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Business Model








Private Shopping

Tightly integrated  with  Social  Networks.  Products  are  sold based on social strength of the Consumer

Emphasis on  User  Experience.  Eg:  Catwalk,  360  view  and other intuitive display of products

Ecommerce in India  E­commerce in 2010 is  estimated at Rs 32000 crore

Industry expected to grow 40%  annually 

Key Drivers  • • • • •

Increase in Internet Penetration Secure Payment Gateways Increase in tech savvy consumers Mature Delivery Logistics Technology for making shopping interactive

Source: Technopak Advisors, New Delhi

Fopping Model • •

We are not discount outlet like Fashion & You. Share & Gain is Mantra. Price reduction based on Social Strength of the customer (Based  on no:of friends customer has in Facebook)

Customer earns FOPPS based on  Facebook shares Customers web price based on   number of FOPPS he earns Maximum reduction in price set by  Brand Product Sharing options in Social  Networks  for earning FOPPS. 

“Share & Gain” the Mantra Premium Pavers England Formal Shoe @ Crafted with Fine Leather. This exquisite beauty will complete a fine………….

What's in it for Brand ? • • • •

No free discount. The customer earns price reduction by sharing the product/brand in Facebook. Typically  each  Facebook  user  has  200­300  friends.    Price  reduction  is  based  on  number  Friends  in  Facebook. With one share the message of product/brand reaches average of 200­300 people. Detailed reports are provided to Brand every week on  • Number of Shares of each branded products • Social reach of brand awareness based on Shares through

Our Strengths 1

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Creative and Energetic Team with deep  experience in Retail and Technology  Founding/Team Members • K.Narasimha Rao – Founder, SunCorp • S.Ramesh- Managing Director, SunCorp • J. Rama – PM Consultant at top tier Investment Banks • P.Ram – Retail executive with over decade of experience worked with leading companies

Partnership with India's leading Ecommerce Subject  Matter Experts 

Marketing strength with connections with leading firms


Key Strengths/Differentiators 1


Service Guarantee.  All  products  reach  customers  within 9 working days


Tightly integrated  with  Social  Networks.  Consumers  can shop from Facebook and price reduction based  . on their Social Strength  


Intuitive display of products – 360degrees View,  Catwalk etc


Thank You

P.S. We  Hope  you  are  convinced  to  partner  with  us  for  this  exciting  venture.  We  will  put  in  our  best  effort  to  make  this  partnership  mutually beneficial. 


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