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COVER Kuba Cloth | Africa $349 Hand-Painted Tuareg Pillow | Africa $249 Teak Man on Stand | Burma $289 Vintage Turkish Painted Wedding Chest Pricing and dimensions available upon request. THIS PAGE Edessa Tea Light Holder $13/pair Seen inside Buddhist Shrine. Vintage Indigo | Western Africa $245 Hmong Wedding Quilt Pillow Hunan, China $165

BUDDHIST SHRINE Almost all Buddhist homes in Burma contain a hpaya-zin, a small shrine placed on the eastern wall of the house. These shrines house an image of the Buddha where members of the household perform their daily devotions. Made of thickly lacquered and gilded wood, this shrine contains a tooled reflective tin interior with “jewels� which are pieces of cut glass. Pricing and dimensions available upon request.


Textiles, Pillows, Throws Hides, Skins, Furs, Rugs Global Collectibles, Wall Art, One-of-a-Kind Finds Home Decor, Accessories Tabletop, Entertaining Designers PLEASE NOTE: Many of the items you will see in this catalogue and on the website can be rare, hard-tofind items. Sometimes it’s possible to source them, but more likely, they will not be available again.


CAMEL REINS Sourced upon request.

Vintage Burmese Puppet Head with Hat Thailand $179 Pwo Karen Tribe Blouse Table Runner Thailand $129 Buddhist Shrine | Thailand Pricing and dimensions available upon request. Vintage Berber Kilim Pillow | Morocco $99–$239 Wedding Blankets | Morocco $299–$375 Babouche (Slippers) | Morocco $59 Available in various patterns and colors.






6 7

1 :: Vintage Berber Kilim Pillow | Morocco $225 2 :: Vintage Skirt Border Pillow | Laos $95 3 :: Embroidered Skirt Pillow | India $79 4 :: Pwo Karen Tribe Blouse Pillow Thailand $169

5 :: Pwo Karen Tribe Blouse Pillow Thailand $169 6 :: Pwo Karen Tribe Blouse Pillow Thailand $169 7 :: Vintage Berber Kilim Pillow Morocco $99



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7 1 :: Hmong Wedding Quilt Pillow | Hunan, China $165 2 :: Hill Tribe Indigo Pillows | Vietnam $145–$169 3 :: Artisan Batik Indigo Pillow | Bali $159 *Blue & White Striped Pillows shown no longer available.


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8 Neera Kumar Throws | India $169 Available in assorted designs and colors.

Vintage Indigo West Africa $245 Also seen on page 2-3.

Alpaca Wool Blanket $115–$195 Available in assorted colors.

Rare Lacquerware Container | Burma $479 Neera Kumar Brown Ikat Pillow | India $119 Neera Kumar Throw | India $169 Wedding Blankets | Morocco $299–$375

THIS PAGE Japanese Inspired Patchwork Pillows $89–$139 OPPOSITE PAGE Japanese Inspired Patchwork Textiles $159–$189


JAPANESE-INSPIRED PATCHWORK TEXTILES These are in collaboration with one of my favorite women in Chiang Mai, Thailand who imports fabric from all over the world. I have been working with her for a few years picking from her fantastic collection of Japanese silks and making scarves, pillows and runners. We spend hours playing with the fabrics to see what looks good and then she sews them for me.


THIS PAGE Wool Pom Pom Blankets | Morocco $299 Available in colors shown above: Hot Pink, Natural, Burnt Orange, Brown, Citron, Baby Blue OPPOSITE PAGE Hand-Crocheted Bolster Pillows | Morocco $75 Available in assorted designs and colors.

THIS PAGE Mudcloth (Bògòlanfini) Pillows | Africa $145–$185 Also available... Mudcloth (Bògòlanfini) Throw | Africa $299 OPPOSITE PAGE Top » Silk Velvet Ikat Pillows | Uzbekistan $179 Left » Silk Takeo Pillows | Cambodia $45–$65 Right » Hill Tribe Vintage Indigo Pillow | Vietnam $159



THIS PAGE Buddhist Manuscript Box | Burma $139 Seen on window ledge. Felted Artisan Rugs | Mongolia $99 Also seen on page 36. European Shaggy Sheepskin $229 Cowhide Rug | Brazil $699 Terra Cotta Architectural Panel on Stand | Thailand $195 Vintage Indigo | West Africa $245 OPPOSITE PAGE Goat Hide Rug $149


Vintage Tulu Rug – 3'x6'10" | Turkey $999


Vintage Tulu Rug – 3'4"x 5' | Turkey $599

Vintage Tulu Rug – 3'x10'6" | Turkey $1,095

Vintage Tulu Rug – 3'3"x4'6" | Turkey $679


VINTAGE HERKI TRIBAL RUGS The nomadic Herki tribe lives between the plateaus and mountains of Hakarri in Turkey, as well as in Iraq and Iran. Making their living through sheep and goat herding, they are famous for their well-made and hard-to-find carpets which are hand-spun on floor looms using vegetable-based dyes. These rugs are in excellent condition, although a few have proven their usefulness through gentle wear. $875 - $1,100


KIRKYAMA PATCHWORK Old fabrics made of stitched-together vintage kilim, jijim and cicim remnants have been collected and re-defined into a contemporary and new work called “kirkyama� or patchwork. These rugs are beautifully designed and finished with very heavy cotton backing so they lay flat. There is an undeniable beauty behind a vintage find that cannot be replicated. A good vintage rug will not only anchor a room with its colors and textures, but will be versatile enough to transition into any space. The kilim rugs seen to the right were made during one of my trips to Central Turkey by a man I have been working with for years.

21 Patchwork Kilim Rug – 3'9"x6' | Turkey $599

Patchwork Kilim Rug – 4'8"x6'8" | Turkey $849

Patchwork Kilim Rug – 5'3"x7' | Turkey $989

Patchwork Kilim Rug – 5'11"x7'6" | Turkey $1,295


Ukhamba Palm Baskets with Lids | Zululand, South Africa $85–$159

Weavers use strips of naturally waxy palm fronds wrapped around coils of wild grasses to craft these stunning PALM BASKETS. All natural dyes used are made from materials as diverse as flower petals and mud. Collection of these baskets in Zululand, South Africa is challenging to say the least. Hundreds of miles are driven on dirt roads to go village to village and hut to hut collecting baskets from each individual weaver. The quality of weaving and size of basket combine to determine prices on these one-of-a-kind pieces of art.


Kuba Cloth Pillows | Zululand, South Africa $109–$199 Vintage Indigo Blanket | West Africa $699

KUBA APPLIQUE CLOTH is a traditional royal textile from the

surface. The abstract shapes, arranged in bold designs, appear

Kuba kingdom of the east central Democratic Republic of Congo.

to be in a regular pattern, but actually embrace an asymmetrical

Since the founding of the empire by the Bushoong people in the

composition. Similar patterns can be found on

early 1600s, each new king would be responsible for introducing

woven panels used in architecture, woven

new patterns that were invented by, and named after designers;

mats, and even carved wood objects

it was an honored achievement. Hundreds of royal patterns are

such as court containers and masks.

known today and are collaboratively made. Men weave raffia fiber on a loom and women applique cut shapes of raffia textile, tiedye, or embroider fibers that are cut to create a cut-pile, velvety

Democratic Republic of Congo Âť AFRICA


Vintage Puppet Heads | Thailand $29–$399 Vintage Warrior Statue | Thailand $599 Staff on Black Metal Stand | Thailand $129

VINTAGE HAND-WOVEN PHULKARI Embroidered textiles from Punjab region of northern India used by brides to cover their heads and bodies during a traditional marriage ceremony. Base fabric is hand-loomed cotton with embroidered silk pattern. $439–$525

Yoruba Beaded Ceremonial Crown | Nigeria $429 Full view of crowns can be seen on page 31. Triangolo Rustic Frame $55 Mother-of-Pearl Opera Glasses $69 Ceramic Singha | Thailand This particular Singha is no longer available, but a similar one can be found on the site for $229. Vintage Burmese Puppet Heads | Thailand $29–$399 All puppet heads are sold on black stands but are removable and can be wall-mounted. Camel Rein Sourced upon request.


Vintage Puppet Heads | Thailand $179

Vintage Burmese Figures | Thailand $499

Carved Ceremonial Staff | Africa $155 Early 1900s Loom Pulleys on Stands | Thailand $199


Above » Vietnam War Era Propaganda Posters | Vietnam $39 Below » Etching on Fabriano Paper by Thai Artist Vorakorn Metmanorom | Thailand $119–$165

BURMESE TEMPLE PAINTINGS Painted on tin, these early 19th-century temple paintings depict scenes from Buddhist legends and local tales. They were typically found hanging on a temple’s exterior walls. $749–$849


THIS PAGE Sukhothai Blue & White Platter | Thailand $299 Sukhothai Blue & White Bowl | Thailand $325 Buddhist Spirit House Pricing and dimension available upon request. OPPOSITE PAGE Terracotta Water Jug | Thailand $89 Yoruba Beaded Ceremonial Crowns | Nigeria $429


Vintage Berber Sugar Pot | Morocco $89 One-of-a-Kind Ceramic Vessels | Thailand $149 Rustic Bread Boards | $89-$99 Pine. Food Safe. Available in two sizes. Luggage Tags | India $13 Krobo Beaded Bracelets | Africa $16 Tinned Copper Teapots | Turkey $99 Tinned Copper Trays | Turkey $145-$195 Vintage Indigo Blanket | West Africa $699



Cowhide Box, Rectangle $95 Cowhide Box, Square $120 Frazada Rugs/Blankets | Bolivia $305–$320 Beaded Jewelry $49–$285


1 :: Hand-Painted Vintage Wooden Chests Set of Two | Thailand $199 2 :: Lacquer Betel Net Box | Burma $379 2

3 :: Lacquer Betel Net Box | Burma $279





4 :: Vintage Lacquer Container | Burma $95 6

5 :: Vintage Lacquer Boxes | Burma $89-$95 Available in three sizes. 6 :: Vintage Red Lacquer Box with Brass Enclosure | China $149


FELTED ARTISAN RUG This 100 percent, natural sheep wool artisan rug, hand-felted and hand-embroidered, brings the spirit of Mongolia straight to your home. Felt rugs have been a part of the country’s heritage for generations. Each Kazakh Hallway mat features a traditional design from the Kazakh region. With this purchase you also help support the Snow Leopard Project. Handmade by families in Mongolia. $99 Available in assorted colors and designs.

Hand Carved Wooden Durian Urn | Thailand $79 Ceramic Bud Vase | Thailand $29 Below, Left » Vintage Lacquer Bowls | Burma $129.90–$189 Below, Right » Buddhist Bronze Offering Bowls Burma $289–$899


Pewter Octopus Napkin Rings, Set of Two $75 Mpingo Loop Sugar Spoon | Kenya $11

Hand-Mad Tinned Copper Saucers, Set of 3 | Sar $19 Bone Salt Cup and Spoon | Kenya $19


PETRIFIED WOOD CHEESE BOARD Rock hard, fossilized tree slice. Polished for serving. $139

FOR THE TRADE Residential Designers | Commercial Designers | Shop Owners

The Loaded Trunk now offers products to interior designers (residential designers, commercial designers, shop owners, architects and the hospitality industry). Let The Loaded Trunk and our wide selection of global finds and amazing treasures help create a unique space for your next project. Remember, The Loaded Trunk does not manufacture products. Roni is a picker, a hunter, and a world traveler. Many items are vintage, rare finds and are available only once. If you have questions or would like to sign up for the trade discount, please email More details available at

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Loaded Trunk Fall/Winter 2013  

Home Decor, Global Design, Residential Design, Commercial Interiors, Interior Design, Textiles, Pillows, Throws, Kuba Cloth, Mud Cloth, Kant...

Loaded Trunk Fall/Winter 2013  

Home Decor, Global Design, Residential Design, Commercial Interiors, Interior Design, Textiles, Pillows, Throws, Kuba Cloth, Mud Cloth, Kant...