. Barnes play into that whole equation?” John waited a beat. “Well, I’m really more like Ronnie Barnes.” Big laugh from everyone. “You know what’s in my golf bag,” he said looking at Tom. “There’s a whole ad campaign for tequilla. What’s in YOUR golf bag?” Cassidy chimed in. “Uh, yea. I was like, ‘What is in my golf bag?’ I don’t have a golf bag.” Freeman stated she didn’t know what was happening next, but that they were concentrating on the next twenty (at that time) episodes they had to film. Cassidy did a film with her brother called ‘Yellow Brick Road.’ “His name is Clark, his actual real name is Clark.” Schneider interjected. “He has dark hair and he wears glasses.” Cassidy was worried about her brother’s reaction to that. John stated that maybe he’d wear the suit. “Ohh.” They are selling the YBR movie now on DVD. Geoff congratulated them for making such a mark on the Superman legend. The next questioner, a female, loved Tom and Justin but her question was for Erica and Cassidy. She wanted to know about their training for their awesome fight sequences. Erica has experience with Taekwondo but lately she has been relying on the stunt people on set to help her. “And occasionally my clumsiness of just falling into it. And just going for it

and pulling a muscle and hurting myself.” Tom shook his head on that. Erica said it’s really about working with the people who do that for a living and lots of practice. Cassidy said their stunt doubles are a lot of help also. “They’re there dressed like us, which is creepy. But they work with us a lot to help us with what we’re doing.” She also stated that it is better if the actresses do most of the stunts. She mentioned that they inform them of things like “in a few days you’re going to be using a samurai sword. Would you like to learn how to use a samurai sword? Yes, I would.” She used the weapon in Season 9’s RABID fighting zombies. So that same ole tired question got asked. “Will there be Batman or Wonder Woman on the show?” A lot of us moaned ‘no’ because we all know that they cannot get the rights to those characters. “Or Bruce Wayne before he becomes Batman?” Tom answered that he has always thought a young Bruce Wayne would be awesome on Smallville. (Don’t be surprised if BW does show up. Stranger things have happened and there’s always one odd question about other characters showing up and they do. I always think those questions are plants.) Brian explained that Batman and Wonder Woman have their own franchises, but they are bringing on more DC characters this year including super villains. A couple from the Suicide Squad. Meanwhile Schneider and Welling are carrying on a sideline conversation. I wish I could read lips better.


elly jumped in to say we would see a few of Darkseid’s harbingers also. “Some old favorites and some new favorites.” Brian continued. “Carter Hall (Hawkman) is returning in episode two.” Question for Mr. Johns. “Which Beetle? Will we see Skeets? And will this serve as a backdoor pilot for the test footage we saw?” (Blue Beetle test footage was show during the Geoff Johns panel earlier in the week. There’s a suit & some CGI associated with it.) “You’ll see the Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle. You’ll see Skeets. And you might even see Ted Kord.” (Skeets is a robot.) Tom had a question for the gentleman who asked the question. “What are you talking about? Is there something I should know about this season? Beetles?” He then nodded and grinned at Johns. “I’ll give you some cards.” Tom nodded and said, “Alright.” What was the funniest moment you experienced? Kelly said,” What ever it is, I’m sure Tom is behind it. Because he’s quite the prankster on the set.” Tom looked down and rubbed his jaw. Schneider revealed that Tom could not say the word ‘macrame’ during a scene. “Can you say macrame?” Tom shook his head that he couldn’t. They ended up calling it a hanging potted plant. Someone from the audience yelled, “Say it now!” Tom again shook his head no then leaned into the mike, “hanging potted plant.”

6  OSCK MAGAZINE Issue. 1 Sept 2010


om talked about funny and embarrassing times on set. He remembered when Lex Luthor ‘died’. He did the finger quotes and as he continued Schneider did intermittent finger quotes. Hysterical. “It was Rosenbaum’s last scene. There he was lying in Clark’s arms. And he wouldn’t shut up. And he kept saying to . . ‘hey Jonesy, I’ll see you later. Hey Glen’ . . you know what he says to you . . . Um, but. JD wasn’t there but he was just . . I’m sorry I’m trying to collect this memory as I . . that’s how funny it was. He just couldn’t die! He would go from these tangents of making everyone laugh and how they were all going to hang out later and he was going to visit and how he was going to Whistler on the weekend and . . . which he has never done any of that. And then they’d say ‘action’ and he’d be like. (deep rough voice) ‘Clark, you’re my brother.’ And so it was very funny for me to watch this whole thing transpire.” The next questioner thanked the panel for ten wonderful years. “You guys are awesome.” She asked what was their favorite episode or moment in the last ten years. There was silence as they thought about it. Tom spoke up. “Throwing the tractor.” Schneider confirmed that it was Tom’s favorite because he mentioned it while filming this season. “And he really did throw the tractor.” Then he did the finger quotes and mouthed ‘throw the tractor’. Justin liked the whole episode of Season 9’s Roulette. He admitted it was a bit selfish but he got to be there (on set) all the time. It was a very Oliver heavy episode. In that same vein, Cassidy enjoyed doing Season 9’s Checkmate because she got to have an alias, wear a black wig, kick butt and do a roundhouse over a chain link fence. Kelly said the 100th episode (season 5’s RECKONING where they killed off Pa Kent). “But I only say that cause the 200th hasn’t shot yet.” Geoff asked what was in the 200th episode. Brian spoke up. “We’re going to get a little glimpse of the past, the present and maybe what is to come.” Someone from the audience yelled out, “Erica.” As we wanted to know what her favorite was. “Wow, I just zoned out there.” She said they have given her so many great things to do. She couldn’t think of a specific one thing. She likes that she gets to wear totally bizarre outfits. Her favorite Lois moments are when she gets to do something comedic and not take herself too seriously and be a bit of a dork. Or when she gets to fight.

forever and she’s going to back. We’ve really got a great way to wrap up her character in a way that is fitting for Chloe. I think everyone is going to be happy.” Geoff stated the Chloe character would be in DC Comics in the next couple of months. Action Comics #892 (which just came out last week of August)

A child asked, “What is your favorite scene?” There were awwws. “You’re my favorite questionnaire right now,” said Cassidy. Justin attempted to answer. “This must say a lot about my work. Some of my favorite scenes are ones that I’m not in. I enjoy, especially lately, a lot of the Clark and Lois relationships.” Cheers from the crowd. Erica gave him a pat on the arm. Brian was next. “Let me just jump in and say I love every one but the scene with Christopher Reeve and Tom . . .” He was drowned out with applause.


Would you like to continue working in Vancouver after the show is over? “Vancouver is great. Hellcats is shooting there right now,” said the new CW’s show EP. “There’s a bit of an issue with citizenship,” replied Cassidy. “Yes, it is a beautiful city.”

man from Ireland came especially for this fantastic series. “Tom, when you filmed with Christopher Reeve. What was it like being with the man you grew up as being Superman?” Tom thoughtfully conceived his answer. “I still don’t think I’ve understood what it was like. He was such an awesome guy. He made me feel so comfortable. From an acting point of view, he was able to do so much with what he had to use in those scenes. I mean he just . .. obviously his mobility was impaired. His breathing was impaired and he was there. One story that I don’t know if anyone knows is he was only allowed to be there for five or six hours. Like his nurses and doctors wouldn’t let him work any longer. I think he stayed something like ten hours. He just wouldn’t let them take him away. (applause) And he really just . . . It was really sort of an out of body experience for me. Just to be there in his presence. He was a great guy.” More applause.

For Tom and Justin, will Allison Mack get a proper send off as Chloe? Tom said he hoped so and he believed so. Kelly said, “We’re not actually sending her off. We love her. She’s actually . . You will see her some this season.” Brian added, “Allison is great. She’s dedicated to the fans and she’s been wanting to do live theater

A man said it was his daughter’s eighteenth birthday and then the mike was cut off. Questions are screened before they are asked. Requests are not allowed. That is announced every day of Comic Con. Geoff said, “I guess that’s not happening.” Tom told ‘her’ Happy Birthday. I heard a familiar voice say, “Thank you, it’s my

birthday, too.” See why they don’t allow requests. Before the next questioner could ask her question, Schneider raised his hand . . . then they went back to the guy who was going to make a request. John has an eighteen year old daughter who was present at the panel. He sounded a little incredulous when the guy asked for Tom’s nameplate. Geoff got a pen & Tom signed it for her. The ballroom holds over 5,000 fans. John Schneider is Jonathan Kent. The female questioner who was interrupted asked what they had accomplished in ten years. Tom said, “I think you’ve got us beat.” He pointed out Peter Roth who told him in season one that the show would go on for ten years. “He guaranteed it. And he was right.” He explained that in a series you’re never sure if you’ll be back the next year. The ratings could be good and fine. “They just don’t tell you until the last minute. . . . There’s sort of a gypsy lifestyle to it.” He thought he was being a bit long winded. He said between seasons five and six it turned into a different show. “I think that’s helped us make it to this point. . .. Even thought it’s been nine years, it doesn’t fell like it. It goes by very quickly. And looking forward to this season, it’s really only as far as you can see and you don’t know what’s going to happen after that.” Why does Tom wear a black and silver uniform instead of blue and red? Geoff said Brian and Kelly could answer that. Kelly said they wanted Clark to go through some trials and tribulations. “It was really hitting him in a very dark period in his life. So the suit reflects what’s inside. Which is why there is this slow transition because he still isn’t quite Superman but we know he’s going to get there soon.”

grew up with this show over ten years. And that’s really, really special. So thank you guys as well.” John Schneider went to speak and saw Erica move. She wasn’t going to add so he continued. He talked about being on a show that is 22 years old, the Dukes of Hazzard. Someone yelled out “Yee Haw!” And John had a quip regarding that. “That question about what not to do on Smallville. That’s one of those things. You can do it all that you want. I’m just not going to do it on Smallville. Although I do listen to the song in the trunk, apparently.” He said he hoped that 22 years from now that we understand that they are appreciative of us. “We wouldn’t be here . . . if it weren’t for you. Truly you are the folks that we work for. Who have kept us employed doing what we love.” “To add to that,” began Tom. “A show or any series, it’s a marathon. And each year the finish line is moved further and further away as the show continues to go on. And a lot of times on that run. It is the idea of the fans support, the passion that you guys have that keeps us running. So thank you.” “The people who were out there last night at one o’clock in the morning,” said Brian. Big hollers from Gaby and friends (to numerous to mention). “That’s what we’re talking about. We could not do this. The show could not have gotten ten years. That’s what everybody is saying. Again everyone watch this final season because we have so many surprises in store for you guys. Thank you guys so much.” Kelly then spoke. “I just want to

What do you want the fans to take away from what they’ve experienced over the ten years? (at least I think that was the question. I had to paraphrase.) After a moment of silence from the panel. Geoff had Erica answer. She’s been to a few comic conventions. “Well, I hope they have the reward and satisfaction after watching for ten years and be absolutely in love with it. We’re going work our hardest to make it a great experience for you guys. Cassidy told about how they had dinner the night before and Kelly made a toast about how this would never happen in any of careers again which I thought was . . I don’t know about THAT! But it does speak to the fact that this is something super special. As someone who came in pretty late in the game, I have to say what a family this is and what an experience. I’ve never . . . mind you I’ve never been on any other show for three years. This show there is something really familial about it. And the fact that you guys started so young speaks to that. So I hope the fans take that away. I feel like a lot of people

add to all this. A personal thanks from all of us because to be honest, You’ve made our dreams come true and we will forever appreciate that you did that to us and for us and we’ll never forget you. So thank you so much for a whole decade of support.” The entire panel applauded their fans. Then they showed us the preview reel one more time. Could never get tired of it! Smallville, we love you!

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his panel that photojournalists are pretty on-the-edge people. So their Jimmy will be called Jim.

by Holli Brown

Over the next 3 days, this DC Comics fan (mostly Superman) sat through panel after panel. DC Comics Writers Unite!, DC Nation, DC Focus: Geoff Johns, 75 Years of DC, Superman: Man of Tomorrow and Spotlight on J. Michael Straczynski.


y comic experience started on my plane trip to San Diego. Kat Rocha of Archaia comics sat next to me and I noticed she was going over a script. How exciting! Wednesday night is preview night and after receiving my attendance pass and a very large swag bag we headed for the Exhibit Hall for goodies. In the DC Comics area, I turned around and met Paul Levitz, former President and Publisher of DC Comics. He was writing the Worship series in Superman/Batman. (I mentioned it in my State of Comics ariticle which was pre Comic Con). I thanked him for the arc and told him how much I was enjoying it. With Clark being off planet for a year, it was good to see him and Batman interacting with Lois and Luthor and some very strange fanatics. Jerry Ordway did the art for the series. Mr. Levitz is a very kind and articulate man. (obviously) And we engaged in a discussion on how Superman Batman was a hard book to gauge as to popularity from story to story. Still can’t believe I met him. Note: A similar scene from the Levitz/Ordway arc will be played out in Smallville’s premiere, LAZURUS on September 24th. Also that evening we met Shane Davis in the Artists Gallery and he had some wonderful art from the upcoming Superman: Earth One which comes out on October 27th. It is an original graphic novel and is a retelling of Clark’s early days in Metropolis. He becomes a professional football player as well as seeks a job at the Daily Planet. Also want to mention that Shane’s Lois and Jim are kick ass. J. ‘Joe’ Michael Straczynski wrote the story and he informed us in

on Smallville this final season. Johns is Chief Creative Officer of DC and is testing the waters for a possible Blue Beetle series. Johns said he could not talk about the Man of Steel movie.

Superman story after his Lex Action series ends. Judd Winnick is doing an arc in Superman/Batman. Many of the stories we heard on the panels have been assembled by Paul Levitz and will be published in the HUGE tome, 75 Years of DC Comics. The Art of Modern Mythmaking. It is 720 pages of pictures and history. I’ve got it on my Christmas List. It comes out November 1, 2010.

Jerry Robinson worked at DC over 70 years ago. Working beside Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Bob Kane and Bill Finger. He talked about how they all went out to see the new film, Citizen Kane. Orson Welles masterpiece. Every one of them saw it multiple times – much as fans today go to a Star Wars film. They could recite the film verbatim. And with Welles use of camera angles, time suppression and expansion, it influenced the comics. Orson was a huge comics fans and it influenced his work.

People such as Paul Levitz, Denny O’Neil, Joe Straczynski, Gail Simone, Judd Winnick, James Robinson, Geoff Johns, Eddie Berganza, Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Jenette Kahn, Jerry Robinson, Matt Idelson, Paul Cornell, Shane Davis, Sterling Gates, Bryan Q. Miller and Jeff Lemire were on one panel or another.

On Friday, I attended a panel that used motion comics for educational purposes. Neal Adams and Stan Lee’s They Spoke Out Against the Holocaust. Not your typical Holocaust fare, but one of hope and inspiration during those dark years. Dr. Rafael Medoff, a Holocaust historian unveiled the new series of educational motion comics they are creating with ABC News. Neil illustrated the series and Stan did the narration. There will be six episodes initially and they will be working with teachers to help present the material. For more information, see

One of my favorite stories was from Dan Didio. He spoke about when he first met Jenette Kahn (whom I adore) and she was trying to get him to work for DC. They met for lunch and under her mink coat Jenette wore a vinyl strapless Batman dress. Talk about a fanboy dream!

Some of the highlights from those panels: Denny O’Neil talked about missing the collaborative process, wanting the material to be taken seriously and his early days at DC. Denny is not a suit and tie kind of guy. He was a ‘scruffy freelancer’ and told a story about Julius Schwartz smoking ‘tea.’

Straczynski talked about the Superman Grounded series. Clark Kent will be reporting to the Daily Planet while Superman walks across the US. In 702 we got to see why Clark and Lois are a great couple.

At the time the Wonder Woman costume change was quite controversial. It apparently was Jim Lee’s idea. In Straczynski’s panel we had a reading of Wonder Woman 601 which came out the week AFTER Comic Con. JMS told the story that he thought it came out the week BEFORE Con and all would be well. Since that didn’t happen, he asked DC if they would allow him to give out the comic during his panel. He was declined. So they had actors come in and read the issue as it was shown on a big screen. Very dramatic and quite entertaining.

Marv Wolfman, author of Crisis on Infinite Earths had a writing class. It pays to learn from the best. Great information! See marvwolfman. com and he’s also on Twitter.

More on Superman: Earth One: It will be the beginning of Clark’s career. He will have a Gesthesemane moment. Jim Olsen will be in harm’s way as are most photojournalists. Straczynski is an old newspaper man. Shane Davis said the football scenes were difficult. There is more suspicion and concern at this stage. Clark is strong and is a bull in a china cabinet, trying not to knock someone’s head off. Lois will be more active, chasing down stories. She is the dominating cute girl that makes men shake in their boots.

Geoff Johns showed the television screen test for the Blue Beetle costume at his panel. Part physical garment and part CGI. It looked great. Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) and Booster Gold will be appearing

Paul Cornell will be writing a

I also sat behind a concrete pillar (after being in line for 3 hours) in Hall H to see the Green Lantern clip and panel. Very excited to see Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong (Sinestro) in attendance. Ryan speaking the Green Lantern oath gave us all chills. A lucky fan won the GL ring from the film which still had three weeks yet to shoot. The background art for Oa is amazing. Looks great. Will go to see. I had the most amazing time and would readily go back next year. There is just too much to see and do.

Close Encounter of the Tom Welling kind Comic con 2010 July 25th or otherwise known as the best day of my life. I only got about 3hrs sleep but I was fortunate enough to get in before the crowd and snagged front row. Most of my friends waited like the troopers they are the night before. When the moment came to announce the cast I screamed and whooped with the best of them but when it came to Welling making his appearance I could only sit quietly and stare as he walked across the stage. First thing I noticed was his hair. Wild, sexy bed head. Then I noticed he was just has handsome in real life as he is on screen. He was funny and

(My Comic Con experience) By Christine Brown articulate and sexy…did I mention sexy? After the panel I headed to the WB booth I hoped that Tom would make another little “visit” like he had done the year before. After waiting for about an hour I’d given up hope he was coming so when I got my video ready I thought I was filming the SPN guys. Well first person I saw was Susan Kesser she’s PR for the WB and han-

dles the SV crew. Then it was Cassidy Freeman all smiley and then Erica Durance (who I said Hi to and she said Hi back) then Brian Peterson then ….him. I held my camera out in front of me so I could see him clearly he was about 4ft away and was looking RIGHT AT ME. As I was saying “Hey Tom how are you” He was giv-

ing me this HUGE smile and did this eyebrow pop thing that I think I forgot to breath but not how to speak as he made his way up the stairs (which I was right there so he was like inches away at this point) he walked up the stairs and I think I may have yelled out “Good show, love your show, I love you, come back to me” but I don’t remember *looks at Holli* He spoke to the crowd, waved then after mingling upstairs for about 10mins he walked back down. He looked soo good again he was mere inches I said goodbye and he walked out of my life and I didn’t even run after him.

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EW and Syfy Celebrate Comic-Con Party

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CONVENTION NEWS Hollywood Show John Schneider will be in attendance on SUNDAY October 10th, 2010 at the Hollywood Show in LA. Get Tickets at: http://www.

New York Comic Con 2010 James Marsters as well as the cast of online series RIESE THE SERIES will be attending the Con. Allison Mack, Sharon Taylor (Faora,) and former SV Guest stars Ryan Robbins & Christine Chatelain will be there! The Show runs October 8-10th. Buy tickets: http://

Phoenix Comic Con Video Panels Check out the full length panels for John Schneider & James Marsters exculsively at http://osck.

“I couldn’t be more proud. I told him that if he played his cards right that he’d never have to work again. I raised him right, didn’t I?” - John Schneider at Phoenix Comic Con talking about Tom Welling becoming an Executive Producer on SMALLVILLE.

View them in our Multipleverses video channel.



Reported by Erika Blake Over Memorial Day weekend was Arizona’s annual premiere comic convention: Phoenix Comic Con. In attendance were two SMALLVILLE alums, John Schneider and James Marsters. I asked Mr. Schneider a couple of quick questions while getting Autographs. I asked him if he’d heard that Tom Welling stated at the CW Upfronts this month that he’d love to have John back for season 10. He responded, “Well all that he has to do is call. In fact, I’m surprised that my phone hasn’t rung yet!” He asked me when the Upfronts were and I told him a week ago. I also told him that the writers wouldn’t be back to work until the next week. I then asked him if he was aware that Tom had been made full Executive Producer and he just got this big glowing smile on his face and replied, “Yes, I couldn’t be more proud. I told him that if he played his cards right that he’d never have to work again. I raised

him right, didn’t I?” Oh you sure did Mr. Schneider! John is really as sweet, personable, and completely approachable as you would imagine that he would be in person. Even though he is THAT stunning in person as he is on screen, he’s really easy to talk to. *Sigh* I then got to briefly speak to James Marsters – well correction, he started talking when I handed him one of my SOLITUDE Blu-Ray screencaps that I’d printed off that had both he and John Schneider in, along with Tom & Annette. It was the beginning of his autograph day and he tapped his pen on Annette’s face and said, “You know when I arrived on set I made the mistake of telling her that I had a huge crush on her from CAT PEOPLE, and she made this face” James screwed his face into an ewwwww face “she was probably thinking eww creepy guest star.” He told me that he had to assure her that he wasn’t

interested in her that way. Aww poor Annette, learn to a compliment hon from a younger guy! At John Schneider’s panel he talked about how he’d like to see the series end and he said that he’d love to see Clark standing before a mirror wearing his suit and a pair of hands coming out and placing the cape on his shoulders. A voice would say “It’s OK son.” John went on to confess that he hasn’t watched the show since he left it and that he doesn’t understand how it could still be SMALLVILLE if it’s more JLA/ Metropoliscentric. The biggest revelation at the panel was when an attendee asked him if there was ever anything that he disagreed with regarding the writing and what he did about it. John responded, “Yes there were many things that I disagreed with and I got in trouble for it, which very well might be why

I died.” He went on to discuss the episode “Hidden” (post Clana-Sex Bliss, Season 5) and the original script had Johnathan turn around and sighed, “at least tell me that you were safe.” John argued to the nail that Johnathan Kent would be furious. In the end Millar/Gough changed it so that Martha held Johnathan back and she said the line. This revelation left me very sad and all of the more furious at the former show runners if they actually weighed that into their decision on who to kill off in “RECKONING.” Shortly after we posted our videos on OSCK news came that John Schneider would be returning to SMALLVILLE and in an interview at Comic Con 2010, John mentioned that a “fan” at some convention told him that they might want him back on the show. Glad that I could help get you back on the show John - we’ve missed you!

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Superman Celebration 2010 In Metropolis IL

Special Reports by Brad @

Q&A Session Recap Of Laura Vandervoort and Sam Witwer - June 13, 2010 Laura Vandervoort and Sam Witwer were in attendance at the 2010 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL. On Smallville, Laura plays the role of Kara Kent (Supergirl) and Sam plays the role of Doomsday. On Saturday, we were treated to a fun Q&A session with them. I thought I’d recap some of it. First, the session started with them being asked if they could let us know any information on whether they would be included in any of season ten of Smallville. They took time to talk among themselves talking it over with their response. LOL. Then, they came back and said “no comment” at the same time which got a big laugh from the audience. Question for Laura:

Yeah, I kill you. He (Tom) says, ‘oh, well, someone has to’. (laughs).

much everyone wants him to fly. I’m telling you that I’m trying. If I’m ever back on the show, I will try.”

Were you in the Doomsday suit?

Any interest in working behind the scenes?

Sam: “Ha ha. No, I wasn’t. The cool thing about the Doomsday suit is that I can be sitting around playing video games and my presence is still felt around the set. There was a big Doomsday episode and I showed up for all of four hours of that episode in terms of work. The first time that you see the creature and I transform. And I play the “I’m turning” and the rest of the episode, he’s in it. I get so many people coming up to me and saying that was great, that was such a great episode and I’m like thank you. (laughs). I appreciate that. The answer to that is that Doomsday in the comic book is 8 foot wide and 10 foot tall and I’m only 6”1’ and short.”

Sam: “Eventually, yeah. Need a bit more experience in tailing directors.”

Questions For Laura and Sam: How did you both prepare for your Smallville roles?

What was it like to play the cousin and get to see Tom at work everyday? “I didn’t mind going into work. (laughs). When I first met Tom, we had this scene together in the kitchen that we had to do and he just meets me for the first time. I think there was a line where he says “oh, that makes you my cousin” and in rehearsal he was joking around cause we were standing very close and then when he said “that makes you my cousin” he took a step back backwards like I can’t be this close to you. We were just having fun with the fact that it was a little awkward. It’s too bad that he was my cousin.” Question For Sam and Laura: How do you feel your characters have contributed to the Smallville series? Laura: “They definitely wanted to have Supergirl on the show. I think she brought a sense of humor in Tom and to Superman. She was his quirky little cousin who was causing trouble and he was willing to take care of her. I don’t know how I contributed but I know the fans really enjoyed Kara and I really enjoyed her (applause from the crowd). I just hope that you guys were happy with what I did.” Sam: “Michael Rosenbaum wasn’t there. They needed someone to provide a threat. Hopefully, it was interesting. My whole take on the character was that this was a really good guy. He was a very good person who was in a really, really bad situation and therefore was threatening to Superboy.” Laura: “With Kara, they needed someone from his family and from his home planet to kind of teach him about his past and his family. No one had done that yet. It also allowed Helen Slater to come on the show as his mother. (applause from the crowd on Helen’s mention). I think both of our characters allowed for a lot more doors to be opened in storylines.” Questions for Sam: What was it like to play Tom’s enemy? Sam: “Well, Tom’s about 7’2”. (laughs). I’m used to going on to sets and being one of the taller guys and I’m 6’1”. So, I’m not a giant but I’m pretty tall I guess. (Turns to Laura) Have you noticed that everyone is a giant on that set? Justin Hartley is like 6”3”. Tom Welling is like 6”5’. The girls are tall. (Laura says “Tom wears heels.” (Laughs) I’m kidding”. Sam: “There was one point where I’m trying to grab Tom and choke him or something and they made some comment when they were shooting on one side. ‘It just looked a little bit like you’re trying to reach up like this’. I’m like ‘he ate his wheaties man, there is nothing that I can do’. For that shot, I stood on my toes (reaches up yelling arrghh). When I met him, I walked on the set and said are you the super guy?

Laura: “I just did some harness training at the very beginning of the show. I couldn’t really prepare to be Supergirl. I read the comic books. When I first got the role, they had to do green screen and just learning how to be in a harness and fly. I did most of my own flying in the show cause I loved doing it. The stunt girl hated me for it but not much to prepare, just kind of thrown into it when I was cast. It was about a week turnaround to when I was on camera with Tom, googley eyed. I just learned as I went. Kara slowly became my own. Originally, the producers had a very specific feel for Kara. The short shorts. A very specific look. Then, eventually she developed more into of who I think I was with a mixture of Supergirl. She was strong and independent. She started wearing more clothes. (laughs). I really enjoyed playing her and I appreciate you guys watching. With the training, it was just the physical training and the acting just kind of came from the show as we went along.” Sam: “For me, I read the comic books. As soon as the scripts showed up, I realized that there wasn’t much use cause we were doing something completely different which was scary cause it was like what if you guys don’t like it? In fact, the reaction to the ‘they’re doing a human side of Doomsday’ was very negative until we started airing. When it started airing and people saw what we were doing, they liked it right away but before that, we were getting some pretty nasty messages. As an actor, they pitched Davis to me as a good guy who was in a terrible situation so I play him as nice of a person under those awful circumstances.” Do you think Clark will fly in season ten? Laura: “If I have anything to do with it, he will. (gets a big cheer and laughs from the crowd). There was a scene in season seven in the loft where I was teaching him to fly. When we were rehearsing it, it was basically a scene where I was standing behind him telling him how to do it. During the rehearsal, Tom and I were joking and I kind of pushed him and the director loved that. So, there was a shot of me pushing his elbows and it’s always fun cause we get to add our own little humor to it. I know how

Laura: “I would love to be a writer or producer. I love being behind the camera almost more than in front sometimes. It’s a little easier. I’ve always enjoyed writing. I have a few films that I would like to write and one that I’ve written and that people are looking at. So, fingers crossed for that.” A Smallville scene that challenged you? Sam: “There was one scene where it was me, Justin Hartley, and Aaron Ashmore. I have them captive and basically I know that if Chloe doesn’t get to me soon that I’m going to have to kill one of them or take out a city block. The choice is to take out one of those guys or I wolf out as Doomsday and destroy five city blocks and hundreds of people are going to die. So, I don’t want to and I don’t want to hurt these guys but I’ve got them captive and if she doesn’t get to me soon, I’m going to have to do something. It was a cool group of scenes. It was tough because you’re like, wow, he’s doing all this stuff and he punches Jimmy, and does all these awful things but how do you play it where you feel bad for the guy whose about to do awful things?” Laura: “My very first scene on Smallville was like seven pages with Tom which was nerve wrecking enough. I was so nervous cause there was so much dialogue and it was expositional and it was me talking about suspended animation and it went on and on. This was my first day and I wanted to do a good job. I didn’t know if I could handle it. You have marks when you are doing scenes and they put tape on the floor to tell you which mark is next. The floor was covered in marks and I walked around this whole room talking to the ceiling, the door, and he’s behind me listening. That was the scene that

really challenged me. I got through it and I felt fairly good about it but never completely satisfied. It made me realize that I could handle things that I didn’t think that I could.” Where can we find you online? Sam: I’m working on a new (personal) website right now Laura: I don’t have Facebook, My Space, or Twitter. There are impersonators so if I’ve been talking to you and I’m rude, I’m sorry. What is scary is a friend of mine texts me and says that I heard you don’t have Facebook, I’ve been talking to you for a year. My friends! They obviously don’t know me well or you just have to be careful. I do have a website: Other than that, just be careful cause there are a lot of impersonators. Great fan spaces.

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Superman Celebration. The ceremony was really well done with several speaking about Noel along with the work that went into getting this project done. Noel did speak and was her normal sweet self. She is always so appreciative of everything and thanked everyone for coming out for the event. Also in attendance was the artist of the statue, Gary Ernest Smith along with Kevin Magg who heads the company that built the statue. The statue is very impressive looking and it was a great ceremony. Amazing work on it!!

Noel Neill Receives Special Lois Lane Statue


he 2010 Superman Celebration is underway in Metropolis, IL. Today was the ceremony unveiling the new Lois Lane/Noel Neill statue. Thankfully, the storms that hit this morning were done just in time for the ceremony. So, we had a rain free ceremony. A big crowd turned out to see the debut of the statue. Noel Neill was in attendance riding up in a classic car. She was accompanied by the official Superman of the 2010

James Marsters Attended Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2010 Weekend June 10-12th

Photos Credit Wireimage

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Season 10 Episode Titles 10x01 (Premiere) Lazurus

Season 10 Official Description


he end of the beginning starts here. Taking flight in its tenth and final season, this modern retelling of a hero’s legendary origins continues to blend realism, action, heart and humor as Clark Kent (Tom Welling) soars toward claiming his birthright. Clark has emerged from his darkest hour, only to find the path to his destiny blocked by ghosts from the past shadows in the present tempting Clark toward the darkness at every turn. Despite insurmountable odds, is Clark strong enough to step into the light and claim his rightful place as Earth’s mightiest protector? As “Smallville’s” epic ninth season came to a close, General Zod (Callum Blue) and his Kryptonian Army declared war on the people of Earth. Clark prevented the deaths of thousands, if not millions of humans by using the Kryptonian Book of Rao to stop the attack. The spiritual tome opened a gateway to another world, one where Clark’s people could exist in peace. Oneby-one, every Kryptonian on Earth was propelled across the universe, but as Clark prepared for his “ascension,” Zod refused to leave. Using a blue Kryptonite dagger to make himself human and avoid being sucked into space, Zod remained behind so that he could rule a world without its guardian, Clark Kent. Having no other option to rid the world of Zod’s tyranny, Clark plunged the dagger into his own abdomen, protecting himself from ascension - and exiling Zod in the process. Though victorious, Clark’s win was bittersweet as he plummeted off the building and into the darkness below.

means to be a superhero. Given how dangerously close Clark has skirted to crossing the line in the name of “justice” in the past, will he truly earn the right to be the symbol of good for humanity, or will he prove the naysayers right, that no one individual can be judge, jury and enforcer. In the midst of this turmoil, a new danger will emerge as a dark force takes on many faces, threatening Clark at every turn. Hawkman (Michael Shanks), Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort), and Jonathan Kent (John Schneider), Clark’s late, adopted father forever and always Clark’s moral compass, will stand by Clark’s side as he takes his final steps toward accepting his birthright. He will need all the help he can get to fight the impending evil onslaught... the greatest darkness ever unleashed on Earth. The season ten premiere, “Lazarus,” opens mere seconds after last season’s finale. Clark Kent wakes from his near-death experience, haunted by the ghosts of his past, both friend and foe. Given a new lease on life, Clark must find a way to rid himself of every last temptation, to purge himself of every last shard of doubt in his heart before he can become the beacon of hope the world needs. But a very real threat from Clark’s past has returned to challenge his ascent, causing Clark to question the nature of his crusade. Lois Lane will face her own crisis of meaning, trying to redefine her place in the world now that she knows Clark’s super secret - but Clark won’t discover that she knows, and that’s the way she wants to keep it. Lois will try her best to keep the mild-mannered reporter at arms’ length in the hopes that a life free of romantic complication will make him a better hero.

Struggling with her own affairs of the heart, Chloe Sullivan will be faced with an impossible question how much is she truly willing to sacrifice to protect After a fateful kiss, Lois Lane (Erica Durance) realized the people she loves? Chloe will take a tumultuous step into danger for the greater good, the hands of that the two men she had been torn between all season - Clark Kent and Metropolis’ heroic Blur - were Fate, her only guide. one and the same. Having finally found redemption When Chloe vanishes, Oliver Queen will be forced and a second chance at love, Chloe Sullivan (Allison to look long and hard at the circumstances behind Mack) and Oliver Queen, a.k.a. the Green Arrow it. Blaming himself for her disappearance, Oliver will (Justin Hartley), were ripped apart. Chloe was forced begin exploring accountability for all his past actions, to painfully listen as the love of her life, Oliver, was good and bad what great lengths will Oliver go to in abducted by mysterious assailants during his attempt order to bring his lost love back home? to help Clark defeat Zod’s Army. And Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman), heir to the late Lex Luthor empire Having risked her own life in an attempt to become and double agent for the now-defunct government accountable for her own misguided actions, no one organization Checkmate, was fatally burned at Zod’s is more surprised than Tess Mercer when she wakes, hand in an attempt to right past wrongs. As Tess alive and well, in a seemingly abandoned medical flatlined in Metropolis General Hospital, she was facility. But what secrets lie in wait in the recesses of visited by a shrouded, elderly woman. The granny’s “Cadmus Labs”? And how much is Tess willing to give motives...still unknown. up to seize her second chance at redemption? Throughout season nine, Clark, bearing the iconic S-shield of his heritage, struggled to find his place “Smallville” was developed for television by Alfred between the human world in which he was raised Gough & Miles Millar (“Shanghai Noon,” “The Mummy: and the Kryptonian world he was born into. Having Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”), based on the DC Comics made peace with his dual heritage, Clark, in season characters. Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson serve as ten, must now find the courage to step out of the executive producers, along with James Marshall, Mike shadows and emerge into the light. Never before Tollin, Brian Robbins, Joe Davola and Tom Welling. The has there been such a dangerous time for Clark to series is produced by Tollin/Robbins Productions, Millar/ step into the public eye and take on the mantle of Gough Ink and Warner Bros. Television. SUPERMAN was the inspirational icon he is destined to be. As the created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. tide of sentiment in Metropolis turns against heroes, branding them as unchecked vigilantes, our defender of justice will be called upon to re-define what it really Description courtesy of The CW Network & Warner Brothers.

Guest Star: John Schneider

10x02 Sheild Guest Star: Michael Shanks

10x03 Supergirl Guest Star: Laura Vandervoort

10x04 (200th Ep) Homecoming Guest Star: James Marsters

10x05 Isis Guest Star: Erica Cerra

10x06 Harvest Guest Star: Lexa Doig

10x07 Ambush Guest Stars: Michael Ironside, Peyton List

Confirmed Returning Guest Stars John Glover (Lionel Luthor) has been confirmed for possible multiple episodes and is supposed to make his first appearance in December. Alan Richman (Arthur Currey aka Aquaman) returns in Episode 9. Kristin at E! News confirmed with our beefy aquatic stud that AC will return in a much darker place than we’ve ever seen him before.

14  OSCK MAGAZINE Issue. 1 Sept 2010

10X1 “LAZARUS” OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION The season premiere picks up where the finale left off. Lois finds Clark’s lifeless body and removes the blue kryptonite enabling him to heal himself. Lois sneaks away before Clark fully awakens in order to protect his secret. Chloe is desperate to find Oliver, so she turns to an unlikely source for answers. Jonathan returns to the Kent Farm with a message for Clark, and Tess awakens in a LuthorCorp lab. Premiere Date: September 24th at 8PM/7PM C on the CW.



“DC COMICS’ CHARACTERS DEADSHOT, Clark (Tom Welling) is stunned when Kara KAT GRANT, CARTER HALL AND (guest star Laura Vandervoort) returns to SHAYERA APPEAR” Earth and tells him Jor El sent her to stop the dark force that is coming because Smallville ‘Shield’ : After Lois departs he doesn’t believe Clark can handle it. for Egypt, the DP hires a new reporter Meanwhile, Lois (Erica Durance) confronts by the name of Kat Grant to take her Gordon Godfrey (guest star Michael place. An assassin named Deadshot Daingerfield), a shock jock radio DJ who takes aim at Kat but Clark learns the has been crusading against heroes, after he man has a dangerous agenda that threatens the Green Arrow (Justin Hartley). involves TheBlur. Carter Hall turns up However, after Godfrey is possessed by the in Egypt to keep an eye on Lois and he dark force, he takes Lois hostage and Clark tells Lois about his wife Shayera. and Kara have to come to her rescue. Air Date: October 1st at 8PM/7PM C on Air Date: October 8th at 8PM/7PM C on the CW. the CW.

Issue 1 Aug. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  15

Granny Goodness Profile

bad deity of Apokolips. During her younger


years, she had a dog named Mercy which she

ommy, Who’s that Old Lady?

trained to kill on command. (Could Tess be-

Throughout season 9 there were

come Granny’s bitch?)

hints of the New Gods’ world of

She is also Chief of the Female Furies. The

Apokolips and the Anti-Life Equation. So when

Furies have included both native Apokolip-

we witnessed an old woman knitting patiently

tians and brainwashed humans. One of which

in a hospital hallway, in-the-know fans cheered

was Selina Kyle (Catwoman, a Batman villain

at Smallville’s introduction of Granny Goodness

& paramour). Could Tess become Smallville’s

to the series. Granny, it seems, has plans for our

version of a Female Fury?

Tess. Crazypants is going more mythos!

In Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers: Mister

A member of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, Granny

Miracle series, the New Gods took human

was born a Lowlie but was raised to be one of

form. Smallville has a history of aliens and

Darkseid’s Hounds (elite soldiers). Using brain-

monsters taking human form. In the comic

washing and torture in her ‘orphanages’, she created fanatically loyal soldiers for Darkseid, super-

Favorite SV Staff Writer Twitter Quote: Anne Cofell Saunders twitter/acofell I’m laughing out loud. Embarrassing. I swear writing Lois is the most fun I’ve ever had writing a character - sorry Starbuck....

story, the Female Furies were prostitutes and Granny Goodness was their madame. All part of Boss Dark Side’s (Darkseid) gang.

Granny & her minion come to Smallville. We’re anxious to see how this all plays out for our hero, Clark. It can only make him stronger and closer to


his destiny as Superman es-






uring SDCC, Kelly Souders referred to ‘the bucket’ of things that the writing staff wants to include in this final season. This show’s fanbase is diverse covering not only fans who have watched Smallville since PILOT but also Superman fans who have read comics, watched movies, animation and/ or television so we may have a few things to add to their pail. First and foremost: FLYING! Mr. Slow and Steady needs to get his butt off the ground. The Wright Brothers didn’t take that long and Donner did it early in a two hour film. Flying defines Superman. Make us believe a man can fly!

Clark proposes then she can move in with him. They need to be at least engaged or on the verge of marriage by the finale. Fans have been wanting a birthday party for Lois and a visit by the General and Lucy needs repeating.* Lois meeting Dr. Emil would be fantastic. She needs to be the intrepid reporter with critically acclaimed articles and the Lane Kent team needs to move upstairs at the Daily Planet with inferences of working for Perry White, Editor-in-Chief. Clark Kent. Our guy. He really

pecially in the final season.

can we get some sneaky Clark, that’s always fun. He should take Lois to the Fortress of Solitude and show her his collections. Also his designs for the statues of Jor-El and Lara and his Kryptonian tech computer. Most importantly, our hero definitely needs to come out of the shadows to be the light in the darkness that is heading our way.* People need to trust the super guy because they see his face. Clark can then hide behind Lois’ Chutzpah so no one will guess the secret.

Other powers we should be seeing are micro, macro and telescopic vision. It would be great if they showed Clark completely comfortable with his powers using them for everyday routines, e.g. supershaving or kissing Lois’ cheek as he superspeeds by. And for sure, Clark should know Lois Lane’s heartbeat above all others. Speaking of Lois, fans would love to see the Modern Age relationship. Clark and Lois together even when they’re apart. Partners, lovers, soulmates. In the comics, there was a story about Lois fixing Clark beef bourguignon, which Jeph Loeb revitalized during his Superman comics run. So we’d like to see Lois fix it, Clark enjoy it; so we get the food, the codeword, and the sex (lots of the latter please, SV has to catch up with the other CW shows in this area). Lois needs her own Metropolis apartment with the caveat that if

needs to TELL Lois the secret OUTLOUD and ONSCREEN.* Oh yea and FLYING! (bears repeating) GLASSES! That whole dual identity thing must come to fruition this final season. He needs to be an investigating reporter about crime (Intergang) and people’s plights. There are things he can do as a journalist he can’t do as the super guy and vice versa. Remember this: Clark has two jobs. Saving the world and saving Lois Lane. If that means some makeout sessions at The Daily Planet, so be it. Clark has to tell Lois he loves her FIRST. And

Smallville has had its own share of retcons, here are a few more. Mxyzptlk was horribly botched. He is the most powerful being in any universe or dimension and he can be fun, too. Clark could use the REAL imp’s mischief to help with Darkseid. (subliminal msg: Martin Klebba) Pete Ross needs to reappear or be referenced as being on the political track or even being engaged to Lana Lang. **snicker** A Kawatche bracelet mention (Brian & Kelly did script that story) would tie up that Smallville mythos. JAMES BAR-

THOLOMEW OLSEN should appear or be referenced in a HUGE way. Suggestion: Make him a badass photojournalist as in the soon-to-be released Superman: Earth One. And get Aaron Ashmore to make an appearance. There really isn’t any other ‘Jimmy’ for this show.


few events to contemplate: A Christmas episode for Clark and Lois. These happen annually in the comics. The helicopter save from the Superman movie would make us grin from ear to ear.* Dr. Emil Hamilton working at S.T.A.R. Labs. Clark racing The Flash (preferably Jay Garrick). Luthorcorp becomes Lexcorp even if they have to use Lex II to do it. The suit is always controversial no matter what they do. Flashes of him in it from visions of the future are great. He’s not Superman yet on the show. Probably last episode will be him fulfilling his destiny and the suit with Lois naming him. But that means Tom will have to wear the suit for the flashes so he’s in the suit. That sounds win-win to me. Oh yea, and if they could put Durance in the cape ala Hatcher’s infamous photo on the internet – we’d be very, very happy. So definitely an ENORMOUS bucket to fill. Maybe if we all sent them our puke buckets from season 7 they wouldn’t have spilled over. It’s a good predicament to be in. So much mythos, so little time. As Superman fans we have faith and hope and lots of love for our character and his current creators on the show. Dazzle us and make us feel every lovely moment of this final season so we can say: The Little Show That Could, SUCCEEDED.

16  OSCK MAGAZINE Issue. 1 Sept 2010

GET READY FOR VILLANY OF THE FOURTH WORLD KIND Yes, our hero, Clark Kent, will be encountering the Big Bad Daddy

for her dark god and supervises the Female Furies; and Glorious his minion to set the stage for his grand entrance. Godfrey, the ‘propaganda minister’, who has the power of persua-

So hold onto your motherbox. It’s gonna be a fight for the light

sion. Look to see these baddies make appearances in this final

for fans and for our hero. Is Smallville’s Clark Kent up to the chal-

of them all on Smallville. DARKSEID. Executive Producer Brian Pe- season also.

lenge? A force this strong can either break him or catapult him into

tersen says we will see him in a form we’ve never seen before. And

Smallville has a history of taking monsters and putting them

becoming Superman! Can’t wait to see how this develops.

from the looks of the season 10 clip we got at San Diego Comic Con,

into human form – and vice versa. The comics have addressed this

Here is the Anti Life Equation: loneliness + alienation + fear

His Hugeness will definitely start out CGI as will his parademons!

also. Darkseid was Big Boss Darkside in Grant Morrison’s the Seven

+ despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misun-

A DC character created in the Bronze Age of comics (1970-1984) by Jack Kirby, Darkseid rules fiery and desolate Apokolips. One of

Soldiers: Mr. Miracle. He has always been affiliated with Intergang derstanding x guilt x shame x failure x judgment n=y where in one story or another. So a ‘humanization’ of this character is

y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=dark side

the worlds inhabited by the New Gods. He’s in constant search possible. for the Anti-life Equation which destroys hope and places people under his control.

Since the Anti-Life Equation has been mentioned

He has The Omega Effect (concussive force or beams of disinte- on the show in past seagration from his eyes), superhuman physical attributes, intelligence sons, it’s easy to see how as well as psionic and energy powers. The fact that he is immortal

the introduction of Dark-

makes for an additional challenge for our budding hero.

seid will come into play.

Darkseid has minion. A cavalcade of characters. Sniveling DeSaad A dark force behind the the torturer; ballsy Granny Goodness, who creates supersoldiers

scenes while sending out


How Clark has Learned from his Greatest Mistake

By Erika Blake


ven though Clark Kent might not be flying, he has, thankfully been growing up by leaps and bounds over the past season, a feat that many fans never thought would happen. Episode 100 marked a turning point in the series, which for us at OSCK signalled a downward spiral that it has taken four seasons to recover from. In RECKONING Clark Kent allowed his heart to overrule his reason when he demanded Jor-El to bring Lana back from the dead and when time got reversed his decision resulted in his adopted father’s death. Johnathan Kent served as Clark’s moral compass throughout the beginning of the series. Any time that Clark was faced with a moral dilemna he would goto his father for guidance. It was from Jonathan Kent that Clark’s moral “Black and White” view of the world was born. This moral code is a vital component to Clark’s becoming Superman. Superman cannot see the world in shades of gray, not when weilding the powers that are available to him. He must only go after the most corrupt individuals and use his powers otherwise to help those who cannot help themselves. When Jonathan was taken away from him, Clark was left with his mother for guidance. Martha Kent always believed that the best parenting method was to allow her son to come to his own decisions and make his own choices. It was apparant, quite often that she knew the correct answers, but she didn’t lecture him, and allowed Clark to find his own path on his own. What we discovered in the wake of Jonathan’s death was that Clark existed as a man without a center. That moral center was gone when he was faced with the magnitude of the cost that his reckless decision resulted in. Clouded in grief and blanketed in guilt, the ghost of his decision haunts him still. Without Jonathan there to lecture him about always taking the moral high-ground, Clark’s heart guided him into situations that were completely contradictory to what we would ever expect to see Superman getting in the middle of. Clark chased for a married woman and used his personal strength to punish the guilty. Clark forgave people for crimes that he should’ve been horrified at. Jonathan Kent had to be rolling in his grave; this was not the son that he had raised. These were not the kinds of actions should’ve ever resulted out of the values that he had instilled in his son.


nce Martha left for Washingon, Clark no longer had a home and was set adrift, desperately trying to make sense out of his existence. He spent years in this emotionally twisted dance with Lana. Both of them desperately wanted to be together, but at their core they were incompatible as a couple. Both relied too heavily on their hearts and not their heads. Both sunk into dark moods and that blackness fed off of each other slowly eating away at whatever good feelings they might’ve ever really had for each other. Factor in Lex and his machinations to tear them apart and Clark was on a one man crusade into a battle that he had no chance of ever winning. Clark had saved Lana’s life without her knowing it and he spent years trying to get her on the path of righteous living and failed. Clark still has to learn that sometimes you can’t save someone until they make the decision to save themselves first.


nter Oliver Queen. In the murk of the mess that Clark had made of his life arrived a man who didn’t understand black and white and only saw grey. Oliver was a stark contrast to Clark. In many ways they were similar people - both were orphaned as children; however, Clark found a loving home with warm, real parents as his support system. Oliver? Oliver was left on his own. He was shuttled off to boarding schools, got lost on an island, and became a self-made man at too young of an age. Oliver had wealth, he had the correct values, but had an innate issue with trusting other people because he had lived on his own for so long. The two butted heads. Whenever Clark was around Oliver, Jonathan’s values always overroad whatever else was going on in his life. Oliver and Clark clashed over how to go about handling things. The one line that Clark would never intentionally cross was to kill someone. Even Lex Luthor, he believed was worthy of being saved. Oliver however, never saw this and took matters into his own hand, killed who he believed was Lex and framed another man for the crime. Even through Season 8, Clark still punished himself for his father’s death. His path was beginning to become clearer to him, however, he still didn’t feel that he was worthy of being a great hero and leader. The last thing that he ever wanted was to be seen as a God. Trust waged back and forth between Oliver and Clark until their team became completely fractured and turned against each other. Oliver’s decision to break the team away from Clark resulted in Jimmy getting killed.


he Death of Clark Kent at the end of Season eight was a turning point in his life. Clark broke away from his human ties and focused entirely on being Kryptonian - be the hero his birth father always envisioned him to be, all of the while ignoring the pain in his heart of a new loss that he just couldn’t face. In SAVIOR we found a new man overseeing Metropolis. Clark Kent who always used to wear bright colors now wore his family crest on his chest and sported more Kryptonian style dark apparrel. Once Lois returned from the future, Clark was even more wary of time-travel. Time after time again, even though it often saved him from horrible fates (INFAMOUS) or helped to restore balance on Earth (sending Brainiac to the future in LEGION) overall, time travel brought nothing but grief. When Clark refused to turn back time for Chloe and he informed her “I am not a God” we got to see that Clark was finally coming out of this black hole that he’d dug himself into four years earlier. Clark’s moral center burned brightly inside himself when faced against his father’s greatest nemisis, Zod. Clark spent season nine trying on the cloak of his Kryptonian heritage to see if it fit him or not. Clark realized that everything that meant the most to him in life existed because of his Earth heritage. In the end he learned the harsh lesson that Jor-El made him face, that the biggest mistake of his life was ever believing that he was a God and could play God with other people’s lives. Clark is not here to rule but to guide and inspire. With Jonathan Kent returning for the season 10 premiere of LAZARUS, we can only hope that Clark will finally get the final closure that he needs to move on. Perhaps we’ll get a “between worlds” encounter where Jonathan will finally tell him that it’s alright, he can stop punishing himself for his death. If Clark can finally receive forgiveness from Jonathan, I believe that he can finally learn to forgive himself and the weight that he’s been carrying on his shoulders for all of these years can finally be lifted. And perhaps he’ll finally feel free enough to fly.

Issue 1 Aug. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  17

SMALLVILLE Season 9 on DVD & Blu-Ray Special Features: “Kneel Before Zod” Featurette – An indepth look at this dynamic criminal from Krypton, his origins in DC’s silver age, and his various appearances in more recent film, animation, and liveaction television. • “Justice for All” Featurette – In this script-to-screen featurette, we’ll meet withSmallville creative team as they bring the Justice Society of America, one of the comic world’s most iconic teams of superheroes, to television for the first time. • Cast/Creator Commentaries on episodes Idol (Erica Durance) and Kandor (Callum Blue.) •

Unaired Scenes

18  OSCK MAGAZINE Issue. 1 Sept 2010



Season 9 Summary By Jack Heacock


he ninth season of Small-



Lois returns from a 3 week absence under mysterious circumstances. Clark focused on his training is distracted with her return, and Tess is held captive by Major Zod’s minions.



Lois’s new partner at the Daily Planet, John Corben has a major grudge against the Blur. After a car accident, he finds himself the unwitting victim of a Kryptonian experiment that turns him into METALLO.



A Kryptonian virus is unleashed over Metropolis, turning it’s citizens to turn into crazed, deadly, Zombie-like creatures. Clark, Emil, and Chloe must find a way to stop it before it spreads over all of humanity.

Alessandro Juliani



Clark discovers that he has the ability to hear people’s thoughts. Oliver discovers that an old enemy, Toyman, is ready to get his name cleared for killing Lex Luthor, or else, Oliver will have to pay the ultimate price.

Chris Gauthier, Terrance Stamp



Oliver is caught in a deadly game. He must learn the rules as he goes, try to find some trust in a mysterious woman, Roulette, who started him on the game’s path that will lead him to his doom if he fails to win.

Steph Song



Determined to stay employed in a tough economy, Lois tries out for host of a morning talk show and takes Clark along for the ride. Oliver finds himself a new apprentice and must help her rid herself of her former life.

Emily Ullerup, Elise Gatien



Clark discovers that Jor-El came to earth along with the Kandorians in the Orb. Jor-El learns that life has changed much since he put himself and Zod’s army in the bottle and must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the son, he never knew.

Julian Sands, Sharon Taylor



The Blur has an imposter who’s out wrecking havok on his good name. Clark David Gallagher, discovers the Wonder Twins are behind the mess, all of the while Lois seeks Allison Scagliotti, professional help to come to terms with her vivid dreams & feelings for Clark/Blur. Dylan Neal



Tess kidnaps Lois and taps into her memories in order to discover her whereabouts for her lost 3 weeks. Clark comes to Lois’s rescue and relives the memories of Lois’s time in the future and gets to see a world ruled by Zod.

Alessandro Juliani , Ryan McDonell



A mysterious Dark Archer patrols Metropolis taking out friends, lovers, and disciples of Green Arrow. Oliver must track down his former mentor and stop him from hurting those closest to him.

Elise Gatien, Steve Bacic, Sharon Taylor



Clark & Chloe learn of a secret order of heroes from the past called The Justice Society. With the reluctant help of Hawkman, Dr. Fate, and Stargirl, they track down Icicle an agent for a covert government organization called Checkmate.

Michael Shanks, Pam Grier, Phil Morris, Brent Stait, Brittney Irvin



When a boy steals a rare Warrior Angel comic book that was cursed by Zantana’s father, he becomes the superhero. Chloe falls for the handsome hero only to discover that the magic behind the curse is anything but dreamy.

Serinda Swann,



When Clark gets infected by Sparkle Kryptonite everyone around him is under his power; including Lois who takes his off-hand suggestion of making their relationship tradional to a whole new level. Clark tracks down Jor-El’s killer.

Alessandro Juliani


CONSPIRACY Someone is kidnapping the Kandorians. Both Zod and Clark are on the case when JR Bourne, Sharon Faora’s sister Vala disappears. Lois is approached by a man who’s convinced that Taylor aliens walk amongst us and is forced to write his story.



An innocent weekend getaway for Lois & Clark turns awkward when they stumble upon Chloe & Oliver staying at the same Inn. Romance turns to murder when an ancient Scottish ghost escapes & vows to destroy all men in her path.

Odessa Rae



Oliver is kidnapped by Checkmate whose leader Agent Waller is determined to recruit the Blur & Watchtower by using Arrow as bait. Clark questions J’onn’s motives when he appears on the scene and is already on the case.

Pam Grier, Phil Morris



Clark gets infected by Red Kryptonite and follows Zod on a mission to take out Chloe’s stockpiles of Kryptonite weapons. Meanwhile Lois is saved from a lab explosion, not by The Blur, but by Metallo who was upgraded & fears for his life.

Brian Austin Green



Lois who’s been working for a false Blur, puts her life on the line to protect Clark’s alias when his image is caught on film. Lois is kidnapped by Maxwell Lord & Clark must find her before Lord can probe her mind and learn his identity.

Gil Bellows, Dylan Neal



Chloe’s plans to upgrade Watchtower backfire & Traps her and Tess inside of it. Meanwhile, Clark learns that Zod’s army is all superpowered and he tries to discover a way to defeat the army.

Pam Grier, Sharon Taylor, Ryan McDonell



Clark welcomes home his mother Martha Kent & her new boyfriend Perry White. Clark & Lois struggle with their rocky relationship while both Lois & Clark work separately to track down the Book of Rao.

Annette O’Toole, Michael McKean, Gil Bellows



Zod & his army wage war against Earth. With the Book of Rao in hand, Clark must make a life-changing decision in order to save mankind, that would rip him from the life of happiness that his destiny promises & from the woman he loves.

Michael Shanks, Phil Morris, Lee Thompson Young, Alaina Huffman

becoming the world greatest superhero. In the aftermath of a disastrous battle with Doomsday, Clark’s resolve to leave his human existence behind and exclusively embrace his Kryptonian heritage is put to the test when, after a mysterious three-week absence, Lois Lane suddenly appears with a secret of her own: details of a future Armageddon created by Zod and his Kandorian soldiers. Further complicating Clark’s inner struggle is his deepening love for the Daily Planet’s intrepid reporter and the growing problems his dual identity creates for Metropolis’ hottest romantic couple; the skepticism of his fractured team of heroes; and finding his team caught in the crossfire of a war between a covert government agency (Checkmate) and a team of former superheroes. This actionpacked, mythos-filled season of Smallville was heralded by fans as one of the finest seasons in the history of the long-running series.

Special Guest Stars


ville chronicled the next

step in Clark Kent’s journey to

Episode Description

Brian Austin Green, Terrance Stamp, Sharon Taylor Brian Austin Green, Alessandro Juliani

Issue 1 Aug. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  19

Smallville’s 7x4 “Cure” Misses the Point By Jack Heacock

Written by Al Septien and Turi Meyers Guest Star – Dean Cain as Dr. Curtis Knox Cure begins with Chloe and Jimmy in the Talon. He has bought two tickets for a concert and surprises Chloe with them. Chloe spots Sasha Woodman, the meteor freak that controls bees in Season 1, Episode 18, Drone. Thinking she has escaped from Belle Reeve, she follows her outside and learns that Sasha was cured of her meteor infection by Dr. Curtis Knox (Vandal Savage?). Knox, who is working for Lex to erase Level 33.1 patients’ memory of Luthor’s tests, has also been testing the organs of the meteor-infected to find candidates whose organs he can harvest to keep his wife alive indefinitely. Chloe, being meteor-infected, visits Knox and sets an appointment to be cured of her affliction. Clark tries to talk Chloe out of having the procedure, concerned about the side effects of memory loss. Chloe says if she has to give up a little of her past to have a future; so be it. Even if it means forgetting about Clark because she’s concerned that saving a life sometime in the future may end up killing her.

Clark’s Top 10 Most Super Moments 10. Defeating Titan in COMBAT – Although initially Clark’s motives for

wanting to take on the Kryptonian Phantom menace, Titan, in COMBAT were far from nobel, once he joined his alien foe in battle, Clark realized that he had entered a death match. The massive creature was close to defeating Clark when he found some final depths of strength and pulled out a whopper of a super punch that sent the giant phantom soaring and ultimately skewering himself with his own horned weapon. Clark pushed his own physical strength to their limits and won.

9. Super Jumping Across Metropolis in CRIMSON – Even though he

was infected with Red K, Clark Kent’s deepest desire was for Lois Lane to see that he wasn’t just a dorky farmboy, but a hero. Best way to do that? Act like a complete show-off and reveal to his biggest skeptic that a real hero can soar across the city without wires or hi-tech gadgets.

8. Talking Zantana out of her Grief - HEX – One of Clark’s greatest

powers doesn’t involve any of his super powers, but his ability to reason with unreasonable people. In HEX, Zantana was overcome with survivor’s guilt and decided to use dark magic to trade places with her father and bring him back to life. Chloe picked the wrong moment to arrive and found herself the unwitting exchange offering for Zantana’s father. Through sound reasoning, riddled with Kent honesty and heart, Clark used his own pain at losing his father to connect with the lost woman and made Zantana realize that her father would not have wanted her to do swap places and she reversed the spell.

7. Bringing down the Helicopter in EXPOSED – in a nod to SUPERMAN

After harvesting an organ from Sasha Woodman, Lex catches Knox dumping her body. He orders Knox to stop the killing. Knox approaches and Lex shoots him in the heart. Knox appears dead but is not, saying that Lex’s 9mm bullets aren’t enough to stop him. He knocks Lex unconscious and is about to kill him when Clark dashes in, pushes Knox into a power transformer and blurs an unconscious Lex away. Lex awakens in the hospital and tells Clark that Knox is immortal, showing Clark photos and paintings of Knox from centuries past. Clark goes looking for Chloe and finds her seconds before Knox removes her heart. As Knox and Clark fight, Knox says, “You don’t know the pain of living centuries and watching the women you love grow old and turn to dust.” Clark replies that he is more like Knox than the doctor knows. The fight ends with Chloe saved and Knox’s wife dying when her life support equipment is inadvertently destroyed during the fight. Martian Manhunter takes charge of Knox and the doctor disappears. There were several underlying themes in this episode but the most significant one was buried under Clana and Chimmy angst storylines. The theme of an immortal developing a relationship with a mortal person was barely touched upon. It failed to take advantage of the chance to delve into the dilemma an immortal faces by having a relationship

with a mortal; the pain of losing their loves to old age while remaining virtually ageless. As good an episode as Cure was, it missed the mark by not focusing on that theme; one that is integral to Superman lore and the who purpose that Dr. Curtis Knox played in the episode.

THE MOVIE, Clark used two skills to help rescue Lois Lane when she had been abducted by human smugglers in EXPOSED. Realizing that they were about to get away in a helicopter, Clark superjumped up to the helicopter and planted a hook and rope on it. Once safetly on ground he used his super strength to bring the copter back down and out of commission.

6. Clark Rescues Perry White – PERRY – Nosy journalist Perry White came

to Smallville in season 3 and found himself on Clark’s trail. Determined to expose Clark for the hero that he suspected him to be, Perry tied himself to a bridge and threw himself off, hoping that Clark would reveal his secret. Instead, thanks to solar flares interferring with Clark’s abilities, Clark climbed down the rope and attempted to rescue Perry without his powers. Perry witnessed the rope burns on his hands and realized that his lust for the story nearly caused a good man’s life.

5. Cushioning the Train’s Fall in SAVIOR – Clark’s super alter-ego The

Blur was hard at work when an elevated train fell off of the tracks and plunged towards the ground in SAVIOR. Using his super speed and super strength to stop the train before it smashed to the ground, Clark caught it, and put the entire train safetly onto the ground. His reward for his act of heroism was realizing that one of the lives that he saved on the train was a lost love who he thought that he had lost forever.

4. Blowing up Lex’s Lab – JUSTICE – Oliver Queen taught Clark a lesson

that he’s learned to live by; it is not immoral to destroy private property. After saving Bart from Lex’s evil clutches, Clark found himself faced with a moral dilema, should he allow Oliver to blow up the lab that housed torture devices and tons of Kryptonite? Confirming with Chloe that there weren’t any humans left in the building, Clark agreed to the act. This act showed us the first real glimpse of the leader that Clark would become with Green Arrow, Impulse, Aquaman, and Cyborg looking to him for final approval for big ops.

3. Diffusing the Nuke in HIDDEN – Back from the dead and fully restored

to his full super-charged self after Jor-El’s punishment of taking away his powers in ARRIVAL, Clark became the only hope for humanity when a nutjob released a nuclear warhead. Clark superjumped onto the rocket, travelled with it into space, and removed the nuke’s core and chucked it into space so that the rocket would no longer be a threat to humans.

2. Burning down the Towers in PERSUASION - After trying every peaceful avenue that Clark could to come to terms w/ Zod, a conflicted Clark Kent had no choice but to destroy the RAO solar towers before they went online. His action and resolve epitomized what it means to be Superman; by destroying the towers he blocked Zod’s ability to gain powers and take them away from Clark. Had Zod gained his powers humanity would’ve fallen.

1. Sacrificing Himself in SALVATION - For years, Clark has struggled with

holding onto things for too long. At the beginning of the episode, Clark wanted nothing more than to stay on Earth and fulfill the destiny that he’s spent so many years avoiding. However, as Zod’s forces began a reign of terror on Earth, Clark realized that the only way to achieve peace would be if he used the Book of RAO and left with the Kandorians. Zod’s trickery forced Clark to make the most compassionate decision that he’s ever made on the series; he chose to take his own life, give up his powers, rather than allow Zod to take over Earth.

20  OSCK MAGAZINE Issue. 1 Sept 2010




SMALLVILLE TWITTER FEEDS Smallville Actors Allison Mack - allisonmack Chloe Sullivan Cassidy Freeman - cassidyfreeman Tess Mercer Michael McKean - MJMcKean Perry White Pam Grier - PamGrier Amanda Waller Alaina Huffman - alainahuffman Dinah Lance/Black Canary Allison Scag - allisonscag Jayna/Wonder Twins Steph Song - StephSong Roulette

Past Cast Members Michael Rosenbaum - mrosenbaum711 Lex Luthor Sam Jones III - SamJonesIII Pete Ross John Schneider - John_Schneider Jonathan Kent Eric Johnson - EricJJohnson79 Whitney Foreman

Writers/Producers Writer/Producers Al Septien - alseptien Turi Meyer - Turimeyer Writers Bryan Q Miller - bryanQmiller Don Whitehead - donwhitehead1 Holly Henderson - hollyhenderson1 Anne Coffel Saunders - acofell SV Writers - SV_Writers Geoff Johns - GeoffJohns0

Composer Louis Febre - loufeb

y love affair with Superman began back in 1978 when I first saw Christopher Reeve fly out of the Fortress of Solitude. With that red cape flowing behind him Chris perfectly embodied everything that was Superman; my little 10 year old heart was smitten, I couldn’t ever imagine anyone else in that role. That was also the moment that I fell in love with Clark & Lois and no other romantic pairing since has captured my heart as much as DC’s legendary couple.


’m afraid I wasn’t a fan of “The Adventures of Lois and Clark” back in the 90’s. Though I know they had loads of fans I just somehow couldn’t get over that Dean Cain had brown eyes, BROWN EYES! Superman didn’t have brown eyes, this diversion from the mythos was a deal breaker for me and nothing could sway me into watching the series.

just like a young Superman should look too; inky black hair a killer smile not to mention a very nice physique. As the seasons and time passed, Tom Welling slowly but surely began replacing Chris in my heart.


very episode from “Pilot” to “Salvation” just solidified one all consuming desire: I wanted to see Tom on the big screen as Superman.


uperman is my favorite superhero because of his innate goodness and his willingness to forgive. From


started hearing about a new Superman show on the WB network called “Smallville” back in 2001 and hoped that they had gotten Clark Kent right this time. The producers were quick to say this series wasn’t about Superman; it was about Clark Kent and his teenage years. So I plopped down in front of the TV to check out this new show to see if the guy who they had cast as the future Superman had the right colored eyes; otherwise, I figured, why bother? But then Tom Welling walked on the screen. Boy did he ever have the right eyes; blue/green to be exact. Nice. He looked

the first moment I saw Tom on screen I saw Clark Kent in a brand new way. In previous screen incarnations Clark was often seen as a doof but sweet. Welling’s depiction made him a real person. Tom brought a sweet innocence and freshness to the role that brought the Clark Kent character to life. Through Tom’s portrayal I believe the struggles that Clark went through from his growing powers, to fighting his destiny, and to finally accepting it.


eason 9 the EPICness of this season was like no other. From the moment Clark aka the Blur caught the train to the absolutely thrilling cliffhanger fight between Clark & Zod. No longer was he just the meek, sweet farm boy, but he became a decisive hero. Majestic, captivating us with his inner strength, Welling fully embodied Superman for this fan.


uring the episode “Rosetta” it felt as if Chris was passing the torch to Tom giving a stamp of approval so to speak that he was now the future Superman. Tom is truly our first real modern day Clark Kent and it is only right that he should be allowed the opportunity to don the cape and complete his character’s journey from farm boy to Superman. To the folks casting “Superman: Man of Steel”, I believe that they need look no further then Tom Welling; he‘s grown immensely as an actor the nuances from the way he stands to the way he conveys Clark Kent‘s emotions so effortlessly; with his ten years of already developing the character’s backstory, Tom has gained an insight into Clark Kent that hasn’t been seen before on the big screen. Give him the chance to don the cape and he would bring depth to the role like no other before him.


may be a bit biased when I say Welling should be considered for the role of Superman but take a look at any S9 episode and tell me he wasn’t made to play the Man of Steel, Go ahead, I dare you.

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Keeping up with the Stars


Smallville & Superman Stars Latest Projects

The CW Picks up Tom Welling’s HELLCATS!

Fall of 2009 Tom Welling and “Caprica”/”Reaper” alum Kevin Murphy, and A.J. Marcantonio joined forces to bring “Cheer: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders” by Kate Torgovnick to television. The book follows the real life exploits of several college teams as they battle for victory at the national cheer Championships. Tom Welling Productions brought the concept to Warner Brothers and the CW and early in 2010 they were asked to create a presentation of the series and soon after the CW ordered a pilot. Part soap, part teen drama, the series seemed like a perfect fit for the CW’s girly TV line-up. The series found it’s leads in stars Alyson Michalka, Ashley Tisdale, and Matt Barr.

Producer Kevin Murphy described the series as a cross between “Election” “Saved” and “Heathers.” The CW released their official description of the series: Welcome to Lancer, University the home of the Hellcats competitive cheerleading squad. Enter Marti Perkins (Alyson Michalka) a pre-law student who finds out that she must find a way to pay for her college education or risk losing it all. Cue the answer could it be by joining the cheerleading squad headed by Savannah Monroe (Ashley Tisdale) the captain of the Hellcats who has just lost one of their top flyers. Could they be the answer to each others prayers?

In a recent Entertainment Weekly poll, fans voted “Hellcats” as the second most In May The CW selected the college drama to anticipated new series for Fall, right behind become a part of their Fall 2010/2011 TV Slate. CBS’s “Hawaii 5-0” reboot. “Smallville” it is not. At the CW Upfronts Tom Welling told Zap2it. But with two former Disney Channel ‘tween com that he was drawn to the project because leads in the cast, this series already has a built in of the struggles experienced by the serie’s lead audience, and with it’s guilty pleasure “Bring it character, “The sacrifice that Aly’s character goes On” appeal, this could be the hit that the CW has through, what your willing to give up in order to been searching for since the fledgeling network’s get what you want out of life cause you can’t have inception. everything and she sacrifices a lot.” “Hellcats” will air this fall Wednesday’s 9/8c on the In an interview with Variety on October 7th 2009, CW.

Erica Durance’s New Film “Sophie”

When she learns that the elephant has been sold to a circus she tracks down the elephant to the circus. Erica portrays “Natalia” a beautiful silks performer who quickly becomes Sophie’s friend.

Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy Olsen) landed a role on USAs “In Plain Sight.” Lee Thompson Young (Cyborg) was cast as a regular on TNT’s SMASH summer hit series “Rizzoli & Isles.” The series has been picked up for a second season. Alan Ritchman (AC) - College football comedy “Blue Mountain State” was renewed for a 2nd Season on SpikeTV. Alaina Huffman (Black Canary) is hard at work on Season 2 of SyFy’s STARGATE UNIVERSE. Alaina was pregnant during the filming of the first season and her pregnancy had to be written into the series. Sam Witwer (Davis Bloom) Joins SyFy’s US version of “Being Human” Sam stars as Vampire Aidan. Jessica Parker Kennedy (Plastique) joins NBC’s new JJ Abrams Spy drama “Undercovers.”


Kristin’s character Hannah met Chuck on a trip to Paris where she was unfortunately having to clean out her office after being laid off from her place of employment. Chuck off-handedly mentioned that the former systems administrator could get a job at the Buy More in Burbank, CA where he worked. Hannah, seized the opportunity to take employment where she could in a downed economy with the added bonus of getting to work with the Nerd Herd’s cute lead tech.

The story circles around a young girl who’s parents own a zoo, give up an elephant in order to fulfill her dreams of becoming a ballet star.

Michael Rosenbaum has a new Sci-Fi sitcom in developement for SyFy called “Saved by Zeroes.” He plays a former sci-fi star who now relives his glory years on the comic convention circuits.

Kristin Kreuk & Brandon Routh Play Spy Games on This past season of CHUCK was invaded by Superman alums. SMALLVILLE’S Kristin Kreuk and former Superman, Brandon Routh were cast as semi-regulars on NBC’s hit action-comedy series CHUCK.

Erica Durance spent her break between seasons this Summer on SMALLVILLE working on a new Canadian family film production “Sophie.”

Where are they now?

Chuck’s double life ultimately complicated things in a way that made it impossible for them to pursue a real relationship. (The fact that Chuck was not over Sarah, was of course another factor.) Image Courtesy of NBC/Universal

Kristin was truly delightful in her role on the series. Hannah was a smart young woman, who, had circumstances been different, might’ve been a good mate match for Chuck. After years of playing Lana Lang, Kristin easily fell into the role of the woman who wasn’t in on the series hero’s big secret; but unlike Lana, Hannah was no doormat. Kristin and Zachary Levi also had great chemistry together. Another Superman genre actor who found a new place on CHUCK was Brandon Routh. Brandon’s character, Daniel Shaw who was brought into the Burbank CIA office in order to evaluate Chuck to see if he was ready to become a spy. Shaw was supportive of Chuck and unlike Sarah and Casey, didn’t protect him but allowed him to act on his own accord. Shaw appeared to be Chuck’s

greatest supporter - at work, all of the while he made the moves on Sarah to further separate the couple. After several grueling tests Chuck was declared a spy, but the cost was high. Sarah and Shaw were reassigned together and Chuck would have to begin a world jumping life of loneliness. Unable to handle that he chased Sarah only to discover that Shaw was in fact a Double Agent and was working for nefarious counter-terroritst group, The Ring. In the midst of trying to get Sarah back, Chuck was forced to kill Daniel Shaw in order to save her life. New developments at the end of the season left more quesitons than answers when Shaw returned from the dead and planted an Intersect in his own head, marking him as Chuck’s full nemesis. Brandon played his role beautifully. From his introduction his motives were shady. His support for Chuck made you want to believe that he was one of the good guys, but Brandon did a great job of balancing the dual nature of his character. By the end of the season Brandon had crafted a complex character that achieved one of the most difficult things in entertainment; he became a character that you love to hate. CHUCK allowed both Kristin and Brandon to explore new sides to their acting and widened their exposure to a new different, and very enthusiastic fanbase. Here’s hoping that both might make return appearances in the next season. Season 3 of CHUCK can be purchased on AMAZON. com.

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Smallville & Superman Stars were out and about this Summer.

Star Sightings

1) Tom Welling appeared at the CW Upfronts in NYC.

2) Laura Vandervoort appeared at the 11th Annual MAXIM Hot 100 Party.

3) Michael Rosenbaum strutted his stuff at Victoria Secrets “What is Sexy?” Party.

4) Sam Jones III & Cassidy Freeman both were on hand for Billabong’s 4th Annual Design For Humanity Charity Event

5) Phil Morris (and Linda Morris) Attended Premiere of “Multiple Sarcasms.” 6) Tom Welling @ Barneys New York Celebrates The Release Of Jerry Weintraub’s New Book 7) Sam Jones attended Donate Life Hollywood Film Festival 8) Brandon Routh appeared at 2010 Seattle International Film Festival “Miss Nobody” Premiere

9) Michael Rosenbaum 2010 NHL Awards Show in Las Vegas.

All images are from WireImage & Getty Images

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Smallville Stars Light up Broadway! Smallville stars John Glover and Allison Mack changed addresses and have currently been calling New York City home. John Glover appeared in

of a large ensemble rotating cast with an impressive resume of experienced actresses that include Rosie O’Donnell, Jane Lynch, Brook Shields, Kristin Chenoweth, Tyne Daly, Kate Mulgrew, Rhea Pearlman, and Rita Wilson. The play’s official web-

an off Broadway play called

site describes it as “Like the

“Secrets of the Trade” where

popular book, Love, Loss and

he played Martin Kerner.

What I Wore uses clothing and

The play opened August

accessories and the memo-

10th, 2010 and closed Sep-

ries they trigger to tell funny

tember 4th, 2010.

and often poignant stories

The New York Times de-

that all women can relate

scribed Glover’s perfor-

to.” The Production is per-

mance as: “Mr. Glover is well

formed with a rotating cast

cast as the debonair Martin,

schedule of 5 actresses and

oozing sophistication and the

each group will perform in

kind of gushing enthusiasm

four week cycles.

for other people’s work that

You can follow the off-

doesn’t really hide a blinkered fixation on his own.” Allison Mack has happily taken a hiatus from SMALLVILLE to star in a play “Love, Loss, and What I Wore” from Nora Ephron (“Sleepless in Seattle,” “You’ve Got Mail”) and Delia Ephron. Allison is part

Boradway play on their website at: “Love, Loss, and What I Wore” is currently playing at The West side Theater in New York City.

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WB/DC COMICS ON TWITTER Superman/Batman /SupermanBatman


Superman/DC Comics News

Geoff Johns - GeoffJohns0

Fan Sites: Superman Homepage/ SupermanHomepge

Superman/Batman Apocalypse DVD

DC Comics Podcasts itunes/

WB/DC Films Info

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

Release Date: September 28, 2010

Animated Full Length Film: Voiced by Summer Glau (Supergirl,) Tim Daly (Superman,) and Kevin Conroy (Batman.) See Details >

The Green Lantern

Release Date: June 17, 2011 Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Robbins, and Angela Bassett.

Batman 3

Release Date: Summer 2012 In Development: Script being written. Christopher Nolan on board to produce.

Superman: Man of Steel:

Release Date: December 2012 In Development: Script being written by David S. Goyer. Christopher Nolan to produce.

The Green Lantern 2 & The Flash

Release Date: Unknown In Development: Scripts are being written by Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim

Studio: Warner Bros. Genre(s): Animation, Action/ Adventure Synopsis: When a spaceship splashes down in Gotham Harbor, Batman and Superman encounter a mysterious Kryptonian with powers as great as Superman’s. When Darkseid gets wind of this, he has the Kryptonian abducted and brought under his control on Apokolips. It’s up to Batman and Superman to retrieve the Kryptonian, forcing them to infiltrate Darkseid’s hostile world where superpowerful threats lurk around every corner. This story is based on Jeff Loeb’s popular mini-series from the Superman/ Batman comic books. Director: Lauren Montgomery Producer: Bruce Timm, Bobbie Page, Lauren Montgomery Voice: Kevin Conroy ( Batman) , Tim Daly (Superman), Andre Braugher (Darkseid) , Summer Glau (Supergirl), Ed Asner (Granny Goodness) Screenplay: Tab Murphy

DVD Features: A first look at the next installment of the DC Universe movie. DC Showcase Short Film: Green Arrow The New Gods Featurette - chronicles the tale of Darkseid and why he reigns supreme as one of the most brilliant, and toughest challengers the Super Heroes must face, and what his threat for tomorrow could bring. New Gods: Mr. Miracle pod New Gods: Orion pod Supergirl: The Last Daughter of Krypton Vintage Featurette

2010 Spike TV Scream Awards The annual 2010 Spike Scream awards voting is underway. Every year the fans honor the best in horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books. The show will air 10/19/2010 - vote often for your favorites!

Put in your votes and help DC Heroes to win: 1) BEST SUPERHERO - Tom Welling “SMALLVILLE” 2) BEST COMIC BOOK OR GRAPHIC NOVEL: “Blackest Night” 3) BEST COMIC BOOK WRITER: Geoff Johns “Blackest Night, Brightest Day, The Flash, Green Lantern.” 4) BEST COMIC BOOK ARTIST - Frank Quitely, Robin & Batman, Batman. JH Williams III, Detective Comics, Batwoman; Elegy 5) BEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE: The Losers Vote for these and all of your favorites at: http://www.spike. com/event/scream/page/vote/category/39440/ultimatescream

Bonus Episodes Handpicked by Bruce Timm Superman The Animated Series -”Little Girl Lost Pt 1” Superman The Animated Series -”Little Girl Lost Pt 2” Superman The Animated Series -”Apokalips Now! Pt1” Superman The Animated Series -”Apokalips Now! Pt 2” Pre-Order Now for Fall release! This should be must see viewing for any Granny Goodness and Darkseid storylines in Season 10!

Who Played Them on Screen? Clark Kent/Superman

Kirk Alyn - Superman serial films (motion pictures, 1948 – 1950) George Reeves – Superman and the Mole Men (motion picture, 1951) George Reeves – The Adventures of Superman (television series, 1952 - 1958) Christopher Reeve – Superman: The Movie I – IV (motion pictures, 1978 – 1987) Jeff East – Superman: The Movie (played young Clark Kent, motion picture 1978) Gerard Christopher – Superboy (television series, 1989- 1992) Dean Cain – Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (television series, 1993 – 1997) Tom Welling – Smallville (television series, 2001 – 2011) Brandon Routh – Superman Returns (motion picture, 2006)

Lois Lane

Noel Neill – Superman serial films (motion pictures, 1948 – 1950) and The Adventures of Superman (television series, 1953 – 1958) Phyllis Coates – Superman and the Mole Men (motion picture, 1951) and The Adventures of Superman (television series, 1952 – 1953) Margot Kidder – Superman: The Movie I – IV (motion pictures, 1978 – 1987) Teri Hatcher – Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (television series, 1993 – 1997) Erica Durance – Smallville (television series, 2004 – 2011) Kate Bosworth – Superman Returns (motion picture, 2006)

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On July 30th, DC Comics unveiled J. Michael Straczynski’s new vision of Wonder Woman on their blog. The response to DC’s legendary heroine’s new costume design was met with a crack of thunderous cries from fans who either loved or loathed the change. The costume rather looks how I might’ve envisioned that Diana Prince’s outfit would’ve looked had she ever been allowed to appear on Smallville; it’s sleak, colorful, modern, and streamlined. And for the guys who might be sad that her rear is now covered in pants, she still shows off gobs of cleavage. Having leggings replace the swimsuit makes her now look less like a WWE female wrestler and more like a cool chick who’s out to fight crime. She’s ready to kick some serious butt and stylishly heads into battle fully accessorized with lots of sparkly gold bling. Gone are her blaringly patriotic red and white

Lois & Clark “UltraWoman” Review

stripes and stars. Most people seem confused by these omissions. The fact is that with comic book heroes becoming the newest prize commodity in the entertainment industry, from a marketing standpoint it makes complete sense to redesign Wonder Woman to be “worldsavior-friendly” than just America’s greatest heroine. Even Superman no longer just fights for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” because he’s now Earth’s hero. Wonder Woman hasn’t gotten a lot of attention in recent years and has fallen off of the cool list. The last time that we’ve seen her in live action form was from the TV series starring Lynda Carter and that now was 31 years ago. Warner Brother’s keeps trying to get a film project together for her and they keep failing miserably. Why? She hasn’t seemed to have changed with the times the way that her male counter-parts have. Batman constantly gets make-overs so why shouldn’t Wonder Woman? DC wants to make her younger, edgier, and introduce her to a new generation of comic readers who might’ve never had much of an interest in her before. Sure older generations of fans will hate the change (they always do.) The question remains will Wonder Woman’s new look inspire newbies to find her? Only time will tell how well if this gamble produces a win or loss for DC. Irregardless, Wonder Woman, for now is making headlines again and that is good news for the beloved Warrior Princess.

The final act has Lois and Clark walking in the park in the same location where Clark first proposed to Lois. The dialogue that occurs sums up the By Jack Heacock message of the episode best:

Review: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Season 3, Episode 07 - Ultra Woman


ltra Woman was a watershed episode of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman series and one of my favorites. Wonderfully written by Gene O’Neill and Noreen Tobin, and directed by Mike Vejar, this seemingly campy episode carried extremely profound messages about the challenges faced by our superhero and the woman he loves. At the end of Season 2, Clark asked Lois to marry him and her response served as the cliffhanger (that was unfortunately spoiled by TV Guide prior to the Season 3 premiere). Lois had discovered that Clark and Superman were one in the same and when he proposed, Lois’ response was that she had to think about it.

Lois says, “If someone asked me three days ago who I admired most, I’d have said you but without really knowing what that meant. Without understanding that the hardest thing about being you is all the things you can’t do; all the cries for help that you can’t answer and how that quietly tears you apart. But it never stops you. And after living a little of that myself, I realized something; something that I never thought was possible.” “What?” Clark asks. “I love you more; more than I ever have and more than I thought I could love anyone.” She pauses, pulls out the engagement ring that she twice rejected from Clark and says, “And so I want to ask, will you marry me?” “Who is asking,” Clark asks, “Lois or Ultra Woman?”

Fast forward six episodes from the premiere and Lois still hasn’t yet decided whether or not she’s going to accept his marriage proposal. At the heart of her indecision are two key points: that he kept his secret from her even while they were dating, and; that she isn’t sure that she’ll like the idea of sharing him with the world. The episode Ultra Woman begins with Shelley Long (of Cheers! fame) and Mary Gross playing Lucille and Nell Newtrich; sisters who hatch a plan to steal $200 million, using red kryptonite to make Superman apathetic. When Superman and Lois respond to a contrived crisis, Nell fires a red kryptonite laser at Superman. Superman conceals Lois from the ray and his powers are transferred to Lois. With help from Clark, Martha and Jonathan Kent (K Callan and Eddie Jones), Lois assumes the costumed persona of Ultra Woman. As Ultra Woman, she experiences the highs and the lows of being a superhero. The story makes clear the hardships of being a superhero and that only an exceptional person can be one. Equally compelling is the role reversal. Clark, the man of action so accustomed to being the force for truth and justice is relegated to the role of non-powered partner. As Lois becomes more involved in averting crime and crises, Clark is faced with sitting alone by himself awaiting her return. Lois and Clark concoct a plan and eventually, superpowers are transferred back to Clark.

Lois smiles, “Who is answering; Clark or Superman?” “I’m answering,” he says. “I’m waiting,” Lois replies. Clark says yes, puts the ring on Lois’ finger and they kiss, which formally established their engagement. Lois experienced the thrill and satisfaction that comes with being a hero. But she also learned the challenges that come with that responsibility too. She learned that it just wasn’t what a hero does that defines their character, but how a hero deals with what he or she cannot do and the inner strength it takes. Clark’s inner strength was on display throughout this episode. His grace in accepting his inferior role spoke volumes about his character. “He’s strong, Lois,” Jonathan tells her at one point when Lois worries about Clark’s feelings if she dons a costume. “And I’m not talking about how much he can bench press; he’s strong where it counts and when it counts.” While Lois learned what being Superman was like, Clark in turn learned what Lois faces and gave him a new appreciation for feeling diminished by being in someone else’s shadow. Ultra Woman showcased Clark and Lois’ empathy for the plight their counterpart faced in the daily challenges of being a couple when the World’s Greatest Hero was half of that couple. It was a defining moment in the series and was a great character examination wrapped around a fun and campy plot, making it one of the series’ best.

26  OSCK MAGAZINE Issue. 1 Sept 2010

The State of Superman Comics


ver the past year or so whenever Smallville fans ask which Superman comics to start reading, many of us warned them away from present continuity. Beginning early in 2009, continuity had become a one note elseworld. For over a year Clark Kent no longer exists. We’re talking about the guy who works at the Daily Planet. Perry White is one understanding boss. If ‘Clark’ is submitting stories on the sly, this is never addressed. The losses: Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El are no longer in Action comics after 72 years. He was replaced by the new incarnation of Nightwing (not Dick Grayson) and Flamebird. Kryptonian heroes. And in the Superman title we got the Guardian and Mon-El (who got some nookie when married Superman did not). Can you say bait & switch? Oh yea, Jimmy Olsen is presumably dead most of the time. The premise: The Bottled City of Kandor got uncorked and 100,000 Kryptonians appeared on Earth and then created their own planet within Earth’s orbit. After the death of Jonathan Kent, Clark decides he has to help ‘his people’ who are being ruled by General Zod and Kara’s crack’d momma, Alura. This means cutting all Earthly ties such as his wife, Lois Lane. There are no thought bubbles or perspective boxes in the World of New Krypton year long series so we can only assume that Kryptonians may have developed mindreading abilities because Clark never thinks of his wife or looks wistfully at Earth. He mentions her once when her sister Lucy died. Knowing Clark’s thoughts would have only added to the story, especially in the emotion department. Instead he’s a naïve emotionless automaton while the Kryptonians run rampant. The resurrections: Besides the Kryptonians in the bottle or the Phantom Zone. Mon-El, previously mentioned. Chris Kent, now Nightwing. General Lane long dead now lives and hates aliens’ guts. No word on what happened to Mrs. Lane who was alive and well but who had just faded off. Lucy Lane now is military doing Daddy’s bidding (she becomes Superwoman and spies on the Kryptonians and then is ‘killed’ by Supergirl and then is resurrected once again.) No word on her husband, Ron Troope or her son, Sam. Oh yea, eventually they bring Connor Kent (Kon-El) back which is the only positive. And I almost forgot, Adventure Comics which stars Connor (with a lot of Legion of Superheros). More switches: Lana Lang now works at the Daily Planet (so wrong). Cat Grant is in Supergirl comics with her. Supergirl has now taken the last name of Lang instead of Kent. Supergirl apparently flies back and forth between New Krypton and Earth on a whim, Clark does not. I am not making this stuff up! So you introduce 100,000 more superbeings and put them on their own planet near Earth. Kind of takes away from your main character’s uniqueness, but he goes off to help them become accustomed to their new powers. These are adults for the most part, who had lives before the Bottle and the Zone. When suddenly there’s a murder! Who would have guessed? One down, 99,999 to go. And that’s basically how we spent a year. Zod was Zod. Alura was nuts as was General Lane. Lex was working his machinations in the background. Lois figured it all out. Jimmy helped. But those three characters were pretty much non-existent or rarely seen. Superman appears just in time for War of the Superman which followed World of New Krypton. That’s when Kryptonian numbers dwindled. Chris Kent calls our hero, Clark (before Lois has yet to see her husband) and when Zod mentions going after Lois Lane, Superman screams ‘Zod!’ (not the mythic, LOIS!) The 100 minute war took a month our time. What a relief! Superman returned to his wife and the Superman comic in Superman #700. Sidenote: Clark wearing his hero uniform inside his apartment and on a balcony, no less. I always thought that was a no-no. It

By Holli Brown

puts his identity and Lois in danger, right? Clark Kent the journalist still has not returned even though in Robinson’s true reunion story (which was not sexy enough for me – it’s been OVER A YEAR! No bed scene. Apparently the couch is okay.), Supes says that they will return to their DP life. Lois calls her husband ‘baby’ – not Clark – again despite what he says (we’ll go back to being ‘us’) we are not to be reminded of the Clark Kent persona. Why you may ask? Because for the next year penned by J. Michael Straczynski (preview seen

in second story of Superman #700), Big Blue is going on walkabout throughout the US. Doing what he can for people. Getting in touch with humanity (a role that Lois has always served throughout the decades). And it’s doubtful that he’s going to take the Mrs. with him. So another year without Clark Kent or his marriage. Lois Lane Kent better get freaking sainthood! DC is trying to engage readers to suggest their cities and why for future stories. Maybe it’s their way of reviving the American spirit which has been sorely lacking or suppressed these days. So after his walkabout, you know hopefully he’s going to realize that there’s no place like home and he’ll returned to Lois (the best of humanity), Metropolis and the Daily Planet. But it’s going to take another year to get there. Sigh. Also in Superman #700 is a story by Dan Jurgens (creator of Doomsday) and how Superman interacts with a young Robin (Dick Grayson) while Bruce Wayne is out of town. Thanks for that. Included in Superman #700 is a preview of Paul Cornell’s series beginning in Action #890. Cornell did an interview recently where he was being tongue in cheek and the interviewer took him dead seriously. Which has been the prevailing mood beginning in early 2009 in the Superman related books. When Mxy doesn’t show up for his 90 day visit for an entire year, you know that fans are not getting any relief from drama, drama, drama – often contrived drama. No wonder fans have become ambivalent. Unfortunately, Cornell got the brunt of fans’ repressed disdain regarding the recent storylines when he said that Lois was Lex’s girlfriend. I admit I jumped on that like a vengeful harpy. What is this Marvel? Clark & Lois have been separated for well over a year and now they’re going to make her Lex’s girlfriend? Apparently Mr. Cornell got hit at the homefront when a friend of his wife’s had plenty to say on the subject as well. Doctor Who fans are very familiar with Cornell’s work. He has written some of the best Doctor Who novels and later brought them to television. Father’s Day with the ninth doctor (Eccleston) which brought us the classic line. “Don’t touch the baby!” (It could destroy the world.) And Human Nature with the tenth

doctor (Tennant) where the doctor has lost his watch and is John Smith. That episode was based on Cornell’s 1995 novel of the same name. He also has written for Brit tv’s Robin Hood, Primeval, Casualty, Holby City, and Coronation Street. He has a new series out called Pulse. So if you get BBC, check it out if it gets full pickup. He’s just recently signed a two year deal with DC and is apparently working on a new project for them. Onto Action #890. No Clark. Superman is out of town but Lex Luthor is in the house! He’s whackier than ever since he was an Orange Lantern and is all about power and avarice. Pete Woods, the artist, thinks Zooey Deschanel is perfect for a FAKE Lois and it shows. Yeppers, Lex that Mad Hatter of Cloning has built himself a Lois cyborg from Brainiac parts to be his conscience while he murders people. He’s jealous of Superman, but Lois married Clark Kent. Surely an evil genius like Lex can put two and two together? Shouldn’t he wonder why Lois married Clark? Does he think Superman pines for her? At any rate, it was a good read. Interesting, definitely not emotionless. But whether or not I continue with the series or not, not sure yet. Lex to me is a little overrated as the main thrust. They’re going to be calling in other villains as well. Captain Marvel’s arch enemy appears on the last page of 890. Apparently we’re getting this for some time while Supes is on walkabout. Which begs the question when Superman does return will FAKE Lois do what all Loises do? Go gaga over the guy in the cape? It will be interesting to see if that happens. Hopefully Cornell can instill his wry wit and it won’t be misinterpreted by ‘serious’ comic fans. Cornell reported on his website that fans will be seeing a Jimmy Olsen story in

“So Superman fans are still waiting for some ‘normalcy’ in continuity.– great Superman, Clark Kent and Lois Lane stories. Ones with depth, emotion and humor.” Action comics as well. So Superman fans are still waiting for some ‘normalcy’ in continuity.– great Superman, Clark Kent and Lois Lane stories. Ones with depth, emotion and humor. On the not continuity front, I highly recommend Paul Levitz and Jerry ‘Just Kill ‘im’’ Ordway’s Superman Batman series. These two masters of Superman storytelling and art are an oasis for fans. The only time I like Batman is when he’s with Clark, Lois, Alfred and/or Selina Kyle (Catwoman). Superman Batman has these great ‘perspective’ boxes which Jeph Loeb brought over from his Superman writing days. There’s always great action and humor in this magazine. The characters are who they are and who we all know. Beginning in Superman Batman #72, worshippers of Superman plan to sacrifice Lois Lane because she has rejected their deity’s affections and married Clark Kent. Oh, the irony! Clark is in space thinking about Lois, taking care of business and making mistakes. Batman has to take over and save Lois. Meanwhile Lex has far reaching eyes and a dastardly plot, no doubt. This series is like eating a great steak (or smoked tofu for vegans) after being fed dry toast for over a year. Gimme gimme! So for Smallville fans wanting to know what comics to read, right now. Superman Batman is your best bet. Definitely can connect the dots better.

Issue 1 Aug. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  27

When Lois Lane Learns the Secret of Clark Kent An Analysis By Jack Heacock Lane has been a central character in Superman lore from the very Lyearsoisbeginning; Action Comics #1, published June 1938. Yet it took 43 before Lois definitively learned Clark Kent’s secret; in Superman 2, released June 17, 1981.

Since then, Lois Lane learned Clark Kent’s secret in Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman in the Season 2 finale, And the Answer Is… airing May 21, 1995. In Salvation, the epic finale to a ninth season of Smallville, fans were treated to the third live-action version of Lois Lane learning Clark Kent’s secret. Lois Lane has been consistently portrayed as intrepid; fearless and spunky, tenacious and unstoppable, and possessing a great propensity for getting into trouble. She’s a hard-nosed reporter with a heart of gold and a take-no-prisoners approach. But the “triangle built for two” has often caused many fans to dismiss Lois’ characteristics as a journalist based on her connection to Superman and Clark Kent’s weak disguise. In Superman 2, the classic version of the triangle built for two is presented. Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) is smitten with Superman (Christopher Reeve) after he appears out of nowhere and saves her from a helicopter accident. He visits her the following night at her terrace apartment, giving her an exclusive interview on and then taking her for an iconic flight over Metropolis. Conversely, Clark Kent hardly gets Lois’ attention at the Daily Planet until she suspects he is Superman. When she notices similar physical features between the two, she draws a hat, pair of glasses and business suit on a photo of Superman and realizes that he was disguised as the bumbling coworker she ignores every day. Having discovered it, Lois was hell-bent to prove it. She tries leaping out

Superman: An Outdated Hero? By Jack Heacock


y son asked me a few years ago why I was such a big fan of Superman. At the time, Batman Begins had been released and the teaser trailers for Superman Returns were just hitting the web. I was always a big fan of Batman, Christopher Nolan’s version in particular, and he was perplexed at my enthusiasm over the new trailers for Superman Returns. I told him I could relate to Batman. Batman was a human being with nothing more than a huge bank account and was using that wealth to do something good for his fellow man. Batman possesses a sense of responsibility to the community he lives in. He wasn’t interested in accumulating more wealth like many of his economic stature. Tragedy made him to recognize the true value of the deeds of his parents and vengeance motivated him to do his part to continue their work of making Gotham City a better place to live. He just went about it in a different way than his parents. Batman is a human I could relate to; he is someone who, if given the same fortunes, I would want to be. But Superman is different. Superman represents what should be the goal of humanity, defending our most precious human rights and values while serving as an example of hope for the future. Superman leads by example and he does so night or day; his example is the target for which humanity should aim. He embodies what Jor-El in Superman: the Movie told him to be: the light that shows us the way to be the great people we want to be. He is someone I could only aspire to be imitate, not be.

of a Daily Planet building window, intentionally falling over a railing at Niagara Falls, and finally tricking Clark in to revealing himself by shooting him (with blanks). In Lois & Clark, The New Adventures of Superman, Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher) regularly interacts with Superman (Dean Cain) for two years, all the while working along side of and falling in love with Clark Kent, an average but sometimes peculiar guy. In this modern version of the triangle built for two, Lois loves Clark and admires Superman. She dates Clark in the second year of the series. She seldom speculates if Superman has an alternate identity and it’s not something she pursues. Based on a certain way the two lovingly touch her face, Lois eventually realizes Superman and Clark is the same person. Once she makes the discovery, she calls Clark on it when he proposes marriage to her. Lois is not sure that she wants to marry Clark and it takes five more episodes until she finally decides she can marry the man who is Superman. In Smallville, Lois Lane (Erica Durance) has known Clark Kent (Tom Welling) as little more than a farm boy from Smallville for six years. Their relationship grew from an auspicious meeting as strangers to their current status as a romantic couple. The new twist in the modern triangle built for two is that Lois has never seen the super-powered being’s face. At first, finding out the identity of Metropolis’ secretive superhero was her selfimposed mission. But after numerous telephone conversations with him, she develops a deep emotional connection with “The Blur” and resists pleading with him to reveal himself. All the while Lois is falling deeper and deeper in love with Clark. A passionate kiss in the dark from “The Blur” betrays his true identity to Lois. How she will react to that revelation is one of the questions to be answered in the upcoming final season of Smallville. The triangle built for two has never been terribly flattering to Lois Lane and because of it; people often scoff at the notion that Lois is a serious investigative journalist and believe it to be the ultimate irony. But in fact whenever she has learned it, she discovered Clark’s secret on her own when others have not. In that regard, Lois Lane’s attributes as a perceptive and tenacious investigative reporter should remain intact.

When the dark, brooding Batman prevails over the villain, we cheer. When Superman does the same, we are inspired. There is nothing irrelevant about being an inspiration to others. There is nothing outdated in promoting truth, justice, respect for life and the concept of sacrificing for the greater good. A dark Superman is not a Superman I want to see and I am glad that concept was scrapped by DC comics. The world needs a beacon of hope. It needs a figure that represents all that is good with humanity and is willing to do everything in his power to see that the good prevails. The world is sadly devoid of an inspirational leader; one who is selfless, inherently good, and is respectful of all mankind. Superman encourages harmony, tolerance and understanding. He is a hero who is not flawed, is not dirty around the edges, and is not one who does for his own personal aggrandizement. He does it because he believes in humanity and sees the good in us. Superman represents the pinnacle of evolution for mankind; he is our evolutionary destination. He is a being who is capable of imposing his own rules yet he lives by the rules and standards that mankind has always set for itself but never quite meets. He believes in the ideals of humanity when it would be much simpler to accept lesser of it. We read or watch the news everyday in search of the hero; the beacon that personifies our path to greatness as a people. Every time we think we’ve found one, reality sets in and we find that our heroes are idols of clay; frail, weak, flawed. But our disappointment in those we thought were our heroes never stops us

from seeking new ones. Mankind thirsts for one. It desperately needs an unflawed hero to lead us by example to a greater life, a world in harmony. It doesn’t need another flawed hero; our world is littered with them. What the world needs is the man or woman whose motives are pure and never in doubt, who can be relied upon to do the right thing in every situation, and who by their very example inspires us to be like him or her. Until we discover a one, Superman must be that placeholder. Maybe it is good that Superman is not human and possesses powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal man’s. Because Superman is a symbol; a representation of what man could be someday if we just diligently followed his lead. We could live harmoniously, respecting others and the rights of others. We could live without fear, without suspicion, and without the cynicism that undermines the best efforts of people and leaders today. We could feel love for others and those we did not agree with, we could simply appreciate the differences and respect their right to be different so long as those differences didn’t trespass on others. And we could face crises united as a race of people to solve the world’s problems and make it a place worth protecting and passing on. Without that example; that beacon of light to show us the way, that unflawed being who personifies the standards of decency and civility that we set for ourselves, we will be a race of people doomed to follow the path that what we have been traveling our entire existence: accepting less for ourselves than we’re capable of and lowering our standards by declaring high standards old fashioned and irrelevant. Superman is not an outdated hero; far from it. He is exactly the hero we always have and always will need.

28  OSCK MAGAZINE Issue. 1 Sept 2010

Collector’s Corner Superman Comic Book Reaches New Heights


anyone needs further proof that comic books have become the next big thing to take over the collecting world, all they have to do is look at the headlines created this winter when Action Comic #1 hit the auction block at and sold for a whopping $1 million dollars. Prior to this sale the highest selling comic book had been Spiderman #15 for $227,000. Action Comic #1 features the first appearance of Superman in a comic and is considered to be one of the rarest comic books ever produced due to its limited print run.

DC Covergirls - by Louise Simonson Review: Erika Blake eleased in 2009 “DC R COVERGIRLS” is a fun look at the women who have graced the

pages of the comic books in the DC Comic Universe. The book opens with an introduction of the Covergirls from the 30’s and 40’s and how they transformed into leading ladies in comics. In Superman Action #1 Siegel and Shuster created the Man of Steel, but they also created Lois Lane, Clark Kent’s rival at the Daily Planet and girlfriend of Superman. In 1941 Wonder Woman was introduced and as Rosie the Riveter became the face of America during WWII - the super heroine took off as a big seller for DC Comics. Throughout the years DC mirrored the attitudes of the time, in the ‘50’s the female characters became more obsessed with romance rather than wanting to fight crime as the ideal of the perfect nuclear family swept the country. The females then became stronger as feminist movement swept through the country in the ‘70s. Crisis in the 90’s swept clean many of the conflicting storylines and created new, singular stories for all of their leading ladies. Lois Lane for DESPERATELY SEEKING SUPER COLLECTOR STORIES Here at OSCK Magazine we are seeking stories from SUPER DC Comics & Superman collectors! Are YOU a Super Collector? If so please send us your photos, stories, and your awesome collecting finds! Just email us at:

example was always a feisty, strong reporter, and Wonder Woman got a fresh reboot. The book examines how each of the leading ladies in the DC Comic Universe have changed over the years by showcasing some of the great comic book covers for each of their histories. The first heroine examined is Wonder Woman and Louise goes into her history talking about how she was developed and how she changed over the years. The book also covers the histories of Lois Lane, Supergirl, Batgirl, and Catwoman. The remainder of the book covers different characters from the Vertigo DC Comics line and The Birds of Prey. For someone like myself who’s a relative DC novice, this is a great way to get a nice overview of DC’s leading ladies, while being able to enjoy seeing some fun, quirky, vintage, rare, and modern comic book covers to illustrate how far each of the characters have come over the years. This great hardcover book is a visual feast for the eyes and is filled with tons of fun artwork, yet it’s also expertly researched. The book is currently in clearance mode - you can pick it up for a steal on AMAZON and at a Borders near you.

SMALLVILLE ACTION FIGURES SERIES ONE Direct released three action figures to go along with the launch of DC SMALLVILLE in 2002. Series One consisted of 3 figures - Clark Kent, Lana Lang, and Lex Luthor. Each figure stands at 6 1/2” tall. The Clark Kent figure has 7 points of articulation. He comes accessorized with Kryptonite poisoned hands, a backpack, and his on-going nemesis a large Kryptonite stone. Lana Lang figure has 9 points of articulation. She wears her high school cheerleading costume, comes with pom-poms, and an 18” wearable version of Lana’s kryptonite necklace. Lex Luthor figure has 7 points of articulation. He wears all black and comes accessorized with a LuthorCorp laptop and annual report. Each figure contains a limited collection collector’s card by Inkworks. Lana and Lex are rather generic looking with their head sculpts and don’t resemble the actors. Clark Kent however has a very nice likeness to young Tom Welling. These figures were limited editions and are scarce on the secondary market. Lex Luthor is the rarest of the figures and fetch around $50.00. Lana is around $40.00. And since more were made of him, Clark sells for around $25.00. Superman Tags - The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Superman Tags can be worn around the neck on a chain, or clipped onto gear, purses, or book bags. 100% of proceeds from the sale of the Superman Tags go to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. $10.00 for a set of two Superman Tags. Each set includes two tags, one chain & one clip. Order at:

DC Direct offers Christopher Reeve as Superman Statue DC Direct is offering this gorgeous statue sculpted by Karen Palinko for a limited run of 4,000 pieces. DC Direct offers this description of the piece: One of the most fondly remembered depictions of Superman is now available as a commemorative statue exclusively from DC Direct. Christopher Reeve strikes an iconic pose from the classic 1978 feature film Superman – the movie that made the world believe “a man could fly” and turned the actor into a star. Standing atop an S-shield base, the Christopher Reeve as Superman Statue is a limited-edition, handpainted, cold-cast porcelain statue measuring approximately 12.50” tall x 5.5” wide x 3.75” deep. (The base measures approximately .75” high x 6.5” diameter.) DC Comics will donate $15 from the sale of each “Christopher Reeve as Superman Statue” to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. For more information on the Foundation and to make a donation, please visit www. The statue will sell for $195.00 and arrived for sale on July 21, 2010. Goto DC for more info:

Issue 1 Aug. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  29

Fan Corner

What’s up in SMALLVILLE FANDOM? Super Fan Spotlight: Maria Gabriella Perez aka Gaby

When did you first become a Superman fan? I think underneath it all everybody is a Superman fan, people think he is a really cool superhero and they like him, even if their only reference is watching the movies or a TV Show. For me there are two kinds of fans: those that like Superman, and those who LOVE him. I belonged to the former group. I liked Superman, but that’s it, I only watched the movies and one episode here and there of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. I started to love it, with Smallville. Because the movies, the previous TV shows, only showed Clark Kent’s life AFTER he became the Man of Steel. We never saw why Clark was who he was in his adult life, we just assumed he was well raised by the Kents and that all his knowledge came from a training. With Smallville you get to see the process, what Clark did, what he learned, who he met, which situations he experienced that makes him act the way he does as Superman, so many things that are left unsaid by other interpretations and left to our imaginations. I became a FAN when I learned how Superman became Superman.

How long have you been a fan of Smallville & Tom Welling/Erica Durance? For six long years now. I was reunited with Smallville on 2004 when I saw a rerun of the Season 4 premiere “Crusade” and I saw Lois meeting Clark (or Kal El). I knew Smallville was a pre-Superman story so seeing Lois Lane around so early peaked my interest. Obviously I knew Lois was Superman’s love interest that’s why I was really curious how they were going to handle that. After that I became the fan I am today, and started to grow some love for Tom and Erica. Is hard to invest in a couple when you are not convinced by the people that portray them; a huge part of my love for Superman now is thanks to Tom Welling and Erica Durance, cause they sold me Clark and Lois, they made me feel related, their acting is so amazing that you laugh and cry with them and the situations they are put into, as a couple or as individuals. I get excited when they are doing something outside the Smallville world. No matter if they have small roles in any project, they have me there, in front of a TV or sit on a movie theater. What made you come up with the idea of the for #TWED4MoS? It just felt like the next natural step. After 10 years (6 for Erica) Welling and Durance earned the role of Clark Kent/ Superman and Lois Lane, not only for me, for a lot of people as well. Watching them on the Big Screen would be an amazing conclusion to this journey. The movie sure enough won’t have the Smallville background, which is understandable. But Tom and Erica are the faces of Lois and Clark, and people know this. I like to think this is part of the reason why Superman

Returns didn’t work out as well, (granted it wasn’t the biggest reason why the movie failed, but in a small part it could have contributed) was because it wasn’t Tom Welling up there, cause they showed us another Superman another Clark Kent when we already had ours on TV land for 5 years at that time. In the movie theater once you could hear a girl saying. “too bad it wasn’t the guy from the TV show”. Tom and Erica are the Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane of our generation. That’s why I wanted to find a way to let the people in charge of the New Superman movie that there are people out there that want Tom and Erica on the Silver Screen, that’s why I used Facebook and Twitter as tools to start to spread the word and hopefully starting to get the enough attention. Yes, there is a slight chance that our wishes won’t be granted, due a number of reasons. But I just want the world to know, that the fans DID something. That the fans wanted this and fought for it. The Tom Welling/Erica Durance 4 the Next Superman Movie Facebook Group on the first 3 days had over 1,000 members, and 2,600 members by the third week after its opening and it keeps growing. Where can people go to sign up to help or spread the word? Just Look for us on Facebook: the Tom Welling/Erica Durance 4 the Next Superman Movie Group, there we add photos, fan arts, videos and links of relevant info about the process of the next Superman Movie. Also they can fallow us on Twitter on @TWED4Mos. There we also keep people informed What do you enjoy most about fandom?

I love how passionate they are; from planning a campaign and how fandom moves the world when they want their voices to be heard. It’s amazing and remarkable. I have seen how campaigns are formed and I am impressed about all the work and logistic done for it. Being caught in a discussion, or speculating, defending their point of view in a forum, they do it with such of passion, when they quote a Superman comic, when they which such a grace debunk a theory, or make arguments about why other’s persons perception of a scene might not be the most accurate. Sometimes is a delight to read a long post just because is so well written and full of knowledge of things I didn’t know before. What can fans do to help to participate in your “campaign”?


Anvil Moment

When something occurs on SV that directly relates to the Mythos. Big Daddy J Jor-El Blahna Lana - because she blah blah blahs. Blahnification When a male character falls under Blahna’s spell & becomes as blah as she is. (See Wimpass Clark) blondie Chloe


Chloogling blondie’s magical ability to google anything online at a moment’s notice. Crazypants Tess Mercer


Doomy Doomsday - sometimes just refers to Davis, because really, he was

creepy, but not overly scary. Failsday The whole Doomsday arc in S8 that basically went nowhere. Kal Uninhibited Clark on RedK Kypto Hag blondie’s humilliating duty of having to dish out sex advice to Clark.



Retcon Deliberate changing of previously established facts in a work of serial fiction. Room of Horrors Lex’s Season 2/3 shrine to Clark. Supes Superman WimpAss Clark Clark from back end S6-S7 where he was blanified. WimpAss Lex Lex from S5-6 when he was Blahnified.

Mulana The magical ability for Blahna to suddenly know martial arts w/ zero training. Mythos Things that refer to Superman canon.




Pancake Parents Blahna’s parents who were squashed by meteors when Clark arrived on earth. Pink Kryptonite Blahna’s kryptonite-like ability to make all men ball-less in her presence. Pinky blahna

AOS - Arc of Suck Refers to the S8 eps that marked Lana’s return. AM Allison Mack AOT Annette O’Toole AC Arthur Curry B&K Brian Petersen & Kelly Souders

BOR Book of RAO


Calicia Clark + Alicia Baker Chimmy Chloe +Jimmy Chlark Clark+Chloe Chlollie Chloe+Oliver Clana Clark +Lana Clex Clark+Lex Clois Clark + Lois


DP The Daily Planet ED Erica Durance FOS Fortress of Solitude FOTW Freak of the Week Goughlar Gough +Millar


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I am the Site Manager of (DTS) Tammy Golihew/ TeeVeeGal my job basically is to oversee VP of publicity for WB worldwide TV and take care of the site, marketing working on the news, episode guides, reviews, articles and Eric/ EricIGN gallery among other things. Reporter IGN I have been part of the staff since 2006, I started as a news reporter, then was “promoted” Michael Ausiello/ michaelausiello to Site Manager which I have Reporter Entertainment Weekly been for the last 3 years now.

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Kristin D Santos/ KristinDSantos E! Entertainment The Hollywood Reporter/ THR

Short for Kryptonite, can be used w/ any color used on the show. Ex: Blue K =Blue Kryptonite KK Kristin Kreuk Lexana Lex+Lana Lollie Lois+Oliver


MM Martian Manhunter Met U Metropolis Univerisity MR Michael Rosenbaum OOC Refers to characters when they’re written Out of Character. PS3 Peterson, Sounders, Schwimmer, Slavkin


SV Smallville TPTB The powers that be aka producers, studio, those in charge of making decisions. TW Tom Welling WT Watchtower

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30  OSCK MAGAZINE Issue. 1 Sept 2010


Happy Birthday, Lois Lane - Tuesday, August 17, 2010 -


lark drove to work in his truck that day, much to the dismay of Lois. For her, it meant awakening ninety minutes earlier than usual and the drudgery of creeping home in the suffocating Metropolis traffic. Ever since learning his secret, Clark had been carrying Lois to work as he blurred in. Commuting daily on ‘The Kent Express’ had given her more time to sleep in the morning and more time to relax at the end of the day. She had grown accustomed to covering the distance between Smallville and Metropolis in the blink of an eye.

entire knowledge of the universe “Why? Because you’ve made would have learned a little more this trip into a living hell for me? than this.” No thanks. Just get me home so I can take a nice cool bath. I He cocked his head. “More than feel like a pig after sweating to what?” death over here. It’s part of the human condition, Clark; you She turned to look out the wouldn’t understand,” she said passenger window. “Oh, I don’t and instantly felt terrible; it just know; a certain awareness of slipped out. She was irritated space and time maybe.” with him but in the three months since she learned his secret, He frowned. “What is that she had never made light of his supposed to mean?” differences. She hated herself for the remark, worried that “Who knows,” she said, plopping she had hurt him. “Sweetie;

“I needed to have the oil changed; remember, Lois?”

She shot him an icy glare. “And I thought a man with access to the

“I’m sure it’s just cleaning people, Einstein. Why would customers park all the way back there?” She rolled her eyes. “Look, let’s just find someplace else; I’m starving. That road-kill we just passed made my mouth water.”

“You?” she said with a confused look.

“We’re usually pretty ‘busy’ on the weekend,” he replied with a sly grin.

“Is that all?” he quipped. “I thought a General’s daughter would be a little tougher than this.”

Clark frowned. “They can’t be closed! Not on a Tuesday.” He craned his neck. “There are a couple cars in the back of the parking lot.”

He pulled on the door handle and it budged. “Okay, I just have to use the restroom first.”

She shook her head slowly. “And it had to be today? Hello; why not do it on the weekend?”

“Oh nothing,” she replied sarcastically. “It’s only a million freaking degrees in this truck, the sun is scorching my retinas, I feel like I stepped in to a steam bath with my street clothes on, I lost ninety minutes of sleep because you chose today to change your oil, and we’re racing home at the breakneck speed of...” she leaned over to look at the speedometer, “…27 miles an hour.”


wo hours later, they pulled up to the intimate restaurant. “Terrific,” Lois declared sarcastically. “They’re closed.”

“See? I told you it was closed,” Lois said. “C’mon,” she said, pulling on his arm, “I’m starving to death and you’re quickly burning through all of your brownie points, Smallville.”

“Remind me again why we had to take the truck today?” she groused.

“What’s the matter? You’ve been irritable all day,” Clark interrupted.


“Let’s check it out, Lois.” He turned off the ignition and got out as Lois groaned. She climbed out and followed him up to the building. A note was posted on the front door that read ‘Closed for Renovations’.

The sun glared in her eyes as they crept West, amplifying the stifling August heat barely tempered by the air conditioning in his truck. Her blouse was sticking to her back, forcing her to lean forward to allow the cool air to circulate behind her.

“Okay; enough of the innuendo, Casanova. I’m not in the mood for it.” Michael Jackson began to play on the classic rock station and Lois snapped the power button to silence the King of Pop. “Classic rock my a…”

By Jack Heacock

back against the seat and imagining she heard a squishing sound. She opened the console between the seats and rifled through CDs. “Where’s my Whitesnake CD?” She glanced up at Clark and back down into the console. “No Def Leppard. No Guns N Roses. What the hell, Clark?” “Oh, sorry Lois; I took them out. They’re with the CD player in the house.” She pulled out one. “The Best of the Carpenters? Seriously, Clark?” “That’s Mom’s. She left it when she and Perry were here.” “It’s in your truck. Jesus!” She huffed and jammed it back in the slot. She pulled out another. “The Best of Boston. Finally; something I can listen to.” She slid it in the CD player. “I’m really sorry, Lois. I didn’t know it would take this long to get home. Look, I’ll make it up to you; I’ll take you out to dinner.”

honestly, I didn’t mean it like that.” He stifled a chuckle knowing that to do so would cost him the momentary leverage. Instead he just nodded. “Look, you get cleaned up and we’ll go to dinner; I insist. There’s a little steakhouse over on Route 12. It’s small but they are supposed to have great steaks. My parents went there for their 20th anniversary and couldn’t stop talking about it. Okay?” “Steak?” Her face lit up. “Okay, Clark; but don’t think that’s going to get you entirely off the hook. I mean, it’s a nice start but if you think you can just buy me off with a steak dinner, you’re sadly mistaken.” He frowned. “What are you talking about?” “Never mind,” she replied just as the first notes of More Than A Feeling began to play. She reached out, cranked up the volume and sat back with her eyes closed.

He pulled the door open and she walked in the darkened restaurant and he followed. “Clark, I don’t think…” she began but was cut off in mid-sentence. “Surprise!” was shouted by a group of voices and the lights snapped on in the restaurant. There were twenty people wearing silly conical party hats and blowing noisemakers. The restaurant was decorated with balloons and a large banner that read, ‘Happy Birthday’. Tears rushed to her eyes as she smiled. She turned around and punched Clark in the arm. “You jerk!” she said grinning, then threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. “I thought you forgot,” she said. “Is that why you’ve been in such a foul mood all day?” he asked, grinning. A huge smile spread across Lois’ face, she turned around to greet her guests and they waded into the group. She first hugged Oliver and then Chloe. To her great surprise, she saw her sister Lucy.

Issue 1 Aug. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  31

“Lucy? Oh my God!” she exclaimed and gave her wayward sister a huge hug.

world.” “I was shocked to see Lucy here,” Lois whispered.

“How in the world…” she began and never finished her thought, overtaken by emotion. “I’m so happy to see you,” was all she could muster.

Martha smiled. “Clark asked me to contact the General to see if he knew how to get in touch with Lucy,” she replied. “Your Dad told me that he would make sure Lucy would be here but declined the invitation himself.”

“Happy birthday, Lo,” Lucy replied with tears of her own and didn’t want to let her big sister go but eventually did. Once Lois made her way through the group, Lucy walked up beside her. “I can’t believe it; you and Clark? Oh my God; all I remember is you two tormenting each other when you were staying with the Kents.” “Oh, we still do,” Lois quipped, smirking. “You didn’t know?” “No, I had no idea.” She added, “But I didn’t get invited by Clark directly. Daddy called me, said that there was a surprise party for you and wanted me to go. He said he’d buy the ticket for me if I would. I thought he had planned it,” she paused, “until, of course, I got here.”

“Now there’s a shocker,” Lois quipped and hugged Martha. Lois continued, stopping at Lucy who immediately made a face. “Okay, what’s with Chloe?” her little sister asked. Lois squatted down next to her. “What do you mean?” “I’ve heard of dating outside of your circle but damn,

Lois snorted. “Really? You thought the General planned a surprise party for me? A surprise invasion of another country; yes, but a surprise party for me? I’m shocked he paid for you to come!”

has even crossed his mind,” she added and smirked.

“But the question is,” Lucy replied, “has the thought crossed “What?” she replied, “You’re yours?” accusing me of forgetting your birthday?” Lois shrugged her shoulders, “Maybe,” she said “I don’t recall you remembering noncommittally. “But honestly, it this year,” he answered. even though he’s amazing, I just don’t see something like that “Not so fast, Speed Racer,” happening any time soon. We’re she countered. “There was no just enjoying the moment.” February 29th this year. We went right from February 28th “Well,” her sister continued, to March 1st. I’m golden until “if that moment should pass 2012,” she quipped. “Although, while I’m still here, be sure to let I did think about making you a me know.” Lucy smiled. “You cake this year.” better go get your man; he looks trapped by our cousin.” “Well, thank God for unanswered prayers then,” he snarked. Lois stood up and strolled up to Oliver. “I think it’s time you “Oh my God; you’re a riot, reclaimed your date; I want to Flannel Man,” she replied flatly. She walked over to him as he placed the remnants of her birthday cake in a box. She swiped her finger across some of the icing and put it in her mouth. “You know, every time I think you couldn’t surprise me more, you find a way to do it.” She put her arms around his waist and pulled him close. “You did a good job with this one, Soldier; I’m not that easy to surprise you know. I usually can see big things like this coming from a mile away.” Clark finished boxing up her cake. “I guess I lucked out then. How will I ever be able to top this one?”

Lucy giggled and backed away from Lois. “Let me go and say ‘hi’ to Clark,” she said. “We’ll catch up later, I promise,” she added and scurried off.

“Short version, Smallville; you won’t. Now that I know your methods, surprising me again just isn’t in the cards.”



nce everyone finished eating, a birthday cake was brought out decorated with an image depicting a dark-haired female sitting on top of the Daily Planet globe and everyone sang. After the cake was cut, music began to fill the restaurant: Whitesnake, Skid Row, Def Leppard, and Guns N Roses. Lois shared the first dance with Clark, dancing to Skid Row’s ballad, I Remember You. She found it ironic because until three months ago, what she remembered was only half of him. After the dance she headed for the bar to get a fresh beer and began to mingle. She talked to Perry first. “Anything on the horizon for you, Chief?” Perry grinned slyly. “Something’s cookin’,” he said. “If it comes through, I’ll make sure you hear about it.” He gave her a wink and a wry smile that convinced Lois he was on to something big. She moved on to Martha. “Hi Mrs. K,” she said sweetly. “Thanks for being here. I know you’re in recess now but I still know how busy you are. It means the world to me that you’re here.” “Oh, Sweetheart,” she replied, “I wouldn’t have missed this for the

surprise party for me.” “Me too,” he replied, raising an accusing eyebrow.

He smirked. “You seem pretty sure about that, Lois.”

she’s outside of her freaking hemisphere! That Oliver…he’s en fuego and really cool; and he’s so hilarious!” She paused and cocked her head. “And can I just say this without being judged, he smells absolutely amazing!” They both laughed. “You’ve got to tell me, how did Chloe score him?” Lois shrugged. “They work together,” she explained. “And you’re right, Ollie’s a great guy.” “Okay,” Lucy began, “I’m not just saying this to be polite because who am I kidding, but I’d take Clark over him any day. In fact,” she added with an impish grin, “I’d take him right now if you’re through with him.” Lois laughed, pulled Lucy close to her and whispered, “I don’t think I’ll ever be finished with him.”

dance with Clark.” “What if you and I dance and Clark just holds the fort with Chloe?” Oliver replied and winked. She pulled him into a tight hug. “Thanks for this, Ollie; I know you had to have helped out,” she whispered. “But if you don’t get your ass over there so I can dance with my man…” “Okay, okay,” Oliver replied, chuckling and backing away. ~*~


t 10:45 PM, the restaurant owner announced that he had to close up. Lois insisted on a final dance with Clark and it was the one she enjoyed the most; Whitesnake’s ballad, Is This Love?

Lucy’s eyes grew wide. “You’re kidding? YOU? Miss Love ‘em and Leave ‘em?” Her mouth gaped. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

Clark carried birthday gifts for Lois out to the truck after the guests filed out. Lois was collecting little mementos to save. “What are you doing?” he asked when he came in.

Lois turned red and flustered. “No!” she quickly corrected. “There’s been no mention of that. In fact, I doubt the thought

“Oh, I’m just collecting a few souvenirs.” She turned and looked at him. “It’s been a long time since anyone threw a

“I am sure,” she replied. “I’m the master of deception, Clark; not you. Your chances of ever surprising me again just slipped from slim to none.” She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. “But don’t worry,” she added, “I think surprises are overrated anyway.” Lois plopped down in a chair. “I had such a good time tonight, but God, my feet are sore.” “Then just sit there while I finish taking the stuff out to the truck.” He bundled up the remaining items and carried them out the door. “Is that everything?” she asked when he returned from the truck. “Not exactly,” he replied and sat down in a chair facing her. He looked into her eyes, searching for something. She frowned. “What is it, Clark? What wrong?” His eyes sparked with an intensity that she had never seen before. After a torturously-long moment, he took a deep breath and slid his hand into his jacket pocket. “Lois,” he said, slipping out of the chair and down on one knee, “I have a question I want to ask you.”

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