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KATRINA by Manfred Klein


anfred Klein was born in Berlin, Germany, 1932. He was a typesetter and studied the advertising business and typography at the “Meisterschule fuer Graphik und Buchgewerbe” in Berlin. Then he worked as copywriter and Creative Director at Ogilvy’s, and later in his own agency. After a serious accident he left the agency business and began to create fonts. Among his well known typefaces are FF Spontan, FF JohannesG, and hundreds of free fonts at Manfred Klein. Manfred Klein lives in Frankfurt and for decades was a type setter and worked in advertising before he became involved in creating typefaces. Today he makes faces that are very much his own, with little influence from other people’s designs. These he does with all sorts of digital equipment: scanners, pressure sensitive graphic trays as well as misconfiguration filters in programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. On the side he also writes about type design in a variety of publications.


Riyan Wicaksono Sumber Pustaka : d _ Klein/ 42408070

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Nama : Riyan Wicaksono NRP : 42408070

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