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Product: Vespa Objective: Make Vespas a more appealing alternative mode of transportation by showing how much more fun and beneficial they are over public transportation. Target Audience: Males and Females age 18-35. Targeting primarily urbanites for the sheer convenience of owning a Vespa in the city; however, not limited to city-dwellers. Execution: Quite simply I want to place Vespa ads in places where people will view them as a beneficial alternative to their current mode of transportation. Placed at bus shelters, on billboards, and in subway trains, these ads will remind people there is a more fun and efficient way of getting around. A youtube channel will serve as a platform for customers to tell their Vespa love stories going from public transportation to a Vespa.


Vespa Print

Vespa Print

Vespa Bus Shelter & Billboard

Vespa Subway Ads

Commercial:: Below is a commercial video featuring the Flaming Lips song: Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots that shows a woman traveling through the city getting harassed by animated forms of public transportation. Song is very relevant to the target market.

Vespa Commercial

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part 1 The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

Vespa Youtube Channel

Vespa Love Stories: The YouTube Channel will feature Vespa videos from loving owners such as Ilario Lavarra, who traveled from Alaska to Argentina by Vespa.

New Vespa  

Vespa Advertising Campaign

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