Page 1 are pleased to publicize their brand new selection of Greek Destination holidays. As well as supplying wonderful offers on the island of Kefalonia we now bring you cheap holidays to numerous alternative island destinations to boot. The best vacation search scans around forty five leading travel companies offers and brings you the very best discounts available. Since the bank turmoil has affected Greece the holiday rates have taken a crash, costs are now downwards by 11% yet many bloggers imagine this amazing tumble may strike 20% well before this summer season is over. While Iceland encountered a comparable uncertainty in the consumer banking model the government attempted to brace up the market by lowering holiday costs, a thing many think the Greek government will do to beef up their own economic system. In addition the Sterling has made gains against the euro just lately of up to tenpercent presenting anyone additional affordability whilst travelling and also with Taverna owners currently decreasing rates to motivate tourists away from do it yourself catering vacations, a vacation to Greece probably will never ever be cheaper and Kefalonia Holidays are a real bargain. A few minor celebs are having whole advantage of the reduced deals. Previous Big Brother and reality legend Chanel Hades has been snapped enjoying a Greek holiday around the isles. The mom-to-be, a twenty-two-year-old reality Television celeb that uncovered fame inside the Big Brother residence clearly thought that presently was time to take a trip to Greece. Obviously for many people a less noisy beach front will be a benefit as you'll be able to relish the very best locations with no reason to clamber for space as not necessarily everyone relishes the bustle that a crowded summer time in Greece brings. Island destinations like Kefalonia are most often less suffering with the recession but they are nevertheless less noisy getaway vacation spots than they were last year. The Greek government assures us that vacationers anxieties are unfounded and that a holiday to Greece, Corfu or among the other Greek isles will be appropriately safe on a financial level and also with them being less expensive than ever now is a great period to book your Greek or holidays in Kefalonia in the sunshine this summer. To learn more about the most recent Greek island deals visit the site now and uncover your own perfect holiday destination.

Holidays in Greece are cheaper due to the economic crisis  

An article on how the economic downturn has affected the Greek island holidy prices.