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Halloween Issue VOL. 02 NO. 02


October, 2010

Interviews with Sharon Taylor & Cast Members for RIESE KINGDOM FALLING including Allison Mack




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2  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  3

Issue No. 2 October 2010

OSCK Staff

Introduction Welcome to our second issue of OSCK MAGAZINE. This issue is out in time to celebrate SMALLVILLE’s epic 200th episode “Homecoming” and the launch of season 10. As in our previous issue you’ll find lots of extra commentary, reviews, and spoilers regarding the up and coming season of SMALLVILLE. We’ve got a special feature in our magazine this go around, we’re also putting a spotlight on October being Halloween and our staff is reviewing scary movies that your favorite Smallville stars past and present starred in. Also featured are reviews of some of the scariest episodes of SMALLVILLE. Plus we also have an exclusive Halloween themed fanfiction story by Holli. For this issue we also have an exciting extra feature, we’re spotlighting the webseries “RIESE THE SERIES” that stars many actors and actresses who’ve appeared on SMALLVILLE. In this issue, we interview Sharon Taylor (Faora) & and other cast members including Allison Mack who star in the series that’s coming to And we got to chat with SMALLVILLE alum Aaron Ashmore about his new film “The Shrine.” Also in this issue we’re going to feature the first season of ‘LOIS AND CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN’ and other exciting DC updates & news! Sit back and enjoy our second issue! Thank you for reading!

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4  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010



On Set Photos for HOMECOMING

RATINGS 10x01 Lazarus 2.9/1.3

10x02 Shield 2.35/1.0

10x03 Supergirl

Filming took place August 16th at Vancouver Secondary Technical School for the 200th episode. With many extras on hand we got some fun behind the scenes photos. Here were some of our preliminary peeks of Lois in her yellow dress and Clark wearing his old letterman jacket!


10x04 Homecoming 3.19/1.3

10x05 ISIS 2.60/1.1


For its 10th and final season of

Celebrates its 200th Episode!

SMALLVILLE the series will be able to add a rare accomplishment under its

Freeman, Justin Hartley, and Allison Mack. Also

spring that Mr. Roth had told him from the be-

belt - with it’s duration it has met and surpassed there were Lindsey Hartley (Justin’s wife) who will

ginning that he envisioned SMALLVILLE lasting

200 episodes. When the series is complete at the

10 seasons, an outstanding feat that Tom could

be guest starring in episode eight, and our new

end of the season it will take over STAR-

scarcely understand when he began the

GATE: SG1 as the longest, continuously

series so many years ago.

running sci-fi tv show in all of television

OSCK sends a big thanks to Peter Roth


and the wonderful folks at Warner Broth-

On September 25th Warner Brothers

ers television for never giving up on the

hosted a party in Vancouver to celebrate

series and for allowing Clark’s story to go

the monumental achievement of the se-

through it’s completion and not be hur-

ries hitting 200 episodes. In the entire his-

ried off the air with so many questions

tory of TV, only 53 other scripted shows

left unanswered.

have ever lasted that long and with to-

Thank you Brian and Kelly for taking the

day’s ratings hungry climate and dwin-

time this season to answer a lot of those

dling ratings as network television and cable duke it out for viewers, the chances of too many series reaching 200 episodes gets slimmer and slimmer each year...especially sci-fi television. In attendance were the key members of this season’s cast: Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Cassidy

over-achieving reporter Cat Grant, star Keri Lynn Pratt. Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders along with Pilot director David Nutter were on hand with Warner Brothers TV head, Peter Roth. Tom Welling revealed at the CW Upfronts last

outstanding questions and giving SMALLVILLE what promises to be one heck of a legendary sendoff, that should leave all Superman fans salivating for Nolan’s MAN OF STEEL and ready to experience the next leg of Clark Kent’s journey as it moves onto the big screen.

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  5

Lazarus - A Second Chance By Holli Boetcher Written by Donald Whitehead and Holly Henderson and directed by Kevin Fair. Executive Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders have shown us what type of Superman story they are going to tell. Not necessarily one of just super punches and flying, but also an emotional and spiritual story. Their storytelling has reached a new level with layers of mythos, character study and growth and sheer entertainment. The premiere is ushered in with Tom Welling’s voice declaring, “And now for the final season of Smallville.” KalEl continues his fall from the Gargoyle Tower. Lois Lane sees his body and screams, “Clark!” Great way to start a season. Many mythic moments bombard us through the episode. The Death of the Blur (Superman), Clark speaking to his father while in limbo, the reappearance of Jonathan Kent, and the acknowledgment that Clark is the Earth’s greatest protector, it’s light and it’s symbol of hope. Lois finding the Superman suit and Clark willing to put it on only to be whisked away to the Fortress of Solitude. Oh yea, and FLIGHT! For this story Lois Lane is the one who brings the Blur back from the dead unbeknownst to him; she has her own secret now. Lex Luthor appears in limbo and also via Cadmus Labs as clones. One of his mutants captures Lois and places our hero in a dilemma that seems impossible. He must save Lois Lane and the people of Metropolis simultaneously. The major big bad who is working behind the scenes is Darkseid. We saw references to some

of his minion in the season 9 finale. For some reason, those references are being explained away by human action,namely Rick Flag of SuicideSquad fame. Hopefully some questions will be answered during the season. How did the FOS console become reconstructed? Has AI Jor-El been infiltrated by Darkseid? His ‘tough love’ stance does make a perfect foil for Jonathan’s and Lois’ faith in Clark. Minor questions: How did Ollie’s

knows Clark’s secret. Oliver is being tortured by Rick Flag because of the Kandorians. This plotline would have worked better if we knew Flag’s identity. Perhaps there is a Darkseid influence here as well. Tess finds a little Alexander who survives the attack on Cadmus Labs. She takes him in to become his . . . mother? Brilliant. Lil Lex already has a toy soldier burning in the fireplace.

chest heal? And how did Tess get to Cadmus Labs after dying at Met Gen?

Just before Clark talks to dear old Jonathan (we’re not certain whether he’s dead, a memory or what), Clark receives a note from Lois stating she is going to work in Africa. The scene between the Kent men is one of the best emotional scenes in many seasons. The elder exudes faith and pride in what his son has become. The younger is unsure that he’s living his life as he should especially when his AI daddy keeps pulling the ice rug out from under him. Schneider and Welling make me cry every time I watch that scene. We needed another chance to see these two characters and actors interacting.

Clark states that he will fight evil as he always has. This is not possible with a villain like Darkseid who works on people’s minds, hearts and souls. Which tells us that Clark is going to have to grow and be strong in all these areas in order to defeat Big Bad Dark Daddy. Hopefully with each episode we will see this transformation. Lois Lane will finally get her due this season. She will be taking her place in the mythos. As Clark’s partner, lover and soulmate, she will be his beacon of hope during his trials and testing. Brian and Kelly love this story so we should be seeing some great Lois especially now that she

Tell everyone you know, Tom Welling is Superman. His acting is superb. His character leads a dual life and Tom transitions through them perfectly. Erica Durance is Lois Lane. Her physicality and spot on emotional range moves us. The special effects were mammoth and well done. An appearance by a misty Darkseid in the last few seconds gives us pause. Louis Febre’s score makes us feel each and every moment. This season will prove to be the best in storytelling and also in adding to the Superman mythos. Smallville, this final season, will make us believe ‘the little show that could, DID.’ Love my show!

SHIELD - Hiding Behind Shields

seven years and are just now getting together. After figuring out Carter has handed her his wife’s journal, Lois finally decides to go back home. Carter tells her he knows he’s about to die. He tells her of Nietzsche who believed the true hero was the person who embraced the life he or she was given Season 10, Episode 2 written by Jordan Hawley and directed by Glen Win- and made it better. “He called that person, Ubermensch.” Lois Lane says, ter. Michael Shanks returns as Carter Hall and Keri Lynn Pratt is introduced “A Superman.” as Cat Grant. Clark has his own problems with Cat and Deadshot, a Batman villain. He Lois is in the desert on assignment from Perry White and because old, looks more like Terra-Man. After having a car blown up out from under sick Lex clone told her she was Clark’s them, Clark takes Cat to the Talon weakness. She’s just trying to find her apartment for safety. Don’t ask. After place in his life. Clark wants to bring a talk about relationships, Clark tells his woman back to Metropolis. He’s her to stay put. She doesn’t. Deatheven purchased the plane ticket and shot goes after her because she’s the carries it around with him the whole bait for the real target, Clark. episode. This, while he tells everyone Lois must have left for a reason and he Ollie calls Tess to the Watchtower has to respect that. Clark has always under some misconception. I love had a problem with letting go. It’s these two’s love hate thing. Oliver has good to see he’s learning this lesson. trust issues. Tess is ‘untrustworthy.’ And who better to learn the lesson Clark goes through Tess’ files to see for than Lois Lane. This gives us an what secret Cat is hiding. Tess catches opportunity to see the infamous tohim and eventually they figure out it gether-even-though-they-are-apart is Deadshot who is chasing Ms. Pinky thing this iconic couple has. EvenToo Sweet. tually Clark and Lois will realize their relationship gives them strength. Rick Flag and the Suicide Squad which includes Deadshot are going Clark has a new ‘partner’ at the DP after the heroes as well to get them who has taken over Lois’ desk. Cat Grant is one of the those tchotchke desk to work for their team. All three heroes, Clark, Ollie and Carter are infected decorators – mostly pink. She is the Anti-Lois in more ways than one. Cat with something biological by the Suicide Squad or possibly Darkseid. is anti-hero. She calls them vigilantes and is a disciple of Gordon Godfrey. Comic fans will recognize that name as Darkseid’s propaganda minister. Cat After a talk with Cat and Oliver, Clark realizes that he has to come out into tests Clark Kent’s patience – and that’s saying something. Clark defends Lois the light so people can see his heart (and face). In the end, Clark discards Lane’s character and her territory. his Blur persona and walks down a hallway to the Daily Planet roof. His hair is slicked back and he’s wearing a red leather jacket with his shield on it. Lois meets Carter Hall, who Clark has asked to keep an eye on his woman. He stands on the ledge overlooking the city in the sunlight. He drops his Lois looks over the artifacts Carter has collected particularly a necklace of plane ticket having hope in his heart Lois will return to him. By coming out the Goddess Queen Isis. Love these scenes with Lois and Carter. Lois reveals into the light, Clark sets himself up as a target. No longer will anyone near her natural curiosity about what Clark’s life must be like with powers and Clark Kent at the Daily Planet be in danger—especially if he starts wearing what he thinks and feels. She doesn’t want to hold him back. Carter tells the glasses. her she might be the exact thing that helps Clark be who he is supposed to be. “What if you’re the one that makes his burden easier to bear?” Hawkman Glen Winter’s CGI sequences are always amazing. Loved the magic buland Hawkgirl’s tragic story of true love is revealed. “She was there all along let with the car exploding scene. Clark is becoming the Man of Steel right but he didn’t recognize her because the time wasn’t right. He needed to before our eyes. He now has the mental and emotional strength to be who wait because it made their love stronger. And their kiss that much sweeter.” he is meant to be. Allowing Lois the free will to make her own decisions will Sort of an explanation of how Clark and Lois have known each other for counteract Darkseid’s plans for Earth. Lois is Lois and he can rely on that.

By Holli Boetcher

6  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010

SUPERGIRL - Or Superwomen?

where Clark asks her if they are ok- are they partners again. She answers ‘Yes- unless he wishes she were blonder”. To which we see Clark sigh in By Kate Blake relief. Lois has volunteered Cat to cover a dog sled upergirl should be titled Super Women. race in Alaska explaining her absence. Lois and Kara may be the cover girl in this episode Clark turn their attention back to Godfrey who is who saves the day in a very public way lambasting the heros. Lois has about had it and but Lois goes undercover and risks life, limb and is pushing up her sleeves ready to take him on as dignity to defend her heroes’ honor. Clark and the crane above Godfrey’s head lifts up the red Ollie wrestle with right and wrong how their ac- banner covering the billboard for his book- but tions affect others, but this week the women are the crane fails and the sign begins falling. Clark fearless and take center stage. Anne Coffell Saun- races to the front of the crowd to catch the sign ders teased this summer from the writer’s room when WHOOSH! Swooping down from above is that Lois Lane was even more kickass than BSG’s none other than Kara Kent dressed in a tight blue Starbuck and in Supergirl we get to see what she top and red skirt with her mid-riff bare looking meant. very super. The episode opens with a dark murky being that seems to be smoke with eyes and no distinct ara is back for a reason. Clark finds her on features blasting across the sky. We have a splash the roof of the Daily Planet in the middle screen tell us this was three weeks ago. We move of a photoshoot. He asks her what the deal to a little room with a little man sitting behind is with the very public display. She tells Clark that a microphone. This is Gordon Godfrey. He is a after searching the galaxies for her mother- she radio host and his topic is illegal aliens and their has determined they are the last members of the threat to American jobs and our way of life. He House of El. Jor-El has given her a mission. He has is angry and sharing his opinions loudly with his given up on Clark and needs her to protect earth listeners. He finishes his show and turns around- from this evil force that has come through a rip in and WHOOSH- in through the window like a tor- the universe to destroy everyone. Clark is peeved. nado comes a plume of black. It forces its way Dear old dad has sold him down the river again down his throat and his eyes turn black. Anyone and underestimated him. Kara ribs him about not who watched the X-Files or watches Supernatural knowing how to control his powers and a disasknows that when black stuff hops a ride inside trous attempt at a flying lesson ensues. The barn your body and your eyes turn black that your ac- roof is victim to Clark falling from a great height. tions and mind are no longer your own. Godfrey Gotta work on those landings! is possessed. While the cousins discuss the big bad thing that We return to the present with Clark at a rally has come to get them- Lois is off after her own and press conference. Godfrey has published a evil target. She tracks Godfrey to a church and book about the hero menace in Metropolis. He asks him about the embarassing situation he finds is at a podium talking about how these hideous, himself in being rescued by one of the mutants deformed mutants hide in the shadows- fearing he abhors. He responds - in true bad guy fashfacing the light of day. Clark is not at all amused. ion that he has plenty of dirt on these mutants While listening from the back of the crowd he is and plans to expose Oliver in his online book the joined by a familiar face. Lois is back! There is a next day. She asks him how he’d like it if someone big hug and some awkward fumbling around looked closely at his life. He challenges her to do is seeing the repercussions of that. Clark Homecoming - Leaving the Past Behind week, has not contacted Ollie, maybe due to getting By Holli Boetcher an arrow in his back in Season 8 by the Emerald Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders, the Executive Archer billionaire. B5 makes him realize that Oliver needs forgiveness and Clark needs to Producers wrote the episode which is fitting. It forgive his friend in order to set himself free. truly was a New Genesis for the series. Off with the old, on with the new. Revisiting past mindsets is brilliantly portrayed by Maddie the punch bowl lady, representing Clark is stymied by the public’s reaction to the old school Smallville relationship fans (Lana superheroes so he’s hold up in his loft. Lois, or Chloe) and their attitude towards Lois Lane. who is in the know about the secret, ascends This was something Clark definitely needed to the stairs to knock him out of it. She suggests they go to their Smallville High five year class reunion. He is reluctant but acquiesces because she wants to go to a place where she fit in – even if she only attended 5 out of 23 days. “What is the worst that can happen?” Well, Brainiac 5 could come back from the 31st Century to take Clarkie to the past and the future to have him leave his bah humbug attitude alone.



Brainiac 5 (brilliantly played by James Marsters) puts a new twist on a classic freak of the week opening which was fun to see. Time travel is involved (as was the 100th episode, RECKONING). Enthusiastic Lois is not recognized by anyone but I’d-rather-be-in-my-loft-Clark is praised because of his former high school glories, the girls he interacted with back then and for not being a bumbling nerd any longer. He even is crowned King of the Alumni Homecoming. Brainie 5 saves Clark from complete humiliation to show him how his dwelling on the past is keeping him from living his life and being the person he needs to be. First stop is Jonathan Kent’s funeral from RECKONING, the episode of Clark’s ‘greatest mistake.’ As the pair watch Jonathan’s angry battle with Lionel Luthor, Clark is told that his father had a choice and he set his own destiny. Clark has the same freedom of will to choose his destiny. Ollie, who had come out as the Green Arrow last

see. Lois Lane has been kicked to the curb by this small town attitude where the only world was the Smallville world. Clark has moved on but unfortunately in his desire to protect Lois, he hasn’t protected her at all, she has been set up for ridicule. Brainie points this out to him and questions Clark about his affections and intentions towards Lois. It is only when Clark believes Lois to be in physical danger from Bug Boy that he takes impetuous action. Like the teaser in the season 9 finale, SALVATION, we are shown a future. There is a meet cute between our Clark and FutureLois involving a phone booth and stripping (shades of APOCALYPSE). Our Clark puts on the glasses before he can be pointed out as Superman. Eventually he goes to his and Lois’ office and he learns she knows his secret, like ALL his secret. Welling and Durance can do it all, comedy, drama, action and emotional. Love their

so. Bad idea! Lois takes the challenge and goes undercover as Godfrey’s driver and then follows him into the S&M club he has her deliver him to. In true Lois fashion, she trades a chaffeurs uniform for vinyl , a mask and a wig and lures the slime ball to a back room for some private time. She has him posed for naughty pics with other dominatrix types and then gives him the big gotcha. He responds by letting the monster out. The darkness in Godfrey overpowers Lois and she ends up tied up and being tortured.


ey to the evil and its weakness- it can only infect one who has doubt and darkness inside of themselves. Godfrey was filled with doubt and hate allowing it in. Lois is a true believer who has no room for doubt. He cannot have her. Kara and Clark track down the darkness using Watchtower and track it to Lois , Godfrey and the club. Clark confronts the darkness and it comes close to taking Clark when Kara steps in and deflects it. This round ends as a standoff. Kara discovers that her identity needs protecting and she tells Lois that being super is freeing but also lonely. We last see Kara donning a brown wig and glasses- hiding her super self from the world so that when she is needed she can do good. She leaves Clark with a “I’ll be around” and Jor-El may not know everything. Clark tells Lois he was scared for her and how she walked into danger but she is resolute. No way anyone casts doubt or throws stones at the Blur- he is HER hero. She will walk through fire if need be- she already did this season in Lazarus afterall when the Lex clone trussed her up as the scarecrow. Clark takes strength from her words and stands a little taller. Lois helps Clark tamp down some of the doubts he has about his own abilities and position as a hero. Lois has succeeded in getting the book chapter from Godfrey and takes it to Oliver who surprises her by deciding to come out of the hero closet in a public way with a press conference. No more shadows for the Green Arrow. portrayals. Clark is shoved into an elevator with a pat on the ass by Lois and then meets his future self. Anyone who said that glasses are not a disguise needs to see this scene. Tom Welling is rocking the glasses. Future Clark reminds us of George Reeves’ portrayal, a guy Lois Lane would go for. Future Clark gives commands because he can’t be in two places at once. Since he can fly, Future takes the exploding abandoned nuclear plant as our Clark goes to the roof. Lois Lane in a plummeting copter is saved by our Clark as she protects his identity. Present Clark and Future Lois have a little make out session. Very representative of this iconic relationship. Lois says thank you and Clark is overjoyed she is protecting him. Before returning to the present Clark tells Brainie that he saw what he had always hoped his life would be. On returning to the present Bug Boy shows Clark there is redemption and thanks from people who were meteor infected, his former enemies. With all his new knowledge, Clark leads Lois onto the dance floor only to be interrupted again. The last scene is something fans of this mythic story have waited to see for seven years. Clark has decorated the barn for his girl so they can dance. She’s still trying to find out where she stands with him. “Lois, get over here.” Clark is confident and romantic. He suggests Lois put her feet on his and while she is in her arms. He says, “I love you.” She reciprocates. Clark has learned his lesson. “Just for now. Can we leave tomorrow til tomorrow and just have this?” As they dance with eyes closed, Clark’s feet leave the dance floor and they are floating. The best of the SERIES, this episode will be the benchmark for the rest of the season. Absolutely superb execution of all facets of production. Can’t say how much I love Tom Welling’s and Erica Durance’s portrayals. Smallville has gone mythos and will add positively to the decades of Superman canon. Well done and Bravo!

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  7

ISIS - Risking it all for Love By Erika Blake What would you be willing to risk for love? That was the theme for ISIS that opened with both Lois and Clark deciding how to let the other one know their secret. For Lois it’s a matter of letting her love know that she knows and doesn’t care. For Clark, it’s a huge step in conquering a lifetime fear of rejection and loss. Oliver refuses to be a part of Clark’s wimping out and orders him to tell Lois the truth and reminds him that just because his relationship with Lois failed, doesn’t mean that Clark will lose her love if he reveals his true identity to her. Lois and Clark arrive at work nervously trying to decide how to spill the beans and find their perfect moment rudely interrupted by third wheel Cat Grant who butts in on their cute, UST filled early morning dance. Annoyed by Cat’s prattling, Clark orders Lois to the roof so they can have some alone time. Lois becomes possessed by the spirit of long-dead Egyptian goddess Isis when she accidentally finds that the necklace had hitched a ride in her bag from her trip to Egypt. Not realizing this has happened Clark tells Isis his secret which falls to deaf ears. His bolstered confidence wanes as Isis flies off. Isis wrecks havoc on Metropolis trying to locate the missing heart of her lover Osiris in order to resurrect him and his dominion of the underworld. Frantic Clark tries to get in touch with Carter Hall but is unable to do so. Oliver finds some details about the Isis legend and after Clark fails to capture Isis turns to Tess for help. Oliver still feels the bitter sting of her lies and doesn’t trust her to even use his laptop to try to hunt down clues on how to release Lois from her

possession. Isis meanwhile has located Osiris’s heart but is dismayed when his mummy has crumbled to dust. When Clark comes to plead for the goddess to release Lois, she believes that Clark cannot possibly fully love Lois if he’s holding things back from her. She decides to imprison Clark and use him as Osiris’s vessel. Ultimately Tess comes through with a solution for releasing Lois and has earned the trust of Clark and Oliver enough to be

welcomed into the Watchtower as a part of the team. Woven into the overall story arc are Cat’s crazy adventures of tracking Lois after seeing Isis using her superpowers determines that Lois must be the Blur, a notion that makes for many great moments of comic relief. In particular when she reveals her suspicions to Tess who bursts out laughing in the young reporter’s face. The episode ends with Clark and Lois in the Daily Planet basement and Lois desperately tries to get Clark to spill the beans about being The Blur. She sees that Clark is utterly reluctant to do so and

suddenly realizes aloud that he’s never going to tell her the truth. Defeated, she turns to leave and says that she’d be willing to risk danger to be in on the secret. Bolstered by her declaration, Clark finally reveals to her that he’s the Blur and is rewarded with Lois literally knocking him off of his feet and planting a big one on him. When they break apart she asks, “What took you so long?” Beyond puzzled, Clark says, “What?” But is shushed silent by Lois. A huge smile cracks on his face as he realizes that she’s known for some time, doesn’t care, and accepts that he’s different in some way. Although the possession storyline was a bit overused and tired, Erica proved yet again her meaty acting chops by making us completely believe that Isis wasn’t Lois. Cassidy was the second scene stealer in this episode. Tess went from being cold to a lonely, lost woman who was remarkably fragile. Originally she had planned to let a shrink study her young Lex!Clone, but realized that she couldn’t. Her final scene with little Alexander was tender, tentative, and heartbreaking with the woman who hadn’t had a lot of love in her life, attempts to pour love onto a child who adores her. Clark & Oliver are back to working as partners & best buds. There were several nice Ollie snarks that were signs that maybe he’s finding his way out of his blondie haze and back to normal. Cat provided lots of fun comic relief and was a nice foil for Lois and Clark. Her crush on Clark really showcases how far Lois & Clark have come as a couple and it makes her look rather pathetic. The final three minutes of this episode are wonderfuly mushy. With no secrets standing between our beloved couple, Smallville gets show us a new way that Clark becomes Superman with Lois helping Clark to make that final transition.

by Jack Heacock exhibits the ruthless and threatening demeanor dealing with a problem and people that we’d expect from an understudy to Lex Luthor. Yet, her strategic intelligence and ability to camouflage her motives actually elevate her to the Lionel Luthor level of manipulation.



n Season 8, we were treated to the introduction of a new Smallville character: Tess Mercer. Cassidy Freeman masterfully portrays the murky character who is not exactly a villain but far from a hero. Tess Mercer’s ‘ends justify the means’ approach to pushing Clark toward his destiny and self-appointed calling to save the planet has landed her in hot water with both the heroes and the villains on Smallville. We know little of her origins and in Season 10, we are supposed to find some answers. What we know of Tess comes mostly from cryptic exchanges between her and other characters. Her background was briefly touched upon in the Season 8 Episode “Toxic”. As appointed CEO of Luthorcorp, she

e know that Tess has an association with the Luthors but do not know how it came about. We also know that at one time she was a marine biologist studying in Fiji when she was kidnapped by human traffickers and bound for Thailand. The ship she was traveling on experienced mechanical problems and she and her friend were stranded on an island. Coincidentally, that island was the same one Oliver had been stranded on for two years. She nursed Oliver back to health and in turn, he helped her escape her captors. We learned that they had a romantic affair that ended bitterly when Oliver cheated on her with a cocktail waitress but that a flame still burns between them. In Season 9, we also learned that Tess was recruited by the shadowy government agency known as Checkmate and worked as an agent for it for some undetermined period of time. Season 10 hints that we will find out the story behind Tess Mercer; it is a story that even she does not know yet. But I have a theory. In the Silver Age, Lex Luthor had a sister named Lena. Disgraced and embarrassed by Lex’s criminal conduct, the Luthors kept Lena isolated

from Lex and used the last name, Thorul; an anagram for Luthor. Lex knew he had a sister but he too kept her true identity and relationship to him secret. I believe Tess Mercer will turn out to be none other than Lena Luthor.


mallville fans have learned that Tess is Lex’s protégé; that she succeeded Lex as Luthorcorp CEO as an outcome of being his understudy and trusted associate. When Tess cuts her ties with Lex in Bulletproof, she says that she loved him. In re-watching the scene, there is no indication that their relationship was physical aside from her declaration that she loved him. Yet, that love could just as easily have been purely emotional. She says that when she thought her life was over, Lex gave her a reason to keep going and that she had trusted him because she respected him. She credits Lex for making her the person she is today. So ignoring any incestuous implications, if Tess is Lex’s sister, it would justify why she was selected and groomed to be Lex’s successor. Being a Luthor herself would ensure Luthorcorp remained in the Luthor family lineage whether Tess knew it or not. When Lionel Luthor (John Glover) returns, I believe that it will be to tell Tess’ background story. I believe we will learn that Tess was actually born Lena Luthor and was hidden away at an early age to protect her from those seeking to settle a score with the Luthor family. If I am correct, it answers a number of questions about Tess, how she came to be appointed the CEO of Luthorcorp, and why she exhibits such similar characteristics to the other Luthors we have come to know. If my theory is wrong, then I am confident that the Smallville writers will give us a tremendous back story for one of its most intriguing and beguiling original characters.

8  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010

Dr. Emil Hamiton Character Profile Doctor Emil Hamilton from the DC mythos has been a supporting character on SMALLVILLE since Season 8. He is specialized in alien knowledge. In his first appearance he was introduced as Oliver Queen’s private doctor and treated John Jones, Martian Manhunter, who had been shot by a corrupt police officer. In the season 9 premiere, SAVIOR, Emil began working with Chloe Sullivan at Watchtower, a facility he upgraded with the help of the MIA Oliver Queen’s

role as ally or if any of the machines will make an appearance on the show. Emil’s journey on SMALLVILLE is truly an origins piece. In RABID, he first learned that Clark was of alien origin. Dr. Hamilton learned how to take his exceptional medical and scientific knowledge and apply it to situations outside the norm of accepted science. Dr. Hamilton’s sense of logic and pragmatism as well as his openness to accept the unusual makes him a great ally for The Justice League.

funds. The Smallville version of Dr. Hamilton is similar to the comic book version where he is Superman’s adviser and the developer of most of the technology that has been helpful to Superman. In the comics, Hamilton appears as an older man. After many years as Superman’s ally, he became Big Blue’s most personally lethal enemy in the 2005 story arc Road to Ruin. In Infinite Crisis, Hamilton (Ruin) joined the villainous Society. On Smallville, he is still in his early years and hasn’t reached the point of being the creator of advanced technology (Superman Robots). It remains to be seen whether he will continue his



By Jack Heacock


was voting in the E! Online poll and noticed a derisive comment about the series, Smallville. The person who posted the comment remarked that if Smallville was on a larger network, it would have been canceled years ago. Maybe the person was right but then again, maybe he wasn’t.

But would it have survived on a large network? On Friday, September 24th, Fox and ABC would have welcomed Smallville to its stable of shows. With 2.98 million households watching, ‘Lazarus’ outperformed both of the large networks’ offerings during the timeslot.


ville’s premiere in Season 8, when it last premiered in the Thursday primetime slot. (Because I cannot resist, heavily-promoted CW primetime shows Gossip Girl and 90210 finished the same week with 1.84 and 1.83 million viewers, respectively. It seems to me that CW network Chief Dawn Ostroff is blowing the wrong horn; heavily advertising shows that target her business model audience but continually lose ground to the quality shows that she has relegated to Friday nights.)

“Smallville’s premier episode, ‘Lazarus’, drew nearly 20% more households Keep in mind these than its Season that are live viewing figures. When adding 9 premiere in households that watch withepisode, ‘Savior’. Smallville in the week of its airing by ” way of DVRs (Live+7 fig-

Entering its tenth season, Smallville is poised to claim some significant records in television history. When the series bows Smallville next May, it will have become the longest continuously running science fiction series in television history. That is quite an achievement and one in which the show’s creators, Al Gough and Miles Milar, can be justifiably proud. In addition, Tom Welling will have cemented the title of actor with the most appearances portraying Clark Kent by far (218 episodes) and his leading lady, Erica Durance, will earn the crown of most appearances portraying iconic soul mate, Lois Lane.

as that an aberration? Not really. In February 2010, Smallville drew 2.5 million households, second only to NBC’s broadcast of the O p ening Ce r e m o nies of the Winter Olympics.

Smallville has a cult following which is not entirely remarkable but given the sparse budget and woeful lack of promotion, Smallville soldiers on as one of the top three draws on the CW. In its tenth season premiere, Smallville drew 2.98 million households. So is it losing steam? Hardly! Smallville’s premier episode, ‘Lazarus’, drew nearly 20% more households than its Season 9 premiere episode, ‘Savior’.

T h e e p is o d e, ‘Lazarus’ also drew just 580,000 less households than the CW’s toprated primetime series, Vampire Diaries, and just 170,000 households less than Nikita, its #2 rated primetime show for the week. It is interesting to note that in its premiere, Vampire Diaries’ 3.56 million households were nearly 1 million less than watched Small-

its viewers in follow-on episodes. To that I would say, “Not so fast! Look at the numbers.” Last year, the Season 9 premiere, ‘Savior’ with 2.51 million households watching, was the series’ sixth highest-watched episode of the season.


howrunners Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders have promised to pull out all the stops for Smallville’s final (and historic) season. Early spoilers would confirm the veracity of those statements too. Under their capable direction, Smallville has blossomed and experienced a kind of renaissance that few shows ever experience. Add to that a remarkably-talented and attractive cast, exceptional writers and top-notch production crew, an exciting season arc, and the epic romance story of Clark Kent and Lois Lane; I see nothing but better days ahead in its last season. To bet that viewers will tune out after the premiere is a bet that I would be willing to take.

ures), household numbers typically leap between 30 and 50% over the live numbers.

For those of us who have had the privilege of watching Smallville from its pilot episode until today, this season is bound to be the reward for our loyalty and devotion to this story of a remarkable boy from a small Kansas town who becomes the world’s greatest hero.

That was how Smallville’s season premiere performed. The cynics might say that the premiere episode wraps up cliffhangers from last season and the series will lose

Smallville may not have survived this long on a larger network but given its tenacity, a prudent person would have been foolish to have bet against it.

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  9

Jor-El’s Harsh Judgement


By Erika Blake


or many Superman fans, we were thrilled with Clark’s decision that he made at the end of SALVATION. For the first time he let go of all of his own personal attachments and decided to make the ultimate sacrifice that would save humanity from Zod’s quest of world domination. Apparently the giant booming voice in the great North did not agree with us or approve of Clark’s decision. While in limbo, Jor-El made it all too clear that his confidence in his son’s decisions was wavering. At the end of LAZARUS after Clark returned to the fortress on an emotional high after saving Lois & the people of Metropolis from the falling Daily Planet Globe - Jor-El slapped him down by calling him full of pride and vanity. He called him out for nearly killing the Lex clone, imprisoned his costume, darkened the Fortress, and summarily disowned his son. On the flip side Clark’s spiritual conversation with Jonathan Kent proved that his Earth father fully understood Clark’s motivations and was utterly proud of the man that he’d become. He reminded Clark that all humans face difficult choices the final result is what matters most. Clark’s high vanished as he found himself caught up in self reflection; trying to determine which father was correct.


s Clark too proud to be Superman? Is it horrible to be proud of the accomplisments that you’ve achieved through hard work? So long as you don’t go around bragging about the results to anyone who will listen and expect constant reward for good deeds - then the answer is no. Happily sharing your accomplishments with your parents hardly counts as bragging, particularly to parents who are impossible to please. If anything, Clark is the exact opposite of being prideful, he’s still at his core very insecure. So this leaves us to the burning question at hand - why is Jor-El being so hard on Clark? He took his son from his highest most confident point and kicked him into the mud. There are a couple of options on why he might be behaving like this. First IF A.I. Jor-El had managed to miraculously heal the Fortress while Clark was off battling Zod and IF he was in fact the one who pronounced final judgment on Clark - it’s possible that he’s trying to use reverse psychology on him. For years Clark has made it his personal mission to prove Jor-El wrong. From the beginning Jor-El wanted Clark to rule humanity with strength, this is something Clark

would never agree to doing - it’s never been his interest to rule anyone; that comes directly from his modest and moral Kent upraising. Time after time again Clark defied his birth father’s requests, it’s possible that at this point Jor-El knows exactly what buttons to push to get his son to finally shape up and become the man who he’s supposed to be. By showing extreme disapproval in Clark, Jor-El’s hope could be that Clark will fight back and as Jonathan suggested, “Do what you do best, prove Jor-El wrong.” Unfortunately, Jor-El forgot about his son’s other trait which leads him to brooding and fills him with self doubt; this leaves him WIDE open to the threat that he didn’t even bother to reveal to Clark. Ergo his passive

in order to attempt to regenerate his broken body through the use of clones, but we also know that Darkseid’s minions have had a hand in the enterprise as well. Tess was brought there by Granny Goodness and although she was nowhere to be seen when Tess woke up, we can’t dismiss that her team had spent months training the clones to say and do exactly what Darkseid would want them to in order to prey on Clark’s weaknesses. And who better to learn of their biggest foe’s weaknesses than through his greatest enemy? Clone!Lex’s memories are puzzling. If indeed he only had Lex’s memories from ARCTIC or possibly through REQUIEM when he got blown to smithereens, how did he know that Lois was Clark’s greatest love and not Lana? The only answer could be that he was fed current information from Granny Goodness. And it would have been through Lex’s memory databanks that Darkseid would have learned of the Fortress.


judgment that he imposed on Clark ended up fueling the very thing that he warned Clark about rather than offer him advice and support to prevent him from becoming a great threat. The second, more sinister option is that A.I. Jor-El has been infected by Darkseid. Darkseid’s greatest strength is discovering people’s doubts and fears and then enslaving the individual to only follow his will. From the onset in LAZARUS the pride card got played twice. The first time was in Clark’s face-off with Clone!Lex. Clone!Lex threw in Clark’s face that throughout their years Clark never let Lex forget that he had saved his life back when they first met. He equated this to pride. Really? Yeah not so much unless you view it as Clark fully believing that he holds the power of life over death and believes himself to be a god who is allowed to make such decisions. There have been times throughout the series where Clark has held someone’s life in his hands and even though he has toyed with the idea of dealing out a death sentence, he never does; he always chooses life. This of course is his greatest strength as Superman. Superman values all life - even those who most would view to be unredeemable. Cadimus Labs was a secet project for Lex

ara’s arrival and acting as JorEl’s new ambassador for Earth was equally puzzling. A.I. Jor-El never trusted Kara to begin with, so why would he suddenly trust her now? Kara’s arrival and revealing to Clark that Jor-El had given up on him entirely and entrusted her with his mission was yet again another blow to Clark’s dwindling confidence. This made him completely vulnerable to Darkseid and nearly allowed himself to become his next host had Kara not arrived in time to prevent the dark force from taking over her cousin. Although Darkseid didn’t acknowledge knowing who Clark was, it’s very possible that he knew quite well which hero landed on his doorstep to save Lois Lane. Unfortunately he didn’t count on Kara being able to repel him from invading his preferred, prized host. Can Clark kick his blues in time and become humanity’s hope before Darkseid’s influence gets too strong? Luckily Brianiac arrived to help in this matter and took him on a Dickens’ type journey into the past, present, and future in HOMECOMING to show Clark exactly how his constant brooding is affecting those around him and how it is hampering his ability to move forward. Worrying about the past and stressing out about the future gets you nowhere fast. With a new, positive outlook on the present, Clark should be on the right path to protect himself from Darkseid’s influence and be able to become the hero that the world will need in order to defeat Darkseid. Will it be enough to satisfy Jor-El? Only time will tell.

10  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010


Deathstroke Casting News

“final five” secret, founding cylon models. Hogan has been a staple in Canadian TV for years. He will certainly bring repare for another “Battlestar Galactica” star invading gruffness, class, and grit to SMALLVILLE. This time Michael Hogan, best known as Colonel Saul Tighe on BSG will be arriving into the Deathstroke. series as DC Comics veteran character Deathstroke (Slade his DC Wilson.) mythos character will Deathstroke was a metahuman created by the US Government and has enhanced super abilities such as the be making his first appearance strength of 10 men, heightened speed, agility, stamina, in episode nine and can use up to 90% of his brain making him a tactical PATRIOT and genius. will appear Michael Hogan served as Galactica’s second in command. again in episode eleven ICARUS The drunkard lacked the moral fortitude to run the ship along with SG1 when Admiral Adama was out of commission and acted Alum Michael as a tyrant. The notorious Cylon hater got rattled to the Shanks. core upon discovering that he was one of the remaining


10x06 HARVEST OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION CLARK TRIES TO KEEP LOIS SAFE — Clark (Tom Welling) is concerned about Lois’ (Erica Durance) safety so he diverts her away from covering the Vigilante Registrations Act by suggesting she cover another story. After he comes clean with her, an angry Lois tells him that she can take care of herself, but when a flat tire strands their car in the middle of nowhere, their plans take a turn for the worse and Lois ends up in serious danger. Meanwhile, Tess (Cassidy Freeman) searches for a cure for Alexander (guest star Connor Stanhope), who is rapidly aging. Turi Meyer directed the episode written by Al Septian & Turi Meyer. Airs: 10/29



AQUAMAN Gets Hitched! Arthur Curry returns in Episode 9 PATRIOT and he’s not alone. Coming with him is his new bride Mera to be played by Elena Satine. Elena was most recently seen on the CW’s “Melrose Place” reboot. She has received a lot of fan buzz online as a favorite to play Mary Jane in the new “Spiderman” reboot. Mera is a princess of Xebel, a

And Special Guest Stars 10X08 - “Abandoned” Guest Stars: Teri Hatcher & Lindsey Hartley, Julian Sands, Helen Slater 10x09 - “Patriot” Guest Star: Alan Ritchson, Michael Hogan, Elena Satine Director: Tom Welling 10x10 - “Luthor” Guest Star: John Glover 10x11 - “Icarus” Guest Stars: Michael Shanks, Michael Hogan, Alaina Huffman Director: Kelly Souders 10x12 “Collateral” Could be the Blue Beetle and Booster Gold Geoff John’s Episode forgotten extradimensional penal colony for a group of ancient separatist Atlanteans who were banished behind a sealed portal in the Bermuda Triangle. She has similar abilties to Aquaman in that she can form “hard water” objects and has super strength and related abilities for living under water. PATRIOT will be directed by Tom Welling and initial reports from Alan Ritchson indicate that we’ll see a darker, more serious AC than we have in the past on the series.

AMBUSH — The General (guest star Michael Ironside) and Lucy Lane (Peyton List) decide to drop in on Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling) for a surprise Thanksgiving dinner. Clark and the General get off to a rocky start after Lois’ father bashes the superheroes and tells Clark he is trying to pass a vigilante registration law. Meanwhile, in an effort to stop the vigilante registration act from being passed, Rick Flag (guest star Ted Whittall) lies to Lucy in order to lure Clark away from the farm long enough for him to assassinate the General. Lois is torn between making her father proud and her love for Clark. Written by Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson. Airs 11/5

Julian Sands & Helen Slater to Return for ABANDONED

Helen Slater revealed this to Julian Sands and I are doing an episode. I wish it was more because it was so much fun doing it. But I guess they’ve got it all written. We’re just doing one episode.


TERI HATCHER GUEST STARS AS ELLA LANE; DC COMICS’ CHARACTERS GRANNY GOODNESS (CHRISTINE WILLES) AND HARRIET (GUEST STAR LINDSAY HARTLEY) APPEAR — Lois (Erica Durance) finds a video made for her by her mother, Ella Lane (Hatcher), before she died. After watching the tape, Lois makes a drastic decision about her relationship with Clark (Tom Welling) that takes her to the Fortress, where she comes face to face with Jor-El and Lara. Meanwhile, Tess has a nightmare involving herself as a child and a music box. Upon awakening, she finds the music box in Luthor mansion and sets out to find out who planted it there. Clark accompanies her to an orphanage run by Granny Goodness (guest star Christine Willes) who may not have the young girls’ best intentions in mind. One of the young women living there, Harriet (guest star Hartley), finds Clark snooping around and decides to take matters into her own very sharp hands. Kevin Fair directed the episode written by Drew Landis & Julia Swift. Airdate: 11/12

10x09 “Patriot” Official Description DC COMICS CHARACTER AQUAMAN RETURNS WITH HIS WIFE MERA; TOM WELLING DIRECTS AND MICHAEL HOGAN (“BATTLESTAR GALACTICA”) GUEST STARS AS COL SLADE. — In an effort to protect the rest of the team, Oliver (Justin Hartley) decides to register for the Vigilante Registration Act to see what the government plans to do with the new law. As he suspected, it was a trap to lure superheroes to an undisclosed location where he is confined to a jail and subjected to a battery of brutal tests under the supervision of Col. Slade (guest star Michael Hogan, “Battlestar Galactica”). Airs 11/12

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  11

Stills & Episode Description for 10x07 AMBUSH Featuring: Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Peyton List, and Michael Ironside

12  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010

Teri Hatcher Comes to SMALLVILLE


At the 200th Ep party, Erica Durance told Fancast’s Matt

n September it was announced that

Mitovitch that she cried when she learned

Teri Hatcher would be finally coming

of Teri’s casting news.

to SMALLVILLE. Teri was cast as Ella

When Dean Cain came on the series

Lane, Lois & Lucy Lane’s mother. She will

back in season 7 as Dr. Virgil Swan (CURE)

be seen in the episode 10x8 ABANDONED.

fans have been praying that somehow Teri

Teri helmed the role of Lois Lane in

would also find her way onto the show. Per-

the 1990’s WB produced series “Lois & Clark:

haps with two SMALLVILLE alums joining

The New Adventures of Superman” and at the

the cast of Teri’s current series “Desperate

time Teri was the most downloaded pin-up

Housewives,” ABC & WB made a deal for this

girl on the internet.

Superman casting coupe.

Teri will become the second Lois

Look for Teri’s arrival in November

Lane to portray Lois’s mother. Previously,

sweeps. ABANDONED will also guest star

Noel Neill portrayed little Lois’s mother in

Justin Hartley’s wife & soap diva Lindsey

Richard Donner’s “Superman: The Movie.”

Hartley who’ll be playing one of Granny Goodness’s furies, Mad Harriet.



Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  13

14  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010

Season 8 Summary By Jack Heacock


Episode Number










he eighth season of Smallville lands Clark Kent in the

bullpen of the Daily Planet, put-


Lane immediately in his orbit.


Lex Luthor has vanished and protégé Tess Mercer arrives to

his powers; he has become an unseen figure in Metropolis dedicated to saving lives and



Chloe’s mind disintegrates under Brainiac’s control. Clark rebuilds the Fortress to ask Jor-El for help.



Jimmy & Chloe’s happy wedding at the Kents is disrupted when a horrible monster arrives and crashes the party leaving the groom in critical condition and the bride MIA.

immediately puts Lois and


Lang has left and a budding romance with Lois begins. That


Three Legion members from the future Rokk, Imra, and Garth come to help fight off a being called “The Persuader” who arrived from the future & learn that Brainiac has once again taken over Chloe. Bulletproof Clark goes undercover to find out who shot J’onn J’onzz. Power Blahna Episode - not approved by OSCK. Legion

the heart of Metropolis.

Kristin Kreuk

Tori Spelling



Tess takes Clark on a plane ride and devises a plan to expose his secret to her. Davis finds his secret being pursued by one determined Jimmy Olsen.



Blue on her Birthday after being dumped by Jimmy, Chloe makes a wish from a mysterious magician at her party and wakes up the next morning as her cousin Lois Lane. She must find a way to convince Clark of her true identity & discover who this Zantanna really is.



Rooting through Lionel’s old files, Tess discovers that Clark was not the only child who arrived on Earth in the meteor shower.



When a mugger mistakes Lois as a superhero, she creates a secret identity to lure the Blur out of hiding. Lois’s ethics are called into play when Clark discovers the truth and yet she is called into action when both Clark & Jimmy find themselves in mortal danger at the hands of a crimelord.





Tess has put together a team that attempt to track down Davis Bloom. While Clark, Chloe, and Oliver attempt to figure out a way to permanently take him out.

Jessica Parker Kennedy


Rokk returns from the future to tell Clark that he has 1 day left to live and asks that Clark send Doomsday to the future. The JLA learn that Clark wants to split Davis in 2 and turn on him. Lois disappears and tragedy hits our team.

Alaina Huffman, Kyle Gallner

ing the action, as well as Clark and his friends, squarely into

Kristin Kreuk , Phil Morris


series first step away from its Smallville-based roots, center-

Ryan Kennedy, Alexz Johnson, Calum Worthy


tionships with his small circle of friends. Season 8 was the

Kristin Kreuk

When Linda Lake returns & threatens to blackmail Clark if he doesn’t share his saves with her, Clark decides to go public with his identity. Things don’t go exactly as planned and Clark finds himself and all of his friends in danger.

vis Bloome (Doomsday) that drastically alters Clark’s rela-

Laura Vandervoort

Kristin Kreuk, Chris Gauthier

changing confrontation with mysterious paramedic, Da-

David Lewis

Blahna Episode - not approved by OSCK.

series of events that lead Clark and his friends toward a life-

Charlotte Sullivan



relationship is cut short when Lana briefly returns, sparking a

Jimmy catches a photo of a mysterious, fast moving savior and is determined to reveal his bravery to the world. Terrified about having his secret revealed, Clark turns to Oliver & Chloe for help. Lois finds her calling. Lois & Clark are wisked away to The Phantom Zone & find Kara there. They accidentally unleash a phantom Faora, wife of Zod, to Earth when they send Lois home. Lois becomes possessed & searches for her son and is thrilled to find Davis Bloom.


as the elusive Red-Blue Blur

Alan Ritchson, Alaina Huffman

Clark investigates a string of mysterious murders with the aid of new Phil Morris Detective John Jones. Chloe’s new paramedic friend Davis Bloom realizes that he’s blacking out, and waking up covered in blood.



Jimmy Olsen on his trail. Lana

Tess activates the blue crystal located in the Arctic & calls an alien princess named Maxima to earth who attempts to locate the last living Kryptonian and claim him as her life mate.


thwarting crime. His persona

Guest Stars

Things get explosive for Clark’s first day on the job at The Daily Planet when a bus mysteriously catches on fire. Clark & his new partner Lois Jessica Parker Kennedy are hot on the story, while Chloe takes an interest in a runaway girl named Bette. Oliver is shot by a poisonous dart & relives his days of being alone on a deserted island. It’s up to Clark & Chloe to find an antidote before it’s too late.


take the helm of Luthorcorp. Clark no longer sparingly uses

Lost after the destruction of the Fortress, Oliver, AC, and Dinah search for Clark. LuthorCorp finds itself a new CEO named Tess Mercer who is determined to find Lex.

Chloe & Jimmy go missing after their engagement party; Clark & Lois go undercover as a newly engaged couple to try to locate their Committed missing friends. They find themselves victims to a madman’s deadly game of truth or dare.

ting his future soul mate Lois 8x06



Serinda Swan

Dominic Zamprogna

Davis/Clark have a showdown & Jimmy’s addiction spirals out of control.

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  15

Clark & Lois’s Top 5 Most Romantic Moments of Season 9 #1 Rabid- Rain scene

Bloodline - A Look Back By Alisa Lea Gossage The eighth episode of Smallville’s season eight, titled Bloodline, is a tightly knit tale that succeeds in furthering the season’s story arc. There are a few plot holes, but for the most part, Bloodline is enjoyable.

By Christine Brown

Who would’ve thought that an episode about a zombie virus out break would be one of the most romantic episodes of S9 or better still (IMO) in the history of Smallville. Clark holding a zombiefied Lois as she struggles in his arms. The camera pans down as Clark gently rocks Lois. Rain falls around them as Lois slowly comes back to herself. Confused she turns around shivering she asks Clark, “What happened?” Gently Clark strokes her face. “We made it.” Looking as if they are about to kiss Lois hugs Clark and they hold each other like there is no one else in the world. #2 Salvation-Reveal Kiss

In the opening act, a mysterious person has reprogrammed the Crystal of Knowledge and mailed it to Clark. As a result, Clark and Lois end up in the Phantom Zone. While there, they find Clark’s cousin, Kara Zor-El (played by Laura Vandervoort). Kara has been trapped in the Phantom Zone for several months – courtesy of Braniac. But the question is – who sent the Crystal? Who reprogrammed it? No one knows, and the episode never provides an answer to that question. It’s bothersome, but not so bothersome that the viewer can’t get over it. After waking in the Zone, Lois comes to the conclusion that she and Clark have been abducted by aliens. She is obviously terrified, but she is trying to be brave. She is in a situation that is totally out of her control. Lois, who is used to being the Alpha Female in the Lois/Clark relationship, is suddenly completely dependent on Clark for her survival. This is what is so great about the Lois and Clark relationship. When he needs her to be strong, she is. And when she needs him to take charge, he does. And even though she doesn’t always know what’s going on, she trusts him completely. It’s just some of the many reasons why they are so perfect for each other. And it was nice to see Kara again. The last we saw of her, she was flying away in the ever tumbling Phantom Zone. In Bloodline, we see a battle hardened Kara, for she has had to learn to protect herself against the hostile wraiths that inhabit the Zone. Yet, she has chosen of her own free will to stay in the Zone. She knows that opening the portal could allow the wraiths to escape and cause trouble on Earth. This is the sacrifice of a true hero. The Zone ain’t a pretty place. There is no life there – only dirt, harsh winds, and pain. And yet Kara chose to stay there in order to protect others. After Clark and Kara send Lois back to Earth, Lois is thus possessed by an escaped Phantom wraith named Faora. After inhabiting Lois’ body, Faora goes to look for her son, Doomsday. Erica makes Faora’s possession totally believable. Faora’s expressions and her mannerisms are completely different from Lois’. Faora is shown to be a diabolical and cruel individual. In Faora, the viewers see a being that would, indeed, create Doomsday – a creature that would become Earth’s ultimate destroyer.

Lois awakens after having been saved from Zod. Disoriented she turns around surprised to see The Blur standing in the shadows. She asks him for forgiveness as she holds out the Book of Rao turning her back. You see Clark’s head tilt as if he is making a decision. As he reaches out to grab her hand he runs his thumb over hers in a familiar gesture. Suddenly he grabs her hand more firmly spinning her around to face him and kisses her conveying without words his love and desire. Giving her one last look he speeds away. Lois stunned stumbles out of the alley and breathes out one name. “Clark” #3 Crossfire-Shut up and kiss me

Clark rounds the corner of the DP. He stops as he sees Lois reading something his face visably softens. He’s made his choice, he knows what he wants and he’s going after it, period. Confidently he walks up to Lois, as he goes to speak he’s interrupted by Lois tirade. Getting a word in edgewise when Lois is this fired up is not a easy feat but our young hero isn’t about to back down. So he grabs Lois by the arms and kisses her into stunned silence. Suddenly all is right as Lois and Clark submit to their mutual feelings for one another. #4-Idol-”I wish we had more time”

Meanwhile, Chloe has the Crystal, and due to Braniac’s influence, she knows how to use it to save Clark and Lois. Oliver is a little weary of the Kryptonian technology, but he agrees to help her out because it means he gets to steal the Crystal’s generator from Mercy. Causing distress for Tess obviously delights Oliver. In this episode, pay back’s a bitch for our poor Tess. After a speed reading marathon at the DP, Faora tracks down Chloe believing that she will have information on her son’s whereabouts. During the confrontation, Chloe drops a file with Davis’ picture in it. Faora sees the picture, and recognizes Davis’ resemblance to Zod. Thus, Davis is the son she has been looking for. The whole scene is a little convoluted, but not outrageously so. Finding Davis at the hospital, Faora is shocked that her son is helping humans. She tells Davis that he was sent to Earth to destroy humans, not help them. She tells Davis that before Krypton exploded, she and her husband, Zod, created him out of genetic matter from Krypton’s strongest species. Zod and Faora, who could not have children, included their own DNA within this creatures’ genetic soup. Then, they attached the creature to Kal-El’s spaceship before it left Krypton.

A shirtless Clark walks up behind a sheet clad Lois. The sky is a eerie red. He reaches around her holding her close. “I wish we had more time.” Lois closes her eyes as her arm reaches up to caress Clark’s face. Turning around they look into each others eyes saying without words all that they feel. They lean into a kiss as the red sun glares into their room.

When Davis does not believe Faora’s story, she kills him. The scene where Faora impales Davis is violent and shocking. But what is truly creepy is when Faora gently whispers to a dying Davis, “Trust me, my son. That which kills you makes you stronger.” All Superman fans know that Doomsday becomes stronger each time someone kills him. That’s what makes him such a formidable foe for Superman. We see the stakes rise in Bloodline. Later, when a resurrected Davis tries to stab himself, and thus fails, one has to wonder, “How will Clark defeat such an enemy?”

#5 Upgrade-Wake up kiss We see Lois asleep in her bed at the Talon. Suddenly she’s not so alone. Clark as snuck in to give his Sleeping beauty a wake up kiss. He kisses her neck then her shoulder. Waiting as she opens her eyes. “Hi.” Now this is the way every girl should wake up.

16  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  17

Lois Lane Uncovered - Exploring Lois’s Career Journey By Erika Blake


ois Lane’s instincts as a reporter were born in her first appearance on SMALLVILLE in CRUSADE when the camera panned onto her listening to Chloe’s goodbye message that she left for Clark.

Although Lois didn’t get her first paid reporting job until season 6 at The Inquisitor, that didn’t mean that she wasn’t honing her skills early on to become the greatest investigative reporter that Metropolis has ever seen. With her military brat upbringing, Lois learned quickly how to adapt to new situations and surroundings. Because her life was constantly in a state of flux she learned to meet & read new people quickly and developed a sharp memory for names and places. Her sharp memory and savvy understanding of people became the groundwork for Lois’s career as a great hands on reporter. At Smallville High, Lois didn’t think twice about going undercover as an insecure teenager looking for a makeover to expose Abby’s mother’s hair-brained and dangerous beauty makeover lab in FACADE. When Chloe required assistance getting into the back door of Metropolis’s seedy underworld of strip clubs in EXPOSED, Lois ‘got hold of her inner Demi Moore’ and posed as a dancer in order to bag a murderer. Like the pages that she writes on, Lois Lane sees the world only in black and white. She is morally incorruptible, it’s why Darkseid was unable to inhabit her in SUPERGIRL. She is a woman who is clear in purpose and although her own love life is often in turmoil, her work ethic never falters. She learned her lesson about fabricating stories in STILLETO when a thug mistook her for a superhero and she ran with the misidentification in order to try to lure The Blur out of hiding. Clark and Chloe both questioned how far she would go to get a story and from their disapproval, she never ventured down that avenue again. Two years later, Darkseid (as Gordon Godfrey) called her ambitious and would sell anyone out for a byline. To this slanderous charge she was taken aback, knowing full well that there were lines that she would never cross and that some stories should stay untold. Lois Lane and danger go together like paper and pen. Season 6, after her “barn door epiphany” got her hired at The Inquisitor, Lois broke the story of Metropolis’s green bandit and officially put herself on the map as an investigator with an eye for masked superheroes. As the season progressed, her interest in writing on a tabloid waned and she went deep undercover to investigate an underground fight club (COMBAT) where she found herself face to face in a cage with her friend Clark. Although she was knocked unconscious, her expose’ on the piece caught the eye of a young editor at The Daily Planet, Grant Gabriel who recognized in her a fierce desire to uncover the truth and hired her to work as a reporter. With a friendly competition underway between her and Chloe, Lois often found herself investigating with Jimmy Olsen. Both were determined to make names for themselves at The Planet. The budding young reporters

were teased with greatness when Jimmy caught a photo of Lionel Luthor being pushed out of his office building window. Had they been able to ascertain who was standing in the shadows in the photo and identified Lionel’s killer, their expose’ could’ve been Pulitzer material. Season eight found Lois Lane in a strange new position, she was given a partner; her long time friend, Clark Kent. Sitting across from her, Clark had to be taught to leave his farm boy tastes at home (flannel, jeans, high school backpack) and greet the big city beat as a man. She provided him with life long tips for how to become a great reporter. As time progressed the two worked out a nice rhythm with working together. From their earliest days as teens, Lois and Clark often investigated stories and went at them from different angles, yet when they reunited, they each were able to fill in holes in the other’s investigations. This makes them a formidable team when they’re seeking the truth and headlines. Clark uses all of the assets available to him from his super powered alter-ego life, whereas Lois uses her own resources. She’s got snitches and police buddies all over Metropolis who act as her sources. From the moment that Lois realized that The Blur was a real person, her career path was set. She saw something in this mysterious superhero that no one else did; she recognized his drive to help people. Hiding in the shadows, he sought no rewards for his good deeds. Lois was determined to land the first interview with this mysterious savior, and yet, she discovered when he started calling and confiding in her directly, that being The Blur’s friend was more important than exposing his identity to the world. Instead she became his champion, sharing his saves with the world, one byline at a time. Following The Blur’s exploits and assisting him on cases made Lois feel like she was a part of something bigger than herself, that she mattered. As a military brat Lois didn’t really have a place that she could call home. Her career as a reporter helped to seal her own identity and establish her own place in the world. Having her name become synonymous with The Blur’s made her a part of his world as well. Lois Lane is not a superhero, she’s not super charged, nor does she have extra-ordinary abilities. Instead she is the best of mankind. She is smart, streetwise, sassy, and fearless. She’s a whirlwind of motion that Clark Kent loves to be caught up in. Her view of the world matches Clark’s who never did buy into Oliver’s “gray” outlook on morality. Discovering that her best friend/boyfriend/partner Clark is in fact The Blur has successfully turned Lois’s life upside-down. It’s one thing to love a superhero from afar and have a celebrity crush on someone, it’s another thing entirely to learn that you’re dating THE most super stud in the universe. From early on when Lois learned Oliver’s secret in SIREN, she’s never shared her knowledge with anyone, nor revealed his alter ego as the Green Arrow to the world. Carter Hall told her that “with every relationship comes a great burden and the strength to carry that burden.” Lois Lane must now learn how to juggle her career that she’s made as The Blur’s number one fangirl and be able to hide Clark’s true identity from the rest of the world; all of the while being a part of a grand adventure. Lois Lane’s life will never be ordinary, again.

18  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010

Smallville’s Most Disturbing Episode


ried Lionel and that he paid for Clark’s expensive therapy for the last 5-1/2 years. Clark flees when Martha calls the security guards. They chase him It’s October and two things are widely celebrat- until he escapes with the aid of Chloe. Chloe is ed this month: beer and fear. Since Smallville the only person that believes he has superpowers has very few beer-themed episodes, we were and is an alien. Believing Lex is the mastermind assigned to pick a scary episode to review. My choice is Labyrinth; not because of horror, but because it is a psychological thriller. To me there is nothing more fear-inducing than stories that deal with a demented mind. In real life, the only monsters that exist are those created by a demented mind. Al Septien and Turi Meyers wrote this amazing episode which was superbly directed by Whitney Ransick. In Labyrinth, Clark becomes possessed by a phantom from the PZ while working on that same old green tractor in the barn. Clark is knocked from his loft by the phantom, awakening in Fairview Mental Treatment Facility. He is surrounded by patients who mock him and a psychiatrist, Dr. Hudson. Soon, his world is turned upside down as he’s told that his life as an alien and superhero are just figments of his behind him ending up in a mental hospital, he imagination. He’s told that his birth parents were heads to Luthorcorp. killed in the meteor shower, he was adopted by He confronts Lex only to find him in a wheelchair the Kents, and he’s created an elaborate universe with no legs. Lex explains that his legs were lost in in his mind where he has superpowers to save an accident on the bridge when Clark jumped out humanity when in reality, he has no power over in front of his car to save him with his “superpowhis own life. ers”. He blames Clark for his condition and Clark The phantom is convincing. After escaping, leaves shaken by the story. he finds Lana in his loft. It is decorated in LanaClark’s next stop is the Talon and Chloe’s apartfashion and Clark is confused. She tells him that ment. The Talon is in shambles and he finds Chloe after his father died, Nell bought the Kent Farm in a cluttered hovel, packing up to flee from the and it is Lana’s home now. She tells him that since Luthors’ security guards. Lana appears and tells he’s cured, they can have a normal life together Clark that Chloe was a patient he befriended at and that they’ve been in love with one another Fairview and she is not helping him. Chloe atsince kindergarten. All the while, Clark is trying tempts to flee, pulling a gun on two Luthor guards to convince himself the world he is in is not real but is shot dead. but with each passing scene, it seems more and Clark finds himself back in the hospital and sees more plausible. evidence all around him that further reinforces his He accuses Lex of putting him in the mental real life is simply a delusion; Jorel soap, a book tihospital. He finds Martha, learns that she mar- tled ‘Fortress of Solitude’, a magazine titled ‘Phan-

By Jack Heacock

By Christine Brown

The Fog Review

tom Zone’, a building capacity sign that reads ‘331’ but with a smudge that makes it appear to be 33.1. A picture for the Employee of the Month bears the name, Oliver Queen. An attending nurse’s nametag reads, Raya. And there are pictures of other patients named Victor Stone and Arthur Curry. Dr. Hudson convinces Clark to undergo the treatment that will cure him of his delusions. While awaiting treatment, J’onn J’onzz speaks to him from an adjacent room, telling Clark that he needs to resist and to destroy Dr. Hudson. He tells Clark that if he undergoes the treatment, the phantom will take over his body and unite the other phantoms. He dismisses J’onn as crazy, “just like I am”. Led to the treatment room, Clark finds Lana there. She encourages him to accept the treatment so they can live the rest of their lives together. As Dr. Hudson begins the treatment, Clark hears a muffled sound he recognizes as Shelby barking. Realizing that the world he’s in is an illusion, he attacks Dr. Hudson and expels the phantom from his mind. The phantom is trapped by J’onn’s red crystal. Chloe finds Clark and he tells her about the illusionary world. She remarks that “kryptonite’s not your only weakness” referring to the phantom’s use of Lana to manipulate him. This episode represents one of Tom’s most powerful acting performances. His expressions, range of emotions and his physical acting all combined to make it believable and creepy. Michael Rosenbaum as a broken, bitter Lex was superb. Kristin Kreuk gave an equally strong performance as an eerily-convincing Lana. Add to those performances the excellent directing; the stark, patina-hued photography, and creepy pulsating music and you had one of SV’s finest episodes of the series. Labyrinth was both original and disturbing. Was it frightening? Not at all; but it was an unsettling psychological thriller - something we may see more of in Season 10 given Darkseid’s penchant for brainwashing his victims.

from their past seek revenge.

Now fast forward to 2005 where the remake is more campy then creepy.

Nick Castle is thrown into this world of ghosts and wraiths helping his former girlfriend figure out why she’s having visions. Things seemingly fall apart around them. The couple seek to find out why the weird things are happening. The series of gruesome deaths continue around them as the fog rolls in.

We start off with flashes of a ship that is on fire & sinking, countless bodies and faces floating around in the murky depths. Something has plagued this ship & revenge is best served cold.

Where The Fog remake fails is the lead female character. She’s lifeless and boring and BLIND. My mind does not compute when you leave someone like Nick “I’m so freaking hot” Castle to go with Ghost man? I…don’t…get…it.

Present time brings us to Antonio Bay where sexy Nick Castle (Tom Welling) is Captain of the Seagrass. His business is not exactly booming & things seem to be looking up when he’s reunited with his former girlfriend Elizabeth Solley (Maggie Grace) but as they come to find out, things aren’t exactly as they seem.

Tom Welling is the one bright spot in this otherwise listless film. He’s stepped out of his element of the “good guy” role and we see a little of the bad boy in his characterization of Nick Castle. He plays him as a cynical devil may care Romeo.

As a kid I watched the original with Jamie Lee Curtis the reigning scream queen, it was dark & sinister and very, very scary.

The premise is still the same as the original. The people of Antonio Bay are celebrating the unveiling of a new statue outside the islands town hall dedicated to the “founding fathers.” Little do they know their idyllic existence is about to be turned upside down as ghosts

I found myself fast forwarding through most of this film on the rewatch and I may have paused the “famous” shower scene a few times. I mean hello it’s Tom Welling…naked …in the shower. But for him alone this was worth the rewatch and I highly recommend it for purely nostalgic reasons.

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  19

My Bloody Valentine (2009) Review

By Kate Blake

My Bloody Valentine is a remake of the 1981 horror classic of the same name which helped launch the slasher genre of films. In keeping with this heritage the film which is rated R keeps up its end of the bargain with a steady barage of mutilated corpses, unusual slayings and a scary masked killer who is tormenting his victims. Jensen Ackles takes the lead along with Kerr Smith. The two actors first met on Dawson’s Creek and do very well playing at odds with each other on film. Jaime King who played Tom Welling’s love interest in Cheaper by the Dozen 2 appears as well as the girl the guys all want. Filling out the cast are some familiar TV faces- Kevin Tighe plays the mine manager and one of the town elders. Tom Atkins plays the sheriff, while Betsy Rue makes an unforgettable naked appearance as town party girl Irene. The movie focuses on a mining town with a bloody history. A mining accident which mine owner’s son Tom Hanniger

The Butterfly 2 Effect Review

was responsible for eleven years earlier led to an explosion. After the resulting cave in one of the miners Harry Warden killed the five men he was trapped with. A year later he awakens from a coma and goes on a rampage killing 22 people and trying to kill Tom. Warden is shot and presumed dead. Ten years later Tom comes back to town to settle his family business and once again on Valentine’s Day things get bloody. Suspicions abound and accusations fly as to who might be the killer this time around. Is Warden back from the dead? I wo n’ t give things away but Jensen has a go o d time playing with his part. He keeps you guessing though there are hints through the movie that Tom is just not right. In the end I found myself feeling sympathy for the psycho. The best horror movies have you liking the killer. In this respect My Bloody Valentine is a hit. It does feature graphic violence, the aforementioned nudity and general bloody horror as advertised by the title.

By Jack Heacock The Butterfly Effect 2, distributed by New Line Cinema in 2006; written by Michael Weiss and directed by John R. Leonetti. The Butterfly Effect 2 tells the story of Nick Larson (Eric Lively), a salesman for a fledgling communications software company who has the ability to travel into the past to alter events of the future. The story opens with Nick, his girlfriend photographer Julie Miller (Erica Durance) and his two friends, Trevor and Amanda (Dustin Milligan and Gina Holden - Smallville’s Patricia Swan) celebrating Julie’s 24th birthday in the mountains. During the party, Nick convinces Julie not to pursue her career or Graduate Degree in New York but instead, stay with him as he is on the cusp of success. The party is interrupted by a call from Nick’s office, prompting them to return home. While traveling back, a tragic accident on the mountain road kills Julie, Trevor and Amanda. Nick survives but suffers severe head trauma that triggers his time-travel abilities by using photos of moments in his life. On the one-year anniversary of the accident, Nick is looking at photos Julie took the day of the accident. The photos trigger a seizure and Nick finds himself back in the car

moments before the accident. This time he ends up avoiding the fatal accident and slams into a tree instead. Nick awakens on the floor of his apartment and learns Julie and his friends are alive. The company he works for is struggling, leaving Trevor and Nick unemployed. Julie is upset with Nick’s indifferent attitude about his employment status. After an argument with her, he travels back to a company Christmas party to steal a coworker’s account file. The move earns him a promotion to company vice president but costs him his relationship with Julie. As the software company was floundering, Trevor managed to lure financial support from a shady investor. The investor senses he is being scammed and kills Trevor right before Nick’s eyes. Nick flees and runs into Julie as he’s being chased. Bullets meant for Nick hit Julie instead and she dies in his arms. Nick travels back to the opening moments of the movie. Rather than convincing Julie to stay with him, he breaks up with her. Before she leaves, she tells Nick that she’s pregnant. Upset and hurt, Julie races off down the mountain road in Nick’s car. In the act of saving Julie from the accident, Nick makes a last-minute decision; cutting in front of Julie, driving off a cliff and dying. The final scene is set in New York City with Julie awakening her infant child, Nicky. When she picks him up, Nicky stares at the photo of the four friends taken on Julie’s birthday and the image begins to quiver. Erica Durance easily gave the best performance in this film. As we’ve learned, Erica is exceptionally talented and she convincingly showed a wide range of emotions. Her character seemed genuine and logical, unlike the other characters in this film. Her performance was the sole bright spot in a film that never achieved the quality or cleverness of the original film. Two and a half stars out of four.

SMALLVILLE’S TOP 5 SCARIEST EPISODES Scare - Exposed to a virus, daydreams turn dark, as Clark, Chloe & Lana face their worse fears. Guilt, insanity & death; not your typical Smallville episode but one that took us into the minds of what scared them the most. Tomb - Chloe sees dead people. A ghost bent on bringing her murderer to justice “haunts” Chloe, while all those around her wonder at her sanity. Clark & Lois come to the rescue. Mercy - Saw done Smallville style pits Lionel & Martha in a deadly game of Simon says. Lionel is kidnapped & forced to play a twisted game or else Martha will die. Rabid - Who knew zombies could be sexy? But when Lois is infected, the Man of Steele sees red no one messes with his girl. A mysterious virus is released & has infected the people of Metropolis. When Lois is infected after trying to escape, Clark tends to her wounds & seeks a cure. Splinter - When Clark is infected with Silver K, his worse nightmares come true. After an anonymous rock is delivered to Lana, Clark is infected & made to believe those around him are “out to get him.” None other then Brianiac “saves” him from him-

self in the nick of time.

20  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010

Meteor Freak Profile - Tina Greer


ina Greer made two appearances on SMALLVILLE. She has the distinction of being the first freak who triggered the activation of one of Clark’s first super-power X-Ray Vision, in the episode “X-RAY.”

guise of Lana’s boyfriend Whitney Fordman who had been stationed overseas in the service. Tina’s timing couldn’t have been worse, Whitney’s mother had just learned that her son had been killed in action. Also Lana had sent to her overseas beau a video note saying that she was breaking up with him. Tina ended up killing Whitney’s mother and claimed that Whitney had memory loss from his time overseas.

Tina was a shape-shifter who had Kryptonite laced through her entire body. Tina Greer was a very disturbed young woman. She posed as Lex Luthor and robbed a bank, killed her mother and then took on her appearance to hide her crime.

Lana played along for a while, until everyone started to grow suspicious of Whitney. When Clark realized that they were all being played, Tina overcame our superhero and locked him in a basement and attempted to steal his identity since it became apparent that Lana was enamoured with Clark and not Whitney.

Longing for a “normal” life, Tina obsessed over Lana Lang. She attempted to befriend her and wanted to move in with Smallville’s most popular girl. When Lana didn’t seem completely open to becoming BFFs with the psycho, Tina studied Lana’s relationship with Whitney and began to take over Lana’s life. She attempted to get Lana out of the way by locking her up in a crypt at the Smallville cemetery.

In VISAGE we got our first Clark vs. Clark fight when real Clark attempted to overpower Tina who was impersonating him at the time. Tina was the first freak to be completely obsessed with Lana and paved the path for dozens of freaks to view Smallville’s prom queen as their favorite target of choice. Tina also provided Lana with her first girl-on-girl make out scenes.

Using his new Super-ability, Clark was able to tell that Tina was impersonating Lana and saved her before she expired in the crypt. Determined to complete her mission to become a part of Lana’s life, in season two, Tina returned to Smallville in VISAGE. She arrived under the

Actress Lizzy Caplan has continued her journey of playing crazies having most recently appeared on season one of TRUE BLOOD as Jason Stackhouse’s V-blood obsessed girlfriend Amy Burley. She’s also starred in feature films: Mean Girls, Cloverfield, and Hot Tub Time Machine.

What Scares a Super-Villain?

Lex Luthor’s Scariest SMALLVILLE Moments By Sazia Bashar Pilot- Lex didn’t exactly have a warm welcome to Smallville both as a kid and when he permanently moved there. Young Lex was caught in one of the meteors that hit Smallville and in result lost his hair forever. Twelve years later, his car falls over a bridge and into a river (taking Clark Kent with him).

to kill him. Not exactly the honeymoon he was expecting huh? Asylum- Lex in the crazy house. Enough said.

on the real Clark in fear that it is still Lionel. Sacred/Forever/Sneeze- Lex was captured and tortured in all these episodes. Just a regular day in Lex Luthor’s life. Onyx- A kryptonite explosion leads to Lex splitting into two sides. His good side- Lex and his evil side- Alexander, who imprisons him. Seems like the old twin switcheroo was not fun for Lex.

Hourglass/Scare- Lex’s vision: Becoming President of the United States, a field of flowers replaced with human bones, raining red blood, launching nuclear missiles to destroy the world. The disturbing part? Lex seemed pleased in the visions, though the present Lex was not happy.

Justice- The frightened look on Lex’s face when he thought Green Arrow was going to shoot him was priceless. Bizarro- Lex is trapped in a police car underwater and tries to escape before he drowns. Lucky for him, an “angel” was there to save him.

Heat/Bound- First his pheromone hyped wife sets him on fire and then a crazy one-night-stand ties Lex to a chair and sets the room on fire. That’s amore!

Wrath- Lex’s ex-wife, Lana, obtains super powers and decides to get revenge on him. You know what they say about karma...

Lineage/Prodigal- Lex almost gets hacked to pieces by his half-brother’s mom and then his half-brother tells Lionel to shoot Lex when the whole time the brothers were acting. One can imagine what the Luthor family reunions are like.

Memoria- Seeing your mom kill your baby brother... it makes sense why Lex repressed some of his childhood memories.

Exodus/Exile- Second wife sends Lex plummeting onto a desert island with a psychopath who wants

Transference- Lex almost gets choked to death by his father in Clark’s body and then later pulls a gun

Gemini- Lois pulls a gun on Lex after being threatened by a clone (of Lex’s brother, Grant) that Lex made. Not a fun way to spend the holidays. Fracture- Lex is shot at (Lionel states he may not survive). Clark goes into Lex’s mind and sees Lex choking the younger version of Lex to get rid of his innocent side.

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  21

Davis Bloome Man or Monster? By Alisa Lea Gossage

near a gruesome graveyard filled with mutilated corpses.

tried to save Davis, but in the end, Davis was supposedly killed.

By this time, Davis was murdering at will. He However, Doomsday becomes immune to any What does it take to turn a man into a mon- justified his actions by killing mostly criminals. force put upon him. This means that Doomsday ster? Is a man born evil or formed by circum- Murdering bad people gave Davis the illusion that cannot be killed the same way twice. He is virstances? While most psychopaths, murtually indestructible. Thus, Chloe is derers and general bad guys are formed shocked when she learns that Davis/ by one means or the other, Davis Bloome Doomsday is resurrected. She tries is – interestingly enough – a combination to protect Clark by running away of the two. with Davis, for Davis claims he can control The Beast if she is by his side. Davis Bloome, mild-mannered paramedic, seemed to be the model citizen. Eventually, using black kryptonite, But there was a deep, dark and . . . trouChloe and the Justice League are bling side to Davis. As a youth, he was able to separate Davis from Doomsabandoned and became a ward of the day. As Doomsday takes off to fight foster care system. He frequently had unClark, Chloe tells Jimmy that she nevexplained blackouts. He was an outsider er stopped loving him and that she and a loner. Rage became his constant was just protecting Clark by running companion. And, unbeknownst to Davis, away with Davis. this suppressed rage was feeding an internal monster. During Davis’ blackouts, Davis overhears Chloe’s declarathis monster violently murdered innocent tion of love, and her rejection of his people. Davis had no memories of these love is too much for Davis to bear. events. But after a violent attack at the Davis Bloome had faced rejection, Ace of Clubs, Davis became suspicious of loneliness, estrangement, abandonhis own culpability. After the attack, Davis ment and now betrayal. awakened from one of his blackouts, covered in he had control over this Beast within. blood that was not his own. Under the influence of pure rage, Davis’ final act In reality, Davis was descending into a madness was to kill Henry James Olsen. It was a violent, Confused and frightened, he turned to Chloe for that he could not comprehend, nor control, for sadistic way to end a life. help. Chloe, who was under the control of Braini- a real monster, Doomsday, was using Davis as ac (and over active hormones), refused to believe ‘human camouflage’. When Davis learned that Apparently, there was more than one monster that Davis was a murderer. She was proved wrong Doomsday’s mission was to be Earth’s ultimate inside of Davis Bloome....And Jimmy paid the when she and Clark found Davis’ scorched truck destroyer, he begged Chloe to end his life. Clark price.

Fans Get into the SMALLVILLE Spirit!

“Fandom has come together in celebration over S10 as a way to get the word out to watch Smallville on Friday’s @ 8/7pm. Cyclonecat aka Allie sent out the word across Twitter calling on fans to submit pictures of themselves in their Superman/ Smallville best. “

22  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010

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Entering Eleysia

SYFY.COM WILL PREMIERE RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING, CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED, AWARD-WINNING STEAMPUNK DIGITAL SERIES, BEGINNING TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26 NARRATED BY SANCTUARY’S AMANDA TAPPING Stars Christine Chatelain (Sanctuary), Ryan Robbins (Caprica), Sharon Taylor (Stargate Universe), Ben Cotton (Harper’s Island), Alessandro Juliani (Battlestar Galactica) and Allison Mack (Smallville) NEW YORK – October 13, 2010 – Marking a major expansion of its original content, will premiere the award-winning, steampunk digital series Riese: Kingdom Falling beginning October 26, on every Tuesday and Thursday, it was announced today by Craig Engler, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Syfy Digital. The critically acclaimed Riese: Kingdom Falling is distributed by Fireworks International, the television and digital distribution arm of ContentFilm plc. Each episode runs approximately seven to eight minutes. Narrated by Amanda Tapping (Sanctuary), the 10-part series stars a cavalcade of talent from the world of popular speculative drama including Christine Chatelain (The Bone Collector); Sharon Taylor (Stargate Universe); Ben Cotton (Harper’s Island), Allison Mack (Smallville); Ryan Robbins (Caprica); Patrick Gilmore (Stargate Universe); Alessandro Juliani (Battlestar Galactica) and Emilie Ullerup (Sanctuary). The series will also be available via Sony’s PS3, Microsoft’s Xbox and Amazon. Said Engler: “We saw Riese and thought they had done just an amazing job, and then we were able to give them some resources and bring Amanda on board to really help them take the series to the next level. I think new and existing fans will love the relaunch of the series and enjoy all the new additions.” Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy that features anachronistic technology and design elements, often from Victorian-era Britain. Riese:Kingdom Falling won the Streamy Award for Best Cinematography in a Web Series with a further three nominations for Best Sound Design, Best Foreign Series and Art Direction. The series was shot in Vancouver, BC, created by Ryan Copple and Kaleena Kiff, and produced by Galen Fletcher and Nicholas Humphries. ABOUT RIESE;KINGDOM FALLING Eleysia is a dying kingdom where resources are dwindling and compassion is fading. Distrust and anxiety have clouded people’s minds, causing a regression into primitive ways of thinking. People have grown restless, almost feral. Rituals and mythology have resurged, and the darker side of mankind has begun to reveal itself. Riese (Christine Chatelain), a wanderer, travels across the decaying lands of Eleysia with her wolf, Fenrir. Marked as a heretic by religious group The Sect and the new Empress, Amara, Riese must evade their assassins and discover their true intentions for Eleysia. Riese is the Crown Princess of Eleysia, forced to flee into the wilds after her family was slaughtered. She will soon serve as a catalyst for a disparate group of supposed heretics, the Resistance, launching them into civil war.

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Cast Christine Chatelain - Riese SMALLVILLE 7x03 Fierce. Recently starred on SANCTUARY. Sharon Taylor - Amara Faora in Season 9. Also from STARGATE ATLANTIS Patrick Gilmore - Trennan Regular on Stargate Universe. Ben Cotton - Herrick Dr. Peter Kavanaugh on STARGATE ATLANTIS. Ryan Robbins - Rand SMALLVILLE ep 3x01 EXILE. Regular on SANCTUARY. Alessandro Juliani - Garin Dr. Emil Hamilton on SMALLVILLE. Long time BATTLESTAR GALACTICA star. Emilie Ullerup - Aliza Cat Grant 9x06 “Crossfire.” Formerly on SANCTUARY. Allison Mack - Marlise Chloe Sullivan on SMALLVILLE.

STEAMPUNK - DEFINITION Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history, and speculative fiction that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s. Specifically, steampunk involves an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century and often Victorian era Britain—that incorporates prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy. Works of steampunk often feature anachronistic technology or futuristic innovations as Victorians may have envisioned them; in other words, based on a Victorian perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style, art, etc. This technology may include such fictional machines as those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne or real technologies like the computer but developed earlier in an alternate history.

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Any spoilery information that you can share about Amara with RIESE fans on what will happen in Season 2 of RIESE?


I had a great time working on Smallville and I was pleased that Faora went out with a bang. I thought In Chapter 2 of Riese, Amara the “Sacrifice” episode was really well written receives some startling (Justin Hartley was one information which raises of the writers) and gave the stakes for her. She realizes that her position of me the opportunity to power is not as stable as she show different sides of Faora’s character. She was thought it was... vulnerable and scared in her scene with Clark when it’s How would you describe revealed that she’s pregnant the experience of working with Zod’s baby, and then on a web series as later on she was so brave opposed to a standard and stoic when facing up television series? Are to Zod, knowing full well there differences, if so that she was sacrificing what are they? her life and the life of her baby. I absolutely loved my There really has been no death scene with Callum difference in working and I consider myself very on a web series as lucky to have worked with opposed to a standard actors like Callum Blue and TV series. The cast, crew Tom Welling. They are both and production team talented and intelligent of Riese are all working actors, but more than that professionals within the - they are great guys and I film industry, so there was enjoyed spending time with no difference in the calibre them. of professionalism when working on Riese. Each By Erika Blake You recently starred in grouping of 5 webisodes Tell us a bit about your You get to wear some an upcoming episode character AMARA on very elaborate costumes (totaling almost an hour of of SUPERNATURAL RIESE, please. on RIESE, how long does screen time) were shot over “Weekend at Bobby’s” a 7 day period, exactly the it usually take to get amount of time a one hour that marked Jensen Amara is the Empress of into your character’s episodic television episode Ackles directing debut, Eleysia. However, she is outfit and does it help how would you describe would be shot. not the rightful heir to you to mentally step the experience of working the throne. She joined into the role? under the novice director? Having starred in several forces with a religious significant sci-fi series group called The Sect in If I didn’t already know The show’s costume (Stargate Atlantis, Eureka, order to overthrow (and that Jensen was a novice designer, Megan Leson, murder) the true King and designed some gorgeous and Smallville) what is director, I would have never it that you enjoy about Queen of Eleysia. She guessed. He knew the gowns for Amara and the genre? What are the is ambitious and power script inside and out and it generally takes me challenges? hungry and she will do he arrived on set totally about 20 minutes to get anything to keep her prepared, knowing what completely dressed. After I like working in sci-fi as it throne. he wanted. There was no I put a dress on, Megan provides the audience with difference in working with will literally stitch me into a considerable amount him compared to any other What drew you to the the dress as she adds on of escapism and it’s like professional director I’ve character of Amara? the extra details like lace a heightened level of worked with. What’s it like playing the and bits of leather. She storytelling. Even when the big villain of the story? is so talented and we are subject matter (for example very lucky to have such Do you have any other aliens and demons) is I love the fact that Amara a creative young woman projects on the horizon elaborate, the underlying is a powerful female working on the show. that you’d like to share story themes are generally character, yet none of her Once I am dressed, I get very humanistic and reality with us? Any word on femininity is sacrificed. my hair and makeup the upcoming “Stargate based (like revenge or She wears beautiful done by other talented Atlantis” movie? love or survival). Once in clothing and has fancy young women, and that awhile a sci-fi actor gets a hair styles, but she is takes even more time! line which is challenging or I am appearing in a TV also very intelligent and The costuming, hair awkward to say, but it’s our movie titled “Ice Quake” tough. and makeup play a very which will be airing on job to choose something large part in helping me the Syfy channel around real within our own lives It’s so much fun to be mentally prepare for Christmas time. It’s an that we can relate it to and evil! Amara can be the role. I don’t wear action-filled natural disaster then make that line make ruthless and cruel, but much makeup in my movie that I had fun she also has moments of everyday life, and my hair sense for us. working on. insecurity which really is often pulled back into Can you tell us a bit about humanize her, so it’s a real a ponytail, so I really do And sorry, no word on the treat for an actor to get to feel like a different person what it was like working “Stargate: Atlantis” movie, play a character with so when I am decked out as on SMALLVILLE as Faora? but I can’t wait to watch What was it like working many different levels of Amara. Jason Momoa in “Conan”! w/ Callum Blue & Tom emotion.

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  25

and she’s a lot of fun. I get to be to be evil which is very exciting for me too.

Reported & Transcribed by Erika Blake OSCK’s Sister site was invited in on a conference call on Oct. 26th for RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING and I got the opportunity to join in with other members of the press to chat with RIESE stars: Ryan Robbins, Sharon Taylor, Emilie Ullerup, and Allison Mack. The following are the highlights from the call.

after our interview she did and the next day I got an email from Ryan saying we’d love to meet with you. We have a part that might be perfect. So we met for coffee and I was like “Oh my god - you knew [who I was] and yes please and there it was.”

Emilie: You know the fact that it feels like we’re all working with our friends. I think that for me that always makes the actors, the producers, the writers, whoever, it’s our biggest dream to always get to work with people we really wanted to work with for a long time. And a couple of these people, like Allison Mack I’ve just met her for the first time on the phone today, but it feels like we’re all friends working together and that’s quite spectacular.

Allison: Yeah I would definitely say that my most favorite thing about working on this show is that it’s a creative collaboration with those Allison Mack: Kaleena Kiff who are involved with the has been one of my best show. Kaleena Kiff and Question: How did you get friends and collaborators Ryan Copple are always started working on this for almost ten years now. so incredibly collaborative project? And I always told her that people. They really wanted I would be her Bill Murray us to have the opportunity Ryan Robbins: The project to her Wes Anderson so got started a while before I basically anything that she as actors to do things that we didn’t get to do got involved, I had known was a part of or creating, normally. You know in the Kaleena Kiff and Ryan I wanted in! And she was industry there is a pigeon Copple for some time. And generous enough to allow hole that you can kind of they approached me about me the opportunity to find yourself being placed this character that I was hand select the part that in and so the fact that sort of chomping at the bit I got to play on the show. to play. I was really excited And she asked me if I’d like we have the opportunity to kind of step out of about where the show was to continue to be around that pigeon hole and try going and we sat down and for as long as I wanted to talked over a bite to eat and be around! So I was like, “Of something different and I wanted in immediately, I course!” Say that to an actor new it was definitely a luxury. And we get to wear just thought that I’d never and we jump. really cool costumes! That’s seen anything like this so much fun. And Sci-Fi is show and I just couldn’t amazing because it’s a very wait to get involved. Question: What’s your freeing opportunity to use favorite part of working your imagination and find Sharon Taylor: I’d worked on the show? the reality in the fantasy with Kaleena previously and that’s always really fun and had done a short film Ryan: I’d say the fact that to just push the envelope with her and Allison Mack there’s this incredible, with what’s possible and (“Alice & Huck” 2008) and powerful, and genuine Kaleena suggested that excitement about the show. where your imagination will take you. I audition for the part of The cast is amazing and Amara. So I came in and the crew is incredible. And Question: Ryan, can you auditioned and got the I guess that for me, I think talk about the action part. I’m so happy that I did that it’s just something sequences and how because it’s an amazing that’s unique and hasn’t they’re different from project and I love the been done before. Sort SANCTUARY? character. I think that it’s of to echo what Sharon probably my most favorite had said, this is probably Ryan: Well you know just by character that I’ve ever one of my all time favorite the nature of my character played. characters that I’ve ever on SANCTUARY I don’t get played. And it’s one of to do as much action as I’d Emilie Ullerup: I was those once in a lifetime like and I’ve been studying actually doing another experiences that you just martial arts my whole life interview and we were get really excited about and I am a trained fighter talking about SANCTUARY right off of the hop. and I’m very active and and things like that and RIESE came up. It just sort Sharon: It’s so exciting to be I really enjoy it. And this was such an incredible of kind of got my attention, a part of a fantasy based I knew that they’d shot project. I’m a fan of science opportunity to be able to use some of my abilities some of it and had heard fiction so, this steam punk and learn a bunch of new it and my friends were sub-genre of science skills and just being a on it. She was like, “You fiction is exciting because character who is that fierce know you should really be you get to wear these on RIESE.” And I was like amazing costumes, and the is great! We’re playing around in the snow and “Yeah right, I’m not going storylines they really can having a giant club and to be on RIESE, they don’t take you anywhere. The even know who I am!” And character that I play, Amara wearing fur and leather and screaming my face off she said, “I’ll email Ryan she gets to wear amazing was an absolute joy. Are Copple” and sure enough clothes and fancy hairdos,

you kidding me? I was 12 years old every day that we shot. It was amazing and such a great time. A lot of us who have had some sort of fighting training which makes things a lot more fun. The fight team that we have on RIESE is absolutely incredible. So yeah, it’s friends playing in the woods pretending to beat each other up, it was a trip and so much fun. Question: Sharon can you talk about what it was like to play such an evil character? Sharon: Well touching on what Ryan just talked about, I also have been doing martial arts for over 10 years and to play a character where I actually get to utilize something that I took up as a personal interest and then actually get to do in my professional work is really exciting and fun. You get to see a whole different side to Amara, there are moments where she’s very evil and ruthless and there was a pretty cool long staff fight scene that was choreographed between Patrick Gilmore and I which people will get to see eventually. She has some vulnerability which makes her very

human because she has a lot of issues, she’s insecure about her power and the Sect and how they are going to affect her and back her into a corner. So yeah, I like it. Question: For Allison, can you tell me about the mask that you have to wear? Allison: I will tell you that that mask IS my character. There’s something transformative about putting on something that completely changes not only your point of view because my point of view is limited because of the mask, but also the way that your entire face moves and expresses and interprets your actions. I love the mask, it is her in a lot of ways. I get to have so many secrets behind that mask that nobody has any sort of idea of that which just adds to the fun of playing Marlise and the intensity of that character. It means that I am that character. It’s never a nuisance and it’s like I don’t want to take it off. That and the boots. And the lipstick. The lipstick is key. Ryan: Just the costumes on this show are so incredible. Everybody looks badass and sexy.

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Sharon’s. And I think that as long as they stick with that it’s going to be a fireball of a show.

It’s just so much fun. As soon as you throw any of those costumes on, you throw any of your pieces on it just transforms the way that you move and the way that you make expressions with your face. It’s just such a trip and so much fun. Question: Can you tell us about each of your characters for those who might now know about them, and what would you like to see done with them in the future? Ryan: I play Rand, the leader of the Resistance. It’s my opportunity to play a Braveheart character or Leonidas from 300. It’s a lot of fun. He’s very conflicted, he’s clear in what he thinks and wants but there’s a lot of passion, a lot fire, and anger which is always fun to play. He’s maybe not the best at relationships. He’s badass with a heart of gold. And what would I like to see? I like everything that’s been going on. I think that he’s headed in the right direction. I think that the writers have a great vision for the character. And I’m just excited to see where we go from here. Definitely think that he’s on the right track. Sharon: My character is Amara, she’s the Empress of Eleysia, but she’s not actually the rightful heir to the throne. She originally joins forces with this religious group called The Sect who then overthrew the rightful king and queen of Eleysia. My cousin was the true heir and Queen of Eleysia and I’ve taken her position as Empress. My character she’s ambitious and powerful and ruthless. She’s power hungry, so she’s expanding the borders of Eleysia, taking over more and more land. And being a woman in power she actually gets to use her femininity and sexuality to her advantage to gain even more power in her relationships with men around her. And I really like that what Kaleena and Ryan have written for my

character so I’m just so excited for the audiences to see what’s to come from Amara and that I also think that where she’s going is very exciting and right exactly where I want to be and that’s what makes this so great is the collaborative process that the writers and creators are so willing to listen to what we want to see where our characters are going and they care about what we think our characters are going and what they would do. It leaves it very open to play and is such a rewarding experience from an actors perspective. Emilie: I play, you know I say Aliza (her pronunciation: Aleessa) some people say Aliza (Aleeza) I’m just going to put this out there that she’ll always be Aliza to me. Ryan: I screamed Aliza (Aleeza.) Emilie: You did right? OK well then I guess that I got scared that I said it wrong. I play the second in command to the Resistance that Rand runs. I think where Rand has a bit more of everything in him, he’s a bit more torn between what might be good and what might be evil, Aliza is much more stuck in where she comes from. She lost her parents, she lost her whole family to… well we’ll get into that at another time but, where she comes from is a lot of hate and anger and a lot of revenge and it’s very black and white for her as to who should be in power and who definitely shouldn’t be. So she’s an interesting pull on the Resistance in one direction and probably a bit of a thorn in Rand’s side from time to time. And that’s what I think makes it so interesting is that all of our characters are all so flawed and all troubled but if you look at it morally and ethically you can understand where everyone comes from, even terrible characters like

Allison: My character is called Marlise and you don’t really know what Marlise is about or what she’s up to other than she’s incredibly self-serving and very smart. So those two things make for a deadly combination and like I said I wear a mask which kind of covers my face and I’ll keep that up over my mouth for this interview to hide my intent because the fun of Marlise is that you don’t know what she’s up to. But I will say that she’s power hungry and utilizes everything that she has in order to get where she wants to go. So she’s fun and mysterious and dangerous. Question: You all are portraying characters that are very different than roles that you’re known for, do you believe that your fans will follow you along and enjoy your new role on RIESE? Allison: I’m not really sure what my fans are willing to do or if they’re interested in doing along with me, but I think that my fans in a lot of ways are my fans because I have a tendency to choose things that are a little off-kilter and not necessarily the normal thing of what most people would chose. So they followed me through a lot of smaller weird experiments so I’m hoping that they’ll follow me to RIESE because its awesome. [Allison fell off of the call after this question & didn’t return.] Ryan: I kind of agree with Allison I think that everyone who knows me knows that I don’t like to chose the easy path by any means. I definitely like to try to push my own personal envelope and its always refreshing and ultimately rewarding to play a character that might be unexpected or something that people haven’t seen before. You find new things then you find the nuances and bits and pieces inside yourself that maybe you didn’t know you had so it’s full of discoveries that translate to the screen. I think that the storytelling is exceptional. And ultimately that’s what the fans want is really great storytelling. And if we can pull it off in the way that we play our characters then the fans are always going to be on board. We have the greatest fans in the world. They’ve always been incredibly supportive and I have no doubt that they’ll continue to be that way

with RIESE. Emilie: I think that for a lot of our fans, I second what Ryan said and that they are amazing, it’s about the characters that we’ve played, but it’s also getting to see us in different combinations and now Ryan and I are doing something completely different from what we did on SANCTUARY and all of a sudden, Sharon and Allison are in the mix! And how is that all going to work out? We all kind of come together in all of these different equations. I mean I hope that that’s something that the fans can get a kick out of, cause we sure do! Sharon: I think fans are happy to see the actors that they enjoy watching try on different characters. When I’m a fan of a show I enjoy watching the actors that I know in different characters and I think that as long as we have a great story, which we do, and we’re true to our characters and are really honest in our work these characters are going to grow on all of the fans too. And they’re going to like these characters as much as the characters that we’ve played in the past. Ryan: : Just while we’re on the subject of fans, RIESE is an excellent example of the power of the fans. Just based on the fact that word of mouth, socialnetworking, and all

of that stuff that’s the key to the success of this show. The more people talk about the show, the more people who blog about it, and tweet about it, that’s how this show is going to have longevity and that’s how the show is going to stick around. The fans are incredibly important and this right now, RIESE showing on is going to be an amazing testament to the power of fandom and I’m really excited. This is potentially quite historical when you think about it. The fans have so much control over the future of this show and I’m really excited by that. I’m really excited because without those fans, what are we doing? We’re back waiting tables or whatever we used to do for a living so I think that it’s really an exciting time and that the show is airing on is going to turn out to be an amazing success. a

Question: What’s it like working on a web-series as opposed to standard Television series? Ryan: The great thing that I find about the whole web series environment is coming from independent films, which I’m very passionate about, it does have that feel on the set. It does feel like everybody is there because they really truly believe in the project. Nobody is there [just to work] it’s not just another job to collect

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a paycheck. Everybody is very, very passionate about the story and about the project in general. Therefore it becomes an amazing team environment and team spirit when you’re making these projects. So that’s why we all jump on board to do press tours because we’re all legitimately excited about this project and it’s because of that feeling, I think. Question: What do you find is the hardest part of working on the show? Emilie: Maybe the fact that we haven’t worked on it for so long and we miss it? [Sharon & Ryan laugh] Ryan: The hard part is the waiting and waiting to see the future holds. You know, that’s the hard part. I mean we had battle scenes in the freezing cold, Emilie and I were not well clothed and it was freezing cold and it was real snow that we were battling in and yet it was so much fun! I don’t think that there were any bad moments, just the waiting… Emilie: It was all about the love, really. Ryan: Yeah. Emilie: I know that I sound like a hippie but it’s true! Question: How many episodes are there going to be? Ryan: Ten. And they’re showing them two times a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays so you’ll get two episodes a week. So the wait isn’t too, too long. Question: What do you all think of with digital & web content becoming independent TV and the wave of the future? Do you think that’s where TV will be going in the future? Ryan: I don’t think that

that’s the direction that TV is going to be going in the future, but I do think that it’s very exciting. Having had the experience with SANCTUARY and also with independent film I’m very passionate about this, you know Hollywood… the people making the big blockbusters…the people with the money…they’re getting more and more tentative about taking risks in the business, that’s why we’re seeing loads of remakes, we’re seeing loads of “safe bet” films and less so in television. What they are is very happy to do is capitalize on the risk that you take. So if we keep going out and taking risks and we keep going out and passionately making our projects and doing them well, and making them as amazing as they can be, you’ll find people who will be willing to jump on board and help your risk to succeed. At the very least, the money people are being very clever and savvy that way. It’s just about getting it out there and getting seen and using social networking as a medium to do that has proved very successful.

know early on in SANCTUARY we toyed with some Steampunk inspired weaponry for my character, Henry, and so I learned about Steampunk a bit before going into RIESE, but RIESE has just taken it to a whole other level. The future of RIESE when this show goes and continues and with the help of fans you’re going to see a lot more of that. You’re going to see a lot more steam powered vehicles. There’s so much further that we can go with the genre and I think that we’ve only scratched the surface but so far the surface has been yummy!

who have absolutely embraced the show and have been really, really helpful and offering great insight. Some of the most amazing, amazing talented people reside within the Steampunk revolution and the cool stuff that they come up with where they can take something like Sharon said from the Victorian Era inspired for cosmetically, but now there’s things that are completely useful to the modern day age that look cosmetically like it’s a Steampunk device it’s very, very cool.

Emilie: Yeah I mean the cool factor of Steampunk just blows my mind! I knew very little about Steampunk before RIESE and you know every time that you see something new on set it’s like, “Oh WOW that’s so COOL! What is that?” And everyone’s like, “It’s Steampunk.” And you’re like, “Of course it is!” And I’m surprised that it hasn’t been used more because it’s just so fricking cool. I can’t wait to see the new things that they thought up. Like the crossbow that Aliza uses is all mind-blowingly cool… for lack of a better term.

Emilie: Say “Cool!” That’s the word for Steampunk!

Ryan: The intricacies and details on these things that you can’t even [believe,] you really have to see them close up, they look amazing on screen but like, close up even it’s just like, “Holy crap!” It’s just so intricate and so detailed.

Sharon: I ask the audiences to take a good look at Patrick’s eye in some of the scenes, his mechanical eye is amazing. What I also find interesting about the Steampunk genre is because it based in Victorian Britain, that kind Sharon: I think it’s inspiring of technology that existed in the Victorian Age, that it’s become this which I think that people palpable thing for young could see as limiting but filmmakers who are using sometimes with some of their great talent that the limitations that’s where would otherwise maybe the creativity grows. You have a harder time being can think that about many seen or heard. We can all things that if you start with go out and do our own some boundaries and then thing. There is such great start thinking outside of possibility in that now. And I think that only spurs those boundaries that’s where all sorts of cool much more people to try and crazy ideas come to create something great from. And I know in and get it out there. TV Steampunk people often will always be TV and film have these stories that will always be film - there they’ve explored futuristic will always be the big blockbusters and big shows Steampunk, to where those but there’s a lot more space steam powered vehicles will take them. And that’s for young artists. where the imagination factor comes in. And the Question: Can you tell us about the Steampunk sky is the limit. aspect of the series? Ryan: And all of the credit in the world to the Ryan: I think that it’s Steampunk community absolutely amazing you

Question: Do you think that if the show does well that it’ll be moved to a regular series? Ryan: I think it’s safe to say that the goal ideally would be to move it to a TV series. The one thing about a web series, it’s getting better, but it’s very hard to maintain the capital to make the series. It costs a lot of money to make a show, and especially a show like RIESE. It’s not exactly a cheap show to make and to make the revenue to maintain a show on the web it’s still relatively difficult. It’s easier than say back when SANCTUARY started but I think that

RIESE would be such an amazing show on television. I do believe that there are lots of brilliant web series that do stay on the web and should stay on the web because they’re perfect and amazing there, but I just think that RIESE is one of those shows that could transition to television extremely well. I think it’s safe to say that’s the hope. Question: For Sharon, do you ever want to steal Amara’s boots? Sharon: You want to know something really funny? Those are my own boots that I wore for that! Ryan: [Laughs] Amara stole YOUR boots! Sharon: Yes they are my boots and I do wear them. ~~~~~~~ RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING is available to view online at http:// New episodes air every Tuesday & Thursday. Support original, creative programming. Be a part of the RIESE REVOLUTION and spread the word online. The more fan support that gets behind the series, the more likely the show will get picked up as a full time series on SyFy.

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Film Synopsis: After a young American backpacker goes missing in Europe, a group of journalists link his disappearance to a remote village in Poland. They travel there hoping to get the story, but as they unravel the secrets behind this mysterious village, they are suddenly pursued by hostile locals. Unable to escape, they soon become the next victims of ritualistic human sacrifice. Forced into the gruesome reality of true survival horror, the journalists soon discover that this village hides a much darker secret than they could ever imagine.



aron Ashmore is currently starring in a new horror/suspense film “The Shrine” and was gracious enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to chat with OSCK Magazine about the film & reflect a bit on being a part of “Smallville.” OSCK: Tell us a little bit about “The Shrine.” Aaron: “The Shrine” is I guess you could say a horror film, but it’s got a lot of suspense elements to it as well. It’s not just a straight up gorey horror film. It’s about three journalists who track a story about a missing boy in Poland and they end up in this small village to follow up on the story. I don’t want to give too much away but that’s the basic premise and it’s got lots of twists and turns. It’s not exactly what you expect it to be [straight up horror film] so I find that to be really interesting about the film. And it kind of plays with your conceptions of what a horror film is. It’s not just a gorey horror film and has a lot more of supernatural and not just violence.

Aaron: Well actually John Knautz who’s the director sent me the script and also a copy of a film that him and Trevor Matthews (who also stars in the film) had made called “Jack Brooks:

things, I like lighter fare as well, you’ve got to switch it up, but I enjoy more dramatic projects. And maybe exploring more darker sides of things. The idea of putting yourself in strange situations like horror, looking at the darker side of things is interesting to explore in film because there’s no reprecussions without putting yourself in dangerous situations or crazy scenarios [in real life] so I find that interesting to have that kind of an opportunity to do that for your job. OSCK: Did you at all get freaked out while making this film?

Aaron: Well I don’t want to give too much away, but yes there’s an aspect to the film, there’s a specific supernatural aspect to it and one in particular that they deal Monster Slayer” it was a very campy, fun, over with in “The Shrine” and I’m not going to say the top horror movie kind of in the retro style what it is, but it really does freak me out. It has of film from the ‘80’s with a lot of comedy and always scared me whenever I’m watching some campy and stuff but it was really, really well particular horror movies that really does scare done. I knew that the film had been made on me. And one of those aspects happens in “The a budget, but it really had a lot of interesting Shrine” that are freaky - not so much as when elements to it as far as style and techniques. It you’re shooting but when you sit back and was really funny and paced well. So I watched think about it before and after that freaked me this movie that they had made and thought out. But there’s no weird supernatural stuff that OSCK: They substituted Canada for Poland? “Wow, they definitely can put a movie together.” happened on the set that made me go “oh oh!” Nor a cursed set - none of that happened. Some Aaron: Yeah there’s actually a little town called And when I read the script for “The Shrine” it of the ideas of “The Shrine” really do creep me Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto that was much darker and much more serious and out. has this amazing set up with all of these old a little bit more of my style, so when I read that buildings and amazing dirt roads that look very and saw with “Brooks” that they could really OSCK: Did you have any funny stories from period. I don’t know if it looks like Poland, but put a film together on a small budget I thought working on the film? it definitely looks like you’re off of the beaten that “Wow this could be a lot of fun” and then path and it looks completely not modern so I I talked with John about the character and Aaron: Trevor Matthews who plays one of think that it works really well for the story when about what he was looking for and it was quite the characters in the film (and is one of the we’re moving the characters from modern different than a lot of times to a strange, foreign place. It might not horror movies that look like Poland, but it works well for the story. are coming out. He really wanted to pace OSCK: Can you tell us a little bit about your it slow and have a big character Marcus Bremmick? build so that at the end it was really the Marcus is kind of the reluctant character, climax; instead of say his girlfriend Carmen is kind of the main mid-way through the journalist, Marcus is a photographer, and she film being the climax convinces him to come along on this trip. He where a lot of horror thinks that there’s something fishy going on films do that and then and potentially dangerous and he doesn’t fall apart. For John necessarily want to get involved. He thinks that he wanted to have maybe it’s better left for the authorities, but a really slow build the authorities aren’t helpful since they haven’t and have the last 10 found a body, and don’t know if he’s actually minutes have a lot of missing. Nobody is looking [for this boy] so she punch to them and convinces him to come along. And he really is be the climax. And a reluctant character through the majority of that’s exactly what the film, but at one point he really has to step they accomplished. So part of me wanted to Producers) he’s just like a real clown, so he was up and take control of the situation and try and do this project because of the strong vision of constantly joking around on the set, and he figure out a way out of the scenario that they’ve what he was going for and that convinced me had family members who’d come on set and all gotten themselves into. He’s kind of a fun that this is a guy that I wanted to work with and they’d have cameos and such. It’s not so much character to play because of that transition I’m very glad that I did. as one funny situation or story, but just working from a very passive and change to having to with these guys on this rather serious and scary really take care of things so he was a really fun OSCK: Can you elaborate on enjoying working movie, they’re kind of young guys and they’re character to portray in that respect. on more darker projects? pretty lighthearted and cool guys. They’re definitely fun to work with. It wasn’t like a real OSCK: What attracted you to the project? Aaron: Yeah in terms of enjoying more serious tight set they basically wrote, produced,

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financed, and directed their own film. So they had a much more laid back set, although still very professional. But you don’t have to worry about Executive Producers from some studio looking over your shoulder every day. These guys really liked to have fun. So overall it was just a fun experience in general.

that basically at the end of the show”...they said show because every year they didn’t know if they’d get picked up or not...” We have this idea that Jimmy would sacrifice himself for Chloe.” And I was like “Oh that’s an interesting way to go with the character, something different.” But then when it came down to it towards the

OSCK: How does acting in a film situation compare/ contrast to working in Television? Aaron: You have a little more time when you’re doing a film. Instead of shooting 60 pages in a week you shoot like 90 to 100 pages a month, so there’s a little more time to actually play around with things. And shooting on location, I mean obviously some of the stuff is shot in studios and on sets, but shooting out on location is a lot of fun. You get the energy of being in different locations, whereas when you’re shooting a TV show which is usually on sets and in a studio it just feels like that you’re going to the office everyday, you know what your day is going to be like, there’s not a lot of spontenaity in that kind of scenario because you know where you’re going to park, you know exactly what the sets are like, and all of that kind of stuff. But when you show up to a set for a movie and you don’t know about the location and what it’s going to look like. And you don’t know what the weather’s going to do, I mean it really does change your performance and I think gives it a more real element to it. There’s just more spontenaity, you’re in a barn, you’re running through a field, it really does add something to the performance. OSCK: Moving onto SMALLVILLE, for many fans you’ll always be this generation’s Jimmy Olsen, how does that make you feel? Aaron: Well it’s kind of a strange feeling, I mean it’s really cool that people think that, but in the end I wasn’t actually Jimmy Olsen. It was kind of unreal. You know that’s kind of a strange thing to be like, so I guess there will be debate amongst people who like to compare such things. Was he Jimmy Olsen or wasn’t he? Is there a difference or does it matter? It’s nice to know that some people will consider him to be Jimmy Olsen because to be honest with you until the very end that’s how I thought that he was Jimmy as far as everyone told me, nobody told me otherwise. Then at the very end it was strange, I’d do all of these interviews where people would ask what it’s like to play the iconic Jimmy Olsen and I’d go “Yeah it’s great!” Then three years later at the very end when they’re like oh by the way you’re not actually him you’re Henry Olsen, I felt like a bit of an idiot for all of these years for answering all of those interviews and answering strange questions as if I was James Bartholomew Olsen. So it’s good to know that some people will consider it to be Jimmy Olsen and look at “Smallville’s” Jimmy as being ACTUALLY Jimmy Olsen because that’s how I looked at it and that’s how I played it up until the very end. It’s nice to know, or hope to know that people think of him as the real Jimmy Olsen. OSCK: How did they break the news to you? Aaron: There was a little bit of discussion in the last season... my last season, not the last season...about half way through there was this episode called “Bride” where I got attacked by Doomsday and there was like a five episode break for the character and I was like “Ok so what’s going on? Where’s the character going?” And they were all like “Oh, we have a few ideas

watch but to have it go that long. OSCK: And when it reaches it’s end it’ll be the longest running sci-fi show ever and you were a part of that. Aaron: Yeah, I know that’s pretty neat. OSCK: This season is all about Clark having to go ahead and he’s having to face all of his demons from the past and they’ve been bringing a bunch of people back. If there was an option that maybe they could bring Jimmy back would you be interested?

end they didn’t say anything, I read the script and there was some sort of legality by DC having said that the only way that “Smallville” could bring on the character was that they had to rectify that because of the age difference that he wasn’t actually Jimmy Olsen, he was somebody else. I was like, “Ok I guess that works.” But that’s basically the conversation was and I don’t know if that’s true or not or if it was something that was always there or if it came up after the fact, I don’t know. But that’s what I was told. It was really towards the end that I found out that he was Henry James and not James Bartholomew. It was a little convoluted, I just kind of went with the flow.

Aaron: Absolutely, yeah. I mean obviously it would depend on what the situation and scenario was but yeah I think that would be a lot of fun. I always enjoyed working on the show and with the people involved, so any chance to get back and work with those people would be great. Particularly some of the stories that they played with where Jimmy got to explore his relationship with Clark. So if it was something like that, that might be something interesting between those two guys I think that would be a lot of fun to play. So yeah, sure I’d definitely be interested! OSCK: Well just to let you know they brought back Jonathan Kent after he’s been dead as a doornail for five seasons so you never know... Aaron: *Laughs* You never know right? It is sci-fi. They play around with a lot of stuff. OSCK: Finally, what else do you have on the horizon that people can look for you in? Aaron: I just did an episode this summer of a show called “Fringe” and it hasn’t aired yet but

OSCK: Have you watched the show since you left it? No actually I haven’t watched episodes but every once in a while I’m scanning through the internet and I’ll see you know a news article about it or like in Entertainment Weekly or something like that. I’m very aware that it’s still going on that there’s news stories or something about one of the actors, you know news about them. But I haven’t really watched the show after the fact. But I’ve kind of caught a little bit on TV. But I don’t TIVO it to keep up with it or anything. But I am aware, of the storylines because it is one of those shows that is everywhere. I kinda keep up with it that way.

it was really neat I have a twin brother and we actually got to do an episode that was based on and around twins. So we both were kind of the main guest stars on that. I know it hasn’t aired yet, so it’s probably in the next month. [Editor note: the episode will air November 5th on Fox.] And I’m shooting a movie called “Servitude” sometime in November, I get to play a bit of an a-hole in which I get to be a bit of the bad guy and it’s kind of like the movie “Waiting,” it’s basically a bunch of servers who are in social situations. I have no idea when that will be coming out since we haven’t shot it yet. And yeah I was on a show called “In Plain Sight” but I think that those episodes already aired. So I’m just always looking for the next... OSCK: Looking for the next gig...

OSCK: Tonight they’re actually airing their 200th episode, were you even aware that the show’s been on that long?

Aaron: Yep. You know, it’s the life of an actor. It’s why getting on a show like “Smallville” is every actor’s dream because you don’t have to go job hunting for three years or for those guys ten! That’s the dream.

Aaron: Wow...yeah well I knew that this was the 10th season and that they must be getting close to that number by just doing the math. But that is pretty amazing. 200, wow, who’d have thought? It’s one of those shows that you

~~~~~~~ You can find out where “The Shrine” is playing in your area by following them on Twitter: http://!/TheShrineMovie and Director John Knautz:!/Jon_Knautz

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First Look at Sam Witwer’s


BEING HUMAN - Series Premiere January 2011 (Date TBA) Being Human, a re-imagining of the acclaimed UK series created by Toby Whithouse, follows three paranormal, 20-something roommates living in Boston - vampire “Aidan” (Sam Witwer), werewolf “Josh” (Sam Huntington) and ghost “Sally” (Meaghan Rath) - as they struggle to hide their dark secrets from the world, while helping each other navigate the complexities of living double lives and trying to be human. Mark Pellegrino (Lost) plays Aidan’s charismatic but menacing vampire mentor “Bishop.” Executive Producers/Writers are Jeremy Carver (Supernatural) and Anna Fricke (Men in Trees, Everwood) with Executive Producer Michael Prupas (The Kennedys, Pillars of the Earth). Adam Kane (The Mentalist, Heroes) is Director and Co-Executive Producer. Muse Entertainment is producing 13 1-hour episodes for Syfy.

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1) Allison Scagliotti (Wonder Twin) from her Twitter (http://twitter. com/allisonscag ) background. 2) Michael Rosenbaum at screening of “The Last Exorcism” in LA. 3) John Schneider attends 2010 MDGS Awards ceremony and concert. 4) Phil Morris attends Inaugural SAG Foundation Golf Classic. 5) Erica Durance & Tom Welling at the 200th Episode SMALLVILLE party in Vancouver. 6) Tom at Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in LA.

7) Allison Mack attends Opening of the play “The Divine Sister” in NYC. 8) Justin Hartley & Allison Mack at the 200th Episode SMALLVILLE party in Vancouver. 9) Michael Rosenbaum attends “Hatchet II” Premiere in LA. 10) Alan Ritchson attended the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

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SUPERHEROES I Convention in SEVILLE Spain Justin Hartley and Erica Durance are the first confirmed guests at a brand new Convention series that will take place in SEVILLE Spain on May 20,21, and 22 2011. The convention promises a more intimate convention setting with only 1200 guests in attendance.

This should provide you with the opportunity to really get to meet and greet your favorite actors, writers, and comic artists. Follow the Convention on Twitter: http://!/ Infinitycons Or visit their website for info on how to attend the convention: http://www. superheroes. main_en.php

John Schneider & Brian Austin Green are “Desperate” ABC’s long running TV Series “Desperate Housewives” looked to Kansas to find its two latest hunks. Both Brian Austin Green (Metallo/ John Corbin) and John Schneider (Jonathan Kent) have been tapped to play father/son on ABC’s soapy drama. The series has already had long time connections to Superman as the series has been home for two former Lois Lanes: Teri Hatcher and Dana Delaney.

Aaron Ashmore on FRINGE --“FRINGE”—(9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) THE TEAM SEES DOUBLE ON AN ALLNEW “FRINGE” THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 4, ON FOX Shawn Ashmore (“X-Men: The Last Stand”) and Aaron Ashmore (“Smallville”) Guest-Star The alternate universe Fringe Division investigates a shocking breach of security when a twin frees his brother (guest stars Shawn and Aaron Ashmore) from a quarantined Amber area. As the team sets out to crack this sophisticated case, Walternate experiments over there more with

Tom Welling - Man of Tomorrow

Laura Vandervoort is “Entitled” young socialites and hold This Summer Laura filmed a new movie called “The Entitled.” She stars with former Smallville guest star Kevin Zegers (Seth Nelson, Magnetic,) Ray Liota, and Victor Garber. IMDB describes the film as “Paul Dynan’s life is turned upside down when he decides to kidnap three James Marsters New SyFy Series & Becomes Lex Luthor James Marsters is no stranger to SyFy having recently starred on Caprica. He has been cast in SyFy’s new show “Three Inches” the story is about a group of people with less than extraordinary superpowers. James’ character Troy leads a

them ransom to save his family. Things spiral out of control when his psychotic partners get trigger happy and his victims come with their own surprises. When blood is shed and his perfect plan goes horribly wrong, Dynan must fight to stay one step ahead of his own twisted game.” team of these mediocre superheroes for purposes unknown at this point. This series is in the production stage.

James will also be voicing Lex Luthor in a new video game “DC COMICS ONLINE” - you can learn more about the game at: http://www.

Olivia as she reenters the tank. Meanwhile, visions of Peter continue to haunt Olivia about returning to the “other side” in the all-new “Amber 31422” episode of FRINGE airing Thursday, Nov. 4 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-305) (TV-14 L, V) Cast: Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham; Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop; John Noble as Walter Bishop; Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles; Blair Brown as Nina Sharp; Kirk Acevedo as Charlie Francis; Jasika Nicole as Astrid Farnsworth Guest Cast: Ryan James McDonald as Brandon; Amy Madigan as Marilyn Dunham; Seth Gable as Lincoln Lee; Shawn Ashmore as Joshua Rose; Aaron Ashmore as Matthew Rose; Holly Dignard as Danielle Rose

campy, tom turned down the role Michael Rosenbaum - The Villain of the Story of Clark Kent. However, producers knew that Tom not only had the You might say that Tom Welling looks of Clark Kent/Superman, but Who knew a villain could has a future in the entertainment in- he had the acting chops to pull off be so loved? With fans clamoring dustry. Actor, model, director, pro- the character in a believable manner. for Michael Rosenbaum to reprise ducer – Tom seems to be able to do his role as Lex Luthor on Smallville, it all. After reading the script for the you’d think he’d be back on the Pilot episode, Tom enthusiastically series by now. In 1997, he began modeling for the signed on for Smallville. Tom, in his New York Model early twenties, was But Michael Management agento play a 14-year-old is a busy man. He cy. Unsatisfied with Clark Kent. is not only a great the mere surface asactor, but he is a pects of modeling, Ten years later, writer, a musician Tom wanted to dig Tom has expanded deeper through acthis career to include and a voice-over ing. He was much directing and pro- actor as well. He happier creating ducing. He has di- is able to play characters that told rected several epi- both comedy and stories and entersodes of Smallville drama in equal tained audiences and is the series cur- measures. From . rent Executive Pro- his comedic vocal portrayal of The His first big role ducer. Flash on Justice was in Judging Amy. As Rob MeltHe also has his League Unlimited zer, he was Judge own production to playing the Amy’s younger ‘boy toy.’ Scheduled company called . . . well . . . Tom Well- troubled Danny in the drama Poolhall Junkies, Rosenbaum is for only three episodes, the audienc- ing Productions. definitely not limited to one genre. es’ response to Tom’s work was so amazing that he was asked to come What is the next step for Tom? We back for three more episodes. are all hoping for his ‘leap’ over to Rosenbaum attended the big screen. Western Kentucky University Then, of course, there is Smallville. where he received his Bachelor of At first, thinking the role might be Man of Steel anyone? Arts in theater. After graduation, he

appeared in several off-Broadway shows in New York and in several independent films. In 1993, he received his first big break when he became a regular on The Conan O’Brien Show in a comedy sketch called The Amsterdam Kids. While working on a project in France, a reporter asked Rosenbaum if he was returning to Smallville. Michael jokingly said that Tom Welling was stalking him. Go Tom! Currently, he is reprising his voice-over role as The Flash in an up and coming DC Universe Online game. He will join other famous actors such as Mark Hamill who plays the Joker, Adam Baldwin who plays Superman and James Marsters who plays Lex Luthor. For more information about DC Universe Online you can go to

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Superman/DC Comics News Warner Bros’ Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics narrated by Green Lantern Movie’s Ryan Reynolds

Story of DC Comics is both a celebration of the best writers and artists in comics and a thoughtful exploration of 75 years of

Warner Bros. Pictures presents an enthralling examination of the creative forces behind the World’s Greatest Super Heroes in Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics, an allnew documentary that takes viewers behind the scenes of the iconic company with unprecedented access to the Warner Bros. and DC Comics archives. Narrated by Ryan Reynolds, Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics will be distributed by Warner Home Video on November 9, 2010 on DVD for $24.98 (SRP). Secret Origin: DC Comics history. The Story of DC Comics will also be available On Demand and for Download. Produced by the Academy Award ® -nominated Behind the amazing tales of team behind Spellbound Superman, Batman, Wonder (Feature Documentary), Woman and a host of other Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics combines well-known characters excerpts from comics, is the equally impressive films and television series story of the challenges, with the insight of some of creativity and triumphs history’s most influential of the company that comic book creators and brought those characters editors, among them Neal to life. Secret Origin: The Adams, Karen Berger, Mike


This October, writer J. Michael Straczynski (Superman, Wonder Woman, Babylon 5, “Changeling”) and artist Shane Davis (Green Lantern, Superman/Batman) will take readers on a journey both familiar and new – a story of a last son looking for meaning amidst the skyscrapers and teeming crowds of a great metropolis. This is a Superman for the 21st century. With SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE, Straczynski and Davis inject the folk tale and legend that is Superman’s origin with a modern, vital and forward-looking energy that makes for a refreshing, epic and

Carlin, Dan DiDio, Neil Gaiman, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Paul Levitz, Dwayne McDuffie, Grant Morrison, Dennis O’Neil, Paul Pope, Louise Simonson, Mark Waid, Len Wein, and Marv Wolfman. Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics is written and directed by Mac Carter. Jeffrey Blitz (Spellbound, The Office) served as executive producer. Producer is Gregory Noveck and co-producer is Ivan Cohen. Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics is produced by Sean Welch and Janet Eckholm. “From the bans to the breakthroughs, from humble pulp beginnings to the literary rise of the graphic novel, the story of DC Comics holds a mirror to an ever-evolving enterprise and the society reflected in its comic book pages,” said Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment. “It’s a true American story – Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics is a riveting, exciting, surprising revelation of that fascinating history and the men and women who forged it.”

Wonder Woman Returning to TV Wonder Woman will be returning to a television near you! After multiple failed attempts to get the Super powered Amazon Princess adapted for the big screen, The Hollywood Reporter announced October 1st that Warner Brothers had signed a deal with producer David E. Kelley (best known for producing “Alley McBeal,” “The Practice,” etc) to helm the new television adaptation. As we’ve announced on our BlogTalk radio show on numerous occassions, Wonder Woman would be a perfect fit for the CW’s girl power line-up. Although Kelley has a long standing relationship with ABC, they might not be overly interested in the project, considering they have a reboot of “Charlie’s Angels” in the works. Time will only tell.

Possible Wonder Women? And now the mad search will be on to find our leading lady. Our suggestions? “Legend of the Seeker’s” Bridget Regan. She’s tall, built, athletic, and already is accustomed to wearing corsets & 2 years of experience kicking ass!

challenging super-hero adventure. In SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE – the first original graphic novel retelling Superman’s origin — Clark Kent is a man looking for meaning in a new city and an age of failing newspapers, hand-held devices and instant gratification. But when you can fly through the sky and burn objects with a glance – things become a tad more complicated. Doubly so when a fleet of alien ships arrive on your doorstep. SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE channels the best tales of Superman with a look toward the future, by two of the brightest talents the industry has to offer. Source: DC Comics Online

Serinda Swan - Smallville’s Zantana - the girl definitely has the right look for the part & is already a part of the WB Superhero family.

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The State of Superman Comics By Holli Boetcher


everal years ago an impassioned group of Superman fans gathered together on the net to form Operation Save Clark Kent. Now it seems Smallville has seen the light and is going mythos, but the comics, the original banner carrier for this wonderful character, is a sham of its former self especially this September.

into a redneck drunk who seemingly has superpowers temporarily. Danville is small, like have a half square mile small. The ensuing fight damages the town and despite Superman’s building skills, the people are furious with him because they have lost their lifetime keepsakes. Television

Still no Clark Kent, Superman or real Lois Lane in Action Comics even though Paul Cornell is doing something interesting. If you like Lex Luthor and everyone else’s baddies, you might give it a glimpse. Superman comic had no issue for the month of September. There’s no Clark in this either. Not much Lois Lane to speak of neither. In October, we got Superman #703. Big Blue visits not Glenville, Ohio or even Cleveland, his home roots, but Cincinnati. Also Danville which is waaay south of Cleveland, not east of it. (My grandparents had a campsite at Mohican State Park not far from there.) Superman is dangling a guy off the side of a building making him repeat he will not stalk a waitress. Then once on the ground he has to repeatedly say he won’t go back to prison. Batman (Dick Grayson) appears and is not pleased by this behavior. He thinks Supes is having an emotional interviews reveal they fear Superman will destroy breakdown from losing two worlds. He tries to tell his third planet – Earth. Superman he is endangering the people he meets during this walk about. It puts them at risk from Really not sure what Straczynski is getting at attack by his enemies. here. Thought Grayson made a lot of sense. Apparently there will be more Lois in the next issue. e do see a few panels of Perry White and Hopefully this one will come in on time. Lois Lane at the Daily Planet. Perry is trying to find something that had been Superman/Batman is the only saving grace of on his desk and Lois is reading a headline. Debris Superman ‘continuity.’ In issue #76, Judd Winick From New Krypton Reaches Earth. Apparently takes us back to Bruce Wayne’s death (Final Crisis) Lois is in communication with her husband as to show Superman’s reactions to the fallout. Pink there are pink thought boxes in his panels, but perspective boxes greet us. Lois is in it. She sees they are one-sided. Some children in Danville Clark’s pain from the death of his closest friend. discover a kryptonian crystal and it looks like a In a touching scene, Superman brings Bruce’s possession story. Superman investigates and runs uniform to the Batcave accompanied by Wonder


Woman. At least this book pays homage to the big three of the DC world. Dick dressed as Night Wing screams to see Bruce’s body. Doctor Midnite has declared it was Bruce Wayne who was destroyed by Darkseid’s Omega Sanction. Clark remembers his own father’s recent death. Dick takes Bruce’s remains home. There is a funeral but only for the core of the Justice League and without uniforms. Lois tries to give emotional support to her husband at his time of need. Dick takes on the cowl to honor Batman and to continue the legacy. Clark doesn’t think Dick should be Batman. There is a skirmish that is not to be missed. Clark is still angry over Jonathan’s death. He discusses his possible immortality with Wonder Woman. Clark goes to Grayson to make amends. Winick stays true to the characters and gives us insight into what rages within. This book was needed since we were not privvy to Clark’s reaction to Bruce’s death. Good read. ctober 27th, Superman Earth One arrives. This graphic novel written by J. Michael O Straczynski explores Clark Kent’s transformation into Superman and his first year as the Man of Steel. Artist Shane Davis’ Clark reminds us of Tom Welling. Very excited about this story. Anxious to see a kick ass Jim Olsen and tough as nails Lois Lane. We will be discussing this graphic novel on the Superverses OSCK G2 Factor in the near future.

Not in the continuity line is the elseworld of The Last Family of Krypton, two chapters per issue. Jor-El, Lara and Kal-El come to Earth after Jor-El is unable to save Krypton from destruction. I especially enjoyed the last issue #3 where it showed how Jor-El being the savior of the Earth didn’t work out so well for anyone, especially superheros who developed after a great crisis in their lives. Jor-El is Big Daddy to everyone and keeps them from meeting their destinies. However, Kal-El is on track with his destiny thanks to the Kents and Lois Lane. Lex Luthor gets ‘adopted’ by the Els and then becomes his true self. See you in December and hopefully there’ll be more great comics for us Superman fans.


CHLOE SULLIVAN COMES TO DC COMICS Chloe Sullivan has finally found her home in DC Comics. Due to current continuity issues, she is not arriving as a former gal-pal to Clark Kent. Instead she’s arriving as a seasoned reporter who has a past with Jimmy Olsen. So for those “Chimmy” ‘shippers who were ticked at how SMALLVILLE wrote out Jimmy, we might just have a second chance here to see them come together again. Chloe’s first comic appearance was in DC Comics Action Comics #893.

All Star Superman

perman/Batman: Apocalypse,” which hits shelves September 28.

Animated Film Coming 2011

In the 2005-2008 “All-Star Superman” comic, the Man of Steel is faced with a rare threat: mortality. The story follows Superman as he Based on Grant Morrison and decides how to spend his remainFrank Quitely’s celebrated 12-is- ing year, and what’s truly important sue “All-Star Superman” series, the to the last survivor of Krypton. animated movie will feature “Desperate Housewives” actor James The “All-Star Superman” movie Denton as the voice of the Man of will be executive produced by Steel, “Mad Men” actress Christina Bruce Timm and directed by Sam Hendricks as Lois Lane, and “With- Liu (“Justice League: Crisis on Two out a Trace” leading man Anthony Earths”). Dwayne McDuffie penned LaPaglia as Lex Luthor. the script. The teaser for “All-Star Super“All-Star Superman” is currently man” will also be available on the in development, with plans for a DVD and Blu-Ray versions of “Su- Spring 2011 release.

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Superman 704


Writer G. Willow Wilson (AIR) and newcomer Leandro Oliveira provide a “Grounded” interlude in October’s SUPERMAN #704, detailing a visit Lois Lane makes to the town where she went to college in anticipation of Superman’s arrival. When she runs into an old boyfriend and sees the nice, normal family he has, Lois is can’t help but examine the choices she made and wonder if they were the correct ones. Not only does the issue feature another instant classic John Cassaday cover, but will also sport a variant by artist Gene Ha. Source DC Direct

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  37


Selected to Direct Nolan’s “Man of Steel”

By Erika Blake

not distract from it because of their popularity.

fter months of waiting and the press playing the name-game, on October 4th, Christopher Nolan officially announced that Zack Snyder had been selected to direct the new Superman movie, “Man of Steel.”

2) If, as Warner Brothers previously announced Brainiac will be in the film, we can be assured that he’ll be a kick-ass CGI version rather than wearing a meatsuit.


3) Snyder has worked before in the Warner Brothers Canadian studios, a move that allows the film’s overall budget to be much smaller than filming in the states. If he opts to do this again - the door is definitely open for our current, budding Man of Steel on SMALLVILLE to step into the tights.

This could easily be a pairing made in cinema heaven. Snyder’s unique vision on approaching graphic novel based films should translate to “Man of Steel” looking like no other Superman film before it. Having successfully directed “300” and “Watchman” Snyder is no stranger to the sci-fi fan community. Both “300” and “Watchman” were stories from critically, but not widely known graphic novels. This will be the first widely recognized comic franchise that Snyder will tackle.

Recently he spoke with and said, “As I have already explained, the film will focus on early days of Superman, so there will be no links with other films,” said Snyder. “This is not a remake then. Similarly, although I still can not talk about the script, I can assure you that this new Superman will not be based on a comic book in particular.”

With the looming deadline of getting MOS out in the theaters for December 2012, Snyder will have to jump right into the project. His past projects have proven several things: 1) Snyder prefers to be a star-maker, not a starpamperer. He casts actors who are right for the part, irregardless of their pedigrees. He prefers to dedicate his time on the FX & achieving groundbreaking cinematic films - the actors are there to tell the story,

Brian and Kelly have both stated that although they have a general idea on how SMALLVILLE will end, they’re also waiting to hear from Warner Brothers about the direction of MAN OF STEEL. Why would they care about that unless they’ve already informed that they need to wrap the series so that it can tie into the film? recruit, the first human ever selected: Hal Jordan. Hal is a gifted and cocky test pilot, but the Green Lanterns have little respect for humans, who have never harnessed the infinite powers of the ring before. But Hal is clearly the missing piece to the puzzle, and along with his determination and willpower, he has one thing no member

No Evil Shall Escape My Sight Cast Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan / Green Lantern Blake Lively as Carol Ferris Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond Mark Strong as Sinestro Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur Jon Tenney as Martin Jordan Tim Robbins: Senator Hammond Angela Bassett: Dr. Amanda Waller

Release Date: June 17, 2011 In a universe as vast as it is mysterious, a small but powerful force has existed for centuries. Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps. A brotherhood of warriors sworn to keep intergalactic order, each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants him superpowers. But when a new enemy called Parallax threatens to destroy the balance of power in the Universe, their fate and the fate of Earth lie in the hands of their newest

of the Corps has ever had: humanity. With the encouragement of fellow pilot and childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris (Blake Lively), if Hal can quickly master his new powers and find the courage to overcome his fears, he may prove to be not only the key to defeating Parallax, but become the greatest Green Lantern of all.

Batman Three Gets Named Batman Director Christopher Nolan spoke with HERO COMPLEX at the LA TIMES and revealed that the third BATMAN film will be called “The Dark Knight Rises.” He also repeated that the film will not be shot in 3D. When pressed he revealed that The Riddler would not be a villain of choice for the film, and the reporter had earlier got him to confess that Mr. Freeze won’t be making appearances. Cryptically Nolan stated that we’d be seeing villains already introduced along with some new ones. The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled for release July 2oth, 2012.

38  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010

a The Adventures of Superman The Defeat of Superman (1953) - Season 2, Episode 32

By Jack Heaton Cast: George Reeves (Superman/Clark Kent), Noel Neill (Lois Lane), Jack Larson (Jimmy Olsen), & John Hamilton (Perry White) (not appearing in this episode)

This episode opens with Clark rushing out of the Daily Planet and bumping into Lois who is on her way in. She reminds him that he has invited her to lunch and asks where he’s headed in such a hurry. Clark replies that he received a note for Superman written by notorious criminal, Happy King. Clark rushes to the location where King has asked Superman to meet him. As he arrives at the abandoned warehouse, a hobo is sleeping in the alley and watches him enter the facility. Superman opens a door to a room in the warehouse where a mounted machine gun fires twenty bullets at him. Superman disables the machine gun and departs, confused why Happy King would set a trap that he knew wouldn’t harm him. However, that’s not exactly the case. One of the bullets stung him. The hobo goes into the room, collects the bullets and retrieves a movie camera, hidden behind a plank in the wall. Lois, Jimmy and Clark discuss the incomprehensible motive behind the foolish trap that was set for Superman. No one can figure out why the trap was set. In the next scene, Happy King, the hobo accomplice and a European scientist review frames of the film from the hidden camera. In one photo, Superman is shown reacting to a bullet. The bullet is different from the rest; it contains Kryptonite particles. The scientist states he can create synthetic Kryptonite that will allow Happy King to defeat Superman.

Superman Returns DVD Review By Kate Blake I resisted watching Superman Returns for a long time because the reviews from my fellow Superman fans were so bad. Last weekend I decided to pull it out of my deluxe Ultimate Superman Movie collection and watch it for myself. I figured that if people had problems with the theatrical releasemaybe they were managed with the extended directors edition. I had seen the assorted Bryan Singer behind the scenes videos before. He is enamored with the Silver Age vision of Superman and his view of Supes is purely based upon the Christopher Reeve movies. This is ok but as a fan who likes the modern age comics this was one of the things holding me back. I like married Lois and Clark- Clark is so much more confident and Superman is not only a hero but a leader in modern age comics. Superman is only a hero in this telling of the Superman story.

After a scene in which smoking beakers and a chemical kiln are employed, the scientist proclaims he has done it: created synthetic Kryptonite. King sends another message for Superman

via Clark Kent but this message is intercepted by Jimmy and Lois. They read the message and Lois insists on going to King’s house to interview him. Of course, Jimmy follows and the pair are captured and placed in a basement from which there is no escape. From a chimney clean-out chute, Jimmy overhears the group on the floor above him discussing the Kryptonite ingot and how it will kill Superman. Lois scoffs, saying there is nothing that can harm Superman. Clark Kent returns to his office and after a few moments, finds the note from Happy King and flies off. When Superman arrives, he sees Lois and Jimmy in the basement below with his X-ray vision. He races down to the basement and opens the

his orignal character. Richard was an admirable man who was taking care of Lois and her son and loved them both. He risked his life and limb to save her along with Superman even though he was jealous of her relationship with Superman. He is an adult in the story.

What worked: * Great visual effects. The fortress was amazing, the plane save was breathtaking. * Brandon Routh as Superman and Clark Kent. Brandon had the bumbling humble Clark down and the weary lonely Superman down as well. He filled out the suit nicely though he would look better in it today without the additional padding. * Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. Kevin held up his end of making Lex into both a despicable and likeable character. I liked him calling Superman What did not work: selfish for flying around with his little red cape and keeping his powers for himself. His seeing * Superman mooning over Lois and the unreSuperman as an alien who needs stopping is an quited/ unfinished love affair. His spying on Lois iconic theme. and her family was creepy and a definite mis-use of powers. * Jimmy Olsen as Clark’s best friend. I thought Sam Huntington played a sweet and believable * Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane. In every version Jimmy Olsen. I liked that he was not just Super- of Lois Lane whether it has been comics, tv or man’s fan and photographer but he LIKED and film- Lois always has a bit of an edge to her. There MISSED Clark Kent. was no bite or spicy burn from Kate Bosworth. She was bland and boring. She might have well * Richard White- I know I will get pinged here as been blond. I am not a Kate hater- I loved her but I thought James Marsden did a great job with in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton and thought she

door. Happy King follows and then shuts the door and bars it from the outside. Lois and Jimmy tell Superman of the plot and he is amused. From the fireplace above, Happy King drops the Kryptonite ingot down the chute and Superman is rendered helpless. Jimmy tries to get rid of the ingot but cannot, all the while Superman is growing weaker and Lois is panicking. Above, Happy King, the scientist and the hobo-henchman listen and King says that it is time to go claim ‘his’ city. They leave the house, climb into a car and head out for Metropolis. Superman, with his last ounce of strength, points at a sink and says, “Sink; lead pipe”. Jimmy pulls the lead pipe loose from the sink, drops the ingot into the pipe and stomps on the ends of the pipe, encasing the Kryptonite in lead. Superman regains his strength, knocks down the door to the basement and throws the pipe out into the ocean. The villains see the pipe streaking out to the ocean and, their attention being diverted, the driver loses control and the car tumbles over a cliff, killing them all. The episode ends with Lois, Jimmy and Clark talking about how dangerous the knowledge that Kryptonite can kill Superman can be and that they won’t ever speak of it again. The episode was itself was not unlike other episodes of its time period. The effects were simplistic and the acting was not very convincing. The plots contained more holes than a wheel of Swiss cheese. Episodes of this era of television were campy without even trying. But this episode was significant in that it told the story of Kryptonite and introduced to the series the mineral that could weaken or kill Superman.

was good in 21. She did not have the oomph to carry this off. She was only 23 when the movie was made and was supposed to be in her 30s which already put her at a disadvantage as an actress. * Poor script. There was very little life in the dialog that came to the screen. No snappy banter. Frank Langella as Perry White tried to inject some life into his lines but the rest of the film was very flat. Brandon’s very sweet bumbling Clark mannerisms were wasted without Lois Lane bouncing witty quips off of his mighty chest. The most real scenes for me were the ones with Clark and Jimmy. That is only one part of the Superman story and should never be what is most memorable. My overall impression of Superman Returns is that it is not going to ever be remembered as a great film. It did no service to the legacy of Superman and his love for Lois Lane. As a love story it did not have resolution and made Superman the other man which he never is. I look at this chapter very much like the George Clooney Batman film. Entertaining enough to watch but not memorable and not important to the ongoing mythos. This was disappointing to me because I love X-Men 2 which Singer brought brilliantly to life. I thought X2 was the best of the three X-Men movies and I look forward to seeing X-Men : First Class which he is working on. I do not want him near Superman again. What is on the horizon for Superman fans? I am personally waiting on pins and needles to hear more about Chrisopher Nolan and what his plans are for a new Superman movie. He has said it will be modern and new. No more retelling the same old stories. I am personally hoping we see him cast Tom Welling as Superman and let him fly with a great script and awesome story. A new twist would be for Smallville to end not just with Clark donning the cape but married to Lois and then in a film we see the modern Clark Kent/ Superman fighting crime while his homelife is just fine. Might we see Darkseid or some other big Supes villain? We will have to wait and see. Brandon Routh will not be Superman again- his contract with Warner Brothers has expired. He did well on TV with a stint on Chuck. I am hoping he can land something juicy where he can show his comedic skills as well as his heroic ones too.

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  39

Episode #





Strange Visitor (From Another Planet)


Neverending Battle


I’m Looking Through You


Requiem for a Superhero


I’ve Got a Crush on You


Smart Kids


The Green, Green Glow of Home


The Man of Steel Bars


Pheromone, My Lovely


Honeymoon in Metropolis



1x14 1x15


All Shook Up

Witness Illusions of Grandeur The Ides of Metropolis Foundling

Description Clark comes to Metropolis and gets a job at The Daily Planet. The green reporter is paired with Lois Lane, the paper’s top reporter. While investigating Clark is frustrated that he can’t help people without exposing his identity. He goes home to Smallville & his mother helps him to create a seperate identity. The Daily Planet is held under investigation by a group from the Government. Lois and Clark are targets due to their connection to Superman. They discover that the group in fact is a covert group seeking out aliens. Clark works to discover his true identity and source of his powers. Superman becomes the key target of interest for both Lex Luthor & Lois Lane. Lex devises a series of tests to determine the extent of Superman’s abilities. Clark and Lois rival for stories and headlines. Clark struggles with his new found fame, while an invisible man acts like a modern day Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Only problem, suddenly there are imposters out there creating real crimes and the invisible man seeks Lois & Clark’s help to clear his name. When several boxers appear to have powers far beyond those of mortal men, Lois & Clark investigate - only to discover that the man making it all possible is Lois’s estranged father Dr. Sam Lane, who is a legend in the world of sports medicine. Lois and Clark go undercover at a nightclub to find out about a connection between the owners of the club and a group of arsonists called the “Toasters”. A group of children, who were being given experimental drugs to increase their IQ escape their lab along with the drug, and begin causing problems to Metropolis. The children tell Clark that they have figured out that he is Superman. A friend of Jonathan & Martha’s finds a strange meteorite which draws Jason Trask to Smallville, searching for the meteorite in hopes that it can help him to destroy Superman. Lois and Clark go to Smallville to investigate the story and Clark introduces her to his parents. Metropolis is hit with a strong heat wave in the middle of November, and people believe that Superman is the cause. After Superman is sent to jail for unauthorized use of his powers, Clark decides to leave Metropolis forever and gives Lois a kiss goodbye. An ex-lover of Lex Luthor spreads a perfume around the staff of the Daily Planet and everybody begins to fall in love with each other. Lois falls for Clark, the only one who isn’t affected by the perfume, but he struggles valiantly not to take advantage of her. Lex Luthor tells Nigel that he is hopelessly in love with Lois. Lois & Clark go undercover as honeymooners to a Metropolis hotel in an attempt to find out about a possible conspiracy which seems to involve a powerful congressman. They also need to learn how to share their lives with someone. Superman is needed to stop a giant asteroid from colliding with Earth, but when Superman hits it, he loses his memory. Back on Earth, Clark’s amnesia, supposedly caused by him being hit by a car, has Lois helping him with his “new job” and “new friends”. Martha & Jonathan try to help Clark to remember that he is Superman, or else the incoming asteroid will collide with the Earth with catastrophic results. Lois’ life is in danger when she witnesses the murder of a scientist who was claiming to know the secret to increased male potency. Now, Clark and Perry need to protect her from the murderer Mr. Make-up and from the scientist’s affair from the past. Lois & Clark need to find out the truth about the kidnapping of rich children who are disappearing in a magic box. A magician hypnotizes Superman and Lois, whose life is now at risk. Lois helps an innocent man who was convicted murderer by allowing him to stay at her house. He is the only one with the cure for a destructive new computer virus that menaces Metropolis. The globe from Clark’s spaceship begins to give him some information regarding his past, but the globe is stolen by two kids before he can learn much. Lex Luthor buys the globe from one of the thieves and begins to learn something about Superman.

Orig. Airdate 9/12/1993

Season 1 Summary By Jack Heacock


he premiere season


of Lois and Clark: The

New Adventures of Superman, 10/3/1993

treated audiences to their first live-action version of


the ‘Modern Age’ Superman story. ‘LnC’ re-cast

10/17/1993 10/24/1993 10/31/1993


the traditional ‘Triangle Built for Two’ with a driven, cynical Lois Lane finding a growing attraction to the good-hearted, handsome farm boy that Daily Planet editor Perry White


has just hired, Clark Kent.

Clark, guided by a close re11/28/1993

lationship with his parents Martha & Jonathan Kent,


dons the public mantle of Superman. Lois develops


a close friendship with the mysterious superhero


while billionaire industrialist and super villain, Lex Lu-


thor, proclaims Superman a worthy adversary. But


Lex is not only Superman’s adversary; he becomes


Clark’s rival for the affections of Lois Lane. As Lex


The Rival

Lois’ former best friend is working for another newspaper which is strangely getting to all the major news events before the Daily Planet. Lois gets jealous personally as well as professionally when her rival shows an interest in Clark.



Lex Luthor builds a clone of Superman; one who will do whatever Lex wants which is to destroy the real Superman.


Fly Hard

A group of terrorists take Clark, Lois, Perry, Jimmy, Jack and Lex hostage in the Daily Planet and Clark is not able do anything with his Superman powers or the others will figure out his secret identity.



Lois & Clark


lures Lois to the wedding altar, Clark’s determination to unveil Luthor’s nefari-


Lex buys The Daily Planet to get closer to Lois. He hires a young, newly-graduated Barbarians at man to be Perry’s boss. Perry leaves the paper. Lois is torn when Lex proposes to the Planet her and her feelings for Superman.



Clark, Perry, and Jimmy begin to search for the truth about the financial downfall The House of of the Daily Planet. All signs point to Lex. Lex captures Superman and locks him in Luthor a cage with Kryptonite bars. Lois has doubts about Lex and concludes that she is in love with Clark. The wedding is interrupted by an arrest warrant for Lex.


ous intentions puts him at odds with her, creating an emotional dilemma for the Planet’s intrepid reporter.

40  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010


Lois Lane

eri Hatcher plays to perfection the hard-nosed and seasoned Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane. In this Modern Age version of the Superman saga, the character of Lois has also been reworked to reflect more modern traits. Lois is an independent woman who has the ability to protect herself from daily threats and is not the constant damsel in distress that previous ages depicted her to be. Since Clark Kent is the focus of this series, the character of Lois Lane becomes more pivotal to the story and thus, more threedimensional. In Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Lois Lane is more than a reporter that Superman loves, she is Clark Kent’s partner. It’s her attributes, both physical and professional, cause the hero to fall in love with her. Lois is a seasoned journalist who has earned many awards for journalism excellence prior to receiving her new partner.


ois is beautiful, intrepid, and unstoppable; a seemingly perfect package of savvy determination and courage, wrapped around a heart of gold. Her persona as the modern woman who strikes fear into the hearts of those she targets is but a façade however. Lois is an insecure woman whose failures in her personal life are masked by that hard-boiled exterior. In this way, she becomes an opposite reflection of the man she falls in love with. Like Clark Kent/Superman, she has no one to go home to when the job is finished. It is her as much her vulnerability that endears Lois to Clark as it is her devotion to exposing the truth.


nlike the current version of Lois Lane, in this series, Lois is the product of a broken home. Her mother is alive and her estranged father, Sam Lane, is a renowned scientist with whom Lois has little contact. Lois has a younger sister, Lucy Lane whom she shared an apartment with at the very beginning of the series.


Clark Kent

ean Cain plays the lead role as the Modern Age Clark Kent and Superman. In this series, Clark Kent arrives at the Daily Planet well-aware of his powers and abilities but has no knowledge of how or why he has those powers. Unlike previous incarnations of the character, in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Clark Kent takes center stage in the story. Clark is a farm boy from the rural town of Smallville, Kansas who applies for and gets a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet newspaper in Metropolis. Clark Kent is portrayed as a seemingly average guy whose upbringing by his two adoptive parents have instilled in him strong values that underpin his unwavering moral compass. Being a superhero was not his purpose in coming to Metropolis. Necessity drives him to become Superman, unlike previous live-

Perry White

n Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, the character Jimmy Olsen took on a greater role than just sidekick to Superman. During the first season of the series, Jimmy Olsen was portrayed by Michael Landes. As always, Jimmy was the young newsroom photographer that was routinely pressed into service by Lois Lane. However, in this modern age adaptation, the Jimmy Olsen character received a make-over into not only the Planet photographer but also as Perry White’s trusted office assistant and principal gopher.

hen not accompanying Lois Lane into a situation requiring rescuing by Superman, Jimmy is often seen lamenting his fortunes as Perry’s errand boy or an unwilling but captive audience to one of Perry’s stories about Elvis. Recognizing the propensity for youths’ affinity for emerging technology, in this series Jimmy is occasionally characterized as the Daily Planet’s technocrat and explains new technologies to Lois or Perry.


Being beholden to Lois Lane puts Jimmy Olsen front and center in befriending Lois’ new partner, Clark Kent. However, the more modern, hipper version of Jimmy Olsen drops


However the fundamental characterization of Jimmy Olsen remains consistent. He’s a trusted and loyal friend to Lois Lane and Clark Kent and that relationship more often than not leads him into perilous situations.

Clark Kent develops an almost immediate infatuation with Lois Lane because of her spunky determination in seeking truth, justice and defending the innocent. Their shared devotion to the same higher calling draws Clark into the most storied and eternal love affair in the comic book universe.

This series added dimensions to the character of Perry White like none other before it. The character went from a tertiary character in the 1950’s Superman series to a fullydeveloped, three-dimensional supporting character with its own story line and brilliantly brought to life by Lane Smith. It was his remarkable characterization of the Daily Planet’s editor-in-chief that truly set the standard upon which future Perry White characterizations will be judged.

Since so much of the story is focused on the relationship between Lois and Clark as opposed to Superman and Lois, nearly every episode begins in the Daily Planet setting. Naturally those who work at the Daily Planet have a greater role in the story and Perry is no exception. His homespun wisdom and loveable nature make him a true father figure

Jimmy Olsen


s Clark Kent, his good looks, courtesy, and uncommon gentle demeanor earn him the admiration of those around him as well as the attention of his co-worker, Lois Lane. As Superman, he is an enigma but in this telling, very little effort is expended by others to uncover a secret identity. To the public, he is Superman – nothing more and nothing less.

for Lois and Jimmy Olsen as well as an enjoyable modernday mentor for Clark. His boisterous and sometimes zany presence is a delight in every episode he appears. He doles out personal and professional advice through allegories involving the life history of Elvis Presley. But one never loses sight of his great loves: the Daily Planet, his most-treasured reporters, his self-proclaimed son Jimmy Olsen, and Elvis.

The late and inimitable Lane Smith plays Perry White in this modern age version of the Superman saga. Perry is a larger-than-life editor with an undying affinity for all things Elvis. At times gruff and demanding but always demonstrating his deep personal concern for Lois, Clark and Jimmy Olsen, Perry White plays a much larger role in this story than in previous outings.

the use of the traditional name ‘Mr. Kent’ and coins the title, ‘CK’ as his nickname for the modern age Clark.

action fares. He becomes Superman because a superhero is needed, feels a responsibility to help others, and fights for truth, justice and the American way because he has the ability to do it.

Catherine Grant


atherine ‘Cat’ Grant was portrayed by Tracy Scoggins during the first season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Overtly sexual and always outrageously attired, Cat served as the foil to Lois Lane’s and her burgeoning romantic interest in Clark Kent. Cat was always present with a suggestive comment for Clark or a barb for Lois that seldom missed the mark. Of all the characters in the first season of the series, it was Cat who truly knew the vulnerable side of Lois Lane and took great pleasure in publicly exploiting that vulnerability. As a consequence, Cat was often on the receiving end of Lois’ verbal slights; slights she took with remarkable indifference, infuriating Lois. Cat Grant was the Daily Planet’s gos-

sip columnist and was the papers premiere muck-raker. She was skilled in obtaining sources to expose the dirty secrets of Metroplis’ famous figures. Clark often displayed exasperation at the suggestive comments Cat made toward him in the presence of Lois. Early in the first season, Clark spent an evening with Cat to avoid being served a subpoena, fueling wild rumors about a tempestuous evening; rumors that Cat would not discredit. Attentionloving and seemingly without shame, Cat’s over-the-top behavior disguised her passion for her job and pride in her work. When Clark comments on the considerable number of books in her home, Cat replies that she can read. When Clark asks her why she chose to write about gossip, Cat answered simply that all reporters are in the gossip business. Colorful and funny, Cat was a character sorely missed after the series’ inaugural season.

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  41

Strange Visitor Episode Review By Jack Heacock Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Season 1, Episode 3, Strange Visitor (From Another Planet). This episode aired on September 26, 1993 and was written by Bryce Zabel and directed by Randall Zisk. The episode guest starred Terence Knox as Major Jason Trask, Joseph Campanella as George Thompson, George Murdoch as General Burton Newcomb, and Elizabeth Barondes as Lucy Lane.

Summary: Clark Kent learns the truth about his heritage as a result of a mysterious government agency called Bureau 39. Bureau 39’s sole existence was to investigate reports of extraterrestrial occurrences and evaluate their threat to Earth. The Daily Planet is turned upside down after being served with a federal subpoena to surrender all information pertaining to Superman. Lois and Clark are forced to submit to polygraph examinations to determine if they have any undisclosed information about Superman. The investigation is headed by Major Jason Trask, a rogue member of Bureau 39 who has independently initiated the investigation and has served a bogus federal subpoena. Word of Trask’s actions prompts George Thompson, an executive from Bureau 39 to shut down Trask. The rapid turnaround raises Lois’ suspicions and together with Clark, investigates the raid on the Daily Planet. Their investigation leads them to a secret warehouse containing hundreds of files and artifacts collected by Bureau 39. One of those artifacts is Clark’s spaceship and a mysterious sphere that will later serve to fully educate Clark on his origins. Lois and Clark are captured by Trask who use them as bait to summon Superman. He takes them to an altitude of about 39,000 feet in a Bureau jet and pushes Lois out the door. Clark dives after her as Trask uses radar to seek the approach of Superman. When he detects Superman, he orders a missile to be fired. Superman catches Lois and safely lands her at the Daily Planet. He then takes off to destroy the missile.

Superman visits Lois that evening at the Daily Planet and provides her some information about himself. As he leaves, Lois’ infatuation with him grows. Review: This was an outstanding episode that set the foundation for the first live-action modern age Superman story and the burgeoning love triangle built for two. The episode opened with Clark doing research for an article on adoptions. Clark had never asked about his origins and in the episode, he discovered that Mar-

tha and Jonathan had found him in a spaceship. He also learned that days after his arrival, the Kents were visited by government agents and questioned about ‘debris from a Russian satellite that had fallen in the Smallville vicinity’. After taking Clark to the location where Jonathan had buried his ship, they discovered that it had been unearthed and taken. When the Daily Planet was served the subpoena, Perry White (Lane Smith) tells Lois and Clark to ‘disappear’ to avoid being served. Perry’s orders opened the door for Cat Grant (Tracy Scoggins) to invite Clark to stay with her. Clark does and the following day, the newsroom is full of wild gossip about Clark and Cat.

The rumored amorous relationship appeared to annoy Lois; the indefatigable workaholic who is successful in everything but love. Also, this episode had Jimmy Olsen (Michael Landes) trying to convince Lois to set him up with a date with her sister, Lucy (Elizabeth Barondes). However, that relationship never actually gets off the ground in the series. The clever writing in this fast-paced episode established several key storylines for the series. Most prominently: this was not the old Superman story; there was no Fortress of Solitude where Clark learned his past. There was no Jor-El and no crystals. Superman was not the focus of this series; it was Clark Kent and his relationship with Lois Lane. Clark Kent is mild-mannered but is never a bumbling fool. Dean Cain’s Clark Kent is the confident ‘every-man’ whose good-looks and gentle approach are admired by everyone around him. The episode also establishes Lois’ infatuation with the Man of Steel while slowly building a co-dependent relationship between Lois Lane and Clark Kent that over time, develops into the greatest love story in comic book lore. This episode also introduced the concept of covert government agencies and rogue agents who fear the idea of global domination by a race of super-powered beings and take extraordinary measures to eliminate anyone they determine to be a threat. Jason Trask is a zealot who shares similarities to Rick Flag, leader of the Suicide Squad. Trask makes future appearances in this series as he pursues the identity of Superman. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was an entertaining and fresh introduction to the modern age Superman. This episode laid much of the groundwork for building the entire series over its four-year run. Whether it was the hint of jealousy from Lois over Cat Grant’s alleged seduction of Clark Kent, the underlying reasons that Clark Kent can function so effectively as an average man, or the challenging rise of a superhero in modern times; “Strange Visitor (From Another Planet)” served as a wonderful launching pad for this beloved and lasting Superman series.

42  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010

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Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  43



What exactly is the 10 for 10 project? Well, originally we were going to call it the 10 for 10 project but plans have changed and we’re now calling it the United Smallville Fandom Project or USF.

Artwork provided by

wreakhavoc2010 on Deviantart

Basically, the goal is to raise $10,000 for charity in honour of 10 seasons of Smallville. In the past I know that the Smallville fandom has participated in other projects such as “Legendary”, “Operation Wild Cherry” and “Global Gratitude”. This project itself differs from those previous ones in the sense that the main focus of it is to raise money for charity and there’s less of an emphasis on the more creative side of things such as writing letters to the cast, buying gifts for the writers etc. However, in my mind, what sets this project apart from all the ones that have come before it in this fandom is that this project is truly about uniting the entire Smallville fandom together as one. The Smallville fandom has always been somewhat of a rocky, divided place and it is my sincere hope that this project will help people from all corners of the fandom to put their differences aside and work together to achieve something phenomenal and meaningful one final time. How can we help? There are many ways that fans can help out. Obviously, the most direct being to donate money to the project to be put towards charity. In addition to that fans can bid

on the auction items we will be putting up on eBay every month. Items including things like autographed pictures of cast members, posters, action figures etc. We will also be hosting “Fan Auctions” wherein fans of the show can put their talents to good use in order to help us raise money. If you’re an author you can auction off your skills for people to bid on. Same goes for vidding and fanart making. It’s a great way for people to contribute if they’re not able to donate money out of their own pockets… they can instead auction off their particular skills for other fans to bid on. In addition to that fans can also help out by spreading the word about this project on various Smallville and Superman related sites and to help us keep this project front and center as the tenth and final season of Smallville airs. How long have you been a fan of Smallville? I actually only started watching Smallville during the summer between the 7th and 8th season airing. My friend had suggested I watch the show starting in season 4 because that’s when Lois Lane entered the picture. I decided instead to watch the show from the beginning and I became totally addicted to it right away. I actually ended up watching all 7 seasons in the span of about a month or two. So while I haven’t been a fan for as long as other people in this fandom, I adore the show just as much. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Well, it’s really not that interesting of a story but I’m 22 years old and I live in Canada. I just recently graduated from University with an Honors B.A. and I’m taking the year off before deciding where I want to go next in my life. I enjoy watching TV (obviously), hanging out with my friends, talking to other fans online etc. How do you feel about Smallville being on air 10 yrs? I honestly think it’s just such a great accomplishment. There are really not many shows that you can say have had a successful run for 10 whole years. It’s not something to be taken

lightly and I take it as a sign of not only the quality of the show over the years but also as a sign of the commitment and devotion of the Smallville fandom to have stuck with a show for such a long time. It’s something that I think will be forever remembered in the Superman legacy and I personally can’t wait to see how it will end. It will be sad when it’s over but there’s also a real sense of excitement knowing that it’s the final season and knowing that the writers are committed to going all out to give the fans everything they want. That’s a reason why this project is so important to me. I really just want to give a meaningful ‘thank you’ to the writers and the cast and the crew who have put so much of themselves into this show to keep us entertained for a whole decade. Who’s your favorite character & why? That’s a tough question because I adore both Clark and Lois but if I was forced to choose I’d have to go with Lois Lane. I think she’s just a brilliant character, she’s so well-written and Erica Durance is just phenomenal playing such an iconic legend. She’s hilarious, she’s gorgeous, she’s sarcastic, she’s smart, tenacious, fun, flirty, kick-ass, caring…pretty much everything you could hope someone to be. When she was introduced into the show in season 4 she totally spiced things up and breathed new life into the show. For me, she’s always been the highlight of every season and it’s so exciting to know that she’ll finally be in all of the episodes in this most important season. What do you like most about fandom? What I like most about fandom is the fact that being a part of this fandom has given me the opportunity to make friends with some really great people. When the show is over and all is said and done I’m going to really appreciate not only the fact that it was entertaining but the fact that it allowed me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who I would most likely never have met had I never become so heavily involved in Smallville and in the fandom. There can be drama at times but I always appreciate how passionate we are as a group. Smallville is the show that not a lot of people thought could carry on for 10 seasons, it doesn’t get a lot of support from the network, it doesn’t get a lot of publicity but its still been on air for ten years now and I think a huge reason for that is how dedicated and passionate we are as fans.

44  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010

Featured Fanfiction

Mischief in the Woods

By Holli Boetcher

“It’s the darnedest thing, Ms. Lane. Sheriff said it was probably pranksters but . . . a fifteen foot cake appeared out of nowhere?” said the curator of the Smallville Haunted Forest scratching his head. “Why wasn’t this on any of the news wires?” asked Lois as she looked around to see the last of the visitors leaving the exhibit. It wasn’t much of a story really. After handing out all the candy at the Kent farm for Trick or Treat, she had gotten a little bored. She had overheard some of the children talking about the cake in the Haunted Forest so she decided to investigate. Clark was off on Blur duties making the world safe so people could enjoy a good Halloween.

“Hey, if you see Freddie Krueger, tell him the beers are on him tonight!”

was holding his sides relishing a belly laugh.

She gave him a wave as she strode purposefully into the maze-like exhibit. After a few moments, the guide lights went out. It seemed even the volunteers had left. Pulling out her trusty flashlight, she walked deeper into the woods.

He managed to control his jocularity enough to give her a little bow. “Name’s Mister Mxyzptlk from the Fifth Dimension,” he said tipping his hat. “But for you, Luscious, you may call me Mxy. And no cracks about that Up, Up and Away song!”

“ARRRRRR!” The earth shook beneath Lois’ feet. From out of the darkness a giant paw appeared and scooped her up.

“What do you want?” She tried to hold back the anger but the imp was irritatingly amused.

“Heyyy! Put me down!” The beam

“I had hoped your Blur would come and save the day.” He

“Yep.” Before she could ask another question, a teenage boy approached them. “Dude! I’ve been to seven haunted houses tonight, but I’ve never seen a twenty foot ape before. How do you do that? It seemed so real!” The curator shook his head. “We don’t have an ape.” “Yea, right,” laughed the kid as he rejoined his friends. “Definitely coming back next year.” The scent of a story was in the air. Despite the curator’s ambivalence, Lois’ heartbeat accelerated. “Mind if I take a look around?” “Go ahead. I have some paper work to do. Help yourself.” “Great! Thanks,” she grinned as she headed for the forest entrance.

“Which issss?” said Mxy as if irritated by her ploy. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. “Don’t try to fool a trickster, honey. Get the Blur here and then I’ll talk.” Lois shook her head and clasped her lips tight. “Okay, we’ll do it the hard way,” he said as the bed vanished and Lois found herself suspended over a pool of hungry alligators.

Clark let out a heavy sigh. Fourteen bonfires, twelve burglaries, and nine reports of lost children had kept him busier than any other night of the year. Fires out. Robbers caught. Children found. Now back to Lois and a quiet night in front of the fire . . . or in bed. With a grin he made his way towards Smallville. The scream pierced his ears and shot into his heart. “Lois!”

The reporter nearly chuckled. People adapted. Strange things had always happened in this burg and yet the community thrived. Perhaps they had lost their sensitivity to the weird and unexplained. Lord knows her life was bombarded with it on a daily basis. “So that was last night. Is the cake still there?”

“I see. So it all worked out?” Lois checked her recorder to make sure she was getting every word.

“Yea, sure,” quipped Lois convincing no one. “It’s the opposite of the Life Equation.”

Despite her resolve not to, she screamed.

“Sheriff likes to keep certain things hush-hush. County’s had to deal with decades of meteor freaks and what-not.”

“Nope. Turns out it was real tasty. Pumpkin. So we sold slices of it to help with our goal. Building a new childrens’ wing on the Smallville Medical Center. Made a boatload of money,” he said as he started to go back into his makeshift office.

Life Equation?”

In a millisecond, he was in the forest and assessing the situation. With his heat vision, he burned the rope that appeared to be connected to nothing at all and caught Lois as he leaped over the ravenous reptiles. of light caught a massive head the size of the Daily Planet globe. Curious eyes stared into hers. A tentative finger, the size of a redwood, tried to gently poke at her. “Listen, King Kong! You better but me down now! No one messes with Lois Lane!” She heard a ‘pop’ and shined her flashlight in its direction. A small man with a purple derby and suit floated in the air beside her. “Lois Lane of the Daily Planet? What took you so long?” He was grinning from ear to ear enjoying her dilemma with the love starved ape. His maniacal laughter hit her anger button. “Who the hell are you? Call the monkey off!” “Okay,” he said with devilment in his eyes. With a snap of his fingers, the ape disappeared and Lois was plummeting towards the hard ground below. Miraculously a bed appeared. As she sank into the multiple mattresses she thought of the Princess and the Pea. Managing to stand, she put her hands on her hips “Not funny!” But it was a moot point, the man

grinned while looking at his fingernails. Clark. This being wants Clark. “He has better things to do.” “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Now we both know that is not true. He’s always saving you.” Lois was not liking his knowing gaze and the bit of malevolence in his eyes. I will not allow him to use me to get to Clark! “I can take care of myself!” She stubbornly folded her arms to make her point. She saw the little man was not buying it. “What do you want him for?” Arcing a hand dramatically through the air, he spoke solemnly. “A Great Darkness is coming.” He waited a beat and shrugged. “Not exactly Shakespeare, but you get my drift.” Squinting at him, she tried to discern if he was friend or foe. Lois gave him her best Mexican standoff stance. “That’s a little vague, don’t you think?” The imp leaned forward and gave her a wink. “Ever hear of the Anti

“That’s more like it,” chuckled the imp as he sat cross-legged in the air and the reptiles evaporated. Uh oh. Magic. Clark shielded Lois. “Who are you? What do you want?” “He said something about an anti-life equation,” rasped Lois still trying to get her breath. Clark put a protective arm around her. “Leave her out of this!” “Too late,” mused Mxy. “He says his name is Myxl . . mixa . . . Mxy and he’s from the Fifth Dimension,” said Lois as Clark felt her hip caress his. It was their signal she was okay. “Which is a higher state of being than any Fourth World,” the man boasted while floating at eye level. “And the name is Mister Mxyzptlk. Now let’s get down to business.” The imp rubbed his palms together. “I can help you in your fight against the darkness.” Clark squinted at him. “How?” All Jor-El and Kara had said was the darkness was within him.

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  45

Was this Fifth Dimension irritant some kind of cosmic psychologist? Don’t need him. “The question is why,” winked Myx. Clark saw it but didn’t grab for the flashlight that was going for the imp’s head. “Knock it off!” said Lois as if her frustration had met its peak. The imp darted away from the object and laughed. “I’d keep her. She’s a pistol and besides she’s built like a . . .” “You mentoned the Anti-Life equation,” said Clark trying to keep things on track. “It’s an old adage where I come from.”

The imp went into a fit of hysterical laughter that bounced off every tree in the forest. “What would I do with 3D planet currency? I can make giant cakes and apes appear. Hello!” “Then what then?” the farm boy savior said with gravity.

“Absolutely,” nodded Mxy. His demeanor expressed the knowledge they weren’t smart enough to get the job done. “Klaatu Barada Nikto,” mumbled Lois out loud.

“Just a moment of your time, for say, the rest of your life,” chuckled Mxy.

“No, Lois,” said Clark. He could see Mxyzptlk had a gleam in his eye at the prospect of never having to say his name backwards.

Lois tugged at Clark’s arm. “You don’t have to do this,” she whispered as low as possible so only his superhearing could pick it up.

“Kilmister, Lemmy,” she muttered. “Ace of Spades.”

Clark stood firm and stared at the imp.

“Adage?” murmured Clark.

“Why him?” shouted Lois trying to buy Clark some time.

“You have the Golden Rule, right?” said the imp lying on his back in the air.

Mxy grinned at her appreciatively. “Definitely a keeper. Because he has great hope. He inspires people to hope. The best weapon against what

“How do you know so much about our culture?” asked Lois as Mxy turned on his side propping his head up with one hand.

say your name backwards?”

“Not Motorhead, Lois.” Mxy was starting to lose his excitement as Lois kept making strange guesses. Clark knew there was power in names and no matter who you were, nobody liked anyone getting their names wrong. “Clapton Beck Page.” Clark turned his head to give her a what-thehell look. “Guitarists for the Yardbirds,” she shrugged. He gave her a slight shake of his head. “No.”

“Read the travel brochures,” he sighed. “Not that anyone wants to visit here much.”

“Hey, I can’t spell!” she moaned as her eyes lit up at their play acting.

Clark squinted still trying to grasp the motives of this purple cosmic imp. “So the Golden Rule and the Anti Life Equation . . . “

“C’mon, kids. It’s not THAT hard,” said Mxy as if he was now on their side.

“Are light years apart philosophically. I learned it when I was an impling on my Mother’s knee. Not much fun really. But then Big Bad Dark Daddy isn’t about the fun . . . at all.” He cast a weary glance at both of them. “You poor third dimensional beings. I’ll help you with the Great Darkness.” Again he arced his arm dramatically only this time with a sneer.

“It’s probably more like Kill-itposey-xmen,” suggested Clark. He and Lois batted around names and absurd phrases. Clark could feel the tension building within the imp.

“How do I know you can do that?” asked Clark standing with his arms crossed.

Bathed in glorious silence, Clark and Lois kissed before the Blur lifted her into his arms and took them to the Kent Farm.

“Klit-pas-yez-ma’am?” She grinned and gave him a wink. Clark nearly chuckled. “It’s Kltpzyxm! Kltpzyxm! Stupid third dimensional . . . “ POP!

“Listen Blur Boy, I could turn this world into a pie throwing contest anytime I want to. The Persuader. The Time Trapper. They’ve got nothing on me. And as for Dark . . . “

lies ahead.”

“Who’s the Time Trapper?” whispered Lois. Clark shrugged his shoulders.

“Sure, but it’s always good to have backup. There won’t be any second chances with what he’s facing.”

Thoroughly irritated by being interrupted, Mxy gave them a glare. “Ask your Ringo friends!” Clark thought a moment. “The Legion?” “Who’s the Legion . . .oh the Legion RING! I get it,” said Lois as if she solved another piece of the puzzle. “Oh McGurrrrkkkk!” “Who’s McG . . .,” Clark clapped a hand over Lois’ mouth and shook his head. The imp was furious and if he was as powerful as he claimed, there would be no way for Clark to stop him. Especially if he was magic. “What do you want in return?” asked Clark dreading the answer. “Yea, what kind of deal are we talking here?” grumbled Lois suspiciously. “He wants to save the world, right? I can help him do that. For a fee of course,” grinned Mxy diabolically. “Money?” said Clark with an arched eyebrow.

“So he could do it on his own, right?”

Clark winced at the statement. He had had so many second chances and do-overs in the past. Now it seemed his bill had come due. “Okay, how much time?” He could feel Lois stiffen at his decision but she remained silent deferring to his judgment. The imp licked his lips as if savoring the moment. “Every ninety days.” Lois let out a humph. “What’s the fine print?” The little big head man folded his arms. “Being cynical will give you wrinkles, y’know.”

The flames crackled in the fireplace as Clark brought in two cups of hot cider. It had been a long night. Putting an arm around Lois, they sat on the couch and watched the fire dance. “Clark, what did you think of Myx?” She said taking a sip of cider. “He reminds me of some of the Earth myths. Y’know, Loki, Coyote or Anansi. A prankster but very dangerous. Extreme power in the hands of a clown,” he stated as she snuggled closer to him. “He’s right, you know. You are the hope for the world especially with this darkness approaching. A bright light to show us the way.” “No pressure, huh.” He chuckled. “Be as modest as you like. I believe in you.”

“Heyy!” shouted Lois as she made a lunge for him.

He kissed Lois’ forehead. “And I believe in you. You are my light in the darkness.”

Clark held her back. “How do I get rid of you?”

“You are so sweet,” she said nipping his earlobe.

Mxy rolled his eyes. “Blunt and to the point. That’s no fun. You have to make me say my name backwards.”

Heat filled the room as they kissed in front of the firelight. Two beings destined to be together forever and always.

“So you’re willing to help me as long as I let you come back every ninety days. And then you’ll go back to wherever you’re from if I get you to

Outside the farmhouse, amongst the stars, a maniacal laugh resounded. “Bwahahaha.”

46  OSCK MAGAZINE  Issue 2 Oct, 2010

Issue 2 Oct. 2010  OSCK MAGAZINE  47

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