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Compensation and benefits package As a part of the unwavering commitment to career agents, American United Life Insurance Company® (AUL) strives to meet the needs of you and your family by offering a comprehensive compensation and benefits package. Compensation

As a producer with AUL, you will benefit from a partnership philosophy. The companies and affiliates of OneAmerica Financial Partners offer a variety of products and services, including life insurance, annuities and asset-based long-term care solutions. As an AUL career agent you have access to one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the financial industry. By representing the companies of OneAmerica, you may find additional opportunities in the marketplace and greater sales potential than what you may be accustomed to. As a result, you may receive more compensation, additional benefits and special services plus the competitive compensation and benefits initially provided. • Competitive commissions • Incentives and bonuses • Quality benefits • Awards and other forms of recognition By placing all your life, annuity and long-term care products through the OneAmerica companies, you may be able to increase your overall compensation. As a career agent with AUL, you have the opportunity to select from a wide range of benefit options:

• Group medical plan • Vision and dental plans • Group life • Group long-term disability • Errors and omissions coverage • Retirement and 401(k) plans

All plan documents are available under benefit information at Online Services (www.ols.oneamerica. com). If you do not have electronic access, you may request a printed copy from the corporate office by calling the Producer Resource Center at 1-877-999-9883, option #4. Note: Any information provided is intended to be a summary for illustrative purposes only. Not all contract provisions or limitations are included. A guarantee of coverage is not intended.

Refer to your enrollment certificate to determine your specific benefits under the master contract. If there are any inconsistencies between the terms or benefits of the plan documents and the information provided herein, the plan documents will determine coverage. Summary of benefits package

Group major medical coverage • Section 125 premium conversion plan • BlueCross® BlueShield® network of doctors • 30-day waiting period for coverage following contract date • Two deductible options • Prescription coverage included • Company contributions to premium earned on production Group voluntary dental and vision coverage

• CIGNA dental network, two dental plans available • Superior vision, single plan available • 30-day waiting period for coverage • Entire premium paid by producer Group life coverage

• 30-day waiting period for coverage • First $30,000 of coverage paid by company • Benefit amount based on production • Maximum benefit: $200,000 • Coverage amount for active producers begins reducing at age 65 • Reduced paid-up benefit at retirement • May be converted within 31 days of termination Group long-term disability insurance

• 30-day waiting period for coverage • Must be under age 60 to enroll • Benefit amount based on production • Maximum monthly benefit: 60 percent of pre-disability covered earnings up to $10,000/month • 60-day elimination period • Producer’s cost age bracketed


For benefit questions, contact the PRC at 1-877- 999-9883, option 4. For errors and omissions coverage questions, please call Contracting at (317) 285-1014.


Errors and omission coverage

• Required of all career agents • Six levels of coverage up to $10,000,000 • Includes equity products from OneAmerica Securities, Inc. • Monthly premiums deducted from compensation

• For error and omissions coverage questions, please call Contracting at (317) 285-1014. • Send an e-mail to Your message will generate an electronic receipt confirmation and provide tracking information.

Money purchase plan (pension plan)

Incentive programs

• Eligible upon completion of six months of service and attainment of age 21 • Quarterly entry dates • Noncontributory • AUL contribution: 4.5 percent of monthly commissions plus 4.5 percent for every dollar over Social Security wage base • Vested in company contributions made on your behalf after three years of service 401(k) plan

• Eligible upon completion of 12 months of service and attainment of age 21 • Quarterly entry dates • Matching the first 3 percent of deferral at 100 percent and the next 2 percent at 50 percent • 15 percent maximum agent elective contributions

Sample of AUL 401(k) matching

In addition to a strong compensation and benefits package, AUL offers great incentives and rewards for your efforts. Chairman’s Trip

The OneAmerica companies are one of the few in the industry to reward top producers with trips to exciting locales worldwide. Plans for annual Chairman’s Trip recently included China, Australia and Ireland. Business Conference

This enterprise-wide trip rewards producers with top production levels with an incentive trip for the entire family. Currently held every 18 months, recent national destinations have included British Columbia, Hawaii and Washington, D.C. Calendar-Year Awards

Throughout the year, outstanding production and commitment to the OneAmerica companies is eligible for unique and special recognition. The Calendar-Year Awards program was established to recognize and reward leading producers and career agencies in a variety of categories.

Elective deferral percent

Eligible monthly earnings

Monthly deferral

AUL’s match

1 percent




2 percent




3 percent




Success Rewards program

4 percent




5 percent




6 percent




7 percent




Higher production levels qualify producers for additional benefits and services through the Success Rewards program. Benefits offered by the program include allowances for business development, education and customer communications. An increased amount of access to underwriters and home office staff is provided according to your production level.

For more information

Streamlined procedures and support by Producer Resource Center consultants provide quick responses to your important questions concerning career agent benefits. • For benefits, retirement or 401(k) questions, contact the Producer Resouce Center at 1-877-999-9883, option #4. • Visit and choose My Business/Producer Benefits.

As an AUL career agent with the OneAmerica enterprise, your success is the enterprise’s success. By providing support, tools and personal development opportunities, you can continue to thrive and grow, along with OneAmerica, in today’s competitive market. Consider joining the OneAmerica enterprise today, where your success is our focus. 5

Consider joining the OneAmerica enterprise today, where your success is our focus.


Your success. Our focus.

About AUL

American United Life Insurance Company® (AUL) is the founding member of OneAmerica® and is focused on providing a strong portfolio of products for individuals, families and small businesses. AUL uses a national network of experienced professionals utilizing an extensive menu of financial products, including life insurance, annuities and employee benefit plan products. The company helps consumers prepare for tomorrow by helping to protect their financial futures. About OneAmerica

OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc., is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. The companies of OneAmerica® can trace their solid foundations back more than 130 years in the insurance and financial services marketplace.

American United Life Insurance Company® a OneAmerica® company One American Square, P.O. Box 368 Indianapolis, IN 46206-0368 (317) 285-1877

OneAmerica’s nationwide network of companies offers a variety of products to serve the financial needs of their policyholders and other clients. These products include retirement plan products and services; individual life insurance, annuities, long-term care solutions and employee benefit plan products. The goal of OneAmerica is to blend the strengths of each company to achieve greater collective results. The products of the OneAmerica companies are distributed through a network of employees, agents, brokers and other distribution sources that are committed to increasing value to our policyholders by helping them prepare to meet their financial goals. We deliver on our promises when customers need us most.

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AUL Benefits  

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