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Product: Vespa Objective: Make Vespas a more appealing alternative mode of transportation by showing how much more fun and beneficial they are over public transportation. Target Audience: Males and Females age 18-35. Targeting primarily urbanites for the sheer convenience of owning a Vespa in the city; however, not limited to city-dwellers. Execution: Quite simply I want to place Vespa ads in places where people will view them as a beneficial alternative to their current mode of transportation. Placed at bus shelters, on billboards, and in subway trains, these ads will remind people there is a more fun and efficient way of getting around. A youtube channel will serve as a platform for customers to tell their Vespa love stories going from public transportation to a Vespa.


Vespa Print

Vespa Print

Vespa Bus Shelter & Billboard

Vespa Subway Ads

Commercial:: Below is a commercial video featuring the Flaming Lips song: Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots that shows a woman traveling through the city getting harassed by animated forms of public transportation. Song is very relevant to the target market.

Vespa Commercial

Video: Close-Up of a girl’s face, 

Video: Girl in Vespa rides into frame, an 

Video: Moving shot of the girl driving 

attractive and happy. Camera cuts to 

animated Monster of a bus is waiting in 

through traffic in a busy city street, 

shot of her riding on Vespa through 

the frame and growls and snaps as she 

yellow taxis are growling and barking at 

frame left to right quickly. 

drives by. 

her as she rides by. 

Audio: Flaming Lips “Yoshimi Battles Pink 

Audio: Chorus of song begins; growl from 

Audio: Chorus of song continues; barking 

Robots Part 1” cues building slowly 

bus monster. 

from multiple taxis as she passes.  

Video: Panning away from Subway 

Video: Panning away from city girl on 

Video: Vespa logo with tag: Ride Easy. 

entrance two eyes are visible following 

Vespa passes in and out of the shot. 

Website fades in at bottom

girl as she drives by. Beast roars and 

“Defeat Those Evil Robots” fades into 

Audio: Chorus of song ends. Commercial 

cartoon fire erupts from subway. 

shot of city with curly playful font. 

breaks song.

Audio: Chorus of song continues; Roar 

Audio: Chorus of song continues.

through shot.

from Beast in Subway.  

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part 1 The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

Vespa Love Stories: The YouTube Channel will feature Vespa videos from loving owners such as Ilario Lavarra, who traveled from Alaska to Argentina by Vespa.

Vespa Youtube Channel

Born of a Vespa - Come nasce una Vespa

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Final Vespa  

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