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CNET Top  Phones  of  2006  

CNET Top  Phones  of  2007  

First iPhone  released  in  2007.       CNET  Top-­‐Ranked  Smart  Phones  from  the  Same  Year    

CNET Top  Phones  of  2008  

First Android  phone  released   in  2008  

CNET Top  Phones  of  2009  

CNET Current  Top  5  Phones  of  2010  

The top-­‐ranked  phones  are  now  dominated  by  the  iPhone  "look"  

Summary •  The  iPhone  popularized  what  is  now  the   standard  for  high-­‐end  cellphone  user   interface:    namely,  a  monolithic  body  casing   dominated  by  a  large  color  touchscreen  that   occupies  all  or  most  of  the  surface  area  and   consOtutes  the  primary  user  interface,  with  a   minimum  of  tradiOonal  "mechanical"  buPons.     Some  designs  adopt  this  look  but  hide   addiOonal  buPons  or  keyboards  in  a  flip-­‐out   panel.  

Cell Phone Appearance 2007-2010  

Slideshow illustrating the influence of the iPhone on cell phone product design by looking at CNET top-ranked cell phones from 2007-2010.

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