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The T7 phage inserts DNA or RNA in to the E. Coli cell

No, because if the human cells are not the host of the phage, it will not attack the cell.

It hijacks the protein making machines inside of the bacteria and it creates more phages.

You must use sterile technique because in the case that the T7 accidentally contaminates the base E. coli in the micro-centrifuge tube it will destroy all of the E. coli and give you bad results.

We made the second tube because didn't want to contaminate the -virus petri dish. The tube is called a Micro-Centrifuge Tube.

I would expect it to become clearer because the T7 would eat the E. coli clearing up the solution.

Each plaque represents each phage and where it set up shop. It has eaten the E. coli in that spot.

You grow the cells with the plates upside down so that it is not contaminated by dripping condensation.