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D R I V E R S ?

Afterpay’s Strategic Drivers In looking for a long-term strategic partner, Afterpay were seeking the following capabilities and qualities: •

A partner with demonstrable success in building successful technology products and companies from the ground up.

A partner that would become intimately familiar with the long term strategy and goals of Afterpay’s business, complement the existing team, and effectively operate as an extension of Afterpay’s business.

A team with a proven track record in delivering blue sky projects, to a significant customer base, under tight deadlines.

Capability in managing mission critical systems and infrastructure, to support the Afterpay platform as its traffic and transaction volume grows at a significant month-on-month rate.

Dovetail met these , and has been engaged with Afterpay since February ’17

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D E L I V E R A B L E S ?

Key Deliverables Afterpay sought the following key deliverables from its engagement with Dovetail: Design and development of best in breed iOS and Android applications. Result: Dovetail manages the design, build and delivery of Afterpay’s iOS and Android applications, which have received over 1,000,000 downloads, and #1 rankings across the App Store, and Google Play. Re-build Afterpay’s website and web services on a modern technology stack, providing a stable ecosystem for future product development. Result: Dovetail migrated Afterpay’s web products to a robust technology ecosystem that handles significant load, supports Afterpay’s meteoric growth, and forms the foundation of for Afterpay’s future product roadmap. Help Afterpay transition from being a payments facilitator, to a consumer’s first destination of choice. Result: Dovetail have helped Afterpay quadruple its customer base and turnover since the engagement commenced in February 2017. Drive the adoption of in-store purchasing through the iOS and Android mobile applications. Result: In-store purchases have grown from 0% to 8.5% of Afterpay’s gross transaction volume during the course of Dovetail’s engagement. | 07

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H E R E ’ S


N U M B E R S .

During the course of Dovetail’s engagement, Afterpay have quadrupled its turnover, customer base and market cap.

Key Statistics Customer Statistics •

Web and mobile products service > 1,500,000 customers in Australia and New Zealand

1M downloads of iOS and Android app

Afterpay current turnover: 2b pa

On launch, mobile applications reached #1 in app store.

In-store purchases have grown from 0% to 8.5% of Afterpay’s transaction volume.

Engagement Statistics •

Web - 1,100,000 Monthly Active Users

iOS - 400,000 Monthly Active Users

Android - 200,000 Monthly Active Users

Performance Statistics •

SLA - Monthly average uptime - 99.95% - 100%

Load spikes - 10,000 requests per minute.

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D O V E T A I L ?

About Our Studio Dovetail is operated by a group of experienced entrepreneurs who have founded, grown and sold technology companies in Australasia and America. Dovetail works with corporates, governments, and fast-growing ventures from around the globe. Alongside client work, Dovetail actively builds, grows and funds high-growth technology startups. Our prior and current ventures have been invested in by Google Ventures, Blackbird Ventures, Qantas and other top-tier VC firms. Successful exits include acquisitions in the USA (Carnival, acquired by Sailthru), and New Zealand (1-Night, acquired by TicketDirect). We work for clients who are seeking a long-term partner with a history of business success, and demonstrable technical excellence. We favour projects that are strategically important, have the capacity to move the needle, and ultimately help our clients’ businesses succeed.

If you’re interested in working with us to work with us, please contact:

Ash Fogelberg (Partner) Nick Frandsen (Partner)

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