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Celebrating Ten glorious Seasons of TV’s longest running Superhero series.


Falling Skies

Learn about Sarah Carter and Greg Beeman’s New series through the eyes of series leads Noah Wiley & Moon Bloodgood

VOL. 05 NO. 05 AUGUST, 2011


Exclusive Inteview

dishes dirt on Jeff the Intern & his time on




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Evan C. Schulte

2  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  3

Issue No. 5 AUGUST 2011

OSCK Staff



Well here we are at the last issue of OCSK Magazine, had WONDER WOMAN come to TV, we probably would’ve continued this publication, but as it is - it’s time for a change. The spirit of Superman will never die, even though SMALLVILLE is now off of the air. Changes in the verse are afoot with MAN OF STEEL coming to theaters & DC rebooting their comics. I want to thank my entire staff and especially Christine Brown for starting us on this fun adventure and Holli for always keeping us up to date on all thing Superman. In this issue you’ll find a SMALLVILLE retrospective, Superman comics news, Man of Steel & The Dark Knight Rises news, plus interviews with Evan C. Schulte, Aaron Ashmore, Superman Convention Report, and a Multipleverses exclusive - interviews with Greg Beeman’s “Falling Skies” stars Noah Wiley & Moon Bloodgood. Just because SMALLVILLE is over and OSCK Magazine is going to fade into the background, this doesn’t mean that the fun of our online magazines is over, in fact, it’s just begun! Beginning in September we’re going to be launching a new Entertainment magazine for our sister news site MULTIPLEVERSES. Goto for all of the latest sci-fi news and watch there for the launch of our first preview/Summer issue! We’ll be covering SyFy TV news, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory and many other awesome fan favorite TV Series and films. A cover preview is available on the last page of this magazine. If you’re interested in joining our staff - details on how to contact us are below. Sit back and enjoy our final (and largest) issue to date. Sincerely, Erika Blake OSCK Magazine Senior Editor

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Smallville News Season 10 Reviews Exclusive Evan C. Schulte interview Smallville Essays & Special features Smallville Weddings Season 5 Episode Guide & Reviews Smallville Cast News & Photos


Aaron Ashmore & Jack Kenny Talk “Warehouse 13” “Falling Skies” - Noah Wiley & Moon Bloodgood interviews & Series news Superman Comic News “Man of Steel” News DC News “The Dark Knight Rises” News DC Stars Event Photos

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Superman Celebration 2011 Report: Alaina Huffman, Brandon Routh & Sam Huntington Fan Corner - Smallville Fan Reflection Credits

4  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

The End of an Era By Louise Duarte


mallville” ended this year at 10 years making it the longest running superhero series in the history of television. Like Monica and Rachel from “Friends” would say: It’s the end of an era. So, what better way to comment about the best and iconic season; even if the season had some weak episodes it still was a very solid season without too much drama and focused on the journey of Clark Kent to become Superman and Lois Lane as his true love and the rising star reporter at the Daily Planet.

SMALLVILLE COMES TO TNT TNT Fall 2011 Effective Monday, October 3, 2011 What’s new: Smallville What’s gone: Cold Case Weekdays 6:00 AM Angel 7:00 AM Angel 8:00 AM Charmed 9:00 AM Charmed 10:00 AM Supernatural 11:00 AM Supernatural 12:00 PM Smallville (replaces Las Vegas) 1:00 PM Las Vegas Source: http://www. boards/showthread.

To remember this awesome season, let’s return to the beginning of the season when Clark started to become the future man of steel. In the end of season 9, Clark was stabbed by Zod with a blue kryptonite dagger. Lois found Clark mortally wounded and pulled out the dagger, allowing him to heal. She ran off to hide so Clark wouldn’t know that she knows his secret; a fact she figured out earlier after he kissed her in the dark alley as the Blur. Finally. Lois Lane knows THE secret. But it’s not the time to celebrate yet because Lex Luthor is back. Sort of. Tess was brought back to life and discovered that someone was using Lex’s DNA and was trying to bring him back to life. She encountered two of his clones. A sweeet six-year boy called Alexander and a very evil older one that kidnapped Lois and was determined to burn her alive to make Clark choose between saving her or Metropolis. Fortunally Clark was fast enough to save both. Season 10, showed Lois and Clark’s building a new type of relationship. After they share “I love yous” and Clark told Lois that he was the Blur, they were finally free to be a super-couple with no secrets. Lois was even able to help Clark when General Lane and Lucy came to Smallville to celebrate thanksgiving with Lois. The General tortured Clark with some difficult tasks for him to do around the farm, but since he is the future man of steel, he didn’t have much trouble to do all of them. Season 10 also have a dark theme in the last year. The villain Darksaid was released after Clark sent the Kandorians to a new dimension. But the villain didn’t appear physically but his presence is felt through possession of other people like the radio shock called Gordon Godfrey; who even threatened Lois while she was trying to protect Oliver from Godfrey who threatned to publish a book revealing Green Arrow’s secret

SMALLVILLE ORIGINAL SCORE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE Warner Brothers has released the Score for the Complete Series of SMALLVILLE which is now available for download on Amazon & iTunes. The score is a nice compilation of music from all 10 seasons and includes 28 scores from Mark Snow (seasons 1-6) and Louis Febre (7-10.) Scores by Mark Snow include: Grow Up Superboy, Webmaster, The Setup, Where Am I?, Burn Baby Burn, Freaks, The Final Stone, Their Only Poison, Demon Dad, Crash Landing, Rigged to Blow. Scores by Louis Febre include: Green Arrow, Defeating Bizarro, The Fortress Falls, Lois’ Waltz, Zantanna, In the Rain, Pandora’s Kiss, A Hall of Heroes, Supergirl Arrives, Clark Tells Lois, The Proposal, To Fly, Disguise Needed, A Lemur in the Room, Booster Gold, Zod’s Demise, Trials.

identity. But Oliver decided to do that himself, revealing to the press that he was the emerald hero. After a trip to memory Lane with Brainiac 5 when Clark found out more about his future as the Man of Steel, he finally decided to make amends with himself, letting the past remain in the past and tried to focus on the his present life with Lois . Oliver spent a good part of the season dealing with the loss of Chloe who faked her own death to protect him and with the press trashing him in the papers for revealing himself as the Green Arrow. Tess raised Alexander, trying to make him feel loved and protected so he can grow up to be a good man. But that doesn’t work too well besides having Lex’s memories, when the rapidly aging clone became a teenager Tess finds discovered that he also has Clark’s DNA and his powers. Alexander, now know as Connor (and played by Lucas Grabeel who returns to the show after season 6 “Reunion”) was tricked by Lionel Luthor from another dimension to use the red kryptonite ring, which made him a dangerous boy who almost put Lois’s life in danger. AU Lionel Luthor came from the same universe that Clark Luthor lives. Clark Luthor was adopted by Lionel and grew up with Lex and Tess. But since Lionel raised him to be a dictator, that’s who he became besides a killer. In that same dimension, Lois was engaged with Oliver and both hated Clark Luthor. The Justice League came back in time for Lois and Clark’s engagement party but Slade killed Carter while trying to protect Lois. And after Lois received Clark’s powers for a day as a present for Jor-el, she almost broke off the wedding, but Clark’s heartfelt vows made her realize the mistake she was about to make. Although they didn’t get married since the wedding was interrupted by a darkness possessed Oliver, an the end of the show, eight years later, they were about to try again. They wouldn’t be Lois and Clark if they got married in the first try with no complications and interruptions. Lex Luthor came back in the last episode after Lionel sacrificed himself to give his son his heart in order to bring his son to life, and Lex was the villain he was destined to be. He killed his sister Tess and started the Lex Corp. We got to see the return of Brainiac 5, Lionel Luthor, Justice League members, Jonathan & Martha Kent, Kara, the introduction of Cat Grant, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, the return of Lex Luthor, and even the appearance of the real Jimmy Olsen. These were some of the characters who appeared in season ten, making this season the most iconic of all.

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  5




Guest Stars



After Clark plummets to the ground from the skyscraper to his death, Lois pulls the Blue Kryptonite knife from Clark, saving him. As he recovers, Lois watches from afar. Tess discovers a mysterious cloning facility. Jor-El and the ghost of Jonathan Kent warn Clark that a dark force is coming to take over Earth.

Terrance Stamp, John Schneider



Believing that she is in the way of Clark becoming a true hero, Lois leaves for Egypt & meets up with Carter Hall. At the Daily Planet, Clark gets a new hero hating partner named Cat Grant. Rick Flag & the Suicide Squad secretly tag Hawkman, Clark & Green Arrow to keep tabs on their movements. Clark reveals his new superhero ‘suit.’

Michael Shanks, Ted Whittall, Keri Lynn Pratt



Lois returns to Metropolis. A radio shock jock, Gordon Godfrey, rages against the world’s heroes. Oliver Queen tells the world that he is Green Arrow. Kara returns at Jor-El’s request to take on the dark force that is beginning to reveal itself.

Laura Vandervoort



Lois convinces Clark to go to ‘their’ five-year high school reunion. Lois is disgruntled to find out that no one remembers her. Clark is crowned king of the court. Braniac 5 shows up to help Clark get over his past mistakes, shows him the current trials of Oliver Queen, and reveals what the future holds.

James Marsters



Clark and Lois both decide to tell each other the secrets that they’re hiding, however, both their plans go awry when Lois mistakenly frees the soul of the ancient goddess Isis, and Isis uses Lois to try and raise her long lost lover.

Keri Lynn Pratt


Clark tries to keep Lois safe from the anti-hero mood in Metropolis by taking her to the Cherry Festival out in the country. When Lois discovers his ploy, tricks him into leaving her alone so she can return to Metropolis to cover the Vigilante Registration Act. But, in Lois-like style, she gets herself into heaps of trouble.

Connor Stanhope, Lexi Doig, Ron Lea

face his greatest foe. This new


Sam & Lucy Lane interrupt Lois and Clark’s sexy Thanksgiving weekender. The Suicide Squad is out to kill Sam Lane but they almost kill Lois instead. Clark and Sam Lane are at odds because of Sam’s support of the Vigilante Registration Act. When the Vigilante Registration Act passes, Rick Flag takes this as an act of war against the heroes and blows up an AntiVigilante Act Headquarters.

Michael Ironside, Peyton List,Ted Whittall

world through the portal that

Christine Willes, Steve Byers, and Michael Daingerfield

Zod has nefarious plans. Dark-


Lois discovers video taped messages that her mother made before her death. Tess’ dreams lead her to an orphanage where the head mistress is called Granny Goodness because she is known for her ‘goodness’ to the children. However, it is revealed that she uses the children in sinister ways. Lois decides to move in with Clark at the Kent farm. It is revealed that Granny Goodness is working for the ‘darkness’ that is coming to Earth.

Alan Ritchson, Elena Satine, Alessandro Juliani, Michael Hogan

on his victims fears and weak-


Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, is back with his new wife Mera. Together, they begin destroying ‘detaining’ facilities where the government is secretly holding super powered beings. Lois encourages Clark to tell the other Justice Leaguers about the ‘darkness’ that is coming to Earth.


Clark is angry when he finds out that Tess has been holding back about the secret cloning facility she discovered. But when Tess discovers an ancient Kryptonian artifact, Clark activates it transporting him into an Alternate Universe where he was raised as Clark Luthor and Lois is engaged to Oliver. Clark Luthor is transported to the ‘Real World’ and causes all kinds of trouble.

John Glover



Stargirl and Hawkman return to Metropolis for Lois and Clark’s surprise engagement party. Then, they have to save Oliver Queen from an enraged group of citizens when he attempts to stop a mugging. Hawkman makes the ultimate sacrifice when Slade attacks Lois. At Hawkman’s funeral, the League is knocked out by a mysterious pyramid-shaped orb.

Michael Shanks, Britt Irvine and Michael Hogan



The VRA have kidnapped the Leaguers and placed their minds in a Matrix-like world where their powers have been taken away. Chloe Sullivan returns with the Suicide Squad to save the heroes.

Alaina Huffman, Ted Whittall, Bradley Stryker



Senator Martha Kent comes to Metropolis to speak at a pro-hero rally which is interrupted by an assassination attempt. Clark discovers that AU Lionel followed Clark back into the current world, and has reclaimed his cloned son & Luthor Corp. Lois & Chloe cheer up Clark when they show him uplifting videos made by pro-hero supporters. Citizens vote down the VRA.

Annette O’Toole, John Glover and Lucas Grabeel



Freed from the VRA restrictions, Clark realizes that he must create a separate identity in order to be a hero AND have a private life. Chloe and Oliver’s date night is interrupted when they are mistaken for FBI agents. Dessad attempts to turn Chloe to the ‘dark-side.’ Oliver has been marked with the Omega symbol.

Steve Bryers


Zatanna sends the newly engaged couple a magically spiked bottle of wine for their bachelor/bachelorette parties. Upon first sip, Clark and Lois and their gang commence to have an unforgettable night that they . . . forget. In the morning, the gang work together to figure out what happened the night before. Hilarity ensues.

Alessandro Juliani and James Kidnie


Tess discovers that Lex’s clone, Alexander (renamed Connor), has some of Clark’s DNA. And even though he no longer has Lex’s memory, Conner turns into an evil Lex under the influence of Red Kryptonite. Lionel Luthor tries to reclaim Conner as his son and almost kills Lois.

John Glover and Lucas Grabeel

Clark Luthor uses his ‘Mirror Box’ to come to the current world & sends Clark Kent to the AU where Clark Luthor is hated by everyone. Clark Kent meets a very angry Jonathan Kent who has lost everything, including Martha. IClark Luthor threatens to end Tess’ life if she doesn’t help him find Lionel Luthor

John Schneider, John Glover Alessandro Juliani

that he’s no longer alone in his

Showboat Booster Gold uses the Legion Ring to travel back in time to the 21st century in attempt to take over Clark’s place in Superhero lore. However he discovers that it takes more than press coverage & celebrity status to become a hero. Jaime Reyes becomes the Blue Beetle.

Eric Martsolf and Jaren Brandt Bartlett


Tess has discovered that Slade has somehow escaped the Phantom Zone. Clark plans to enter the Zone to find out how. Oliver tricks Clark into taking him along. While in the Zone, they discover that Zod has taken over and now rules the occupants of the Zone.

Callum Blue

Clark takes Lois to the Fortress to get Jor-El’s blessing on their marriage. Jor-El gives Lois super powers for 24 hours so she will understand how Clark sees the world. Unfortunately, Toyman and the Legion of Doom come along to shake up Metropolis. Oliver and Kara are trying to obtain the Bow or Orion but Jor-El calls Kara away to the Fortress.

Laura Vandervoort, Terence Stamp, Christine Willes Chris Gautheir

After a ten-year journey Clark Kent finally accepts his destiny to become the Earth’s greatest hero. Jor-El shows Clark that all that he has gone through happened in order to make him the hero he is today. And as Darkseid’s planet Apokolips draws near to Earth, Lionel Luthor makes a deal with Darkseid to save Lex’s life, Tess makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect Clark’s secret, and Lois and Clark head for the altar. Greatest series finale ever!!!!

Michael Rosenbaum, John Schneider, Annette O’Toole, Terence Stamp, John Glover, Aaron Ashmore


















Season 10 Summary By Erika Blake In the final season of SMALLVILLE’s journey, Clark Kent must

dark villain that arrived into his

he created to rid the world of

eid rules through fear, he plays

nesses. Clark finds his world turned upsidedown when superheroes are labeled as “vigillantes” and the Justice League team is hunted by the Government as terrorists. Meanwhile Clark faces many of his own issues that have plagued him from his past and must learn from his past mistakes and not automatically worry that they’ll be repeated. His first step involves letting in the love of his life, Lois Lane, on his true identity and realizing

journey towards becoming a

This season saw the return of many familair faces including, Jonathan & Martha Kent, Lionel Luthor, Kara, Zod, and finally Lex Luthor, all of whom helped push Clark towards his destiny.

6  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

Lazarus: Lois Lane or Metropolis? Clark is given a choice to either rescue the love of his life or the citizens of Metropolis when both are danger. He was able to multitask- he saved Lois from getting burned to a crisp and saved Metropolis from getting smashed by the Daily Planet’s globe.

Icarus: All in This Together Everyone had each others’ backs in this episode. Carter/Hawkman and Courtney/Stargirl saved Oliver from an angry mob, Hawkman sacrificed his life for Lois; Lois, Tess and Emil kept their mouths shut so the government couldn’t find the heroes and just so many other super moments.

Shield: Clark Shows His True Colors The red and blue outfit with the S symbol...super(man- almost there)! He truly is the light for justice.

Collateral: We Have Lift Off? Clark took Lois into his arms and flew away from an army of Chloes...but it all happened in a virtual world. Nonetheless, it was so cool!

Homecoming: Double Feature Clark met his future self who told him to save Lois from a failed helicopter while Future Clark saved Metropolis from a nuclear reactor. With saving the day and getting kissed by Ms. Lane, Clark realized the future isn’t bad after all.

Booster: Classic Transformation and Booster Gold Clark used a phone booth to change into his Blur costume(squeal) and saved Cat from Blue Bettle/Jaime. Afterward, Booster Gold convinced Jaime t hat the suit doesn’t make the hero and encourages him to fight it.

Harvest: Clark and Lois Escape Clark and Lois held captured by people who believe in human sacrifices, Clark got shot then came back to life and saved Lois from burning fire of blue kryponite. Then Lois put her hundred mph babbling to the test and finally escaped from the village when Clark super sped Lois and him away.

Prophecy: Super Lois to the Rescue! What would Lois do if she got Clark’s super powers for one day? She used super speed and strength to save people and get office work done, got a super hearing lesson from Clark and went to pay a visit to Toyman who used mind control on her. Being a hero, even for a day, has its ups and downs.

Ambush: Clark Saves Lois and Flag’s Ride is Over Clark saved Lois from an explosion in the Talon that Rick Flag set up. Then with Green Arrow’s arrow and the Blur’s strength, they had Flag right where they wanted him but he managed to disappear.

Finale: Cue Superman Theme The suit was finally released from the frozen depths of the Fortress of Solitude and was given to Clark by Jonathan’s spirit. Clark flied off in the suit, saved Lois and other passengers in a plane, and saved the world from Apokolips. Superman!

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  7

BOOSTER: The Hero You Never Heard About

Anyone who knows the Booster Gold story will be happy to know that Skeets is represented as the voice in Booster’s ear. “His agent.” The data droid advises him regarding the next event so Booster can take over Clark’s By Holli Boetcher place in history. Poor Skeets has to put up with Booster’s twisting of the past. At this point in time the heroes are trying to win back people’s trust Rating: SOLID GOLD. Written by Geoff Johns and directed by Tom Welling. and Booster is all about the fame and glory and front page. No matter how Both brought their A game to this episode. The gleam in Booster’s smile was much information he has, his bravado always gets in the way of the major hysterical. Not to mention the Booster theme and dancing girls – cheese lifting. straight out of a 70s car show. Major mythic scene: Clark Kent changing in a phone booth into his HRJ Blur outfit. YAY! Keri Lynn Pratt gave us a likable and funny Cat Grant. Finding her own superhero to promote then realizing he’s ’m not much of a Booster Gold fan. As not who she thought he was. He’s no a female, I totally ‘get’ the whole Boy Blur. And there was a Ron Troupe (Lois’ Scout thing that Superman has. It’s future brother-in-law) appearance. Lots VERY attractive. So Booster is kind of lost of mythos in this episode. on me, but Eric Martsolf made the character endearing. Last summer Geoff Johns eople like heroes. They like seeand DC paraded a webclip of a Jaime Reyes ing heroes even more. This is transforming into the Blue Beetle at San Diwhat Clark had to learn in the epiego Comic Con, perhaps to gauge television sode. ‘The Blur’ had to come out of the or film appeal. Lots of CGI. Smallville cast shadows for people to trust him. If they Jared Brandt Barlett in the Jaime role and he can trust a blowhard like Booster then had just the right amount of youthful innoClark should have no problem whatsocence and dork to work the story. Both suits ever. Booster learns that he has to truly were fantastic on Smallville’s limited budget. care for the people who look up to him. Amazing work by the costume people. He’s a human with super gadgets yet he is not as in tune with humanity as Like Booster, Clark Kent is the hero you Clark is. He had to develop empathy never hear about and Johns gives us the deand responsibility for his actions (or lack velopment of the mild mannered reporter there of). persona. Even though Clark knows that he should wear glasses and have a subdued demeanor, he’s having a bit of a growing curve emotionally. In addition, Clark had to develop his ‘hide in plain sight’ persona. His Excellently played by Tom Welling. This actor can do it all. interactions with Ted Kord (previous Blue Beetle in the comics) was pure gold. His unconfident yet endearing questioning of the tech corporate Lois Lane, portrayed by the incomparable Erica Durance, is actively sup- mogul showed how Clark can glean more information by being meek and porting Clark’s development of his dual identities. She gets promoted mild mannered. upstairs in the Daily Planet, an iconic moment. Lois advises doing things ‘your’ way and being yourself. Something which bolsters Clark’s situation. Lois is not only a fan of the Blur. (She puts Real Man of Steel billboards over Booster’s ads.) She also supports and offers help with Clark’s journo/ ooster Gold has a bit of an ego problem. Going back into history to everyman guise. Pygmalion in reverse. Her faith in Clark remains strong steal Superman’s thunder in order to become the Earth’s greatest and constant. hero. Yea, like that’s ever going to happen. While ‘hitting’ on the hero-making, greatest reporter in the city, Lois, he perturbs Clark with his One aspect that Smallville brought out more than the comics or other utter gall and boasting. Booster is totally insincere where Clark is totally media is Clark not wanting Lois to find him unattractive. Apparently Martha caring. Booster is all in-your-face flash where Clark is hiding in the shadows did not relay the information Lois revealed in Crusade. “Give me a nerd in fighting the good fight. By episode’s end they both realize they can learn glasses any day.” Despite Lois telling Clark how studly great she thinks he is, something from one another. They need to balance style with substance Clark worries how other people will perceive her relationship with the Beige and vice versa. Blunder. “What are people going to think about you? The strong, extremely sexy, Lois Lane, wants to marry this new Clark Kent. How could they ever Young Jaime Reyes reminds us of the earlier seasons Clark in Smallville. He understand that you would be interested in this?” He rips the buttons off is a sympathetic character who engages the very visually prominent Booster his shirt. She stops him. “Believe me, Smallville, we can make this work.” regarding the scarab and what it does to him. Booster, of course, sloughs And then she shows him how she feels about him . . . being himself. The him off only to realize that he truly is the kid’s last hope. last image we see are the iconic glasses.




8  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

By Holli Boetcher DOMINION Season 10 Episode 19

Dominion Review

crystal transmission has been interrupted and the boys are on their own. Clark and Oliver are captured, shackled and dragged before a throne of skulls and snakes. A hooded figure reveals Zod. Heroes forced to kneel. As they take Ollie away, Clark swears even without a yellow sun, he will defeat Zod.

This was the last episode filmed for the final season. Callum Blue with Wraith Zod is now in his younger replicant body. Merging of two evil Hollywood teeth returned as Zod. lives. “And I defeated you in both,” proclaims Clark. The Kandorians brought justice upon their former leader, sentencing him to the PZ. “Jor-El built this RATING: Eleven. In his directorial debut, Justin Hartley made this John place for your kind,” says Clark. Zod snarks Clark acted as judge and jury Chisolm story work. I believe the Clark Lois in Slade’s case. Clark realizes the trap was scenes were a collaboration. With his soap set for him. Zod was able to retrieve the background, Justin can deal with about console crystal because Clark saved his life. any type of drama. Action scenes were “We’re not brothers,” says Clark. Mature great for the small budget as theyve, they wisdom. He’s claimed every other villain borrowed costumes from the 300 film for was his brother (Lex, Doomy). the PZ scenes. Kryptonians according to Zod are deLots of mythos in this episode. The cisive, single minded, head strong. They Phantom Zone was created by Jor-El to are meant to be leaders. “You’re a tyrant imprison criminals. It enabled Krypton’s who only believes in himself,” retorts Clark. worst to have some kind of life. Clark gets Kryptonians have trouble trusting others. his hope for all peoples from BDJ. Clark’s They can deceive those closest to them fight garb reminded me of the Legends and can lean on no one. Zod brings up story in the comics when he fought as a Cain and Abel. Clark reminds him, he didn’t warrior for Darkseid (he had amnesia). murder him, he saved him. Clark and Lois move in together and So we get Kryptonian Thunderdome. Olstart unpacking their stuff. Lois puts Old lie instructs Clark to use weapons. Failure Blue on her window sill, a symbol of hope. is answered with death and Clark won’t kill Something her mother used while Sam Lane was off to war. Lois under- so Zod shivs his defeated opponent. stands the warrior life and what it entails. She’s experienced it with her mother’s faithful, hopeful waiting and her father’s sense of duty and justice. Lois confronts nervous Tess and finds through sleuthing Tess is going to destroy the crystal and the PZ gate. Tess interrupts their pre-nuptial bliss to report Slade Wilson has escaped the Phantom Zone; impossible without the key of the House of El blood. While imprisoned Clark informs Oliver of the fail safe plan to protect Earth. Clark runs to Watchtower to find Oliver assigned as backup. Clark gets a Destruction of the crystal condemning them forever in the prison. Clark is wristband which will provide two way communication through the Phan- hoping to get them out with Jor-El’s knowledge of the PZ and his experitom crystal. As Clark prepares to be blasted to the PZ, Oliver jumps his back ence with Zod’s thinking. distrusting Clark’s decision to go it alone. Lois doesn’t think much of Clark’s secret plan or Tess’ obedience to it. Inside the portal, Clark worries Darkseid has made an appearance which She pulls a gun on Tess to convince her not to destroy Clark and Oliver’s means no place is safe from the Anti-Life Equation mentality (the darkness). chances of returning. Ms. Luthor spouts Lois has to accept sacrifices in her When they reach the console, someone has taken the crystal. A phantom relationship with Clark. “Being a hero’s wife means never accepting defeat,” attacks as Lois arrives at WT concerned Clark has been gone too long. The announces Lois. Love her!

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  9

Prophecy Review By Holli Boetcher

She puts the mind control device on herself, Toyman changes his plan and tells Lois to kill the Blur. Yes, I am rolling my eyes. Evil meeting of minion and if I hear the word aquifer one more time . . . ARGH!

Season 10 Episode 20 -The penultimate episode of the series. Written by Bryan Q Miller and Anne lark is worried about Lois’ absence, she bursts Coffel Saunders with directing by Michael Rohl. Lots through the door of the WT. Tess becomes more mythos, but the Oliver/Kara storyline dragged. timekeeper. He sees the diode on her neck. Uneven tempo. They used one scene about the Bow Lois flings him across the room then goes after him. of Orion from this episode in DOMINION which was “Lois! Toyman thinks he can control you. Don’t let filmed last. Kara returns in this episode him.” She grabs him by the and again, this show did not give her a neck. “Don’t. You have to good send off. fight it. You’re the most stubborn iron willed womlike that the first thing we see is an I’ve ever met. Don’t let a manual typewriter. Why? Behim win.” Love how well cause in Superman mythos, Clark he knows her. As she inKent is the fastest typist ever. Of creases the pressure, he course with new technology that has looks her straight in the changed. Lois gives us an example of eye. “I love you.” That that in this episode. breaks the control on her momentarily. She releases Lois has gotten her promotion as him, but gets a shock from seen in BOOSTER and her office is a the diode. “Lois?” She mess. She’s not piling things on the turns as he stands. Just as floor for no reason. She’s assembling the sun sets, she rears back a 3D model of Metropolis using office to punch him and he grabs supplies. While she’s coordinating her fist. He has his powwedding plans, she’s trying to figure ers back. She struggles out why all the businesses she has against the mind control dealt with are being bought out by as he rips off the diode. Marionette Ventures. Clark comes in He holds her in his arms. wearing glasses. YAY! Lois explains “Lois? Answer me. Lois, she’s on the scent of a story and we wake up! It’s okay.” She see why she’s considered ‘the brains’ looks into his eyes. “Clark,” by Clark. She sees things he doesn’t. she says with tears in her Clark has his own agenda. He aneyes. nounces they have to go see his father, Big Daddy Jor-El, for his approval of their life union. The Blur arrives at Strykers to destroy Winslow’s phone. Play time is over even though Schott knows It’s official. Clark carries Lois to the FOS. Ahhh and Clark’s secret. Gamester never quits the game. Clark commences to tell BDJ of his intentions. “Jor-El, I is Superman. He tells Schott he will always stop him. come here today as a Kryptonian, as a member of your house and your son. In honor of our home, I’m Clark goes to the FOS to confront BDJ about his here to declare my desire to start a life bond with this trial of control. Clark has decided the time has come woman, Lois Lane. Jor-El has to ask her intent. “Lois when he doesn’t need Jor-El or Jonathan Kent. So he Lane, do you truly intend to initiate a life union with pulls the plug on BDJ. “Goodbye Jor-El.” The super my son?” She says, “I do.” MARRIED! “Your pledge is suit is on ice as Ollie digs up gold kryptonite thanks observed. If your lives are to be joined then you must to Granny Goodness and his Omega mark. both understand.” BDJ shakes up the house and Lois is caught under some rubble. Clark is powerless. Lois Lois, dressed in purple, fingers her engagement ring raises a giant column over her head. She now has as Clark puts her wrap around her shoulders. She tells Clark’s powers. him her walk in his shoes isn’t what she expected. “It’s never over for you, is it?” He answers no and tells her This was a trial for both Clark and Lois. For the now he tips the scale to balance out the evil in the world. super human female, will the power go to her head? “I always knew you had a big heart. I just never realAnd Clark, will he realize what Lois will go through ized how strong it was.” She’s smiling through tears. during his duty bond absences? Again, this episode They hug tightly. shows us that Lois is always Lois and that she and Clark share the same ideals of truth, justice and reKara leaves via the Legion ring to take on her dessponsibility. tiny. “Good Luck, Clark.”




ack at the Daily Planet, Lois superspeeds in and out and still manages to tell Clark she loves him. She’s covering their deadlines for the next week or so with super typing and breaks the keyboard. Clark has been through this powerless at sunset thing before. He’s worried BDJ is trying to manipulate their relationship. Lois wants to take the gift at face value and realizes her map on the floor reveals the treasure. Together they figure out someone is buying up the water rights to the underground reservoir.

While still hugging, Lois confesses. “I was so weak, Clark.” When Toyman threatened Clark, she allowed him to control her. “Because you’re my greatest weakness. And I’m afraid that I will be yours.” She pulls away from him. “You’re not my weakness. You’re my strength. ‘kay? And I’m sorry that Jor-El dragged you into one of my trials, but it’s over. Jor-El is as much of my past as the farm. My destiny is marrying you and for us to get our own future together. C’mon, everyone’s waiting.” He turns to take her to their rehearsal dinner.

Clark drives them to their stakeout as Lois does multiple saves across the country. Clark is incredulous to learn she’s taken a bullet, stopped a flood with freeze/ arctic breath, and brought him some cheese from Wisconsin. She’s learning the difficulties with wardrobe while he sees even though she is super, he still worries about her welfare. He teaches her how to use superhearing and how to prioritize the emergencies. She realizes the emotional triage he experiences daily.

“Clark, I’m sorry. After today, I realized that us being together makes you vulnerable and I can’t just sit and watch a movie and eat ice cream, when at that very moment, you could be saving five people. Clark, every moment of your life that I take for myself, I am stealing from people who need saving.” He approaches her. “Lois, what are you saying?” She weeps. “I’m sorry, Clark. I can’t marry you.” She falls against his shoulder as he looks bewildered.

Lois makes the save and Clark unveils the robber as Stargirl. She has a Starro device on her neck. She was someone’s puppet. Dark Archer, Roulette, Metallo, Black Manta, Captain Cold and Toyman are Marionette Ventures. A Superman Revenge Squad. Lois superspeeds to confront the imprisoned Schott. He brings up Lana and Clark and Lois isn’t fazed. But when he threatens the Blur’s life (who is now vulnerable until sunset), she caves. I can understand Clark and Lois never wanting the other to be in danger, but Lois is smarter than that and she would have had a Plan B.

Lois doesn’t want power for herself and she doesn’t want to take away Clark’s power or abilities to save the world. She’s wasting her sacrifice because Clark needs a life and she is it. Worst breaker uppers ever. RATING: 7 out of 10. The Clark and Lois scenes were primo but the rest . . . The last ten minutes of plot was contrived as this is a transition episode, apparently. Setting up for the finale. All the actors were fantastic. Costumes and effects were great. Loved Febre’s hint of the Superman theme when Clark left Toyman.

10  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

By Holli Boetcher

Finale Review

Last episode of the series. Two hours of Superman mythos. Two sets of writers and directors since there’s a of law requiring any episode longer than an hour cannot be directed by one director. Al Septien & Turi Meyer wrote the first hour with direction by Kevin Fair. Hour2 was written by Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders; directed by Greg Beeman. Hour2 was shot out of filming sequence; earlier in the season. Ten years in the making and they couldn’t find a better title for the Neverending Story?


ATING: AS PERFECT AS IT COULD BE. All the beats were there. The much anticipated shirt rip at the end and the ‘flying’. The wedding/ marriage. Clark and all his trials presented as a path to his destiny. Jonathan Kent’s immortal words, “Always hold onto Smallville.” Lex knowing the secret got rectified. Tess sacrifices any place in Superman canon. The blondes produce a son in the future. Most importantly, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are well on their way to their iconic selves. Principle actors should have been nominated for an Emmy for their performances. No one plays Clark and Lois like Welling and Durance. Febre’s score was impeccable and very excited to see it made available. Brian, Kelly and Tom outdid themselves with wrapping up their ten years of story and mythos. This was an event not only for the show but for its fans. G2Factor met in Nashville for the sole purpose of viewing the finale and celebrating this series; a common occurrence across the nation. The Superman story has touched so many generations and Smallville had captured their hearts. Each time I hear Tom Welling’s voice say, “And now the series finale of Smallville,” I want to cry.

into my life, your father is always with me.” Lois lives this in her future when she and Clark are apart. Martha warns him about forgetting everything that came before that shaped him into the man he is and will become. Lois the newshound is ready for a story when her Maid of Honor shows up at the DP to talk some sense into her. Stubborn Lois won’t be persuaded until she reads Clark’s own words. Clark’s wedding vows (the written & spoken): “I, Clark Kent, take you, Lois Lane, to be my (soulmate and) companion forever. With you by my side, I will (be more than I could ever be alone) never be alone. Though the world sees a strong and independent woman, (Despite the strong and assertive woman the rest of the world sees,) I’ve never known (anyone) some one with such gentle grace and (so pure of heart) more pure heart. When I’ve been lost, (you’re always) you’ve always been there to bring (show) me (the way) back. So on this day (today), at this moment, I pledge (to spend) the rest of my life to (with) you. You’ve always believed (told me that you believe) in me, and (I want you to know) I believe in you(, too). And when you believe in someone, it’s not for a minute or just for now, it’s FOREVER.” Lois confesses her idiocy as she clutches the vows to her heart. At Watchtower, Tess finds out Ollie has scuttled all the satellites except for one on the moon. Manhunter has activated it, which Tess utilizes to see the fiery approach of Apokolips heading for Earth. The Unholy Trinity meet and give the Omega marked Best Man a single gold kryptonite ring. It will disarm the Bringer of Light (Clark).


lark goes to Jonathan’s grave to say goodbye. Jonathan is there telling him not to. “You don’t have to hold onto somebody, Clark, if they’re already in your heart.” Clark doesn’t want to lean on either of his fathers. He grabs the headstone. “I’ve missed you so much.” Jonathan puts his hand on top of Clark’s. “Then let me be there for you, Clark. Don’t push your mother away. We’re part of you.” Clark feels he’s beyond either of his fathers’ experiences. “I need to go beyond where either of you can guide me anymore. To be the hero the world needs me to be.” Ollie arrives. Clark’s wondering if his past is all just a crutch. This includes Lois. “What if heroes aren’t destined to love?” Ollie tries to reason with him. “I have to find my own path. Maybe that means letting go of both worlds. Maybe it means letting go of Lois.” Clark leaves the cemetery to show up at Lois’ (their apartment’s) doorstep.

Apokolips, the dark planet of Darkseid, is coming while Clark has denied the guidance of both his fathers. And Lois Lane has decided they can’t marry because she doesn’t want to take away from him being a hero. Mild mannered Clark Kent is not going to allow that to happen. Worst breaker uppers ever. Even though Lois declares there is no wedding, she has not called the guests to cancel. He remarks she hasn’t called him in eight hours. “Usually you figure things out when I give you some space.” Lois always throws herself into work when her heart is breaking. The US President is arriving in town, there are police reports to cover and wedding guests Next is one of the best scenes of the to call. Inside her office Clark has entire series. Standing outside the no qualms about using superspeed door he calls her name. While opening to grab the list from her or take her the door, he repeats it. She’s shoving phone away. She wants him to go on the other side of the door not out and save people. He’s a hero but allowing him entrance. “Careful there, sometimes he can’t fix everything. “We Prince Charming, it’s bad luck to sneak don’t need fixing,” and she agrees but a peek at the bride before they get to she feels he needs to be saving people instead of spending time with her. the altar. . . the rules only apply when the wedding is officially on.” He’s shocked. “Lois, I thought you called off the wedding?” She confesses never really understood this stance the writers took. Lois is the she’s read his vows. “They were beautiful and I was a fool. What we have daughter of a soldier. She knows that warriors can’t fight the good is a gift. And I was trying to return it . . we’re a perfect fit. So here’s my fight all the time. They need down time and a life. A family to fight for. vows and now we’re even.” Clark takes the paper from under the door. No one can take on a crusade 24/7, it’s psychologically and emotionally “Lois, sometimes you can see things that I can’t. And when you walked damaging. Clark isn’t an emotionless being. He has needs. But it’s away because you couldn’t bring yourself to be the one in the way of my dramatic tension, TPTB wanted Lois to not realize how much Clark needs destiny.” She retorts. “Well here’s the thing about that. I can be loud and a FULL life and for Clark to fight for that life. “Lois, this is my future and at times I’m a little bossy. SO someone might wonder why a person of I want you to be a part of it.” She rebuts with, “Well, maybe we don’t your God-like caliber would be with a woman who is so imperfect. Well, get what we want. I’m only in your way.” Clark walks towards the door don’t take this the wrong way but you come with some baggage of your and turns to her. “You’re not in my way, Lois. You’re by my side. And if own. And it’s made me a better person. Just like being with me will you really want to go through with canceling the wedding, you’ll have make you a greater man and a super hero, I hope.” They’re still talking to leave me standing at the altar.” He puts on the glasses to emphasis through the door. “Lois, what if you were right? With your family not his point and walks away. Major ‘deal with it’ attitude from Clark Kent, being here and the doubts you had yesterday. Maybe the stars aren’t something Lois Lane gives to people on a daily basis. aligned.” She tells him she’s a big girl. She can walk herself down the aisle. “As my Mom always said, ‘The ones you love are always with you.’” She chuckles describing how her Dad would want her to lay out all her Lois hasn’t even called her Maid of Honor who is decorating the church clothes in an orderly fashion and her Mom would remind her to breathe for the event. Clark and Lois are having a double ring ceremony. Granny and to take in every moment so she can remember them forever. Lois hooks up with Lutessa and warns her about “Apoko-leeps.” At the Kent has not walked away from what has made her the person she is today. farm, Martha sees Clark is packing to move. As she looks at a picture of Good guide for Clark at this moment. “What would your Dad say, Clark?” Jonathan and her, we see the reflection of Jonathan Kent in the glass. He leans against the door frame. “I’m not sure he’d say anything, Lois. It Clark arrives and gets an earful about him selling the homestead. His was kind of the way it was with my Dad. I always knew exactly what he mother speaks from experience. “Just because I’m moving ahead with was thinking.” Lois is enjoying Clark reminiscing, but then he is silent. my life doesn’t mean I’m letting go of everything that came before. That “Clark, what did you mean about the stars not aligning?” He’s reading her was a hard lesson to learn.” One that Clark needs to assimilate. “I was typewritten vows with red pen corrections. never left behind. No matter where I am or who I’m choosing to bring


Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  11

Season 10 DVD Extras Will Include: Unaired Scenes from Episodes: 10x02: SHIELD 10x03: SUPERGIRL 10x08: ABANDONED 10x13: BEACON 10x16: SCION Commentaries 10x01: LAZARUS (Holly Henderson, Don Whitehead, Allison Mack & Cassidy Freeman) 10x18: DOMINION (Brian Peterson, Kelly Souders, Justin Hartley & Callum Blue)

From @acofell Anne Cofell Saunders on Twitter: When I watched the finale, I felt privileged to have written on a show that so many people poured their hearts into for so many years.

(cont...) Lois’ vows: “(Clark.) I wanted these vows to be perfect, but perfection’s a hard thing to get your hands on. ( I guess life’s) But life is meant to be a little messy. And when it comes to love, (maybe) I think it’s like what my Dad always said about the Army, ‘(You) Only sign up if it’s the only thing you can ever imagine doing. (Well) And Clark, I can’t imagine spending a moment ( the rest) of my life without you. (So) I promise to always have your back as you’ll always have mine. You’re my best friend. You’re my home and you’re my true love. And I am yours and will be forever.” While Clark is silently reading, Lois presses her hand on the door. “Clark?” He puts his hand on the other side. “I’m here.” She’s thrilled. “I’ll see you at the chapel,” he says. She’s crying and smiling, “Yea, see you there.” Tess is the victim of a car chase. There’s too much interference in the atmosphere to use her cell phone. She’s blocked in and captured. At the chapel, Martha is brought down the aisle by Jeff the Intern while Canon in D Major by Pachebel plays. Always loved that. The doors are shut as the Maid of Honor and Best Man walk arm in arm. Lois Lane is beautiful in her veil and gown. She looks into the mirror and the doors to the chapel are opened for her. Everyone rises but there is no Clark at the altar. The music stops as Lois gazes nervously about the room. She thinks Clark isn’t there. When all seems lost, we see his hand grasp hers. She raises her head and smiles. He’s there. There’s nothing to fear. He gives her a nod towards the front of the room. They’ll do this together. (In the comics, they also walked down the aisle together.) She nods in answer and he takes her arm and puts it safely in his. They will face the future together. Clark encases her hand in his as they slowly promenade. Sara Bareilles’ Breathe Again, a perfectly beautiful song for this couple. They smile at one another as they peruse family and friends present. Clark sees his father standing beside his mother. Clark smiles at him and Jonathan nods his approval. Lois notices his increased energy. “Everything all right, Smallville?” He tells her ‘perfect.” He nods at her. “It’s perfect.”


he planned ceremony was the procession, sermon, marriage vows, blessing, exchange of rings, lighting of the unity candle, recessional and closing. We see Clark remove Lois’ veil and the vows are voice overed. The couple hold both hands and look into each others eyes. Jonathan looks over at his wife who is crying with joy. At the end of the vows, Oliver steps forward with Clark’s ring. Hello! Wouldn’t they give Lois her ring first? It is a double ring ceremony. And shouldn’t Chloe have Clark’s ring for Lois to put on his finger? Details, people! But now evil Oliver (apparently Omega commands are like unexpected seizures) hands over the gold K ring. Blondie should look confused. Giving the blondes something to do again. Lois takes the ring as Clark gives her a grin and a nod. Just before Lois gets the ring on his finger, blondie’s smarts kick in and she knocks the ring out of danger. She questions Oliver who now goes dark eyed. Hey, maybe he could be on Supernatural as a demon. Lois immediately grabs Chloe and tells her to be careful. Clark sees the demon eyes and tells Lois to get everyone out of there. Blondie gets bossy (quelle suprise) and wrangles everyone towards the door. As people race out, Ollie wants Clark to surrender to darkness. Yea right, like that’s going to happen. Clark gets shoved through a window. Yes, glass has to break on this show. Lois sees what is happening and runs back to help. Before she can confront Oliver, he shoves her across the chapel. Clark jumps back through the window and superspeeds to save her. He catches her mid air. His bride is in his arms. He takes her away and returns to take on wedding crasher Ollie. Clark being Superman tries to reason with dark Ollie as they flail around the chapel. They finally broke that holy water basin from QUEST. YAY! Clark lands near the gold K ring as Ollie picks it up. Our hero will not give up on Ollie or his good heart. He reminds his friend they have to save the world together. “I need you to be a hero. I know you’ll make the right choice. I believe in you.” Oliver knows gold K will take away Clark’s powers permanently. He clasps the ring as Clark’s truth brings him to his knees. The Omega symbol disappears. Clark smiles at him. “Everything’s okay now.” They both see it is not as Apokolips eclipses the yellow sun. Clark saves the

12  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

day not with physical powers but by reaching people’s hearts. At the Kent farm, Clark and Lois are listening to Tess’ phone messages. Darkseid is behind it all and they need to find Tess to find out what she knows about defeating the darkness. The Pentagon won’t make a move until the President makes a statement. Blondie is going to Star City to call upon the heroes with her database. Oliver is to stay put. She hugs Clark (not her ‘hubbie’ Oliver.) “See you in the funny pages.” She’s seen his future with the Fate helmet. The blondes kiss outside.


s Martha and Lois cling to each other watching the eclipse, Clark sees Jonathan Kent outside. He follows him into the loft. Clark calls out to him. “I knew you’d see me again...when you were ready.” The son confesses he made a mistake. “I thought I had to leave you behind. He understands that all his loved ones makes the world worth saving. The father knows he’s scared and worried about failing. Jonathan does some confessing of his own. He tells Clark to seek out Jor-El for guidance. “He’s your father. He’ll understand.” Jonathan kisses Clark’s forehead as Martha arrives telling her son not to doubt himself. She stands between her two men. Her and Jonathan wanted a child so badly, the day Clark found them, he was the miracle they prayed for. “Now the world needs that same miracle.” Clark nods and hugs her. Jonathan hugs them both as Apokolips makes its presence known. Clark looks at the two people who helped shape him into the man he is now. “Thank you.” He superspeeds off as Jonathan and Martha watch the danger that’s come after their boy. Fabulous, fabulous scene. Love the Kents!

Lois listens to the government’s attempt at calming its citizenry and realizes they are using military code words. She realizes her father, the General, was called to duty. She finds the correspondent who’s covering the President’s visit, Janet Dawson. Lois tries to explain to her that nuking the coming fiery planet will cause more harm than good. Lois knows the Blur will save the world before the President hits the button. Dawson is unimpressed. So in true Lois fashion, she conks snotty Janet on the head with a stapler. “I’m sorry, I wouldn’t have had to do that if the world wasn’t in jeopardy . . . and you weren’t such a bitch.” Love her!

At the burned out Luthor mansion, Clark encounters Lex. Snarky Lex with the one black gloved hand covering his crispiness. Clark can’t believe he’s alive. “Seems my father had a change of heart.” Literally. Clark wants to know what he’s done with Tess. Do we really want to go there? Oh yea, that was Clark Luthor. Sorry. Lex talks about all the crutches he went through: Family. Friends. “But if you look at history all the great men and women have been defined by their enemies.” Clark ain’t Batman and you ain’t the Joker. Clark reminds him he has a second chance and can change all that. “But that’s the thing about memories, you can’t forget them.” Obvious foreshadowing. How many times have people forgotten stuff on this show – especially Lex? Clark states it was never a competition. How many times has he said that to Baldie? Lex goes into the Veritas prophecies. Clark gets pissed. “My destiny wasn’t yours to take!” Lex has embraced his own destiny and thinks they will be great men because of each other. “I’ll always be there to stop you. Always,” warns Clark. Which is what he told Toyman. Lex calls Clark, Kal-El. Yea, not a good thing. “And every villain is only as great as his hero.” Really? Tess awakens in a lab to face Unibomber Daddy Dearest. Ultimate There are some pretty lame villains out there. Which doesn’t diminish Creepy! He refers to Clark as the savior in red. What is he, the Flash now? how fantastic the hero is. Lex is counting on Clark saving them from Father daughter chit chat Luthor the apocalypse. He knows about style. “It’s time you embraced your Darkseid and how Clark is the lineage, Tess. Time to become the light that will bring people out of Luthor you were meant to be.” He darkness. So Lex is depending on means that literally, folks. Lionel is Clark to bring out the super side. all hepped up on Lex love. Piece by “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you, Lex.” piece Lex is rebuilding himself. Again Clark superspeeds off. Not good literally. However. “Lex is missing a Lexie knowing the secret. heart.” When did they first notice? Meet Organ Donor Lutessa. We get llie goes to Watchtower and to see crispy Lex on a slab. all systems are online. He gets his crossbow similar to scene Clark finds Tess’ mobile hidden under in PANDORA and goes after the her car seat. She taped her capture. Unholy Trinity. He talks up the Blur And we see Tess is now being thrown as he shoots them with the arrows of on a table for heart extraction. Lionel Orion. Up in smoke. can’t find Conner so it’s up to Tess to make the donation. More creepy Air Force One, Lois with Dawson’s ID Lionel. Tess goes bad ass and free tries to get through security to see from her confines. She shoots Lionel the President. She convinces the who was just about to read a book. door guard to take a look for himself Really? Tess leaves while Lionel at the big bad planet heading crawls into the secret Lex room. Darkseid arrives. Not half bad CGI. He towards Earth while she sneaks into the conference room. She confronts wants Lionel to reconsider his offer to resurrect Lex. “In exchange for the cabinet, “All that matters is the truth and you don’t have it.” That’s your soul.” Darkseid pulls Dark Daddy’s heart right out of his chest as he Lois. It’s all about the truth for her. Lois realizes that they already know enters the corpse. the nuking of the oncoming planet will wipe out millions of people. They don’t want to spread panic. She inquiries about their families and Lex is alive with a bad hand while Apokolips hovers over Metropolis. the President, who has been stole away to a secure bunker. Remember Clark arrives at the DP and puts on his glasses. He meets Lois on the Lex in APOCALYPSE? Standard procedure. They are willing to sacrifice stairs and she gives him an update as she drags him into the bullpen. two billion people for the sake of the rest of the planet. Anyone who They discuss the Omega signs and how they use people’s darkness. “And has ever read a Superman comic knows that is unacceptable to Clark Tess quoted one of the prophecies as saying that the markings weren’t and Lois. “No one dies today,” is a common pledge. Lois tells them just spiritual. They are some kind of anti-life dark force that could bring they do have a choice. “Heroes!” She has faith in the Blur and how he about the apocalypse.” Lois gets it. “You mean like bringing a giant can save them all despite the acts of some military rogues. And then planet crashing into ours.” Clark wonders if the markings have some people saw that heroes were trustworthy. “You owe the people of this kind of gravitational pull. He realizes he has to break the anti life bond. country to have a chance to see that their faith was worth something.” Lois wants to know how many people are effected. Clark x-rays around The Secretary puts down her ‘hero worship.’ After she introduces herself, the newsroom. “More than you want to know.” Rumbling is heard. “This is exactly the time for my hero. He will be here. He will save us. I “Clark, you inspired the darkness out of Oliver.” He says he can’t do it for promise. . . You just have to give our heroes a chance.” They’ve got five the entire planet and tries to find out what Tess knows. Together from minutes. Really? Finger happy on the ole nuke button or what? a license plate they surmise Lionel Luthor is behind Tess’ capture. They GPS him and realize he’s under the Luthor mansion. Clark is in the barn retrieving the Fortress crystal. Bleeding Double Dark Daddy shows up talking like he’s a Shakespearean zombie. “The Lost/ While the world shakes beneath their feet, Clark turns to his bride. “Lois, Last Son of Jor-El.” Clark recognizes him. “Darkseid. My father sent no matter what happens . . .” She puts her hand on his cheek. “A person I me here to protect this planet. And I will fight you til my last breath.” greatly admire once told me, that when you believe in someone, it’s not LioDarksy taunts our hero with how easily it was for him to take over the for a few minutes, or sometimes, or just for now, it’s forever.” Clark gulps. people of Earth. “They may not be perfect but I believe that even in the “Now, go save the world!” She smiles at him as he stares at her lips. darkest soul, there’s always hope.” Go Clark! YAY! “People want to believe They kiss as their world begins to crumble. **sigh** Lois smiles at him in something greater and it may be easier to hate, but it’s stronger to reassuringly. “I’ll be fine.” He gives her a slight grin as he walks away. love.” He knows this because of all the dealings with the Luthors and


Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  13

blahna darkness and knowing Lois’ power of love. LioDarksy is intrigued by a force that could push the balance towards the light. He puts a choking whammy on Clark. “You are the Light and cast out the darkness from Oliver Queen. And you’ll obliterate my darkness from the rest of the world if you’re not stopped.” He pulls Clark into his choke hold. “You will surrender to me. You will lose your soul. I will annihilate you!” Then he tosses Clark through the wooden barn. Uhh, don’t think that was the best tactical move there, LioDarksy. Duh!


s Clark is suspended in mid air, he hears Jonathan’s words about allowing Jor-El to guide him. In his mind, Clark is standing in the tube with the hula hoops. “You have always had the power within you, my son,” says BDJ. Then pillars of crystal display Clark’s trials. From Lex’s bridge accident to bus save to tornado save to heat vision to Perry save to football hero to Lois helicopter save to little kid save to missile save to fighting Titan to freezing the course of a mighty river to catching bullets to train save to second Lois helicopter save to multiple Lois saves and flying with her in his mind. Ten years covered in a minute or two. Good job. “These were my trials.” Jor-El tells him his final trial is upon him. “You are ready.” (cause it’s the last damn episode, HELLO!) “Seize your destiny!” Clark returns to reality. He’s floating and is enjoying it. No fear. He curls his hands into fists, stretches them out in front of him, stares down his opponent and plows through LioDarksy. The darkness is obliterated, but not the Omega marks on the populous. One of my personal favorite scenes takes place at Luthorcorp. Gloved Tess confronts her brother who has their father’s heart. She realizes he has used her all this time. Tess became a true Luthor when she shot Lionel according to his own words. Lex thinks Tess wants Clark. But she wants redemption, perhaps for the entire family. She believes in hope also. Lex hugs her and tells her he loves her. Hug of death. He stabs her. Lex tells her he’s saving her from turning into him as he holds her in his arms. She touches his cheek with a gloved hand. “It’s too late. Clark already did that.” We see a smear on Lex’s face as he tries to brush it away. Some things just come to bite you in the ass, Lexie. It’s the neurotoxin he started at Summerholt. It paralyzes all cognitive recognition. HAHAHAHAHAHA Lexie’s gonna forget! He’s got thirty seconds before his past flashes before his eyes. What was that line about memories earlier? **evil laugh** He’ll remember nothing! Tess sacrificed herself for the world and for Clark, it’s savior. Love Tess at this moment. Comics mythos restored. Let there be jubilation in the streets! Apokolips’ approach knocks out some of the letters on the Luthorcorp sign which now reads LXCorp. Close enough to Lexcorp. Clark races to the Fortress. “Your journey has come to an end, Kal-El.” Clark apologizes for pushing away his Kryptonian side. “My strength is in accepting it. Accepting you.” BDJ is honored. He speaks of a father’s pride for his son. “You don’t know how long I have waited to hear you say that.” BDJ talks of Clark’s trials being behind him. “Any father can only hope that he is one day humbled by the feats of his son. But it is your soul, Kal-El, of which I am most proud. You and you alone possess the courage, the determination and the compassion that will be required of you to lift the darkness from the Earth.” I’m gonna cry. The suit erupts from its hiding place. Notes of the Superman theme everywhere. “I ask you to remember one thing,” begins BDJ. “Your abilities may be of my blood, but it is your time in Smallville with Jonathan and Martha Kent and all the people there that made you a hero, Kal-El.” Clark turns and sees Jonathan Kent holding the suit in his arms. “Always hold onto Smallville.” He hands Clark the suit. (This is something Schneider had always dreamed would happen between these two characters. They made it come true.) When Clark goes to thank him, Jonathan is gone. The kneeling and swirling begin as Clark leaps up into the air. Soaring his wedding clothes disappear as the cape flaps behind him. He flies out of the Fortress to save the world. No full shot of Welling in the suit but it was still impressive.

Totally grinning Lois recovers and grabs a nearby camera. “This is Lois Lane of the Daily Planet reporting from aboard Air Force One.” The President addresses her and she begins to interview him. LOIS FREAKIN LANE, Baby! The hopeless people of Metropolis watch in despair and terror as Apokolips begins it’s overthrow. Ollie arrives to look up in the sky as a red and blue figure flies by and up to the offending planet. “C’mon, Clark. You can do this.” Was there any doubt? For someone who just got his ‘wings,’ Clark pushes the huge planet away from the Earth. So Silver Age! The Omega symbols vanish from the people. Jubilation and celebration in the streets. The darkness is lifted. Superman has brought hope to the world. SUPER FREAKIN MAN, Baby! Clark watches as the planet drifts back to its previous orbit in the Fourth World. So apparently there’s a comic called Smallville which explains all of this. Hope DC actually publishes it. It’s seven years from the time of Darkseid’s visit. The blondes kid doesn’t wear his father’s PJ’s but Angel Warrior’s. What does that tell ya? Lois calls her former Maid of Honor to tell her she got the blue ribbon she sent. Apparently Clark and Lois feel the need to exchange rings. JIMMY FREAKIN OLSEN, Baby! Tells Lois seeing Perry right now is a bad idea. She hangs outside the door. “How many Great Caesar’s Ghosts?” We hear Perry (Michael McKean’s voice) bitching about Luthor inside. Jimmy wants to know if she liked his photos. “Where’s the drama? The Man of Steel deserves better than a circus incident or a fender bender. I want pecs. I want cape. I want pearly whites.” Jimmy grins and says, “Yes, Ms. Lane.” She knows Jimmy is up to the task. Perry screams out that he knows Lois is out there. “Stories don’t write themselves, Lane! Great Caesar’s Ghost!” Love it love it love it.


s Lois walks past a monitor, we see Lex is elected President in 2018. Not even an election year, unless he had peeps assassinated or something. Lois is wearing glasses as she did in the 2013 future. Apparently it is to give people a reason why she and Clark are together. Toning down the obvious sexy for everyone but each other. As Lois stares at her something blue as she descends the steps, Clark is climbing up bumping into people. “Sorry, excuse me. Pardon me.” He bumps into Lois. You know it was deliberate. Papers fall to the floor and they are on their knees on the staircase. As Clark adjusts his glasses, “Oh, I’m sorry, Ms. Lane. Let me just, uh . . . ” She tells him to can it because no one is paying attention to them. He looks around and then drops his voice an octave to smoldering. He gives her an appreciative once over. “Yes, Ms. Lane.” Lois is a puddle of goo. “That’s so hot.” He smiles and says, ummm. Her smile widens. She gets to business now that they have a moment of public privacy. “This is serious. Do you have them?” Clark is grinning and staring at her with love in his eyes. “You mean these?” He shows her their wedding rings. “Yes,” she says as she reaches for them. Clark snaps the box shut. (Welling’s adlib) She grins at him. Funny, loving Clark. He leans closer as she asks him if he’s ready. “I’ve been ready for seven yeartis.” While they’re having eye sex on the staircase, some yokel comes running in announcing there’s a bomb in an elevator uptown. Clark and Lois turn back to each other. Lois nods as Clark says, “Tell the minister, I’m going to be a few minutes late.” Superman theme starts as Clark runs up the stairs unbuttoning his vest. Lois descends grinning from ear to ear. Her guy is going to save the day . . . again. With his vest in his hand, Clark opens the roof door and flings the vest. Next off are the glasses, he drops them and then goes for the tie. Pulling the tie away, he then rips open his shirt to reveal the Superman suit beneath. Running towards the camera, the frame is frozen on the shield. Credits begin to appear as they did in the Donner films as the Superman theme blares. I am crying once again. I’m holding onto Smallville.


ome of us were puzzled as to why Clark and Lois didn’t exchange rings even after seven years. They were married Kryptonian style in PROPHECY, they had the license and exchanged vows in FINALE As Apokolips begins to hit Earth’s atmosphere, Air Force One is in and apparently in Kansas you don’t have to wait a certain amount of trouble. Lois Lane in a plane. Post Crisis fans will know what that means. time to be considered a common law marriage. For all extents and People are tossed to and fro as Lois lands against a window over the purposes, they were married. They were married in the future 2013 wing. She can’t believe what she’s seeing. Clark in the suit flying. Much opening of SALVATION. Then why did Smallville do what they did? We like the animated flying in the live action Kirk Allyn movie serials, CGI got our answer in early July. Superman goes under an engine to steady the plane. He then flies to the window. We only see the suit an cape from just below the shoulders. Clark Kent and Lois Lane Kent will no longer be married in the DC He presses towards the window, nods and smiles at Lois. She smiles Comics new reboot beginning in September. They are taking the back. He sees she is safe. Clark drifts away watching her. She smiles at characters back to an earlier time with Clark arriving in Metropolis. We the cape floating behind him as Apokolips hangs behind him. He flies are saddened by this turn of events. That’s why ‘Hold onto Smallville’ will directly to the dastardly planet. have such a deep and endearing meaning to Clark and Lois fans all over the world. The most iconic lovers and couple in American literature.

14  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

By Christine Brown

Superman, I think Jeff would be pretty blown away by him--

OSCK magazine chats it up with Evan Schulte Smallville’s “Jeff the intern” How did you come about getting the role of “Jeff the intern?” It all started as a fairly normal experience for me. My agent called to let me know she had an audition for me for the role. I had actually auditioned for other roles on the show before this-- clearly not meant to be. She sent me the sides to prepare and the next day I went in and did the scene. I felt really good about it too. In a way I knew I got it when I walked out. Still, a few weeks went by and I hadn’t heard anything-- no callbacks, so I thought it was done with. Then my agent called me and told me I had been cast. After all that time I was totally surprised and of course jumping through the roof. What do you think of the following you have now? It’s amazing and, again, unexpected. Everything about the experience from the show has been like that. I try my best to respond to everyone’s comments and questions, because they’ve been so good to me. They’re the reason why I’ve made as many appearances I have. How does it feel to have played a character that although created for the Smallville universe? (For so many fans, Jeff the Intern has become as much a part of Lois and Clark’s Daily Planet life as Perry White and Jimmy Olsen.) It’s a hard concept to grasp I guess, because those are all such iconic characters from the mythology. All I can say is that if people believe Jeff belongs with that group, I am truly flattered to be a part. Putting your Jeff the Intern hat on, we know that Jeff isn’t too fond of Clark especially when it comes to being Lois Lane’s boyfriend/fiancee (as seen in Masquerade), how do you think he would feel about Superman and from what we know from the mythos, Superman and Lois Lane’s relationship? completely fascinated. Who wouldn’t really? But Jeff for sure. Then with Superman and Lois’ relationship, I don’t think he would be surprised in the least. Of course he’s always rescuing her. Of course he’s always sweeping her away. Of course he’s got a thing for her. He’d be crazy not too. What do you think of the Finale? I really, really enjoyed it. I felt it capped everything off while also setting up what everyone knows of the story beyond Smallville. Seeing all of the moments from Clark’s journey, his “trials”, was totally awesome. The scene where he burst out of the fortress, with the suit going on-- I had chills. I loved that they kept with the shows policy and didn’t really show him in the suit. And of course they busted out the classic superman theme song. How much more epic do you want? Do you think Jeff would think Superman isn’t good enough for Lois either? That’s an interesting question. Perhaps Jeff would never really think anyone was good enough for her. I think as long as they made her happy, Jeff would be okay with them. What was your favorite scene you were in & from the entire episode itself ? I’m not sure I entirely agree with that. I actually think that Jeff has a great deal of admiration for Clark. Absolutely there’s a lot of envy there, but it’s out of that admiration-- Clark is the guy that Jeff wants to be one day. What happened in Masquerade I think had more to do with Jeff feeling respected. With all that said, towards the end, I started to believe Jeff had resigned to the fact that he and Lois would never be. Difficult yes. He still adores her, but one day he’ll find his own Lois Lane. As far as

It’s such a difficult thing to answer. I had a lot of fun on the show and I got to work with some really amazing people. One of my favorite scenes was in Salvation, following Lois with the fruit basket and stacks of files. It was the essence of Lois and Jeff. There really wasn’t much acting required in that scene either. I was literally trying to avoid running into people, and keep up with her. That fruit basket also weighed around

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  15

twenty pounds and I was carrying it for the entire day of shooting. The episode was also directed by Greg Beeman, who is crazy in the most wonderful sense. From that entire episode however, I remember most the scene where Clark punches Zod in the face and you see him disappear into the distance as he races to catch Lois. It was thoroughly badass. You’ve had to work with Tom and Erica almost exclusively. How would you describe each of them and did you learn anything from them? It’s hard to describe anyone in just a few words, but I’ll say that Tom is an easy-going guy who jokes and has a lot of fun, but also cares very much about making sure things get done right. Erica is just a sweetheart and a hardworking one. On my first episode she introduced herself to me almost the moment I stepped onto the set. She’s always been very kind and supportive of me, and I’ve always felt at ease working with her. As for what I’ve learned from them, it would be to work diligently at what you’re doing, collaborating, listening, but also not being afraid to give your input on what’s being done. Essentially how a professional conducts themselves, and to remember to have fun doing it. What do you like about your character, Jeff, and the show’s hero, Clark? What did you take away from your experience on SMALLVILLE? I really loved that Jeff was an optimist. At least, I thought he was. Why else would someone work like he does, doing some of the things he does? Jeff’s outlook on life would be something like: “Life IS fair... eventually”. What I loved about Clark was his constant searching of himself. Searching for answers, for strength, and for wisdom, even through the dark places-- for the world he feels he has to carry. It’s something we can all relate to in some way. As for the entire experience, without a doubt I learned how amazing things can happen with time and effort. I never imagined that the role would become a recurring part or that Jeff would become as cared about as he is. Who knows what can happen or what tomorrow might bring. Jeff has primarily been a comedic character. Do you prefer comedy? Why or why not? What kind of roles are you interested in now? I love comedy, absolutely. I love making people laugh and feel good because in turn it makes me feel good. It’s a great relationship. I can’t say that I prefer it to doing drama, or vise-

versa. It’s just different. For any role, I always look for a story that’s saying something, or atleast trying to say something. What form that comes in becomes somewhat irrelevant at that point. I try to stay open to whatever possibilities might present themselves and what engages me.

16  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  17

18  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

By Holli Boetcher

He felt he was a threat to his parents.

Superman is the epitome of a hero. In the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, he displays courage and the will for self sacrifice for the greater good. Clark Kent in this television series gave us a heroic journey to his destiny we will never forget.

Every hero has feats or tasks he must accomplish. Smallville’s Clark Kent was no exception. Although they were not clearly demarcated, we did see significant growth in him during his high school years especially his senior year.

Kal-El lands in the Cream Corn Capital of the World with as much fan fare as a Fourth of July parade. Meteor rocks from the planet Krypton, his birthplace, damage the countryside. He is found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, a loving farm couple who have been unable to have children of their own. He is their hope. His biological parents, to be introduced later in the series, Lara and Jor-El sent him to Earth so he could have a full life when their planet was exploding. He was their last hope.

Heroes fight or go through labors for a reason or more often than not, for someone. Odysseus had Penelope, Elizabeth Bennett had Mr. Darcy, Robin Hood had Maid Marion and Superman had Lois Lane. Smallville brought Clark’s soulmate (and later wife) onto the show at the beginning of season 4. He arrived naked from being reborn (Kryptonian style) at the feet of Lois Lane. A show-developed prophecy fulfilled. She took care of this enigmatic personality and brought him home to the Kents.

Smallville had Kryptonite affect humans which gave the show what was known as Freak of the Week. These were the beginning of Clark’s trials. A kryptonite meteor killed Lana Lang’s mother and her husband. Lana later became the face of Smallville, Meteor Capital of the World. She immortalized her parents by wearing a piece of the meteorite that killed them. This caused problems for Clark when he was around her since he was weakened by radiation and thus her presence. The show emphasized this point throughout the series and especially in season 8 with Lana Lang’s departure ending their toxic romance with the past. Lex Luthor loses his hair during the meteor shower which doesn’t help him with his very hirsute father’s opinion of him. But later, he is saved by a young Clark Kent after running our farm boy hero off a bridge with his rich boy car. Clark has two friends, Chloe Sullivan who has a major crush on him and a penchant for journalism and Pete Ross, his best friend who he plays hoops with and was the first to find out Clark’s secret (besides his parents). Clark is taken in by the Kents and raised as their own. Typical bucolic scene with Clark checking out the internet for people with superlative abilities while drinking milk from a bottle. He’s a freshman in high school and apparently already has superspeed which he uses to this advantage in order not to be late for school. Smallville started out as a teenage soap opera but it was based on a superhero mythos. A hero is not his super abilities or even the costume he wears. A hero is what he is in his heart. Clark Kent has a huge heart for people and this stayed true throughout the series. Being a teenager is hard enough. You feel alienated as your body goes through changes and you desire social acceptance from your peers, but Clark Kent is not of this world and his discovery of powers throws a monkey wrench in his emotional path each and every time. The Kents try to guide him as best they can. They, like other parents of teenagers, accept his idiosyncrasies as his ‘normal.’ His life lessons, although more dynamic than others in his world, are not that unique. Clark struggles with control of new body functions, pining over the popular girl next door, alienation of his peers and encountering (the artificial intelligence of ) his biological father. Clark rebelled with the help of his drug of choice (red kryptonite) in season 2 and 3, not out of disillusionment with his life but out of love for his family.

than he knew himself.

Despite him professing to still love his dream girl, Clark Kent asked Lois Lane to live with him. This boy with a secret which made him always on the alert and highly protective of his privacy, desired the highly curious, leave-nostone-unturned girl to be in his intimate living space. Hiding his abilities in front of Lois was a discipline he had to accomplish for his future life. Unknowingly Lois often saved Clark from green kryptonite, his own poor decisions, and not learning from the lessons life brought to him. With her analytical mind and good heart she believed in his huge heart and keen mind. She had his duality pegged from the very beginning. Clark teased her with it and probably felt some relief too that someone knew him, sometimes better

Immediately after graduation, aliens fell from the sky and Clark was given his Fortress of Solitude which meant he began to learn of his Kryptonian heritage in a more academic setting. Although Clark’s responsibilities now held worldwide scope, he refused to leave Smallville. He attended agricultural college for a time. Jonathan Kent’s death twisted Clark’s path, not merely in the loss of a father but by having Clark believe he was culpable for his father’s death. Jonathan Kent died so Lana Lang could live. This ‘choice’ haunted Clark for several seasons keeping him stuck in the past and stagnating his hero’s journey. Although he did heroic acts, even helping the burgeoning ‘Justice League’ in season 6, he still refused to leave Smallville or relinquish the rotting bindings of the past. This was a dark period for our hero caused by not knowing if the show was going to be renewed, keeping Clark a boy emotionally instead of a maturing male, and allowing the show to lose sight of who the main character was. Season 7 was poorly premised. Clark staying on the farm to live with Lana while everyone else took jobs in Metropolis just didn’t make sense. Although the writers’ strike was blamed for its poor storylines, the best episode that year was an alternate universe where Clark Kent was his true self in a world where he didn’t exist. With a change in producers, season 8 put our hero back on track. He went to Metropolis and started working for the Daily Planet. He again was a little closer to home working across the desk from Lois Lane. Without fail, she saved him from an alien sex goddess, protected his secret from a thought reading meteor freak, and got a free ‘acid’ trip to the Phantom Zone. We saw our hero becoming a man without the presence of his former

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  19

dream girl. Clark’s adversaries that season were a green kryptonite powered Lana Lang and a human/monster called Doomsday. In the second half of the season with Lana finally out of his life, Clark decides to tell Lois his secret. However, his dual identities were not fully developed, so he reset the timeline with the use of a Legion ring. By season 8’s end, we see a Clark Kent who wants to be closer to Lois but is afraid she will be endangered by knowing his secret as Lana was. Clark saves enemies, friends and innocents alike. He is now known as the Red Blue Blur and carries on the triangle made for two with Lois. His inevitable pursuit of Lois is important as she is the key to melding both his personas to become the man we all know he will become. Doomsday is defeated to be resurrected later, but Lois is missing in action. Without her, Clark Kent declares himself dead as Zod arrives at the Luthor mansion. Season 9, one of the strongest seasons of the series, revealed Kal-El accepting his Kryptonian side and signing his Metropolis saves with a scorching S. He is now known as the Blur since he wears mourning black. Lois arrives from the future in a train wreck which Clark saves. With his reason for living returned, his training at the Fortress suffers due to a change in focus. He revives Clark Kent after saving Lois from the Zod-created Metallo. Lois, who doesn’t remember her trip to the future except in flashes, is thrilled to see him and he’s happy to be home. Lois later survives being a zombie, having Clark read her thoughts, psychiatric analysis regarding her sex flashes with Clark, having her boyfriend live her trauma inducing memories of the future timeline, an arrow in the chest, yet another chick hitting on her boyfriend, being hypnotized as a happy homemaker, being possessed yet again, knocked out three times in an episode, breaking up with Clark to pursue her true calling, and kissing the Blur and realizing he’s Clark.

must defeat isn’t physical as much as it is emotional and psychological. Yes, Clark Kent must develop his emotional strength of will in order to defeat Darkseid. After witnessing his faltering emotional strength in seasons 5 through 7, season 10 was a crash course for our hero. He had learned quite a bit from his life partner, Lois, for two seasons since her own will has always been strong and hopeful. Later Clark also deals with Lex clones throughout the season and a Luthor world doppelganger. In the premiere, Clark saves Lois and flies up to catch a falling Daily Planet globe. Lois leaves Clark so he can be the hero he needs to be and takes an assignment in Egypt. Jonathan Kent appears to give Clark some sage advice especially about the past and a clue about the future. Clark learns to let go with Lois. Something he never grasped with Lana. With hope of Lois’ return in his heart, he dons a new red jacket costume, but is still known as the Blur. Anti-hero sentiment is exacerbated by Darkseid’s minion and the Suicide Squad. Clark realizes his doubts could lead him to the dark side. Kara returns to help him learn how to obtain the rest of his powers (flying). Mistrust or doubt seems to keep him grounded. She will do what she can until he is ready to take over his place in the world.

Memories flood Clark as he and Lois return to Smallville High for Homecoming. He is honored as King while Brainiac 5 takes him on a tour of the past. Clark realizes he hasn’t let the past stay where it belongs. He was not responsible for his father’s death. Jonathan’s anger killed him. Clark finds himself in the future which he feared, but now sees it’s bright and full of hope. He’s the hero he’s always wanted to be and he and Lois are in love. Back in Smallville, Clark sees how he has held Lois at arm’s length ‘for her own protection’ unnecessarily. He lets go of the past. Clark’s blood and bloodline were featured in this season. Knowing his bright future with her, he recreates the His blood cured the virus that made Metropolis citizens dance they started in season 8 and tells her he loves her. zombies and he saved Zod by giving him some of his She reciprocates and as he holds her, they float in the air. blood thus permitting Zod to make all the Kandorians Clark’s heart is now free to lead him forward. super in the process. Clark learns of his father’s (Jor-El) role in creating the Kandorian replicants and nearly After saving Lois from yet another possession using misses meeting his father’s clone. Losing his Kryptonian the Isis and Osiris story, Clark realizes how easily he father while cradling him in his arms was tragic yet it could lose her without her knowing him completely. seemed to give Clark a sense of closure. He learned He breaks through his fear of telling anyone his secret Jor-El, the man, was more humane than the artificial and confesses he is the Blur. She tackles him and kisses intelligence in the Fortress. Thus making his idea of his him as he realizes she already knows but never said father less of a unemotional ‘monster’ and his heritage anything. She protected his secret even from him. given a more positive and hopeful light. In a Clark-loses-his-powers story, our hero saves Lois Clark deals with the Kandorians in a less adversarial way. incurring bodily injury and pain. She manages to help He tried to have them accept their powerless existence him regain his powers. After sharing a byline about amongst humans. This placed him in the middle their experience for the Daily Planet, Clark gives Lois Dr. between those who wanted a life on the planet and Zod, Swann’s journal telling of his heritage and destiny. Clark who wanted to conquer it with super powers of their declares Lois as ‘the one’ and always will be. They make own. Clark eventually gains some of the super powered love. One week later, the playful couple are visited by Kandorians’ trust, says goodbye to Lois in the darkness General Lane and Lucy. Clark goes through trials as her of an alleyway with a kiss, and then uses a Kryptonian boyfriend and as the Blur against the Suicide Squad. relic to transport them to another world. Zod in his Clark asks for Lois’ hand in marriage as the family sits mania to defeat Kal-El and his leadership uses blue down to Thanksgiving dinner. kryptonite to keep Kal-El Earthbound. Clark fights with Zod and drives the kryptonite knife into his own body. The deceased Mrs. Lane reaches out to Lois via video As Kal-El falls to his death, he smirks as Zod rises to go to tape to tell her daughter not to be afraid of loving the other world. Earth and Lois are safe. because of the loss of a loved one. Lois goes to Jor-El to ask for his reconciliation with Clark. Our hero deals With death comes birth or resurrection, thus is the path with Granny Goodness’ orphanage and Tess’ past. While of Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman. In the final season, rescuing Lois in the Fortress, Clark witnesses his own Lois finds a fallen Clark in the rain and pulls the knife message from his deceased parents, Lara and Jor-El. from his body. Unbeknownst to him, she witnesses his They tell him of the love they have for each other and for revival in the sunlight. The foe this season that Clark him. He is their hope. They want him to experience a

20  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

While under mind control, Clark was able to break free of his doubts and fears and he and Lois flew over Metropolis in the alternate state. Clark later gives his ‘disguise’ some thought and decides upon wearing glasses as a journalist in order to eventually show his face as the Blur. The anti-hero sentiment would dissolve if there was a face for the savior of Metropolis. Clark truthfully confesses under the influence of magic that Lois is the love of his life. When sober he states he will wait to marry her no matter how long it takes. No fear. No doubts. Moving forward. Lois is his home. It’s where his heart is. Clark accepts the clone of Lex and his DNA as a brother and encourages Conner to be a hero with his powers. Clark and Lois talk about having children as they continue to refine Clark’s mild mannered journalist persona. Lois saves Clark and thus the world when Clark is trapped in the Phantom Zone by Zod. On his return, Clark learns that Lois waited for him with hope in her heart about their future together. As a wedding present, Jor-El gives Lois Clark’s powers for a day. Clark learns what it’s like for her and she learns what life is like for him. Together they save Metropolis, but first Clark has to save Lois from being mind whammied. He again tells her he loves her as she chokes him. With his powers back, he puts Toyman behind bars even though he knows the Blur’s secret identity. Lois, now powerless, feels she is standing in Clark’s way of saving people. Clark disagrees that Lois is doing the right thing since he is adamant that they are getting married. Lois hasn’t really canceled any of the plans. They are the worst breakeruppers. Clark’s beautifully written vows change Lois’ mind and she shares her vows with him. They walk

down the aisle together and vows are declared. The ring exchange is interrupted by Darkseid possessed Oliver and gold kryptonite. Clark gets Lois to safety while he talks Oliver out of his darkness with loving support of his friend. Jonathan Kent has returned to encourage Clark at this pivotal moment. Clark leaves his parents as he goes to face the coming Apokolips. In the Daily Planet, he and Lois witness the nearing disaster. He kisses her perhaps for the last time. In the Luthor mansion, Clark finds Lex Luthor alive (cloned) who still knows his secret from season 7’s finale. Later Lex’s memory is rescinded. Clark faces Darkseid and is shown his trails that have lead up to this moment. In the barn, Clark begins to float and flies through Darkseid’s vessel. In the Fortress, Jonathan Kent hands Clark his Superman costume and tells him, “Always hold onto Smallville.” Jor-El reiterates this also. Clark flies out of the Fortress now dressed in his Superman costume. He saves Lois in the crashing Air Force One. They exchange smiles. She goes on to report what’s happening while Clark moves the planet of Apokolips from the Earth’s atmosphere. This removes all the darkness and hopelessness imbued on the population. Clark’s inspiration and strength save the day. Seven years later we see Clark and Lois are still waiting to exchange wedding rings and they are determined to do so. Perry and Jimmy are there while Lois counts Great Caesar’s Ghosts. A cry for help goes out as Clark runs up the stairs of the Daily Planet to the roof and discards his glasses and tie. Ripping his shirt while running for the ledge, we see the S symbol. Clark Kent has reached his heroic destiny.

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  21

The Justice League By Sazia Bashar


he team of heroes in Smallville all worked to keep the world safe. Though the team was unnamed, it is safe to say they were able to give a big dose of justice to every criminal they brought down. The original founding team included Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Boyscout (Clark Kent), Cyborg (Victor Stone), Impulse (Bart Allen), Aquaman (Arthur Curry), and Watchtower (Chloe Sullivan). When the team first formed, Oliver was in charge of managing everyone and the missions. Bart Allen was introduced in the season four episode Run. Bart’s super abilities: super speed and stamina. Arthur Curry was introduced in the season five episode Aqua and his super abilities: enhanced underwater breathing, swimming at super speed, super strength, hydrokinesis, communication with marine life. Victor Stone later entered in season five in the episode Cyborg and his abilities: super strength, super stamina, super durability, enhanced physical characteristics and the ability to interface with computer systems. With all these powers, every member was recruited by Oliver. Oliver Queen was introduced in the season six episode Sneeze. Though Oliver had no super powers like the other members, his abilities include super dexterity and skilled hand to hand combatant. Oliver also tried to recruit Clark after finding out about his powers, but at first he refused because he did not believe in Oliver’s mentality of “the end justifies the means”. Victor, Arthur and Bart came to Metropolis in episode Justice to help Oliver bring down Lex Luthor and his Level 33.1 project. Clark provided help along with Chloe to tear down the facility Lex owned that held his projects. With this Clark and Chloe became part time members and Oliver and the rest of the team left to take down the rest of the Level 33.1 facilities around the world. Black Canary (Dinah Lance) joined the team in the season seven episode Siren. Her abilities included sonic scream, super dexterity and skilled hand to hand combatant. Dinah at first worked for Lex Luthor because she believed that Green Arrow was the bad guy when he and Watchtower tried to intercept Lex’s private files that held information about 33.1. Later she realized she was tricked by Lex and turned on him. Green Arrow, Black Canary and Aquaman returned in the season eight episode Odyssey when Clark and Chloe went missing. While trying to find them, Black Canary and Aquaman were captured by LuthorCorp (Tess Mercer was CEO at the time after Lex’s death). Oliver managed to find Clark at a work camp in Russia. Then both went to the last 33.1 facility (Black Creek) and broke out Dinah and AC as well as Chloe before Oliver was drugged and shot a non-powered Clark. Martian Manhunter (John Jones) helped to save Clark by flying him directly to the sun so Clark could get his powers back, but this resulted in John losing his own powers. John Jones was introduced in the season six episode Static. His abilities included super strength, super speed, longevity, flight, healing factor, telepathy, intangibility, invisibility, heat generation and martian vision. After losing his powers, John joined the team after he permanently moved to Metropolis to become a detective. Dr. Emil Hamilton became the league’s physician also.

In season eight, Clark took another step as a hero and came out as the Red Blue Blur to save the people of Metropolis. Bart and Dinah came back to help Oliver and Clark destroy Doomsday. Though Clark was able to bury Doomsday under a facility, Jimmy Olsen became a casualty due to the circumstances. The team started to break apart due to this and it was from this point where Clark began to take over the role as leader. After the Doomsday debacle, Oliver started to take up drinking and stepped down from his role as Green Arrow. With this, Chloe tracked down the missing team to arrange a game for Oliver to help him rediscover the hero within himself. In the end, Oliver realized he can’t let go of being Green Arrow. Clark, Oliver, John and Chloe met the remaining members of the JSA (Justice Society of America) in the season nine episode Absolute Justice and both teamed up to stop a threat (Icicle) that was linked to a series of mysterious deaths including some JSA members. Also with the help of Dr. Fate, John was able to get back his martian powers. Hawkman and Stargirl decided to help the league whenever needed. Oliver was kidnapped by an agency named Checkmate and discovered that they wanted the league to stop an alien invasion. Clark rescued Chloe from Amanda Waller’s prison after she was kidnapped too and prevented Waller from discovering more about them.


uring season nine, General Zod and his Kandorian army came to Metropolis. Zod attempted to take over the world, but Clark had discovered his plans through Lois Lane’s memories when she went to the future. The League and the JSA teamed up again to fight of the Kandorian threat. Clark was able to defeat Zod, but was wounded during the battle that lead to his death but was later saved by Lois. Oliver was attacked and captured by the Suicide Squad, but Chloe took Oliver’s place instead to save him. After Zod’s defeat, Tess joined the league and basically became the new Watchtower. In season ten, Clark and the league had to deal with Darkseid and his minions along with the VRA. Arthur came back in the season ten episode Patriot along with his new wife Mera to help defeat the VRA. Arthur and Oliver ended up being captured by Colonel Slade Wilson, but were later rescued by Clark and Mera due to Lois’ investigative skills. After this mission, Lois became a supporting member of the team. Later Clark and the other vigilantes got framed by the VRA. Colonel Slade arrested Lois, Tess and Emil so he could question them about their connection with the team and even threated to kill Lois if she didn’t cooperate. Hawkman saved Lois but died in the process. The team take Carter’s body to be buried next to his wife Shayera Hall (Hawkgirl) in a sarcophagus chamber in Egypt. It is also learned that Zatanna had become a member of the team during this time. It was also hinted that Stargirl became a member also. After the funeral, the team still had to deal with the VRA, Zod, and various supervillains (Toyman,Black Manta,Captain Cold, Roulette, and Metallo). The league’s biggest mission was dealing with Apokolips entering Earth. Clark, Lois, Tess, Oliver and Chloe teamed up to once and for all defeat Darkseid. Clark fought Darkseid, and after learning how to fly, defeated him. He then saved Air Force One, saved people from the Omegas on their foreheads and was able to lift Apokolips away from Earth.

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By Louise Duarte


t’s secret to no one that The Kent’s are an almost perfect family. No wonder Lex and even Lois envy their perfect relationship that has trust, love, tenderness, respect, and friendship. The Lanes on the other hand, were always shown in all media like comics, “Lois & Clark” and even “Smallville” to be a very dysfunctional family. Especially Lois’s relationship with her father, General Sam Lane. We can clearly see this in episodes like “Gone”, “Façade” and “Lucy” from season 4 and “Ambush” and “Abandoned” from season 10. Although “Abandoned” showed a different side of the Lanes with a message from Lois’s mom, Ella Lane to her daughter before she passed away. Like Lois explained to Clark, she and Lucy had lost their mother very early, when they were still children and they were raised by their father who installed a chain of command within his family unit. Lois had to help Lucy with her homework, chores, and become a mother - a role that the young girl was ill-prepared for. Because of that, both of the girls became rebellious. Lois started smoking while Lucy was sent to a European boarding school to get a good education. Feeling abandoned, Lucy fell in with some bad people and got involved with some loan sharks. The Lane sisters spent too much time fighting for their father’s attention and in their efforts to be the perfect daughters, they forgot to be sisters. It wasn’t until season 10 in “Ambush” when they finally became faced their quarrels head on and put them aside.


he General had a creative way of finding out Lois’s true feelings for her boyfriends. He would give the young men an impossibly long list of chores to complete. If Lois stood up for them, he knew that she really cared about the man. Clark, luckily passed that test. In “Abandoned”, Lois revealed to Clark more about her mother Ella Lane (Special Guest Teri Hatcher who used to be Lois Lane on “Lois & Clark – The New Adventures of Superman”.) She told him how hard thing were when her mother died and had to face her greatest pain as she watched a video tape Ella left behind for her to watch. Out of all of season 10, the scene was one of the most heartwrenching - both Durance & Hatcher knocked their scenes out of the park. There were sublties in Teri’s performance that had her mirroring some of Erica’s mannerisms. They were both truly amazing in the scene. I cry every time I watch “Abandoned.” Even though the Lanes from Smallville are far from perfect like the Kents and have their own problems to deal with, we can see they love each other and that they would do anything to protect their family. No wonder Sam is so overprotective of his daughters and Lois does the same with Lucy. They love each other no matter what. And that’s the beauty about them.


nd of course in “Smallville” we have Chloe Sullivan who is Lois and Lucy’s cousin. Lois come to Smallville to find Chloe who had faked her own death in the season three finale so she could escape Lionel Luthor. Chloe pushed Lois to become a journalist during season four when she was the editor of her High School paper The Torch. Season four and five are the best seasons for the Chlo-Lo cousinship when Chloe was more friends with to Lois even when she had to hide Clark’s secret from her big cousin. Also, it was sad to see their friendship become rivalry on season six and seven when Lois became a journalist and joined the Daily Planet. But even so, Lois still was supportive of Chloe not matter what. Lois was also overprotective of Chloe’s boyfriends like Jimmy Olsen and Oliver Queen, her former boyfriend. But she tried to understand her cousin’s choices. In fact, in “Smallville”, Lois and Chloe are better friends than Lois and Lucy. That’s probably the reason why Lois chose Chloe to be her maid of honor instead of Lucy. Change the Show, but not the Family…

Although the Lane’s family from “Lois & Clark – The New Adventures of Superman” being a little different from the “Smallville” version, we still can see some similarities. In “Lois & Clark”, Sam was a brilliant doctor who chose his career of working on cyborgs over his family and left Ellla and his daughters. Ella was alive in the show, and after Sam left them because of his work, she became an alcoholic. Besides their mother’s neurosis and problems and constant fights with their father, Lois and Lucy still have their own problems to deal with. Lucy was looking for work while she was living with her big sister during season one. She gave advice to Lois to get out more and have a social life beyond just scaring her dates off with her speeches. She just wanted Lois to find a super guy to make her happy. Lois called Lucy to confess she stolen a story from Clark and how sorry she was for that although at that time she didn’t want to admit to Clark of what she had done. In season two, Lucy got work as a waitress in a restaurant. Lois and Lucy had their differences and Lois was overprotective on her sister like in Smallville although Lois & Clark`s Lucy is not so much a troublemaker like the Smallville version Besides that, in any other version Lois likes to try to prove herself to her father during her young life since her father was never satisfied with her life choices and because he was disappointed that he had never had any sons just daughters. Lois chose to be a journalist to run away from home and to prove her father how wrong he was about her. One of the interesting episodes to compare the Lanes with the Kents is season three episode called “Home is Where the Hurt is” where Ella and Sam Lane invaded Lois’s home at the same time Martha and Jonathan Kent were there for Christmas. Sam Lane brought his cyborg Baby Ganderson. We can see a little bit of Lois’s side of story and what really happened to wreck her family. She even thinks of eloping with Clark to avoid all the family drama. Her family drama. When Superman got sick because of a Krypton flu, she asked something very special to Sam. She trusted him to cure Superman since the hero was between life and death. It’s harder for her when he was in coma but the treatment Sam makes with Kryptonite saves Superman’s life.


n the week of Lois and Clark’s wedding, Lois had to deal with her parents, especially her mother who was driving her crazy especially because all the hotel was booked and they couldn’t find a place to put them until the wedding. They made up and Ella helped Lois on a story her daughter was working on for the Daily Planet about clones. Unfortunatelly the wedding turned out to be a fake since Clark married a Lois Clone. Their second and real wedding had a much smaller wedding party that included only the closest friends and family, but they had to deal with the Wedding Destroyer who wants to get revenge of the couple for putting her behind bars. After their wedding, the couple decided to try to have kids and Lois decided to ask for their father’s help to see if there’s a chance of Clark as an alien from another planet to have a child with a human woman like her. That’s when the couple decided to tell the truth about Clark’s secret identity to Sam, so he could help them to find out if they could beat infertility since Dr Klein, a doctor from Star Labs had already told Superman he couldn’t have kids with a human since he was an alien. Lois had hoped her father could find something that Dr Klein missed. Of course, Sam still has to hide the big secret from Ella who was already suspicious everybody knew a secret that she didn’t . But in the end of the last episode of the show called “The Family Hour”, it didn’t matter since thanks to one of Sam’s machines to forget about pain, both he and Ella soon forgot the big secret. This episode contained interaction between the Lanes and the Kents which was something that I always enjoyed on the show. Too bad Lucy wasn’t around to complete the family bliss. Lois’ family might not be perfect but they love and respect each other in bad and good times, even when they don’t agree on something. This proves that they know how to be a family; a loud one, but a family not matter what.

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The Rise of the House of LUTHOR

By Kate Blake The final season of Smallville saw the executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders tackle the mighty job of bringing all things Smallville into alignment with Superman mythos as we counted down to the finale. One of the most important storylines that had to be righted was the Luthor family and their place in the story. No less than five Luthors played very important parts in this final reset process that involved crossing over into an alternate universe with three doppelgangers and the rise of clones. Lionel Luthor may be the single best contribution by the original Smallville showrunners Miles Millar and Al Gough to the Superman legacy. Played by brilliant actor John Glover Lionel has been consistent in his love of power and his demanding more of his children than any father since Zeus. In season 5 Lionel underwent a transformation on the show shifting from being evil to being a secret supporter of Clark and this lead to his death at the hand of Lex in season 7. Lionel returned to Smallville when Clark uses a Kryptonian artifact to transport him through space and a rift in the universe. The Lionel who came to our world was not the soft fuzzy one that Lex killed- this was a dark, demanding father, ruthless and determined to grab for power and control. The essential Lionel then. The second Luthor of note who traveled through the rift was Clark Luthor. A dark version of our beloved Clark Kent- he had none of the nobility to temper his strength and was all anger, hate and perversion of what we see as Clark Kent. He sees the clean bright world as his way of escaping his father Lionel’s tyranny and being his own man and conquering the world on his own without his father to get in his way. This season we delved deep into Tess’s background and learned her true origins. Given up as a child and sent to live in an orphanage under the tutelage of Granny Goodness she was trained as a Fury to be a warrior woman. Given no love, no compassion she was cast aside by no other than her father – Lionel Luthor. In the alternate universe she knows Lionel and fights against him, carrying on an affair with Clark her adopted brother and trying to get him to work with her to take their father down. On our side of the rift- Tess works with Clark and his team this season stepping in as Watchtower when Chloe leaves. Tess proves herself over and over – she figures out how

to send Clark Luthor packing, she protects the team and Clark and Lois over and over. She is torn however when she finds that Lex continued his cloning and she finds a young boythe spitting image of Lex who she calls Alexander. Tess hopes Alexander can be more than just Lex all over again- she sees him as her child and tries to mold him but things go wrong. With some plot twists and wonder engineeringAlexander is reborn as Connor. We learn that he is actually a hybrid with DNA from Clark and Lex. He is taken under Clark’s wing and named Connor Kent- to be raised by Martha. The final Luthor is the real Lex Luthor. He rises from a slab- a perfect clone. A Frankenstein type amalgamation of parts of clones- the best parts to make a newly restored Lex. The final step for his reanimation is that he needs a heart- which he gets by killing Lionel Luthor and using his father’s dark heart in himself. This Lex tells Clark he knows what Clark is and we see the fear in Clark’s eyes as he goes off to fight Darkseid in final battle knowing Lex is there waiting for their confrontation. Lex makes a huge mistake though- he tries to wipe out everyone who stands in the way of ascent back from the dead and to power and tries to take down Tess. She gets close enough to him that in her final act she injects Lex with a mind wiping drug that leaves Lex completely blank – he has no idea who Clark is or much of anything. Tess dies a big damn hero protecting Clark’s secret to the very end just as Lionel did in season 7. Michael Rosenbaum returned to shoot the finale- and it was worth the wait. The series opened with Lex and his father and their journey to Smallville. It is fitting that the series end with Lex and Clark and where the two of them are after leaving Smallville behind.The end of the series has things come full circleover the years on Smallville we saw glimpses of Lex as president in a white suit over and over again. Thanks to Tess – Lex is back in the suit when we fast forward in the finale- and President Luthor is in power and we know Clark as Superman has his greatest enemy intact and out there to do battle with. Oliver’s guilt over killing Lex has presumably been laid aside and Clark as a man- as Superman has seen that environment and who you surround yourself with molds your character. Lionel in any realm was a destructive force and only Tess who was raised completely free of his corrupting influence was able to choose right over power. The Luthor saga is complete. For now.

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nder the influence of Red Kryptonite, Clark Kent let go

of all his inhabitions in season four’s sexy episode “Unsafe” and asked his meteor infected, transporter girlfriend Alicia Baker to marry him. Alicia wisked them away to Las Vegas where they got married in a cheap chapel. Then they proceeded to a hotel room where they would’ve consummated their relationship had Alicia not removed the Red K necklace off of him. Once free of the influence of the drug, Clark was horrified by their actions. He wasn’t the only one,

hough fans have known since the beginning that Clark and Lois were destined to be soul mates and marry one day, witnessing their journey of how they got there was what amazed fans. From bickering friends to being each others’ best friend to partners at the Daily Planet to being in a relationship to the engagement and finally walking down the aisle. Like every almost every wedding, things did not run smoothly for Clark and Lois. Lois had doubts and even canceled the wedding a day before it was supposed to take place. But Lois’ fears and doubts were washed away when Chloe gave her the copy of Clark’s vows. One could see why Lois’ waterworks started right from the first sentence. “I, Clark Kent, take you, Lois Lane, to be my companion, forever. With you by my side I will never be alone. THough the world sees a strong and independent woman, I’ve never known someone with such gentle grace and more pure heart. When I’ve been lost you’ve always been there to bring me back, so on this day, at this moment, I pledge the rest of my life to you. You’ve always believed in me, and I believe in you. When you believe in someone it’s not for a minute, or just for now, it’s forever.”


ut then Clark started to have his own doubts too and decided to tell Lois how he felt. He went to their apartment, but was stopped from entering by Lois because of pre-wedding superstitions. Lois confessed she read Clark’s vows and then let Clark read her own. Again one could see why a smile was instantly brought upon Clark’s face when he read Lois’ vows.

They f inally reached the altar and exchanged their heartfelt vows to one another. Just as they were about to exchange rings, Chloe noticed Clark’s wedding ring was made out of gold kryptonite and knocked it out of Lois’ hand. Clark then fought with a “dark Oliver” until then darkness left his body.

“I wanted these vows to be perfect, but perfection is a hard thing to get your hands on. But life is meant to be a little messy, and when it comes to love I think it’s like my dad always said about the army: You only sign up if it’s the only thing you could ever imagine doing. Clark, I can not imagine spending a moment of my life without you. I promise that I will always have your back, as you will always have mine. You’re my best friend, you’re my home, and you are my true love, and I am yours and will be forever.”

once he returned home, he received a scathing earful from both of his parents. His only defense was that when he was with Alicia he felt freer than he ever felt with anyone else. Because she was also different she could understand his feeling like an outsider because of his abilities. The marriage was not legal since both were underage, but it showcased how completely alone and desperate Clark’s desire to be “normal” ran for him to decide to up and marry a girl who he only knew for a short period of time...and one who was mentally unstable at that.

Clark told Lois he would meet her at the altar. Lois appeared at the church first and noticed that Clark was not there. Panic and sadness were shown on her face until a familiar hand grabbed her own. She turned and saw Clark’s smiling face and gave one of her own. They walked down the aisle together passing the faces of friends and family (including Jonathan Kent’s spirit) though Clark and Lois couldn’t keep their eyes off each other.

Off-Screensville - Wedding Chloe & Oliver got married in “Fortune” ... and no one remembered it happened.

Since the ceremony was not complete, we were later shown that seven years later that Clark and Lois would finally get that time to walk down the aisle once more and finish what they started. Though the wedding was interrupted, it was perhaps the most touching and beautiful ceremonies in Smallville. How the chapel was designed, the vows, the smiles Clark and Lois couldn’t contain, the wedding ceremony... everything was basically perfect aside from the actual interruption.

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Lex and Lana - Marriage Based on Murder & Lies By Sazia Bashar Perhaps one of the twistiest weddings in Smallville was Lex and Lana’s. Betrayal, doubts, murder, heartbreak and threats were written all over from the wedding plans to the actual wedding day. The wedding was shown out of order from the perspectives of Clark, Lex and Lana. During the morning of the wedding, all three woke up from nightmares. In Clark’s dream, Lex and Lana were saying their vows at the altar. Clark all of a sudden appeared behind Lex and stabbed him. Lana was horrified, and she tells Clark that she loved Lex. She then takes the knife from Clark and stabs herself. Lex’s dream involved his deception towards Lana about lying about their baby. In his dream, Lex was in a large auditorium viewing an ultrasound. The fetus’ image then turned and its eyes glowed demonically. Lana’s dream involved the memory of when Clark saved her from a tornado their freshman year. After Clark woke up, he decided to do chores to get his mind off of Lex and Lana’s wedding. At the same time, Chloe and Lana were planning the last-minute details. Lana asked Chloe to retrieve Lex’s present from the wine cellar, but secretly followed her and locked her in the cooler. Chloe then called Clark to free her from the cooler, but what both did not know was that Lana watched Clark use his powers. Not only that, but Lana also heard Clark’s confession about how he still loves Lana. While all that was happening, Lionel and Lex were at LuthorCorp. Lex confessed that he was worried that Lana will leave him after she realizes who he really is and that he was even afraid that Lana wouldn’t even show up at the altar. He then went on to say that he would do anything to make sure the wedding happens. Lionel started to leave, but then stayed near Lex’s office door and decided to overhear a conversation between Lex and

Dr. Langston. Lex agreed to meet Dr. Langston before the wedding. After she talked with her Aunt Nell and witnessed Clark’s powers, Lana decided to not go through with the wedding. She realized that Clark still loved her and vice versa. At the same time, Clark had a talk with his mother about soul mates. Clark then decided to go to the Luthor mansion to tell Lana the truth .When he entered, he found Lana writing a letter for Lex which read: Dear Lex, I’m so sorry but I can’t go through with this. Right when Clark was about to tell Lana everything, but she stopped him saying that he didn’t need to explain. She told Clark that she won’t be marrying Lex and for Clark to meet her at the barn at 5 PM (right when the wedding was scheduled to start). After Clark left, Lana ran into Lionel. Lionel read the letter Lana wrote and realized her plan to not marry Lex. He also realized that Lana knew about Clark’s powers and with that he decided to let Lana know that he also knows Clark’s secret. Not only that, but he also knows Clark’s weakness and if Lana didn’t marry Lex, he would kill Clark. Before the wedding, Clark was waiting in his loft for Lana and was nervous when he realized Lana wasn’t going to show up and super sped to the church. About seventeen minutes before the ceremony, Lex met with Dr. Langston in the crypt of the church where the wedding was taking place. Dr. Langston threatened Lex that he would tell Lana the truth about the fake pregnancy unless Lex gives him two million dollars. This made Lex lose control and he started to severely punch the doctor until he fell against a crypt which caused a fatal blow to the head. Lex stashed his body in a crypt, washed the blood off his hands and then put his tuxedo on. Lana ended up showing up at the church and the ceremony began. Clark showed up at the church and stood in the background, heartbroken as Lana and Lex exchanged vows. After the ceremony, Clark asked Lana why and she simply said that she had a change of heart. Just like how everything started with heartbreaks, doubts and betrayal... it ended that way too. Lionel confronted Lex about Dr. Langston’s murder and a dejected Clark was shown when Lex and Lana drove away.

28  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

Season 5 Summary By Erika Blake Season 5 of Smallville




Clark uses the united Crystal of Knowledge to build the Fortress of Solitude. Clark finds out that Chloe knows his secret. Martha Kent is wounded in the meteor shower. A new Kryptonian threat arrives in Smallville. Clark looses his powers.

Terrence Stamp



Lionel Luthor is mysteriously carving Kryptonian symbols into his mansion’s floor. And he is placed in Belle Reve due to his catatonic state. Clark looks forward to living life as a normal man until his family is held hostage by those who want him to steal some serum from LuthorCorp. Lana and Clark consummate their relationship.

Camille Mitchell, Kenneth Johnson



A deranged former classmate plans to launch missiles that will kill all the meteor freaks in Smallville. Jor-El takes over the body of Lionel Luthor and uses him to tell Clark that he will give him back his powers in order to save Smallville. Clark is shot and almost dies.

Camille Mitchell Johnny Lewis


A mysterious new super powered boy named Arthur Curry is in town and Lois Lane takes a liking to him. A new professor named Milton Fine warns Clark that Lex is producing a massive weapon. Clark has to save AC from LuthorCorp.

Alan Ritchson James Marsters



Lana enrolls in Metropolis University at the last minute and is forced to join a sorority to find housing. The house leader Buffy Sanders, and her sorority sisters, offer her more than a place to crash when they turn her into a vampire. Chloe earns an internship at the Daily Planet. The question is, are there really vampires?

Carrie Fisher, James Marsters



Chloe and Lois are on the trail of a great news story that leads them to discover a white slavery operation. Jonathan’s old friend is somehow connected a recently killed stripper. Clark investigates the stripper’s death. Jonathan Kent thinks about running for the Senate.

Tom Wopat Jill Teed



After being exposed to silver Kryptonite, Clark becomes paranoid and thinks that his parents and friends have turned against him. During one of his paranoid delusions, Clark almost kills Lana. It is revealed that Milton Fine is not who he appears to be.

James Marsters



Martha is struck with a mysterious illness. Clark reveals to the Kents that Jor-El told him that saving his life back in Hidden meant that it would result in the loss of some one he loved. Milton Fine tells Clark that he can save Martha by destroying the Fortress; however, Fine has a more sinister plan in mind.

James Marsters, Terence Stamp



Lex attempts to dig up dirt on Jonathan Kent in order to beat him in the Senatorial race. After getting shot, the ghost of Lillian Luthor visits Lex and shows him what life would be like if he would give up his evil ways. Clark saves a suicidal Santa.



One of Lex’s fanatical political supporters causes trouble for the Kents. Now that Clark has his powers back, he is unsure about having sex with Lana. When Jonathan’s Senatorial campaign funds run low, Martha secretly accepts financial aid from Lionel Luthor.



Two policemen who witnessed the landing of the spaceship hold Lex and Lana hostage in order to force them to tell where the spaceship is. The Kents argue over Martha accepting campaign money from Lionel. Lex is shot again.

Camille Mitchell



In this landmark 100th episode Clark reveals his secret to Lana. Jonathan wins the Senate’s seat. Lana accepts Clark’s proposal of marriage. And Clark faces the consequences of his resurrection and thus his greatest heartbreak.

Terence Stamp


Clark’s bottled up rage about his father’s death is finding destructive ways to reveal itself. And when Martha is attacked by muggers in Metropolis, Clark goes after the attackers to get back his father’s stolen watch. A clumsy reporter at the Daily Planet turns out to have superpowers.

Denise Quiñones



The ghost of a murdered girl uses Chloe to reveal the whereabouts of her murder. Lionel Luthor visits a stunned Martha and offers his condolences on Jonathan’s death. Martha wonders if she should take over Jonathan’s Senate seat. Chloe visits her institutionalized mother.



A sympathetic doctor helps a man escape from LuthorCorp. The young man, Victor was thought to have died in a car crash, but LuthorCorp put him back together using bionic parts. Someone uses their knowledge of Clark’s secret to try to blackmail Martha Kent

Lee Thompson Young



A hypnotist name Simone is blackmailed by Lex into breaking up Clark and Lana. Lex discovers that Milton Fine is in Honduras, and when Lex confronts him, Fine tells Lex that there is an alien invasion coming to Earth.

James Marsters Nichole Hiltz



Chloe and Clark are shocked to learn the Milton Fine is alive. Lana is using a Kryptonite enhanced serum to bring herself to near death in order to see her dead parents. The ghost of Jonathan Kent tells Clark that Lionel knows his secret.

John Schneider Alisen Down



The Kents take in a meteor infected foster child named Maddie. Chloe has discovered that there is more than one Milton Fine running around. Lana and Lex grow closer. Martha hires Lois as her new Chief of Staff.

Emily Hirst



Lincoln Cole, a former LuthorCorp employee, seeks revenge on Lionel Luthor. Lex and Lana briefly discuss the kiss they shared in Fragile. Martha tells Clark that, since Lionel knows their secret, they have to choice but to trust him.

Ian Tracey



Clark and Chloe are on their way to the courthouse to watch an eyewitness give testimony when Clark rescues a man from being hit by a car. The man, Graham Garrett is so grateful to Clark that he decides to kill Lex Luthor to repay Clark. Clark witnesses Lex and Lana kissing.

Alexander Scarlis


Lois, Chloe and Martha give Clark a surprise Birthday party. Milton Fine disguises himself as the ghost of Jonathan Kent in order to get Clark to kill Lionel. Fine injects Lex with a ‘supervaccine’ to prepare his body as a vessel for Zod. Lionel confesses to Martha that he was present when Jonathan died.

John Schneider James Marsters


Milton Fine/Braniac unleashes a computer virus that worms its way throughout the globe shutting down power and causing chaos. Chloe tells Clark that he must full-fill his destiny and protect the world. When Clark battles Fine, he mistakenly opens a portal that releases Zod’s phantom from the Phantom Zone.

Terence Stamp James Marsters

brought forth many changes in the series. After defying Jor-


El, Clark was left powerless and got to experience mortality. When his powers returned, Clark had to deal with the fallout of his actions as a human - most noticably his closeness to Lana. A mysterious ship landed during the Meteor shower and Lex and Lana worth together to discover it’s origins and intents. From inside the vessel BRAINIAC emerged and began his plans for global domination by unleashing Zod from the Phantom Zone. Jonathan Kent sought truth


and justice by running for State Senate. During this time Lionel Luthor had become an Oracle for Jor-El, on the fateful night of Jonathan’s Senatorial victory Lionel went to confront him with his knowledge of Clark’s heritage and Jonathan’s rage burst his heart. Wracked with guilt, Clark must become the man of his household and struggle to find his place when


Martha takes over Jonathan’s position as Senator.




Guest Stars

Alisen Down

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  29

By Erika Blake

Season 5 - A Year of Transition


eason five is what happens when TV producers are given another season on their TV show - and they had zero plans for their series ever lasting beyond the previous year. You get a rather hot mess. This season was one of transition for the show. Everyone was off to college and this was the only season that we ever saw our younger characters (other than Lois & her dismissale in season 4) attend classes and school. Once season 5 was over there was never a mention again of any of our leads going to school and completing their degrees. What we did get instead, Chloe began as an intern at “The Daily Planet” and started using Clark to do all of the leg work for her stories, because Chloe is a researcher, not an investigative reporter. Lois got roped into being Jonathan Kent’s campaign manager and discovered that she had a knack for getting big-wigs to open their wallets. The Kents went from being a simple farmer family to the faces of honesty and integ-

rity in the midwest as Jonathan Kent ran for State Senate.


eanwhile in Luthor land, Lex took Lana under his wing as the two of them worked together to track down the mysterious ship that landed during the meteor storm. Clark found himself conflicted as Lana’s hatred for the “aliens” builds and he struggled with the decision to reveal his true identity to her. Fresh out of the ship comes BRAINIAC a Kryptonian super computer who can take human shape. Disguised as a kind college professor, Dr. Fine, Brainiac takes Clark under his wing with a hidden agenda to use him as a vessel for Zod. When he realizes that Clark won’t play ball, Fine shifts his attention to Lex Luthor who eventually becomes infected with a super virus that allowed him to be fully taken over by Jor-El’s biggest nemesis. Clark meanwhile spent the entire season worrying over Jor-El’s punishment for his disobedience and waits for someone who he loves to die. On the fateful winter night when Jonathan Kent learned that he won his election, Lana perished. Clark begged Jor-El to turn back time and the second time around, Lana survives and Jonathan perished instead. This season we were also introduced to Arthur Curry aka Aquaman and Victor Stone aka Cyborg. And Lex’s obsession with Lana Lang kicked into full gear as he began a master plan of manipulation to rip her and Clark apart for good.

Top 5 Best Moments of Season 5

Looking back on things, Season 5 wasn’t THAT bad, not when you compare it to how season 6 imploded in the second half of it’s season or the heinous mess that was season 7. However, this season was very choppy.

True to form, Lana was written without a lot of depth or thought or consistency; example in season 4 she was intensely interested in art, yet by the time she went to college she was suddenly intested in astronomy. Although her struggles to understand Clark’s distancing himself from her did feel real, there just wasn’t enough that was put into her development to make her interesting. This season began a horrific trend of Chloe becoming the exposition queen and having to explain everything to Clark. We got three seasons of Clark not thinking for himself and developing any noticable problem-solving skills. Why would he need to when Chloe happily did all of his thinking for him? Lois continued on her path of dating the wrong guys AC was a good guy, yet he was always on the move, she also dated the invisible man Graham Garrett who tried to murder Clark after he saved his life. She got so frustrated that she consulted with Martha who had really become like a mother to her. Martha could only suggest that sometimes you have to get through the wrong ment to find the right ones.

1. Reckoning-The Death of Jonathan Kent This scene hands down has to be the top moment of Season 5. Jonathan’s death was the catalyst that put Clark on the path to self doubt & guilt. Clark decides it’s time to tell Lana the truth, feeling they are slipping away from each other he takes her to the FOS and tells her of his origins & asks her to marry him but his moment of happiness is short lived when Lana trying to comfort a hurting Lex chases after her crashing the car killing her. Distraught with grief Clark heads to the FOS begging for her life but turning back time Clark learns that his actions have consequences. His father suffers a major heart attack & dies in Clark & Martha’s arms.

2. Arrival- The introduction of the Fortress of Solitude Clark has reunited the three crystals & is zapped to the Artic. After throwing the crystal across the frozen tundra it assembles into the Fortress of Solitude where Clark will begin his training.

3. Hidden- Saving Earth from Nuclear destruction After Jor-el gave Clark his “life” back our hero rushes back to Smallville just in time to witness the launching of the missile. He super jumps (I say flies but that’s potato patoto at this point) onto the missile diverting it into space in one of the best special effects sequences I’ve ever seen on Smallville.

There were some highlights in season five5 with “Exposed” being the highest point of the season as we finally got a real peek at what life could be like with Lois & Clark working together to save the day. The episode came complete with a perfect Superman homage with Clark making a Lois/helicopter save.

4. Vessel- Zod Brianiac prepares Lex throughout S5 to be inhabited by Zod. In a show down in Clark’s loft Lex confronts Clark. Clark not wanting to kill Lex hurls the knife at Brianiac unwittingly setting Zod free. Zod in turn sends Clark to the Phantom Zone.

This season was the last year for the great Kent family interactions. With the death of Jonathan, Clark’s journey struggled to find a grounding element in his life. Throughout the next few seasons as the producers continued to try to shove Clark and Lana together until it became fully apparent that she did nothing to help in his development. Eventually Clark had to find a new family, and he did that with his friends in the Justice League and with Lois. Season five started him on that journey.

5. Splinter- The introduction of Silver Kryptonite Brianiac anonymously sends Lana a box with a strange piece of rock. Clark unknowingly gets pricked by a small sliver & from there his paranoia sets in. He thinks everyone has turned against him.

30  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  31

32  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

Former SMALLVILLE Stars Land Pilots The brutal pilot season is over and several former SMALLVILLE stars have secured roles on new television series that will premiere in the Fall. BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN (Metallo) has secured the lead in a new TBS comedy titled “The Wedding Band.” The series is described as: The Wedding Band is an hour-long comedy from FremantleMedia and Mike Tollin Productions. TBS has ordered 10 episodes of the series starring Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills, 90210, Desperate Housewives), Harold Perrineau (Lost, Oz), Peter Cambor (NCIS: Los Angeles, Notes from the Underbelly), Derek Miller (Secret Girlfriend) and Melora Hardin (The Office). The show is executive-produced by Mike Tollin (Smallville, Arli$). Josh Lobis (South Park) and Darin Moiselle (South Park), who wrote the pilot, serve as co-executive producers with Ben Spector (Two Brothers). Bryan Gordon (Curb Your Enthusiasm) directed and also served as co-executive producer on the pilot. The show, which follows the misadventures of four friends who spend their spare time performing in a band, is slated to premiere in summer 2012. TBS has ordered 10 episodes of the new series. JESSICA PARKER KENNEDY (Plastique) will bewitch audiences this fall as she stars in the CW’s new supernatural series “The Secret Circle.” Jessica stars along with CW Alums Britt Robertson (“Life Unexpected”) and Gale Harold (“Hellcats.”) The series is described as: Cassie Blake was a happy, normal teenage girl – until her mother Amelia dies in what appears to be a tragic accidental fire. Orphaned and deeply saddened, Cassie moves in with her warm and loving grandmother Jane in the beautiful small town of Chance Harbor, Washington – the town her mother left so many

years before – where the residents seem to know more about Cassie than she does about herself. As Cassie gets to know her high school classmates, including sweet-natured Diana and her handsome boyfriend Adam, brooding loner Nick, meangirl Faye and her sidekick Melissa, strange and frightening things begin to happen. When her new friends explain that they are all descended from powerful witches, and they’ve been waiting for Cassie to join them and complete a new generation of the Secret Circle, Cassie refuses to believe them – until Adam shows her how to unlock her incredible magical powers. But it’s not until Cassie discovers a message from her mother in an old leather-bound book of spells hidden in her mother’s childhood bedroom, that she understands her true and dangerous destiny. What Cassie and the others don’t yet know is that darker powers are at play, powers that might be linked to the adults in the town, including Diana’s father and Faye’s mother – and that Cassie’s mother’s death might not have been an accident. The series stars Britt Robertson as Cassie Blake, Thomas Dekker as Adam Conant, Gale Harold as Charles Meade, Phoebe Tonkin as Fay Chamberlain, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Melissa, Shelley Hennig as Diana Meade, Louis Hunter as Nick, Ashley Crow as Jane Blake and Natasha Henstridge as Dawn Chamberlain. Based upon the book series by L.J. Smith (author of “The Vampire Diaries” book series), THE SECRET CIRCLE is from Outerbanks Entertainment and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios with executive producers Kevin Williamson (“The Vampire Diaries,” “Scream,” “Dawson’s Creek”), Andrew Miller (“Imaginary Bitches”), Leslie Morgenstein (“The Vampire Diaries,” “Gossip Girl”) and Gina Girolamo. Elizabeth Craft (“The Vampire Diaries,” “Lie to Me”) & Sarah Fain (“The Vampire Diaries,” “Lie to Me”) were executive producers on the pilot which was directed by Liz Friedlander (“The Vampire Diaries,” “90210”). The Secret Circle will air Thursday’s at 9PM after The Vampire Diaries on The CW and will premiere on September 15th.

Cassidy Freeman Lands Role in A&E Pilot “Longmire” & Arc on NBC’s “The Playboy Club” With the door barely closing behind her on the SMALLVILLE set, Cassidy headed to New Mexico where she landed a part in the new A&E pilot “Longmire.” The series is based on a series of Walt Longmire Mystery books. The series is set in Wyoming and centers around a charismatic sheriff who’s been recently widowed and is going through a lot of emotional pain from his wife’s death.

Cancellation Blues The Upfronts are a bittersweet time. Many series don’t find out their fate until the Upfronts. This year three of our SMALLVILLE stars learned that it was the end of the line for their shows. BREAKING IN - Michael Rosenbaum’s comedy on FOX was given the axe even prior to them airing all of the episodes. Although Michael remained hopeful that if the ratings picked up that the series might be saved, it did not appear on FOX’s Fall line-up. There are still hopes that perhaps another network will pick it up. V - Laura Vandervoort’s alien invasion series was cancelled after the second 1/2 of the second season saw its ratings plummet each week. Even though the season was tightly written it didn’t hold enough attention to viewers for ABC to decide to order a third season. HELLCATS- Tom Welling’s first production series, Hellcats was the only series to be cut from the CW lineup for next season. The new President of the network is looking to change things up by adding more programming aimed at older viewers. (Older viewers bring in higher dollar ad revenue.) Instead, they ordered Sarah Michelle Gellar’s “The Ringer” a series that parent network CBS had passed on because it didn’t quite fit with their lineup, but it works beautifully on the network that launched the series lead’s career.

Cassidy stars as the sheriff’s impeccibly dressed lawyer daughter. The series also stars Katee Sackhoff (“Battlestar Galactica”) as one of the sheriff deputies, Robert Taylor as Walt, Bailey Chase, and Lou Diamond Phillips (“Stargate Universe”.) The pilot was produced by Warner Horizon. At this time it is unknown if or when the series might get picked up. Unti we know “Longmire’s” fate, Cassidy has signed on for a multiple episode part in NBC’s sizzling ‘60’s “The Playboy Club” - she’ll be leading man Eddie Cibrian’s date when they’re out in public. Her episodes will start airing in October.

Emmanuelle Vaugier’s Next Projects Hot off of a recent appearance on CBS’s “Hawaii 5-O” Emmanuelle is getting ready to again threaten to spring CIA secrets on season 2 of “Covert Affairs” which airs on USA. Emmanuel also appeared in Lifetime’s “The Protector” which premiered on June 12th. She also has a recurring role on the series “Lost Girl.”

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  33

Erica Flies onto “Charlie’s Angles” According to TVLine. com - Erica has landed a guest part on Al Gough’s slick remake of the classic seris. ABC’s new Angels as Samantha Masters, a tough-asnails, Glock-toting CIA operative who has a bit of a romantic history with Bosley (aka “the fourth angel” in this new take, played by Ramon Rodriguez). In fact, their unexpected (and at times intense) crossing of paths while each on assignment in Cuba lets slip a bit of Boz’s checkered past, including a few of his aliases and a hint at what bad-boy behavior ultimately led him to Charlie Townsend’s redemptionby-private-investigation program.

ERICA DURANCE NEWS Erica missed the finale press tour because she’s currently in Italy filming a new movie titled “Gemelle.” Erica plays twins. Previous to that she spent a couple of days in LA shooting a small part in the upcoming big screen fim “Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie” starring Zach Galifianakis, John C. Riley, Will Farrell, and Jeff Goldblum. She’s listed as playing a French Maid. Guess someone over there saw “Odyssey” and was inspired to hire her!

ERICA DURANCE LANDS LEAD ROLE IN CANADIAN PILOT “SAVING HOPE” Filming is complete - Michael Shanks lands role in pilot.

Canadian TV announced that Erica Durance (SMALLVILLE) will star in the pilot for SAVING HOPE, a sexy, fast-paced drama set in a Toronto hospital and produced by acclaimed Gemini award-winning producer Ilana Frank (THE ELEVENTH HOUR, OF MURDER AND MEMORY, ROOKIE BLUE) and written by Morwyn Brebner (ROOKIE BLUE). This is the official series description:

SAVING HOPE centers on young,

Comatose, locked-in and unable

BURN) and executive produced

idealistic neonatal doctor Alyse

to communicate that he’s aware

by Ilana Frank of Thump Inc.

Joy and her rival and one-time

of everything around him, Coles is


lover, flashy cancer surgeon Joel

the voice and the eyes that guide

der and Memory, ROOKIE BLUE)

Gottlieb, as they take on the fun-

viewers through the world of

and Lesley Harrison in associa-

damental questions that define

SAVING HOPE. The drama, which

tion with CTV.

medicine today. Who gets to live,

is inspired by Ian Brown’s The

According to #EricaDuranceTV

who gets to die, and why? The

Globe and Mail “Mount Hope” se-

- Erica is serving as Executive

story goes into uncharted territo-

ries based on stories from Mount

Producer for the pilot and her

ry when the charismatic, inspiring

Sinai Hospital in Toronto, is writ-

character is a neurosurgeon, not

and golden-tongued Chief of Sur-

ten and created by Morwyn Breb-

a neonatal doctor. Once the pi-

gery, Harris Coles (played by Mi-

ner (ROOKIE BLUE) and Malcolm

lot is shot, we’ll learn what net-

cahel Shanks,) becomes a patient.


work it’s being shopped to.

34  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

Allison Mack Stars in “Marilyn” Allison Mack and Ryan Robins star in a short film called “Marilyn.” Film Description :A bank robber on the lam reluctantly takes a runaway young woman under his wing. Distracted by this volatile girl, he struggles to keep his head in the game and stay under the legal radar. But her dreams rapidly sidetrack his plans and change him irrevocably. Check out the trailer at: http://marilynthemovie. net

Justin Hartley Spies Role on “Chuck” TV Guide states that Justin’s part will be “Fahey (Lost) will play Karl Sneijder, a diamond company boss who has been investigated in the past for criminal activity. He is forced to seek help from Carmichael Industries when his younger brother, Wesley (Hartley) — a Dartmouth- and Oxford-educated anthropologist who has stayed far away from the world of espionage — has been kidnapped by Karl’s enemies.” Justin’s episode will be the second one of the “Chuck”s final season.

NEW TV PROJECT FOR TOM WELLING? Tom’s name was in the air at the 2011 CW TCA Press Tour this August. New CW President Pedowitz told IGN, “ I know Tom is probably in development right now. I do hope he comes back to the CW.” Various members of the press said that Pedowitz stated that it would be in a starring role. At the TCA’s Pedowitz stated that he’s looking to develop proceedurals for the CW line-up. Might Tom come back as a Cop or Lawyer? Time will only tell.

Callum Blue stars in Web-Series “The Book Club” BOOK CLUB tells the story of Marlo and Thad, two people who so desperately want a place in the small literary world of Walhalla, Iowa they start their own club made up of hilarious local characters. Follow them on Facebook at: bookclubtheseries

International Cast Heats Up “Magic City” Starz’s Newest Hour-Long Original Drama Premiering Early 2012 Production on 10-Episode Drama Set in the Glamorous Miami Beach of the Late 1950s Stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Olga Kurylenko, Jessica Marais, Steven Strait, Christian Cooke, Elena Satine, with Kelly Lynch and Danny Huston Michael Rispoli, Seymour Cassel and Yul Vázquez Round Out Cast Beverly Hills, Calif. – June 9, 2011 – Actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Olga Kurylenko, Jessica Marais, Steven Strait, Christian Cooke and Danny Huston begin production in Miami this week on the Starz Originals series, “Magic City.” In the 10-episode drama, set to debut exclusively on Starz in 2012, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen, “Grey’s Anatomy,” the upcoming Dibbuk Box) portrays Ike Evans, the cool, visionary force behind Miami Beach’s newest hotel and a man with dangerous secrets; Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace, Max Payne) as Ike’s wife Vera, a former showgirl who is deeply loyal to her husband and family; and Danny Huston (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Clash of the Titans, “John Adams”), as Ben Diamond, Miami’s most dangerous mobster. The cast also stars Jessica Marais (Australia’s “Packed to the Rafters,” “Legend of the Seeker”) as Ben’s beautiful, caged wife, Lily; Steven Strait (10,000 B.C., City Island), as Ike’s eldest son, Stevie; Christian Cooke (Cemetery Junction, “Demons”) as Danny, Ike’s innocent, hard-working younger son; Dominik Garcia Lorido (City Island, The Lost City) as Mercedes, a maid in the Miramar Playa who has grown up with the Evans family in the shadow of the hotel; and Elena Satine (Just Go With It) as Judi, a platinum blonde escort who works out of the Miramar Playa and helps Ike out from time to time. Rounding out the stellar “Magic City” cast are Kelly Lynch (Passion Play, Drugstore Cowboy), Michael Rispoli (The Taking of Pelham 123, The Weather Man), Oscarnominated actor Seymour Cassel (Rushmore, “Crash”), and Yul Vázquez (The A-Team, American Gangster). As Frank Sinatra rings in a new year in the grand ballroom of Miami Beach’s most luxurious dream palace – the Miramar Playa – its visionary leader, Ike Evans, must deal with the Mob, his complicated family and a city in the midst of dramatic change as Fidel Castro takes control of Cuba, just 200 miles offshore. By day the hotel at the center of “Magic City” is all diving clown acts and cha-cha lessons by the pool, but at night Miami Beach reveals a darker truth. “Magic City” was conceived by writer-director-producer-Mitch Glazer (The Recruit, Scrooged), who grew up in the glamorous, ominous world of late ’50′s Miami Beach. He serves as Executive Producer on the project along with Media Talent Group, with CEO, Geyer Kosinski (“Going to California,” “Hope & Faith,” Beyond Borders), Co-Executive Producer Ed Bianchi (“The Killing,” “Deadwood) and Producer Dwayne Shattuck (“Mad Men”). “Magic City” joins a riveting lineup of TV entertainment from STARZ including “Torchwood: Miracle Day,” premiering July 8th and produced by BBC Worldwide Productions for STARZ and BBC. The series features Torchwood alumni John Barrowman, Eve Myles, and Kai Owen and new headliners, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, Lauren Ambrose, Arlene Tur and Bill Pullman. This October, the network will debut the new drama series, “Boss,” starring Kelsey Grammer as a powerful, secretly vulnerable Chicago mayor. The series, currently in production, is produced by Lionsgate for STARZ.

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  35

Starring: John Schneider - Sam Doonby Jenn Gotzon - Laura Reaper Ernie Hudson - Leroy Jackson Robert Davi - Sheriff Tom Woodley Joe Estevez - Cyrus Reaper Jennifer O’Neill - Barbara Ann Reaper Will Wallace - Tony

Sam Doonby, a mysterious drifter, steps off a Greyhound bus and is suddenly the talk of a small Texas town. He quickly finds work at Leroy’s Country Blues Bar, where his musical talent makes him a small-town star, attracting the attention of the beautiful but spoiled Laura Reaper. Sam always seems to be in the right place at the right time to prevent potential disasters befalling the town but it’s not long before envy and suspicion surface, driving the narrow minded townsfolk to question his sudden arrival and motives. But, it is Laura’s doubts that that cause Sam to disappear as mysteriously as he arrived, leaving the townspeople to deal with some difficult revelations. Director/screenwriter Peter Mackenzie created the premise for Doonby over 15 years ago, but it took a very specific set of circumstances for the movie to come together. The story, which is set in a small town in Texas, will provoke discussion on how much one man’s life can affect those around him. While the structure of Doonby has gone through many changes, the basic scenario has always remained the same,” Mackenzie said, “that is to make people think about the value of life and the effect we all have on each other.” Peter was delighted to find the small town of Smithville Texas, 40 miles east of Austin. “I found all the locations that I had included in the script right there and where they

should be and I knew then and there that this was the place.” Once Doonby had its location, funding quickly followed. “It is pretty remarkable really, that after 15 years, once it got rolling Doonby actually happened pretty fast with the help and support of a committed Texas investor,” said Mackenzie. “With his help, we attached a great cast who put in terrific performances and I am delighted to say that a number of the lesser known support role actors really stepped up to the plate as well.” Doonby was also a family affair for Mackenzie - his sons Mike and Dan were on board as producer and 2nd cameraman, joining producers and industry veterans Mark Joseph, Tommy G. Warren and Dawn Krantz. Peter Field brought his vast experience to the role of Director of Photography. His impressive list of blockbuster 2nd unit credits include three James Bond movies and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Cold Mountain and Troy. “It was an exceptional team to work with” said Mackenzie, “I really enjoyed the collaborative process to create what I consider to be a movie I am very proud of.” Website: Facebook: Twitter:

36  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

1) Sam Witwer (and Sarah Allen) attend The 25th Anniversary Genesis Awards 2) John Glover attends The Center Dinner to benefit The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center 3) Michael Rosenbaum (and Nathan Fillion) attend Premiere Of IFC Midnight’s “Super” 4) Kristin Kreuk Attends 31st Annual Genie Awards Gala 5) Phil Morris Attends 42nd NAACP Image Awards 6) Sarah Carter Attends ELLE’s 2nd Annual Women In Music Event 7) Keri Lynn Pratt attends Dana Davis Launches at Bloomingdale’s Century City 8) Serinda Swan attends Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood 2011 9) Michael Hogan attends “Red Riding Hood” Premiere. 10) Sam Jones III attends Hollywood Music Showcase Fundraiser To Benefit American Red Cross Relief In Japan 11)Jane Seymour premiere of IFC Films’ “Love, Wedding, Marriage” 11) Cassidy Freeman attends a Lakers Game

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  37

1) John Glover attends Angela Lansbury & Friends Salute To Terrence McNally benefiting The Acting Company 2) Jessica Parker Kennedy - CW Network’s 2011 Upfront 3) Kyle Gallner attends “Cougars, Inc.” - Los Angeles premiere. 4) Kyle Gallner attends 10th Annual Tribeca Film Festival - “Magic Valley” 5) Laura Vandervoort 2011 Maxim Hot 100 Party 6) Julian Sands Champagne Launch Of 2011 BritWeek at British Consul General’s Residence 7) Jane Seymour attends homecoming reception for Walking With The Wounded at BAFTA 8) Serinda Swan attends ELLE’s 2nd Annual Women In Music Event 9) Sam Jones III - 2011 Cedars Sinai Sports Spectacular at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza 10) Terence Stamp is awarded the Owens Award at the 54th San Francisco International Film Festival Film Society Awards Night 11) Michael Shanks - Red Riding Hood Premiere 12) Emmanuelle Vaugier arrives at the 2011 Maxim Hot 100 Party 13) Charlotte Sullivan - 51st Monte Carlo TV Festival -’Rookie Blue’ 14) Julian Sands - 2011 Saturday Nightmares

38  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

1) Tom Welling - The 2011 SAG Foundation Golf Classic Benefiting Catastrophic Health Fund 2) Eric Martsolf - 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 3) John Schneider - 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 4) Lindsey Hartley - 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 5) Jessica Parker Kennedy - the “Super 8” Los Angeles Premiere 6) Sarah Carter TNT’s Falling Skies Premiere Party 7)Sarah Carter - Critics’ Choice Television Awards 8) John Glover Opening Night Performance of Les Miserables At CTG Ahmanson Theatre 9) Laura Vandervoort - Green Lantern World Premiere

Serinda Swan appeared on CBS’s smash hit “Hawaii 5-0” as a distraught model who witnessed the death of her boyfriend episode 1x22 “Ho’ohuli Na’au.”

Lee Thompson Young’s smash Summer hit series “Rizzoli & Isles” returns to TNT on July 11th at 10 PM ET/PT

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  39

1) Laura Vandevoort attends 10th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree 2) Emmanuelle Vaugier attends 10th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree 3) Michael Hogan at SyFy/E! ComicCon Party 4) Sam Witwer & “Being Human” cast attend SyFy/E! Comic Con Party 5) Sam Witwer attends the 37th Annual Saturn Awards 6) Justin and Lindsey Hartely attend Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey’s ‘’Fully Charged’’ Premiere 7) Allison Scagliotti attends SyFy/E! Comic Con Party 8) Serinda Swan attend the Saint Vintage Designs launch event to benefit Stand Up To Cancer 9) Jensen Ackles attends the 2011 CMT Music Awards 10) Alaina Huffman attends the 2011 Wizard World Comic Con 11) Julian Sands performs in Celebrity Autobiography Salutes The 2011 Tony Awards 12) Sarah Carter at an evening with “Falling Skies” hosted by the Paley Center for Media held at The Paley Center 13) Eric Martsolf attends the 2011 Daytime Emmy Awards nominees cocktail reception

40  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  41

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By Erika Blake admin/writer Recently we sat in on a conference call with Aaron Ashmore & Jack Kenny as they chatted about the new season of Warehouse 13 which begins tomorrow night. Here are some highlights from the call. Question: How’s the show changed since it, you know, from the very beginning and why do you think it’s been so successful? Jack Kenny: It’s changed in that we’ve — like any show, at least that I’ve worked on — the actors start to tell you a lot about the characters. And so we start to write more in the direction of the actors playing the parts and their strengths and backgrounds and things. So that sort of makes them – it enriches the characters, makes them more real to us and to them, and allows them a certain ownership of the characters so that they can actually really invest themselves. We’ve also expanded quite a bit the mythology of The Warehouse — its history, its background, how it all works. We added Claudia, as you know, in the first season to broaden out the family. H.G. Wells last year, both good and bad — I mean the bad guy. And she’s fantastic. And this year we’ve added Aaron Ashmore as Steve Jinks. Just sort of increasing our family and I use that word because that, I think, is one of the reasons the show is successful, aside from the incredible talent of everybody who participates — the writing staff, the cast, the crew. Syfy’s getting behind it so strongly. I feel like because it’s a show about a family — I mean a made family — I think it’s more relatable to everybody. Everybody can sort of relate to that brother-sisterparent-child relationship one way or another. And I think that’s what we have with this show — a father, you know, a brother and a sister, a younger sister, and now a younger brother, and that crazy aunt who shows up once in a while. And I feel like it’s something that everybody can relate to in dynamic-wise. So I think they’re willing to get on the ride with us and take that ride all the way to the end. I think they like hanging out with this family. Question: Aaron, what was it like for you to step into a show that had already been established and had such, you know, a fan base behind it? Aaron Ashmore: Well, it’s exciting in a lot of ways and also intimidating. Having watched – catching up on a bunch of episodes before I actually jumped in and just seeing how well all these actors worked together and how well the show was put together, that’s exciting. But it’s also like, “Oh boy, now it’s my, you know, I got to jump in here and catch up. So it’s exciting but also, that first couple days it’s a little intimidating until you get up to speed and figure out how you’re going to fit into the new family. Question: So Aaron can you talk about how you get into the head of Steve Jinks to understand his ability to detect lying? Aaron Ashmore: Well I think I thought about it and was maybe overcomplicating it — this idea of being able to tell when someone’s lying. But, talking to Jack and when we kind of got into it, it was a very simple thing of just looking at somebody and being able to tell whether they’re lying or not. I mean I think that the ability is quite simple in the way it works, but the way that it affects the character, I think, makes him very tentative when it comes to people and trusting people. He knows that everybody lies. And I think as human beings we know that anyways but being able to tell exactly when those things are happening, I think makes him put a little bit

of a wall up around him. And I think that that’s the real thing that when you’re playing – when I’m playing Steve that I had to think about him and be aware of. So I think that that’s really the big part of the character that there’s these walls up because of his ability to tell when people are lying. Question: And Jack, what’s the key to introducing a character like Steve Jinks effectively to enhance the dynamic between the characters and the show itself? Jack Kenny: Well one of, I mean, the first key is casting — finding somebody who fits into the family, somebody who just sort of slides right in but yet feels different enough so that you’re not repeating a dynamic with anybody. And that was – that’s always very dicey when you have four people, four very different personalities and different dynamics, and we wanted to add somebody who brought a new dynamic to that group. So that – a lot of that is casting. Who do you find? And when Aaron very happily and beautifully fell into our laps, he seemed perfect to fit that mold. It was like he’s more sort of emotionally conservative than Pete. Not as uptight as Myka. Obviously closer in age to Claudia so that there was a possibility of a connection there. And he just brought everything we needed. Plus he looked a little different than everybody else, and that’s always kind of important, too. Because you don’t want somebody that looks like one of the other characters because it’s hard to tell the people apart. But and then the next thing is sort of – what I do anyway, I listen to an actor’s voice. Aaron and I had brunch the day before he was cast in the job. And I just – I like to hear how they talk, how they approach life, what their rhythms are so I can write to that, rather than try to force them into a mold of the character.

So I think it’s really important to listen to the actor and hear what the actor brings what they can – the different rhythms are. My cat is screaming in the background. I’m trying to lock him out of the room. So there’s bringing that actor to the part. And then, just finding the fun ways that the characters can interact. What are the obstacles to their being friends and what – where are the places where they connect. And really — I can’t think of the word — making – really making hay out of that. Really digging into the places where they’re going to drive each other crazy and dig into the places where they’re really going to connect. Because that’s, I think, where the real meat and potatoes is of any relationship. Question: Will we see more cross-over emphasis this season? Jack Kenny: Yes, Fargo’s coming to visit us Episode 5 I believe. I’m not sure because the year order tends to be malleable. But I think it’s Episode 5 where Fargo comes to visit. Question: Aaron, how did you become involved with the show, like with auditioning and all that? Aaron Ashmore: Well it was kind of a strange process because that – the auditioning didn’t kind of happen. I think that Jack and the Warehouse folks had been kind of looking to cast this part and had looked at bunch of different options and a bunch of different people. And I think it was coming down to the wire and they hadn’t found the right person. And I happened to be up in Toronto and Jack was talking to the casting director, Robin up here and I guess my name came up. And Jack and I went and kind of had brunch and just sat down and talked about the character and talked about the role and the show. And Jack said by the end of that meeting, Jack said, “You know what? I’m seeing you as this part. You know, I can really see you doing this.” And as much

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as I was hopeful that that was true I was like, “This is way too easy.” A lot of the times you have to go through these long casting process auditioning and testing and all this stuff. So I left that meeting feeling very hopeful that that would be the case. But, also being like, “Ah, it’s just too good to be true.” And sure enough the next day or two days later I got the call and I was cast as Steve. So it was a really interesting process and very different, and I wish more could be like that — the casting process. But it was pretty unique. Jack Kenny: You have to ask the – Aaron, you have to actually send a portion of your paycheck to Zuckerberg at Facebook because it was because Robin as friends with Aaron on Facebook that she knew he was in town. It was such a bizarre coincidence of events. It was like we’ve gotten down to the wire, we couldn’t find anybody that was fitting in with the part and the cast. We had chemistry reads and it just wasn’t – it just didn’t feel right. And then Robin spent three days before the table reading and was like, “Well now, you know, now we have to actually hire somebody who’s Canadian because we don’t have time to immigrate anybody.” And I was actually feeling like, “Well this may not happen. I may have to rewrite it and not have the part in the first episode.” I don’t know how that would work but it would be really tough to do. But – and then Robin said, “You know, I’m Facebook friends with Aaron Ashmore and he’s perfect for this but I don’t know if he’s in town. I think he is. Let me check.” And because it was a Saturday there was no way to reach agents or anybody. So she Facebooked him and he was like, “Yes, I’m here visiting my girlfriend.” And I’m like, “Oh my God. Well let’s have brunch tomorrow.” It was Sunday. It was just all so – it was just – it was fate reaching in and saying this is the guy. Because as soon as I — literally as soon as I saw him sitting in the restaurant I thought, “Oh-oh, that’s him. That’s they guy.” Because there’s just something about it when you see the person. Everybody says at auditions you kind of know when the person walks in the room. When the actor or actress walks in the room, before they even open their mouths you can tell if they’re right or not. And it’s just something about an energy. And I looked at him and, “Oh, he’s right. Please God, let him not be crazy.” Question: What have you learned since you started working the show, or what’s changed in your life the most? Aaron Ashmore: What have I learned the most? Well I have to say — and it’s not totally surprising to me but because every job you go into you learn things and working with different actors and stuff but you really pick stuff up. But I really feel like I’ve gotten acting lessons in a lot of ways working on Warehouse. Because working with Saul and – it’s just like watching how he does things and is really quite interesting. And also like the other guys, I haven’t done a ton of comedy shows and more dramatic stuff usually. So watching these guys and how good they are, I feel like

I’ve learned a lot or picked up a lot. So I would say that my skills as an actor or just certain parts of how I act I’ve just kind of observed a lot of things and picked up a lot of things, which is kind of unexpected. You never know when those things are going to come up but I would say that I feel like I’ve taken some acting lessons working on this show, as well, which is really, really nice. And like I said, not totally surprising because you never know when those things are going to happen. But I definitely feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself as an actor doing this season of Warehouse 13. Jack Kenny: I think you found out how you’re funny. Because a lot of actors are funny in different ways. Eddie has a certain rhythm of comedy and Allison has a different rhythm of comedy. Everybody has a different way of approaching it.

and the shooting, everybody in the cast just loves Aaron. So it would be different if we had somebody who was a jerk. But he’s such a terrific human being and brings so much warmth and professionalism to the set that I think people look forward to doing scenes with him and seeing him. So it’s been – it’s just been a real kind of a joy this year. Aaron Ashmore: If you guys could see me I’m blushing. Question: Can you tell us a little bit about how your character was received by the other characters in the show? I’m assuming Claudia especially would feel like you were an outsider and a replacement for Myka so she would have the most difficulty. But am I wrong in that?

Aaron Ashmore: Well, yes. I mean, I think that the other characters are And I think what I’ve seen from Aaron tentative like this is a very tight-knit is he’s discovered how and where he’s group and it’s also they’re putting funny. How a sense of humor is a big themselves on the line, their lives on part of our show. It’s not the whole show the line. What their lives are about is but it’s a big part of it. And everybody servicing the Warehouse and taking has moments. And everybody has a different way of approaching it. I’ve learned a lot about you in terms of how to write to you. Because you can’t write the same humorous moments for every actor. Everybody approaches it differently. So I’ve learned a lot about how to, you know, where your funny bone is and how to tap into it, because it always takes a while. But I think it’s really been kind of cool to watch you blossom into this comic actor. It’s kind of fun. Aaron Ashmore: Yes, and that’s how I feel too. It’s just a very interesting experience and getting to work with people who are so talented — you guys writing stuff and the cast just knowing their characters and just being so good at what they do, it’s a pretty unique experience, actually. Question: With Steve coming in as Pete’s new partner, where that leave Myka? I haven’t heard anything about Joanne leaving the show and the last time I asked you, you said that she would definitely be back. I’m assuming that’s still the case? Jack Kenny: Well just to keep myself from getting into trouble I never said she would definitely be back. They’ll hunt me down and shoot me. No, what I’ve always – what I kept saying to people is don’t worry. We have our fans’ best interest at heart and everybody should just relax and enjoy the ride. Remember at the end of the first season we killed Artie. So… So just – everybody should just not worry. It’s going to be a great year and everybody’s going to be thrilled. That said, that’s part of the fun of the season this year is in the first episode is Myka coming back? If she does, how is she coming back? How does Aaron fit into all this? It’s a nice fun beat. But honestly it’s just, as I keep saying and I’m surprised because I never really thought about it — Aaron fits so well into this family that it hasn’t felt like an issue. There’s been plenty of room in this show to have this new character. And I got to tell you, just separately of the writing and the acting

care of the world. So this new guy coming in, I mean, who’s going to trust him until he proves himself? And I don’t think that anybody’s too comfortable with the fact that he can tell when people are lying. I mean, that’s great for solving cases but this guy can come in and you can’t lie to him, you can’t B.S. him. He can tell what’s going on. So, yes, there’s definitely some tensions. I think that what Jack was saying earlier, though it’s interesting because there’s ways that these characters are going to kind of clash but there’s also ways that they are going to bond in certain ways. And those are very different ways but are also interesting. So, yes, it’s not all smooth coming into the Warehouse on your first day. They put you through the wringer a little bit. Question: What do you think was Steve’s initial reaction when he finally figured out what the Warehouse agents actually do?

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Aaron Ashmore: Well, I think the initial reaction is that he just doesn’t fully believe. Everybody’s telling him this stuff and he’s seeing all these things go on. But it’s almost too much to believe right off the bat. So I think his first real interaction with an artifact and realizing how going through it himself, I think it really shocks him and makes him just feel like, “Okay, this is for real. This is not just a bunch of crazy people out here, you know, trying to, you know, run this strange warehouse. It’s like, this is dangerous.” And I think it sinks in and he’s on board, he’s game. I think at the beginning he’s a little tentative because he’s just like, “This can’t be true. This can’t be right.” But when I think that finally hits him that this is for real, Steve’s very professional and very into his job, so I think that he’s on board. Question: There’s a breaking news story about a month or so back about a H.G. Wells spinoff. Now it seems it was announced a little bit too soon. Could you tell me what’s happened there? Jack Kenny: Yes, I love that you refer to it as a breaking news story because it’s probably months and months away from actually being shot, if it does get shot.

Yes, Bob Goodman and I — one of the writers on the show went and pitched an idea for a spinoff for an H.G. Wells spinoff to Syfy a few weeks ago, and they really loved the idea and wanted to hear more about it. So in the business, in the TV business, before anybody can go in and officially pitch things deals have to be made and lawyers and agents and blah, blah, blah, blah.

details because we’re still in the very early birthing stage.

So that all started happening. And, somehow the details of that meeting got out and it was like, “Oh, it’s a spinoff and it’s happening and here it is.” And there are so many hurdles to jump before a show gets on the air. I mean, there’s a thousand different stars that have to get into line. Everything has to be in alignment and karma and all that sort of thing.

Aaron Ashmore: I think that there’s some stuff in Episode 2 and then a little bit farther — I can remember what episode, maybe 6 — where, yes, you really start to see who Steve is and you get a little bit of his backstory and you really see how his life has kind of impacted who he is.

But we were in yesterday, actually and pitching more details and more specifics and all the characters to Mark Stern and the folks at Syfy. And I think everybody’s really excited about it. Again, it’s a long way to go before it’s actually a script and on the air and being shot and all that sort of thing, but people seem to be really excited about the idea. The character seems to leap off the page. We’re building a really cool ensemble of people, again another family to be to people, this world and this series. And I think it could be really exciting. But unfortunately I have no

Question: I was going to ask about the backstory of Steve. We found out a little bit in the premier, which was a fantastic episode. We only got a little bit of a glimpse of what makes him him. Is there a certain episode that we’ll get to dig into those layers a little bit more?

Because, he’s very different, I think, from a lot of the other characters on the show in that he is more reserved and he’s got these walls up. And so you – throughout the season I think you really start to – I think that Jack and the writers have done a great job of kind of just putting in these little kind of nuggets of character throughout particular episodes so you start to be like, “Oh, okay, well that makes more sense and I can see, you know, why this guy is how he is.” And, a lot of times you don’t get that in shows. They just kind of like, it’s just there or they don’t even say it and it’s just kind of like implied or whatever. So yes, I think that there’s – people will find it really interesting to see how Steve’s character develops and learn these things about his past and then understand who he is more because of knowing those things. Jack Kenny: I think, too that, like I was saying earlier, I learn a lot about a character by – from the actor who’s playing him. And it’s not that I don’t really know anything about Aaron Ashmore’s past or his relationships or anything. I just – what I see when I look at Aaron on camera, when I look at him on the monitor it’s just – I see a guy who’s got – I see a character. And maybe this is what Aaron brings. I see a character that’s got a complex past, maybe with some pain in it. That’s what I see when he’s playing the part. And so in my mind he comes from a complex past. Maybe when he came out or if he came out to his parents it wasn’t well-received. And maybe that’s brought some pain. There’s other things you’ll learn about his character — because I don’t want to give away here because they come as a surprise to, you know, various members of the cast. He gets to be besties with Claudia, so they learn a lot about each other. I get the sense that he’s been hurt in a relationship or two. And that he’s emotionally conservative. He plays his cards close to the vest. A lot because of what Aaron was saying earlier about if you can look into somebody’s eyes and tell if they’re lying to you or not that affects the way you relate to people. You look at people differently. It’s a little bit like Sookie on True Blood where she can hear people’s thoughts — it’s kind of annoying. You don’t want to necessarily know all that. So it’s a – I think he’s a vulnerable and

tentative character who makes friends – doesn’t make friends easily but when he does he makes them forever. Question: how are they going to make the character more relatable to the LGBT community? Aaron Ashmore: Well I don’t really look at approaching a character that way. Like I wouldn’t approach a black character trying to make him relatable to the black community. My job is to make the characters relatable to the family that I’m dealing with here. How does Steve Jinks relate to Artie, Pete, Myka and Claudia? My – and I think that the approach to Aaron, as I say, the approach to Steve is he’s a relatively emotionally conservative guy. He’s not out there. And so we’re taking baby steps with the character. We don’t want to bring in somebody and throw him into a relationship right away. One of the things we learned last year when we brought Pete a relationship, we brought Claudia a relationship, was that they were really hard to service. Those relationships are hard to service because our people are out in the field all the time. We had to basically stop the show to get a relationship theme with Pete and Kelly or with Claudia and Todd. And so that’s why both of those relationships kind of went away last year. Brothers and Sisters, you can do that. On our show we’re out running around snagging, bagging and tagging so relationships kind of get in the way of that. If we can – if have an opportunity we will, but this year we’re really a lot more focused on other things. So that really didn’t become an issue. I can’t say that next season if Aaron comes back that he wouldn’t have a relationship. Who knows? But that hasn’t been the goal. I think — because I’m gay and in my mind the great thing about where GLBT characters are these days is it’s just like he’s also blond and blue-eyed and six feet tall. And it’s not – I wouldn’t write to his six-feet-tallness. I don’t want to write to every character’s single trait. It comes out in various fun ways. It’s not that we – it’s not that he’s not outed or that he hides it. He does talk about it and he makes jokes about it. But it’s not like – it doesn’t define who he is. And that, I think, has always been the goal of any minority group, to have that diversity not define who you are. And I think, happily, gay and lesbian and bisexual and transgendered characters have reached that goal in a lot of ways. Question: Sci-fi and horror fans, they tend to be the hardest to win over with a gay or lesbian character and I was wondering what is your all’s approach to trying to, you know, win over sci-fi and horror fans? Aaron Ashmore: You know, I, in my experience talking to a lot of our fans — I mean, I don’t – because maybe it’s a slightly different genre, our show — but in talking to a lot of our fans I haven’t found that. I’ve found that people have been pretty accepting of really anything we want to do, except of course, you know, losing their

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favorite character. But, you know, because like Torchwood has gay characters, there was a gay character on Caprica. There’s been – I feel like — and maybe I’m just, you know, living in the bubble that is Los Angeles — but I find it true in Toronto too. I feel like it’s such an accepted part of life now that it doesn’t feel like – especially younger viewers have no issue with it. It doesn’t – I don’t think – I think new viewers to television these days don’t see sexual orientation in the same way that viewers of my generation don’t see race. Because it kind of, you know, not all. Obviously there’s always going to be some people who are the exceptions to those rules. But I feel like we’ve come a long way as a television-viewing audience. I think, you know, and I count, you know, All in the Family and Maude and those shows in the 70s for taking us there. Shows that you probably couldn’t get away with doing today. But they took us to a place where they held a mirror up to society and said, “Look how silly this is.” And I think it started a trend of everybody saying, “Look how silly this is. Let’s just watch these shows for entertainment. Let’s accept everybody for who they are.” I think little by little, you know, chisel by chisel we’re getting to that – again to that nice sculpture of a society that watches a show for the entertainment value and not the color of a person’s skin or their sexual orientation or their gender or anything like that. Question: Have you found working Warehouse 13 when compared to when you worked on Smallville? Aaron Ashmore: Well, television is, it’s fairly similar and the schedules and you’re working on a lot of sets and stuff like that. So that’s very similar, and in the sci-fi realm, like working on green screen and all these kind of things. But, the stories are so different and the cast

is so different. All the creative elements are totally different. I think the one thing that is really unique about Warehouse 13, just from any show I’ve ever worked on, is having Jack around on set all the time. Because he is literally behind the monitors watching any questions, anything that you have to have your show runner and who just understands what’s going on with the show more than anybody would -- more than some of the directors that come in and all that kind of stuff is so unique and so amazing. So I think that’s the one big difference between Smallville but also between any show that I’ve ever worked on is having that, you know, creative mind on set ready to work with you and make changes as necessary or answer questions that you have about the character or the show or the plot or anything. I mean, that’s very rare to have that resource, you know, when you’re working. So that’s probably the big difference. Jack Kenny:

Now I’m blushing.

Aaron Ashmore: returning the favor.

Oh wow. Just

Question: What was your thoughts on the final episode of Smallville? Aaron Ashmore: My thoughts on the final episode of Smallville. I thought that it was really well done. I thought it was a very difficult show to wrap up and keep everybody happy when it comes to the end because so many different fans from, you know, different age groups who respond to different characters and all that kind of stuff. So I know that they had a huge task at hand to wrap that up and keep everybody happy. Personally me watching it, I thought they did a great job. I think that they wrapped up the storylines and they really kind of, you know, put a cherry on top of the show. So I thought they did a great job. Question: So what was it like coming back for that final episode, yourself?

Aaron Ashmore: Well that was difficult because I was doing Warehouse 13 at the time and, you know, one of those things where you have to work in the morning one day and then I hopped on a flight and I flew all the way to Vancouver and worked for a day. Not even I was there for, like, 12 hours working and I came right back. So that was very difficult but also a lot of fun to come back and see the old crew and the old folks. But, you know, at that point I was like, “This is really fun and stuff,” but I’d kind of moved to I was more excited about Warehouse at the time, because it’s a new character and, you know what I mean? It’s like that’s where my real energy

was. So it was cool to go back and do it but I was definitely more excited to get back to work on Warehouse 13.


Warehouse 13 continus to bey Syfy’s largest hit series. It airs on Mondays at 9PM on Syfy. It has been officially renewed for a fourth season.

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By Erika Blake editor/writer Back in May, Noah Wiley and Moon Bloodgood took time out of their busy promotion for the series and talked about their characters, being on the series, and sci-fi with the press. Here are the highlights of the conference call with them. Question: Falling Skies picks up right in the thick of the madness. Talk about that aspect of the show where we go, like I said, right to the meat of the story instead of having a season or two of build-up? Noah Wiley: Yes, it’s sort of a typical story telling in the sense that we don’t start with everyday life going on business as usual and then suddenly everybody’s eyes turn to the heavens and say, what’s that coming in towards our planet. We do, we pick up six months into what has been a devastating alien invasion and meet our characters already in a pretty high state of disarray which is kind of exciting storytelling because it allows you the opportunity to fill in the back story through episodic storytelling and also opens up the possibility of being able to track back in time down the road if it seems (dramatically) appropriate. Question: Aliens parking over cities has been kind of a common theme recently with shows like District 9, Skyline, Battle: Los Angeles and of course V. In your opinion what do you think separates this series from the other recent alien invasion franchises? Moon Bloodgood: Well I think

ultimately if you’re, you know, if you’re going to like a show – I mean we’re all kind of, you know, dealing with the same subject matter, I think what’s going to be different is certainly out approach sort of the science fiction aspect of it it’s going to be a little – it’s going to vary but if you like the story, the human story behind it and like – you want to follow the characters and that’s what’s going to bring you to it. And we’re much more drama and more of a human element than like a District 9 which I think is primarily more about – though a great story, one of my favorite science fiction films, there’s definitely more of a science fiction element than I think we have. I think we’re sort watch – of having the marriage of a good family story with the science fiction element. Question: You’ve also been a part of, you know, post apocalyptic shows before with Terminator and, you know, you’re starting to carve a little niche in this genre, I mean, what’s the draw for you? Moon Bloodgood: I think I’ve been drawn to science fiction because I’m a fan of science fiction. And I think when you like something you just – I like to think you’re generally better at it and when you’re auditioning for something maybe that sort of resonates. But I – because I love it, I tend to want to do those kind of protects. And then you start to do them and that kind of becomes your thing which is not a bad thing because it’s still a genre I deeply appreciate. Question: How involved is Steven Spielberg in the

production of this show? Noah Wyle: He’s pretty damn involved. His fingerprints are all over it. He was instrumental in helping craft the original pilot script and certainly in casting the pilot. And he came out and was on set when we were shooting the pilot and he made lots of editorial decisions and even drew some storyboards for the reshoots on the pilot and then helped craft the overreaching story (arks) for the season, watched all the daily’s and made lots of editorial suggestions all along the way in bringing those shows to their final cut. So I would say he’s instrumentally involved. Question: The first few episodes of the pilotfeels very much like a feature film. I wanted to know if you could kind of reflect on that for us? Noah Wyle: Yes, sure. Well, it wasn’t intended to be sandwiched together. The pilot was a standalone hour and it’s being married to the first episode which we shot as a first episode for the season to build it into a two-hour block. So it was never scripted to feel like a movie but I think anytime Mr. Spielberg’s name is above the marquee you can’t help but to make a cinema comparison. And it’s got a lot of rich production value. The budget on the pilot was pretty extensive. So we had a lot of bang for our buck and that wasn’t necessarily the case in every episode so I think getting a sense of what the series is going to be like comes probably more accurately from the second half, second hour, than the first. But, yes, it’s got a very cinematic feel to it. Question: What do you like most about your character Anne Glass? Moon Bloodgood: I really enjoy the fact that, you know, she’s a doctor — she was a pediatrician — and that I think that she’s very admirable, that she doesn’t often

talk about herself, extremely selfless, always calm and rational, always, you know, being fair and with reason. And I think I admired her because I feel sometimes I’m not always that way and she was always selfless and always very maternal towards everyone. Question: In Falling Skies you play quite a different character although I do see some of you in the role; how much of you is in the role in Falling Skies? Moon Bloodgood: Well I try to be, you know, a good actress and not bring myself into it but I believe all actors bring an essence of themselves, you just can’t squash that, you can’t eliminate it, it’s part of you. In this role I play a doctor and I’m so level headed and I’m not the athlete and I’m not the vixen or the girl that’s the tomboy I’m just, I’m someone who’s there to – who’s not only maternal but who’s going to medically heal people and is against violence. So I felt it was very different for me whether or not – yes I guess I bring myself into everything — I try not to — and give it a little bit more life. But there’s always a part that you’re not bringing it to the writing, it’s how you’re written and that has nothing to do with you. Question: What would be the most difficult part of doing the series? Moon Bloodgood: Sometimes the subject matter is heavy and there’s lot of depth and weight and you have to think about – you have to take yourself to that place of, you know, you’re supposed to be hungry and scared and you’ve lost your family and sometimes you want levity. And I can find the subject matter to be – to weigh on me at times when I was working and all I wanted to do was just, you know, I’d go home and just put some comedy on and have a beer because I just needed some sort of change.

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  51

Noah Wyle: I think – well, I had lunch with Michael Wright who’s Head of TNT and we discussed if this came to a second season whether he would be interested in picking it up for more episodes. And his philosophy, which I tend to agree with is, that if you’re writing for ten episodes you can really write to a focused point and make sure that all of your T’s have been crossed and your eyes have been dotted. And if you’re trying to slug it out through 15, 17 or on a network 22 to 24 you run the risk of dissipating the potency of your story telling and falling back on sort of (heck nine) clichés. And he really didn’t want to do that. He really is very proud and pleased with the show and wants – should the second season come to pass it to have the same kind of punch that the first season did which I think you really only get from shooting a truncated season of 10, 12 maximum. Question: One of the things that I’ve really enjoyed from watching the first three episodes, is I really enjoy the family dynamic that’s on it. I was wondering if you could talk to us a bit about how you approach trying, how you guys approached keeping your family together in this broken world? Noah Wyle: Well, dramatically I think that was probably the theme that was most interesting to me. I haven’t had a lot of experience working in the science fiction genre so that had a certain appeal. But I went into this with the confidence of knowing that the spaceships and the aliens were going to be just fine with Mr. Spielberg designing them. And so my responsibilities really fell to making sure the human aspects of the show were as compelling as they could be. And I found that dual conflict that we set up in the pilot to be really provocative of a guy just trying to keep his family intact and alive being given the larger responsibility of having to care for 300 (veritable) strangers and the conflict between the two; very interesting. But that’s really, I think, what’s at the core of the show is once the reset button on humanities been pushed and these characters, should they survive, are going to become the next founding fathers for the next civilization. What are the best aspects of the previous civilization that you would want to retain and what are the more superfluous or (ascerteric) ones that you wouldn’t mind dropping? And certainly the notion of family and the quality of human relationships comes to the floor and that’s what I think we pretty successfully explored through the first half of the season. Question: Let me ask, something that really – the dynamic that really touched me was the difference between Tom and Weaver played by Will Patton. You know, Weaver’s a character who, especially in most of these post-apocalyptic movies you see the, I would say, something like Battle: Los Angeles, I mean, you see the military persona is the one who steps up to the plate and becomes the default leader. But with Tom he really has no practical experience for military application. But his knowledge as a professor, you know, you see it coming out in all of these different situations. I mean, what do you think distinguishes Tom as a leader as opposed to what all of these other projects have that they automatically show the militaristic personalities step to the foreground to take charge? Noah Wyle: That’s an interesting question. I would say that when you traditionally have a character whose career military like Captain Weaver is their strong suit is leading men who have been trained and focused for the battle and mission enhanced. Whereas in this particular scenario most of our military has been eradicated already and it’s a civilian militia that is being trained.

It’s exactly Tom Mason’s back-story as having been a teacher that puts him in a little bit better (sted) to teach mostly kids how to arm themselves and defend themselves than it is for Weaver to fall back on the military paradigm. And it’s sort of – it’s looking at the realm of academia and saying that’s a little dry for what we need right now and looking at the role of military and saying that’s a little dogmatic for what we need right now and trying to find a synthesis between the two that I think makes my character a leader of a different strength. Question: Tom does seem like somebody who has his act together but, and I’m only three episodes in, I’m trying to figure out, are we going to see in the first season Tom’s breaking point? Noah Wyle: He comes damn close to it. He comes very, very close to it. Yes, I would say episode, yes, in the four or five range that’s where he starts to wear a little thin. Although, you know, there was an adage that we used to say a lot on my other show where you really didn’t have time to feel sorry for yourself during the course of the day because you had another patient to treat or two or three. So you really had to earn whatever private moments you allowed yourself to reveal, whatever inner life was going on. And the same holds true for this show is that there’s such a constant and eminent threat underneath each and every scene that these characters who probably if they had a week off would develop all sorts of the hallmarks of PTSD and go through all sorts of debilitating briefs don’t have the luxury of doing so because there’s just too many other things that need to be done.

So I would say that the big breakdown is still coming but we definitely show glimpses of it. Question: Could you a little bit go more in depth about how it was getting to go work with Noah Wiley, and of course I know obviously there’s, you know, young children involved with the show as well. Moon Bloodgood: Yes there are young children that I have some scenes with. But listen Noah’s a veteran, I play a doctor, trust me he gave me lots of pointers and I was so happy to, you know, to receive his advice. He’s been around, he knows the industry and he is just such a diligent professional. I learned a lot; I learned a lot from him and Will Patton. I think you learn something from everyone that you work with but he gave a different perspective and I thought he was really good at being our leader and – in the show and also off, you know, like, you know, as a friend and a colleague. Question: I was wondering what inspiration did you draw from, if any coming into this? Anne a very tragic character even though she hasn’t fully started to cope with her loss, you know, she’s like – you know, she throws herself into her work and her blossoming relationship with Tom, but how did you come about figuring out how to portray her and how not to, you know, to hold some back for later on in the season? Moon Bloodgood: Good question. I sometimes think it’s probably not good to use your own life circumstances because that can kind of get tiring, but I did. I kind of dove – not dove into it but I conjured up or — what’s the word I’m looking for — I looked into myself and my own pain and tried to use that as a cathartic thing when I

52  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

actually pick up a gun at one point because I get hurt, I get attacked and I suddenly need to defend myself against other humans and that’s a position that Anne Glass never thought she would be in. And for her that’s when the world – the first biggest pain was her husband and her child and the next was just loosing that innocence against violence. Question: Going back to the question of family for a moment, it seems like there’s a good setup for some brother related themes that are going throughout various different stories with Captain Weaver and the Band of Brothers mentality that he has with the soldiers versus the civilians. You’ve got the Mason brothers and the question of what they’ll do for each other in this situation. And it almost seems like Mason and Pope might have the beginnings of something setup for that discussion there in the theater. Is this something that’s been discussed and planned that – or is it just coming out in the performances as just a natural outgrowth of the story? Noah Wyle: I think kind of both and not to give to non-specific an answer, you know, relationships especially when you’re starting up a new show, it’s a lot like testing spaghetti. You kind of throw a bunch of stuff on the wall and see what sticks. And then I just also try to use my imagination of what it felt like to live in a world where suddenly I lost my family and to lose a child which I – you know, must be the most horrendous thing to ever go through is to lose a child. So I tried to use myself and my imagination.

breakdown; I breakdown emotionally about my family, and there’s another time when I am fighting to, you know, keep the alien alive with another doctor and I’m very stoic in that fight, and there’s a time when I’m more romantically involved with Noah.

And the journey’s interesting because there’s a couple times when I

But what’s – what was the most compelling part is when I had to

And certain relationships have greater resonance than others and certain themes become more pronounced than others and oftentimes they’re not the ones that you expect to pop. Certainly when we started I – it was pretty black and white that I was coming from the humanist angle and Will Patton

was coming from the militarist angle and that we were going to butt heads continually. And then as we got into the playing of it, Will brings such an interesting complexity to his character and a lot of humanity to what could easily be perceived as a two-dimensional character that it became a lot more interesting to kind of explore the areas of commonality between these two characters as opposed to the areas of conflict and to see how under different circumstances these men actually might like each other but are forced into opposite camps because of their dueling ideologies. And the same holds true with characters like Pope where you know it’s this notion of who your allegiance is to. Obviously when you have an external threat from another planet suddenly the divisions between black, white, rich, poor, old and young get erased immediately against common enemy. But if you take that enemy off the table for a moment and are allowed to take a little bit of breathing room, what are the lessons we’ve learned? Or do we revert back to our own kind of pettiness and clannishness? And so these are all themes that are worthy of exploring as we go on. Question: can I ask you about the target audience for this is it going to be more for families you think or how edgy is it going to get? How violent do you think it’s going to get? Will it be more like Battlestar Galactica or more like… Noah Wyle: It’s a really fine line to walk because you don’t – you know, I’ll use as an example the sort of budding love story between my character and Moon Bloodgood’s character. You know,

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  53

we tee it up that there’s an initial interest between these two and it starts the clock ticking in the audiences mind about when this is

threat is very present but you don’t want it to be so bleak that it turns off viewers who are tuning in to watch more of a drama than a genre show.

And as we were shooting the episodes we were always conscious of the fact that we hadn’t really advanced this relationship at all. So we’d write scene’s where I would be on guard duty and she’d bring me a sandwich and we’d start talking about whatever and suddenly it would get a little romantic.

But by the same token there’s a science fiction audience out there that I think the network would very much like to attract that is coming with the expectation that this is going to have a lot of epic battle sequences and be a fairly dark and violent show.

going to get consummated.

And as we rehearsed them or talked them through it seems like it immediately dissipated the tension and level of credibility for the world that we were trying to establish and that we hadn’t earned that moment yet. And then it kind of stuck out like a sore thumb as an obvious (beat) in the television show so we cut it. And instead we would play it out probably more closer to the way it would realistically play out which is, yes, there’s an interest from opposite sides of the room but these are two very busy people who have to get back to work. And, as the season progressed and we finally got into the final episode there was a moment that seemed truly earned, very kind of romantic and I think it became incredibly satisfying to have it (pace) out that way. Question (cont…) how edgy it was going to be? Noah Wyle: Oh yes, that was the parallel I was trying to draw which is…It’s a fine line to walk because you want to create a world where

So it’s going back and forth between the two. It’s having moments of humanity and hope and humor punctuated by moments of terror and action and then how we move on from there and get back to the moments of humanity, hope and humor before the next attack comes. But by the same token there’s a science fiction audience out there that I think the network would very much like to attract that is coming with the expectation that this is going to have a lot of epic battle sequences and be a fairly dark and violent show. So it’s going back and forth between the two. It’s having moments of humanity and hope and humor punctuated by moments of terror and action and then how we move on from there and get back to the moments of humanity, hope and humor before the next attack comes. I don’t think it’s going to get much more gratuitously violent than episodes we’ve already shot. I don’t think that that’s in the words but I don’t think we really want to paint the rosier picture of the world prematurely either.

Question: Your approach to Dr. glass, how is it different from your first other – other science fiction characters — because like you said you’re not the action character this time, you’re not the girl with the gun, you’re more of a nurturing type — and how is that playing into the tension that we’re starting to see in the first couple of episodes between Dr. Glass and Captain Weaver? Moon Bloodgood: Oh yes, let me just tell you that scene that I got to do with Will in the beginning is one of my favorites; I just – I love working with Will Patton. I loved being able to humbly be the voice of the civilians, because I’m not just a doctor but I’m their – they have my ears. I’m dealing with then, they’re the ones we’re fighting for and I have to remind, you know, Will Patton’s character of that — that this is what’s important, don’t lose sight of that in your need to protect your fighters, remember what the cause is and humanity is the most paramount thing. And in playing a role as a pediatrician — which is what Anne Glass was — I was certainly a doctor who is capable but in over my head. So I prepared but I also wanted to seem like I was a little out of my element because then when I am (deharnessing) kids and, you know, performing surgeries and I’m just way out of my element. Question: (“Falling Skies”) brings lot to the table, there’s a little something for everybody; you know, it’s not exactly a sci-fi film, it’s a drama, it’s a love story,

it’s a family film, you know, it’s so many different things. What was some of the things that really, really attracted you to it? Moon Bloodgood: That, you know — doing something that is not just one dimensional; it’s science fiction but it’s human tragedy, it’s different diverse characters interwoven together and trying it kind of find their humanity and live any kind of normalcy and readjust to the new world that’s changed completely from the world that they know. So I think I want to do projects – I mean I was also drawn to playing a doctor and it’s something I’d never done, I’d played a nurse before but it has to be – you know, and I’d have to have a gun on my leg and be running around and doing stunts, though I love that to death. I wanted to do something more cerebral and that I got to be a little softer and I thought that was a more fun place for me to be in this, you know, in this time in my life.

************ “Falling Skies” was the cable’s #1 new drama series to premiere this summer on TNT. If you missed seeing the series it’s available for purchase on iTunes or you can watch episodes online at http://www.TNT.TV “Falling Skies” will return next summer for it’s second season. Renewal press release is available on the next page.

54  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  55

TNT Orders Second Wave of Falling Skies, Cable’s #1 New Series Epic Series from DreamWorks Television and Executive Producer Steven Spielberg, Starring Noah Wyle, Scores as Major Hit in U.S. and Abroad TNT has renewed Falling Skies, cable’s #1 new series, for a second season. The epic saga about the aftermath of an all-out invasion by an alien military force has been a tremendous hit both domestically and internationally. Falling Skies, which airs Sundays at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), stars Noah Wyle and comes to TNT from DreamWorks Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg. TNT has ordered 10 episodes for the second season, which is slated to air in summer 2012. “Falling Skies is a true standout series, from its ambitious storytelling, high-profile cast and production team to its phenomenal success when it comes to international and time-shifted viewing,” said Michael Wright, executive vice president, head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). “We’re reaching new audiences with Falling Skies and look forward to seeing where this fascinating and exciting series takes us next.” Falling Skies takes place in the chaotic aftermath of an alien attack that has left most of the world completely incapacitated. Tom

CHARACTER PROFILE: MARGARET Margaret, played by Sarah Carter was introduced in the second episode of the first season of “Falling Skies” called “Armory.” When we first meet Margaret her motives are suspect as she’s holding a gun on members of the 2nd Mass. She appears to be a member of a rag tag group of criminals lead by John Pope. Margaret turns her gun on her gang members and reveals to Tom that they had held her hostage. Emotionally wounded, Margaret takes her pain out on their real enemies, the skitters, and becomes a valued soldier in the 2nd Mass. When the 2nd Mass desperately needed drugs Margaret offered an alternate solution than trying to hit a local hospital that had become a know hot spot for Skitters. Margaret returned with more than enough drugs to last their group for a long time. She revealed to Hal that she was a cancer survivor and per the advice of the nurses had started taking pot for medicinal purposes. She raided her old drug dealers stash for the 2nd Mass. Although Margaret tried to stay aloof and not create any emotional bonds with the people in her new troope, she quickly befriended Anne and taught her the fine art of selfpreservation by how to use a gun. She also befriended Sarah, one of the civilians who had the unfortunate timing to have gotten pregnant right before the alien invasion.

Mason (Wyle), a Boston history professor and the father of three sons, must put his extensive knowledge of military history to the test as second in command of a regiment of resistance fighters protecting a large group of civilian survivors. Falling Skies also stars Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton and Drew Roy. Falling Skies premiered in the U.S. on TNT Sunday, June 19, drawing an extraordinary Live + 7 audience of 8 million viewers and ranking it as cable’s top series launch of 2011. The premiere also garnered an impressive 3.8 million adults 18-49 and 4.5 million adults 25-54. Through its first three installments, Falling Skies has averaged more than 6.4 million viewers through a blend of live and time-shifted viewing. Falling Skies is quickly becoming a global television sensation. In the opening stages of its rollout in more than 75 international markets, it has already drawn strong – and in some cases record – audience deliveries for networks airing it in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. In addition to Spielberg, the first season of Falling Skies has been executive-produced by DreamWorks Television heads Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank, Graham Yost and screenwriter Robert Rodat, who wrote the pilot from an idea he co-conceived with Spielberg. Mark Verheiden and Greg Beeman have served as co-executive producers.

56  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011



or the past three years, we have pretty much been without the character of Clark Kent, his marriage and The Daily Planet crowd in Superman and Action comics. In fact, Superman the character went missing in Action Comics for almost two years. In my comic reviews, I often have wondered if DC had any writers left that could write the strong marriage and this month we got confirmation that this was indeed the case. A quote from Co-Publisher Dan Didio in regards to Superman: “We’ve lost some of the character and the ability to tell stories with that character.” Uh, really? And Matt Idelson, editor of the Superman books referred to Lois Lane as a ‘beautiful trophy wife’. Despite the testosterone induced high of San Diego Comic Con, does DC truly know or even care about their most iconic character (not even second to Mickey Mouse world wide)? Not feeling the Superman love from this DC crew. So beginning on August 31st, DC launches its reboot starting with 52 comics. All resorting back to issue #1 numbering. Justice League #1 has redesigned costumes and apparently Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and Batman are the new World’s Finest. Superman is bringing up the rear. This story’s timeframe takes place five years before all the others (except Action). Geoff Johns and Jim Lee are the creators on the book. Action Comics and Detective Comics had just entered the 900s in numbering, but they will never see 1K. Throughout September they are releasing the rest. Action #1 will be written by Grant Morrison, author of Animal Man and All Star Superman. In his book, Supergods, released this month, he discussed the domestication of Superman causing him to be viewed as less than super and more concentrated on being Clark Kent. CLARK KENT AND LOIS LANE WILL NOT BE MARRIED IN THE REBOOT. Morrison has expressed his displeasure with the Kent marriage before, but he adamantly is adverse to Animal Man’s marriage and children being disturbed. Hypocrite much? Imagine our surprise when we discovered that Morrison will indeed concentrate on the farm boy aspect of Superman coming into his own. Without the benefit of the Kents (they have died at some point in his life) Clark journeys into all things Kryptonian. Action takes place six to eight months before Justice League and he is wearing his Bruce Springsteen S-shirt, jeans, workboots and his blankie as a cape. Twenty pages of running apparently; we’re hoping there will be a first meet between

him and Lois Lane as there was in the original Action Comics. Look for Steel, JorEl and Lara, and Lex Luthor within the first six issues. The seventh issue will catch up to present continuity (five years later).

with some of her friends. How do I know so much about the story? DC did some damage control after the non-marriage announcement by releasing two pages from issue #1. Clark and Lois are in each others orbit.

Clark must have found his Kryptonian

The Kents are not the only ones who are single. The Allens were announced to be unmarried as well. The Wests are completely off the radar. Jim Lee stated DC is not antimarriage. Yeaaa. Well, there is Animal Man and his brood. Batman is relatively unchanged. All his kids are still running around and he still has Alfred. All his male Robins have books. It’s the females of his family with the most changes. Stephanie and Cassandra may or may not be seen in other books. Barbara Gordon, formerly Oracle, goes back to being Batgirl with the full use of her legs. Written by Gail Simon, this might be something to read. Nightwing, Dick Grayson, is said to have a presence in her book as well as his own.

I’m taking a wait and see stance. If the stories suck and try my patience, forget about it. I waited five years for Smallville to get Clark and Lois together and now the comics are letting ceremonial armor in the six to eight months me down and making me wait for an before Justice League began, because that’s interminable amount of time for the most what he’s wearing on its cover. iconic One True Pairing. Both identities, Superman and Clark Kent will be social justice crusaders in their own way. Superman will not always stick within the parameters of the law to bring about justice. Morrison has gone back to the original Golden Age concepts. New twist, Jimmy Olsen is not Superman’s pal but Clark’s fellow geek.


he last week of September will give us Superman Comics penned by veteran, George Perez, who wrote both Wonder Woman and Action Comics Post Crisis. Dealing with the ‘relationships’ portion of the story, Clark Kent is a reporter at The Daily Planet in the present timeframe. The Daily Planet has changed. It now has two divisions both owned by Mr. Edge. The print media side is not doing well despite Perry White’s efforts. The television and web division is headed by Lois Lane, a new job for her. If you think she’s strapped to a desk, this is Lois Lane we are talking about. She has a penchant for news and trouble. Lois is always Lois. Her new position causes some uneasiness between her and Perry, her old boss. She has a boyfriend (some Smallville fans are calling him Oliver Lite). Lois and Clark have some history. They may have worked together as reporters. He apparently told her off in public because the entire newspaper staff, including Ron Troupe and Cat Grant know about it. He goes to Lois’ apartment to apologize and we’re off to the races. Lois thinks he’s a loner and has tried to get him to connect


an Didio said there would be no crossovers, but Superman will be in Supergirl #1 and Swamp Thing #1. According to Jim Lee, Wonder Woman may or may not be single. Digital Same Day will be available but the price point is high for peeps who are used to 99 cent songs. Writing for print and digital are two different animals. Alan Moore has made the case that print writers would have to learn the rhythms of the digital story as it is displayed differently. DC has said their target audience is 18 to 35 year old males which is pretty much the consumers they have now. What about females? Older people with money to spend? Since this is the last issue of OSCK magazine, G2Factor ( will be having weekly podcasts regarding comics and other media involving Superman. Carrying on the mission to save Clark Kent. PS: During San Diego Comic Con, Geoff Johns kept asking people why they thought Aquaman is lame. And Johns has stated how he loves Mera (AC’s wife). I wonder if they’re still married in the new universe. Not going to bother to find out. However, since Johns has been talking up Aquaman, don’t be surprised if you start hearing about other media projects with the fish stick.

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  57

58  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 5, August, 2011

Rest In Peace


Jackie cooper

n May 3rd, 2011 Jackie Cooper passed away. Known in Superman lore as the ever grouchy Perry White from the original “Superman” films, Cooper began acting as a child and was one of the original “Our Gang” members. Cooper quickly became a favorite in the gang and landed a role in the 1931 film “Skippy” that earned him an Academy Award nomination. At age 9, he was one of the youngest actors to ever be nominated for an Oscar.


ooper also starred in “The Champ” and “Treasure Island.”

ackie Cooper served in World War II and when he returned he began the next phase of his career as an adult. He transitioned to television and starred in the series The

People’s Choice and Hennessy. Later he moved away from acting and worked as a director. He worked on Cagney and Lacey, Magnum PI, The Rockford Files, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and M*A*S*H and White Shadow.


uring the 1960’s he worked at Paramount and packed television deals. He was responsible for selling Bewitched and casting Sally Field as Gidget.


ne of the last projects that Jackie Cooper worked on was directed episodes of the 1980’s series “Superboy.” Perry White was his last truly notable acting role. Cooper is survived by two sons; he was 88 years old.

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  59


through 711. Loved Roberson’s remarks about America at the end of 711. In 712, we got a Krypto story written by Kurt Busiek which interrupted the Grounded boredom. It takes place shortly after Infinite Crisis where Krypto has lost both of his super guys. In 713, we’re back in By Holli Boetcher Grounded and Clark Kent abandons Superman. So after rarely seeing the journalist, we get him asking people why a Superman is necessary. All the attributes are covered The most exciting things in Superman comics has not but why did Clark (who is also well known) have to be told been the storylines but the various controversies. And the these things? This mind control story is lame – the villain yanking of fans’ has not been developed enough for us to even care. End chains isn’t over. of the comic is mystery woman has Lois hostage and Superman has to go into action.

ACTION COMICS Superman returns in #900 which has a Neil Adams variant cover is double the regular price. Paul Cornell ends his avarice Lex monster with Lois cyborg story and bridges it into the next arc with Doomsdays. Also in this issue David Goyer who penned the Man of Steel screenplay has Superman about to renounce his American citizenship. (He has voted as Clark Kent.) My favorite ‘story’ has no words. Brian Stilfreeze’s mural of the Evolution of the Man of Tomorrow depicts various ages of Superman changing from Clark to Superman – ending with Superman proudly holding the American flag. Action 901 is the official beginning of Reign of the Doomsdays. Doomsday Slayer arrives and Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Steel, and Cyborg Superman must figure out what to do with the menaces. In 902, Superman is truly back. He sacrifices himself to save Metropolis while Kara, Conner and John help hold back the tidal wave. Faith and reunions are beautiful things. Finally felt a story. Action 903 has plenty more rock em sock em with a twist. Think Eradicator. Hope Clark isn’t late for dinner WITH HIS WIFE! 904 will be the last Action comic of volume one. So sad so very sad.

SUPERMAN COMICS Still in Grounded. Blah. Chris Roberson does give some good moments, however, Superman has guest stars that often overshadow him. The Flash (Barry Allen), Batman, Livewire with Jimmy Olsen appeared in issues 709

In August, Superman #714 and Action #904 will probably have Superman/Clark saving his wife. And that, Superman fans will probably be the last time for a while – and by a while, I mean years. Wait for it – will reveal the tragic news in another article.

SUPERMAN BATMAN Issues 82 through 84 is the continuation of King Sorcerers by Cullen Bunn. Superman continues his quest with Steampunk Batman and others meeting up with Etrigan. With different solar radiation, powers and magic he returns to his own world eventually. Issue #85 begins a 3-parter which will be the last story arc for this book. The Secret is about how Batman’s identity is in jeopardy. Smallville fans will enjoy the art as Clark Kent resembles Tom Welling. This story and book ends in August with no date as to when it will return. Shame, it’s always been my go-to book when continuity was boring or completely frustrating.

FLASHPOINT A what-if story that began in May which affects the entire DC Universe of characters. Multiple books and storylines created from this alt world premise. Project Superman and Lois Lane and the Resistance have held our interest. And Flashpoint #3 starred Project Superman. Kal-El’s ship didn’t land in Smallville but crashed into Metropolis. He’s being held by the government who has several projects to make super soldiers through various means. He was not the only Kryptonian to land. Geoff Johns killed Krypto. General Sam Lane is now over the Project and we saw that Kal-El, Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne are all about the same age. The second issue of Project Superman is a must read. See Kal-El and Lois Lane’s first meet. In Lois Lane and the Resistance, Jimmy Olsen sacrificed himself to save people while Lois was taken to Amazonian training camp in the UK. She escapes and meets up with a strange bunch called the Resistance, led by Cyborg. Lois works for the Daily Planet and is giving behind the lines info to Victor Stone in order to free the planet of world wide war and tyranny. These stories also end in August. Flashpoint #5 ends it all on August 31st. Our comics world will never be the same.

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MAN OF STEEL NEWS By Alisa Lea Gossage Well, do you want the good news . . . or the bad news first? Let’s start with the bad news. That way, we can end on a good note. Bad news: Man of Steel was originally scheduled to come out December 2012, and it has now been postponed to June 14, 2013. Bummer man. Bummer. . . Reasons (and excuses) for the push back have varied from ‘script issues’ to ‘scheduling conflicts’ with actors and crew members. Then there’s been the rumor that Nolan needs to finish The Dark Knight Rises in order to hold Snyder’s hand during the MOS project. And according to a New York Times article, the December 2012 release date was never official anyway. And Warner Bros. has decided that they wanted to give that 2012 slot to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure. Really? Now that’s a film I’ve. . . just. . . been. . . dying to see. How about you? Not to be negative, but this does not bode well for the Man of Steel franchise. After all, if The Hobbit ranks higher in the eyes of Warner Bros executives than Superman, what, if it’s pushed back again, will take the place of MOS’s June 2013 slot – Mists of Avalon the sequel? In other bad MOS news, on July 18, Kevin Jagernauth of indieWIRE Blog Network wrote that “. . . earlier this year rumor cropped up that the script by David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight)—whose concept was pitched by Man Of Steel-producing godfather Christopher Nolan to the studio— was facing some third act problems. . . now more word is surfacing that a couple more hands have taken their pens to the Goyer screenplay. reports that Jonah Nolan has quietly taken a pass at it and now, Kurt Johnstad is the latest name to be tasked with doing some rewrites.”

fine-tuning of his original MOS script. You would think he would have SOME interest in the re-shaping of his original script. After all, when you start something, you finish it. Jagernauth finishes his article by writing, “. . . perhaps Johnstad has been brought in for a final fine tuning, to bring certain elements into line with Snyder’s style and way of working and off they’ll go. In short, we don’t think there is cause for alarm and we hope whatever those rumored third act issues are, they have been ironed out (if they were there at all). That’s enough bad news. Now, on with the good news . . . New cast members for MOS include Harry Lennix, of Dollhouse fame, as General Swanwick who is described as a high ranking military officer. Christopher Meloni, of SVU’s fame, has also been added to the cast. At first it was speculated that he was going to play Lex Luthor – after all he has the . . . uh . . . Q-ball head that would fit right in for that role. Now, speculation is that he will be playing Sam Lane, Lois Lane’s father. However, as of this writing, there has been no confirmation of that. And if fans were wondering if we were going to see Krypton, then wonder no more. The roles of Jor-El and Lara have gone to Russell Crowe and Julia Ormond. The casting came as a bit of a surprise to me, but upon reflection, they are perfect for both roles. Russell Crowe definitely has a ‘Brando’ carriage to him (not to mention the slight rotunda physique). And Ormond has almost an ‘other-worldly’ aura to her. And they are both great actors. I can’t wait to see what they do with these characters. Speaking of Krypton, rumor has it that Snyder’s version of Krypton will look more like the planet Coruscant in the Star War’s prequels then the icy visage of Donner’s Krypton. I think that this is a good move on Snyder’s part. Though I love Donner’s Krypton, I don’t think it would hold the interest of modern audiences.

Look, I know movies go through rewrites, but it sounds like there are too many people putting their twocents into the MOS script. But who knows, Johnstad wrote the script for 300, so this could be a good change. After all, 300 is so kick ass! Also, it is reported that Snyder and Johnstad have a great working relationship.

More good news involves the fact that Warner Bros. has begun building sets and shooting scenes with extras. On the under the ‘pictures’ tab there are various pictures depicting casting calls and Smallville-type sets being built. Some buildings on the set are showing damaged conditions. As in meteor shower damage . . . maybe?

As I write this, I’m actually sort of feeling better about the whole deal.

So, it’s begun. They have two years to make this movie. Two years should be enough time for them to get it right.

Now I do have an-axe-to-grind with Goyer. Apparently, he is too busy with his new script for Godzilla to have a say in the

Man of Steel will be in theaters June 14, 2013.

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Warner Bros. Consumer Products Taps Sideshow Collectibles For Premium Statues And Busts Inspired By The Legendary Dc Comics Characters BURBANK, Calif. - July 12, 2011 - Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) announced today along with DC Entertainment that it has enlisted Sideshow Collectibles, a leading specialty manufacturer of licensed collectible products, to create a signature line of premium statues, busts and other collectibles inspired by DC Comics’ stable of iconic super heroes and villains. This heroic alliance paves the way for Sideshow Collectibles to offer products featuring DC Comics’ most revered super heroes and villains including Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, as well as items inspired by the upcoming theatrical releases The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel. In addition to premium statues and busts, Sideshow Collectibles will produce limited edition art prints and high-end 1/6 scale articulated figures. These all-new collectible lines will complement the robust offerings available from DC Direct. “The DC Comics universe enjoys a loyal following of avid collectors and enthusiasts that will be thrilled with these wonderful offerings from Sideshow Collectibles,” said Karen McTier, Executive Vice President, Domestic Licensing and Worldwide Marketing, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “The premium collectibles, featuring our most legendary DC Comics super heroes and villains, serve to enhance and support an overall product offering which

continues to be led by DC Direct and stand as a welcome addition to our vaunted lineup.” “We are truly excited to be bringing our expertise and experience in the area of collectibles to the vast DC Comics universe of characters,” said Greg Anzalone, President, Sideshow Collectibles. “The opportunity to create items inspired by these iconic heroes is an incredible opportunity to provide the fans with a number of very special offerings, which will be appreciated by casual and dedicated collectors alike.” In addition to premium collectibles, Sideshow Collectibles’ limited edition 1/6 scale figures feature more than thirty points of articulation, highly detailed accessories, real fabric costumes, and an array of switch-out parts for customizable display potential. The art print products will capture the best of DC Comics characters and adventures in flat art form. Sideshow Collectibles will also be collaborating with Mondo Tees to create limited edition prints, each featuring original artwork which is screen printed on archival paper and highly limited.

For contest details goto:

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I Now Pronounce You Mr. and Mrs. Superman

by Louise Duarte

Since Lois and Clark will finally get hooked and get married in Smallville (or at least try), something I never thought would happen in the show, I’ll talk about other versions of the couple and their other weddings, especially the ones from “Lois & Clark: the new Adventures of Superman” and from the comics.

besides Perry and Jimmy.

Honey, I married a Clone!

Clark, you’re my best friend. Until I met you I never had a best friend. And falling in love with you has been so easy; I don’t know why I fought it so long. You have such gentle grace, and such quiet strength, and mostly... such incredible kindness. I’ve never known anyone with as pure a heart, and so today I give you my love, and my honor, and our life, together.

In the season three episode “I Now Pronounce You” , Lois was a wreck because it’s the week of her wedding and her relatives and Clark’s are in Metropolis for the event. Lois has to deal with her mother who is driving her insane. She even asked Perry to give her a complicated and conspiracional story for her to work and to make her forget her family until the ceremony. That’s when she finds out about clones that eat frogs. Clones developed by Lex Luthor. And in order to have Lois for himself since they almost got married on season one, he kidnapped Lois on the day of her wedding with Clark and replaced her with a clone. Why didn’t they marry in that episode? The producers of the show wanted to match Lois and Clark’s wedding in the show with the couple’s wedding in the comics, so they created this little angst arc for the reporters that involved eaten-clone-frogs, the return of the villain, memory loss and new identities. And poor Clark had to deal alone with everything while Lois was being manipulated by Lex. When Clark found out the truth, that he was married to a clone, Lois got lucky and escaped from Lex, but she hurt herself while she was trying to run from the clone who wanted to kill her jealously of Clark. Lois lost her memory and thought she was a singer called Wanda Detroit, the same Wanda Detroit Lois created for a novel she was writing. After that, she didn’t recognize him at all and took a while for her to remember about him and Superman and get their engagement back on again. But they always found each other no matter the adversities they might find in the way. In the episode “We Swear to God, This Time We Are Not Kidding” in season four, it’s again the week of their second try to marry but they have another problem. The Wedding Destroyer, a villain who likes to destroy other people’s weddings, especially her old friends, now wants to destroy the reporters special day since they helped to put her behind bars with their articles and she wants revenge. With a little help from Perry, Jimmy, the Kents and the Lanes, the couple finds a way to trick the Wedding Destroyer before she can ruin everything and haults her a murder attempt on Lois. In the end, they got married with the help of a special guest. A Guardian Angel called Mike married them in a beautiful island during the sunset with the presence of their parents

It was a simple but beautiful wedding ceremony, just Lois and Clark, their parents and close friends. Nothing more was needed. Their vows were beautiful as well:

Lois, I have loved you from the moment I saw you. I love your humor, your passion, and the way you just dive right in, even when you shouldn’t. Because you refuse to just watch the world. You demand that it be a better place, and, because of you, it is. And, today, I want to give you as much of the world as I can. So, I give you my heart, my soul, our future.

The Wedding Album You know, every time one of us got lost reaching for the stars, the other helped keep their feet on the ground. I think that’s why we were so good together. - Clark Kent In the comics Superman also had his special day in a special story written by Dan Jurgens, Karl Kiesel, David Michelline, Louise Simonson and Roger Stern. It took 60 years for the couple to finally get married in the comics. Their previous weddings weren’t real but were part of dreams, fake weddings and fairytales. The Wedding Album also coincided with the wedding of the characters in the 90’s show “Lois & Clark – The New Adventures of Superman”. Since he lost his powers, Clark needed a little help from his super-friends to take care of Metropolis. The story was more focused on the preparations for the big day with the help of their parents, Lois and Clark chose their wedding outfits, had their bachelor parties, and went apartment hunting. In the last few pages, Lois went down the aisle alone, even with her father present who complained a lot to Clark about that. Lois’ arguments that he wouldn’t give way his son and since he raised her like a son it wouldn’t make sense to give her way to Clark. So, she went alone with Clark by her side, just like it happened in “Smallville”. It was a beautiful ceremony and in the end everything worked out, even with some problems in the way but the couple managed well like they always do. That’s why they are so perfect for each other.

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By Erika Blake

NBC Passes on “Wonder Woman”


n Hollywood, there is no such thing as a sure thing. NBC began promoting the “Wonder Woman” pilot by distributing early press photos of Adrianne Palicki wearing the updated, iconic suit. The network President later addressed people’s concerns over the pants by explaining that the superhero had a whole wardrobe to choose from and he assured worried fans that the shorts would be back. Everything appeared to be green lighted for the pilot to be picked up to full series status, however, at the May 16th NBC Upfronts, “Wonder Woman” didn’t make the cut. The pilot apparently didn’t preview well to the network and they changed their mind. Instead they offered David E. Kelley a full season pick up of his series “Harry’s Law” which was a ratings winner when it came in as a mid-season replacement this winter. Inital leaks of the pilot script left a lot of people scratching their heads and confused over Kelley’s vision for the series. Things about it sounded rather silly (she has 3 personalities? a singing tech support group?) however, the series would’ve offered NBC something that that they don’t currently have on their plate - a series that would attract families, including children to watch their network. Growing up, NBC was always the place for family entertainment. They gave us FAMILY TIES, THE COSBY SHOW, FRIENDS - and now what do they have? PARENTHOOD is aimed at adults and the only family friendly series they have is CHUCK which gets zero publicity support from the peacock. Kelley’s WONDER WOMAN sounded like a series that little girls would’ve devoured with spinning delight and for adults, it would’ve been a delicious guilty pleasure. NBC started hyping the series months ago, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for them to just throw it away. Networks often view pilots, throw them back at the producers and make them rework them. In this case, they could’ve easily kept Kelley as the Head EP and brought in new producers to rework the series. Warner Brothers has two amazing producers on hand who are now recently unemployed who would’ve been perfect to take over the series...because they know how to properly create a Superhero series. Steps could’ve been taken to cut the budget - they could’ve moved production from LA to Vancouver, streamlined the story so there would be fewer needs for sets, and narrowed the cast. Ultimately, WONDER WOMAN failed to be picked up because NBC blinked. Kelley’s vision of the show was an expensive one, so much so that all other networks passed on his initial pitch for it. The Peacock is the fourth rated network and after losing it’s shirt on the final seasons of HEROES, they just didn’t want to take the big gamble on a big budget series that they worried would fail. In the end this decision mostly hurts the WONDER WOMAN franchise which has laid dormant for over thirty years. For fans of the Amazon Princess it’s likely the only time that we’ll get to actually see her on screen will be as a team member in the current indevelopment stage JLA movie. In that instance, we won’t see much of her other than helping the boys kick butt. Warner Brothers has yet figured out a way to produce a superhero film/tv series targeted to women. It’s a myth that women aren’t interested in comics or superhero action stories. Anyone who attends any of the large comic conventions knows that women make up a large percentage of the audiences. Online fandom as a whole usually centers around women. Go to any sci-fi TV or film site and you’ll find a vast majority of the fanfiction is written (and read) by women. We really don’t ask for much. Give us a superhero that we can believe in, write the story with heart and good character development, and make our girl kick ass and take no prisoners. Learn to do that Warner Brothers and you’ll be rolling in our money.

“We Hear you” Over the past week we’ve heard from fans about a need for more women writers, artists and characters. We want you to know, first and foremost, that we hear you and take your concerns very seriously. We’ve been very fortunate in recent years to have fan favorite creators like Gail Simone, Amy Reeder, Felicia Henderson, Fiona Staples, Amanda Connor, G. Willow Wilson and Nicola Scott write and draw the adventures of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes. DC Comics is the home of a pantheon of remarkable, iconic women characters like Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman and Supergirl as well as fan favorite characters like Black Canary, Katana, Mera and Starfire. We’re committed to telling diverse stories with a diverse point of view. We want these adventures to resonate in the real world, reflecting the experiences of our diverse readership. Can we improve on that? We always can—and aim to. We’ll have exciting news about new projects with women creators in the coming months and will be making those announcements closer to publication. Many of the above creators will be working on new projects, as we continue to tell the ongoing adventures of our characters. We know there are dozens of other women creators and we welcome the opportunity to work with them. Our recent announcements have generated much attention and discussion and we welcome that dialogue. BestJim Lee & Dan DiDio DC Entertainment Co-Publishers From DC Blog July 29th, 2011

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Principle Photography begins on “Dark Knight Rises” Principal photography has begun on Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ “The Dark Knight Rises,” the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Leading an all-star international cast, Oscar® winner Christian Bale (“The Fighter”) again plays the dual role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The film also stars Anne Hathaway, as Selina Kyle; Tom Hardy, as Bane; Oscar® winner Marion Cotillard (“La Vie en Rose”), as Miranda Tate; and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as John Blake. Returning to the main cast, Oscar® winner Michael Caine (“The Cider House Rules”) plays Alfred; Gary Oldman is Commissioner Gordon; and Oscar® winner Morgan Freeman (“Million Dollar Baby”) reprises the role of Lucius Fox. In helming “The Dark Knight Rises,” Christopher Nolan is utilizing IMAX® cameras even more extensively than he did on “The Dark Knight,” which had marked the first time ever that a major feature film was partially shot with IMAX® cameras. The results were so spectacular that the director wanted to expand the use of the large-format cameras for this film. The screenplay for “The Dark Knight Rises” is written by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan, story by Christopher Nolan & David S. Goyer. The film is being produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Charles Roven, who previously teamed

On the Wings of The Bat

By Alisa Lea Gossage If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, then you become something else entirely . . . a legend Mr. Wayne . . . a legend. – Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins In the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, the audience hears Ra’s al Ghul’s (Liam Neeson) voice narrate as scenes of Bruce Wayne/Batman’s past and future flash across the screen. In between the scenes, the words “Every hero has a journey,” then “Every journey has an end,” then “The epic conclusion to the Dark Knight Legend” flashes across the screen. It’s sad. But as the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” And with The Dark Knight franchise, it looks like this ending is going to be quite a thrilling ride. And though all has been sooo secretive on the Batman studio set . . . the teaser trailer gives fans glimpses of what’s to come and thus wetting the appetites of millions of bat-geeks everywhere. Though there is no visage in the trailer of Selina’s sexy she-cat suit, fans do get to see a bed-ridden Commissioner Gordon telling Bruce Wayne that Batman must return to fight the evil that has over taken Gotham City, and there is a flash of Bane’s (Tom Hardy’s) bulging biceps as he advances on an obviously exhausted and stumbling Batman – ala Knightfall. DC’s villain Bane is best known for breaking the Batman’s back. In the Batman comic series Knightfall, Bane knew that he could not take on Batman straight on. He thus weakened Batman by freeing criminals from Gotham’s Arkham Asylum forcing Batman to fight all these criminals at once. After Batman saves Gotham, Bane turns up and literally breaks the spine of the exhausted Batman.

on “Batman Begins” and the record-breaking blockbuster “The Dark Knight.” The executive producers are Benjamin Melniker, Michael E. Uslan, Kevin De La Noy and Thomas Tull, with Jordan Goldberg serving as coproducer. “The Dark Knight” is based upon characters appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Batman was created by Bob Kane. Behind the scenes, “The Dark Knight Rises” reunites the director with several of his longtime collaborators, all of whom worked together on the “The Dark Knight.” The creative team includes director of photography Wally Pfister, who recently won an Oscar® for his work on Nolan’s “Inception”; production designer Nathan Crowley; editor Lee Smith; and Oscar®-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming (“TopsyTurvy”). In addition, Paul Franklin and Chris Corbould, who both won Oscars® for the effects in “Inception,” will supervise the visual and special effects, respectively. The music will be composed by Oscar® winner Hans Zimmer (“The Lion King”). The locations for “The Dark Knight Rises” span three continents and include the American cities of Pittsburgh, New York and Los Angeles, as well as sites in India, England and Scotland. “The Dark Knight Rises” is a presentation of Warner Bros. Pictures, in association with Legendary Pictures. Slated for release on July 20, 2012, the film will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. Speaking of Selina, fans are curious as to how Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) will fit into the Nolan’s take on Batman. In comics, and on film and TV, Catwoman has played more of an anti-hero. She’s not a bad villain, just a naughty one. Her thirst for adventure and luxury has led her to into thievery, but not murder nor mayhem. Batman and Catwoman’s love/hate relationship is a complicated one. He has on more than one occasion let Catwoman’s crimes go without punishment, but at the same time Selina has shown that she too has feelings for the Bats. All in all, Batman considers Catwoman low on the totem-pole of truly dangerous criminals. And let’s face it, Batman . . . being a guy . . . would rather see Selina in her ultra-sexy leather outfit instead of plain-ole prison garb. DKR will also feature a new character to the franchise named John Blake. Blake will be played by Joseph Gordon Levitt. But who is John Blake? According to a press release he is “. . . a Gotham City beat copy assigned to special duty under the command of Commissioner Gordon.” reported on April 19, 2011 that John Blake might be a character that was featured in a Batman comic called Comedy of Tears. In the story, the Joker steals a report card from little Johnny Blake making the young boy cry. The boy fears that his father will think that he hid his report card in order to stay out of trouble. It’s a stretch to believe that the John Blake in DKR is the adult version of the traumatized little Johnny, but so far that is the only mythos connection of the character.

Question is . . . in The Dark Knight Rising will Nolan have Bane break the Batman? And if so, how will there even be a movie?

In other DKR news, Christopher Judge of Stargate SG-1 fame recently reported on his twitter feed that he will be joining the cast. However, he did not tell his character’s name. Other supporting cast members include Josh Stewart, Matthew Modine, and Alon Aboutboul. As for the DKR’s storyline, well there isn’t much to tell. You get hints of it as bed-ridden Gordon whispers to Bruce from his hospital bed. Quotes like “We were in this together, and then you were gone,” and “. . . now this evil rises,” and “Batman must come back.”

Other questions consume the geek-o-sphere. There are rumors and hopes that Liam Neeson will return as Ra’s al Ghul. It is known that Josh Pence will be playing a young Ra’s al Ghul (probably in a flashback). Also Marion Cotillard is playing Talia al Ghul. Talia is Ra’s daughter. Throughout DC history she has also a romantic interest in Batman’s life.

Apparently Bruce (Christian Bale) got out of the crime fighting business for a while. As a result, Gotham went to hell. So, if Batman hasn’t fought crime in a while, he might be a little out of shape. That might also be the reason why he was backing away from Bane at the end of the teaser trailer.

Talia vs. Selina? Can you say . . . cat fight? Meeeee Ooow.

All will be answered on July 20, 2012 when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters.

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1) Dana Delany Attends “The Block Party On Wisteria Lane” Benefiting The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 2) Brandon Routh at E League Media Day 3) Dean Cain attends The New Jersey Nets Vs New York Knicks Game 4) Teri Hatcher Performs at “The Block Party On Wisteria Lane” Benefiting The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 5) Brandon Routh attends Ball Up Celebrity Streetball Game 6) Dana Delaney arrives at the Backstage at The Geffen Gala Honoring Julie Andrews 7) Lynda Carter Special Performance And CD Signing For “Crazy Little Things” 8) Amy Adams attends the “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art 9) Ryan Reynolds attends 2011 MTV Movie Awards 10) Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds attends 2011 MTV Movie Awards

Issue 5, August 2011  OSCK MAGAZINE  75

DC Stars attend Wondercon 2011

Henry Cavill promotes his new film “The Immortals”

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Promote “The Green Lantern”

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Superman Celebration 2011 in Metropolis IL Special Report by Brad @

Metropolis, Illinois was once again filled up with Superman fans from all around the world. If you wanted proof of that, the visual was in the “where are you from” map in the middle of the street. That is always impressive to check out. There was the usual. The heat, pop up storms in the area, and great fun. One thing that I love about the Celebration is seeing a lot of the same fans every year. There are people that I don’t even know personally but know their faces. It is just a great community of fans that attend every year and you can see the friendships and bonds that have been formed over the years with ties to this event. Saturday was the usual big day with the big crowd. Celebrities in attendance. A big Superman Returns feel to the Celebration this year with Brandon Routh (Superman) and Sam Huntington (Jimmy Olsen) being there. We also had a tie to Smallville with Alaina Huffman (Black Canary) in attendance. Over in Artist Alley was Mark Pillow (Nuclear Man from Superman IV) and Tracey Roberts Lewis (Darla from Superboy). I attended several of the events over the weekend. Saturday had the big packed tent of fans waiting for the Celebrity Q&A session which included Routh, Huntington, and Huffman. The Q&A session had to be cut down a bit due to the autograph sessions running long. What we got though was a lot of fun. They were having a lot of fun up on the stage including Sam getting a shot of the crowd on his phone with a big smile on his face. Routh also got a shot with his phone too. It must be a wild visual from up there to see that many fans crammed in that tent. It’s quite a visual being in it. So, I’ll get to the highlights of the Q&A. Sam was having a tough time getting into town and was running a little late. Happy that he got to join in on the Q&A. This is not a full recap but portions of it. Each were asked about their getting the roles. Alaina was asked specifically, “Did you have any prior knowledge of the character of Black Canary before you got the role?” Alaina: “No, in fact when I auditioned, it was like any other audition. You just sort of go in with a little bit of knowledge. They called me and said that I had the job but wouldn’t tell me what the character was because it was top secret. They finally told me and I didn’t know who Black Canary was. I googled her and was like ‘I have to wear that’. They custom made the costume. It was awesome. I love her. It’s a great character.” For Sam: “Did you look back at the others that played the role of Jimmy?” “Yes, I was very familiar with Marc McClure’s portrayal. We met Jack Larson and just a sweet, sweet man. I just tried to take as much of myself into the role. I felt like I was made to play it. I lucked out and got the job which rarely happens.” For Brandon: (on getting the role) “Took six or seven months. First


initial inkling of the movie, I had just auditioned for another TV show. Producer saw me and thought I had a good look for Superman which he was doing. Finally, I got the role. I screen tested once for McG along with five other guys. When news came along that he was no longer on the project, it seemed like it was falling away and for it to be that close was heartbreaking. A month later it was resurrected by Bryan Singer thankfully and here we are. A lot of people were rooting for me and my family and such and you don’t want to disappoint anybody with that buildup. I was in the producer’s office waiting on that call to finalize it. I called my mom and told her and she screamed.” “What was it like putting the suit on for the first time?” Brandon: “I wore another version of the suit before the Superman Returns suit. I wore the McG suit. So, that was really my first time in the Superman suit. That was bizarre because it was a very plasticly prototype and they really rushed it. I just put it on and they left me. I’m just left standing in a room thinking ‘ok’ what do we do now? So, I sat down and picked up a magazine. Sitting there with my legs crossed reading thinking this is the strangest thing in the world. So, it was a little shocking.” “Differences in the suit?” Brandon: “They were dramatic. That suit was just really a prototype. Material didn’t really move and was crunchy and weird. What I ended up in was spandex and much more breathable. The flying was really challenging cause I had a harness on. The harness and everything else made the suit kind of a whole rubber band. Flying horizontal and having to raise your arm and having all the full weight of the suit stretched against you was a bit of a challenge but all part of the job.” Challenge of Alaina’s costume: Alaina: “The challenge of my costume is that my heels always get stuck in my fish nets when I fight. It’s very odd cause you’re in the middle of a spin kick and say, umm, we’ve got to cut. My heel’s caught. They didn’t do the bustier. They did a tank top so it was a lot more comfortable for me. We shoot in Canada and it’s very cold in the winter in fish nets.” Stunt work for Alaina: Alaina: “With Smallville, they do tons of stunts, tons of wire work, tons of effects and it’s built into the schedule every week. The stunt team is very great about trying to get you to do stuff. They’ll walk up to you in the middle of rehearsal and say ‘hey do you want to learn how to throw knives’ and you’re like ‘yeah!’ . We’re going to do some flips and wire work. You’ll just go into the corner and get hooked up to some harnesses and wires and be thrown around by about five guys. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a little challenging. I do have

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a stunt double. So, all the fancy stuff is usually not me. I usually initiate a lot of it and then they go in with my stunt double and make it all look really pretty.”

kind of embarrassed that they’re measuring me and I’m thinking this is not really as good as the movie but that was all right. It was cool.”

Not leaving Sam out of the conversation. Costume trouble for the tie for Sam?

Sam talks about seeing Brandon in the Superman suit for the first time.

Sam: “They tied it for me or it would have looked like spaghetti on my face and it would have looked terrible. It was so interesting though cause they were so anal about it. Bryan was very specific about it wanting it to be an actual bow tie. It’s actually the one thing that I kept from the movie.....I stole it......stay in school. Not much restriction. It was very breathable. My fighting was minimal. (laughs).”

Sam: “It was terrible. It was like seeing Santa Clause. Except cooler and thinner. (joking). We had adjoining dressing rooms. His actual room that he got in the suit in was a separate room that he had. It was like right next to my room. I was totally geeking out about wanting to see him in the suit. One day I was sitting in there and he just walks in and I literally teared up and choked up. I just couldn’t breathe. It was pretty amazing in all seriousness. Also when he put the suit on, it was like he became Superman. He’s Brandon but when he put the suit on, he became almost regal, spiritual, it’s bizarre. You were God like. (looking at Brandon).” Alaina: “I can relate. The first episode that I did in season seven and there was this big fight in the Luthor mansion. It was Lex, Green Arrow, and Me and Clark. I was thinking this is awesome. It was a like a comic book and I’m not a traditional comic book fan.”

“What was your most challenging role and why?” Alaina: “Challenging as far as character. Black Canary cause of all the physical aspects. In Smallville, she was never really introduced and there was no mythology and it was sort of hinted at that she was part of the Justice League and that she and Ollie had this relationship. It never really filtered through. So, we had to play on that but not. And then Stargate. Just because it was my longest run on a TV show. The challenge in that was getting the Atlantis fans to like us. (laughs). It’s still challenging.” Brandon: “Superman. Absolutely hands down. Not only did I have to learn to fake fly and all the process of that but to look like I was actually flying. And to uphold an amazing legacy.” Sam: “I’m on a TV show right now called Being Human. It’s really hard. It’s awesome because at the end of the day I love the show. I think that all the hard work is warranted. Grueling makeup. Really long hours. The role itself is very dynamic and different, awkward, and at the same time extremely fun. I’m being challenged right now in that role and having a blast doing it.” Brandon talked about a tough scene where he was getting beaten down in Superman Returns. Brandon: “What hurt about that scene was that we did that and I’m sloshing around in the water. That water was so cold. It was a traumatic scene cause I’m getting my butt whooped and we had to do it about eight times. Being submerged in water and choking and acting like I’m getting killed. So, that was a tough scene. That was one of the hardest scenes.” “Was there a learning curve on the wire?” Brandon: “Yeah, I had a great movement coach. Terry Notary. He worked with Cirque Du Soleil and did the previous Planet of the Apes and other movies that involved specific movement. We worked a long time on creating the choreography for different moves and giving them names and using my swimming background cause I really felt it added a fluent motion to the flight. Once we did that, I could feel when I was in the right position and my body was straight.” Brandon talks about likeness of wax in Madame Tussauds. Brandon: “That was a strange process. I went to this hotel and you stand on this circular thing and they take these minute measurements. It was about six months after the movie and after I had got done with the movie, I didn’t really want to work out. I was

“What are your next projects?” Alaina: “I just got an offer to do Alpha, the new SyFy show. I’ve actually passed on almost everything that has passed my way this year and I’ve been beginning to regret it and thinking what did I do? I’m looking for the next right show or project, not just the next one. Yeah, they just called me yesterday when I was on my layover in Chicago. It looks like I’ll be going on Monday to shoot an episode of that.” Sam: “With any show, they lock you in for seven years if you’re lucky to get seven years of a show. We’re just about to start shooting again in July. I have a month to get skinny. You can all see me naked again. Most of you are not wanting to see that. (laughs)” Brandon: “I like to take a break. I have a new movie called Miss Nobody on Netflix right now that I filmed a long time ago. It’s a dark comedy and not necessarily a family movie but it’s not that bad. I am doing this film called Crooked Arrows in the Boston area and it’s kind of like the Mighty Ducks except with Lacrosse. I don’t play Lacrosse so I’m getting a crash course. I play the coach. I’m excited to bring it to America.” When asked about doing theater, Sam really pushed for doing it and I loved what he had to say about it: Sam: “I think it is the most important thing that you can do as a young aspiring actor to throw yourself on stage. It is literally conquering every fear that you could possibly have and get knowledge on whether you are are good at it or not. (laughs). Cause you live or die. You learn so much. Still one of my most favorite things that I’ve ever done. I would love to get back into theater. Everyone should do it.” The Q&A ended with a fan really pushing Brandon Routh as the heart of Superman Returns movie. It was a great finish to the Q&A and got a big ovation from the crowd. A really fun Q&A and they had a lot of fun up there.

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Smallville Finale Fan Gathering By Christine Brown I had it my head that I did not want to watch the Series Finale of Smallville alone. Visions of me in front of my TV, screaming like a loon with no one to share the “moments” with me was far too depressing to imagine so I got in my noggin to run it by Holli. I told her I’d love it if we could meet up and watch this epic event together but the more I thought about the more I thought why not make it an event have a finale party invite some of our G2 factor girls & make it a real shindig. So we sent out the emails & everyone was as excited as I was to do this. So next up was the location we decided to meet in the middle since all of us came from different parts of the country & settled on Nashville, Tennessee. Let me tell you they know how to cook we had some really great food (the rib eye at Johnathan’s was to die for ask Tasha.) So the hotel was booked & we had our plane tickets and May 13th rolled around. Tasha had mentioned jokingly that since I was going to be the last one in that she would have a “welcome” sign which she made of the

What Smallville means to me By Christine Brown

I let this cursor blink a long time before I could come up with anything coherent to write. I mean my repertoire usually consists of Tom is hot or a series of grunts & groans but that doesn’t really look good on paper, but to be serious Smallville has meant so much to me over the years I really don’t know how to put it into words. I’ve been a fan of Smallville since 2001 but I became a “involved” fan in 2005. I remember it was the episode Hypnotic & yes having Clark strip down to his boxers was a huge incentive to keep watching this show. I remember going out & buying S1-3 & just about devouring them in a little under 2wks. S4 was just out too so I ran to Target to get it & I’ve been hooked ever since. It also didn’t hurt that Tom Welling isn’t hard on the eyes either*bites lip*. In April of 2007 I was introduced to “fandom” I was trolling around on google looking for pics of Tom when I came across sites like K-site, DFN & DI. I joined & made some really great friends. It was just so much fun to talk to people who were as passionate about this show as I was. Being able to share my thoughts about Smallville with others is something I’ll always treasure. I used to watch an episode just for the pretty. Don’t get me wrong I understood plot etc. but really when Welling is on my screen my brain just kind of goes to mush. I’ll always be grateful to Holli, Kimmie, Tasha, Becca ,Kelly & Luke for pointing out things I missed & misunderstood. Doing rewatches has given me a greater insight into Smallville because of their comic book backgrounds. I’ve even started collecting comics and have ventured into Nightwing/Batgirl comics as well.

\S/ symbol it was fantastic seriously a sweet gesture & one of the many memories I will take with me. Friday night drew near and after a quick run to the grocery store for food & the liquor store for drinks (which turned out to be Cadillac margaritas the idea coming from Tom himself when he was on Jimmy Fallon.) We settled into our seats & waited for the show to start. We hooted & hollered, laughed & cried and I just have to gush for a few moments on how unbelievably great the Finale was. It was nothing short of brilliant and my favorite episode of the series. From the sexy banter, the heartfelt words of Lois & Clark’s wedding vows to Jonathan appearing & sharing his son’s happiest moments. I was a mess. Everyone from cast to crew to writers should be proud they did such a great job & I can not thank them enough. Meeting Kimmie, Maggie & Tasha for the first time was like meeting old friends I was so honored to meet them and feel that I have made life long friends. Not to forget to mention my Comic Con roomie Holli who has become one of my dearest friend & listens to me gush endlessly about Tom. You guys made the ending of Smallville easier to bare & I am eternally grateful that I met such great people as you.

What Smallville Means to me By Baron It’s hard for me to sum up in words what Smallville actually means to me, or why it’s had such an impact on me. It is so much more than just a ‘tv show’ or even just entertainment, it’s also a deep look into the human mind and spirit. Trying to describe what I love the most about Smallville is difficult, but if I had to it would be Clark’s journey. Clark’s journey from season 1 to season 10 has been the one focal point of the entire run. He’s the only character you can be secure will be their every season, every episode. The idea that the man has a destiny, that is already pre-determined, that we already know the ending, but it was all about the journey. That it isn’t about WHAT happens in the end, but it’s HOW it happens and that was something that’s really struck a cord with me, and something I have even incorporated into my own writing. Smallville has been completely unique and specific for that reason, it’s always been totally engrossing finding out how other people are going to affect him on his journey and which step he will take next. I love the amount of amazing cameos we’ve had. Not just from the wide range of Superman characters but also the amount of members from the DC Universe. They’ve done a good job making each one of them in some way relevant to a modern audience and to nicely fit into Smallville without ever overshadowing Clark. The amount of excitement fans feel when they find out one of their favourite DC characters will be making an appearance on Smallville is immeasurable. As for our main characters, our characters integrated into Superman mythology, great care and attention has been taken. I love how most if not all the major characters have had an extensive look into their past and what makes them who they are. (Save for Perry White and the real Jimmy Olsen. But since this isn’t a rant thread I won’t expand on that.)

I love how Smallville is probably the place you should go, or should I say the media you should watch to take a deeper look into a lot of these characters. I know Smallville takes a lot of liberties with them and has a completely Besides giving me a chance to meet unique take but more often than not they try to some really great people & I’ve also be true to the comics. done things I never thought I’d The whole idea that Smallville isn’t true to the do like start a “twitter” Campaign (#TomWellingisSuperman), help start comics in terms of storylines isn’t a very strong argument. What works in comics where you can a magazine (OSCKmag) I even got my wish I was no more than 1ft away easily skip a few years through different panels isn’t going to work in a tv show. They need to from Tom at Comic Con and that is show the transition to school boy Superboy an experience I will never forget. to fully fledged Superman, you can’t cover 10

years of that while being everyone’s version of the perfect origin. Smallville has it’s OWN take on it, which is why I never understand the Superman purists who believe it isn’t true to the comics. There is no one definitive story and origin which people constantly look to, they do it their way. My next love, perhaps one of the biggest attractions to Smallville for me would be how the Clark and Lois story has been handled. For Lois and Clark enthusiasts seeing Clark deeply crave and desire Lana Lang for so long isn’t easy. Even moreso the long amount of time thinking she was the one he needed. In a sense you can’t blame him. All people, or at least a huge amount, when they’re in love believe they’re going to end up with their honey. The girl next door or boy next door. The first person you had a crush on and the first person you held hands with, there’s nothing else like it. Clark, being who he is, has only ever wanted to feel human. To feel he is completely accepted as a Kryptonian on Earth. Lana, when we first meet her doesn’t seem judgemental and she doesn’t seem shallow. Clark intensely felt that she was the one he was supposed to be with, although he never felt comfortable enough to tell her his secret. He wasn’t ever sure how she’d react, or if she’d still love him. This fact alone was a way of showing deep down that there’s a good chance he felt she was more judgemental than he was letting on. Long story short their relationship didn’t have the key thing, trust. Clark Kent, being who he is, having all the daily trials and troubles he faces, needs someone who would be a strong trust and support system as well as his anchor to humanity, which is Lois. Clark Kent trusts Lois Lane. He knows her and she knows him. Ever since Lois has made her first appearance on the show she has never treated Clark as anything more than incredibly human. She has never had deep suspicions that he’s more than he is or badgered him to tell her his secrets. Because she trusts him. And she knows that anything he may or may not be hiding from people is up to him and he would tell them in time. Clark does need Lois as much as she needs him and Smallville has shown that fantastically. It’s been mentioned but I guess overall how big of a scale Smallville is on. Every episodes DOES feel like a movie and there is always a lot riding on if it’s going to live up to everyone’s expectations. Smallville is a truly unique story and one I will treasure forever.

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OSCK Magazine Issue 5 - Final Issue  

Smallville/Superman Fan publication: Interviews with Evan C. Schulte, Aaron Ashmore & Jack Kenny from Warehouse 13, Moon Bloodgood and Noah...

OSCK Magazine Issue 5 - Final Issue  

Smallville/Superman Fan publication: Interviews with Evan C. Schulte, Aaron Ashmore & Jack Kenny from Warehouse 13, Moon Bloodgood and Noah...

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