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Flat Black Car Paint As Well As Points To Consider You may have to think about getting your car repainted if it has started to become a bit shabby looking where a flat black car paint might be just what your in search of. Highly popular, this more modern finish can be accomplished relatively easy by yourself without much effort. By following a couple of simple steps, you can give that hot rod an exciting new identity. Clean It Before you start though you need to thoroughly clean the hot rod using soap and water to take off any dirt or grime from the surface areas. If it is far more convenient than scrubbing by hand, a car wash will also work well. Once you have cleaned the exterior surface you are planning to paint, don't wax the hot rod as this will prevent the black paint from adhering properly. It is very important that your car be completely clean, hence do not skimp on the time that it takes to make sure the job is done right the first time. When using a car wash, once you get home be sure to examine the surface areas to make certain all the dirt and grease has been eliminated. Sand It Utilizing 100 grit sandpaper, you will need to sand down any blemishes. Using a crisscross pattern can help to reduce or eliminate the possibility of accidentally gouging the metal. Next sand the rest of the car or truck with 320-grit sandpaper. If you're going to paint it, you should sand it first, so cover every square inch that will be painted or the paint may have trouble adhering to the car's surface. After doing that, give the car a good spray with the garden hose to get off any dust that could remain on its surface. Prepare It The car has to be dried completely which two hours of dry time should be an adequate amount of time. Air drying is best because it won't leave any fibers on the surface of the car or truck which would be noticeable once it is painted. Once it has been dried, placing painter's tape to all the surface areas that will not be painted such as the windows, mirrors, door handles, grill and lights is the next step. A general purpose primer will following that need be applied to the car. You'll want to use a spray primer even though it is just the initial coating, it will matter. When working with a brush, be sure there are no visible brush strokes. It might take 1-3 hours for the primer coat to dry depending on the brand you use. Paint It Using your preferred hot rod paint finish, paint the car. Concentrating on one panel at a time, spray the car smoothly and uniformly for proper coverage of the car's surfaces. Make sure the can or spray gun is held between 12 and 18 inches away from the surface of the car for the very best results. If you move horizontally in even strokes, allowing 50% or maybe more overlap between each line of paint, you can ensure that you get the proper coverage. After 15 minutes, or perhaps as the paint's directions advise, administer a second coat using the same methods. If you would like, a third coat can be used or as many as you would prefer for a thicker finish.

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Flat Black Car Paint As Well As Points To Consider To vamp up your car's allure and to make a statement, putting on a black finish to the hot rod is usually a cost effective approach. Consider adding a black car paint to your vehicle when looking at your next project because when it is done properly, it can last a long time, making the automobile really look good. At, you'll find out where you can buy black car paint for your vehicle. For additional details on, visit their site at

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Flat Black Car Paint As Well As Points To Consider