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How to make a fortune online is not hard to do. Every marketing Guru will tell you that. You just have to buy their new magic what ever and presto, you made a fortune online. Not for you though, they made the fortune. I am here to tell you that anyone can make a fortune online. What these Guru's don't do is explain how to do it. Some say that it does not matter what you sell, rather who you sell what ever to. Are you getting it so far? These guys are selling you hype, hot air, and plain ole fluff. They get you all excited only to have you give up thinking that you can't make a fortune online. If I gave you a piece of a map and dropped you off somewhere, you would be lost. That piece of the map maybe miles away from where you are at. That is what these Guru's do, they give you a piece of the puzzle and leave it to you to figure it out. They made a fortune online and you quit. Face it, if you had a goose that laid golden eggs would you tell anyone? Their lies are the goose and we give them the gold! So how do you make a fortune online? I'll tell you two ways, one is very hard one is not. First the hard way, develop a product people want, produce that product, market it, store it, ship it, and collect your fortune. The easy way is as an affiliate. Here someone else produced it, stores it, ships it, collects the fortune, and gives you a chunk of it. All you have to do direct people to it. Just like the people on every corner holding those big arrows pointing to a cell phone store. Why do these guys do that for us? Well my friend its all about numbers. Sure he can do it himself, but why not give some to get more? He can't be on every corner with his sign, right? So yes you can make a fortune online. You need someone to show you the whole map. The only people who will give you a complete blueprint are people who want you to make a fortune online. Because when you do they do. Face it nothing is free, you drive traffic to them you get paid.

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==== ==== check out my site. ==== ====

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