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2  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  3

Issue No. 3 December 2010

OSCK Staff

Introduction Season’s Greetings. Welcome to our third issue of OSCK MAGAZINE. This issue has many fun features for you. We’ve been working overtime to give you our largest issue yet! Along with our season 10 reviews & spoilers we have exclusive interviews with SMALLVILLE composer Louis Febre & PATRIOT guest star Elena Satine! OSCK also continues with it’s exclusive RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING coverage and got to chat with the series lead Christine Chatelain and Alessandro Juliani. Our Superverses forum moderator Louise Duarte got to meet Dean Cain in Brazil on a recent press tour for his new film “BED AND BREAKFAST.” She got to interview him & review the film for this issue. We’re taking the season of giving as a time to reflect on the man who will always be known as the face of Silver Age Superman on the big screen Christopher Reeve. In this issue you will find a large tribute to him including film reviews/editorials of SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE and SOMEWHERE IN TIME. Three of our writers tackle the new graphic novel SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE. Enjoy three unique perspectives of the new modern classic. Also in the issue we are featuring projects from our various stars from SMALLVILLE, including a “what you need to know” guide for Tom Welling’s HELLCATS. And a complete Season 1 guide to Laura Vandervoort’s “V.” Sit back and enjoy our third issue! Thank you for reading!

Erika Blake

Senior Editor OSCK Magazine

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Table of Contents

Smallville News & Reviews Exclusive Interview with Louis Febre Smallville Reviews Smallville Spoilers & Essays Smallville Special Features Smallville Cast Member News Exclusive Interview: Elena Satine Hellcats Season 1 Essentials Guide Riese Kingdom Falling: Review & News & Interviews: Christine Chatelain & Alessandro Juliani “V” Season 1 Guide, Spoilers, DVD Reviews Cast Member Project Reviews Superman & DC News & Reviews Superman Earth One - 3 POV Reviews The Green Lantern News & Photos Lois & Clark: Dean Cain Film Review & Inteview Lois & Clark: Season 2 Guide & Reviews Christopher Reeve Tribute: Foundation News, Superman: The Movie Editorial, Film reviews Fanfiction: The Bonus By Jack Heacock Credits

4  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

RATINGS 10x06 Harvest 2.93/1.2

10x07 Ambush 2.634/1.1/4

10x08 Abandoned 2.9/1.8

10x09 Patriot 2.601/1.5

10x10 Luthor 2.79/1.1

10x11 Icarus 2.57/1.0

For the Love of Shelby Kent family’s beloved pooch, Shelby returned in T9’s heABANDONED after having last been seen in season PERSUASION. Shelby first appeared in Season 4’s episode “Krypto” where he originated as a lab subject from Luthor Corp. who experienced extra added strength when injected w/ a kryptonite laced drug. After the effects wore off, Lex gave him to Clark. Shelby had the most screentimes in seasons 4 & 5 when Clark still lived at home and wasn’t running off to Metropolis. Although no longer laced with drugs, Shelby showed his heroism by barking Clark back to reality and out of his phantom-induced dream in season 6’s LABYRINTH. His patience, and happy smiles also helped a troubled girl, Maddie, in FRAGILE come out of her shell and end her silent streak, allowing Clark to help her with her scary powers. The golden retriever has a special adoration for Lois, the female human who accidentally hit him with her car and brought him to the Kent’s back in Season 4. He loves nothing more than following her around and making the tall girl sneeze. Shelby does, however, find her cooking to be questionable, having passed on

eating her burnt meat in PERSUASION. He is always there, ready to receive her big hugs or act as a patient, listening sounding board when she feels the need to ramble, like in ABANONED. Shelby was originally played by pet actor Bud the Dog.



For it’s final season, fans of SMALLVILLE rallied and helped the 10 year sci-fi veteran series become one of five shows nominated for BEST Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Series. The category’s nominations were: FRINGE, SMALLVILLE, SUPERNATURAL, TRUE BLOOD, and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.

The CW is hosting a video challenge asking you to make a unique video of yourself telling the world what The Blur & Heroes mean to you. Just pretend that you live in the world of SMALLVILLE and pour your heart out to your camera.

Fans got to vote clear through December 8th for the category. The People’s Choice Awards will air Janary 5th, 2011 on CBS.

The contest runs from 12/10/10 12/20/10 and the winning video will be featured in an upcoming episode of SMALLVILLE. Enter the contest here: upload/file/smallville-believe-in-heroes

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  5

The Man Behind the Music

Exclusive Interview with SMALLVILLE Composer Louis Febre

By Christine Brown, Holli Boetcher, & Kimmie Who are some of your influences in composing scores? In general, my influences are composers of the 19th and 20th century who have, in many ways, influenced and formed my understanding of music. This list includes Igor Stravinsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Bela Bartok, Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Rimsky-Korsakov, Francis Poulenc, Robert Schummann, Johannes Brahms and, as far as I’m concerned, the “founding father’s” of music, Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven.

Do you sit down with the director of the episode & go through scenes to decide where music will be inserted? Is it very collaborative between you and the director or is it basically you who decides? It isn’t the director who sits with me at a spotting session, it’s the producer of the show. At least that generally is the case. But it’s certainly a collaborative process, and that’s something I enjoy, considering the fact that I have the utmost respect and admiration for those I work with on this show. It’s a terrific, talented team, and I

Do you listen to all types of music? What would we find on your iPod playlist?

Do you have a favorite theme/track that you created for Smallville? My favorite score moment, at least right now, is a very simple one: the moment during the proposal scene in which Lois is showered with petals, and finally catches a single one and looks at it. I felt I connected with that moment in a very emotionally direct way. It was a wonderful feeling as a composer.

Let me address those questions separately. The process is almost always the same: I receive an episode, take a few looks at it, spend a little time (hours not days) thinking about what I want to do in terms of themes, sound “signatures” (particular musical elements that relate to an episode in particular), and overall mood. Then I begin writing music, one scene at a time, one *moment* at a time really. Piece by piece I proceed until, five days later or so, the complete score is finished.

A few weeks ago you asked on Twitter for suggestions for music on the Smallville soundtrack. When will it be available? I don’t know exactly when. I suspect towards the end of the series, but that’s just a guess. I’ve heard you do some flying. Will that come into play with composing Clark’s flight music?

The score is definitely the last element in the post-production process, along with the sound portion of the show.

I do fly. I’m an instrument-rated pilot, and flying has always been a passion of mine. I imagine that, to answer you question, yes, I probably do a lot of musical thinking while flying.

The producer of the show always has final say, but 99 times out of 100, he or she agrees with the compositional choices I’ve made, and we move on to the next episode.

The placement of the music is decided by the producer and I. Smallville is a musicheavy show. In general we average 40 minutes of score per episode. And I’m delighted that you enjoyed that silence, thank you! Sometimes, a moment of silence can truly accentuate whatever follows it, and in this case, it certainly did.

I’ve written so much music, over a hundred hours of it I’m sure, that I can’t *really* answer that question. Besides, they all have presented challenges. But Absolute Justice was probably the most fun (so far).

Yes. I did. I had been thinking it over, quite actively, when Lex went away...

What is your process in creating a score for an episode? Is the score the last part of post-production? Do you have the final say in what is heard in an episode? Has there ever been a time that you scored an episode but then told that a scene had to be rescored? What happens then?

Who decides when music and in particular the instrumental score is placed in the episode. For example it was genius in the final scene of last season’s Crossfire when Clark enters and gazes at Lois across the bullpen – all goes silent, no music, no sound really. It allowed Tom to sell the moment then the soft notes of their beautiful love theme begins to build.

What episode was the most challenging to score? What episode was the most fun to score?

Did you ever want to create a standard theme for Lex/the Luthors? Like Darth Vader having his own theme or the Joker theme for The Dark Knight?

I listen to a broad range of music, but tend to gravitate towards classical and Jazz. My iPod list is too long (and perhaps bizarre!) to list here.

Yes. Recently. I won’t say which show it was, but yes. When that happens, you go back, take another look, think about the input you’ve been given, and rewrite the music. Frankly,complete rewrites are exceedingly rare for me (one in nine and a half years... knock on wood!!), but they do happen.

remember the precise moment. It was the middle of the night, and I was looking at a pretty scary deadline. Suddenly it was just - there! I felt a little giddy about it, frankly. I went to bed hoping that, when I woke up, it would still seem as good! Fortunately it sounded just as good in the light of day!

I know you’re really busy with Smallville right now, but since it is the final season, do you have any future projects on the horizon?

consider it an honor to work with them. It appears there are two set themes that are heard in all the episodes - Clark’s hero theme and the Lois & Clark theme. Was it your idea to have themes for Clark’s heroics & Lois & Clark or were the themes something that Brian & Kelly wanted? Were they created at the same time because the two themes blend so seamlessly? We all decided that these themes were necessary, but they were created years apart. The “Superman” heroic theme came first. It evolved from snippets that I’d been using for a while, but it came into existence during a particular season finale. The love theme was written a bit later. I still

There are a few things, including some fun ones! But I don’t want to jinx them by talking prematurely about them. Composers can be a bit superstitious, you know. Thank you for all the great scoring for the show. It’s a treat each and every episode. I always find something to love. Thank you for this wonderful interview. I had a whole lot of fun doing it! ~*~*~*~*~*~ Louis has been SMALLVILLE’s full time composer since season 7. You can follow him on Twitter at: http://!/loufeb

6  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

HARVEST: Reaping of Legends

is THE Lex Luthor. Great performances by Cassidy Freeman and Connor Stanhope.

By Holli Boetcher

Meantime Lois has talked the little girl into taking her to catch a train back to Metropolis. They have to make a stop at the village first. Lois sees they are setting up for some kind of celebration and before she can be driven to town, she is invited to dinner.

Written by Turi Meyer and Al Septien Directed by Turi Meyer


s Clark Kent is driving Lois Lane to the countryside to cover the Cherry Festival, they play twenty questions about his secret life. He’s trying to keep her from becoming involved in the anti-hero protest set in Metropolis. Wiley Lois figures out his ploy and it doesn’t set too well with our intrepid reporter. He wants to keep her safe. She reiterates she can take care of herself. Cue flat tires!

Lois learns at the dinner table that the village

Clark rolls up his sleeves to get the job done as Lois giggles at his car lifting antics. She’s wearing cherry red nail polish. I think she’ll be sticking to clear after this episode. He has to get the second flat fixed. Suddenly a little girl appears out of no where. She’s seems to be Amish. She offers Lois lemonade and Lois decides that Clark can go ahead and play the knight in shining armor while she leisurely awaits his return. Clark returns to find no Lois or little girl. A deputy sheriff pops out of nowhere and starts giving Clark a hard time. Clark insists his girlfriend is missing. Deputy isn’t convinced until Clark points out wagon tracks. They go to an abandoned shack and Clark finds blue kryptonite in the water. Apparently the blue rock makes water pure and crops bountiful. It also doesn’t allow the water drinker to become sick. But it makes Clark powerless. Deputy knocks Clark out because he’s figured out too much. Tess discovers in this episode that Lil Alexander

has been blessed by blue meteor rock from the sky and also a yearly sacrifice. Since the villagers don’t want to dwindle their numbers, they find some poor female with a flat tire to foot the bill. Virginity optional, I guess. Clark is brought to the village by the deputy who is a member of the community. He is taken straight away to where Lois is. She has on a plain, white sacrificial dress complete with bonnet. And while Clark and Lois try to figure out a way out with him being powerless, Lois reveals it is she who took the blue kryptonite knife from his chest in LAZARUS. What should have been a monumental moment is rushed because Clark wants to get her out of there.

AMBUSH: Blessed Are the Peacemakers By Holli Boetcher

Lois discovers an underground cellar and advises Clark to change his clothes. Clark Kent wearing an Indiana Jones hat is all good. Stepping amongst the citizenry proves to be hazardous as one of them sees Lois’ uncharacteristic cherry red fingernails. They make a run for it, but are blocked and then Clark is slashed with a farm implement. Oh, the cruel irony! He’s then buried outside the village away from blue K. Meanwhile Lois is prepared for sacrifice. She’s tied beneath an upside down bell filled with firey blue K. Lois fights for her life using her brain. Just as the rope is pulled, there’s a gunshot in the air and it’s Clark who’s climbed out of the grave. The bell begins to topple and Clark makes a run for it. Hunching over Lois and screaming as the blue K burns his back. The blue K infected villagers are stunned that he is not dead and they take a step back in horror. Lois sees that this causes Clark to begin to heal. Her warning speech of his abilities shows her faith in her guy and it is hysterical. When Clark’s back is healed he signals her with an ‘Amen.’ To which she replies, “What do you say you speed us away from these Children of the Corn, Honey?” Clark picks her up as only Superman can and they’re off. Loft scene. Clark and Lois share a byline regarding the murders by the villagers. This scene was seven years in the making. Clark gives Lois the Swann journal. “I want you to know me completely with no secrets. Because you’re the one. You always will be.” From a kiss in the loft to Clark’s bedroom with candles everywhere. Clark and Lois make love. Rating: 10.5. Love scene soothed the campiness.

think Lois was lenient with Lucy macking on her boyfriend. The peacemaker won out in the end.

The General returning gave the show some well deserved continuity. We had heard snippets from Lois regarding the General, but to see Ironside doWritten by Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson. These two can write a ing his thing was a joy. With his military experience Sam knows what true mature, feisty relationship! Directed by Christopher Petry. The Talon bites heroes are and perhaps the Blur has helped bridge the gap between the the big one in this episode. Finally! ‘vigilantes’ and his definition of a hero. His love for Lois is gruff and demanding as is his personality. He only wants the best for his girl. And if Lois thinks lark and Lois have been frolClark is the one then he won’t argue icking in sexual bliss for a with that. Especially when Clark has week and decide to try out proven to be a gentleman, a hero in the porch swing. So good to see this his own right, and totally in love with after seven years of waiting. Clark Lois Lane. Kent can’t contain his smile! Just as Lois opens the front door, her father, Lucy sadly was used more as a the General, and her sister, Lucy, show plot device although the sister talk up for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile Rick regarding the General as their hero Flag and Warp are driving around was quite well done. Lucy macked Smallville. We find out their target is on Clark to see if he was worthy of her Sam Lane who is the senior advisor sister apparently, but she was easily for the Vigilante Registration Act. duped by Flag to bug her father so he could be a target. Forgiveness ruled Clark was exceptional in this epithe day and Lucy and the General sat sode. He ran the gamut of emotions. with Clark and Lois for a family feast. I do like pissed off Clark. Loving Lois is definitely good for him. She allows Ollie is mad because Tess is now runhim to live from his heart. He was ning Watchtower. He misses Chloe. In confident giving the General as good the end he realizes Tess is an asset to as he got. He was heroic and smart, figuring out Flag’s target and saving the team. Their final scene is touching and great. Love these two together. Lois. He was self assured. WOW When did we ever think we’d see that So much chemistry especially as lovers turned friends. on this show? He stuck up for his and Lois’ relationship and didn’t back down. Clark again shows empathy for confrontational people. The speech Flag and Warp driving around Smallville in a Humvee tracking General between the General and Clark about missing the one you love and what Lane before he was bugged seemed strange. The heroes are now aware the life of a warrior/hero is all about was riveting and was something Clark of the Suicide Squad tatoos thanks to Tess and they also are being tracked. needed to hear. Lois is good for him. His not yet revealed burning question Flag trying to kill General Lane with a missile was a bit of overkill, but then had fans screaming in delight. The scene around the Thanksgiving table he’s a villain and doesn’t have to think straight. Ollie and Clark’s stopping the was fantastic. With no words everyone conveyed what was on their minds. Humvee was interesting but would have liked to have seen Clark pulling it to Clark knowing the answer to his question has Lois a bit puzzled. Brilliant! a stop. In the end Warp blows up an Anti-Hero facility. That can’t be good.


Lois was great. She can cook; a Thanksgiving dinner no less. She just wanted to be with Clark AND her family. That meant for them all to get along. Unfortunately her father and sister had their tests they rolled out to keep Clark on his toes. Lois stuck up for Clark and their relationship to her father while also defending the Blur. Keeping Clark’s secret was also a priority for her. She made sure our hero was aware of any crises. Lois taking Lucy down a peg or two was indicative of a typical sister relationship. I

RATING: HIGH FATHER. LOVED IT!!! This is one of those episodes that meets the mark of HOMECOMING. Excellently written. Whitehead and Henderson know their relationships of all kinds. Superbly acted. Not a miss anywhere. Loved the themes of love, family, respect and peace. Just the right balance of action (of all kinds, hubba hubba) and emotion. A Masterpiece. Well done by cast and crew.

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  7


blue bird called Old Blue. When she asks about his rift with Jor-El, Clark shuts down the caring and there’s no a hug. He decides to go on patrol. “I can stay if you need me to.” Lois tells him that’s okay and he zips off to Watchtower. Her mornBy Holli Boetcher ing is spent watching a video tape. Her mother says she asked Sam not to let the girls see her in Written by Drew Landis and Julia Swift and di- the hospital. Blue was bought when they found rected by Kevin G. Fair. Multiple guest stars: Teri out she was pregnant with Lois. Ella wants Lois Hatcher as Ella Lane, Helen Slater as Lara Lor Van, to connect with the tapes to fill her heart with a Julian Sands as Jor-El, and Lindsay Hartley as Mad Harriet. Tess awakens from a nightmare and finds a music box playing in the mansion which was in her dream. She then goes to the Watchtower and Clark arrives on her call for help. She shows him the music box which has a label that says Happy Birthday Tess. He examines it and finds the name St. Louise’s orphanage. Some googling later reveals Granny Goodness runs the place. We get to see what Granny’s up to. She’s mindwiping a young girl tied to a wheelchair. In the light of day, Clark and Tess go visit the orphanage where Granny greets them with a chorus of Amazing Grace. (Godfrey’s sister in the comics.) Clark hears the young girl in distress and goes to save her as Tess takes the Granny tour. She sees the wardrobe and scratch marks from her dream and then sees a picture of herself on Granny’s wall of fame. Tess was trained as one of Granny’s Furies. She left the orphanage because her birth parents found her a new home. There’s a scuffle and Tess finds her old room. Tess retrieves a spoon key which she saw in her dream and kicks ass with Harriet, one of the Furies. Tess is left literally hanging by her neck. Clark saves her and tells her she is part of his team and he won’t abandon her. The final scene with Tess is her having memories as she reads her birth certificate. She is the daughter of Lionel Luthor and her name is Lutessa Lena Luthor.

Blue goes on the windowsill. “Maybe our parents thought that their mistakes would be some sort of burden on us.” Lois has now officially moved in with Clark. She hands him her toothbrush and puts the mother box in the pantry, reading a card. “For your wedding day. Love, Mom.” Lois blushes and is excited about going to karaoke with Clark. Clark and AI Jor-El have a horrible past history and Clark let it come between him and Lois. It was time to rectify that. He investigates with Tess. Saves a little girl but gets captured by the Furies in Granny’s basement and is put in chains. Shirtless. Burning kryptonite weakens him and when Granny is about to mindwipe him, he freeze breaths the lead forge hood down over the fire and escapes. Saves Tess then runs home to find Lois gone. He goes to the FOS and sees what Jor-El has done to her. “No. Wait. I love you too much to let you and your father give up on each other. Just try one more time. Please.” In a circle of light, Jor-El and Lara appear. Krypton is crashing down around them yet they want their son to know how much they love him and how he is their hope. “My wish is for you to live a full and wonderful life. But I need you to know that you were born of a great love. I will never lose faith in you.” Later with Lois at the house the rift seems gone and he’s ready to move on. While Lois waits for him on the porch, he pulls out an engagement ring from his pocket. “Sooner than you think, Lois.”

mother’s love. “Someday you’re going to meet someone special. Knowing you, I’m guessing, tall, dark and handsome. You can’t let someone leaving you stop your future with someone else.” Later Lois decides to do some Kryptonian research in the loft with her trusty sidekick, Shelby. “Smallville and I can’t move forward until he deals with the super sized hole his Dad left in his heart.” She finds the Fortress key and goes to confront Jor-El. Lois is awake in the middle of the night to exam- While there she sees what Clark has had to deal ine a box of her mother’s things her father sent to with, she gets angry. “ You are not one tenth the her. Clark comes down the stairs and is amused Kryptonian he is. He is lucky to be rid of you.” BDJ at Lois. She explains she’s afraid her mother may puts her into a holding cell. When Clark comes to have been angry she didn’t visit her in the hospi- save her, she convinces him to confront Jor-El. In tal. There are video tapes in the box and a crystal their last scene together, Lois finally gets a hug as

Granny had a scene in the basement with Godfrey and DeSaad. “Our Unholy Trinity is complete. I bind their bodies. Godfrey breaks their spirit. And you, my beloved friend, you clear their minds, preparing the way for Lord Darkseid.” EVIL!


much better for everyone. He got his Suicide Squad sub-dermal tat removed.

how he survived the explosion. Not sure if Clark knew or even cared.

By Holli Boetcher

Lois as Clark’s hope was fighting for Clark and fighting for their relationship. She is relentless and always

AC arrives a married man who is fighting the good fight with some violence. When AC talks about his wife with Clark – it is things Clark should be thinking or saying about Lois. “She’s pretty amazing. Smart, passionate, fiery. Even helped me understand my true origins. I’m so much more than I ever was solo.” And AC can’t understand why Clark doesn’t have a real partnership with his girl. AC’s wife Mera took the royalty thing to a whole new level.

Written by John Chisolm and Tom Welling directed the episode. Alan Ritchson returns as Aquaman/Arthur Curry/AC/Orin. RATING: 9.5. Solid Clark episode. Pacing was great – BUT there was no Snap, Crackle or Pop. This episode had good characterization but there were some offscreensville shenanigans on important points and there were plotholes. Even though we were introduced to Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke there wasn’t much of an impact. Was there an invisible barrier between Clark and Lois? These two barely touched the entire episode and their plot line was about Clark opening up and realizing Lois needs to be in the loop on his entire life in order to protect her and so she can shield him. We are TOLD that Clark brought Lois home in his arms. We didn’t get to SEE it. Although that may have been for time or budgetary reasons – casual touching between these two is a MUST, especially in an episode that shows one of the building blocks of their relationship = Lois totally in the know; no separation of ‘professional lives’ since she is Clark’s shield. Clark as the Earth’s hope was nervous about stepping to the forefront to be the leader of the JLA. Welling played it perfectly. And his direction of Clark standing tall and separated from the others to depict him as leader was totally on the mark and noteworthy. Clark is no longer hiding in the shadows or the background. Stepping out to be that hope to the world. With Lois’ encouragement, Clark tells his comrades all he knows about the darkness so they can be better prepared. Clark has lived his life keeping secrets -- and now he’s learning that being more open (like Lois) is

RATING: Ten. Flow was awkward. Pacing was strange. But the plotlines and dialogue were superb. Acting was stellar. Great guest stars!!! So many wrongs righted. Clark found out he wasn’t abandoned, forgotten or forsaken as did Lois. Poor Tess has been through the mill to go from Lionel to Granny to abusive parents. Loved all the special effects and Louis’ great score. And SHELBY!!!

Oliver ‘sacrificed’ himself (became a ‘patriot’) by registering with the government as a hero before Clark jumped at the chance. It also was a way to find out what happened to a registrar after that. He wanted to be sure that Lois was covering his vigilante signing. In true Ollie fashion when he talked to Lois, he dropped the bomb Clark was going to volunteer to register. “We can’t let Clark try to fix this on his own for his sake and everyone else’s. The world needs you, Lois.” Seems Ollie has some faith in the power of Lois.

forward moving. Everything out in the open for her. It’s the one reason she has a ‘pure soul.’ Lois is impatient and the only person she tolerates patience for is Clark Kent. She doesn’t bully or gripe. She waits for him to tell her. And she is an asset to him when he allows her to be. She can hold her own with a military villain and gather knowledge for the heroes to use. Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke is a Darkseid goon (complete with Omega skeletal tattoo) who leads a rogue military unit. He manages to kidnap Ollie and AC in order to torture them despite the fact that Ollie is the VRA poster boy. Slade has the final scene with getting his Deathstroke eye-patch. Still don’t know

Tess in either her duties as owner of the DP or as Watchtower has been monitoring Lois’ computer. She questions Lois about her article on the VRA. Lois informs Tess that Oliver is going to register. Something that she should know as Watchtower. Lois gives Tess a plausible excuse for Clark’s absence. There may have been a hint of admiration Lois contains Clark’s secret with seeming ease. Lois gives Watchtower (even though she doesn’t know Tess is Watchtower) info in regards to Wilson and the VRA. Dr. Emil Hamilton removes Clark’s tattoo and destroys it. Lois confronts him when she’s trying to find Clark and Dr. Emil seems to admire a ‘tell-me-or-die’ Lois Lane.

8  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

LUTHOR: The Return of Lionel By Holli Boetcher This controversial episode was written by Bryan Q. Miller and directed by Executive Producer Kelly Souders, a first.

life. Lionel has completely taken over his heritage, his upbringing and his destiny. The Kents apparently didn’t find this Clark, Jor-El and the Fortress are useless against the Luthor tech which works in frigid temperatures. So Clark Luthor is total evil and a dick. He screws his step sister and probably did Lex, too. He has a gold kryptonite scar from dear step brother.


his episode divided the fanbase. You either loved it because Lionel came back or you hated it because of what it did to Clark Kent and Lois Lane. When Tess was first introduced in Season 8 it was said she would have a romantic interest in Clark. That was ditched early on that season. But for this episode, it was revived. Yes, another anyone-but-Lois macking on Clark episode – but in two universes. Lois got tossed across the room by a Clark. And it was another Clarkcan’t-touch-Lois episode. He had to touch Tess instead. Watching Lois be tossed across the room took me back to Season 7. It was a gut punch. Anyone who has read an elseworld or alternate universe regarding Superman knows there is always a grain of hope within him and he’s usually romantically linked to Lois Lane. Even Ultraman’s (who this episode referenced) secret identity (Clark Kent) is with a Lois Lane. One thing was different in this story, Lois and ‘Owlman’ (Ollie) were not evil, so Ultraman history cannot be used for comparisons. Clark Kent, our hero, is regressed to spouting, “Luthor blood is poison” in front of a terrified secret wielding Tess who has just received a Kryptonian relic from Dead Daddy. Clark in his infinite wisdom activates the device after finding out Tess has been hiding the Lex clone. He is transported into an alternate world – in bed with two prostitutes. Lionel appears and spouts theatrically while micromanaging his ‘son.’ The auditors might ask to explain the bimbo expense in a world where Luthors own everything. Clark Luthor has had no glimmer of hope in his


By Holli Boetcher Written by Genevieve Sparling, major praise for her, and directed by Mairzee Almas, one Smallville’s best directors. She allows Tom and Erica’s chemistry work it’s magic. Clark Kent lives from his heart and is determined to commit to his constantly crusading intrepid reporter. Lois loves Clark, period. Seven years in the making, CLARK KENT PROPOSES TO LOIS LANE. With quick thinking and plain language, Clark goes on bended knee in front of their phone booth while rose petals fall. “You don’t make it easy to ask a simple question. But that’s what makes you, You. The woman I want to spend my life with. The woman that I love. Lois Lane, will you marry me?” She says, “Yes!” And there’s a huge kiss. Fans squee around the world!

The episode did nothing to further Clark’s storylines with all the other villains currently on the show. In fact, he allowed Clark Luthor to come between him and Lois—often confusing himself with the actions of the evil one. “I was a murderer.” No, he wasn’t. Some kind of sadomasochistic Luthorean ritual, I assume since we see Lionel sword fight with CK using blue kryptonite radiated weapons. Lionel allowed ClarkL to kill Lex, his apparent favorite. Clark Luthor runs Luthor Media (Daily Planet) and doesn’t seem able to fire Lois Lane because he’s a masochist or so we’re told.

What was good about this episode. Tom Welling was amazing as an ultraevil Clark with no hope. The man has charisma out the wazoo. He is a dangerous thing. Everyone was on their top game. Lionel was written or directed a little over the top but I guess we had to see him as ultraevil, too. And Lois Lane will always know her Clark. She sees his soul. That might just come in handy.

Since we see the episode from Clark Kent’s perspective, there are holes, crevasses, and questions. Apparently some things got scrapped. John Glover in an interview said there was red K everywhere even on Clark Luthor’s night stand. This would explain a lot and give him a chance to be more Kal-Elish, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Another villain reveal at the end. UberLionel is now in our world and we all know he’s going to find the Lex clone and make him into Lex II because the only good Luthor is one that kill’s their daddy. Tess will have conflict with having her dead father returned to her and her friendship with the Watchtower team especially Clark.

up and then chastises Tess for allowing the Daily Star to get the Ollie attack story. Lois has to talk sense to Cat who has ratted them out to the VRA. Cat allows Lois to escape.

give it hope. “I’m sorry I won’t be there to help you fight the darkness.” He looks at Lois. “But you have all the help you need.” His funeral was beautifully shot and moving.

Courtney/Stargirl was delightful and powerful saving Ollie and Carter from a violent citizenry and proudly bearing the helmet at the funeral.

Lois is Clark’s love, hope and light. She knows what living with a superhero entails and has her own life as a journalism junkie with ice cream. She told Trotter nothing and even escaped on her own. Lois gets beat up A LOT. Her last moments with Hawkman and Clark were something out of a comic book. So beautiful. And she was the first to notice the light oblisk.

Oliver will be the best man at Clark and Lois’ wedding. He toasted the happy couple with, “You two were destined to be together.” He has been pro-

Clark proposing to Lois and celebrating openly with their friends made him all smiles. He touched on being a journalist. He then has to shut down Watchtower and go underground. “We have to protect the secrets we still have.” Clark wonders what kind of marriage they would have if Lois was only with the Blur. Lois goes missing and Clark has to send an evil Slade to the Phantom Zone. One of his hero mentors dies and then he’s knocked out by some weird phenomena. Clark was confident, assertive, decisive, and heroic. Welling looked so much like Superman in the funeral scene, it brought tears to my eyes. Oliver/Carter Discuss losing women: “Fear should never decide love.” Technology: “I miss my typewriter.” “You miss the telegraph. Just get away, 8 Track.” We will miss their bromance and barbs.

Deathstroke pops up and manages to kill Hawkman and endanger Lois. Clark sent him to the Phantom Zone because of his disregard for life. Don’t worry people escape from the PZ all the time.

Tess (back to PATRIOT style) throws an engagement party for Clark and Lois at the Watchtower. She also declaws Cat a time or two. Always annoying Cat Grant asked if Lois was knocked

Our Clark in the nether world finds Lois Lane who despises him (er Luthor) and is engaged to Oliver, who is hated in Smallville for land grabbing. He’s just trying to get meteor rock to subdue Ultraman. In the best scene of this episode, Clark beseeches Lois to believe he means her no harm and he doesn’t want to live in a world where she doesn’t love him. He leaves her breathless and with hope. Unfortunately, she gets her Clark back and who knows what harm will come to her. Our Clark tells his Lois her counterpart might give her Clark a second chance. Really? Tess was regressed in this episode also. Her attitude towards Lois and Ms. Lane’s relationship with Clark was definitely season 8 territory.

The VRA has a fascist presence. Lori Tiolo as Trotter was perfect as the menacing inquisitor of Emil, Lois and Tess. They want to know their activities and confirmation of Ollie’s friend’s names.

Chloe makes a flashback appearance and gives Lois a ‘something borrowed’ necklace which may prove significant later. Black Canary appears on monitor in Watchtower and also at the funeral. Loved they ‘paired’ her with Oliver. In their last scene, it is the two married couples of the comics prominent. Dinah deserves respect.

What it was meant to be was to make Tess and Lionel have the spotlight. Clark Kent a bigot and Lois an imbecile. Poor girl doesn’t know her right from her left.

nounced a terrorist and is attacked while subduing a mugger. He then helps Clark and Carter find Lois. He doesn’t want his wedding speech to go to waste. Carter/Hawkman was brilliant. We will miss him. From dispersing how-to-handle-wedding-plans advice to saving Lois Lane, he was a true hero. His ominous words regarding good showing up to take away the darkness made us cheer. He knew by saving Lois Lane, Clark’s heart, he would help save the world and

Clark/Lois foundation building discussions like being open with people and the double life. Lois knows she will have to take a backseat to his responsibilities. Clark promises they will always stay together. Lois amuses Clark with her changing her name list. After seeing Ollie’s attack on tv, she gets Clark’s HRJ. She knows what has to be done. RATING: LIFE EQUATION. On par with HOMECOMING. Acting was excellent. Script was well balanced between action, drama, comedy, romance, mythos, snappy dialog and it advanced Clark’s storyline. Louis’ score was amazing. Special effects were outstanding. Loved Hawkman’s CGI wings! Fabulous cliffhanger for the final midseason hiatus.

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Season 9 Blu-Ray DVD Review By Kate Blake

the iconic DC Comics Super Hero,” said Rosemary Markson, WHV Vice President, TV and Special Interest Marketing. “From Zod to the Justice Society, Season Nine brings all of these characters to Smallville’s devoted fans. We are thrilled to release this exciting season on Blu-ray™ and DVD just in time for the pivotal Season 10 premiere.”

as this is a huge episode for her character Lois and her relationships with Clark and the Blur. Erica opened talking about having to shoot the shot with her hand running over Tom’s bare chest over and over to get it just right- she did not seem to mind that too much. Erica is quite the trooperwho says actresses are spoiled? That was her being chucked off the roof over and over before they Smallville was developed for television by Al- got a perfect take on the big roof scene- not a fred Gough & Miles Millar, and is based on DC stunt double. Ever wonder why big Lois and Clark Comics characters. The executive producers for episodes are sometimes followed by ones that are Season Nine are Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson, Lois light? Erica usually has two to three times the James Marshall, Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins and dialog to remember than her cast mates thanks to Joe Davola. Superman was created by Jerry Sie- her fast talking verbals. Brian and Kelly discussed gel and Joe Shuster. The series is from Tollin/Rob- how hard it was casting the Wonder Twins but bins Productions, Millar/Gough Ink and Warner how happy they were to snag Allison Scagliotti Bros. Television. for the episode. OSCK Review of the Special Features

From Warner Brothers Official Press Release: Hearts grow fonder and dangers grow stronger as Smallville returns with new characters, adventure and conflict. The longest-running “Superman” TV series continues with the release of Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season on DVD and Blu-ray™ on September 7, 2010. In this multi-disc collection from Warner Home Video, Metropolis’s clock tower tolls our characters’ darkest hour as Clark Kent finally makes his first attempts to embrace his calling as a hero. Bonus features include cast and creator commentaries, unaired scenes and two never-been-seen featurettes: “Kneel Before Zod” and “Justice for All.” In Season Nine – starring Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Cassidy Freeman, Callum Blue and Justin Hartley – fans see what a great planet Earth is. So great that other survivors of Planet Krypton wouldn’t mind making it home and taking control. But fellow Kryptonian Clark Kent rises to the occasion and sends a warning for Zod and his followers who cross the line, especially if they seek to enlist Lois Lane in their schemes. Plus, unexpected characters from DC Comics lore add exciting new layers to the adventures of the man who will become Superman. Among them: the shape-shifting Wonder Twins, magical Zatanna and in an action-packed Double Episode, Justice Society of America’s Doctor Fate, Hawkman and Stargirl.

There is an assortment of deleted scenes that are on the disks- nothing earth shattering. The Episode commentary for Kandor and Idol footage from Idol that was cut did not make the are featured in the set. Kandor has Callum DVDs. Blue and producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders discussing the episode. Callum is too Special features include a great documentary funny. He has fun poking fun at himself yet “Kneel Before Zod” which features DC Comics execs, Smallville producers and writers, Callum Blue, Terrance Stamp who is Jor-El on the series and was Zod in Superman The Movie and Superman II along with Richard Donner who talks about how we can believe that Zod on Smallville could become the Zod of the early films. Best trivia bit from the feature was Terrance Stamp describing getting the telegram from his agent while he was on an ashram in India- the telegram asked him if he wanted to do a movie with Marlon Brando written by Mario Puzo? Stamp said “ I knew right then that my life was about to change.” The “Justice for All” featurette shows how the Geoff Johns concept for bringing in the Justice Society evolved into a two parter and became a key lynchpin for connecting the front half and back half of the season. Phil Morris is the biggest fanboy on board gushing over how perfect the casting and costuming was. Michael Shanks being harnessed up in the Hawkman costume is no easy process but he does it well. Brittney Irvin who play Star Girl is as enthusiastic as her character and quite charming in the feature. We see Tom on set directing the second half but unfortunately they did not include him in the feature. you get a glimpse into how serious he is about making sure you really despise Zod. He does not want you to feel sorry for him- Zod is the bad guy. One of the lighter commentary moments has Callum talking about how huge and just too darn handsome Tom Welling and Justin Hartley are. Hey- Callum- no feeling left out! Your yummy accent draws plenty of female fans too.

Episode Highlights

If you do not own a Blu-Ray player- get one! This season’s episodes had bigger budgets than the past two years and it shows in high definition. The episode Pandora was shot using a lot of the leftover Watchmen sets and the lighting is amazing. Kandor had the effects department giving their best work and the attention to detail throughout the season is visually stunning. Smallville is not Idol also features Brian and Kelly talking about broadcast in HD in my area so I always look for“The Smallville series continues to build on the rich casting the episode and how it changed in pro- ward to the full HD on my Blu-Ray disks. Season history of Superman with its unique reimagining of duction. Erica Durance gets to be the third chair 9 is outstanding.

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SEASON 10 EPISODE TITLES And Special Guest Stars 10X12 - “Collateral” Air Date: January 28th, 2011 Written by: Jordan Hawley Guest Stars: Alaina Huffman, Allison Mack 10X13 - “Beacon” Airdate: February 4th, 2011 Written by: Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson Guest Stars: Annette O’Toole, John Glover, Allison Mack 10x14 “Masquerade” Airdate: February 11th, 2011 Written by: Brian Q Miller 10x15 “Fortune” Airdate: February 18th, 2011 Written by: Anne Coffell Sauders 10x16 “Scion” Airdate: February 25th, 2011 Written by: Al Septien & Turi Meyer, Directed by: Al Septien 10x17 -“Booster” Written by: Geoff Johns

6 Season 10 Guest Roster So Far

This season we’ve seen familiar & new faces return to SMALLVILLE. Here’s who we’ve seen, who’s coming, and who we still would like to see return.








superhero with corporate backing to make life easier,

By Holli Boetcher

he is a shameless self-promoter whose obsession with


fame and wealth irritates other

MALLVILLE fans will


be meeting this DC

Originally, he wanted his hero

character in the epi-

name to be Goldstar but an in-

sode BOOSTER to air February

troduction got mangled and he

25, 2011. Michael Jon Carter was

became Booster Gold instead (or

created by Dan Jurgens (Dooms-

Buster Gold, heehee!)

day, Tangent Comics) and first

Booster is often paired with his

appeared in 1986. A member

best friend, Blue Beetle, who will

of the Justice League, initially he

also be appearing on the CW se-

was a glory seeking showboat

ries. According to Geoff Johns,

from the future (Gotham, 25th century) who used his knowledge of history and technology to stage front page heroics. Once a disgraced quarterback, he then stole a Legion ring, Brainiac 5’s force field belt and the use of Rip Hunter’s time machine and traveled to the 21st century along with a security robot named Skeets. Determined to be a

Martha Kent to Shine in BEACON Annette O’Toole returns as Martha Kent in episode 12 titled “BEACON.” The episode was written by Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson. Annette revealed in a tweet that John Glover would also be appearing in this episode. Both Martha and Lionel will share screentime The last time that we saw Martha, Clark learned that she was utilizing her position as Senator to help

Lucas Grabeel Returns to SMALLVILLE Lucas Grabeel tweeted back on November 23rd: @MrGrabeel: I’m off to Vancouver to shoot an episode of Smallville! I’m so excited. Lucas was last seen in the season six episode “REUNION” where he portrayed young Lex Luthor attending Excelsior Academy with Oliver Queen. Four years later, Lucas will likely be playing a late teens Lex Luthor. Lucas will be appearing in BEACON and will be seen with a full head of hair.

author of the episode, the Jaime Reyes version will appear but there may be a Ted Kord mention. Booster has no superabilities but is an excellent athlete. His ‘powers’ are derived from the things he stole, namely: Legion Flight Ring, Power Suit, Time-Travel Circuitry, Gauntlets and Visor Devices.

keep an eye on the covert group CHECKMATE. In order to protect Clark she assumed the persona as The Red Queen to exert influence over the group’s actions. We’ve learned this season from General Lane that Martha is vehemently opposed to the Vigilante Registration Act in Washington DC. With the act passing how safe will she be in her position? With Martha being another ‘pure of spirit’ individual, will she become a target of Darkseid? Will the VRA’s goons try to investigate her and zero in on Clark’s true identity? Stay tuned to find out!

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lark and Lois (Clois) have had quite a roller coaster ride this season so far. They have gone through their ups and downs, literally (Clark floating). This season though has been a dream come true to many Clois fans with all the milestones this couple have experienced. Not only have they grown as a couple, but their love has helped each other grow into better individuals.

to know everything about him so he gave her the Kryptonian Journal. He told her that he wanted her to know him completely without any secrets because she will always be the one. This lead to a passionate night where Clark and Lois made love for the first time.

Now that they have taken that step in their relationship, Clark and Lois can’t get enough of each other! Their sexual appetite was shown when Lois suggested to Clark that they have another round on the porch swing. Unfortunately, they got interrupted when Lucy and General Sam Lane showed up at the Kent Previously on farm. With Lois’ father Smallville... the Blur not liking heroes, things dragged Lois into a didn’t look pretty for the dark alley and gave couple. They had their her a passionate first big fight over Lois kiss before he super not standing up to her sped away. Lois was father about the Vigishocked yet had a lante Registration Act smile on her face (VRA). After Clark saved when she realized Lois from the Talon exthat Clark Kent was ploding, Sam was able the Blur. to accept that the Blur is a good hero. Although The season kicked Clark and the General off with a rocky start quarrelled, both men for our couple. Lois learned to respect each was ready to tell Clark about what she knew until Lex’s clone other. Showing his respect for the traditional Lane patriarch, knocked her out and almost killed her. Then she made the Clark aske Sam for permission to marry Lois. decision to go to Africa, which Clark was not happy with, because she feels that she was keeping Clark from reaching fter watching a recorded tape of her mother, who his destiny. Clark was ready to head off to Egypt to retrieve informed her that she couldn’t move forward withLois, but realized that if he truly loved her, then he would out unresolved issues in her past, Lois decided that have to let her go, and trust that eventually she would re- she needed to help Clark resolve things with Jor El, in order turn. Where on the other hand, Lois decided to come back for him to be able to move on wiht his adult life and be to Metropolis when Carter Hall convinced her that Clark free of regrets. At the Fortress of Solitude, Lois and Clark needed her by his side. watched a hologram message that Jor El and Lara left him. If it weren’t for Lois, Clark would have never seen that mesOnce Lois returned to Metropolis, their relationship was in sage and would have always felt a hatred for Jor El. Clark limbo Where they friends? Colleagues? Lovers? The sexual realized that the all mighty Jor-El had faults of his own and tension between our couple (the hug and the gazes upon that like himself lived with regrets that were difficult to face. each other during their reSeeing the hologram mesunion) was so thick, it sage finally humanized could be cut through Clark’s biological father. with a power saw! Clark would have never learned this had Lois not ois decided to insisted that he resolve cheer Clark up by his issues with Jor-El. convincing him to go to their high school reSince the Talon was union, as friends (sigh) of in ruins due to the excourse. With his “Christplosion, Lois decided mas ghost”, Brainiac 5, to move in with Clark. Clark was able to see that A quick check list: Clois in the present, Lois is sad are a couple, they said I about where her relationlove you to one another, ship stands with Clark. In Lois knows about Clark’s the future, Lois knows evsecret, they made love erything about Clark. He (multiple times most got to see that Lois was likely), they are happy, completely in on his seand now are living tocret identity and helped to gether. What could be the protect it. Clark realized that he can have a happy life with next step? Clark already had plans for that and had started Lois if there are no secrets. When he returned to the pres- carrying around a beautiful engagement ring for Lois. ent, the first big milestone of the season took place - Clark and Lois confessed their love for one another. Lois’ love After years on the series with Clark searching for his soultriggered such contentment in our hero, that Clark floated mate, we are finally being treated to seeing him experience during their dance. the joy of discovering the one person who will make him complete. Before our break, we were treated to Clark and There was still the unresolved issue regarding Clark’s se- Lois’ engagement. Clark proposed to Lois in true Clark Kent cret. Clark eventually confessed to Lois that he is the Blur fashion, all romantic and mushy style with Lois being Lois when he realized that doing so was the only way that they and being very difficult to propose to. Clark’s smile showed could share their life together. Finally free to enjoy her boy- how much Lois makes him happy. He kept smiling at Lois friend completely, without secrets, Lois leapt into his waiting whether she was near him or not. Lois couldn’t stop showing arms, and confessed that she already knew the truth. off her ring and also tested out the name Mrs. Kent though, she still tried to fit Lane in there somewhere. Can Clark and With Lois knowing everything now, Clark expressed his Lois be more cute and perfect? worries about the darkness. He was scared for Lois because of her support for the Blur and wanted to keep her safe And this was only the half-way mark for our couple this from the vigilante protests. Clark realized that Lois needed season. The journey continues...



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Dinah Lance (Alaina Huffman), along with her alter-ego Black

Canary, was introduced into Smallville during it’s seventh season in the episode Siren. During the day, Dinah Lance was a conservative talk show host who worked for The Daily Planet. Dinah as Black Canary

Dinah returned in season nine to help Chloe in her plot to

convince Oliver to return to his role as Green Arrow (though not present, Black Canary’s sonic scream was used). She was in several cameo appearances via satellite communication later in the season.

Dinah once again returned this season to help the heroes deal with the VRA.

worked for Lex Luthor at first believing that Green Arrow was a ter-

She also at-

rorist. She eventually found out the truth and fought Lex alongside

tended Carter

Green Arrow. Oliver was impressed with Dinah’s skills (along with

Hall’s (Hawk-

her super power- sonic scream) and asked her to join his team of

man) funeral.


Her story will

Dinah returned in season eight to help Oliver track down Clark

continue on

after he disappeared for four weeks. Unfortunately, the heroes all

in the episode

decided to split after LuthorCorp and Tess Mercer figured out their


identities. Dinah came back to help Clark deal with Doomsday. After the Doomsday fiasco and Jimmy Olson’s funeral, Dinah disappeared along with Oliver and Bart (Impulse).





n it’s final season, SMALLVILLE producers and writers are working overtime to correct the wrongs of the past in the series 10 year run and create a believable conclusion to this journey that will end with Clark Kent donning the mantel of The Man of Steel. SMALLVILLE has been a series that has focused heavily on Clark’s reluctance to embrace his destiny while he struggles between finding a balance in his life. Is he human? Is he Super-human? Is there a way to live as both? This year Clark has had to face some ugly truths about himself. In LAZARUS Jor-El kicked him to the curb stating that he has a darkness within himself that could translate into becoming humanity’s largest threat. The darkness we learned, isn’t that he has the perchance for evil, but his inability to let go of past mistakes, dwell on the past, and be forever fearful of the future. rainiac 5.0 returned from the future to show Clark that he needed to get over these hang-ups, that they were preventing him from moving forward and enjoying life. Clark got to see that his fear of repeating mistakes with his past relationships was preventing his relationship with Lois from progressing forward. His fear was making both of them miserable. Once he finally let go and put his own trust in the present, a weight was lifted off of his shoulders, and he got to realize that his love for Lois was a source of support and strength, not a weakness. In ABANDONED, Clark got to meet his real parents for the first time. Upon encouragement from Lois, AI Jor-El showed Clark a video


recording that he and Lara made for their son in their final hours on Krypton. The video showcased two very human parents who wanted nothing more than the best for their child and both admitted their own faults and weaknesses. JorEl in particular didn’t feel worthy of raising a child because of his own colossal mistakes that lead him to the moment of making the recording. or the first time, Clark got to see the man behind the curtain and realized that JorEl the man, was not infallible. He made mistakes and carried to his grave burdens that made Clark’s problems seem insignificant. How can Clark’s past mistakes possibly compare to his father believing that he was solely responsible for the annihilation of his people? A large part of growing up involves realizing that at some point, your parents can no longer shelter you from your own mistakes and choices. You must learn to accept responsibility and learn from your mistakes in order to ensure that you won’t repeat them in the future. erhaps Clark took the recording as a warning and understanding why it was the Jor-El rained such harsh judgment down on him for the events that have taken place in Clark’s own life. Arrogance and complete belief that you are sole judge and jury is not the



mindset of a hero but of a dictator. or many years, Clark blamed himself for Jonathan’s death. This of course wouldn’t have happened had Jor-El not put such a huge emphasis on the fact that Clark was going to lose someone he loved because he failed to begin his training when he promised to do so back in season 5. Getting to see first hand Jonathan’s rage against Lionel showed Clark that it was Jonathan’s own actions and inability to contain his own rage that caused his death, not some cosmic hand from above pronouncing final judgment. Clark also got to see the pointlessness of blaming one’s own self for other people’s actions. Over the course of the series, Clark has been at war trying to become the man who Jonathan Kent raised him to be and the hero that his biological father envisioned him to become. lark has had to take a hard look at himself this year. Everything that he believed to be true, is turning over on it’s head. In LUTHOR, Clark got to see what life could’ve been like for him had he not been raised by the warm, caring Kents, but by an unredeemed Lionel Luthor. Even in that alternate reality, Clark couldn’t stand up to his father and failed at becoming the man who Lionel wanted him to be. AU Clark was a


“How can Clark’s past mistakes possibly compare to his father believing that he was solely responsible for the annihalation of his people?”


murderer, cold, and calculating, but he could not stand up to Lionel. In this regard, AU Clark was very similar to our world Clark who spent years defying Jor-El and always failing at becoming the man who he was supposed to become. lark’s journey to the Alternate World also showed him first hand what life must’ve been like for Lex growing up, raised as a Luthor. Lionel shared no love with his child, his parenting skills were cold and clinical. In the end Clark learned that how one is raised determines one destiny - not blood. Clark failed in his relationship with Lex, but he has the opportunity to correct his past mistakes with Lex’s sister, Tess. In HOMECOMING, Clark visited Jonathan’s grave and said goodbye. By letting go of Jonathan, Clark didn’t stop loving his adopted father, he simply realized that holding onto his regrets over Jonathan’s death is the only way that he can move forward and grow up. e got to see a real moment of growth from Clark in ABANDONED when Granny Goodness wanted to simplify Clark’s life by taking away his most painful memories. Clark defiantly stated that he needed to keep them, he said that he could only grow by learning from his past mistakes. This most certainly isn’t the same boy who used to spend hours brooding in his barn. Clark still needs to realize that his biggest inner strength is his faith in mankind. Currently forces are piling up against him and Darkseid’s influence is growing and placing doubt in people’s minds about his intentions. He will only be able to erase this fear once he finds full peace within himself and his purpose on this planet. That day is coming, soon.



14  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

LIONEL LUTHOR The Glorious Bastard Returns

During season 3 things came to a head with the Luthor men when Lex learned that Lionel had killed his own father and mother in a tenement explosion for money along with his childhood pal Morgan Edge- crime boss of Metropolis. In an attempt to keep Lex from By Kate Bake learning more or acting on this Lionel set out to drug Lex so he could be committed and Lionel ordered shock therapy to wipe a chunk of ionel Luthor was one of the primary characters on Smallville. memories from his brain. This does not go well as Lex learned the He appeared in the very first episode as we see how Clark Kent truth eventually anyways. On his way to prison Lionel ordered the com es to death of Chloe Sullivan who had turned in the evidence Smallville and what against Lionel. Lionel also poisoned Lex for good measure happened to make and made sure Clark found Lex’s room of horrors dividing Lex Luthor who he the two friends forever. is on the show in its premiere. eason 4 begins and Lionel is fighting to get out of prison. We have learned he is desperate to find a Lionel has his son cure for a terminal liver disease. He tries a Kryptonian along on a business body swap with Lex but Clark intercepts it and the villain trip. He is buying the becomes the hero for an episode. When things are set rightcreamed corn plant Lionel is miraculously cured. Clark’s essence has healed his from the Ross fambody. With this begins the transformation of Lionel from ily and establishing evil Lionel to the role of Lionel the protector. himself in the rural farm community. Season 4 reveals that four wealthy families were part of a Lionel and little secret society Veritas that were to protect the Traveler who redheaded Lex are was prophecized to come to earth from the stars with great in a helicopter and powers. The families are the Lionel is berating his Luthors, the Swanns, the son for being afraid Teagues and the Queens. of flying. Lionel is This story was abbreviated reading a newspasome when Christopher per that speaks of Reeve passed away but the the deaths of the elements continued. After Queens in a plane killing the Queens, Lionel crash. Cut to abovekept an eye on the Teagues. the meteor shower hits Smallville and the chopper goes down. Lex is When Jason and Genevieve injured and all of his red locks are blown away making him a freaky were killed, Lionel and Lex bald kid who grows into a prematurely bald man. together covered up their deaths. Lionel ended up Over the first 3 seasons we find out what kind of a father Lionel was in a catatonic state when and the kind of ruthless businessman he is. Many of the character Lex was taken over by Zod. reveals about Lionel are shown through flashbacks that Lex has of He became Jor-El’s oracle his own childhood. Lionel loved his wife Lilly but she only saw her and dedicated his last year husband’s brutality. She tried to protect her son from him and went to to helping Clark and was extremes to keep a second son, Julian, from being subjected to Lionel’s instrumental in grooming cruel parenting. Lillian smothered Julian during a fit of post-partum Martha for the political role depression. Lex protected his mother and took his father’s unending she would play after Jonadisapproval to spare her his wrath. than’s death. Lionel died at Lex’s hands in season 7. Lionel was crafty and always working angles. He had people killed on a regular basis. He was constantly spying on Lex and undermining Lionel is back this yearhim to continue to exert control over him. In season 2 Lionel took over and Lionel from Earth 2 is the caves that Clark found and Lionel was obsessed with learning their even more evil than the Limeanings. Throughout this time, Lionel was running secret labs inonel we have seen because volved with cloning and other questionable practices. He kept sniffing he has not had his greed around the Kents on a regular basis. Martha worked for him for a brief and lust for power tempered by miracle and humility. Stay tuned for time when Lionel had been blinded. Jonathan never trusted the man. what he does when he meets the Lex clone that has been unleashed from Lex’s secret cloning labs.



Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  15

16  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

Lexmas Review Possibilities abound at the holidays and still

believe Lana would love him.

some miss the point

In the present- Lex is in dire straights. He has pressure on his spine and the doctors tell Lionel that By Kate Blake surgery is dangerous- it could kill him- but if they don’t do it Lex will never walk again. Lionel pushes mallville has done a few holiday episodes over the doctors who perform the dangerous operation. the course of its ten year history on air. One of the best known is Lexmas. It aired during season 5 when Lex Luthor was running for state senate blivious to the Luthor drama- the Kents against Jonathan Kent. Lana and Clark were datingprepare for Christmas. Lana and Clark help though it is important to note that they were not decorate the tree until Clark gets an urgent sleeping together as Clark had issues with sex once message from Chloe. He rushes to the Daily Planet to his powers returned help deliver toys to kids. after a brief period of Along the way he saves being without them. Santa and has cookChloe was working in ies. Yeah- it’s the B-line the basement of the story. Back at the farm Daily Planet as a lowly Shelby sneaks cookies intern- a far cry from from a plate and has her high school days happy doggy holiday when she had her own fun. column there. Chloe and Lana are students at Met U and Clark is atLex is still in dreamtending the local state land when thing turn university to help his sour. Lana goes into folks on the farm. labor and has their daughter but her condition is precarious. The episodes opens Lex turns to Lionel who in a dark alley with Lex coldly denies his son trying to decide if he use of the company jet wants to do the right and Lana dies. Lex is thing and win his elecdistraught- his mother tion fairly- or go down tells him this is life. It is a dark path and work his choice- the empty hard to dig up dirt that path he is on now- or will bury Jonathan Kent one with love, joy and at the polls. Lex leaves things in the air with his con- some heartbreak. tact- and is then shot and collapses. Lex and his journey into the ether is the core of the episode. He awakens to a world where he is married to a very ex comes to and decides that power is all that pregnant Lana. They have a very average house, an matters- with money and power he can make adorable son named Alexander, an old Jeep in the sure everything is perfect. He misses the point driveway and the house is warm and filled with love. completely. He got Lana in the dream because he Lex sees his dead mother who tells him this is what made the right choice not because of his power or he could have if he makes the right choices. money. It is his Annakin Skywalker moment. In the Revenge of the Sith Annakin gives into the dark side thinking it is the only way to save his wife when it is We see Clark and Chloe in the dream too- both are the one thing that kills her. happy and successful and respect Lex. They go to the Kents for a Christmas party and Jonathan tells Lex After Lexmas Lex begins a campaign- not only to that Lex is being honored as a whistleblower and win his senate race- but one to win Lana and make humanitarian. Lex loves the admiration and cannot her Mrs. Lex Luthor. Merry Lexmas indeed!




IN MEMORY - CARTER HALL Even though Carter himself warned us that his time in this lifetime was coming to a close in SHIELD, Hawkman’s death in ICARUS shocked fans across the globe. Carter’s death is bittersweet. We can’t be overly saddened, knowing that the gruff former leader of the Justice Society of America will be reincarnated and will be on the path to being reunited with his beloved Shayera. However, even knowing that, it’s hard seeing Clark’s pain of losing a new mentor and trusted friend.

Imparting his knowledge from his years of working with the JSA to Clark, Carter taught our future Man of Steel that caped friends are family. Time on this earth is precious and that you have to maintain balance in your life. You can’t only be a hero and fight the good fight all of the time, you must have a healthy homelife that takes you away from your daily hero duties. And time must be set aside for enjoying the good times with your caped comrades in order to develop deeper bonds that will strengthen their resolve to fight side by side during the bad times.

Carter Hall opened Clark’s eyes to understanding the dynamics of how a successful group of Superheros can stay united and work together as a team.

For Lois Lane, witnessing Carter’s death will likely be a life affirming and changing event. The intrepid Daily Planet reporter supports heros at all

costs and owes them her life thousands of times over. Never before has any one of them actually perished in order to save her life. Sacrifice and heroism are the two words that will forever be associated with Carter and his alias Hawkman. Although he will not be reborn again to help our heroes in their current time

of crisis, Clark can rest assured that one day, Hawkman will rise again to help his league to battle whatever new forces of darkness threaten humanity’s right to live free.

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  17

Episode Number 7x01






Guest Stars


Clark faces off with a Bizzaro version of himself. Plus Chloe finally discovers her meta-human ability which almost costs her her life. Lex is arrested for Lana’s murder. But at the end of the episode we learn that Lana is alive and living in China. (Darn it!)

Phil Morris, Anna Galvin


While investigating the Reeve’s Dam, Lois and Clark run across a space ship. Lex is determined to find the ‘angel’ who saved him from drowning. Clark discovers that his cousin, Kara, has followed him to Earth.

Jamie Schwanebeck, Richard Keats

Kara tries to fit into her new world by entering the Smallville Miss Sweet Corn Pageant. Clark is frustrated at Kara’s lack of control over her abilities. Lana returns to Smallville and reunites with Clark. (Dang it!) Clark must stop Dr. Curtis Knox from stealing and using Chloe’s heart to resurrect his dead wife. John Jones returns and reveals that Kara’s father, Zor-El, once tried to kill Kal-El’s father, Jor-El. Kara searches for her crystal that is missing from her now destroyed space ship.

Kim Coates, Christine Chatelain, and Eva Pigford

Fierce Cure

Season 7 Summary By Jack Heacock


he seventh season of Smallville finds Clark

Kent battling Bizarro; compli-

Dean Cain, Phil Morris

cated by the existence of Kryptonian cousin Kara. Clark’s love


The film Warrior Angel is being filmed on location at the Kent farm. Clark saves the movie’s lead actress Rachel Davenport when a crazed Warrior Angel fan tries to kill her.

Christina Milian


Kara regains suppressed memories via a kryptonite enhanced truth serum. She remembers that, when she was younger, she once traveled to Earth her father, Zor-El and with Kal-El’s mother, Lara.

Helen Slater, Christopher Heyerdahl


During a lightening storm Lana gains some of Clark’s powers. With this new found power, she goes on a rampage. It is discovered that Lex is housing the remains of Milton Fine’s ship.

Elyse Levesque


Clark activates Kara’s Crystal which resurrects Lara and Zor-El. Zor-El tries to take over the world while Clark is held powerless by a blue Kryptonite ring his mother gave to him. After destroying the Crystal in order to get rid of ZorEl, Kara disappears.

Helen Slater, Christopher Heyerdahl

of Veritas, a secret organiza-


Clark is acting strange. He is actively working with Lana to bring down Lex. Actually, it’s Bizzaro, who has taken over Clark’s life while Clark is held captive by Jor-El at the Fortress of Solitude.

Tim Guinee, Elyse Levesque

Traveler, a powerful being that



Bizzaro seeks the help of Milton Fine/Brainiac. Clark discovers that Brainiac’s creator is here on Earth. Lex has Grant, who is Lex’s cloned brother Julian, killed.

Marc McClure, James Marsters



Clark and Lana’s relationship are on the rocks. (YES!) A new hero, the Black Canary, is in town. But she is working for Lex under false pretences.

Alaina Huffman, Justin Hartley

The Traveler leads him to pur-


Lex has found Kara who is living in Detroit and working at a diner. She has lost her memory. A busboy at the diner is obsessed with Kara, and he shoots Lex. Chloe uses her meta-human powers to save Lex.

Corey Sevier, Connor Stanhope

murdering Lionel.


Pete Ross is back in Smallville, and he is shocked to find out how many people know Clark’s secret. However, Pete Ross has a secret of his own. After chewing kryptonite enhanced gum, Pete has developed the ability to stretch his body to incredible lengths.

Sam Jones III, Band One Republic

Dr. Virgil Swann’s daughter, Patricia accuses Lionel of killing her father and other various members of a secret society called Veritas. Lionel has Clark kidnapped. Patricia Swan gives Clark her father’s journal and promises that she will be there for him. However, Lex has her killed.

Gina Holden, Aaron Douglas

hires intrepid new reporter Lois


Kara tries to teach Clark how to fly. Kara is forced to work with Braniac in order to save Lana’s life. Lois and Jimmy investigate Patricia Swann’s murder.

James Marsters, Anna Galvin

Olsen becomes enmeshed in


Lex murders Lionel by throwing him out of a LuthorCorp window. When Lex’s assistant tries to cover up the evidence, she discovers Clark’s secret, but before she can tell Lex, a mysterious stranger kills her.

Connor Stanhope, Anna Galvin


Lex is one step closer to finding and controlling the Traveler. Chloe is under investigation by The Department of Domestic Security. Clark discovers that Braniac is back on Krypton and attempting to kill baby Kal-El.
















Clark believes that saving baby Kal-El from Braniac would be a mistake. Jor-El

Apocalypse shows Clark what life on Earth would be like without him.

life appeared brighter after reuniting with Lana Lang. But Lana’s hatred for Lex ultimately deteriorates their relationship.

Lex discovered the existence

tion formed on the lore of the

could save the world or destroy it. His unrelenting search for

chasing the Daily Planet and

Chloe’s brief career nosedives when new editor Grant Gabriel

Lane, and boyfriend Jimmy

Lex’s search for The Traveler. Lex fires Chloe and later has her arrested for illegal hacking.

James Marsters

Brainiac returned, infected Chloe, left Lana in a coma and


Edward Teague is the last Veritas survivor, and in an attempt to save the world from the Traveler, Teague tries to kill Clark. Lex discovers an Orb hidden inside the mantle above the fireplace. This Orb show Lex the location of the Fortress of Solitude.

Robert Picardo


Lex realizes that Clark is the Traveler. Braniac, posing as Kara, convinces Lex that it is his destiny to kill the Traveler thus saving mankind. Lex and Clark have the final showdown at the Fortress of Solitude which is destroyed during the battle.

Robert Picardo, James Marsters

exposed Clark as The Traveler to Lex. Upon learning the truth, Lex faces off with Clark in the Fortress of Solitude.

18  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

Top Five Best Moments of Season 7

By Sazia Bashar

#1 Bizarro - Moment: Showdown between Clark and Bizarro

Clark and Bizarro battle it out! Not only was this battle physically brutal, but it also had a mental impact on Clark. “You had the existence I could only dream of. Every pleasure at your disposal and you wasted it. You don’t deserve this life Clark, but I do.” Before Bizarro could take over Clark’s life, he received a super punch from Clark and then was swooped away by John Jones (J’onn J’onzz), who took him to an unknown prison location. *Honorary Mention- Bizarro hitting on a baffled Lois Lane.

Gemini Episode Review

#2 Kara - Moment: Lois Lane gets a job at the Daily Planet

By Christine Brown Written by: Caroline Dries Directed by: Whitney Ransick

It’s Christmas time at The Daily Planet and everyone is in the holiday spirit, but for our intrepid reporter Lois Lane things aren’t so merry. There is a bomber on the loose and he has an agenda if Lois doesn’t make Lex spill the beans about his secret Gemini project he’s going to detonate a bomb that could cost Lois her cousin Chloe’s life. We find Lois Lane & Grant Gabriel (Michael Cassidy) in a heated make out session in the copy room. Lois is concerned that Grant is loosed lipped about her being chosen to do the expose on Lex and what her co-workers will think on how she got it. Grant lets her know Lex specifically requested her leaving a stunned Lois Lane to sort out this latest revelation.

“Welcome to the Daily Planet, Lois Lane.” One of the best iconic moments in Smallville - Lois Lane officially reporting for the Daily Planet, the place where she belongs. The new managing editor of the Daily Planet, Grant Gabriel, didn’t print Lois’ story due to the lack of proof (pictures), but he liked her passion and writing. He described Lois’ article about the spaceship she had discovered as “her prose leaping off the pages like a Bengal Tiger”. *Honorary Mention- Lex Luthor buys the Daily Planet (Gemini).

#3 Siren - Moment: Clark and Lois’ conversation about relationships

Next we see Chloe who is urgently trying to reach a MIA Clark who’s been gone for two weeks. Lois pops in wondering where her “cable guy” has gotten to and Chloe smoothly lies that he’s in Minnesota visiting Kara after a little light banter Lois gets a mysterious call the voice on the other end says if she doesn’t write his story exposing Lex’s secret lab he’ll blow her cousin to smithereens. As Lois tries to alert Chloe of the current danger, we are taken to the farm where Lana & Clark are reunited. Clark tells her that he thinks he was wrong about Lana’s spying ways and asks her to tell him everything she has on Lex. The two head over to the Isis office where Lana tells him about Lex’s latest project Gemini. Every attempt Lois makes to save her cousin is thwarted by the bomber who now has her donning an earpiece as she interviews Lex who is startled but coolly evades Lois’ questions. Lois fires back with Project Gemini, cloning and the name Adrian. When they start hitting a little to close for comfort Lex “takes Lois out of the equation” by knocking her out. Grant wants answers. Why does Adrian have his memories? Lex is stuck between a rock & a hard place and tries to tell Grant that this guy is crazy and all that knowledge is public record. Adrian goes on to tell Grant he was “created” by Lex that they are clones of Lex’s dead brother Julian. Lex shoots Adrian telling him he was a mistake as Adrian falls to the floor he sets off the bomb that is now with Chloe & Jimmy in the stuck elevator. Thinking they are going to die Chloe confesses her feelings and her Meteor ability. Lana & Clark are at The Daily Planet looking for her when they realize what’s happening Clark uses his superhearing to locate them and rushes to save them. Meanwhile Lois comes to and tells Lex she is going to expose “his morbid science fair to the world” Lex drops the bomb that he is now owner of the Daily Planet.

Oh, the irony of this scene! Clark visits Lois and sees that she is drowning herself in chocolate after she had made the decision to not give Oliver Queen a second chance due to his alter ego and importance to the world. Clark tries to reassure Lois that she doesn’t have to come in second place. But Lois knew if she was going to take that path with Oliver again, that she would get left behind (just like with her father), resulting in a heartbreak she did not want. Seeing Lois tear up, Clark decides to comfort her with a warm hug.“Besides, you know why settle for hot, rich, and famous when I can hang out with you?”

#4- Fracture - Moment: Alexander makes Clark a promise

Literally being tortured in Lex’s mind was not fun for Clark, but he was able to find some good in it - Alexander, Lex’s younger self. When Clark had finally found an exit, Alexander begged the one friend he had not to go. Before leaving, Clark asked Alexander to make a promise that they will see each other again and to never stop fighting. “Because you’re my friend. And now I know you’re here, so I will always keep an eye out for you. I’ll always be here for you.” Even though Alexander said, “I promise”, it was never fulfilled.

#5 Apocalypse - Moment: AU (alternate universe) Lois makes Clark strip/The glasses

As the episode wraps up Chloe & Jimmy patch things up as Grant & Lois let each other go knowing it’s for the best that they stay away from each other. Clark is at the farm going over the events with Chloe who tells him that the black substance maybe morphing into something, Clark tells her it’s Brianiac and Lana enters with coffee in hand. Clark and Lana talk about their renewed love and Lana is feeling closer to Clark then she ever has. After a kiss, Clark hugs Lana and it is revealed that was Bizarro all along. This episodes theme was about deception. Lex had cloned his dead brother Julian. Bizarro had masqueraded as Clark. Lois & Grant were sneaking around and Chloe was hiding her meteor powers from Jimmy. Though most of the issues were resolved by episodes end the Clana relationship was still up in the air. We had Lana‘s admission that she had never loved Clark more showing us that this relationship was once again not the one Clark is destined to have.

AU Lois and Clark hideout at AU Jimmy Olsen’s loft after Clark saves Lois from the DDS. Clark decides to confront Lex and Brainiac about their plan to destroy the world. Lois thinks Clark should change his clothes or else he will stick out. Lois tries to sneak a peek when Clark is changing, but unfortunately for her, the man has super speed. Clark asked what was wrong when she he noticed her eyes were full of scrutiny. “Something’s missing...”Lois stated. In come the iconic glasses that Clark Kent will wear someday for his disguise.

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  19

Season Seven


in the season, however, Justin only made one appearance the entire season in the episode SIREN, an episode that introduced Dinah Lance aka Black t’s not very often that SMALLVILLE fandom Canary, Oliver’s future wife. SIREN was one of the unites for anything, however, a majority of fans few season highlights. will agree that season 7 is the weakest and most Lois Lane was supposed to have a very meaty disorganized of the entire series. role with taking on Lex Luthor. That storyline got Season 7 showed us that the long running dra- sidelined when instead they paired her up with ma was in trouble and that the creative forces her editor Grant Gabriel, who turned out to be a behind the series had run out of ideas. From its in- clone of Lex’s long dead brother Julian. About the ception Al Gough and Miles Millar envisioned SMALLVILLE as SUPERMAN meets DAWSON’S CREEK. That formula worked fine for the first four seasons, however, once our main characters left high school, the producers seemed at a loss on where to go with SMALLVILLE. Millar and Gough remained focused on their tunnel vision that SMALLVILLE was about the Clark/Lex/Lana triangle and firmly held onto the belief that it was the heart of the series; not Clark’s journey to become Superman. Ultimately, their end goal would’ve been to have Clark go off to the Fortress and receive his training and not worry about his destiny and goal of becoming a reporter. Rather than take Superman mythology and reinventing it (like Brian Petersen and Kelly Souders have done in seasons 9 & 10) Gough/Millar stuck to their comfort zone and mired their final season in a mess of emo-filled soap opera crap storylines. Comic Con 2007 Millar and Gough promised Superman fans lots of great mythic stuff. They paraded Justin Hartley, Erica Durance, and only good thing that emerged out of the season new cast member Laura Vandervoort to the au- was that Lois did get hired at The Daily Planet dience of comic fans and vowed that after the and Chloe got fired. Sadly though, the fact that horrific back end of season 6 that things were they had Lois hook up with Gabriel tainted her getting back on track. They teased about Clark hiring, even though they clearly stated that Grant learning about his heritage from Kara and flight brought her onto the staff for her for her writing lessons - the jaded fanbase that watched a very talent, her arrival was blemished with Goughlar’s promising superbly heroic front end of season 6 constant insistence that every character needed descend into a pile of stinking, soapy excrement a romantic love interest. were cautiously optimistic. Clark meanwhile had no purpose on the series fter wooing the crowd at Comic Con and beyond trying to learn more about his Krytpontelling Superman fans what we wanted to ian family. Clark became creepily obsessive and hear, Miles Millar announced to the press after- stole Kara’s crystal from her, lied to her face, and wards that Lana and Clark would finally have a ultimately got rewarded for his idiocy by being “real relationship” now that she was in on his put in deep freeze by Jor-El in the Fortress. secret. When we heard that, we knew that the ana Lang took over as being the focal point season was going to be trouble. We feared that of the beginning of the season. She wrecked all progress and development of Clark’s character havoc on anyone around her in revenge for Lex’s at the beginning of season 6 was going to be lies. She kidnapped and tortured Lionel and stole abandoned, and sadly we were correct. money from Lex and illegally spied on his acFans probably could’ve swallowed that batch of tions. Throughout all of this, Clark just let her bad bile had the producers not decided to kick comic deeds all slide, never admonishing her for her fans in the face with their fifth episode ACTION acts and further showing himself to be a spineless that depicted a Warrior Angel fan as an immature, wimp who no one admired. Apparently Goughlar insane maniac who tried to kill Lana because she thought that we would all enjoy seeing Lana as a was “holding Clark back from his destiny” and badass - they were wrong. ended the episode with Clark walking away from About the only bright side to Lana being suba cape (destiny) so that he could further canoodle limely in love and sheet frolicking with Clark was with Lana. Nothing will piss off fans faster than be- that we learned that she had in fact been sleeping ing told flat out that the producers on your favor- with Bizarro and not Mr. Kent. Lana’s not being ite show think that your opinions are full of crap. able to tell the 2 men apart speaks worlds about The producers had talked up Oliver Queen’s role her lack of real knowledge of the man who she

By Erika Blake




supposedly was head over heels in love with. Her oversight depicted her as being the biggest, most colossal fool to ever grace the series. Kara saved the season from being completely unwatchable. Laura Vandervoort, an unknown to American viewers epitomized the role of Supergirl. She was young, quirky, full of spunk, and funny. And yet, there was always a hint of sadness and maturity that Laura brought to her role which helped to humanize the Kryptonian and not make Kara a caricature. Kara was smart and had to save Clark on several occasions, giving us at least one El who we could root for while we sat back and routinely wished for Clark to get some sense & direction knocked into him on a week to week basis. he season was filled with stunt casting as a means to plug in plot holes that littered the season. Guest stars included: Helen Slater as Lara El, Dean Cain as Curtis Knox, and Marc McClure as Dax-Ur. These casting choices were generally well received by fans, however it was the blatant nod to the CW by casting their “Top Models” in FIERCE that left fans cold and bitter. It’s debatable whether that or the obnoxious product placement in HERO of Stride Gum counts as the most nauseating product placement ever conceived for a show. Sam Jones III ended up getting the shaft for his one return episode, where the Stride Gum overshadowed his character’s storyline. Part way through 2007-2008 The Writer’s Strike happened. When the writers were on strike, any and all scripts that were available for production had to be left as-is and could not be altered in any way. With no one to edit the episodes - the episodes shot during the Strike were choppy. oth Executive Producers Al Gough and Miles Millar were on the picket line as well - leaving no one in charge of keeping the series going forward. In April after strike ended, Millar and Gough suddenly announced that they were leaving the series that they had created. For those of us at OSCK who demanded to the heads of Warner Brothers and DC Comics that changes be made on the series, this news filled out hearts with joy. The back end of the season had a very different tone to it than the front end; with news coming out that neither Kristin Kreuk or Michael Rosenbaum would be renewing their contracts, the series focused on wrapping up Lex’s storyline. The series gave us the inevitable event that fans had been waiting for since day one - Lex killing Lionel in DESCENT. The writers creatively dug deep into the past seasons to give us the VERITAS storyline that wove many of the unanswered, hanging plotlines together from the series earlier years and gave them all a dramatic conclusion with Lex & Clark disappearing in the imploding Fortress at the end of ARCTIC. Unfortunately it was too little too late to save the season from being the weakest produced.



20  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

Oliver Queen & Martha Kent Moving to DALLAS? reported on 11/10 that Warner Brothers is looking to pluck 2 familiar SMALLVILLE faces to join TNT’s revival of the ‘80’s mega nighttime soap Dallas. The series will be set now with the next generation of Ewings taking over the Ewing Oil empire. Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) will be the new patriarch. Annette O’Toole is being eyed to play Ann, his new wife.


UltimateDallas says that JR. Ewing’s son John Ross & Bobby’s son Christopher will be feuding cousins. Justin Hartley is top of Warner’s list to play the part of Christopher, or possibly a cousin.

AMAZING ARIZONA COMIC CON (JAN 8-9TH, 2011) Jeph Loeb - former SMALLVILLE & Superman writer will be attending. WIZARD WORLD NEW ORLEANS (JAN 29-30TH 2011.) James Marsters will be appearing & will also be hosting one of his famous concerts! EMERALD CITY COMIC CON IN SEATTLE WA. (MARCH 4-6TH, 2011) James Masters will be appearing all weekend. WIZARD WORLD TORONTO COMIC CON (MARCH 18-20TH 2011) John Schneider will be appearing.

SMALLVILLE and move to Dallas.

The series will be slated for next year allowing Justin time to finish his run on

This is as of press time, just a rumor. We’ll keep you posted as casting becomes finalized if either end up starring in the reboot.

Allison Mack Heading to “Apple Cove” Allison is heading back to NYC to star in a new off-Broadway play called “Apple Cove.” describes it as, The play focuses on the inhabitants of a gated community, who find that they cannot keep the chaos of the world and nature outside of their insular environment. The company will feature Cassie Beck, Paul Carlin, Erin Gann, Allison Mack and Dion Mucciacito. The play is scheduled to run at The Women’s Project Theater and will run from January 29th, 2011 through March 6th, 2011. You can order tickets here: apple-cove_176166/

Helen Slater Joins ABC Pilot

sister’s adoptive mother.

Helen Slater has joined the cast of a new pilot for ABC called “The Lying Game.” The story focuses on a young foster girl who discovers that she has an identical twin sister. Her sister had been adopted by a wealthy family and is now missing. Slater will be playing her

Also starring in the pilot are Alexandra Chango and Andy Buckley.

MEGA CON IN ORLANDO FL. (March 25th-27th) Both James Marsters & John Schneider (Sat & Sun only) will be appearing at this con. TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND (APRIL 29TH-MAY 1ST, 2011, DALLAS) Brian Austin Green will be attending. SUPERHEROES SEVILLE SPAIN (MAY 21-22, 2011) Michael Rosenbaum & Cassidy Freeman have been added to this convention. Previous announcements were Justin Hartley and Erica Durance.

Congratulations Cassidy & Clark Freeman for their horror film YELLOWBRICK ROAD for winning BEST FEATURE FILM this past November at the New York City Horror Fest!

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  21

1) Keri Lynn Pratt Carousel of Hope Event

2) John Schneider - The Beverly Hills Film, TV And New Media Festial Opening Night Party 3) Alan Ritchson & Julian Sands - Dodge Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon 4) Michael Rosenbaum arrives for the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Premiere Night at Griffith Park 5) Serinda Swan attends “Tron Legacy” World Premiere in LA. 6) Sam Jones III attends a game between the Portland Trailblazers and the Los Angeles Lakers 7) Kyle Gallner - AFI FEST 2010 Presented By Audi - “Blue Valentine” Screening 8) Jane Seymour - “Dancing With The Stars” 200th Episode 9) Alaina Huffman attends Innerspace “Stargate Universe” Special In Toronto. 10) Annette O’Toole & John Glover - 4th Annual Comedy Celebration Benefiting the Peter Boyle Fund hosted by the International Myeloma Foundation

22  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

Kristin Kreuk Lands in “Vampire” & “Ecstasy” Kristin Kreuk has landed the starring role in Rob Heydon’s film “Ecstasy.” The movie is based on the novel Welsh’s Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance, a number one bestseller in over 20 countries.

Clemens, will have it’s world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Colorado January 2030th.

The film is currently shooting in Canada and co-stars Billy Boyd (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.)

The LA Times describes the film as: On the surface, Simon seems like a fairly normal, average young man, devoted to his teaching job and ailing mother. Secretly, he is compelled to hunt through online chat rooms and message boards, searching for the perfect girl who will ensure his own survival.

Also Kristin’s new movie “Vampire” along with co-stars Kevin Zegers, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Rachel Leigh Cook, Aoi Yu, and Adelaide

Kristin worked previously with Kevin Zegers on SMALLVILLE in the season three episode “Magnetic.”

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  23

By Sazia Bashar Starting a professional career at the age of six must have been overwhelming. What was it that drew you into acting? I know it sounds cliche but I suppose I was “born” with it. I honestly don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to entertain, or even contemplating whether or not to pursue this life/career. I have always been obsessed with movies; it started with Disney, I remember showing up to Kindergarten everyday playing a different Disney character. For instance, on Monday I’d decide I was Snow White for the day. So I would dress up and just recite all the dialogue from the movie all day long and not respond to anyone who didn’t call me “Snow White”. The next day I’d be Cinderella or the Little Mermaid, etc... . I had a ridiculously good memory, I would literally memorize all these movies verbatim. I supposed I was a bit of a weirdo, running around Kindergarten, acting out entire movies all by myself. I have read that singing/ song writing is another passion of yours and that also you are a classically trained pianist. Has music always been a part of your life? I come from a very musical family, there was always music in our home. My mom used to be a big opera singer in Russia. I began playing piano when I was 6 and graduated classical school at the age of 11. I’ve been singing my entire life, I was a bit of a child star in Russia, I starred on a very popular childrens variety show, very similar to the Mickey Mouse Club, except all of us played instruments as well. We would go on these huge national tours and be rockin out and we were all between the ages of 5-10, it was pretty amazing. I began writing music when I was 11 and landed a recording contract at 17. I love music, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I really want to do a movie/ musical!!*

therapeutic for me, I find it to be my personal oasis away from the world. Where as acting is my curiosity at work; I love the idea of becoming other people, I’m very shy and introverted so I find that it’s something I’ve always needed in my life. Did you read any comics or have any knowledge about Mera prior to filming on Smallville? I’m a HUGE comic book nerd, and I can’t stress that enough. I knew all about Mera and I love that she has made a serious comeback in the DC universe as of late. She is such an interesting and fierce character, so when Smallville came calling I jumped at the chance to do it! Can you tell us what it was like working with the cast of Smallville (as a whole and individually with the actors)? What was it like working with Tom Welling both as an actor and a director? It was a wonderful experience! Everyone on the show is very welcoming, kind and hard working. I couldn’t have hoped for a better group of people to work with. Erica is really lovely!! Alan, my TV husband, is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met! As for Tom, I am convinced he is Superman in real life. The way he juggled his responsibilities on this episode was extraordinary, he was just non stop; it was a lot of hard work for all of us, but him being both the star and the director of this episode he had double our work load! I am just in awe of his perseverance and professionalism!

As as actor he is very giving and honest, which is fantastic. As a director he really gets it; he sees these shots and finds ways to make some very cool stuff work. Also, he is great at guiding actors towards the right choices without flat out telling you what to do. It’s so nice to work with someone who steers you in the right direction but lets you figure it Are you more passionate out on your own at the same about acting or music? Or is time. there no competition? How would you describe No competition...both are Arthur and Mera’s very special to me in different relationship as husband ways. Making music is very and wife?

They are a great fit. Here is this amazing, intelligent, sexy, strong couple that’s so in love and in sync with each other while saving the world! You can tell they know what the other person is thinking and that they have this incredible mutual respect and trust. Talk about a great marriage, huh? l

water... it got VERY cold, but we powered through thanks to the lovely crew that kept heat lamps and hot water bottles near by for in-between takes. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects in the near future?

I have a film coming out next year called “Just Go With It” with Adam Sandler. I am currently shooting the movie “Now” with Justin Timberlake and Cillian I think my favorite scene is the Murphy. Also, I’ve just finished scene back at the house with writing a big sci-fi screenplay Lois (Erica). I loved the idea of that I hope to turn into a comic these women being able to find book and feature film. common ground and actually relate to one another while coming from such different ~~~~~ backgrounds. I thought it was a beautiful resolution. Did you have a favorite scene or anything in particular that stuck out for you?

Was it challenging working in the water and with dolphins? The dolphins were amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it, these dolphins took better direction than some humans I’ve worked with! haha. They were incredible! As for the

* Elena sang on an episode of Cold Case titled “Triple Threat” (Season 6, Episode 8) and has recorded four songs: “Ashes”, “Denial”, “No More Tears”, and “Broken”. Elena is on Twitter - request to follow her at: @ElleSatine

24  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

Congratulations to Tom Welling for receiving a full season pick-up from the CW for his Freshman series HELLCATS!

CAST ROSTER Aly Michalka - Marti Perkins Ashley Tisdale - Savannah Monroe Matt Barr - Dan Patch Heather Hemmens - Alice Verdura

HELLCATS ON THE MOVE Beginning Tuesday, Janu-

Robbie Jones - Lewis Flynn

ary 25, HELLCATS cheers for a

Sharon Leal - Vanessa Lodge

new night, Tuesdays at 9 p.m.,

Gail O’Grady - Wanda Perkins

following ONE TREE HILL.

Craig Anderson - Morgan Pepper Ryan Kennedy - Jake Harrow Aaron Douglas - Bill Marsh D.B Woodside - Derrick Altman Gale Harold - Julian Parrish Teryl Rothery - Layne Monroe Jeff Hephner - Red Raymond Ben Cotton - Travis Gutherie

HELLCATS NOMINATED FOR A PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD The breakout hit for The CW was nominated as “Favorite New TV Drama.”

Emma Lahana - Charlotte Monroe

Marti Perkins Character Profile Marti Perkins is a Lancer University pre-law student. Marti lived at home with her alcoholic mother, Wanda. For years, Marti has lived as the provider and caretaker in her family, always being the responsible one with her mother being carefree. Wanda pulled a Wanda and failed to mention to her daughter that her college scholarship had been cancelled and that she was about to be kicked out of school for non-payment. With little options, Marti went on a quest to find any sort of scholarship to keep her enrolled and keep her dreams of getting far away from her mother alive. Reluctantly she tried out for the Hellcats cheer squad. The rocker, streetwise girl initially found little in common with the short skirted set. But when she showed off some of her crazy street learned dance moves, she found herself on the squad.

sion when Alice, the injured flyer who Marti replaced, goes out of her way to come up with schemes to embarrass and rattle Marti. She overheard Marti reveal to Savannah that her mother often embarrassed her at gymnastics meets when she was in high school. Alice used this knowledge and invited Wanda to the Hellcats regionals. Finding her strength to overcome her lifelong issues with her mother, Marti got through the even with flying colors.

The tall leggy blond balances her time between cleaning up her mother’s messes, team practices, and interning with one of Lancer’s top law professors, Julian Marsh, for a special “three strikes repeal” project. With the help of fellow classmate Morgan Pepper the two secretly work to try to prove that a man who’s attached to the case, Travis Gutherie, was in fact innocent of the crime that he was imprisoned for. Marti and MorMarti’s arrival was met with deri- gan find themselves targets as they

sniff too close to the truth. Marti is unaware that by investigating Bob Overton, a furniture store owner and booster club supporter of the Hellcat’s cheer squad, that she’s putting herself and her scholarship in jeopardy.

would be a good influence for her somewhat slutty male friend.

Marti wants to remain neutral and just friends with Dan. She sees how much Dan means to Savannah and she wants her new roomy to be happy. She also knows that Savannah

She finds herself completely alone and isolated when word gets out about she and Dan hooking up again. Lewis dumps her and Savannah no longer wants to be her friend.

Back in high school, Dan & Marti had sex in the back of Wanda’s car. The condom broke and the fear of Marti getting pregnant (which didn’t happen) sent Dan running away Marti’s personal life is a mess. Hav- from her for six months. This left ing spent most of her life caring for Marti with severe abandonment isher mother, Marti doesn’t trust her- sues. And even though they worked self to have a normal relationship. through their differences and were When her flying “base” partner Lewis back to being just friends. Marti shows interest in going out with her, findsthis to be a safe and uncomplishe’s torn. Eventually she gives into cated place for them. Dan, however, his charm only to muck everything doesn’t want things to stay as is and up when she finds herself having to forced her to make a decision - them face her true feelings for Dan. Once as a couple or nothing. When Marti again, drunk Wanda strikes again and won’t give into her feelings for him reveals to Dan that Marti has been in in hopes of protecting Savannah’s love with him since High School. feelings, Dan leaves.

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  25



By Christine Brown

catches the female cheerleaders in the air.) His relationship with former “flyer” Alice Verdura is a constant source of conflict. Alice is controlling and this usually strong man finds it difficult to say no to her. However, after learning that she’s taking drugs to speed up her wrist recovery, Lewis ends their relationship and moves on with Marti.

Welcome to Lancer College, home of the Hellcats cheerleading squad. Cheerleading is the backdrop of this drama set at Lancer College where we meet a series of colorful characters. Marti Perkins is a pre-law student who has found herself in dire straits financially. She lost her scholarship and if she wants to continue towards her goal of becoming a lawyer she must find a way to stay in school. The answer to her prayers came from an unlikely place, she discovers that the Hellcats cheer squad is offering a scholarship for a new member. Marti is creative and smart and initially looks at the cheer squad with disdain, thinking of them only as “football groupies” Swallowing her pride she tries out and wins the place of “flyer” (cheerleaders who perform aerial stunts.) Seeing that there’s more to cheering then meets the eye as she tries juggling her studies and cheering while getting into the grove of things she starts developing feelings for her “base” Lewis played by the ultra hot and adorable Robbie Jones. Next we meet “perky” Savannah Monroe played by Ashley Tisdale. The tightly wound Captain finds her squad in a bit of trouble at the beginning of the season when her lead “flyer” Alice, has been sidelined by an injury. Then to make matters worse, she learns that Lancer has cut their budget and has given it to the Volleyball team. If they want to keep their financial scholarships intact they must win at Nationals. Marti’s attitude regarding cheerleading didn’t exactly endear her to the team’s captain, however, Marti’s crazy and unique streetwise dance moves proved her to be a creative force that could shake up the team’s dance style and help to get them to Nationals. She voted to put Marti on the team which pitted her against team rival Alice who was offended that a non-cheerleader would take her spot on the team.

Alice Verdura (Heather Hemmond) is a spoiled narcissistic. She doesn’t like the idea of Marti taking over her job of “flyer.” She tries to get Marti kicked off of the team. She also attempts a coupe to get Savannah removed as team captain. And then when all else fails, she turns to Quarter back Jake Harrow (Ryan Kennedy) who gives her a means to an end with illegal prescription drugs to help illegally speed up the recovery for her injury. Vanessa Lodge (Sharon Leal) is a former star cheerleader turned Coach. She is on the verge of losing her job if she can’t get the squad to win at the upcoming Nationals. Just like Marti, Vanessa’s future depends on the Hellcats rising to the very top of this fiercely competitive cheerleading world. As she struggles to find funding for the Hellcats she must deal her personal life being in upheaval. Red Redmond a former boyfriend who she shared an illicit affair with back when she was a cheerleader is back on staff as the Lancer’s head football coach. Red is still charming as ever and determined to get Vanessa back. Vanessa however, is in a committed relationship with Lancers lead sports medical officer, Derrick Altman (DB Woodside.) Wanda Perkins (Gail O’Grady) Is Marti’s mother she works at the university’s pub and is a party girl who never grew up. She has a dysfunctional relationship with her daughter but genuinely loves her. The Hellcats band together to raise the money to get to Nationals. While the team blows off steam at a local barbeque. Dynamics shift as feelings are revealed. Marti confesses to Savannah that she and Dan hooked up while a stunned Lewis listened on. Savannah is crushed and tells Marti she needs to move out of cheer town and Lewis breaks up with her. A distraught Marti seeks out Dan only to find out he’s quit his job and moved away, leaving Marti feeling more alone then ever.

Dan Patch (Matt Barr) is Marti’s best friend. He lives with his working class family and works as a machinist at the docks. His dream is to become a documentary filmmaker. This charming devil-may-care has been playing his feelings for his BFF close to the vest. He starts dating Savannah whom he starts having feelings for which is new to him since he’s usually a casual dater. His growing interest in Savannah gets sidelined when at a charity function for the Hellcats, Marti’s mother reveals to him that Marti was in love with him throughout high school. Dan is now torn between his feelings for the two women in his life. Lewis Flynn (Robbie Jones) is a former star quarterback turned his back on football when he learned about Lancer’s unsavory “pay to play” tactics. Pay to Play means that the university provides extra, off-books funding to keep star players enrolled in their school. Ridiculed by his former teammates, Lewis joined the Hellcats and works as a ‘base’ (male support member for flyers - they throw and

Savannah Monroe Character Profile Savannah Monroe is the spunky captain of the Hellcats cheerleading squad at Lancer University. Outwardly she might appear to be a happy go lucky, goody-goody, rah-rah girl, however, this captain is not a leader to be messed with. She believes that cheerleading is every bit as difficult as any other collegiate sport and will defend her squad to anyone who dares to belittle their efforts.

is the captain of their Cyclones cheer team.

She struggles to make amends with her family. Her rigid mother cannot understand her daughter’s desire to live in a life where she’s constantly bombarded with temptation and sin. Meanwhile, Savannah learns that her perfect sister Charlotte has secretly gotten herself pregnant and finds herself caught in the middle Savannah is a Lancer transfer stu- of a growing mess of lies within her dent having transferred from their family. Savannah offers to protect rival school Memphis Christian the baby by posing as her sister at an College. Raised in a strict Christian event for a Cyclones sponsor’s event. household, Savannah dared to break Although the event wasn’t a compewith family tradition and left Mem- tition, the last thing Savannah ever phis Christian when she realized wants is for her own team to see that that she was being overly sheltered she posed as a Cyclone. and wasn’t learning anything about the outside world. Her family were Marti and Savannah started off as founding members of Memphis oil and water; two very different perChristian and upon her departure, sonalities who ended up as roomSavannah found herself ostracized mates in Cheertown. Marti seems from her family. Her sister, Charlotte very alien to Savannah and the capremained enrolled in the school and tain perceives her free spirited room-

mate with awe and a bit of fear.

her virginity until her wedding night. Savannah decides to break with her Through their friendship, Savan- family upbringing and in order to nah meets Dan Patch, Marti’s BFF take her relationship with Dan to the who she claims to have no history next level, she decides to have sex or feelings for. When Dan takes a with him. On the day of their special shine to Savannah, she gets her first evening she asked Marti how she taste of dating outside of her com- lost her virginity and upon asking fortable, safe Christian upbringing. the same thing to Dan realized that Dan is sweet, yet because he is expe- the two had slept together back in rienced in the world of dating, is a bit High School. exotic...and scary to Savannah. The petite brunette must come to terms When Dan breaks up with her apwith deciding if she could be OK with parently out of the blue, Savannah being in an open relationship or not. nearly gets herself date raped by an Also she must decide whether or not aggressively horny DJ from a local she might be fine with being with dance event that the squad attendsomeone who doesn’t automatically ed. As if the evening couldn’t have see marriage as a possible (and prob- been any worse, she learned that the able) end game to every relationship reason Dan broke up with her was that he enters. because he and Marti had recently hooked up and was uncertain of his Savannah struggles with her own feelings for her roommate. Marti & insecurities with her relationship Savannah are now at odds with each with Dan, wondering how he could other and Savannah has kicked Marti possibly want to be with her when out of her room. Savannah is hurt she was raised to save herself and and feels betrayed by Marti’s lies.

26  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  27

SEASON 1 REVIEW By Erika Blake


IESE KINGDOM FALLING started as an independent webseries that was picked up by a larger distributor and was moved to

RIESE KINGDOM FALLING (Alessandro Juliani) and Aliza (Emilie Ullerup) are at his side, but not 100% certain that his dream is real. Amara’s cushy life is now in peril when she realizes that her loyal assistant Trennan (Patrick

The series focuses on the fantasy kingdom of Eleysia where a power hungry religious group called, The Sect, has overthrown the rightful ruling royal family and put a puppet ruler on the throne. Queen Amara (Sharon Taylor) is cousin to the original royals and is hell bent on keeping her position. She is obsessed with finding Riese, the last remaining true blood heir to the throne. Riese (Christine Chatelain) is alone in the world, with the exception of her loyal companion Fenrir. Fenrir is a wolf raised to protect his Princess at all costs. In Eleysia wolves were a symbol of the old family and have been hunted to near extinction, per the Queen’s orders. Although Fenrir assists the Princess and saves her life many times over, he draws attention to the lone woman struggling to find a way to break the Sect’s rule of tyranny on her land. In her journey Riese discovered that the Sect has her entire kingdom living in fear. Anyone who dares to disobey their edicts ends up on the buisness end of a blade. Unbeknownst to the Princess a group of freedom fighters are working against the Sect. Led by Rand (Ryan Robbins,) this ragtag group’s mission is to take out as many of Amara’s troops as possible. Rand has his own agenda, he believes that the true heir to the throne, Riese, is still alive. If he can find her, Rand believes that they can help her to regain her throne. Rand’s loyal soldiers Garin

consequences. Originally I got to see the first four episodes before they came on SyFy. The original broadcasts were sort of difficult to follow since Riese as a main character doesn’t have a lot of dialog making it difficult to completely understand what’s going on. The updated, newly edited versions of the series are brilliantly remastered. With the help of Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG1, Sanctuary) joining the series as narrator, her storytelling really helps the viewer to fully immerse him/ herself into the unfolding dark and twisted fairy tale. Each episode is only 9 minutes, this makes it difficult to delve too deeply into character development, however, the series was so expertly shot that they give us just enough overview that when watched all together, the story is cohesive. Sharon Taylor makes a wicked evil queen and brings a perfect blend of hautiness, fire, and humor to her role. Christine Chatelain delivers a fine performance as the lone survivor to the crown, who constantly lives in fear for her life. She kicks ass in nearly every episode.

Gilmore) shares loyalties with The Sect and that her bloodhound tracker Herrick (Ben Cotton) is no longer abiding by her orders. Power hungry and mysterious Marlise (Allison Mack) toys with the delicate balance that Trennan is trying to maintain in keeping his Queen in the dark about The Sect’s plans. The Sect plan on replacing their current Queen with an individual who’s completely loyal to them and whose ascention will bring both sides of the conflict crashing together with unforseeable

iPHONE RPG CARD BATTLE GAME “RIESE: BATTLE FOR ELEYSIA”, BASED ON THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED WEB SERIES “RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING”, RELEASED FEATURING VOICE OF FELICIA DAY Vancouver – November 2, 2010 – Genius Factor Games (http://www. a Vancouver based game developer, as part of its transmedia strategy, is proud to introduce its second title created exclusively for the Apple iPhone® and iTouch®.

You can download all 10 episodes cheap on in full HD or watch them on Syfy. com/Riese.

“Riese: Battle for Eleysia is built upon the rich and diverse canon from the already successful show and sets the stage for another unique and deep way for fans to explore and engage in the series.” says Ted Nugent, President of Genius Factor Games. “Our focus on independent IP naturally aligns us with production companies like Riese Productions, Ltd. and we are extremely excited about future transmedia projects.” A product update is already in the works with additional features including head-tohead multiplayer, supplemental content and other improvements. The update is slated for release around mid December 2010. An iPad specific version is also in development and anticipated in early 2011.

Riese: Battle for Eleysia (http://riese. brings the world of the award-winning, steampunk inspired Syfy web series Riese: Kingdom Falling ( into the hands of iPhone® and iTouch®users worldwide. Featuring the voice of Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr. Horrible?s Sing Along Blog), this RPG card battle game lets players battle for control as the deadly Sect, the glorious Eleysian Army, or the dedicated Resistance, all in an effort to conquer and rule the land of Eleysia! Players can customize their decks of over 60 gorgeous cards and 24 modifier cards to develop packs that best suit their own personal battle strategy, track their progress with OpenFeint achievements, unlock additional content as they play through the campaign and immerse themselves in the Riese world with Felicia?s narration and the riveting series soundtrack composed by Rich Walters.

The ten episodes, when watched together, act as a great Pilot for a TV Series. The viewers are given a wonderful tease for enjoying this unique and completely original world filled with power stuggles and intrigue. The addition of the Steampunk elements to the series makes RIESE unique in it’s look as Steampunk is usually reserved for sci-fi, not fantasy.

for $3.99.

“Working with GFG on the Riese: Battle for Eleysia game has furthered our goal of being truly transmedia” says series cocreator Kaleena Kiff, “The story we’re telling with the live action series is the basis for the game, while the game itself has allowed us to create a larger world, full of depth and new characters and inventions that will eventually become a part of the live action series. With the two fueling one another, we feel like we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of the expanding stories we’ll soon be able to tell with both the series and the game.” Riese: Battle for Eleysia is available now in the Apple App Store (

For more information on what is upcoming for Genius Factor Games visit their website and blog at, or follow them on twitter at http:// Genius Factor Games.

28  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

Can you tell us how the costume helps get you into character? I got to see all the character costumes on the day we did the photo shoot for Riese. I remember it was the first time I really got excited about the project and knew I was a part of something special. The costume was what made this character real for me.

By Erika Blake

developing the character.

Can you please tell us about your character Riese and how you see her?

With minimal dialogue there are benefits and challenges for an actor because it takes that much longer for the audience to connect with your character. Riese is physically powerful so we did a lot of martial arts training, knife fighting and kickboxing. It’s a very fine balance and I enjoy the challenge, and the bruises.

Riese is the exiled princess of the Kingdom of Eleysia. After escaping the coup and murder of her family, she is pursued by an evil religious group known as the Sect. Riese finds herself wandering alone except for her father’s wolf and guardian, Fenrir, bound to protect her. The two wander alone in the harsh environment, hunted by the Sect, and haunted by what has happened to her family. I see Riese as the reluctant heroine. Although she is a natural leader with a strong and resolute character, I wanted her to maintain that sense of a vulnerable lost girl. After the coup, Riese relies on her greatest strength, the will to survive, and to see justice upheld for her family. What drew you to the role of Riese? There were many aspects that drew me to this role. To have the opportunity to play a strong female character is always a wonderful challenge.

When you are working in a specific genre the costumes are instrumental in helping you get into character. It adds an element of play. It’s fun to dress up and pretend to be an ass-kicking exiled princess. One of the reasons I love my job so much is that I get to play such a wide variety of roles. Did you know about the Steampunk genre before starting the series? What do you think of it? How can we see the influence of Steampunk in the series? I have always loved the whole look and image of Steampunk. I know the genre has been around for a while but it seems to have caught on and is growing very fast.

Riese is heavily “inspired” by Steampunk but is definitely its What was it like working own world. You can see many with Fenrir and the wolf Steampunk elements in the sets trainers? and costumes. The goggles I wear When I first met Tundra, who are very Steampunk inspired! I’ve been to a lot of sci-fi conventions plays Fenrir, I admit it was and the Steampunk costumes are a bit intimidating. I’m a big dog person but he is so much by far my favourite; most of the fan costumes I see are beautiful and larger and very clearly not intricate. I have a much greater a dog. He likes to greet you appreciation for the genre after by putting his paws on your being so immersed in it. I’m going shoulders and then tries to lick your face off! His trainers to talk to the producers about a bigger budget so we can get some are fantastic. After meeting airships! them and hearing his story I realized he was basically a big puppy with a very sweet What do you enjoy about disposition. working in Sci-fi / fantasy? What are the challenges? It can sometimes be a challenge for actors when The sci-fi and fantasy genres give working with animals on set the actors an opportunity to play but being an animal lover I was very excited about the opportunity to work with a wolf. Tundra and I became quick friends when he realized I would be carrying around raw meat all day long!

Plus, I knew that putting on a cool costume and running around kicking-butt with a wolf would be simply fantastic Have you had a lot of and loads of fun! training experience for the fight scenes? Do you find the fight scenes challenging How do you approach or easy? acting and developing your character when you I was absolutely terrified but don’t have a lot of words to sooooo excited when I found assist with explaining her out that they wanted me to motives? do all my own stunts and The creators wanted to slowly fighting! I had never done reveal the mysteries of Riese’s any serious fight training before but I’m a very athletic story. I like the fact that not person. I spent a couple of everything was spelled out weeks with a great trainer because it allows viewers to learning kickboxing, knife use their imagination. I put a fighting and some mixed lot of focus into the physical martial arts stuff. aspects of Riese while

really unique characters. I’ve always appreciated how knowledgeable sci-fi fans are and how much they invest in and support their shows. It’s unique and really cool. I must admit I am sometimes intimidated by the fans knowledge, even though I study the characters so in-depth, there are always some fans that seem to know so much more than I do. My friends make fun of me because I’ve never watched Star Trek…. But I have been to Vulcan!!! (Shot a commercial in Vulcan, Alberta.) If the series were to get picked up as a full time series on SyFy, who would be your dream actors to work with in a television version of the series? My dream would be to work with a bunch more of my friends on set. I have so many talented friends in this industry but we rarely get the opportunity to work together because everyone is so busy on various other projects or spread out in different cities. Mind you, that might be a bad thing to work with a bunch of friends; we wouldn’t get a lot of work done because we’d be playing practical jokes on each other all the time! ~~~~~~ Christine appeared in SMALLVILLE’s episode 7x03 “Fierce.” She has appeared in many scifi series including: Sanctuary, Supernatural, Fringe, and Dark Angel. She is on Twitter, you can follow her at: christine_chat

RIESE will be premiering in CANADA in 2011 on

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  29

By Erika Blake Tell us a bit about your character GARIN on RIESE, please.

You got to star in the awesome SMALLVILLE movie “Absolute Justice;” what was it like working with Tom Welling as a director?

Well he carries a Very Large Axe! He wears way more fur and leather than I ever thought I could get away with. He has a very badass scar, most likely from an incident involving the Very Large Axe! He is a high-level member of The Resistance, arguably second in command to Rand. And in his spare time, an avid spelunker.

As I mentioned before, Tom has been very involved with my character from the get-go. So having him direct is a treat.

What drew you to the part of Garin and RIESE?

It was such a privilege to be a part of the Battlestar team. They set the bar very high for the rest of my career. As for Gaeta? Well, I feel like he died with regrets, but never having compromised his morals. And while I may be totally biased, I think his actions saved the fleet.

You mean apart from the Very Large Axe?! I really dug the scope and ambition of what the whole RIESE team were trying to accomplish with limited means. And I had never seen anything quite like the look of the world they were conjuring. You got to work with both Ryan Robbins & Emilie Ullerup, can you tell us what it’s like working with them? I prefer to think of it as a kind of unofficial mentorship. Those two are like wet, unmoulded clay. You can see the potential for a really beautiful ashtray or even a butter dish one day. But they still have SO much to learn. I was happy to share with them some of my little tricks and nuggets of wisdom;-) You got to do some fighting in the series, was this new for you? Did you have any special training that you had to go through to prepare for the fight scenes? I was nationally ranked fencer as a teen. (seriously). I’ve fought a lot onstage. But never really had to do much on screen before. It was a blast! I love almost hitting stuntmen and seeing them go flying! Can you describe Garin’s relationship with Rand? Well hopefully we’ll get to see or learn more of their backstory if the series continues. They are clearly close. Garin is very much in the know as to Rand’s true motives, and is aware of Rand’s history with Riese. It would seem that that knowledge is perhaps wearing on their mutual trust. You’ve spent a lot of your recent career working in sci-fi, how does working on a web series differ from working on a standard TV series? Well because it was an ‘indie’ project at the time we shot, the camaraderie was very strong. Everyone was there because they wanted to be . Because they believed in the project. Having starred in several major sci-fi TV projects, what do you enjoy about the genre? What are the challenges? I am so fortunate to enjoy what I do. I don’t approach this genre any differently than any other. But the sci-fi and fantasy genres have unequivocally the best fans in the universe. Their feedback and support is unique and, at times, highly entertaining. Can you describe to us how you got into the head of Dr. Emil Hamilton? How do you see him as a character? Did you research him from the Superman mythos before taking the role? My comic-collecting cousin lent me a few comics featuring Emil. I don’t know that they were particularly relevant to the series but it was still cool to get some context on the where the guy eventually fits into the DC universe. Right from Emil’s first appearance, Tom (Welling) wanted to create a distinct sense that Emil had a busy and full life outside the ‘show’. I see him as a slightly older, mentor figure to Clark, who now has morphed into a true ally and trusted peer. What are your favorite things about playing Dr. Hamilton? What are the most challenging things about portraying him? Both my favourite and most challenging time as Emil has yet to be aired. But will be in the new year. When you see it it will be completely obvious!

You portrayed one of the original characters from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, can you share with us what it meant for you to be a part of the critically acclaimed series?

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V Character Profiles Erica Evans Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) is an FBI agent and single mother. After the Visitors arrived, Erica found herself hot on the trail of terrorists who appeared to have no interest in the Visitor’s arrival. Her investigation landed her at a Resistance group meeting. While there, the meeting was raided by Visitors. She discovered that her FBI partner was in fact a Visitor. Using her position in the FBI, she seeks out possible allies and is able to track possible V infiltrations within our own Government.

High Commander Anna Anna (Morena Baccarin) is the High Commander and leader of the Visitors. Her face, pleasant voice, and reassuring words put humanity at ease that the aliens were here to share, not conquer. She tells humanity that the Visitors are here for peaceful purposes and only have their best interests at heart. She sought out Chad Decker and found an ally in the media to help spread her agenda to the world. All of the while behind the scenes, her own people lived in fear of her cruelty and harsh judgements. Anna coldly dishes out judgement on any of her own people who dare defy her orders. Punishment is skinning - a process that involves manual removal of their human exodermal layer. Whenever she worries that her people are falling out of her control she showers her people with “Bliss” a form of hypnosis that drugs each V into a false sense of senerity and security.

Armed with the knowledge that the V’s have been here for a long time and have infiltrated human society, she teamed up with Father Jack and became a founding member of her local “Fifth Column” chapter.

The more she investigated the V’s, the more she realized that they are covering up a hidden agenda. Her son Tyler has joined the “Peace Masterfully, the beautiful alien tells the public everything that they want to Ambassadors” and his association with Anna’s daughter, Lisa provided her hear while she sets her plans into action. Her true motivations and plans for with opportunities to study the V’s up close to discredit them and expose humanity remain hidden from us. The Fifth Column is royally wrecking havoc their secrets to the world. on her plans to execute them without complications. Anna is not pleased.

The Fifth Column The Fifth Colum is the human resistance group against the Visitors. The group is comprised of five key members. Erica Evans (FBI agent,) Father Jack a priest who is losing his faith, Georgie a man who blames the V’s for killing his family, Ryan Nichols a rogue Visitor hell bent on protecting his fiance’ and their cross-breed unborn child, and Kyle Hobbes a freedom fighter recruited to the cause by Erica.

to live a normal, human life. Although long ago, Ryan killed May under Anna’s orders, his message remained with Ryan and he took up May’s cause to break free from bliss.

Ryan’s inside knowledge of the V’s helps the team to track down leads that will help them to find ways to discredit Anna and disrupt her plans.

dead bodies, effectively framing the Fifth Column for murder. Bolstered by the Fifth Column on the ground and their attacks against Anna, members aboard the motherships begin their own campaigns of terror. A young V stationed on the Sydney Mothership activated an explosive device while everyone on crew was distracted under Anna’s Bliss influence. On the ground, other chapters of The Fifth Column are spread out across the globe. The V’s are systematically working to take out each group and weaken their numbers.

In a final act to show the strength of The Fifth Column’s resolve, Erica used her invitation aboard the New York mothership to share a meal with Anna and Lisa as a way to destroy Anna’s nest filled with her ready to hatch super soldiers. Aboard the ship, Joshua, Anna’s Chief Medical Taking the advice from freedom fighter Kyle, Officer and highest ranking sleeper Fifth Column the group snuck a message that they inserted agent takes the blame for the act and orders Erica into one of Anna’s world-wide broadcasts that The group also blew up a transport ship that to kill him in order to protect her cover. The Fifth read “John May Lives.” John Mays was the first had been leaked as being filled with tracking sol- Column ended season one with two possible new Visitor to break free from Anna’s bliss and dared diers. The V’s lied and instead filled the ship with and powerful allies coming over to their cause. The groups first victory came when they stumbled across a warehouse that acted as a hub for manufacturing R6, an untraceable tracking agent that the V’s inserted into humanity’s flu vaccine.

Lisa & Tyler Evans

Chad Decker

Tyler Evans (Logan Huffman) finds himself swept up in the coolness of the V’s. With Chad Decker was a New York anchorman who aspired greatness. He longed to get his mother constantly working and feeling neout from behind the desk and report real news. A glected, Tyler covertly joins the V’s Peace Amchance encounter with Anna changed his fortune bassador program in order to gain mothership forever. Decker was granted the first interview with access priviledges and to get to spend more the Visitor’s High Commander. However, his jourtime with the lovely V, Lisa (Laura Vandervoort.) nalistic integrity felt compromised when she asked him to lob fluff questions his way. Lisa is under orders from her mother to find a human male and make him fall in love with As time passed, Anna would shower Decker with her. She targets Tyler and works to create a news stories. The more fame and press that fell his wedge between him and his mother in order way, Chad wanted nothing more than to please to make him feel alienated and want to turn his Anna. While reporting on their healing centers back on humanity and join the V’s. Anna’s plans their test results showed that he had early stages unravel as Lisa spends more time with Tyler, she of a brain aneurysm and offer to fix it for him. finds herself falling in love and her emotional Our own science cannot detect this yet. integrity is compromised. Rather than allowing her mother to use Tyler, she tries to protect him, Chad begins a game of cat and mouse runparticularly after seeing how deeply his mother ning between Father Jack and Anna trying loves and cares for her son. to determine which side is right in this philo-

sophical, and deadly battle. Doubts about An-

Tyler is at a crossroads, having discovered that his parents split because test re- na’s intentions begin to fester and come into full light when in an encounter sults showed that Joe Evans (Nicholas Lea) was not his biological father. Who will with Joshua aboard the mothership, Chad learns that the V’s didn’t cure a he chose, his family or the mysterious beautiful girl from the stars, Lisa? brain tumor, but gave him one, instead.

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Episode Number





They Arrive, 29 spaceships break into US orbit and forever change the lives of all humans on earth. FBI Agent Erica Evans attempts to discover why a terrorist group remained active during the arrival. Father Jack finds his faith waivering - how can God exist if aliens exist? Tyler, Erica’s son becomes obsessed with the Vs. Anna, the V’s high commander finds an ally in newcaster Chad Decker.


There is no Normal Anymore

The V’s continue their attempts to win over the hearts of humanity, Erica Evans is still reeling from the knowledge that her FBI partner was a V. She begins to worry about Tyler’s growing obsession with the Visitors. Tyler lets his emotions get the better of him during his ambassador duty and finds himself out of the program. Chad Decker starts debate over the V’s and their desire for diplomatic relations.


Select Visitors are granted Visas to enter the US. On this historic day, an assasination is made on the High Commander. The FBI is called in and Erica uses her A Bright New attempt position as V protector to sniff out clues on their true intentions. Meanwhile Father Day Jack tracks down Georgie, the man who lead the meeting in the warehouse. The Fifth Column, a V resistance group is born.


It’s only the Beginning

The V’s begin their campaign to win the hearts of humanity by opening healing centers across the world. They offer a super vitamin to the populous. On investigation, Erica, Father Jack, and Ryan Nichols find that the V’s are spiking the flu vaccine w/ compounds unknown called R6. Erica learns Ryan is a V. The Fifth Column blow up the entire supply. Ryan’s fiance’ Valerie has some wonderful news.

Welcome to the War

Father Jack is wounded after a V knifed him for blowing up the warehouse. He is sent to a V medical center and is given a dose of R6. At the FBI, the warehouse explosion is pinned on a soldier of fortune, Kyle Hobbes, who Erica decides to find and recruit to the Fifth Column. Anna’s plans for Tyler begin to emerge as she scans his memories looking for a way to break his connection to his mother. Anna decides to get rid of the Fifth Column by creating her own soldiers.

Pound of Flesh

Worried that she has Fifth Column members on her ships, she tells Joshua, her chief medical officer to create a screen test to find out who might be a sympathizer. Hobbes promotes using Anna’s next broadcast as a way to get the message out there that the Fifth Column are a real threat. Ryan goes to the ship for a drug to help ease Valerie’s unusual pregnancy. Georgie trades his life for Ryans.

John May

Ryan leads the Fifth Column on a quest to locate an ancient V communication device so that he can speak w/ Joshua on board the ship and hopefully help get Georgie off of it. He recalls his meeting John May, the first Visitor who broke free from Anna’s influence and founded the Fifth Column. Chad investigates Anna’s new “Live Aboard” program and realizes that she’s targeting unremarkable people. Tyler learns the truth on why his parents got divorced.





Chad and Anna attend a UN Energy Summit in Geneva Switzerland. During the event, Anna learns of a large disaster and offers the victims blue energy. She then the gift at the Summit. A leader poses questions on Anna’s motives to We Can’t Win presents Chad, making him wonder are they really visitors or are they planning to stay? Valerie is on the run, knowing that there’s something very wrong with her baby. The Fifth Column are now being targeted by the FBI as terrorists.


Heretic’s Fork


Hearts and Minds




Red Sky

Kyle uses unconventional methods to acquire infomation about the location of a harddrive that lists the names of other Fifth Column members, with hopes of swelling the ranks of their group. Tyler is invited into the “Live Aboard” program. Lisa is sent to convince Erica to let him come, however, she offers shocking advice instead. Chad finally agrees to allow the V’s to remove the aneurysm that they had discovered. Ryan tells Valerie the truth about himself. Anna plants false information about a shuttle being launched that will be full of trackers trying to locate The Fifth Column. When Kyle, Ryan, and Father Jack shoot it down, they discover that Joshua, who gave them the info, had been duped. Instead it was full of civilians. Upon investigation of the wreckage at FBI headquarters, Erica makes a shocking discovery. Chad continues cozying up with Father Jack to try to find out info about The Fifth Column, while still reporting back to Anna. Anna earns Worst Mother of the Year title. Anna continues her quest to discredit anti-V protesters by planting a Visitor in an ally who claims that she was beaten by humans. Bruised and battered from her own mother’s hand, Lisa is conflicted over following through her mother’s wishes or telling Tyler’s mother the truth. Under duress, Lisa identifies Kyle Hobbes and a government scientist who’s research on a rare fungus that’s affecting turtles appears to be a weapon that can be used against the Vs. Kyle’s motives aren’t as clear as they appear to be. Erica decides that the Fifth Column needs to make a big statement. Using a dinner invite by Anna to talk about Tyler and the “Live Aboard” program, Erica and Joshua devise a plan to destroy all of Anna’s soldier eggs before they begin to hatch. Father Jack makes a stand at his parish against the V’s, risking his position in the church. Chad Decker learns that he’s been played by Anna, in a horrific way. Anna makes certain that Valerie is on board to give birth to her child. With help from an unlikely ally, Erica destroys Anna’s nest. Seeing all of her “children” blow to pieces causes the usually calm leader to make a rash decision that speeds up the timeline of her plan for humanity.

Season 1 Summary By Erika Blake hey arrive. On a not so T special day, the answer to humanity’s largest question

was answered - we are not alone. 29 massive spaceships arrive and hover over major cities across the globe. Their leader, Anna, promises that the Visitors mean humans no harm. Slowly the aliens begin to take over all aspects of human life. They deliver hope in the form of healing centers and offer tremendous medical breakthroughs to those in need. They also promise “blue enegy” power that is thousands of times more efficient fossil fuel. here are those who do not T believe the Visitors propeganda. Erica Evans and her

group of freedom fighters called “The Fifth Column” work together to uncover Anna’s real purpose for coming to Earth. The group consists of Hobbs a freedom fighter, Father Jack a priest, Ryan a V resistant fighter, and Georgie a man on a mission to avenge the murder of his family. Within only a short few months, they’ve suffered losses in their small group. However, hope grows when Anna’s plans begin to unravel. Chad Decker, her puppet newcaster learns that he’s personally been duped by the V’s and sees first hand their plans for humans which involves painful medical testing. ven Anna’s own daughter E begins to doubt her mother’s plans, when she falls in

love with Tyler (Erica’s son) and sides with humanity over her own species. Anna realizes that the Fifth Column is becoming a threat and decides to breed her own army of super soldiers. Realizing that they will destroy people without mercy, Lisa helps Erica to destroy the soldiers before they are born. Unawares that her chief medical officer, daughter, and Tyler’s mother planned the attack, Anna feels her first human emotion of intense rage and unleashes hell on Earth in retaliation for the deaths of her Supersoldier army.

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Season 2 Spoilers & News Jane Balder & Marc Singer Return to V Original V TV stars Jane Balder and Marc Singer have both been cast in Season 2 of the ABC reboot of “V.” Jane will make her first appearance in the season premiere “Red Rain.” TV Guide reported that Marc Singer will be playing a character who appears in the season finale’s 10th episode. They describe his character as “named Lars Tremont. Lars is a member of a super top secret organization comprised of highranking military and government leaders from around the globe, who have long suspected that the Visitors — despite what they tell us — are very much not here in peace.” The 2 will not share any screentime.

2x01 “Red Rain” “V” will make its highly-anticipated Season Two premiere, TUESDAY, JANUARY 4 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. The Season Two opener, “Red Rain,” continues the action from last season’s finale when Anna unleashed Red Sky on the planet. With the world on the brink of war and chaos all around, is there anyone who can stand up to Anna? Meanwhile, Ryan has been kept in isolation on the mothership, away from his hybrid baby so that Anna can experiment on her; Chad, seeking redemption for being used by Anna, now wants to fight with the Fifth Column; and Erica goes on a journey to find a scientist who can give her the answers to what Red Sky is, and where she learns the horrifying secret of what the V’s are doing on our planet. (ABC/JEFF PETRY)

Upcoming Episode Titles 2.02 - ” Serpent’s Tooth..” 2.03 - ” Laid Bear..” 2.04 - ” Unholy Alliance..”

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V Season 1 Blu-Ray Review By Erika Blake

The series heavily relies on CGI work for all of their V mothership interiors. Even on blu-ray Season 1 of “V” is available now on Blu-Ray it’s pretty easy to tell at times that the enviand was released by Warner Brothers Studio. ronments are not real. I often find this to be a The discs contain all 12 episodes from the first problem on other series that heavily use green season. screen, such as “Sanctuary” and “Spartacus. “ We are in the infancy of this technology, so the My personal favorite way to watch TV series is on Blu-Ray. Even if you watch a series in HD live, or if you download the HD episodes from iTunes, the color saturation doesn’t compare to the dense brightness that you experience when watching Blu-Rays. The color and sound on these disks is wonderful. This extends into the special features as well as the episodes.

Actor’s Journey from Human to V,” and disc two contains three documentaries “Breaking story: the World of V,” “An Alien in Human Skin: the Make-up FX on V,” and “The Visual Effects of V.” Most of the documentaries are dull but there are some cool things in them. This is saying a lot considering that I’ve loved behind the scenes specials ever since I was a kid and poured over PBS specials on the STAR WARS films. They recycled some interview footage in different specials on these discs. Why they did that is beyond me, but there’s nothing more irritating that having the same interview clips appear in multiple documentaries on the same sets of discs.

If I have an issue with the DVDs, I wish that the studio would go into each episode and remove the “previously on” footage that is usually attached to the episodes for their original airing. Each episode of “V” contains that extra footage. And if you’re marathon watching the series, it’s really annoying to be reminded of everything that you watched just a few hours ago. I suppose the recaps have merrit for someone who decides to throw in a disc and select an epi- more series employ the use of it, the better it sode at random to watch - but otherwise, they will look as time moves forward. serve little purpose - other than to annoy a person. The actors, however, are fully committed to working in the green screen environment and “V” was a project that had a shift in upper never once do you feel like that they aren’t creative management half way through the actually on board the ships because their perseason. The series originally aired the first formances are believable. four episodes at the beginning of the 2009 Fall season and the rest in Winter/Spring 2010 The series does have believable CGI work in on ABC. When you watch the episodes the it though - whenever they show world shots first four, story-wise, are a little slow to get of the motherships hovering over various citthings moving along. It’s not until “Welcome ies in the world, it’s completely believable that to the War” that the series starts to really take they’re actually there. off, storywise. We get more reveals and the story moves along much faster. The change in There are several documentaries on the production management made a difference. disks. Disc one contains a documentary “The

Probably the highlights of the documentaries were whenever they pulled out footage from the original “V” Mini-series and you get to see how far visual FX have come over the past thirty years. I did enjoy seeing how they created the animatronics for the series as well - showcasing that FX aren’t only about CGI work but that Hollywood still relies on old school techniques for providing FX.

Into the Blue 2: The Reef DVD Review By Erika Blake Into the Blue 2: The Reef was a direct to DVD film starring Laura Vandervoort, Chris Carmack, David Anders, and Marsha Thompson.


he story focuses on a couple Danni (Vandervoort) & Sebastian (Carmack) who run a dive charter boat in Hawaii. They get hired by a couple, Azra (Thompson) and Carlton (Anders) seeking out lost sunken treasure. Sebastian who has dreams of building his own yacht and opening his own dive shop has spent years searching for the same sunken treasure and happily agrees to the week long charter. Eventually Danni and Sebastian learn that things aren’t as they appear to be, the European couple are not searching for sunken treasure but illegal cargo that got dumped in deep water. Danni starts to seriously distrust the couple when they throw promises of large payouts for their dive specialists to continue with the quest for the merchandise and agree to say nothing about the contents. Going on Danni’s mistrustful instincts, one evening Sebastian and Danni decide to check out the contents of one of the two boxes that they had located and discovered it to be some sort of a large weapon. Both Danni and Sebastian realize that their situation just went from bad to possibly deadly. Carlton & Azra show

their true colors as bounty hunters of fortune and put everyone’s lives at risk. It’s then a race with the clock to see whether or not our leads can make it out of the dangerous situation alive.

Another cool thing was the producers mentioning how this series probably couldn’t have been made if 9/11 didn’t exist. The word terrorist is now so ingrained in our daily lives that it’s 100% believable that the way the Fifth Column is treated in the series and the overwhelming level of fear that terror can produce in a populous. Although there were some deleted scenes the discs didn’t contain a gag reel or any other fun special features. Overall the episodes are the main reason to buy these discs. They are pretty in their full 1080i glory. stars in the film provide lots of male and female eye candy as well. Laura should’ve been happy, she was the one blond in the film who didn’t have to flash the camera at any point during the film. Sorry boys, no Super boobies in this flick. The story is extremely predictable. At the beginning of the film before all goes to hell Danni, Sebastian, Azra, and Carlton all go on land and party up with their friends & play volleyball on the beach. The scene is extremely long and drawn out and ultimately served very little purpose to the story and could’ve been cut. Instead they could’ve focused more on Danni and Sebastian’s friends Kimi and Mace which might’ve allowed us to feel more for their B storyline. Also I found the 16th century sunken treasure ship off of Hawaii’s coastline to be completely unbelievable. They should’ve shot the film in the Caribbean instead if they wanted us to believe that such treasure could exist.

Vandervoort was engaging and charming as Danni. Her character wasn’t overly complicated (as were most of the characters) however, she didn’t come off as completely one dimensional. Carmack (appeared in SMALLVILLE episode RECRUIT) was an alright leading man. He and Vandervoort had believable, good chemistry together. His characThe movie was beautifully shot in Hawaii. The ter though was dull and bland. But hey, at least he underwater diving scenes were well shot with was pretty to look at. lots of nice sea life shots to make you feel like you were an armchair diver. If you want to take a visual Overall the movie is what it’s meant to be, a vacation, the film’s local is a feast for the eyes. The Saturday afternoon action popcorn flick.

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By Erika Blake

‘Call Me Mrs. Miracle’ delivered. MALLVILLE alum Eric Johnson (Whitney Fordman seasons 1-3) starred in the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas film “Call Me Mrs. Eric Johnson continues to prove that he’s one of Hollywood North’s future Miracle” which premiered on November 27th. The film which leading mans. Eric brought warmth and believablilty to his character, which also starred Jewel Staite (Stargate Atlantis & Firefly,) Doris Roberts, and easily could’ve been portrayed as one dimensional. His comedic timing Lauren Holly. It brought in a staggering 4.7 million viewers on it’s first shined whenever he happened to run into an ad for his nemsis, the Intellyrun, making it the most successful film from tron. Jake was also the only character in the film the Hallmark Channel all year. to truly suspect that “Mrs. Miracle” was behind all


It’s Christmas time in New York City and everyone is getting set for the holidays. Jake Finely (Eric Johnson,) the floor manager of Finely Department Store is taking heat from his father, JR Finely for not stocking the latest toy-craze “The Intellytron” on their shelves. He insists that in tough economic times, people will go back to buying traditional toys. His grumpy father challenges him on that assumption and Jake stakes his job on his belief that he’ll sell out the entire toy department before Christmas. Holly Wilson (Jewel Staite) is trying to juggle a full time career working as a marketing rep for crazy fashion designer, Lindey Lowe (Lauren Holly) and taking care of her nephew Gabe who’s staying with her while his father is stationed in the military overseas. Gabe wants the Intellytron for Christmas which leads Holly and her nephew on a quest to find the elusive robot. Their journey of course results with Holly & Jake meeting.


t Finely’s Department store a mysterious older woman appears as a sales clerk with the auspicious name of “Mrs. Miracle” (Doris Roberts) on her name badge. She insists that her name is actually Mrs. Mirkel but it was a typo.

the coincidences that occurred during the course of the film.


ewel Staite’s Holly rather seemed like a part that was written with her in mind. Her character tended to go on huge rambling fits that were very reminiscent of her days of playing Kaylee on “Firefly.” Holly was warm and could easily be viewed as someone anyone could be friends with. I expected to find Doris Robert’s character to be irritating, however, she wasn’t nearly as over the top as I had anticipated. The best comedic moments for her character came whenever she interacted with JR Finely, whose Christmas cards that he kept trying to throw away kept magically reappearing in his pockets. The befuddled store manager was aghast when Mrs. Miracle insisted that he must just be forgetting things with his old age.


f there was a weak spot in the film it was Lauren Holly’s character Lindey Lowe. Her part was so over the top as Holly’s boss from hell, that she came off as a caricature rather than a real person.

From a strictly believable standpoint, whoever designed the sets didn’t know New York City very well. They gave Jake Finely a MASSIVE appartment in the city. Even if his family did well from their department store, it’s very unlikely that he could afford a huge Manhattan apartment like the one porThrough matters of fate or perhaps divine intervention Jake and trayed in the film. Being that his character was also supposed to be a man Holly repeatedly bump into each other throughout the film. These of the people, it seemed out of character that he’d own such a large place.

two work-a-holic singles seem to have found a love match during the holiday season, even though it’s utterly inconvenient timing for the Overall, the film lacked any big surprises, but that didn’t stop it from befrantic aunt. ing watchable and cute. The story would’ve been fine without the sugary, Mrs. Miracle has her work cut out for her as she also orchestrates finding new love for Jake’s father, JR, who’s bah-humbug Christmas spirit stems from his own inability to deal with his wife’s death that occurred Christmas Eve 20 years ago.

over the top final big scene in it, however, as holiday films go, “Call me Mrs. Miracle” was enjoyable to watch; enough so, that I’d watch it again next year. The film succeeded because the main stars were both appealing and had great chemistry together. Sometimes these sorts of films make the children bratty and annoying, but Gabe was a believable and likable kid as well.

The story for the film is completely predictable, so much so that my “Call Me Mrs. Miracle” is a great film to watch with your entire family. sister was shouting out the end game plot point about ten minutes Be sure to check your local listings. With the Hallmark Channel running a into the film. However, Christmas movies aren’t supposed to be rocket month long 24 hour Christmas Movies marathon, they’ll likely reshow this science, they’re meant to be light-hearted, hopeful family fare, which cute film again.

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BY Alisa Lea Gossage


ust when you think the old ‘guys-dress-up-as-girlsto-get-free-lodging’ scenario has been done one too many times along comes Sorority Boys.

Written by Joe Jarvis and Greg Coolidge and directed by The Simpson’s writer, Wallace Wolodarsky, Sorority Boys is the a-typical frat boy movie. It contains everything that the genre promises – bathroom humor, gross gags, and sex jokes. Think of it as a cross between Animal House and Some Like it Hot. It’s not for everyone. But Sorority Boys is entertaining. And though some of the scenes are clichéish, they are acted well, and for the most part, very funny. And, as a woman, I have to admit, there is nothing funnier than watching men trying to be women. Let’s face it girls, I don’t care how good/bad a movie is, watching a man trying to put on pantyhose, walk in high heels, deal with ingrown hairs and worry about his . . . um . . . booty being too big . . . makes it worth the $8 to $10 admission. Not to mention that, watching Sorority Boys will probably be the only time one will ever see Michael Rosenbaum use a Thigh-Master. So, what gets our heroic . . . um . . . cross-dressers to go from frat-party togas to skirts and silk blouses? The story begins with three rowdy college friends, Doofer, Dave, and Adam (played by Harland Williams, Barry Watson, and Michael Rosenbaum) who are members of the Kappa Omicron Kappa fraternity. The exclusivity of KOK is as legendary on campus as are their wild parties and he-man antics. And our trio have partied hard with the fraternity in order to make their way up in the KOK ranks. However, a jealous KOK member sets them up, and they are falsely accused of stealing from the fraternity coffers. KOK thus excommunicates them.

But nothing is ever that easy. Their plan goes awry when they discover that their old room is now thus occupied. The trio are then tossed back out on the street when they are mistaken for DOGS (Delta Omicron Gamma). DOGS are the ‘not so pretty’ girls on campus – hence the name. They are often made fun of and looked down upon by the other elite college houses. The KOK house has been especially brutal to the girls. So, it is sweet justice when Roberta, Daisy and Adina end up across the street on the DOG’s doorstep after their misadventure. The DOG girls sympathize with these ‘plus-sized’ girls and take the trio in. And since room and board are free for first semester pledges, the guys decide to pledge in order to hide out.


hile hiding out, Daisy/ David finds that he is falling for the DOG president Leah (played by Melissa Sagemiller), Roberta/ Doofer becomes a sort of den mother to the girls and encourages them and helps them have more self-esteem, while Adina/Adam gets a dose of his own male-chauvinist medicine by having to deal with the repeated verbal abuse of the KOK frat boys. Oh, and there’s that video tape mentioned earlier. Through all the shenanigans, high jinxes, clichéd scenes, and supposed lesbian love (don’t ask), and a very rough powderpuff football game, all’s well that ends well. The guys confess their charade, they are cleared of all charges, and the real culprit is caught. Having learned the error of their ways KOK guys are now dating DOG girls, Leah forgives Daisy . . . um . . . David for showering with her while pretending to be a girl (again, don’t ask), and Adam becomes president of KOK. All in all, I have to say that I was surprised that I enjoyed the movie – though there are a few scenes that would make me cringe if I were watching the show with my parents, (there is a very physical fight between David and Adam where they actually use dildos as weapons – and it is sooo hilarious).

Anxious to prove their innocence, the guys discover that there is a video tape located in their frat house And as a Smallville fan, I found it amusing that a frat room that will prove that they did not steal KOK money. boy named Jimmy fell in love with Rosenbaum’s charAnd to get to it, Doofer, Dave, and Adam must become acter, Adina/Adam. Roberta, Daisy and Adina. Their plan involves infiltrating a KOK house-party in order to sneak back into their old Sorority Boys is a great Friday or Saturday night movie room and get the tape. special. Have friends over, they will love it too.

Superhero/Villain Actors Six Degrees of Separation reprising Lex in the DC Universe Online Game. By Alisa Lea Gossage The comic book/superhero addiction isn’t just for the geeky fan boys/girls anymore. It appears that some very talented actors are getting sucked into the ‘world of geek’ too. Many actors are stretching their thespian muscles by providing their vocal talents for various Superhero characters. Villains and heroes alike are not the cookie-cutter characters that were prominent in the 1930’s and 1940’s, thus the world of DC and Marvel provide actors the opportunity to play some pretty challenging roles. And most of these actors have played more than one superhero/villain. James Marsters has not only played Brainiac 1-5 on Smallville, but he has also provided the voice of Mr. Fantastic on the Super Hero Squad Show, Sergi on Spiderman: The New Animated Series, and Lex Luthor on Superman Doomsday. Also, he will be

Allison Mack has had her own forays with other comic book characters. She provided the voice of Clea in an episode of The Batman, and she has also played Power Girl in the animated Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Michael Daingerfield Hall who plays Gordon Godfrey on Smallville once voiced Superman in Krypto the Superdog. Let’s not forget Michael Rosenbaum. He’s lent his voice to Batman Beyond, Justice League Unlimited as The Flash and Deadshot, Teen Titans (Kid Flash), and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. He will reprise his role as The Flash in DC Universe Online. The actors obviously enjoy the Superhero world. They keep on coming back to it. As for us geeks out here, we’d just like to thank all these hot actors for making being a geek – cool.

40  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

“Warner Bros’ Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics” DVD Review By Holli Brown

T “Raven” to replace Smallville?


ariety reported on 12/4 that the CW is looking

to adapt DC Comics heroine “Raven” into a TV series. They have ordered a pilot script from Warner Brothers. The series will be helmed by Diego Gutierrez (Dawson’s Creek, Buffy, The Shield.) Raven is a part of the animated TV series Teen Titans. Her character is half human and half demon. Raven has the ability to teleport and enter people’s minds to help fight crime.

The Next Wonder Woman? Blastr reported back in November that South African Actress Tanit Phoenix is being looked at for playing the part of Wonder Woman in the new TV Reboot. Recently she starred in the sequel to “Lost Boys.” Tanit is 5’9”. Zap2it Spoke with David E. Kelly who admitted that the project isn’t yet a done deal and that he’s still toying wiht the idea. So it appears that this project is still in the ‘might possibly someday come true‘ department. Wonder Woman has yet to be picked up by a network and is still in development.

his is more DC History Lite. The DVD is about 90 minutes and has no special features or extras. It starts out solidly as a history of the world’s greatest super heroes, but never mentions Crisis on Infinite Earths, a huge event in DC history or any other crisis event for that matter. It does have a great foundation of the early history of DC Comics and tries to carry that through the different ages. However by the time it gets to the Dark Age (1984-1998), it is more about the political and social climate and the rebellion of these than actual comic events. I, fortunately, bought the 18 pound (weight not sterling) book “75 Years of DC Comics, The Art of Modern Mythmaking” by Paul Levitz. If you want to geek out on DC history, this is what you need. Although the price is steep. This documentary beautifully opens with artist Neil Adams stating, “Comic books are the dreams and aspirations of human beings. There is no better medium than comic books. It’s THE medium.” There are interviews with Neal Adams, Neil Gaiman, Irwin Hasen, Jim Lee, Mark Waid, Paul Levitz, Walt and Louise Simonson, Marv Wolfman, Julius Schwartz (wearing a Daily Planet t-shirt), Len Wein, Geoff Johns, Dan Didio, Alan Moore, Dwayne McDuffie, Dennis O’Neill and more. Jeanette Kahn, architect of the modern era, is not interviewed in this one. Also there is no mention of John Byrne, author of the 1985-86 reboot or Jack Kirby, creator of the Fourth World. One of the interesting moments for me was finding out the publishers of Fun Comics (1935) originally started out in spicy

pulp magazines, the porn of the 1930s. People went to prison for that. Detective Comics came to be in 1937. Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938. There is some film footage of Siegel and Shuster, but nothing about their lawsuits. Apparently everything is hunky dory in DC Comics Documentary Land. Ryan Reynolds, the narrator and soon to be live action Green Lantern, introduces Lois Lane with much reverence and admiration. Louise Simonson

and may have helped Marvel stay alive. The Bronze Age (1970-1984) gave us more social problems to solve then fighting aliens in space and the old Approval Code standards were torn down. The ‘hippies’ had moved into DC during this period. These were men who were not afraid and who apparently played tackle hide and seek in the hallways. This was also the period that Gloria Steinem came to the defense of Wonder Woman to go back to her fighter roots. The icon appeared on the cover of the first Ms magazine. The Dark Age (19841998) deals mostly with Frank Miller’s Dark Knight, Alan Moore’s Watchmen, and Gaiman’s Sandman despite the fact the first Crisis occurred in this time period. When the multiverse became a universe.

DC’s Vertigo indy line is highlighted. An arc of Batman history reveals that DC could not successfully give the Dark Knight the same family treatment as Superman. His sales were at an all time low before the television show with Adam West boosted sales for comics had the character study of Lois and paraphernalia. (Note: as well as Wonder Woman’s There are currently 16.5 Batman creator, William Moulton titles and Superman only has Marston. He invented the lie 1.5. They share Superman/ detector and apparently lived Batman. Superman is no longer with his wife and a female graduate student with whom he in Action comics. And Clark Kent, reporter has not been had children. seen for the past two years. Didio is a huge Batman fan The Depression and World War and Johns loves any character II had comics in high demand that’s not the Big Three. When is so much so that when the war Superman/Clark Kent going get was over comic sales plunged his due?) 75%. The Silver Age was a new beginning for some characters The future mode of presenting (Flash and Green Lantern) and comics is beautifully a strange time for others (Lois summarized by Neil Gaiman at Lane and Wonder Woman the end with these words. “But I started leaving the fighting can tell you 100 years from now, to the men and worried more there will be kids who want to about their love lives). Science origins replaced magical origins. find out what’s happening with Julie Schwartz was the salvation Superman.” Let’s hope so for the Man of Steel’s sake. of DC Comics during this time

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  41

Superman Comics Review By Holli Boetcher


ince last we met, Clark Kent the journalist still has not appeared in the comics. Lex and multiple villains are hogging Action comics and one issue of Superman Batman featured the kiddies, Supergirl and Robin. here was a DCU Halloween Special. Fears T of Steel by Brian Keene. Superman is taken over by a mini demon who wants to get his

own name. It’s magical, of course, that’s why it can get to Superman. The demon reminded me too much of the creature in MOS #133 where Geoff Johns had a married Clark Kent kiss a married Lana Lang. Yea, still bitter about that one. Anyway, Clark again has fears and hallucinates about Batman and Lois. His wife only appears as an old woman. Etrigan (a real demon from Hell) shows up and talks some poetic sense into our hero. The lesson: Never let fear rule you. Not quite average read. ince Superman Earth One was sold out the day of its release, J. Michael Straczynski S will not be writing continuity for Superman or

Wonder Woman and will concentrate solely on the continuation of the original graphic novel series. OSCK (Operation Save Clark Kent)’s Superman Earth One review is contained in this issue.

ending is quite amusing. OK read. Powergirl He’s also being followed by some mysterious and Huntress also had a story in this issue. woman who he sees in his nightmares. Supes is really on a fear kick these last two months. or Superman #704 we got a Grounded Only this time he has actual bruises on his Interlude featuring Lois Lane. Written by face from the dream. A battered child makes G. Willow Wilson. Lois is back in her old col- a S shield banner in hopes that Superman will lege town in Indiana and meets some young see it on his walkabout. Clark saves the kid, sorority sisters, who fantasize about having but realizes once he’s gone, the crime may Superman for a boyfriend. She meets up be committed again. Superman the most with an old beau who invites her to dinner powerful being on the planet cannot resolve this issue. THIS is why we need Clark Kent back in the comics. What Superman can’t do with a punch or powers, Clark could do as a journalist. To call these things to the public’s attention and get some things resolved or changed. Eventually, hopefully, this is what this year of walkabout will produce – that Superman needs his entire life to save as many people as he can.


s you can tell, I’m finding the absence of A the Clark Kent, journalist, guy with the glasses, character very depressing and discon-

with his family. Lois confesses she and Clark cannot have children (which I absolutely hate because they live in hope) and then wonders where some of her college dreams have gone. Eventually the Man of Steel shows up and sweeps her off her feet in more ways than one. Good read.

uperman Batman # 78 had Joe and Jack S Kelly as writers and Ed Benes as artist. A ollowing that is Grounded: Visitation Rights one shot. Two kids wearing their fav heroes tF (Superman #705). Written by J. Michael shirts imagine who would win a fight between Straczynski. Superman is walking through Il-

certing. Superman is not Batman. He needs both his identities to do what he does best. Yes, Batman and his family have upwards to 20 books in continuity currently in the DCU. And this downgrading of Superman to 1.5 books is atrocious. Is it because of the Siegel lawsuits? DC has to produce a Superman movie before 2013 or they lose the rights to Superman. The Man of Steel movie is to be released Christmas 2012. Production begins this summer. Casting is being discussed now. Christopher Nolan, Producer, has pulled away from the project to concentrate on Dark Knight Rising. Zack Snyder is set to direct. Rumors abound and speculation runs amuck at the moment. There has been no official word on who will be playing Superman or Lois Lane. We do know it will not be an origins story and that it will be a modern story not based on a previous movie or a comic book. Let’s hope the story has a lot of heart and is a smart, action packed script.


Superman and Batman. Ground rules are set linois and eventually meets up with his wife. ee you in Febuary and hopefully there’ll and then it’s a display of fanboy imagination. He must really miss her! (Well he did spend be more great comics for us Superman Our heroes witness this interaction and the an entire year in space without seeing her.) fans.




t’s finally here! Clocking in at nearly 15 pounds and with 720 pages, this is a whopper of a book, and it’d have to be, to contain as much of the rich history that is so integral to DC Comics.

creators to life like they’ve never been seen before.


nd if anyone’s well versed in the history of DC, it’s the book’s writer — Paul Levitz, former DC Comics Publisher and current LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and ADVENTURE COMICS scribe. Paul’s indepth essays trace the history of DC Comics, from its pulpy beginnings to the modern era.

As you know, in honor of DC Comics’ 75th anniversary, TASCHEN has produced the single most comprehensive book on DC Comics, in an XL edition that the Man of Steel himself might have trouble The book also features massive lifting. The book’s pages — fold-out timelines and an inwhich feature over 2,000 depth appendix that includes images, including covers, bios on artists, writers, editors, interiors, original illustrations, publishers and actors — what photos, film stills and more – more info do you need? 75 are reproduced using the latest YEARS OF DC COMICS: THE ART OF technology to bring DC’s iconic stories, characters and MODERN MYTHMAKING is on sale.

42  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010



By Alisa Lea Gossage All the news and rumors floating around the internet and in entertainment magazines concerning The Man of Steel movie can make one’s head spin. From casting rumors to speculation about the musical scoring, a fan can get mighty frustrated. After all, it can be confusing as to which statements are facts and which are speculations. For instance, it has been speculated that Superman was going to be a CGI character. Let me tell ya, you could hear the outraged cry of fans from Argentina to Siberia. A CGI Superman? Really? Note to Warner Brothers – No go on the CGI Superman. So, let’s cut through all the rumors, speculation, and flat out lies, and see what’s really happening with The

Man of Steel. Fact number one – Producers Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas have hired Zack Snyder to direct MOS. Snyder is best known for directing Watchmen, Sucker Punch and the sleeper 300. His experience in directing great actions sequences makes him a great choice. And it doesn’t hurt that he knows how to get men in Speedos to do some pretty amazing things. Fact number two – It appears that MOS is going to be a sort of reboot of the Superman franchise. Does that mean a new Origin story? Will there be new characters? New villains? How is this going play out? No one knows for sure; everything is very hush-hush at this time. Take

Michael Straczynski Quits Superman and Wonder Woman fter making a huge fuss over Straczynski A coming onto DC Comics to take over the new Superman earthbound series “Grounded” and the

Wonder Woman reboot, he is leaving the monthly comics, which according to he sees as an endangered form of publishing. Instead he’s looking to pursue writing full volume graphic novels after his “Superman: Earth One” became wildly successful and is on it’s second round of printing. Straczynski is currently working on a “Superman: Earth One” sequel.

everything you hear (or read) with a Kandor-in-a-bottle-sized grain of salt. Fact number three – Latest word is, is that Hans Zimmer, who wrote the score for Batman Begins and Gladiator, will NOT be writing the music for MOS. For a while, it was rumored that Zimmer would write the new score for the reboot. Concerning this new development, I say, “Bummer.” Zimmer would have probably written a very cool, but modern, Superman theme. There is no word yet as to whether or not they are going to reuse the John Williams score. Fact number four – David S. Goyer, who wrote Batman Begins and the Blade trilogy, will be writing MOS.

This might make some Superman fans a little nervous. Hopefully, he will not make Superman into a Dark Knight type of character. Superman is about hope, truth, justice, and the American way. He is NOT about dark alleys, batcaves, kungfu fighting and talking in an annoying gravely-low voice. Goyer has mostly written dark pieces. Let’s hope he ‘gets’ Superman’s true character. Fact number five – Brandon Routh will not return to play Superman. Some in the fandom are really saddened by this. Routh looked and played his part very well. Though he was a bit young for the part, and the storyline in Superman Returns turned Superman into a bit of a stalker, Routh played a very sympathetic Superman. However, with a reboot, it’s best to start with a fresh actor. As of yet, there is no casting news, all we have is the 12/12 release date. But stay tuned to OSCK Magazine. Anything new on the MOS can be found here.

According to DC, writer G. Willow Wilson will return to SUPERMAN with a new “Grounded” tale in issue #706, illustrated by artist Amilcar Pinna. Superman’s walk across the country ends up having unexpected – and dangerous – repercussions for Perry White and the staff of The Daily Planet. Can Superman help The Planet overcome its latest hurdle? SUPERMAN #706 hits stores in December. Chris Roberson and artist Alan Goldman will take over Superman with #707 in January. Writer Phil Hester and artist Eduardo Pansica will take over Wonder Woman and Don Kramer will continue arting for issue #607.

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  43

1) James Marsden attends LA Premiere of “Burlesque.” 2) Ryan Reynolds attends 2010 Spike Scream Awards. 3) Teri Hatcher attends Broadway Tonight! An Evening Of Song And Dance 4) Kate Bosworth visits Young Hollywood Studios. 5) James Marsden runs in the Dodge Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon 6) Dean Cain attends E League’s Tip Off And Team Draft Party. 7) Teri Hatcher attends 1st Annual Global Creative Forum’s “Evening Of Entertainment.” 8) Brandon Routh attends E League’s Tip Off And Team Draft Party. 9) Lynda Carter attends The 33rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors. 10) Kate Bosworth - “The Warrior’s Way” press screening at COEX Mega Box in Seoul, South Korea

11) Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively attend 2010 Spike Scream Awards.

44  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

In celebration of the brand new fully original Superman graphic novel, SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE, Writer: J. Michael Straczynski and Artist: Shane Davis, that came out this fall, three of OSCK’s staff members are going to review the novel for this issue. Christine is a comic book newbie, and we’ll have Holli & Andy share their unique perspectives as male and female comic book fans of Superman. Enjoy!

Comic Newbie Review

By Christine Brown This version of Superman’s story starts with Clark Kent taking the train to Metropolis where he goes to find his place in the world. The burgeoning Man of Steel is “job hunting”. After making the rounds for try outs for football, baseball and a research facility he pays a visit to the Daily Planet were he meets a no-nonsense Perry White who tells him that he’ll have to earn the right to write for the paper. Clark also briefly runs into Lois Lane & Jimmy Olsen who are pitching a story to the Editor in Chief. Clark has a decision to make where does he destiny lie? While he ponders this, we are shown that the military under heavy surveillance have the ship that brought Kal-el to Earth. After a series of tests the ship starts to regenerate triggering Clark’s Kryptonian heritage. Meanwhile, a mysterious fleet of ships settles over earth and they are looking for one person...Kal-el. Superman is born as he battles against Tyrell to save the people of Earth. Their battle takes place smack dab in the middle of Metropolis. Clark learns that this race has a vendetta against Kryptonians and that they’ve sought him for over 20 years waiting to annhialte the last son of Krypton. After an epic battle in the streets where Lois & Jimmy help the Man of Steel overcome the enemy by lending him a helping hand; Superman rises up to defeat Tyrell, however, during their battle Clark learns that there is another possibly bigger threat out there. Bolstered with victory behind him, Superman is determined to meet it head on. Visually Superman Earth One is stunning or in my 13yr old nephew Jake’s words really cool. I had the pleasure of meeting Shane Davis at Comic Con this past summer and I was blown away with his vision of Superman. His artistry is gorgeous from the beautiful little farm house where Clark Kent grew up to the regal beauty of Metropolis. It was easy to get caught up in how visually stunning the book was but I was a little disappointed with the story, I wanted more Lois Lane, though it did introduce her as spunky, brash and heroic in her own right. If I hadn’t read the last part of the paper featuring Clark Kent interviewing “Superman” I’d have no idea he thought about Lois in any other light but co-worker. I guess Smallville has spoiled me and I want my Superman story to feature this fantastic iconic love story. Jim Olsen, not Jimmy Olsen, was another stand out character. I liked that he was more action guy then comedic relief whose no longer portrayed as the innocent naïve kid. He’s a photo journalist who is now found in the thick of things . I found myself wishing though that they’d have given some of his great dialogue to Lois, especially when he stood up to the robot sentinel scene. I do understand that they are trying to flesh his character out a little more. It also seems they took a page out of Smallville’s book and made Jonathan & Martha Kent younger, but with still the same core values they’ve always had, which I appreciated. Overall this was not what I expected from a Superman origin story. It was simple & kept to the core values of what I’ve learned about the Superman story, but it lacked originality in it’s thinking. The main villian failed to intrigue me as let’s say Zod or Darkseid would have. I still found myself wanting more Lois Lane. Even though I know this is Superman’s story it’s almost like having peanut butter without the jelly; while still good, it lacked that umph that a fiesty Lois Lane would bring if they’d featured her more.

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  45

Male Perspective Review By Andy Behbakht

a superhero. Rather than I felt as though he was forced into donning the suit, rather than chosing to become Superman. At least he ended up on the correct path.





uperman’s early days have been told in many forms, as well as Superman himself has been shown in different versions. In J. Michael Straczynski’s version “Superman Earth One”, it tells the story of a Clark Kent in his twenties who comes to Metropolis and tries to figure out what he wants do to with his life. WARNING: this review does contain spoilers so if you haven’t read the book and want to read it yourself, don’t READ this review. lark Kent/Kal-El/Superman: In this version, Clark hasn’t decided yet whether or not he should become a superhero or if he should just live a normal life. He has special abilities and rather than use them to become the protector of Earth, he chooses to use them for careers in football, baseball and even gets a spot in a scientific research group. He can literally do whatever he wants to with his abilities. I haven’t read a lot of Superman comics or novels, but I have always found Clark Kent as a person who doesn’t use his abilities to get rich or as successful as he got in Earth One. I found that as a problem for his double identity; Clark Kent has always tried to hide and avoid to have similarities with Superman, by being nerdy and uptight, etc. I did see a similarity from Smallville when he tried out for football which is similar to one of the paths that he takes in Earth One. The difference though is that in Smallville he realizes that he shouldn’t use his abilities, because he’s not on equal ground with the other human players. Ultimately, this isn’t a big problem because Clark doesn’t feel comfortable with sport careers. This leaves Clark as a man who is still trying to figure out his future. When I first heard of Earth One, how it was going to be a modernized version and retelling of Superman, I was really excited about it. This Clark Kent didn’t feel very new and as refreshing as I was hoping for but it is still one of my favorites. There were of course parts of the character that felt new when I was reading, it was interesting to see a not-soperfect Superman. Throughout the story Clark travels with his supersuit, as a constant temptation to become

Female Perspective Review By Holli Boetcher This original graphic novel was written by J. Michael Straczynski with art by Shane Davis. It is a new take on Clark Kent and his early days in Metropolis. Fans who’d been displeased with the huge story arcs in Superman and the exile of Supes from Action Comics were hopeful with Clark’s meeting Perry White, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen, but the character is ‘modern’ emo. Clark is indecisive about what he wants to do with his life. With Jonathan Kent’s death, he decides to move to Metropolis. He’s constantly living under the loner cloud despite the fact he played team sports. In Metropolis, he tries out for all the positions on their professional football team, he’s a walk-in applicant to a scientific research complex where he offers them answers to their most troubling questions and he also explores finance, chemistry, art, construction and a professional baseball team. Martha Kent just wants him to be happy with his life decision. With the supersuit his mom made safely tucked away in a closet, he goes to the Daily Planet. Perry can’t find his resume and we get to see how literal Clark takes things. This exchange is interrupted by Lois Lane complaining about Perry’s editing. A VERY close observer can see Clark can’t take his eyes off Ms. Lane. There’s the trademark introduction, but Lois doesn’t even register Clark’s presence. Jimmy is now Jim Olsen, hell-bent-on-dying-to-get-theshot photojournalist. I did like this upgrade but thought he overshadowed Lois. Perry tells Clark the newspaper business isn’t what it used to be but he hands him an application which Clark tosses in the trash. All the other employers desperately wanted him because he was a genius at everything, but at the Daily

he Kents: Speaking of Smallville, Jonathan and Martha Kent are in Earth One. They are very similar to the portrayals of John Schneider’s Jonathan and Annette O’Toole’s Martha on Smallville. Whenever Clark reflects on his past and living on the farm and the life-lessons learned from his parents, I worried that they were ripping off Smallville. However, hopefully JMS was just honoring the series. It was very nice to see the love and motivation that his parents provided him with to lead him into adulthood. ois, Jim, Perry and Daily Planet: I will start with Jim Olsen. In this version Jim rather than Jimmy, felt like a very brave and mature person and the way that he played, felt very new to me. What I really liked was his motivation and ambition to “get the shot” and letting people know the truth through his work. He put his own life at risk just to get a perfect picture. From other incarnations, he has always been the shy guy in a bowtie, but this version was a passionate and strong Olsen. The other versions have shown passion as well, just not in a way like this. With Lois Lane, I find this version the same, a passionate, strongly motivated reporter who was willing to risk her own life to get the truth but that personality wasn’t shown as much as it does in other Superman stories. The relationship that Olsen and Lane shared in Earth One and the way that they worked together, was one of my favorite aspects of the novel. One new thing about The Daily Planet was the situation it was in when Clark entered it for the first time. The Planet seemed to have problems with its running as a newspaper and in a downed economy. Perry White was as incredible as he is in every incarnation, very hard and strict but showed that he cares about his staff. The Planet in general was introduced in the usual way with Clark trying out for a job, however, the modern look at how newspapers are

Planet, he would have to earn the right to work there. This is a nod to why Superman chose journalism. Center of events and an even playing field. If he succeeded, it would be because of hardwork and ingenuity, not his superpowers or superbrain. We get to see how he came to Earth. Martha and Jonathan were hiking. Often the Midwest locations are abandoned for either coasts’ locales. Baby Kal-El displays the spitcurl. Jonathan manages to salvage a piece of the wreckage. The child shows superabilities while they make their getaway. Later Mr. Kent has a ship particle examined and Clark is informed at an early age he’s from another planet. Clark is beaten up and called a freak by some random bully. Clark flies to his father’s grave to talk about being lonely and helping people like his father wanted. Meanwhile the military have examined the space ship for twenty years. Kryptonian glyphs are written on every electron inside the atoms of the ship. The installation is alerted there are spaceships heading for Earth. The spaceship debris ignites Clark’s apartment and he salvages the suit. While flying, the debris becomes alive knocking him senseless. Spaceships then fill the air as Lois and Jim head for the streets to cover the story. It’s a worldwide attack. As Clark’s spaceship heals itself at the military installation, he receives data from it. Jor-El and Lara put him into the ship but are worried someone will follow him. We later meet Tyrell (Blade Runner reference?) who looks like Sting from wrestling. He might be being used by someone to find Kal-El and destroy the Earth. The villain was disappointing. While people try to escape the onslaught, we learn Jonathan named him Superman and Martha knew Clark would have to mask himself in an everyday life. Clark discovers the only people willing to help are from the Daily Planet. After putting on the suit, he is under a red sun ray, and Lois gets

becoming extinct institutions. Like I said before, the determination and the energy Lane and Olsen had in this book, was fantastic. I will hint that Clark’s decision to become Superman comes from his inspiration from seeing them in action.


inal Thoughts: The basic Origins premises of the story is not unique. Clark Kent struggled with the questions within himself; Why am I here? Where did I come from? What is my purpose here? And he learned about the destruction of Krypton, his heritage, and his becoming Superman etc. The way that JMS reimagined the origins were slightly different and paid homage to past incarnations. The only truly new deviation from the mythos was the destruction of Krypton, it was destroyed by a new villain Tyrell. I won’t reveal more about the character, but he was basically a replacement for General Zod. I can’t really say that I found anything interesting about this character. That was the only thing that made me disappointed about the story and felt that it was unnecessary to replace a beloved Superman villain. I liked the design of Earth One and the unique new look of this new series by Shane Davis. There isn’t really much to complain about it, Davis created a cohesive visual universe. Clark and Superman were both designed classically but at the same time their looks felt new and very present. Well done I say to Davis. Other than that, this was a good and interesting story, not as brilliant as I had expected, but still, after my two favorites Smallville (which is in my opinion, the best origin story of Superman) and Superman: Secret Origins, Earth One comes at third place on my list. I think though that JMS could have given it a bit more flash to have made it even more unique. From what I understand, it looks like that he’s doing a second novel on Earth One. Hopefully, he will do better with the next one than he did with this, not saying that it was bad but I am sure that he can do better. I will give it 3.5/5 points for being a fine and good story in a modern way. I recommend to Superman fans, Smallville fans as well to read this, maybe not the best Superman origin but definitely a book worth reading!

into a military vehicle to save him. Tyrell is destroyed by Kryptonian tech which has been revitalized by Clark. The evil horde used the same method to destroy the Earth as Abram’s Star Trek. Drills to the core. After his victory, the military and some of the populous are suspicious of Clark. He refuses to work anywhere except the DP because of its inspirational people and their constant hunt and sacrifice for the truth. He dons clothes from a thrift store and the mask (glasses) then returns to the DP to inform them about the flying stranger. Jim has the picture of the century and with Clark’s story, the Daily Planet is reborn because of Perry’s staff’s hard work and exclusivity. Lois tries to see beyond the mask as Jim welcomes Clark to the asylum. Clark has the entire spaceship in the Arctic. He asks to be taught and told everything. “Your task is to survive. To use your powers well and wisely. And to avenge the murder of your homeworld.” Last one is a bit disturbing. Later, Lois and Jim wait atop the DP to catch a glimpse of our hero. “I got the shot, Lois.” Clark’s Superman article follows where he interviews himself. “So you’re seeing someone.” “I have my eye on someone.” This could be either Lois or Jim as far as we know. Next an article by Lois stating how the attack and appearance of Superman will the day that demarcates life experiences around the globe. Next Shane Davis’ sketch book. I got one of his posters at San Diego Comic and I must say I prefer it to the ones in the book. Clark seems more of a man than a boy, but maybe that’s the point. This book was sold out the day it was released. DC decided to pull Straczynski from his comic book duties and have him work on the followup straight away. Hopefully things will liven up with the next one.

46  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  47

Ryan Reynolds Named Sexiest Man Alive People magazine selected actor Ryan Reynolds as their 25th Sexiest Man Alive. After many years of dubious choices (Matt Damon, really?) they finally hit the target for this one. At 6’2”, 208 lbs with a 6 pack that makes you VERY thirsty - what’s not sexy about this leading funny man? Ryan who came from TV comedies in the ‘90’s (“Two Men and a Girl”) and got recognition on screen in in National Lampoon’s “Van Wider” has fought his way onto the A list of acting roles after getting cast as Deadpool in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” His biggest break came last year when he starred against Sandra Bullock as her brow beaten assistant who got roped into agreeing to marry his hellacious boss in order to help to prevent her from getting deported. The romantic comedy earned over $163 million at the box office, making it one of the most successful romantic comedies in film history. Ryan had this to say on a local radio show The Peak about the his new sexy status, “Now I’m just going to have to figure out who to casually bring that up into every conversation that I have with a complete stranger.” Ryan recently separated from his wife, actress Scarlett Johanson. Ryan isn’t on Twitter or Facebook, don’t believe any imposters.

“The Green Lantern” Wins Most Anticipated Movie Award Fans voted online and “The Green Lantern” won as Most Anticipated Movie for 2011 at the Spike 2010 Scream Awards. Blake Lively announced the winner and Ryan Reynolds arrived on stage inside a massive green lantern to accept the award. Ryan graciously accepted the award by stating, “Winning this award is so much better than winning a ‘who gives a **** award.’” All joking aside, he thanked the fans for nominating his upcoming superhero film and was thrilled that fans were as excited as he is for the movie. Ryan promised that the folks behind it are working hard to deliver an amazing film in 2011.

48  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

Film Review By Louise Duarte “Bed and Breakfast” is the first movie directed by a Brazilian Marcio Garcia (who is a famous soap opera actor in Brazil). Besides Dean Cain, Juliana Paes, there is also a big crew from the USA and Brazil since the movie was filmed in both countries. Jake Sullivan (Dean Cain) is a man who is trying to get divorced from his wife, Amanda (Kimberly Quinn), a famous Hollywood actress who cheated on Jake with her co-star, humiliating Jake since the news was stamped on all tabloids. Ana Vila Nova (Juliana Paes) is a workaholic Brazilian woman who works in a department store and is always trying to save her young brother from his financial problems. After her father dies, Ana finds out she is in a big trouble since she inherited all his debts. Victor (Julian Stone), her lawyer and friend suggests that she go with him to California since her father owned a property there. Unfortunately this is the same place, where Jake is opening a Bed and Breakfast as he is also the owner because He had got it from a friend, Ana’s grandmother. Undercover as a Spanish couple, Ana and Victor arrived at the Bed and Breakfast to know more about the property. Jake’s maid and confident, Maria (Zilah Mendonza) decided to investigate them on her own since she didn’t believe their lies. When Jake found out about Ana’s true identity, everything started to get more interesting. Jake and Ana started to fight about the place and things between them heated up over whom deserved to have the property. Of course, since it is a romantic comedy and they spent half of the movie fighting to have the rights over the Bed and Breakfast, they fell in love. This makes everything more complicated since Ana doesn’t know what to do because she needs to pay for her father’s debts and come back to Brazil but that means evicting Jake.

cause the Bed and Breakfast was being remodeled but was already opened because of a mistake. Jake wants to make a good impression on the critic and Ana helps him out by cooking a delicious Brazilian meal to him and their guests. The movie presents some clichés from romantic comedies, but that doesn’t make the movie less charming. The film still works, making the audience even more anxious to see a happy end for the main characters. Even though Jake and Ana play the main roles, I could not forget to mention the two supporting characters from the movie: Victor and Maria. They were a hilarious and fun to watch. Since Maria thinks Victor was gay because of his delicate manners, she is shocked to find out that he wasn’t gay but English instead. Marcio Garcia’s debut as a director reminds Brazilians of how much they like romantic, happy and fun movies. This is the kind of movie that we are more than happy to support and it shows that you can find love even when you aren’t looking for it, like the Serendipity meaning for fortunate accidents which is also mentioned in the movie. Dean Cain and Juliana Paes chemistry on the big screen is great and it speaks for itself that the cast couldn’t be more right for their parts. Despite their cultural differences, their interaction was so good and fun to watch. It is interesting to see how Jake and Ana started the movie practically hating each other because of their mutual problems for the place, and after being forced to live in the same place for some days, they start to talk about their lives and fall in love. Because of Juliana’s pregnancy the production presented some problems and had to be hurried; however everything worked out in the end. At the beginning of November, Dean Cain spent a week in Brazil promoting the movie between Rio and São Paulo by attending some interviews. He was also in press conferences which included a private session with journalists and guests.

When Mr. Hopewell (Eric Roberts), a hotel critic arrived, in the The movie premiered in Brazil on November 26th and it will be place to write about it for a newspaper, Jake freaked out about be- released in the USA in February , 2011.

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  49

Bed and Breakfast Press Conference OSCK Superman’s Dean Cain spent Five days in Brazil promoting his new movie

By Louise Duarte Dean Cain, Best known for his role as Superman for the 90’s TV Show “Lois & Clark – The New Adventures of Superman” was in Brazil in the beginning of November promoting his new movie “Bed and Breakfast”, directed by the Brazilian Marcio Garcia. He was between Rio and São Paulo, giving interviews and attending press conferences about the movie. He was also in the famous Brazilian talk show “Programa do Jô” when he talked about his Superman days and declared that Christopher Reeve was his inspiration to create his Superman. The American actor participated the press conferece held on November 11th in Rio de Janeiro to talk about the movie. He arrived together with the director and his co-star, a very pregnant Juliana Paes. Dean answered all the questions the reporters asked about the movie, his life, Superman and even some awkward ones . He was charming and nice to everybody. After answered the questions, the reporters had the chance to watch the movie. Dean described his character Jake Sullivan as an honest and straight foward simple Guy. A very American Guy who falls in love with a Brazilian Woman. Very different from Clark Kent. When asked about how he felt after playing such an iconic character like Superman and Clark Kent and if he missed the show, the actor remembered how he liked doing the show , altough he didn’t miss the long working hours, since he used to shoot up to18 hours a week. “I loved doing it but at the same time I’m glad it’s done.” Dean Cain guest starred in Season 7 of Smallville in the episode titled, “Cure”. Teri Hatcher, Dean’s co-star in ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, recently guest starred in this season’s episode, “Abandoned”. When asked what he thought about her appearing in Smallville as Ella Lane, Dean said he thought it was great. “There’s a long line of actors who have done that and I think it’s great that they keep the Superman mythology alive going on.” The American actor also remembered he has a bunch of new movies coming out soon. During his visit to Rio, He was busy promoting the movie “Bed and Breakfast” and didn’t have any free time for himself, but he hoped he would visit some touristic places on his last day. When asked if he had been to any Brazilian restaurants, he smiled and answered, “Yes, I went to Porcão (a famous barbecue chain restaurant in Brazil) and I liked very much their barbecue. I also ate sashimi in a restaurant in São Paulo and tasted caipirinha.” Dean also said he loves Brazil’s carnival and that he would love to see it live someday.

50  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

Episode #



Madame Ex


The former wife of Lex Luthor appears in Metropolis determined to avenge the death of the millionaire villain.

Lois Lane is determined to prove she is be best reporter 2x02 Wall of Sound unraveling crimes in which the villain uses a sonic weapon to terrorize the city. 2x03

The Source

After the murder of one of her sources, Lois is suspended by Perry and only the Man of Steel can help her to unravel the plot.

accepts hazardous and treacherous gifts sent by an evil 2x04 The Prankster Lois genius who spent five years behind bars thanks to her. 2x05

Church of Metropolis

Bill Church’s thugs terrorize a certain neighborhood, and Lois and Clark must expose the plans of the Intergang.

During a mysterious blackout the staff of the Daily Planet struggles to keep the newspaper working, while Lane and Kent must hunt the criminal suspect. A scientist brings back famous gangsters from the past their DNA. Among them is Al Capone, who will do That Old 2x07 Gang of Mine manipulating anything to dominate Metropolis, but first he will have to face a certain Man of Steel. rescuing a man named William Wallace Webster Waldecker, Bolt from While 2x08 Athe Superman is struck by a mysterious ray. Now Metropolis will know Blue a new superhero: Respendantman! A toy manufacturer embittered by the world decides to distribute Season’s 2x09 Atomic Space Rats: the toys that will turn everyone into Greedings the greedy children, including a certain pair of reporters. 2x06

Operation Blackout




Chi of Steel


The Eyes Have it

Lucy Lane’s boyfriend is also Superman’s worst nightmare: a rogue cyborg with a Kryptonite-powered heart.

Orig. Airdate

Lois & Clark


Season 2 Summary By Jack Heacock

9/25/1994 10/2/1994 10/9/1994 10/23/1994 10/30/1994

Diana Stride (Raquel Welch), a television reporter and assassin in 2x14 Top Copy her spare time, decides to uncover and expose the true identity of Superman. The Return After escaping prison and armed with a paralyzing ray, Kyle Griffin 2x15 intends to kidnap the U.S. president and get a fabulous ransom. of the Prankster That while he continues harassing Lois. Jimmy and Superman are accused of crimes they never 2x16 Lucky Leon committed. Meanwhile Lois and Clark finally have their first romantic encounter. Lois and Clark are seeking the murderer of Mason Drake and they 2x17 Resurrection unveil an impressive plan to remove dangerous criminals from prison. Using his time machine HG Wells appears in Metropolis accompanied by a visitor from the future, which is actually a Tempus 2x18 villain who intends to kill Superman preventing his descendants Fugitive to create Utopia, a peaceful future society. Jimmy After being injected with a synthetic virus in childhood, Jimmy is 2x19 Target: now being manipulated to commit murder. Olsen Individual Superman is affected by red kryptonite and is unable to rescue 2x20 Responsibility Perry White, who was kidnapped by Intergang. A failed musician renders Superman for having suffered an injury Whine, 2x21 Whine, he was saved by the superhero. Meanwhile Clark decides to Whine as leave Metropolis and Lois behind. Jason Masick knows Superman’s secret identity and tries to blackmail Clark, who refuses to commit crimes. Jason then the Kents and forces Clark to rob a jewelry store. Lois And the 8x22 Answer is... kidnaps discovers the blackmail and risks her life to save Martha and Jonathan. At the end Clark realizes his love for Lois is eternal and decides it’s time to propose.

of Lois and Clark: The

New Adventures of Superman, advanced the budding romance between the two lead characters as Lois Lane finds herself growing


attracted to her partner and good-natured friend,


Clark Kent. Clark continues his gentle pursuit of Lois

12/4/1994 1/1/1995

The economies of Perry White are stolen by a mysterious warrior, which leads Lois and Clark to investigate a corporation that 1/8/1995 explores Chinese immigrants. Lois has her mind filled with valuable information transmitted by a device that emits light beams. When trying to protect the reporter of scientists who are trying to get her, Superman is struck 1/22/1995 by the beam of light and becomes blind.

Luthor is back from the dead and the nemesis of the Man of 2x13 The Phoenix Lex Steel want back the power, wealth and his fiancée: Lois Lane.


he second season


with occasional help and advice from his parents Martha and Jonathan Kent. His efforts to win Lois’ affection begin to reap benefits as the two grow more affectionate and ultimately decide to date. But his relationship with the intrepid

2/19/1995 2/26/1995 3/12/1995

Lois is plagued by his growing guilt over keeping his secret identity as Superman from the woman he loves. Facing a season of


DC villains with a variety of nefarious plans, Clark’s ef-


forts to disclose his secret are continually thwarted by


his demands to answer the


call of duty as Superman.


The season concludes with Clark professing his love to Lois and asking


her to marry him.

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  51

“Season’s Greedings” Episode Review By Jack Heacock

Season 2 Episode 9, Season’s Greedings Written by Dean Cain and Directed by Randall Zisk Aired December 4, 1994


n this episode, Lois Lane laments the Christmas season as she walks with Clark Kent along the streets of Metropolis. Everywhere, decorations are being hung and shoppers are hurrying through the bustling streets with their Christmas gifts. She tells Clark that she’s never felt the joy of Christmas and for once, she’d like to discover (the magic of) Christmas without feeling like it was being shoved down her throat. By this point in the season, Lois and Clark are becoming closer but they are not dating and Lois realizes how empty her life is; that Christmas cheer is something that she just cannot muster because of it. Clark, of course, is just the opposite and embraces the holiday cheer. Jimmy is in charge of the Daily Planet’s ‘Secret Santa’ gift exchange and when setting it up, meets and is smitten by Angela (Denise Richards), a Planet employee. Perry is discussing plans for a romantic Christmas celebration with his wife, Alice.


herman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford from the 1980’s series, The Jeffersons, guest star as Winslow Schott (Toyman) and his secretary, Miss Duffy. Schott was fired from Metropolis Toys a year earlier because he made toys that no one wanted and Duffy left with Schott. Schott has become bitter and devises a plan to make a toy that contains a chemical which causes children to become greedy and spurs an unnatural demand for his new toy, The Atomic Space Rat. When the demand for the toy begins to create pandemonium at local stores, Lois and Clark investigate and are temporarily affected by the chemical, causing them to act like children. Perry and Jimmy intervene but are also affected when they bring the toy into the Planet. Jimmy rigs the gift exchange so that Angela will have to buy him a gift but his plan is exposed. Perry tells Alice he wants to go to Graceland for Christmas causing her to leave him. Once Lois and Clark recover, they have the rat analyzed and discover the psychotropic chemicals contained in the toy. They set out to expose the toymaker and ultimately identify Schott. The demand for the toy has made Schott rich but Miss Duffy has regrets about the manipulation caused by the toy. She leaves Schott to hand out teddy bears that he made when he worked for Metropolis Toys. When Lois and Clark find Schott, they find a note that Miss Duffy left for Toyman. Schott goes with Lois and Clark to find Duffy, realizing that his greed made him lose what was really important to him: Miss Duffy. They find her at the orphanage and the two of them reunite after he saves a little girl. Schott decides to donate all of his leftover toys

to Superman who, with Perry White dressed up as Santa and Lois and Jimmy as his assistants, flies them through the skies pulling a large sleigh delivering toys to orphans and poor children. As the episode comes to its close, Perry has discovered where Alice is and asks Superman to take him to the hotel where she is staying, apologizing to Lois for having to miss her Christmas dinner party. Jimmy tells Lois that he is ready to go with her but Lois has talked to Angela and the beautiful young girl is waiting for Jimmy at the corner. Clark had told Lois that he was going to spend Christmas with his parents so Lois is at home with a huge meal, dressed up and all alone. A knock on her door leads Lois to find Clark standing in the hallway. Lois is thrilled that he wanted to spend the evening with her and Clark gives her a special gift – a star for her Christmas tree. The episode ends with a contented Lois, staring out into the night sky with her head on Clark’s shoulder, having found the true spirit of Christmas in the unspoken love that she has for Clark.

52  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

“We Have a Lot to Talk About”

“You know what? I am mad; I’m really mad. I’m Bill Church, Jr. (Bruce Campbell) meets with his really, really mad; Clark, I’m just furious…” father and new step-mother, Mindy (Jessica Collins) at Intergang headquarters. He learns that Bill By Jack Heacock Her tirade is interrupted by a plea for help com- Sr. had an epiphany after marrying Mindy and is ing from an alley down the street. She tells Clark giving up Intergang and vast wealth to become a ~~~~~ to go and for the first time, he reveals himself to community philanthropist. Bill Jr. conspires with ois and Clark: The New Adventures of Super- her as Superman. He dashes off to find a thug Mindy to frame his father to gain control of Interman, Season 3, Episode 1, ‘We Have A Lot being held by several men in suits. He learns that gang and his father’s fortune. To Talk About’, written by John McNamara the suited-men are part of the “Church Group” and directed by Philip J. Sgriccia. community security organization, employed by Clark isolates himself emotionally from Lois, billionaire Intergang boss, Bill Church Sr. (played frustrating her. She wants to talk but he avoids As Smallville is the current live-action incarna- by the late, Peter Boyle). discussing their relationship. Meanwhile, Bill Jr. tion of the Superman story and Clark has shared believes Lois knows too much about Intergang his secret with Lois, I thought it might be interwhich threatens his takeover. He plots to kill esting to revisit Deborah Joy Levine’s vision of her. Lois’ reaction to Clark’s confession in the 1990’s series. To make that comparison, the Lois and fter an hour of calling for help, Clark Clark Season 3 premiere episode, ‘We Have A saves Lois a split second before the Lot To Talk About’ is the episode to review. bomb explodes in her apartment. Lois accuses him of ignoring her because she This episode was a continuation of the Season rejected his proposal and is no longer special 2 finale, after Lois had discovered Clark was Suto him anymore. perman. It began with Lois surprising Clark with the revelation that she already knew his secret Clark speaks with Jonathan, Lois gets a visit identity when he proposes marriage to her. It is from Martha and each gain perspective on pouring rain and they race to a nearby doorway the challenges their partner face. They realize and awkwardly look at each other. Clark tries to they have been unfair to each other, apolocut the ice but Lois doesn’t respond. He asks her gize and make up. Clark takes Lois into the how long she has known his secret. Lois says, night skies and tells her that he will wait for “Really? I always thought it [your first question] her; she reassures him that he will never be would have been ‘How did I figure it out?’” Clark alone because she loves him. replies, “That’s kind of neck-in-neck with, ‘How mad are you?’” Lois chuckles and replies, “Let’s This was a wonderful episode; extremely rosave that one for last.” mantic and fun but also poignant. The underWhen Superman returns to Lois, he says he lying theme was understanding needs and havLois explains that she has only known since the ought to take off and check out the city but that ing empathy for the one you love; realizing that previous day; by the way Clark and Superman he doesn’t want to leave her mad. Lois replies your wants (and pride) sometime take a back seat both touched her. When the rain stops, they be- that she’s not mad. She then says she is mad but to make a relationship successful. It was beautigin walking and Clark asks, “So, just how mad are it’s all right and that it was just easier talking to fully written, acted and extremely heartwarming you?” Lois replies, “I’m not mad. I’m not mad at Clark. Superman says, “You still are; let me prove throughout. all.” Clark cannot believe it and presses her further it to you” and produces the engagement ring. until she admits, “I’m hurt. I’m really, really hurt.” Lois begins to cry and tells him, “No, I can’t…yet. In Smallville, we see a similar situation with Clark replies, “Oh; which is going to be worse than I need time to think.” Clark’s need to protect Lois by keeping her insumad, isn’t it?” He then explains his reasoning for lated. That has led to some bruised feelings but not telling her sooner. She confesses that she Clark always gains perspective into Lois’ needs. understands his logic. But she adds that she feels lark is crushed by her rejection; not stophurt that he made her think he was two different ping to realize how much has changed for Although each series handled it differently, people by lying to her. Lois says she’s not sure she Lois in the past few minutes. He becomes both highlight how understanding and empathy knows either of them now and continues to get petulant and flies off, leaving Lois frustrated with strengthens their bond, making Lois and Clark the more agitated to the point where she declares, his unwillingness to listen to her explanation. iconic couple we love from the comics.




Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  53

54  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010


Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  55



by Sazia Bashar


hristopher Reeve was born in New York City on September 25, 1952. It was said that at the age of nine, he had found out his passion for acting when he first got a role in an amateur play. He attended many top schools such as Princeton Day School, Cornell, and Julliard. In between his education, Reeve had auditioned and been in many plays. After graduating from Julliard, he actually got a role in his first Broadway play alongside Katharine Hepburn titled “A Matter of Gravity”. His first role on the big screen was a small part as a submarine officer in the movie “Gray Lady Down” (1978). That same year, Reeve had won a role that helped him reach stardom as the iconic figure that all comic fans knew Superman. He played Superman/Clark Kent in the Superman films (19781987), one of the most pivotal points both in comic and film history. It was said by many that Reeve was the first one who was able to portray both roles with such clarity that it was believable that Clark Kent and Superman were two different people. He continued on with the Superman legacy by guest starring on the hit show “Smallville”, the story of young Clark Kent (Tom Welling) before he becomes Superman. He played the role of Dr. Virgil Swann, a scientist who helped Clark learn about his Kryptonian heritage through his knowledge of astronomy and satellite communication. Reeve’s character had a knowledge of outer space, but Tom Welling had said that Reeve himself was probably the most knowledgeable person he knew when it came to the Superman mythology. For a generation, he was THE Superman. On May 27, 1995, Reeve fell off his horse after it failed to jump a fence. This led to Reeve having a cervical spinal injury that paralyzed him from the neck down. After he regained consciousness it was concluded that his first and second cervical vertebrae were destroyed, meaning his head and


spine were not connected anymore. He went through surgery to have his skull attached to his spinal cord again. Though it was a success, Reeve was confined to a powered wheelchair due to the paralysis. He went to rehab and after six months his therapist stated to Reeve, “I’ve never seen progress like that. You’re going to win. You’re going to get off this thing.” In 2003, Reeve went to Israel to get more answers about his spinal cord injury. Israelis saw Reeve as an inspiration and a symbol of hope because of everything he had been through and for his refusal to give up.


e used the media to his advantage and traveled everywhere to talk about how his spinal cord injury was affecting his life. He also stated how there were many more patients with this diagnosis. He asked people for help. This lead to Reeve becoming the Chairman of the American Paralysis Association and Vice Chairman of the National Organization on Disability. He also created the Christopher Reeve Foundation (now known as the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation) to get further research and new technology to help patients with this disability. One would think a person would want to give up their career, their life after being paralyzed from the neck down, but not Christopher Reeve. He continued acting in many films and actually produced one. “Smallville” creator Alfred Gough stated that Reeve himself said that he planned on walking again. It’s upsetting to see that a person with such a big heart couldn’t have his greatest wish come true. On October 10, 2004, Reeve passed away due to cardiac arrest. This year will mark the sixth anniversary of his death. Christopher Reeve was seen as Superman not only on film, but in real life. He continued to live his life to the fullest even after having such a horrific accident. He not only helped himself, but he helped others faced with the same path. Christopher Reeve was able to make people believe that a man can fly.

or book bags. 100% of proceeds from the sale of the Superman Tags go to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. $10.00 for a set of two Superman Tags. Each set includes two tags, one chain & one clip. Help bring hope to others this holi-


day season and or-

he Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

der at: http://www.

Superman Tags can be worn around the

neck on a chain, or clipped onto gear, purses,

56  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010


THE CHRISTOPHER AND DANA REEVE FOUNDATION By Sazia Bashar The Mission for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation: “The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.”

Another part of the Reeve Foundation is the NeuroRecovery Network (NRN). It is a network of cutting-edge rehabilitation centers whose staffs have been trained in intensive activity-based treatments. Participants in the NRN program become part of a network-wide database collects comprehensive medical information about the progress of each patient. The NRN then will be able to accurately measure program outcomes with this information. The results? Improved health, quality of life, and function. Not everyone will achieve the same results, but some do experience changes as a result of the therapy. For example, many participants who were unable to walk when they entered the program can actually walk now. Improvements have been shown in participants’ function, including trunk control, endurance, speed of walking and balance. There are also improvements in cardiovascular, pulmonary, and bladder function and increased bone density.

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to finding treatments and cures for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders. The foundation was started in 1982 by early pioneers and was originally called the American Paralysis Foundation before it was named after Christopher and Dana Reeve. When Christopher Reeve became quadriplegic in 1995, he motivated neuroscientists around the world to conquer the most complex diseases of the brain and central nervous system. He then asked for help from the American Paralysis Foundation. He lent them his name and The Reeve Foundation Quality of Life Grants Program (which funding which lead to the foundation to be titled the Christopher Reeve Dana Reeve conceived) awards grants to non-profit organizations that Paralysis Foundation and then the Christopher Reeve Foundation (CRF). provide services to individuals with paralysis. The grants He also became the Chairman of the Board of the CRF. are awarded to programs or projects that improve the After Reeve’s death his wife, Dana Reeve, carried on the daily lives of people with paralysis and paralysis caused role of Chairman of the Foundation. Dana also passes by spinal cord injuries. Dana came up with this program away 17 months later after which Peter D. Kiernan to help support organizations that help disabled became the new Chairman. On the first anniversary of individuals, their families, and caregivers. This allows Dana’s passing, the Foundation changed its name to the immediate independence, happiness, and improved Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to reflect the access. “partnership, courage and compassion of the Reeves.” In June 2006, the Christopher & Dana Reeve Since 1982, the Reeve Foundation has awarded Foundation launched a campaign to raise public more than $81 million to over 650 researchers awareness of the Reeve Foundation. Its mission? Selling around the world. Their major areas of research are: Superman tags. The dogtags have the Superman Neuroprotection; Promotion of axon growth and S-Shield logo and the foundation’s motto, “Go Forward.” remyelination; Axon guidance, synapse formation, All the proceeds from the sale of the tags support the and neurotranmission; Growth inhibition; Cellular Foundation’s work in finding treatments and cures for replacement, therapeutic cells, and substrates; Stem paralysis. Many celebrities have been “tagged” from the alumni of the cells; Rehabilitation; Pain and other complications of spinal cord injuries; Superman franchise such as Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Kate New tools and models for spinal cord research. Bosworth, (Superman Returns), Noel Neil, (Adventures of Superman) and Dean Cain (Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman). Smallville’s Mission for the NeuroRecovery Network: “Develop and expand access Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Annette O’Toole, and John Schneider were to activity-based therapies for people with spinal cord injury and other also “tagged”. physical abilites.”

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“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles”

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  57

The Importance of Supporting


By Kate Blake

grees of injury regain motor function through

with religious organizations. During the Clinton

the NeuroRecovery Network which uses a special

years and now under Obama those restrictions

Christopher and Dana Reeve Founda- program which works with people to get them

have been lifted. Recently a scientist in Japan

tion and their dedication to helping

took the politics out of the research by discover-


he Spirit of Superman lives on with the

those who live with paralysis. The organization

up and moving. They are taking a very hands on

approach by helping people rebuild neural net- ing these cells can be harvested from adult fat

has been dedicated to multi-pronged research works through physical stimulation of muscles.

tissue giving liposuction clinics a possible rev-

programs that not only explore how to repair

enue stream in the future and hope to millions

When you are hurt - some nerves will grow back

spinal cord injuries at the cellular level

of people.

but also at a mechanical level through the use of advanced engineering com-

Why are stem cells so important?

bined with novel physical therapy re-

Michael J Fox has had them im-


planted in his brain to help stem the progression of his Parkinson’s

Christopher Reeve’s life changed in

disease. The cells are being used in

an instant when he had a horseback

labs today to determine how best

riding accident and was paralyzed

to use them to heal old spinal inju-

from the neck down. His form of pa-

ries. Animal studies indicate that it

ralysis left him a quadriplegic with lim-

is possible to heal even old injuries

ited motion and sensation. Always an

using the cells. They are not the

athletic man, competitive man who

only answer though. People who

strove for excellence, Christopher and

have been paralyzed usually suf-

his wife Dana reached out and worked

fer from a number of complications

to help others living with paralysis and

thanks to their injuries. Fixing the

to fund research to help all people

spine may turn on nerve paths to

dealing with this disability.

in time, some will not. By making muscles move, stimulate sensation but months or even years the therapies help neighboring nerves learn new

The nervous system is a delicate and mysterious jobs to take over the work of damaged ones. network of conductive tissue that runs through our body conveying electronic impulses in distinct patterns that flow from our brains to our


of therapy are needed to get a body back after things have atrophied. This is where the multipronged approach of research comes in along

ot every injury can be treated with physi- with the therapy programs offered through the cal therapies. In the 1980s stem cell re- foundation. Medical advances can happen quickly

limbs and all of our body parts telling them to search opened the eyes of neurologists to a tool

but most are over decades. When donors reach

work the way we want them to and also to the that offers countless hopes for miracles. Stem cells

out past political boundaries to help their fellow

body parts inside of us like our kidneys, bladders,

are the undifferentiated embryonic cells which man – they end up helping themselves. Right

and even our heart and lungs telling them what

have all of the genetic material to make new cells

to do to keep us alive. The spinal cord is the cable

but have not yet been programmed to be a spe- ther directly or through someone close to them.

from our brains that sends the control signals out

cific cell type. Early research showed that you

Imagine how much money we can save in future

to our bodies with nerves acting as the individual

could implant these cells and repair damaged

healthcare costs by helping even half of those

bits of wiring that make the human machine work. nerves and even repair heart and other tissues

people back on their feet? There is a lot of talk

When the spinal cord is injured where it is injured

about quality of life - but the truth is that we have

that cannot be grafted.

will determine which body functions will be affected.

now 1 in 6 people are affected by paralysis – ei-

the ability to help a lot of people make their lives The politics of research have always been tricky. better by supporting the efforts of the ChristoThe Reagan administration and then both Bush

Research funded over decades by the founda- administrations squashed government funded tion has helped many people with varying de- research into stem cell therapies due to conflicts

pher and Dana Reeve foundation. Learn more at http://www.christopherreeve. org/

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Superman The Movie- A Cultural Landmark in Filmmaking

Star Wars when the Salkinds were setting up shop to shoot Superman.

By Kate Blake

Richard Donner was brought in late in the game as director and it was his job to take the mammoth script oday’s roster of upcoming films is filled with ep- and treatment that Puzo had written and try to craft ics pulled from comic books but in the 1970s something they could work with and make 2 films from. when the Salkinds purchased the film rights to The intention from the get go had been to share production costs between two films- something unheard of at the time but now fairly common as a practice. Donner brought in Tom Mankiewicz to help him out. Tom had worked on several James Bond films as a writer and understood what audiences like to see.



the Superman franchise nobody had ever previously made a full length feature film for adults based on a comic book hero. Comic book heroes like Superman and Flash Gordon had filled cinemas in the 1950s with short serial film reels and then the television landscape with weekly adventures aimed at kids who would buy comic books and anything else you could slap a logo on. Batman went campy in the 1960s with Adam West donning the hood and nobody took him seriously.

he script was ever changing and kept pushing out shooting and pushing budgets higher. The casting of Superman was set after a long search and fresh faced Julliard graduate Christopher Reeve was settled on after several wardrobe tests and multiple screen tests. He had to bulk up for the role but did so nicely- filling out the signature suit without too much padding. Lois Lane was cast early too. Margot Kiddor had a few lead roles in B - movies like Black Christmas and some tv work under her belt but it was her pluck and spunk that drew the producers to her. She exuded the confidence of career women everywhere who were fighting for the Equal Rights Amendment and embodied the professional vigor of Lois Lane the reporter that everyone knows from the comics. She also had the ability to get very mushy at the sight of Superman showing the womanly vulnerability underneath.

The 1970s were a very serious time in history. Theaters Cast and crew in place- the road to success was filled were filled with dark, gritty stories. The biggest hits of with doubts and pitfalls. Along the way the studio the decade included The Godfather movies produced rushed the production causing the great realignment by Francis Ford Coppola, starring Marlon Brando and of storytelling that resulted in Richard Donner not comwritten by Mario Puzo. Puzo was a best-selling author best known for his intense family focused mob dramas. Brando and Puzo both won Oscars for their work on The Godfather in 1972. Gene Hackman starred in another quintessential 1970s film The French Connection. He too hit Oscar gold with his role as a narcotics cop bringing down a drug ring. The heroes of the era were often anti-heroes with little humor and films included a lot of bloodshed. Films were squarely divided into kids stuff and serious fare with little in between. This was a problem as box office receipts during the 1970s declined. When Ilya and Alexander Salkind approached Warner Brothers about making a serious film based on Superman it was a hard sell. They had to line up big talent to make it happen. When they signed Brando to play Jor-El and Puzo to write the script that was a good start. Getting Hackman to play Luthor was better. The location and where they would shoot was critical as well. At that time in the late 1970s a lot of films were being shot in England to keep costs down much the same way that films are shot in Canada, Australia and eastern Europe today. George Lucas was close by working on

pleting the series and the end to the second movie ending the first one. The result was a serious film about an alien sent to our planet to protect us. He lives among us yet soars over us. His powers attract enemies who seek to destroy our way of life for their personal gain and he stops them but not without costs and consequences. Superman The Movie is important in a cultural context for a number of reasons. It was the first. It was the film that showed Hollywood that heroes are not just for kids

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  59

other franchises born in the same era - Superman brought forward a nostalgic view of the world that reflected the changing times. As we put the turbulent 60s and grim ‘70s behind us we wanted to look back at a

simpler time toward the ‘50s when things seemed more black and white. There was good and there was bad. The modern reality was that in the 1980s we all wanted a more just world where we could rely on our heroes to save us but we accepted that nobody is perfect.

battle evil with Indians being replaced by aliens. Thanks to Superman those who fight for us onscreen now include men and women from all kinds of walks of life who stay in the shadows sometimes- and walk in the sun hristopher Reeve became a star overnight as well fighting to keep us all and was forever identified with the role of safe and secure. In a post 9/11 Superman. His respect for the character is world where we have to be strip one of the reasons his memory is so revered to this searched to fly to grandma’s day. When Richard Donner was asked by fans to rehouse for the holidays- is it any edit Superman II and give us his vision he felt honored. He could not wonder that we look toward heroes to make us feel a little better believe how much people love the Superman films. Through history about our world which can seem to be spinning out of control? people have needed heroes. In the early days of film westerns with cowboys defeating Indians were heroes, later it was the lawman on horseback taking down rustlers and other kinds of thieves and banSuperman has always been a symbol of light and hope in a scary dits. Cops and robbers are still important to our psyche as exhibited world. He was in 1978 and he is today in 2010. We can thank the Salby the all crime time prime time on most network television. Science kinds, Richard Donner and everyone who worked so hard on Superman fiction has usurped westerns for the most part as the arena for good to the Movie for making one part of our lives a little brighter as a result.


60  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

By Erika Blake Somewhere in Time (1980) Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc, written by Richard Matheson and starring Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, Christopher Plummer, Teresa Wright and including an early appearance by thenunknown William H. Macy.

researches her life. He then contacts a former professor who theorized that one could time travel if he imagined himself to be in that place and time. Drawn inexplicably to the woman in the portrait, Richard buys period

Elise senses that there’s something special about the man and in the space of two days the pair fall madly in love.


omewhere in Time was the first film that Christopher Reeve made after Superman. He desperately wanted to do a project that would be completely different than an action film. Somewhere was a small film with an even smaller budget, but upon reading the script, he was enchanted and quickly agreed to come on board. When the film came out it was universally panned by critics as being overly sentimental. At the time of the film’s release actors were on strike and both Christopher and his lovely co-star Jane Seymour were unable to promote the film. It came and went from theaters within two weeks.

The couple make plans for a life together when playfully Richard reaches into his pocket and finds a penny from his modern time. Seeing it breaks the spell and he vanishes and is teleported back to his time. No matter how much he tried, Richard was never able to return to the past. Depressed, he falls into a canatonic state and dies from dehydration and starvation. The final scene has him floating over his body and meeting up with Elise in the afterife. The idea of how Richard time travelled was controversial at the time, even Reeve was uncertain that people would buy into a man selfhypnotizing himself into the past. However, Christopher played the scenes with such conviction, it would be difficult for anyone to not believe that it was possible.

The movie was all but forgotten until cable emerged and the film began airing on TV. Once people started to see it, the small film acquired a cult following and by many who love it, consider Somewhere to be one of Christopher Reeve’s finest films.

Reeve and Seymour sizzled with chemistry on the screen. In one of her first real roles after arriving into cinema as a Bond girl, Seymour radiated confidence and innocence in a woman of a different time.

The movie follows the career of a handsome playwright named Richard Collier (Reeve.) One night after a successful opening night of an early play of his, a mysterious older woman approached him and whispered, “Come back to me.” She pressed something into his hands and walked away. Befuddled, Collier finds she gifted to him a lovely vintage pocket watch. The film fast forwards eight years, Collier has multiple awards on his walls for successful plays that he’s written, but it is apparent that he’s suffering from massive writer’s block. Absently, he gets into his car and drives to destinations unknown in order to clear his head. He finds himself driving past the luxurious Grand Hotel. The hotel is past it’s prime, a relic of time gone by. Upon checking in, he wanders into a small museum for the place and becomes enchanted with the photo of a nameless young woman that hung on the wall. After consulting with the old bellman, Arthur, he learns that the woman in the photo was Elise McKenna (Seymour,) an actress from 1912 who performed at the hotel in it’s heyday. Not knowing why, Richard becomes obsessed with the woman and

beautiful actress down. His path to wooing the young actress isn’t an easy one. He is unfamiliar with the customs of time and finds it difficult to explain himself and his intentions to her very nosy and over protective manager William Fawcett Robinson (Plummer.)

clothing, trades in for currency that will match the timeframe in which performed there and begins to self hypnotize himself into believing that he would travel to Elise and meet her across time. It worked. Richard wakes up to find the hotel in it’s full regal finery and tracks the

The film’s third main character is The Grand Hotel itself. From the beginning of the film when set in modern times, the film depicted the place as near empty. Seeing it come to life in the past is always enjoyable. For me personally, upon rewatching the film I found myself reminded strongly of Titanic, not just because the two films have near similar endings, but The Grand Hotel and Titanic were both from the same era. The architecture is very similar and Somewhere did a wonderful job of showcasing that vacationing at a hotel was an event back in it’s day, not just a place to sleep at while one headed off to sight-see. Back then when people paid for luxury, they enjoyed it to its fullest. Somewhere is a lovely little movie, the performances by the lead actors are very earnest. The musical score by John Barry is unforgettable and the costumes, which earned it an Academy Award nomination, are a wonderful feast for the eyes. The film is available on DVD.

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Film Review

By Erika Blake



witching Channels was filmed in 1988 and stars Kathleen Turner, Burt Reynolds and Christopher Reeve. The movie was a remake of the Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell movie “His Girl Friday.” The film came out just after Superman comics premiered and introduced the world to Lois Lane, the female reporter. The message from both films ultimately is that being a stay at home housewife is a bad idea when you’re a kick-ass reporter. Much like the original film, Channels centers around the female lead, Christy Colleran (Turner) who lives and breathes the full life of a workaholic TV news journalist. After having a near breakdown on air, she is ordered to go on vacation. While staying at an old fashion resort in Canada (which looks A LOT like The Grand Hotel from Somewhere in Time.) Christy meets Blaine Bingham (Reeve,) a sports equipment mogul millionaire. The two hit it off and after their vacation, Christy returns to Chicago to tell her boss/exhusband John ‘Sully’ Sullivan (Reynolds) that she’s getting married and moving to New York with Blaine and become a NYCity Morning Show host. Sully realizes that he’s about to lose his greatest love (and news station’s best reporter) and starts sabotaging their plans to leave the state.

The B-line of the story centers around a man who is about to be sentenced to death and is in his final hours before his execution. Sully convinces Christy to go out with a bang and get one last interview with the convicted man, Roscoe (Henry Gibson.) This begins a wild set of events as Christy and Sully work to try to get the convicted man a pardon from the Governor. Blaine gets put through the ringer by Sully in his attempts to keep the good looking businessman away from his ex-wife. Sully spies a book on overcoming fears of heights in Blaine’s briefcase and sends his station’s errand boy Sigenthaler (George Newborn) to a shopping mall in a seventeen floor building. Blaine has an utter and complete panic attack when trapped inside the glass elevator and won’t come out until Christy is able to get away from her story to talk him out of having a complete mental breakdown. Seeing the former Man of Steel freaking out over heights is rather hilarious. Although they don’t share any screen time together, the cast reunites Reeve with Superman co-star Ned Betty, who’s playing a man running

for Governor and hell bent on letting Roscoe fry. In another Superman connection, George Newborn voiced Superman in Bruce Timm’s Justice League cartoon series. The dialog in the film is snappy and fast, rather like it’s original. In fact the dialog was memorable enough that I hadn’t seen this movie in probably over twenty years and some of the lines came back to me upon re-watching the film. The comedy nicely plays out in pacing like the old-school screwball comedy that the story was based on. Set in the late 80’s there are some rather amusing things to see in the film, such as the obnoxious shoulder pads in Blaine and Christy’s jackets and the blond streaks in Blaine’s hair that just scream the era. Hearing Sully use the term “Yuppie” made me want to go looking for my Izod shirts and crack out my dippity doo. (Don’t know what that means? Be happy that you don’t.) Technology was rather fun to examine as well, such as the massive cell phone that Blaine used part way through the film which caught Sully’s attention. Obviously, it would’ve been seen as a huge luxury item at the time, but now is a dinosaur. Although laptops were starting to be used, typewriters were still around on the set - showing that the film was set in those years right before Windows and the internet changed life as we know it today. Even then the reporters who worked at the newspapers were seen as a dying breed as TV had become king. Turner was warm, feisty, and likeable as Christy. Reeve played the part well of the just slightly arrogant and really in love with himself third wheel. If there was a weak part in the film it was Reynolds who handled the snappy dialog with Turner with ease, but fell flat in the romance department. I wasn’t convinced that he loved Christy for Christy, but seemed to only care about Christy the reporter. Reynolds is no Cary Grant. Switching Channels certainly wasn’t one of Reeve’s best roles, but it did showcase his ability to beautifully perform physical comedy. Also his character being self-important was against type for the usual roles that he chose. Ultimately, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for his character, it really wasn’t his fault that he fell for the wrong woman. The film isn’t boring and moves at a good, even pace. The film is a part of the Tri-Star film library - which means that it’s pretty much out of circulation, since Tri-Star no longer exists. Currently the film is available to purchase on Amazon Video on Demand.

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By Sazia Bashar


r. Virgil Swann (Christopher Reeve) was introduced into Smallville during its second season in the episode Rosetta. He was a very well-known and wealthy scientist who focused on astronomy and satellite communication. He graduated from MIT when he was 19- years-old and had a doctorate in math and applied physics. He created his own company called Swann Communications which became an international claim in the1970s as the world’s largest producer of satellites. Scientific American even dubbed him as the Man of Tomorrow. He started studying about life on other planets (specifically the planet Krypton) after the first meteor shower hit Smallville in 1989. With this goal in his life, he ended up selling his company and put his millions towards charitable foundations. He ended up working at the New York Planetarium and used his SWANNSTAR satellites to explore extraterrestrial communication. Dr. Swann was a quadriplegic, so he depended on a series of breathing and mobility devices to stay alive and move around.


Dr. Swann received a message in the form of an encrypted transmission through his receiving during the first meteor shower in Smallville. He was able to decrypt the message with a mathematical key. The message read “This is Kal-El of Krypton. Our infant son, our last hope. Please protect him and deliver him from evil.” Clark wasn’t believing any of this and started to walk out when Dr. Swann revealed that there was a second part of the message and that if Clark walked out, he wouldn’t show

Rosetta ~~~~~

n article that Chloe had written for The Smallville Torch lead Dr. Swann to believe that Clark had a connection to Krypton. The article contained a picture of a burnt symbol on the Kent’s barn. The Kryptonian key that Clark had found was calling out to him (a high pitch ringing sound that only Clark can hear) and this lead to Clark’s heat vision to activate. He started to burn the barn uncontrollably until he had formed the Kryptonian symbol of “hope”. Dr. Swann recognized the symbol and was able to contact Clark (through e-mails and instant messaging) by tracking down Chloe, since she was the one who had taken the photo. Chloe informed Clark about Dr. Swann and how the man hasn’t picked up a phone for thirteen years. She went on to say that the symbol must have been very important to Dr. Swann and encouraged Clark to get in contact with him. Clark’s parents were afraid that Dr. Swann would somehow hurt or exploit him since it had happened before in past experiences. But Clark told them that the only way he would get answers about his biological parents and the planet he was from would be by meeting Dr. Swann. Clark finally decides to heads off to New York to visit Dr. Swann. Clark learns that

translate them. Lionel then asked Dr. Swann to ask Clark on his behalf about the octagonal disk Lionel use to possess (he believed that Clark had it). Dr. Swann realized that Lionel was dying and that Lionel wanted the key for his survival. Dr. Swann refused at first, but then decided to make an arrangement with Lionel. Clark eventually found out about Lionel and Dr. Swann’s meeting and decided to confront Dr. Swann about it. Clark felt betrayed that Dr. Swann would work with someone who wanted to destroy his family. Dr. Swann said that he was disappointed with Clark’s behavior since informing him of his Kryptonian origins. He went on to say that he only informed him of his orgins because he thought he was ready, He also claimed that working with Lionel would help Clark’s best interests. Clark then learned that Dr. Swann had found another message though this time it was not from spaceb, but Earth. The message read “I am waiting.” However, he tells Clark that he believes this message was not meant for him. Jonathan Kent decided to confront Lionel in the caves and this resulted in a fight between the two. Jonathan had the octagonal disk in his pocket and it fell outs Somehow Dr. Swann was able to obtain it.


Crusade ~~~~~

r. Swann decided to send his assistant, Dr. Bridget Crosby (Margot Kidder,) to help free Clark from his Kryptonian alter-ego Kal-El.


Sacred ~~~~

efore Dr. Swann passed away, he decided to give back the disk and persuaded Clark in a letter to find his birth father, Jor-El. it. With that Clark decided to stay and read the Veritas second part which stated “We will be with you ~~~~~ Kal-El. For all the days of your life.” Dr. Swann went on to explain that the planet Krypton r. Swann formed Veritas, a secret was no longer visible in the night sky and group (with Lionel Luthor, Robert speculated that Krypton had been destroyed. Queen, and the Teagues- Edward and Dr. Swann promised Clark that we would pro- Genevieve) that wanted to protect the Travtect his secret. eler (Clark Kent). Lionel decided to poison Dr. Swann because he wanted the Traveler for Legacy himself. Lionel also killed Robert Queen and ~~~~~ his wife. The other members of the Veritas eventually died later until Lionel was the last ne year has passed by and this time, one standing. Lionel Luthor decides to pay a visit to Dr. Swann. Lionel was curious about Dr. Swann kept a journal containing Kryptothe symbols in the Kawatche Cave and of- nian symbols, notes about the Veritas Society, fered conservancy of the caves in exchange and the Traveler . He left this journal to his for a translation of the symbols. Dr. Swann daughter, Patricia, who had eventually given lied and told Lionel he didn’t know how to it to Clark to keep.



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64  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 3, Dec. 2010

By Jack Heacock


hat the Hell,” Lois exclaimed as she saw the balance of her checking account on her laptop. “I got paid Friday,” she exclaimed to herself. She sat at the Kent Farm table staring at the pathetically-low figure that followed the words, Account Balance. She clicked on the statement history. “Damnit,” she hissed. Her biweekly paycheck was $616 less than she normally received. “What the…” she whispered in confusion. After her automatic payment of bills, she had exactly $27.19 left in her checking account for the next two weeks. Before payday she had overspent on gifts for her father and Lucy. She wanted to do that after their recent visit; after something significant had happened. In the moment when Sam and Lucy thought Lois had been plucked from Earth, the Lane family dynamic had changed forever. Hearing Sam’s voice quake and feeling the intensity of his embrace when he learned she was alive, Lois finally realized how important she was to him and how much he truly loved her. The epiphany was not hers alone; Sam and Lucy both realized it too and for the first time in ages, Lois felt like she belonged to a family rather than an underperforming military unit. After missing it for twenty years, Lois felt the loving embrace of a father and a sister. But thanks to a well-placed rocket and an insurance policy that wouldn’t cover losses from rocket attacks, her savings account had been drained and she had nearly reached the limit on her credit card. She looked up from her computer fuming at the inexplicable shortage in her paycheck. It has to be an administrative error. I’m going to get that fixed first thing this morning, she vowed. She sat back and cupped a steaming mug of coffee, absently looking around the Kent home. The warm, solid home that Jonathan and Martha had created over so many years reflected the meticulous attention they paid to every aspect of their lives. It welcomed visitors with open arms, reflecting the genuine love, warmth and respect of the Kents. It had welcomed Clark; it had welcomed her. It would always be the Kent home but it felt like her home now. Her eyes wandered to a picture of Clark and her on the fireplace mantle, next to a picture of Clark and his parents. Below the mantle hung two stockings; one with the name ‘Lo’ and the other labeled ‘Smallville’. The vision drained her anger and she glanced at the sparkling engagement ring on her finger. The first rays of the morning sun piercing the window set the diamond ablaze, forming a brilliant aura of colored fire. She smiled and a sense of contentment spread through her; a feeling that only Clark’s love could bring. Lois knew that what was most important in her life was sleeping upstairs. She knew that gifts were not the true measure of love but like Sam and Lucy, she wanted something tangible to symbolize her feelings. She wanted to give him something that said how much he meant to her; to signify exactly what he had given her: the sense of belonging and purpose she had always sought. She had no idea what that gift would be but she was sure that it couldn’t be bought for $27.19 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


ecoupment,” Lois cried, to the Human Resources officer. “For what?”

“The memo says ‘For travel costs incurred by the Planet’. Six payments of $616 have been scheduled from your pay beginning the last pay period. You were sent a memo with all of this information.” The thin dour man with the bad comb-over looked up at Lois. “Didn’t you accept a transfer to Egypt and then move back to Metropolis just a few weeks later? As I recall, you demanded to be reassigned here after we had already hired your replacement and paid her relocation stipend.” His eyes narrowed

and he looked down at the computer screen. “A total of $5,196 is being collected in six monthly payments.” Lois scowled. “So the Planet can pay a $100 Christmas bonus to ‘Hello Kitty’ who has worked here for three whole months but it takes over $600 from me? In December? Listen Ebenezer…” “You were awarded a $1500 bonus,” he interrupted. “Unfortunately, it was subtracted from the amount you have to reimburse.” The officer looked up with a cocked head. “I think the Planet is being more than fair with you. Miss Mercer signed off on the restitution memo.” Holding up a document signed by Tess, “I suggest you take it up with her.” Lois stormed out of the office and headed to Tess’ suite. She was greeted by the administrative assistant who informed her that Tess was on her annual holiday leave but would be back the Monday after Christmas. “She asked not to be disturbed,” the young man added, noting the intensity of Lois’ glare. “Of course not,” Lois replied angrily, “Tess wouldn’t want to be interrupted while she’s out vandalizing Christmas displays, would she?” The young man smirked but said nothing. “Don’t bother; I’ll pay her a visit at home instead,” she added, executing a crisp about-face and heading to the elevators. The young man winced at the thought of visiting Tess at home when she didn’t want to be disturbed. It’s your funeral, he thought. The thought of having nothing to give Clark hurt her. He had changed her life and she had no tangible way to show him what that meant to her. The simple, idyllic life she had once believed he led had been unmasked. He had endured more sorrow, pain and sacrifice than anyone. Yet he was always the optimist; the rock to which the world would cling in every storm. Clark expected nothing in return and for that, he deserved everything. She sat at her desk and noticed a green envelope on Clark’s desk; all Christmas bonuses were given in green envelopes. She looked around the bullpen and noticed unopened ones on desks or empty ones in trash cans. She smiled when she saw Clark coming toward her with a fresh cup of coffee and felt tears stinging her eyes. She jumped up and scurried to the supply room to regain her composure. Seconds later, the door slowly opened. “Lois?” Clark called. “What’s the matter?” He eased the door closed behind him and she turned to face him, wiping away the moisture from her cheeks. “They docked my pay for canceling the Egypt assignment. They took my bonus, too. Between that and trying to replace my vaporized belongings, I’m broke.” Clark frowned, confused by her sudden concern for money. “So? I’ve got my bonus; we’ve got more than enough to make it to the next payday.” He touched her arm. “Don’t worry.” “Next payday is after Christmas, Clark.” He gave her a puzzled look and she rolled her eyes. “Christmas? A jolly old fat man in a red suit carrying a bag full of presents; the time when you buy gifts for those you love or someone you don’t know but whose name you randomly pulled out of a box at the Planet…” “I got it Lois; Christmas. What does that have to do with your pay being docked?” She shook her head and took a deep breath. “Because they docked my pay before I bought you anything. I only have about $25 left.” A smile crept across his face and he took her by the hands. “Lois, I don’t need another gift. I told you, you’re all I’ll ever need; you’re the one I’ve

Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  65

always needed.” Tears sprang anew and she cleared her throat. “That’s not the point. I wanted to give you something for our first Christmas together,” she croaked. He played with the diamond ring on Lois’ finger and stared into her eyes. “Remember when I told you my secret and that I’ve been afraid my entire life?” She nodded. “Well, I’m not afraid anymore, Lois. You took that fear away. That’s something you can’t buy and it’s the greatest gift I’ll ever get.” He pulled her into his chest. “Every day I wake up; you’re by my side. I can’t imagine my life ever being better than that.” He kissed the top of her head. “You are my gift; don’t you understand that?” “That sweet, Clark and I feel the same way. But I wanted to give you something…” she said with her cheek pressed against his chest. “Something that reminds you that no matter where you are, I’m always by your side,” she concluded. “You gave me that already, Lois; you said, ‘Yes’.” To punctuate the point, he pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


at’s eyes grew large as saucers when she handed Lois a folder of copies and saw the engagement ring on her finger. She gasped loudly. “Is that a…?” she began, stammering while staring at the exquisite diamond a moment longer. “Are you…?” She looked at Lois in bewilderment and made a face. “You? I mean…who would…?” Cat snapped her head around to Clark. “Oh! Don’t tell me that…”

“That’s her problem, Clark; everything’s a business with her. Whether it’s the Daily Planet editor,” Lois glanced around, leaned forward and in a hushed tone, “or secretary extraordinaire of the secret heroes club, all she cares about is the work getting done or the bottom line regardless of the personal cost. If she would ever show an ounce of concern about anyone personally, maybe people wouldn’t see her as such a cold-hearted bitch on wheels.” “Because that’s what her life’s taught her, Lois. She’s lived with the bad hand that she was dealt and she survived by adapting.” He paused. “We all have,” he added. “Try to imagine life without a family. Imagine spending every Christmas without anyone to share it with. Even if that family isn’t always the greatest, they’re still people that care about you; people that remind you that you’re loved.” Clark smiled. “We have each other and we both have family who love us. Tess is all alone; she has no one.”


“Now there’s some shocking news,” Lois



iss Mercer will be with you in a moment,” the Luthor housekeeper said. She handed Lois a Christmas card in an addressed envelope. “You saved me a trip to the mailbox,” the woman said cheerily as she took Lois’ coat. “Miss Mercer asked that you to wait for her in the library.”

Lois sat in an overstuffed leather couch nestled close to a roaring fire in the expansive room. She fingered the envelope for a moment and then opened it. It contained an ornate card with a Bible verse. She opened it to read the message inside and a folded piece of paper fell into her lap. Lois retrieved the slip of paper: a check written from Tess’ personal account to Lois in the Clark looked up wearing an amused expression. “Yes, Cat. I amount of $1,500. In the memo section was written, ‘Annual asked Lois to marry me last Friday and she accepted.” Bonus’. She blinked and numbly stared at the check and then at the card. In Tess’ hand was written, “Merry Christmas, Lois. Cat scowled and looked back at Lois who had crossed her I’m sorry the Planet had to take your bonus at this time of the arms to intentionally showcase her diamond ring and had sat year. My best to you and Clark during this special season. Tess.” back in her chair with a whimsical expression. “Oh, Cat…it was magical. Rose petals were flying through the air; Clark was on At the sound of approaching heels echoing on the stone floors one knee and the whole world came to a standstill. All I could in the hallway behind her, Lois quickly placed the check and card hear was my heart beating.” She let out a sigh. “You would have back in the envelope. She shoved the envelope into her purse died,” she added dreamily. “Oh, I’ll get you a draft later today and stood as Tess entered the library. for the announcement in the paper.” Lois raised an eyebrow and cocked her head. “That’s still your responsibility, isn’t it?” “Lois,” she said enigmatically, “what a surprise.” Lois struggled to find something to say. Still shocked by the check she was at Cat’s face reddened. She glanced back at Clark and without a loss for words. Tess raised an eyebrow. “Is there some reason another word, walked off and disappeared around a partition. you’re here?” Lois clucked and shook her head in feigned surprise. “What? Not even a congratulations?” she exclaimed and Clark chuckled. “Um, yes…yes there is, Tess.” Lois paused. “I came to ask if “You know, I feel better now, Smallville, but I’m still paying Tess you had plans for Christmas day. If not, we’d like you to join us a visit.” for Christmas dinner.” “Well if it’s any consolation,” he began, “I recently drained my bank account too,” Clark concluded, nodding at the engagement ring. “There won’t be anything very spectacular for you under the tree. I thought it would be nice if we could just have a day to ourselves; maybe we’ll fix a nice Christmas dinner together.” Lois leaned forward. “I’d love that but I’m still mad about the bonus. And just when I thought we were starting to tear down the Wall of China between us, Tess does this.” With the look of amusement gone, Clark said, “Lois, it’s been a tough time for Tess recently. She’s had a pretty difficult life, herself. Think how you’d feel if such ugly memories of your childhood all came flooding back right now.” Lois groaned and sat back. “All I’m saying is try to be understanding; it’s Christmas. If you want to talk to her about your paycheck being docked, that’s fine. But don’t make it personal because I’m sure it wasn’t personal for Tess.”

Tess flinched. “Me?” she asked and smiled skeptically. She walked past Lois, faced the fire and then cleared her throat. “It’s your first Christmas together…Lois,” she fumbled. “You two should be spending it alone, don’t you think?” She hesitated and then added, “Was this Clark’s idea? Does he know you’re inviting me to Christmas dinner?” “No,” Lois responded, “I haven’t talked to him about it.” Tess looked down. “Well then; before you make plans on such a special day shouldn’t you…” “Tess,” Lois interrupted, prompting Tess to turn and face her. Stepping forward, Lois closed the distance between them. “Clark and I will be together every Christmas for the rest of our lives. And what makes the day special to both of us is sharing it with family; whether that family is the one you’re born in to or the one you create.” She paused, staring directly into Tess’ eyes and then smiled, “Like the family we’re all a part of now.”

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Issue 3, Dec. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  67

OSCK Magazine Issue #3  

Smallville/Superman fan publication. Contains interviews with RIESE KINGDOM FALLING stars Christine Chatelain & Alessandro Juliani, Smallvil...

OSCK Magazine Issue #3  

Smallville/Superman fan publication. Contains interviews with RIESE KINGDOM FALLING stars Christine Chatelain & Alessandro Juliani, Smallvil...