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rachel mattes - recent work


rachel mattes, LEED Green Associate 1800 bagley dr #10 lawrence, ks 66044 (785)218-0767


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Unity Temple Expansion Fall 2009

program: the congregation at Unity Temple is growing. they also have a large community impact and the Unity Temple restoration foundation (utrf) is running out of space. the expansion is to accomodate the utrf, classrooms and other office and public space. approach: unitarians see God as power and light. since Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple is a very strong, powerful building, it only made sense that the expansion would be light in material and perception. it is a field and object building, giving the illusion of space between buildings on a very narrow site.


exterior renderings

interior rendering

site plan



interior renderings

conceptual floor plans


Learning Landscapes

the catalyst: phase 2 individual projects

Spring 2010

program: the first two parts of the design process consisted of a research phase and an individual design phase. phase 3 was a collaboration of three concepts into one cohesive design that would be incorporated into the Architecture Building at UW-Milwaukee approach: in collaboration with Rich DeRicco and Jeff Roush, phase 3 incorporated all three concepts into one cohesive idea. a bench was designed to be added to a hallway and lecture hall. the inclusion of these benches meant rethinking the leture hall design as well. the bench was designed with many new and innovative ideas in mind.


Jeff Roushbench or chair that acould be folded and stored easily. incorporated ergonomic design that, when folded, created a flat bench surface.

Rich DeRiccochair created to be easily moved. included more storage for the contemporary college student who is always on the go.

Rachel Matteschair designed to be ganged together to increase collaboration. tablet arms could be stored for use as a bench. tablet arms house tablet PCs or powermats.


the site: room 110 is the most used room in the building, hosting many lectures, meetings and seminars. unfortunately, many things about the room make it hard to learn or collaborate. just outside room 110 is a wide hallway where people tend to congregate before and after classes. unfortunately, there is no place for students to sit to talk or collaborate on ideas.


models show how the benches would gang together in the hallway outside of room 110 and how they would relate to each other in the classroom. section is drawn through the bench in the hallway.



sections and perspectives show how the changes made define the areas of the room and become a catalyst for collaboration both in and out of the classroom.


Study Abroad Summer 2012

we had the opportunity to tour London, Paris, Rome, Lyon and Barcelona in 26 days. the study abroad trip allowed us to study these cities at many different scales; anywhere from city planning to building details. while on this trip we were asked to keep a daily memory map journal, as well ask sketch often and take many pictures. upon our return we were asked to graphically represent something that we noticed and studied in each city. my main focus was how the cities grew, morphed and changed over time.



Comprehensive Studio WSU Boathouse Spring 2012

program: Wichita State University Crew Team is in need of a new boathouse. It was our task to design a boathouse for them, but also pay attention to the community involvement aspects, as the boathouse would be located on the Arkansas River, along the riverwalk. approach: my main focus was to create a place for the Crew team and the community to come together over shared interests. The boathouse would not only serve the rowing team but would serve the entire community. The connections to the community and the site were my main priorities.


site masterplan

the site posed problems of it’s own. the riverwalk sat 12 feet below the grade of the park and it was necessary to connect the two. the site ended up being a large design element for my project. the shape of my building lent itself to transforming the site to respond to the building and the activities that would take place at and around the boathouse.


wall section


first floor plan

second floor plan


Studio 804

Fall 2012-Spring 2013 Studio 804 is a yearlong, comprehensive studio for graduate students in the final year of the Master of Architecture program at the University of Kansas. During each academic year, students enrolled work as a design team to concieve and onstruct a building of great technical sophistication. EcoHawks is a student research program run by the University of Kansas School of Engineering. It focuses on alternative energy for transportation, including fuels and mechanical transport systems. Since its inception four years ago, EcoHawks has rapidly expanded, both in the number of students participating, and in the scope of its research. It has outgrown its second location and is in need of new space.



The iconic 3,500-square-foot building will help promote the EcoHawks program and showcase its achievements; it will aid in the research, fabrication, and refurbishment of electric vehicles. The new facility will have indoor and outdoor work areas designed to showcase the students’ innovative work. It will contain space for computer workstations and an area for prototype testing.




Portfolio of most recent work, mainly from Graduate School