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Volume 1 • No. 2 • 2012 Season

Sunriser’s Weekly

2012 Steering Committee Langston McFadden Tim James Tim McCauley Carrie Morabito Rob Kalnitz


Sunriser’s Weekly Building Fellowship for Those Who Love the Game of Golf!

Special Announcement:

The Final Championship Date Has Changed.

It is now September 15 at Durand at 11:00am. Please, Please, Please make the necessary changes to your schedule, vacation trips, babysitting obligations to compete for the Trophy of all Trophies

The Preseason Continues

This Saturday, April 14, at Durand They’re not accepting tee times so the plan is to be on the box at 7:30 am. Please let T-Mac know if you are planning to play.

Sunriser’s Weekly


2012 Playing Guidelines / Suggestions These rules cover pretty much everything, but if you think something is missing or needs to be improved, send it in! They will be posted in every edition of the Weekly along with the most current course schedule. 1. Announce the ball you’re hitting before you the Tee off and whenever you put a different ball in play. (So there are no questions when your ball is found) 2. VERY IMPORTANT - The person furthest away from the hole hits first and everyone else should be watching. This way, should a score be questioned or everyone or someone could have some input in helping to locate a lost ball. 3. At the beginning of each hole be sure to check/confirm if out of bounds (OOB) is in play. If your T-shot goes out of bounds, re-Tee. If in question, hit a provisional shot. If you get to your ball & it’s out of bounds and you did not hit a provision, then you bring the ball back to the last point it was in play and you’re now hitting “4”. All other shots that go OOB will be drop at the last point of being in play and of course a penalty stroke is added. (These are the shots we need everyone quick input to determine the fairest place to drop the ball. 4

If you hit into a “Red /yellow Hazards” – it’s just like being in a sand trap, you are unable to test the condition of the hazard with the club or ground the club prior to taking your swing. If you are unable to play the ball out of the hazard, consider it unplayable go back to the last point of playability and drop within two club-lengthens no closer to the hole. (We know there are other options but for many reason this will eliminate the debates and slow play) We also suggest voicing to everyone what you’re doing so we can all agree with your final count)

5 Other than being on the Green, the ball is not to be touched or moved without adding a stroke. (No picking it up to check to see if it’s your ball, or cleaning mud off it, no moving it out of a divot or fluffing. (Unless otherwise directed prior to the competition begins). If you honestly can’t tell it’s your ball, call over a fellow players and move it only enough to identify the ball). 6 A suggestion -once everyone on the green announce your score to that point. As an example “I’m on in 3”. The person furthest from the hole putts first and you play until the ball is in the cup. 7 While a putter is putting; no one is to stand on the line of sight, front or back! You may walk over after the ball is in motion. 8 As a courtesy mark all balls on the Green that are not about to be hit. 9 While putting on the green, the flag cannot be in the cylinder of the cup when the ball enters it. 10 If your normal swing, stance or flight of your golf ball is obstructed by a man-made object, you can get relieve of (2) club lengths no closer to the hole. (Bridges, Markers, Drains, Sprinklers, Cart path). 11. We do not count whiffs but if anyone honest feels the ball was moved in anyway…COUNT IT!!!! In closing, we are asking everyone to clearly announce their scores at the end of each hole by number, (Not with par, bogey, etc) and if there are any questions regarding someone’s announced score, immediately ask for a recount and the other 2-3 players must confirm the score or agree on a new one. This is to be done before anyone tees up for the next hole. Please be sensitive to the fact that anyone can honestly forget about a stroke here and there. So I am asking for everyone’s honest input to resolve the matter quickly. We all love this game and should respect it and each other. We are playing amongst friends so let’s enjoy the competition!

- The Sunrisers Steering Committee

Sunriser’s Weekly


2012 Course Schedule This will be posted every week and is subject to change.

These Dates are ALL on Saturdays. Target tee off times are between 6:30am-7:15 am Tournaments will begin at 11:00am

Time Change

Date Change

Apr. 21 May 5th @ 6:30am May 12th @ TBA May 19th @ 6:30 am May 26th -TBA June 2nd @ 7 am June 9th @ 6;30 am June 16th@ 11am June 23rd - 7am June 30th @ 6:30 am July 7th @ 6:30 am July 14th @ 7:00 am July 21st @ 6:30 am July 28th @ 6;30am Aug. 4th, @ 7:00 am Aug. 11th @ 11 am Aug. 18th @ 6:30 am Aug. 25th @ 7am Sept. 1st - TBD Sept. 8th - 6:30 am Sept. 15th, 11 am Sept. 22nd @ 6:30 am

OPEN Churchville GC Shadow lake GC Durand Eastman Opt.- Mem. Wkend- Webster GC Salmon Creek CC Genesee Master’s @ Churchville Twin Hills GC Wildwood CC Durand Eastman Lakeshore CC Chili CC Churchville Parkview Course - Victor The Sunriser’s Open@WildWood Durand Eastman Lima CC Optional - Labor Day Wkend Mill Creek CC The Players Championship @ DURAND Eagle Vale CC

Time Change

Date Change

Housekeeping notes for all to read. 1).

Each week you plan to come out please call or email Tim McCauley at no later than Thursday 12 noon. -Thank you


Always respect each other , the game and the course’s concern for speed of play.


Membership is $75 to cover Trophies, Team attire and the season-ending celebration- Due now


Everyone is requested to be in the T-Box ready to play at least 5 minutes before Tee Times and 10 minutes for Tournaments


Must play two (2) weekends with the group prior to each Tournament


Ladies have the option of playing the forward Tees(Red) , B &C-Flight will play middle Tees (White) and A-Flight will play next furthest back Tees (Blues)


Riding is optional throughout the season


Enrollment of new or renewing players ends June 2nd, 2012. Allowing minimum amount of time to order season’s apparel

Sunriser’s Weekly

k l a T h s a r T r e n r Co


You trash someone on the course?

Side notes: If the preseason attendance is any indication of the year ahead ...Look out! This past Saturday (4/7) on a sunny but cold windy day day; the SUnrisers had 14 people come out. The official season hasn't started yet but already Rob spanked Turner on 9-holes at Genesee shooting a 45 to Turneer's 48. This week at Churchville Kimio, said let me at him ..... So Turner served up an 89 to Kimio's ooops I forgot... Have a great day! See you on the golf course. – Tim

2012 Steering Committee Langston McFadden - Tim James - Tim McCauley - Carrie Morabito - Rob Kalnitz -

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