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pyh채 mets채 Finnish architecture inherently has an enduring connection to nature. The energetic landscape forces the built condition to become secondary to its exemplar. And an authentic experience in the native forest is not something that can be replicated or forged. Herein lies the basis of thought about the relationship between the natural environment and the architecture it spawns. experienced This summer retreat is sensitive to its domain in several respects. The scheme is from a winding path through a dense forest, shielding the visitor from the distractions of a nearby motorway. As the traveller reaches a clearing and open a series of frames set up an interesting perspective: trees in the forest opening frame an architecture, as the architecture extends that frame to again reveal a landscape beyond. As the building begins to frame more views to the exterior, the visitor is always reminded of the energetic landscape of Finland.

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40 m

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perspective through public courtyard



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