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How Bad Hair Transplant & Genetic Hair Loss Avoided Like any surgery, hair transplant surgery has some risks and sometimes, you do not get what you wanted. Failure of a hair transplant surgery is only possible when you ignore some most considerable points. These considerable things are described below. We are sure that if you do not ignore these things, you would have a successful transplant. Hair Transplant In Indore brings always successful results at the Marmm Klinik. Avoid Bad Hair Transplant with following points1. Select clinic and doctor with care: Deciding the best clinic for you is very crucial. Your selection would certainly affect your results. A clinic with most advanced techniques and an experienced doctor should be a good place for you. So, if you are thinking about hair transplant surgery, select a clinic or doctor with utmost care. 2. Take proper care before or after surgery: After the surgery, the doctor sends you home with some instructions as well. These instructions may about caring the surgical area or about some medications. You must follow these instructions to make your hair transplant effective. 3. Choose healthy lifestyle after the surgery: After the surgery, you must leave your bad habits like smoking etc. Have a healthy diet that is necessary for the well – being for your hair in future. 4. Don't hide anything to your doctor: For a better diagnosis, do not hide anything and tell your doctor about your medical history such as diseases, medications etc. Tell the doctor if any of your family members also have baldness. However, a skilled doctor asks you some questions that are enough to reveal such information.

Diagnosis of the genetic hair – loss The disease is diagnosed by its pattern. The doctor may ask about any other member of your family who has a similar problem. If your father or grandfather had this problem, you doctor can clearly diagnose the hereditary –pattern baldness.

Can you prevent hair loss? If you have a healthy lifestyle, you can make the process slow but it is hard to prevent it completely. Some medications also slowdown the process but they are not enough to stop the process. Can it be cured? There is not cure for genetic hair loss except some surgical procedures. You may undergo the hair transplant surgery. How to choose a better clinic for hair transplant? It is advisable to undergo this surgery only under supervision of a well – trained and experienced doctor. In the Marmm Klinik, that is a leading clinic for Hair Transplant In Indore. The results we provide are 100% satisfactory, therefore, you can hope for grow your healthy hair again with us.

Avoid Bad Hair Transplant And Genetic Hair Loss  

When you come to our clinic for Hair Transplant In Indore, you should not worry about anything. We have qualified experienced who always rea...

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