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RIWA ABDEL KHALEK Architectural Portfolio

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 - ALTERNATIVE TABARJA Gateway to the Sea 2 - MASTER PLAN OF SAIDA’S NEW WATERFRONT Link to the Historic District 3 - LE MONUMENTAL RESTORATION Archallenge Competition 4 - THE ARCHITECTS HOUSE FOR STUDENTS Extension of the Architecture School of LAU 5 - CENTER FOR INNOVATIVE BUILDING TECHNOLOGY Sustainable Architectural Building 6 - RAMLET AL-BAIDA BRIDGE Connecting the People to their Public Beach 7 - THE INHABITED BRIDGE Fouad Boutros Highway Redesign Proposal 1

2016 - DESIGN X SITE LOCATION: Tabarja, Mount Lebanon PROJECT BRIEF: As a response to the problems being faced in the coastal town of Tabarja, the project aimed at revisiting the landscape of the area in order to maintain the visibility of the sea from different points and also to preserve the agricultural lands. The project created a transversal strip of functions that led from the highway, past the inhabited area of Tabarja, through the agricultural fields, towards a public beach. The main structure of the project was an Alternative Beach Resort located near the main street of Tabarja with pathways leading to the beach. Unlike the existing and soon to be built beach resorts, the project was located more strategically in the area as to accentuate the assets of Tabarja and allow people to experience the transition through all of it; from the highway to the sea.


Current Condition Master Plan


Probable Future Condition

Alternative Condition

Visually and Physically Connecting the Site to the Sea


Section CC’ Section AA’

Section DD’

4 Section BB’

Render of Pathways West Elevation

North Elevation


Bungalow Plan

Render of Plaza

Wall Section of Bungalow

2015 - DESIGN IX SITE LOCATION: Saida Historic Core, Saida Lebanon PROJECT BRIEF: The project was devised to create a new master plan for the Historic Core of Saida. It aimed at stitching the periphery of Saida to its Historic Core as well as reviving the heart of Old Saida by mending the pathways that link it to the outside. Among these pathways, the corniche of Saida plays the most significant gateway to the Old City. The design recreated the corniche on two levels. One part extended to create seating areas and green spaces for the public as well as a lower deck for fishermen to utilize. The second part functioned as an entrance to a cinema on port accessed by water taxis. The key factor in this master plan was the street adjacent to the city that would be lowered to form a tunnel and thus aided in creating bridges linking the Historic District to the corniche.


Current Condition

Lowering Street Level

Corniche Extension

Cinema on Port

Introducing Bridges 2.5 meters

11.4 meters wide 0.5 meters


1 meter

1 meter

2015 - DESIGN VIII SITE LOCATION: Le Monumental, Barcelona Spain PROJECT BRIEF: As part of the competition for the renovation of Le Monumental in Barcelona, the designed structure embraces a new contemporary program falling under the concept of a youth hub. It focuses on the creation of a space that can be used by the community, especially its youth, as well as visiting tourists. It aims at offering spaces for developing artists and performers as well as housing units for temporary visitors. The new proposal would help attract the neighboring public by offering a wide range of public activities, including an open space theater and outdoor green areas with complimentary cafes and restaurants.



Render 9

2015 - DESIGN VIII SITE LOCATION: Amchit, Jbeil Lebanon PROJECT BRIEF: The project aimed at tackling prevailing problems faced by design students within universities. As a result, the proposed design acted as an extension to the architecture school of LAU. It provided senior students with studio spaces, workshops, display areas for juries and exhibitions, an auditorium for lectures and presentations, and other complimentary functions. The intension of the design was to create a hierarchy of functions whereby the existing house is maintained and its views are preserved by embedding the built units within the topography. The roof of the embedded units would then add to the existing landscape rather than diminish its importance.




South Elevation

East Elevation


West Elevation

Spring 2014

2014 - DESIGN VII SITE LOCATION: Dbayeh, Beirut Lebanon PROJECT BRIEF: The design aimed at creating a multifunctional building near Dbayeh Marina. The building exhibits sustainable architectural techniques and passive house design. In addition to displaying a louvered faรงade to control sun exposure, the building also uses new innovation systems such as mirror glass for insulation and solar heat regulation, as well as vacuum roofing systems to ensure optimum durability and protection. The building interior encompassed housing units, offices, auditoriums, laboratories, an exhibition space and a library. All spaces were designed and planned to respect a proper egress system to ensure the safety and well-being of its occupants.


Render of Building

Key Plan for Section

Plans 13


Render of Building

2014 - DESIGN VI SITE LOCATION: Ramlet Al-Baida, Beirut Lebanon PROJECT BRIEF: This bridge design intended to connect the public beach of Ramlet El-Baida with the residential neighborhood on the opposing street. The proposal added a lively and spirited trail towards the beach and corniche. The structure of the bridge utilized an elaborate truss system that aided in the wave design. In addition, the pathways were divided for pedestrians and bicycle users to ensure safety and comfort.






2014 - DESIGN VI SITE LOCATION: Mar Mikhael, Beirut Lebanon PROJECT BRIEF: As a response to the plans for the Fouad Boutros Highway, the inhabited bridge was designed in a way to compliment the vehicle bridge and aid its integration into the urban fabric of Beirut. Containing living units for artists as well as public functions for the people of Mar Mikhael, the new proposal for the bridge would help accommodate the needs of the community.


Level 100-1 | 1



17 Elevation

Level 100-1 | 2

Level 100-1 | 3

Level 100-1 | 4

Riwa abdel khalek portfolio  
Riwa abdel khalek portfolio